The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 6, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 13
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For Sale—Improved Property •i^^p^^i^^^^^rf^M -— j*fc^^ ^fc ^fc ^i •• ^ • w ~ — — _ ^- ^- __.• . ^f Distrlrt—Three hMroom*, * till 1* hflth, nnrt half, all-til* hitrhpn, . fireplace, mo per rent ln*u- double sarftge witii Intmdry room; lots of fruit and nut trees: aprlnklinir ny*tpm frnnt nnd rear: all fonred; nn n Inrge p!ere of well-lamlHenned ground. Thin ifl a nood buy at $10,750. California Park—Two bedroom* nnd nire dnn. Inrga living mom and dlnins rnoni, tile bath and kilrhen, fireplace and floor furnace. 100 per cent Insulated, outdoor ftlcepiner room, hnrbprue pit. rnoler and rnf rig-era tor; hiviiii iful yard with fruit find ehnde, Price J87TO, substantial down payment. On Terrace Way. between Phrpler and 99 highway- two furntahftl homes on larffe lot. Owner ocrucie* one am. the other 1* rented. Price $6350; require* $3850 down. Ben ut iful Vhedronm home and den, two bedrrnma downstair* and large manter bedroom upstairs: tile roof, flreplnre, baflement with unit hea f , large dining room and break fa wt room, nice tile kitrhen and two tile bnthw. beautiful yard with lots of fruit and nut trees, nevnral good brarinp orange trees. This iw one of the finest locations* outside the pity. Price $13.500. mibHtantiat down payment. Ken rly new duplex, with 4-ronm ann rt- ment over 2-rar gnrtiK«. Completely re- rferornted Inside nnd out. Hardwood and tile. Owner oncuplpH apartment and the duplex Inrome in $> per month. This ifl an exrept ional lv;y nt J 12,000, nOVDSTUN & LANCASTER Phone 8-8GU3 U17 H Ptrrot (93) fniQO—In Onrrten ArroH. 1f>nxSOO lot. nparly new fi-room Htrirtly modern home, pa riiKfl. chicken eunipmenl. A nlro buy on today B H market. $3000 rash, $r!0 monthly on balance at 6 per cent In- _ HOSE r:AnniSN—A vory fino 5-ronm Mlut-ro re8idf>nce on two 60-foot lotw. only nhfiut 4 years old, in excellent condition, rear yard mmpletely fenrnd, lots of fruit trot-H, be IT ion, nhirkpn yard, plenty of room for another house when bui Id I MKT lostrirtionn are IlfteU- eaah, balante $50 pur month. <9M NOW VAPAXT — A Invclv 2- ror Sal Improved Prop* MS. $:r,. r )0. Close (o school, niirl \v;t IkiriK tli.Mnnce from business ppctton. Terms, half cash and $1*5 per rnniith. O1T.DALK — $nfi.*»o. T\vo-|>ptlroom home on ^e lot. with I'-rn r Karacr. I, awn. u tie ap'l 1'rtiit. f T lo?;" tu bus nnd prhonl. Tenns, $JfiJO down, $^3 p«-i- month. LA rp.ESTA— $tH.->n. B"autiful :-bnlroom home. i-rj| p %-.\ \ ;i«c. H\v,\\ lot with PM- (fllnnf \ip\v HnniM h;!5 t-xtra pood floor phin with I.'irce rnntns and niudel kitchen and bath. Terms arranged. FITRN'ISHKD HOME— rinse to .Tpffnrsnn Park. Five rooms with good furniture. Large lor with gams*?. Price $3450. Ten-.s arranged. about Me. EAST RIDK—Close tn Nire 5-rnnm home and Bmal! rontnl on r**ar ( both partly furniHhml, (JurMf hr»me with fruit troffl anri rental income. Price $615u ( half cash. SUNSET PAH 1C—In bc*t In^atlnn in nouth- wst d is r rift. Good 5-room honip wilh of shado. On htm