Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 5
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What CouU Bo Mtu% fnr a CHRISTMAS PRESENT for jroar Iray or girl, thsn a BANK BOOK, dboning • deposit to their^^rrdit, and one of oar iimall laflnKS IwakB, with irblcb, tbey can SATEr-lnstead of spcndr-the nickels and dimes whicll most rvery rhiid (and grown np people, too) get more or less. Why, one of onr depoHiton— a professional nan—sarcd, and deposited In (wo iltonlhx, $21.60, JDNI br potting away In the saTlngs hank ne gare bim, (when be tbonght almnt it, be said) tbe DIMES be bap|>ened to get hold of. Stop and ron«idrr what thiti wonid amunnl to in S, 10 or IS years, Aldr!i the THREE per cent interpit we wonid pay you. Figure It np Just for fan. State Savings Bank CmpHml $2B,000 Mm, Kmnmt Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights The Gem Jcinior Safety Razor A perfect RszDt with'seven perfect blades complete $1.00 Ideal Christmas Gifts. See them in onr window. »PENCER'» THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. HaMfaeturw^ Whotosala and MtaH DMICTS CRYSTAL ICE Aod Distilltd Wattr l»w CAM Itangt iMij f*r Mutaesii Pkraa llC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest. Payments received at any time wltbont notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunnin£ham & Arnett December 15th is the last date lor cheap HOMESEEKERS EXCURSION RATES in 1908. See us for particulars. W. E. BiLSTOJr, Agt 7 Ice Exhibit! ^ See the Soutbbend Watch frozen in ice and keeping perfect time in front of Pancoast's no EAST ST. Short Stories BBBBasai O r aBSBBB lola Happenings -Frank B. Bcaiele. V. S.. Phone 139. Took Two ahalli. Two loU xportsroon who had hunted nit day and hnd mlaved every bird thoy shot at, woro on their wajr homo when ono of them proposed that they throw* up thnir hata and shoot at thera. The suggestion was followed and both hala destroyed with a waste of but two isholls.—Hutchinson News. —Good ThfuBB Jo Eat. ';Our-Way." Moran a Real City. Moran Is getting to be a real city. The box cars which have served tbe Katy at that place for a station have been taken away and a bulldlnK is" to be put up in their stead.—^Hutchinson —»r. r. E. Mangh. Dentist, Phone 32 Gas by Rail. nop.<? the trolley line that is being built soutbnard from Kansas City to lola. Humboulf, Chafiute, Neodesha, and Independence /contemplate bringing gas to Kansas City by rail?—Kansas City Times. $li Tcr Acre. We have some of th-^ finest Truck Garden lands near Gulf Coast. Texas on itillroads, wp can sell In 10 acre tracts at $1.'; per acre, on monthly payments. Water from 10 to 60 feet. WHITAKER & DONNELL. R. OilflllHJKJ General Contractor. Flagstone and Cement SidewalltB antl Curbing a Specialty. Office 115 East Jackson kit- Pbone 121. MAGAZINES AKD PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. HEXDER80N. who deals with tbe publishers and furnishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial subscription to Van Norden's, 3 months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye Estimates cheerfully given anoll LEOALS. (First Published Dec. «. 1908.) ADMIMSTRATOB'S NOTICE. State of Kansas. Allen County, ss n the matter of the estat<» of J. N Deer, late of Allen county, Kansas. Kotice of AppointmenL Notice Is hereby given, that on the 8tb day of December, A..D. 1908, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the Estate of J. N. Deer, late of Allen Coanty, &uuas. Alt parties Interested In said estate will take notice and govern jbemselves accordingly. . M. G. BOBIN80N. 12-<-16 -a ' AdffltiUatnMio^ Adam God. The poor misguided Adam God! They have him at K. C. in quod; and doubtless 4n due season he will dan pie from a gallows tree. He was impervious, he said, to swords or knives or flying lead; and in his dungeon Adam stands with bullotholes through his hands. There ts another Adam Ood who often takes his little tod, and seems to think that he was bom to do up old John Barleycorn. He sees the wrecks that booze has made, the graves in which the sots are laid, and thinks that he alone can drink, and not to blue demnltlon sink. And BO he sips his forty-rod. the poor, misguided Adam God. —Wait Mason. —Try Sea Food' If you feel bad. I^esh from Ocean.-^"Our Way." Barber's Brother III. Georpe Barber left yesterday for Wisconsin where he was called by the serious illness of his brother.