The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1950
Page 17
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THURSDAY, APRIL 27> 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK SEVENTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams THIS RIFLE'S BEEN HANDED 1 E>OWN FOR. GENERATIONS IN SRAMPA'S FAMILY.' AFTER. IT& LOOPED VOU POOR POWPEE. INTO THAT HOLLOW AN 1 WHEN -XQU PULL. TH' TRIGGER. THeCT FLINT RUBS POWM TH 1 STEEL AW MAKE A SPAEK GO DOWM TO TH 1 POWDER. AJ-J' TH' FIRE SOBS DOWM INTO TH 1 ROWPER IN TH' 6AKREL. 1 THE WORRY WART Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OKAY. MMp«!lF SUE MEVWS ' AMD eftite A LITTLE IT jMlSHT 8£ CLEVER TACTICS BURKE, IF YOU'D eo INTO trte HOUSE ALONm/-*~APT.ER A 6REer- IKSS VOU COULD ASK, "WHERE'S ' GRftWD OLDGEMT.THe SIT TISWT WITH A PAT BUT IF SHE ROrJS A COLD eve ovleR THe BROOM, YOU'LL MOST DE\JISB A SIGNAL TO ADVISE ME IF L16WOJ I ^6 'BOLTS,' Political Announcement Tlie Courier News nas been author- ised to announce Hie rollowinB candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 FOR COUNT* JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE I,. H. Autry Re-election Post No, S Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman ' ^•.(Por re-election Post No. 4) W' " For State Senator W. H. Nicholson J, Lee Bcardon Stcui i * HU MtVKX. WC K'tuckYNo.31 Fescue Pasture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN E .State Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE ^ SOYBEAN CORP. •900 W'Y Mam " Phone 6856 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan 110 So. First SU Blytheville vn pLEMENCV turned with i start *-• af Piert Amberlej §po«e: "Good morning. Miss Norton He seemed a very different Piers from the man she had watched from ner window last olpbt Here wa» • man with hl5 mask adjusted to smiling courtes? "Good ojoming. Colonel Amber- ler. Baba cat been showing me the gardens rhey are heavenly." He smiled. "Nearer to Paradise, i think.* He bad an exceptionally charming speaking voice. "Let us hope there are oo lurking serpents." Clemency lifted her charge, wno was banging precariously over the edge of the marble basin of the fountain, and set ner small feet firmly on the ground again. She was curiously glad of Uie diversion —there was something disconcerting In the Intent look of Piers' grey eyes fixed on tier [ace. "1 couldnt have drownded in It,' Baba protested stoutly. "Probably not." her uncle tolc her, "but water nas an uncomfortable way-of being wet." "You didn't see me.' Uncle Piers You were looking at Clemency.' said Baba. "1 know lots of things I dont see," he assured hei, laughing "So does Ood." announced Baba. "Quite." agreed ?ter«. and glancing at Clemency: "Rattier early lor a lecture on theology. Vour predecessoi bad. I believe, strict and orthodox vievn." not really hard, though It was col Into onr lines and with tb« wrong moulding at hit torn e»ve an im- IOF o( fuinlessiiess And yet Fell suddenly .hat M aouW •often—thai K might e*ec M capable at sreat tenderness, rumlnf her efts ^wrkl? back to the rose*, she was conscious of tt»e quMc. uneven -eating o» ner aeart 'We must show rtlt* Norton Cbe rest ol our domain. Baba.* Pier* said. "Left go and look at the orange*—shall »et" Baba look the Band be beld on conndingly though «M walked beside him wilh more <uudiM*s than she nad dene witb Clemency Looking up at him — It *"' ed a »er» long way to look— she asked: "Where's Daddy?" mad? tot ducomfort "Daddy went Into Biskra before opportunity you got tip." be told bet. There Anx»£ '.heir dark leave wllb the blossoms still rluslerinc, Lbe green and pale gold, and the deeper bue* of, ripening fruit. made thl? grove ot orange trees a villa of -iellgbt. "This t* my favorite •pot." Pier* told ber "1 am responsible tor [ at the planting—tiie gaidena were already beautiitil wbeo 1 in>- herited -he villa. « wac built originally by an Arab Sheik from whom a cousin of mine 'xiught It. But oo one had ever bothered about the oranges.' 