line* olnse to arhool and WilltHin P*»nn pchool. Prlre SftSOfi, down am mar payment $2. r iOO, month $40. onl.v. ,<ho\vn by appoint- ID) Iff £-tlJ-V 411 Nineteenth Sticrt Dinl 3-o:7.1 P-.Vtf nl yi>a m old home Ma nor. Sflrrt hanlwourl, Minds ) hniUKhnut, pa int^i mom, tile vnnity tn hath; n t larhpcl, ]>lastMred insiih?, last lone, prft-ed at Jfi2;tO n venni l;in wii tlw in bod- Thin won't SUTTrO raf INCOMR SPKCFAT^—Onfi of thn host buys uu have hart ftir woino time. Thj-ee nearly FIO»V hotnuH with hardwooil floors. 1'n 11 bntbfl with plenty of tile, Venetian blinds lilo sink*; one hnuHe hafl nire huHomont; KaraKo» nnd Htoro rooms. Alt on liirftc landsrapod lot. near bus and nmrketH. Live in one and have ?80 monthly income. OVner leaving, Ptiys dike SflSilt. $:i;JOO down and $3S monthly, TWO-nKDUOOM HOMI3 and small house nn larg-o lot nenr bus nnd markets, only IS7&0. 11 noo down, $i!5 monthly or wilt t nule fur small IUMIHP. LOVKI.Y NKW SIX'UOOM HOMK, livinff room, dint MR room, two bpcli oomw t dnn. kitchen wii b plenty of tile, a I HO mm lia t h Inc-hulinK t ilo vanity n rid st;i II nhniv^r, floor fnrnnrr. fnollny sywlorn, double irariiKe. fennnl-in hark ya rd. 1 a w n for >«!•—Improved Farms ~ - —r •- — f- 207 ACRES, all in alfalfa, In Buttonwillow territory; has two houses and many tenant homes; one pood well; ample supply of cheap wiitor. oh cutting of alfalfa brings $.".000; all good la ml, no There in almost $*0,0uo \vorth of new equipment, consist- inK of every type of farming machinery that is needed to BUCPPSH- fully farm this land. There is a family orchard and pnrden with t'fich home. This ranch is In perfect condition to move on and start the income coming in. A real setup for a pood farmer that wants everything ready for him; 95 per cent of minerals RQ with sale. Price $f»o.- 000; lakes $,'53,000 down, balance $4000 per year, 5 per cent interest. 20 ACRES in Green Acres territory; Rood home and well; all in alfalfa; place is in perfect condition: enough equipment to farm the land RO«JH with the deal. Price $15,000, some terms. 50 ACRES of fine alfalfa land, close to town; modern, five-room home: lovely yard, two Rood wells, land all piped, fenced and cross fenced; burns and corrals, storage barns and food pens. This is a good farm and is to town. Price $30.000, one-half down, balance easy terms. KI..MER MARTIN Phone 2-0294. 220 Haberfelde Eldg. lerest. monthly, 6 per cent i I 0 Avenue I'hone fi-fi7T.l P*T—HIpS Bcliool lunch room with living quartern. Lunch room has all the e<iuipmpn-: nof< i .s.«»H ry for serving 200 children. Thin IH a Rood goinu business 15500. 41 ACRKS of unimproved lanJ nenr Button willow, located midway between KIk HtllB field nnd Buttonwillow gna field. tftO per Di;ri,KX—Two bedrooms on each side, completely furnlHhed. Klectric refi ieer- ntnrfl. elc. $1500 down. BKARDS;,KY DISTRICT — Two-bedroom home. Hardwood floors. tile drain and nice yard f cured. Sprinkling system In frsnt. $5000. EAST HAKEKSFIKLD—Almost now 2-ned- room home. C'no I ins system floor furnace and plenty nf cupboard space, ttiooo. I'HONE 3-1C10. 