—I>aw. renco Journal. Rooms for men, T. M. C. A. bnlldlng. Steam h^at In each room. Baths free. For a WkHe Way. Atchison is to have a Great White Wa.v. A row of lamps will be Installed in front of each store building on Commercial street, from Sixth to Seventh street. Later the lamps will be installed between Fifth and Sixth streets. The lamps will be 100-watt Tungsteins. They will be hung from iron poles. The lamps will have separate poles which will be of a very neat design. Superintendent Waggener, of the street railway company. esUnmtea that it will take aboat thirty days to Install the ligtita.—Atchison Globe. Coalff Tkli War. Liook out, ccmipar. H*^ com log tus way. Tbe Wldilt» ESagle says: Tb« local police recelTed a long distance telephone call last ntght from tho chief.of police of OUataoma City thai a IDB& tuuncd Louck, who had been employed as a forenaaa by' the Connel Paving company, had suddenly left the city with books and'funds which belonged to the company. They were asked to arrest bim if aeen In the city. The message contained a descriptton of the man, and also aald that ha had bought a ticket at tbe Santa Fe ticket office for paasage to lola by the way of Wichita. Tho po- llco watched tho trains during the night but were unable to locate the abnoonder. lie Is believed to have left Santa FO train No. 18. which be' boarded at Oklahoma City, at Arkansas City and i.Hkcn another route. The police in important cities between here and Oklahoma City and In lola have been notified of the foreman's disappearance. Chief Gates said this morning that he had received no advices concerning L-ouck. West a Speaker. Henry West, father of Ray West of this city, and who has many friends here, was one of the speakers at the open meeting held recently At Pittsburg by the Brotherhood of American Yocman. In his interesting talk, he said: "Over forty years ago' there was instituted the first insurance in a fraternal way by Father Puchurch at Meadville. Pa., when at that time twelve dollars was the amount of the policies since which time fraternal in Burance has grown till the beneficiaries of these societies are paying over one million a week to their beneficiaries. Instead of a twelve-dollar policy, now. one.two and three thousand doN lar policies are carried: so the little stone as It were that was cut out of the mountains without hands rolls on and will till time will be no more." - TTf . • - . • Sign painting, phone 142S. Fred Rowden, Getting Gas Now. There are more indications that the proposed cement plant at Moran Is a sure go. A. W. Jordan of Savonburg was in the city yesterday and stated that he and his son-in-law, J. O. Nelman had closed a deal for the sale of six gas wells and 1.400 acres of gas land to the parties behind tbe proposed Moran plant. —FlUgerald »i^n^ and Transfer Co. Uonsehold aid plann novlngt largest store mom In city. Flioie Ifid. Bought VanFossen Place. Lucy H. and R. H. Bale have bought the VanFossen farm down on the river |)aying 1 ,6,00 for 26« acres. The land IH good and brought a good price. —Hard Shell Crab, l/ibsters. Blue Points. Our Way. —Tor fine liveir \a.i boarding ataU* for horsd^ see BAIph B. Drake, For the Small Home. A represenfotlve of the Whi. Small home of Leavenworth was In tile rlly yesterday sollrltlng In the Interest of the Inxtltutlon. —Drs. Lnthrop, Onteopaths. Phone 488 JITcEiroy Was Here. W. T. McElroy, editor of the Hum- lioldt Union, was in the city last niRht on business returning on the pi tig. —Dr..). R. Pepper, Dentist, Phone 163 About Kansas Oil. The Independence Reporter says in its pipe line report: The runs by the Prairie Oil and Gas company in Kansas and Oklahoma averaged 87.357 bar rels a day in November, which, added to the runs of tbe Texas and Gulf pipe line companies, made a total of 117,- •*.'i7 barrels, which represents a decline from October of 3.027 barrels a day. The shipments by the Prairie Oil & Gas Co. averaged 77.009 barrels and by the other twB' lines 30,000 barrels which gives a total of 107.009 barrels a day. The stocks at the close of the month held by the Prairie Oil & Gas Co. were 38.397.580 barrels, while tbe stocks of the Gulf and Texas lines were estimated at 6,075,000 barrels. This gives a total of 44,472,580 barrels and indicates a heavy reduction in the stocks held by the Gulf and Texas companies. HON. LAPS. D. K'COBD., ' H OX. LAP8. U. MoGORO, 1826 Q St,, WmBliia;ton, D. C, Ex-Adjutant General State of Ten nejsee, and State's Attorney at Nashville, is an ardent friend of Pemns, He