'Oh! Pve never seen orange* growing before." she cried She's only a tkil be thought seeing ber .delight ''Rather cbanning [snt rea more than take the spray uttmui ber angers: Tau it rery touching. Piers— but 1 would rather you didn't vttvt Miss Nortoe orange blossoms guile to soon. She bat • two-year contract to tulfUU* fLEMENCTf turned wtlh • start, Karlet witta aniiOye<: embarrassment, tc nnd Syrte Amberley standing to tbe open doorway behind ner: and ;ben M tbeir eyes met she saw that the other girl's were curiously bard. "Mist Norton Is apparently oot »ery keen on orange blossoms," saiJ Piers, calmly ignoring the questionable tame of Syrte's remark. Clemency felt • swift gratitude for the cool way to which he accepted the situation, and was furious to fled bersetf blushing like a schoolgirl caught in come tor- bidden prank. "I think." she looted at Sjric. that Cokney Amberley has • right to be prand of hi* orange grove." •On—be kv Be ne-rar miscec an FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MEBJULL BLOtUB , Not So Silly DtG ALL THIS MULLA6*LLOO/ OVER. N01HIM& 6Ur A "No eggs for sale, lady—my hens lay just for government storage!" of sfaowtoi It off." ttiU «metbin» that Syne't PRISCILLA'S POP Mr. Fixil BY AL VERMEEB PRVSCILLA ALWAYS HER CARROTS! WHY DON'T YOU? IF VOU EAT VOUR CARROTS, CARLYLE, YOU'LL GET TO BE A BIG. STRONG orange blossom ever; woman's ambition?" be asXed. There was something in h!i toot whict repelled her. "Thai depends." she said witb > touch of coldness. "1 Jimk quite a lot prefer other flowers." "Ah! out It miells sc oJce," was nzuliog ac be reacbed halt amused . are. 1 where Baba had v* to." <he added- It I* benei tor bei not be out too koog m tiii* vunahine. The nursery courtyard It nice and shady But ot course TOO will Have to get used K the vagaries at this odd climate." •What a lot at aoasmce. Syrier exclaimed Pier*. "It la early yet Surely tbe child will bave to spend quite enough time indoor* when the wealher breaks." Without answering, Syrit glanced at tier watch. "Will you uer In now. Miss NorumT 1TJ join you presently—1 want to have a taUc with you." ,, . ^., "Certainly, Mrs. Amberley. Come along, darling—" Clemency took the little girl's band, and to her relief Bate trotted away wilh her. without making -iny protest. It had all been surface tweet, but Clemency was tar from deose, and she realized that the dismissal to her own quarters was a subtly administered snub If she tailed to take (be biDt in the future. VIC FLINT Another "Accident" BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB up and breaking oB a rtpraj o( the exquisite wax? blossom beld Mr*. Amberley capable of / iBSKKVING him mote closely, ft out to her. Try ttT" she noticed LUai hii uiuulb was' Ami tbct before «4it .vuid do' making bet displeasure felt in DO The raj examined 792.029 fingerprint arrest records in 1949. This exceeded 1948 by 4.3 per cent. "Say It With Flowers" Blytheville FLOWER MART Memphis fliway Photic 6*02 "Before we start on our honeymoon. Dear, I'd better stop at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION for a small personal loan!" RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Cameras Call 3647 — West Main Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. | "Say It Wilh Flowers" BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hlw»J Phone 6MZ f WM1CM IS ANOTHER WAY Of SAVING 1UAT MY OLD PIAYMATE.CYNTMIA 8AKER, MIGHT BE AT THE BOTTOM OF IT. . JEALOUS < OF HER, 8OB8Y? I CAN UIGURE OUT WHY, BUT ! BELIEVE THE PLAN TO Kill YOU IS TIED UP SOMEHOW WITH OUR GETTING MABR1EO DOH'T LOOK NOW, BUT YOUR EGOCENTRIC SLIP IS SHOWING, ALEC STEEL.' GUESS ITS TIME I WAS GOING. DON'T BOTHER-I CAN flMD MY OWN COAT CAPTAIN EASY Trapped I BY LESLIE TURNED SHEET METAL WORK——— — OF ALL KINDS Custom work for Rins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up (o 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broarlway '"' Phone 2651 Hearing Aid Users Now, you can get fresh, pre-tested Batteries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid al KIRBY SS& BUGS BUNNY Putting a Plug On FOR SALE C.ncrrt. csrrrrU, U Inch U W inch, plain *r reenforced. Ala* Cvncrel* BaUdlng Blocks cheaper than limber for tnn» ehickei h»se>, pimp hones, tenant ho«MS. toll ihcds We 4*li»«r Call mi for fre* astlnute. OSCEOLA TILE t CULVERT CO. (tun* «JL Concrete Culvert Tile 3rte> «p to J6 m. Corrugated Metal Culverts SI if* «p to M m. A»t»matlr Flood Gstes Concrete Septic Tunks Metal Septic Tank* Sewer Tile Be«'. Prices We A.H.WEBB 1 at Bta£« La Ehone 714 WHAT SAVS VOU TH' I PEA YOU WERE A PLUMBER... YAK/ YOU RE TH' ONLY PLUMBER I'VE SEEN WHO'S ALL YOU COULDN'T FIX A LEAKY FOR ALLEY OOP A I'al BY V. T. HAMLIN "MUSIC WITH IHt STRONC sV PER SOI ARMORY HALL May 2 Advance Price .. 1.20 person Al the Door 1-50 person Tickets on Sale at Kirby's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Chamblin Sates Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebokcr Oca/cr" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Pug? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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