1704 K STREET 1704 K STRKKT PHONE 2-J210! RKSIUKNCE 2-SC28 and nhndc, $fiS5fi, J'J^fH) rlnwn, munthli* Will U'nde for email OM THKStt VROPK11TIKS phone evenlnss •'*-! 170. PJIKPKRRKP f=Oi;THWKST- -Nearly nrw ni home, la rsn living i tiuui with f urnnru. dining room, tiln in kitchnn and hath, Vtinoflnii bhndB, doublo pa J-MKP, nu fc p ya rrt f nn bun 1 mo, nna J' nrhnulH. quirk pnHHP^Hlnn, $6850, SlSGO down, balance $55 monthly. ON THIS PROPERTY phone C-5024. eve- 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch. 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements beat one-man hog and cattle set-up in California. 415 ACRES ot good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES nenr Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Knrpe. __Phone »-967I. _ _ 7 - 29 ' t . f !i ACRKS in Uoxliiiid, lights, \vnt<T ;ind gus available; only ?1-T>0. JUNilly a good buy and idea) location for bountiful home. HALIO—Hnlf acie tn I'urtfirville. with and busement. Phone t T.KT'S TALK IT OVKH Nit-hulH :'iil5 K ALTA VISTA DRIVE—N'1'..Hy furnished 6-rof)m home on (food comer lot. 100x140. rlnwe to Hernard. Several kinds of fruit trt-?p, 250 flno rhii-keris, wiih and room to double the flock. location. Tutal price $7330. hair down. HHIHLAVD PARK—Fine duplex on la rs* Int. Three nice si seed rnoms and bath em h Hide. One side completely And H!'-Hv lurniNhod. Just redecorolpd f hntUBhoni. Dnubln para no wilh laun- tlry trays. Thi« place iw .lust nhntit R >nnis old and very nire. Pri^e $RSr*n. $2350 down, balance easy. Phone 2-76SO. You can move rlBht into thin lovely 2-bed- ioom fituci'o hrtiiBfl with tile roof, in Ln Cr»»a>. Kireplat-p. tile in kilrhen and ball), nice breakfast room, enclosed rear n. Invely lawn, treea and shrubH. prnraRo with tile roof and In rise concrete apron. Junt vacated. Price JS450. about half down. Taylor A Taylor. 16fiO Chester avenue. Phono 6-6351* 15 TWO-R13DKOOM modern homo on la: iot. 6 nii!*w aouth on 99 Hiphwny, Hurk- *hn-p Tract. $;itiOO, $1000 down. I'hone ~?:™">: 34 FOR SALK—Two-bedroom home close to Santa P> roundhouse on Nineteenth street, $1600. Good terms. Possession within .10 rinyn. If interested write E. A. Jackson, Route 4. Cox 406. Bnkersfield. KK\V 2-bedroom home. Highland Manor. now vacant. i;ood location, very reason- n bly priced b y owner. Pho n e S - 88 fi 3 . 32 FOR SALK OR TRADK— Five-room house on two lot P. Not finished on inside. Will tak-» car ns part payment, $1250 rash. Located at 908 Curtis Drive. See owner m Garden Drive, fourth house street on south side. 32 FOR SALE—On Alta Vista Drive, ner. 63x150, 3-bedroom house. 1 „ roum. dining room. den. breakfast nook, kitchen, two baths, small bn dement, screened porch, two floor newly painted; 2-car garage. 19760. Immediate possession formation call J. J. Conaani, 2-9,487. furnace*; Full price For In§-9614. or 8-9-1f THRKE-BI'JDROOM houpe on acre. Airport ACFPH, Bird nnd Wright streets. $4500, $2000 down. Balance $25 n mooHi, 83 IDKA TJ coiner. Sunset Park. hike new, 5-mom Htunro. Til^ roof, tile kitchen, bttlh, shower, brenkfrmt room. In rite living room fireplace. Pho tip 2-0314. 