does not hesitate to give public endorsement to this very excellent reraed.v. As a tonic Pernna has no snperlor. Bnt it is as a catarrh remedy it baa schiered its world-wide notoriety 'and snccess. Any catarrh remedy to become permanently eSectttil in the cure of catarrh must contain tonic and invigorating qualities with its anti-catarrhol qnalities. C*tmrrblsalway*9aexpreH- Mtoa ot nerve weakness, either local or general. It Is, therefore, important that a catarrh remedy shonld possess reliable Invigorating qnalities in order to thoroughly rid the system of catarrh. Pe-rtt-na for Colds. Hon. R. S. Ryan, now residing in Nome, Alaska, was formerly a member of the English House of Parliament and Secretary to the' late Irish patriot, Charles Stewart Parnell. His Washington address Is, New Wlllard Hotel, Washington, D. C. He wri tes ; "I have used Pernna andean recommend your remedy ad a very effective cure for . colds and catmrrbal coat. plalntM ."-R.S. Ryan. Ask your druggist for a free Peruna Almanac for 1909. Is Color Blind. A Ki-yeur-old white girl at lola confesses to a mad Infatuation for a negro man. Possibly love is also color blind.—Sallna Journal. —Six per rent money; no commission; no. delay.—Smith ft Travis, ViHitIng Hi llnmlmldl. A|r .i. Dunenn of lola nud her daughter, Mrs. Kuhlnian of Wichita, were the guests of Pr, and Mr», Duncan Inst wrok.—Iluinboldi Urnild. - Alwsys llmo to eat at Ihe Our Way. Archie Robinson Very Hi. .Mr, and Mrs. Archie Robinson and Mrs. Robinson's mother, Mra Johnson, are in Sedalia. Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Johnson are with a theatrical stock company there. .Mr. Robinson is so ill that he is unable to leave his chair. They are in very straightened circumstances, and Mr. and Mrs. Ward Chatburn are nmking up a purse to send them a Christmas present. Any-, one wishing to contribute will please leave the money with Mrs. Chatburn at the Electric theater.—Atchison Globe. Party Oaltone, Feund in Katy Station, Consigned to Local. Partlea, In Hahda of Police. Forty galtons. enough for aboutlor- ty thousand "smiles" in the baada of the boatilMl Thirty cases of rare-old wet atuff blUeA to tocal skoetoHat artiata In hock aisno smoarcaae whatever that Is! That's woo for the ones with the Ilagerlnf thirst Supplied with a search and ^eflsure warrant, William Gates, chief ot police. O. R. Pbllllpe and Bim Hildristh. patrolmen, this afternoon went to the freight ataUon ot the M. K. AT. railroad and seised 40 gallons of whiskey, at least what is aupposed to be whiskye, consigned to tocal partMa, The liquor waa • placed In a dray and hauled to the police station, where it was placed In a store roorn^ Judge Collins will set a day for trial for the confiscated goods, The packages were chtetly from a Kansas City dealer and bear the Instructions, "return empties. promptly." It may 1>e soem time before the consignor gets tbe empties.: Up to late this afternoon no one bad appeared to contest the right of the' police to sleze the liquor, and it is not known whether a test of, authotity will be made or not WBl Move Here. M. D. Harber who has t>een living in the old W. H. Green residence on West Neosho street has gone to tola to make arrangements, to move there. —BurMngton Republican. Expect Boilers Next Work on .the Monarch Portland has been pushed for the past week. The boilers are expected this week and the work Is being rushed In order to be ready for them. The roofing Is being laid rapidly and If the weather does not get too obstreperons, and ship- inont of machinery is not delayed, sixty days from now will see cement made In Humboldt—Humboldt Herald. Removed to Kansas City, Kan. J. S. Detwller, an attorney formerly o fthls'city, has removed to Kansas City, Kas., where he has established a partnership law business with Attorney Daniel Maher, according to the Kansas City Times. To and From Chanute. Mrs. J. H. Bright who has been visiting her brother, J. F. Barkley, returned to lola at noon, • • • Mrs, J. H. Rlckle and Mrs. J. M. Rlckle went to lola at noon to spend the day.— Chanute Sun. Dr. Murphy to Baldwin. Rev. 8. 8. Murphy left this morning for Baldwin, Kas.. where he goes to attend the meeting of the board of trustees of Baker university.