33 $5950 takes this beautiful 2-bedroom home between Kern General and Kast High. Yard all fenced. House 5 years old, reffntahcd last year. A spacious and gracious home. FrpHl W. Harvey, 'J03 Brower building, phone 2-4260. Evenings. (473J Two nodrooniH and Pleepins porch. B.'irnKe and wawh house; nenr hut* and Hcbool. Partly furnishotl. $4786, $2885 __down. _ Call^-OCuS^or 2 -T> 3 3 tf . _ 34 (47::) One-bodroorn small house, sood con- dilion; gnrngp. Corner lot. room to build another house. Near ndtool. JUSSfi. $1510 down. Phone L'-OG53 nr _.--' r >^'«. _______ __ _____ _ 34 ONK 2-bedroom lioune, my equity $795, $30 month. luqunu 35^3 M I'HREE-KEDnOOM I-1OMK Sunset. Living room, dining room, kitchen, throe bedrooms, fine sleeping porch, basement with excellent heating Plant, laundry houae in rear. B!tf lot. wilh fully fenced bark yard: fine trees nnd shrubs. The noune Is well insnlaied «nd while not new it is a comfortable homp. Lot has R 7-foot frontage to pavwl alley. Price $8000. phone ownpr *t 2-3347 or 4-41102. Charles B. Weh- «l«r, lal 1 Eighteenth jUreel. 34 bedronniH nnd screencd-ln Dlrop- injf jmrrh; nttrwrtivnly arransrcd 3-year- old homo, Lomita Verde; $7750, about ono half cash. balance eusy. Pho IIP i. 34 HA.VK sold ovory liome liHted with UH, except on« at $28!iO. K you wish to Bell your bouse or any other real oHlate, jilcRsc call nt our office and list It •with ns, We do the rest. Mel Hay or Jim Jni-vis. 1624 Kiffhtpfntli street. 34 FOR SALE by owner, G-room furnished hoUHp, hardwood floors, tile drain, tile In bath. Contnct owner, 801 Water H t ree r . J'OR SALK or trade, house, five rooms, two Kcreen porchen. near >inst>ftal. Prefer enuill place near bus BY OWN KR— English-type home, seven rooms, large living room, 12-toot reil IIIK. larg'! dinins room and kitrhen, plenty of tile; basement, dual furnace. double pninffe. J5«st Bakeiafield. Kprn In- Ol^DAI.K 11-unit court, completely furnished. come $847,RO per month. A-l j*li FurnUhod duplex on corner lot. Will take In car. 939SO; small down. Half-acre, close In, 6-room home. on terms. Eawt Bnkerfifield—One-acre, nice room home. la nrired lo sell. terms. D. C. "Slim" Mynatt, 8-8986. $3750, 3-bed- ».1GOO. phone 32 FOR SALIC—One Z-bedroom house und 1-bedrooin house on large corner lot; un- furnlHhed, completely fenced, tile sink, excellent condition. Good income property, $4350. $2350 down, balance «"y ttrma. Phone 9-9947. 34 EERNITA PARK—Souiheaat section Bak~ emfleld, five roonw. furnished, good lot; total price $4600. Alfio large old 6-room houiie, needs fixing, has 2-car carag* with apartment overhead. Total price $"200. Some terms nn either of these. Elmer F. Karpe, 1517 Eighteenth, »-5-tf OJT.HAT-R—Two-hpdroom hnmp. R modern ronvpnienrcs. Nirfl lot, fenced, rlose to htw and market, $6000. GFtKKN ACRKS—Five ncr-*», lM>pdroom home. fnrniahPd; double Karaee, rhirkpn equipment. t?ood well and pumping plant. $7nnn. GAHDKN ATHES—One nn-p. ?^room modern rot I ape. llfiOO full prici\ WIN<JNANU KQliARK — Two-bedroom hn?ne, harrlwoor] floors, floor furnace, plpnty of tile, wardrobe closet R, con line pyMom. Nire Inl, di»uhle pnrnifp. $f>8f>y t After 6 p. m. call Bill Irwm. 11-0042. 1704 K FOR SALE — JROOO, new hniisp at Oceano Bench. fin nifhod. ready in move in. Write owner, J. J. Opp liner. Box 361. . Calif. 34 For Exchange—Property GOOD furnished income. $175 per month. Will lake small clear residence. Call ownrr. 2-0 8ft 1. 32 L1KI3 to trnrte B-rnom home in Hilda le, Kcmrl condition, Tfi-foot front lot. lor proporty in .Santa Maria. K. K. rent. 1UT» D street, Wnsco, Calif- For Sale — Trailers Ca0b for Your Trailer, Trailer sold on eaiy payment plan. We finance our own contracts, McLICAN TKAIJLBR MART 100 [Jntnn Avenue 8-13-tf €raic one :.._ i Lovely Inree living room with fireplace, dininpr room nnd most attractive kiiclu-n. two large hudrooms with extra clnthes cld^etfl ft ml stornKe SUM re, hontittf nl hardwood floors throughout; a perfectly icranil lo^-gia with oul.sido firnplace. Kverythinir tn this home IH built for comfort, t onvenienre and nlennui-e. "It IIRH every thiiiff" and en n he bought for $4200 down. T.ot lOOvlSO fcot. This is one beautiful homn in rx'-fllent location Hint iwn't ovcrpricnd one dollar. To see it Is to buy it. Onll o FOR SAI.K — 1942 Continental house trailer. ^2 foet, very good, prewar tire*. T.&Uxlfi. electric biakrs, awning 18x22 fnet. 1305 Grace street. 35 ''.S INDIAN house trailer, pood tires nnd in pood condition. $ii:!G cash. 9110 Curl if Drive. D FOR KA LK — Coin hi nH Uon earn pins and utility tr*j Her. MiiHt bo Fcen to appre- ciuto ita Bond features. 1 (>16 Virginia HI rent. i M-FOOT VuEabond house trailer, with toilet nnd tub, tola of cupboard space. s fmir. . Will ronsider good cash Txl (J-FOOT t ra Her huliRe, n Isn two-who**l mK-i^e trailer ; four- room house. S2R 35 2812 Chester I'hcine 4-4SM TWO-RKDROOM houae In Sunnet Park. Hplendid condition. Immediate possession, $tiOOO, half cash. T\v house, east side. $4750. neat and, nice. Two-bed room house, near airport, $4250; now vacant. Brandt Investment Company 3802 H Street Phone 2-8946 BRING J1000 and we will nhow you the bent 4-room 2-bpdroom houae in the city. 1'rlre $3!iriO. $45 monthly. ATTENTION Santn Fe workers! We offer you a small well built furnished honco, Including electric refrluerntor. close to Hhorw*. OarnBP am] almost an acre of Kniund Roes wilh it, for ?;t;".00. tprmn. Sro Gi>nn:e Taylor or Frank Dnv, «t ' TWO lale duplexes on cornor lot. Hardwood MOOI-K, file d»-ain and tiio showers. Nicely furnished. Kef r Iterators and coolers. Jione OSIJ 1 . 33 GOOD KEN'TAL, Incomp. Highland Manor. furnished, new. clean aiiri in splendid ronditiou with excellent tenant; rents at $r>0 per month, owne.- pays water; • t.uoco. five roomp. 2-car naraBe. Kliner Karpe. ITtl? EjKht e e m^h_ Mre e t . !> - .'. - 1 f ONE-BEDROOM, new home, one-half mile went of Mount Vernon School; small stove furnished: 50-foot lot. all of hack yard fenced. Total price JUT 00. some terms. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 FOR SALK or trade for larger house— some shade, all fenced, garden npai-e; plenty room to build another house. If m li'terwited. phone 3-26 4 7. 33 FOU SALE BY O W N E R— l-iaTt™ Bake r P field, duplex, partly furnished; iinmp- dlatc possession. 608 Lake street. 