—Par Hona Sun. —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. . Hnmboldt Kids Won. The kid foot ball team kept up their record Saturday when they defeated the lola team by a score of 26 to 0 at the Humboldt ball grounds. The^ gam© was a good one from the standpoint of the home team, but not so Interesting for the visitors. The Humboldt Iwys are playing good foot ball this year. —Humboldt Herald. Get the Elko, the best 5c cigar at Crabb's. A home cigar. A-e Some Naines. A relentless search of the legisla live roll now being made np, shows that it contains members laboring on der the names of Schlltzing, Schom' berg. Skaevee, Fargeti>erg, Kueni, Krehbell and Flannagan." It will be no surprise If international complications set in at Topeka this winter.— Saiina Journal. —Tnnnlngfcam ft Arnett, A pereent money. No AcMunting for Tastes, The people of Tola are greatly interested in a pretty white girl, IS or 16 years old, who is desperately in love with a colored gentleman who Is as black as Old Nick's coal shovel. She arrived In town from Oklahoma a few weeks ago. and later the negro came, and they planned by telephone to go to Topeka and be married, and live happy ever after, when the oSc- ers butted in and arrested both of them. The girl Insists that she loves the man. and won't be happy till -she is his blushing bride. The gav Lothario is a partlcniariy ufly individual and well along in years, and has been married befbre. Tmlv, there Is no accounting for tastes—^Emporia Gazette. Estiawtes t±gtiTt »nf itnu o^kH wQfft —Get your Christmas, Cards, at MuDdis' while.the assortment is complete. Gas Company Meeting. The Humboldt Gas company held its annual meeting at (he offices of the company Thursday and elected as directors O. A. E>^ans and W. J. Young of Bartlesville. W. F. Fussman and Rob Works of Humbo'jdt and R. W. Cummings of Pittsburg. Pa. The directors then were organized by the election of 0. A. Evans, president; W. J. Young, vice president. W. F. Fussman secretary and general manager, R. W. Cummings treasurer and Miss Louise Fussman cashier. The company has done considerable work this year in getting more gas for the city and factories. It has drill ed four wells and has laid eight miles of six Inch gas line at a cost of over 115,000. It has given the town exceptionally good service at all times and the patrons have always found those fat charge of the company ready to look after complaints.—Humt>oklt Herald. ..The Hefister want (wliaa eaa seD It rent H or gat It the qaickest Geneva Besident.Dead. Word was received here yesterday of the death of Mrs, Bessie Sullivan at Kansas City. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Wells, of Geneva, and a sister-in-law of Ohas. SnlUvan of this city. —Insist on havfaiv I^* 8. Flew. Bought Cattle^ J. R. Horton ol Madison, Kas., was In the city yesterday and purchased aome pedigreed Jersey calves of J. B. Taylor. A Bnslness Session. The Methodist Brotherhood will hold a business meeting in the church tomorrow evening. For a Bowling Game. The lola Booster bowling club has arranged for a game with the Chanute clu'j to be played In this city Saturday evening on the Royal Alleys. Wednesday Evening Meeting. The regnlar Wednesday evening lunch and 6ible class will be held in the Y. M. C. A. building this evening. To Test Tax Law. Sumandowot lodge, L OL F. ot Kansas City, Kas., bronght injunction proceedings in the Wyandotte county district court yesterday to prevent the collection of taxes on its property in Wykndotte county. This Is the first of several suits which ure to he brought by fraternal orden in Kansas to test the new tax law.—Channte Sun. ^ ;, . 4*.,,_ Married Here Yesterday. Miss Birdie M. Randel and Mr. Roland Poston were married yesterday noon at the home of the bride at 113 West Broadway by Rev. W. H. Garfield. It was a qtriet wedding, only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties being. 4>re8ent. The young people will leave today for Blue Mound where they will make their home. That Thirty-Day Smfle. The Santa Pe employee of this city are wearing the usoal thirty-day smile. The pay checks arrived yesterday. A "KIBSK" YOtt SAY! Haad Braised. . . C. E. Tibbets, an engineer at tbe lolg Portland, caught bis band In Bone maclilnery'3'esterday bnilalng It quite badly.:. "The member la not aer- kM»il7 Injured bdt la mrpllen to twice Name of the iMtramcat SIMHW Be. ing Shif ^J» YTftHtr W. J. A. Schoppe baa received word from the U. S. Weather department that an Instrument ahelter called a "kiosk" Is being shipped from Baltimore to loia for the weather station here. It la made of iron, stands aboat U feet high with a base 5x5. In It wUl be placed instruments showing temperature, relative humidity, and amonnt of ^nfail. The camrolsafoar ers have granted Mr. Schoppe pennkK slon to place it In the court iKMise square. Do yon want a ^eantitnl BUk Flag;^ 2x3 featT tTp4o4Ui); 4C atasa; mOa ol fine twined silk; beavtffol eolM*^ A ! nice Ghriatnaa, praaent or » aoi realr for the tea*. «eBd llM ud ybo wQI.jttealte Daflf #nd ...