34 FUR SALE—Furnished, noulhwnnt. G-rnom hoiiHG. two bedrooms. Inquire 2309 Buenu Vista, strooi. FOR SALK— House. 20x28 ff-et. tflOO; than 2 years old. Finished with n>d•wood nidlnir; 110 bathroom. Haniion Jtrod. 2Vi miles west of AVasco, Seventh rnet . 18 -FOOT factory-built liou**e t riiilni\ steel body, two rrxnnn, Hlt-r-pH four. Divnn, built-in t'-e box; *i-ply tirc-p. J675. Beacon Trailer Court, north on Highway Kit. 34 20- FOOT house trailer, leatherette Interior. Furnished. IT-lti llurrle* i'hone 2-36L'^. ____________________ __ _ _ __________ 33 \VM II A VK a number of small I to 3 -ton trn Hers HH liable for ranch work in both piipuniattc and Rolid tirefi- AVea Waldon* h For Sale — Automobiles CONSIGNMENT Plan If you wish to sell your car for top price but can't properly show H, L-onsign it with UK. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our plan. FT" ed 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) _ ________ 9-2-tf ^^^^^^••^^^^^^^^^•^•^^'•^^^^^^^^•'^^^^^^^'••^k^H^l^^^i^b^^^^^^H^^^^^i^^^^^H^^^^H^^WV^^^^fc^^^^^^^^^k^^^H^^^k^^L^K^^v^^p^p^^H—^^ _ u- — ^^^^^^^k^^^ AUTOMOBli>K Ai> COPSt must contain license number; If oul ol slat* licenna, mtnla must be included in copy. 3-4-tf OK PUHCHAt<ttP Do you additional cash to complete purchaac of car? If BO, Just phone or drop by the AOMB FINANCE COMPANY opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Frlendlv. coiifidentia 1 *«rvic*. W. .1. "Bill" Hersrman. manager. Phone "-67J1 6 t.|2-tf 19S7 LA SALLK (i*A»30> ( in eood condition, Ly private owner. 2801 AJturan. A 3-BEDROOM house in Hinhhind new and modern, lots nf tile. Among the hr«t. $8r>i)0. A 4-room. two lots. 200x125, chicken equipped. *31oU. SIHRO down. S13IH) nKainPt pnys off tit J20 per month. Others. B. W. Rolen. 128 l i( Wilson Ptrnet. Oildnlp. For Sale—Lots ^k_^^^_^^^ B .^^k_^^k_^^k_^^K_^^k_^^^^^^b_^^^__^^^__^^^__^^ h _^^^_^^b_ _^fe_ M ^*r^lf^*f^f^*r^f^r^f^^f^*f^r^f^lr^r^f^i^^^ll CORNKR LOT on A street in Cotlar Park; 66-foot frontaffe, sidf?wall\s, curbs, paving paid. Trees in. At less than the bare lot price originally pa ill by owner. Freal \V. Harvey, L'O;', Brower building. Phone 2-4L > t>0. Evenings phone 2-4143. p.2 FOR SALE— IJI34 Ford coach; will mnk« a good work car. 'Jail 1UO F street. HAVE G. M. C. pickup, wish to trade in on short-wheel base ton or ton and half truck. Phon e7 -7S8 1 o r 3 - U0 7. 3 ' FOR SALK— 197.5 Pt'idebaher (8F6507). shape. See HI 620 K street, Bak- 33 *i-TO.V Ch*?vrolot pickup <24r.599 Okla. }. Good condition. Se-i owner nt SEVERAL choice lots at the right price: Alta Vista—corner lot 62 '-jxlSO. Oleander Terrace—-5C, 7i> or 100-foot frontag-p. Baldwin Drlvo— Four lots. 92x300. Storkdn IP—135x210. Ciaw. lighcc- and water available on nil. OLON HUVAN i'JIONK 2-7ri DODOK. panel body truck (PCM9548 ("nlif.); 1935 motor, body and fen tie r« in Aood .ondition. mnior nopdt* repairs; fair tires. As is. $i;50. ^(jy East Seven I h Kti-ppt_. _J'hone 2-:|i>fi2. _ 33 1935 DK ROTO sedan, good tiics and paint. Call after 4:;!') p. m.. lu5 Beard tdfy a_veiiue. (_8SD506). 