««»day .;Jc|«riMg:;, THE K. P. A. ELECTED; The Grand Knight of Kansas Did Sot Come. lola Arc. K. P. A., met in regular session In the t>f. W. A. hall last evening and held their annual election of officers. The newly elected officers will be-Installed at the first meeting in January at which time a banquet will be served to the members. In tho absence of Chief Knight Frank Butler, Grand Knight of Kansas, C. B. Core filled the chair. The following officers will serve during the coming year: Chief Knight, Myrtle McCarty. First Assistant Chief Knight, Mrs. S. P. Core. Second Assistant Chief Knight, Miss Mary Nlraerick. Chaplain, F. M, Broaddus. Secretary. Mrs. M. E. Dickey. Aesistaut Secretary, Sadie H. Butler. Warden, Mrs. Rhoda Mercer. Buard, C. B. Core. Watchman. Robert B. Porier. .Musician, Joy Hershberger. Trustees, T. P. McHugh, J. F. McCarty, Frank Butler. Arc Physician, Dr. C. B. Core. COTTAGE CffiOTE Register Want Adi. Bring Kesnlts. A WATERWAYS COMMITTEE. December 14.—Mr. Brand has a sale advertised for Thursday of this week. They will move to Missouri. Ross Van Houten spent Sunday with.his mother in Channte. Mrs. Emma Miller and Ernest Yount and wife visited last Wednesday with Myhew Stewart and wife. Mrs. Reed who baa been quite 111 Is reported much better. Mr. and Mrs. Manford Strickland, of Chanute. spent Sunday at Thos. Hogan's. Myhew Stewart and wife ate dinner Sunday at Ernest Yount's. .Mr. Day Is working in Chanute. Frank and Charlie Johnson called at J. P. Krouse's Sunday afternoon. Mr. Bennett is hauling com for Mr. Braden. Mr. John Dewey took dinner with Myhew Stewart Wednesday. Rev. Oecbsll filled his appointment here Sunday. There will be preaching In the evening at 7:30. Mrs. Pugh called on Mrs. Matsler Wednoday. Miss Laura Day called on Myrtle Johnson Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton were at Mr. Day's Sunday afternoon. .Measnrex Will Be Preparetl to Pro- ride for $oOOfiOO ,m Bond. Washington, Dec. 16.—Under authority of the rivers and harbors com- eress. Representative Randsdell of Louisiana, president of that organization, today announced tbe appointment of a committee to prepare measures to be introduced in congress, pro vidlng for an issue of $500,000,000 bonds for financing the national waterways project, and to create a com- mrssion to investigate waterways here end abroad, to consist of Representative J. Hanrpton Moore of Philadelphia Swager. Shirley of Kentucky and J. N. Teal of Oregon and Albert Bettinger of Ohio. Representative Raosdell. as president of the congress. wilF- be chairman" of the committee. Register Want Ads. Bring Results. o- DISTBICT NO. 98. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Wedin visited friends near Savonburg Sunday. Jfr. Crfrmichael of Ft. Scott haa moved on the Grimes place. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bennett vfeited in Elsmore Saturday and Sunday. The pie social at Odense Friday evening was a success. They cleared ten dollars. Alma Wedin is working for Mrs. Libby. Nellie Hvss returned to Humboldt Monday after a week's visit at home. A number of men are working on the pipe line. Misses Sybil. Anna and Bess Jones and Mr. Vess Peck and Don Bliss visited at John Watqnlsts., timi 6m¥mm ^ihd" 'Ti9 equally true that "A. Christmas Ptesent Bought Early will save yon Lo»i;of WortTr." •TV.. i» «. 5» ^Wfeea jam tnie wHfe • eredit Merekaat ye«.kave te.|My fraa !• la I& pel* emi Mn for yenr feeds., than yen weali have tf par at a. caah stare. Say yaar blU raas f U every twe weeks and yea pay 19 per ceat aMce« U.aaraaala to |LM each pay er a jfar. By iavestiaf $IS la a eredft certificate yea can trade wltb as aad pay yoar.bUl.every two weeks, aai get strictly cash prices. Tear .ttS yea kave iaveatetl fa the eertfflcatci eaips yea 10 per ceat; this added te the fM yeif save ea a year's previa* leas brings year savfags ap fe $17.59 da a Fifteea Dollar Jo- vestawat If yea baveat tlia aHNMy to iavest fai the eertiflnfe we wfll loaa it to yea aad give yoa year own time to pay It

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