33 ONE-HALF-TON pickup truck. Looki r u il H _K°_ 0( L ( ^ ** ! ' 81 l-li ll no » « _? ' ! i^ ° 7 •_, 1941 FORD IH-ton truck (Pcms). flat rack, good R.25 tlrea. Katon rear end. Mercury motor; in excellent cond'tion thrnuchnut. Will take car as trade-In. Forrest, between H and Oleander. LOT for snle on West Belle. Tall or owner after 6 p. in., at 3.131 Chester __aven^ue. Phone 2-68^.3. 33 HIGH-CLASS business lot farinc «n Orand avenue at Pismo Bench, n^ar KiRhth Btreot. Lot 6, block 95. This IR an ideal corner lot for any kind of lens. Lot is IPVP!. fiix.c 60x1 r»W. ' $400 ciiKh. including tide. Phone 2-04f.ll. 43 1!>38 PONTJAC cnuue <5A431C); Frigidaire. For Sal ^ Improved Farms 1!*::5 FOIID V-8. gm>d cruidition. Call 2-7938 or 2^13 Nelson. aTtor G p. m. _J87S770). ^_ FOR SALE—One 19R4 Ford 4-door sednnT lair Hhane. new pafut. (Sill80J). 809 Kentucky_ Ptruot. 37 ! FOR SALK OR TRADK for pirkup irurk. 11138 Studohalier wodan (70A93U. Phone WILL HELL or trade. 1932 While truck. | 7-spe«'d Brownie for lat*? model pickup j or passeiiBur i-ar. (Cal. F1M 1$), Call \ ari 60 acre Improved farm on 99 Highway, near McFarlnnd. $1 8.000. 80 acres In PortervIHe district. Two wells and good house. Ideal for potatoes. $28,000. 40 acres in McParland district. Well improved. $8000. 120 acres in Delano district. Modern house and improvements. Also all farm equipment. $36,000. 160 acres southeast of Kferlimart. Good well. $225 per acre. 50 acres south of Rakersfield with ditch water. Ideal for dairy. $10.000. RICHARDSON & SIDDALL, 205 Hopkins BIdg. Phone 7-7031 Evenings Phone 6-6398 or 3-0422 __, 35 20 ACRES—About 16 acres In new alfalfa. Patch of corn, family orchard. * rapes, large barn and corrals, feed bouse, ehop buildtnffu. chicken house and pena, one •pan mulM, implements and Juwt a comfortable old country home. Ideal for dairy, stork mining or turkeys. El- wood'e. 1023 "Eye." Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Wanted to luy—Automobile* For Sal«—Mltceflaneou* AYS 1)' TJ) FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO Twcitj .j YOL'R CHEVROLET, BUICK, CADILLAC DEALER 8-2-1-lf HAVT-; THI-; Kn ? <• TV; n-\\ ^- 1 Vst for 1 i i '"l» ir.;> n St v FIv Killers La $afeft«(fert California!) Wednesdoy, September 6", 1944 Radios, Musical Instruments Poultry and Livestock FOR PAt.K — '!'«"•• »pnn rf one o'oo-i mare w.tti cnli n < hrt Hn Thi -'»• t ji • :i T t Hudson Si-rm I •*" t K TI ' \ "^ * 1 * ,' pp K TI ;\ *'*» ]'\:\y J ';\ t' U;t hy S: i n!l**rfl nnd 1! - t vn FOR AUTO-HADIO SERV1 We now have facilities for mounting nnd dismouritincr auto radios. Aeriala installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street find 1*9 Highway ___3;27-tf TOE* i'RICKS t>a!d for la L*J model radlot. ~, f w^rk Mr. Ornat. __ ___ _ 7-lff-tf ATI KNTION t,v r hick a, brnoflcra. pouttry anri l**»rt. We buv your «s*». *r, hundred 2219 Cninn. or 814 o*r Rhode fulnnfl l';.vmoi;'h ROCKM. Ror.k am! Red '"* «h!D r n»n» everv Mondfiv nrrt<5 A iso p'ent v of me* A! feeders fnunta in« u"t;irv mpfHrinra. Ward'* Farm j'osfon Bad Id r * HM Kml M .i I M rsSf' npamuri hrr»w h WE BUY ALL MAKES OP CARS F ry U V^ 1 f /^N?ZAiV PR CA BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9746 7-11-tf Hnt H \ \\ f "h M ihU- \\\i\\ I" and M -nc" ami I .a AV ru,< hrs n? N ;i i I I'H «r f < "MM ; nir s*^ 1M KM' \\" ri>n«'hf» o! ml 11 Storks ainl IM ». Corner of K and 2-04?S 2.J_-Jf | WILL t'AV cniih pric« for your 1-26-tf • numh«r 01 outstanding I'ns: an' 3 . r-v»nr-n]d reaintcred H«r«ford \. H. Karp«. Phon« o CtitrK.S starred on order We h*ve colored broiler* rofta'intj hen». Rl.wer- v -f\ Kutchtry 2!5 Roberta«. Phon»» _ " -*™ 71 - _ _ „__ 7-lfl-tf We Have Facilities an^l Available i'tiv. SKi7r. or" tVaiii nn kinds of Parts to Service Anv Make Radio Phnr- 2-:^<>^i Kov .f^hnsf-n. 1 mil" north Pumpkin (7*n;er. 200 varda east on Ho«42 Corner K Street an-1 90 Highway Dint 2-04'.»<l 12-2-tf PIANO \VA.\TKD— HiBheai c.nsti prire paid for new r, nd u^ed nan<is i'bnn« 8-8y81. M.i F'OTTI.TRf MEN! IB CAH AKRlAl.y for an/ rnako of car. S4.95 and up. Poston Radio, corner oi K. street :> Htchwa>. : MASS Jf.-lincr nrrordinn. tjnnd for n* HIUHKS'l' I'HICKH pnja for ii!«ed radios. Rakeraflvld Radio Supply, 2S08 rhpxtpr nvpiuip Phone 2-5150- «-I l-tf rir Mil rr M 1 i rnr.S J?ecl Type If yotj ran'l find It nnywhere FOH IT AT All D/f r\l[j M) W.M i ** n ml IlostfUM a nt Supply BOUGHT AND SOLD CHbinet Models $2a 60 L'p radios offer*rt for Bale hav# been id i tinned. and are puarantp**ri. SKRVFCK ON ANY MARK KADIO BAKKRSPIKLD RADfO SUPPLY 2HJS CHRSTER AVENUffi _ _ D .[. A . T '_ : :^ 1 ^. n _^- n ' tf SALK—R "conditioned I 1 '-Flat n!io inc. $70 cash. 25nM Altnrno I .a PI-CRIB. ?.-: One l'..r.-:.< r> Bakcrsfi«ld K^rn Str^r 2-?4".S BKADi UUD I'OL'LrUV MARKET WIT.L K\i.FiA\';K > homes fc.r VLMMJ.; ' 3!' R»r\(\ wnrk A. If. Karp". TOP rabbit FOFt SAI-iK— 1 •"' pbape, ranffin Vfii r; als-» fin 1 . r 2-3478 or I -\ .* ' nf cnlvr-3 In tr -in r > months Call FOK PAI-K fresh now s dny. Four 40 ton« pxt Two ff milk double rahbir gnnd bale*! alfalfa FUDINO MARK— ^ v* price for quick Phone 2-33!>C. FOR old; gentle for Phone 2-5214. \% omm ire. and children. 3* Ul'UUlHT piiino for nalp. In K>-<^\ t< ruM t inn, i I ;>o I'lish. r Mi one C -M*', i. 1 S : : '. j i i FOU SAT.K WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN 3 MINUTES. liah pa 1 1 !']:M lirrilty nn\T r fiililicr t ITTH, c?trplirii t (..'.HI nl llu Kentucky h nt 1 . -i -I ,).. S A 1 ,K-- Mr" si er u; and mnhoirany up Dies isster 8-ll-tf Before selling your car drive to Twenty-first and K streets. We need cars. Motor Center Used 3-6-tf FOR S.\ LI-; — Two IK il room suilca nnd FnntiRH. CM ru licit utnl fprin^s. l:i i j:r ditiMiif tal ile, buffet, rnoh stove; ninny oihcr Hems, clu'iip. 2ua Kast Seventh Klrt'L't. I'linnn : >HI( ! H-OV'ICN C:IH ran no and prewar Cht-s- MACJIC CHKF ?tnvo, bedroom si-t, ( field set. MphnlsU-rpd chair, la trip?*. rnclio; oiher items. 1C 31 Aim A ista Drive. Flyinp nn<1 balsa model plane kits tnnkfl, ahtpn. fit! inR», bn Isn wood knives dnpa and cement. (Tonia in and look ;iround. Udward'a Camera . 1609 Nineteenth atreet. onth nt ivpf enuo, Skyl:n^- I Mi one 3 -On l piano iv itli I'l'iu-h. N>v\ i v and luncil. C0i» Knst Sr\- I'hono L'-^r.'i J 14 T1KAD of K^o-l < I' dairy *tnrk ^f which are: 5 milk mws. •! h^nvy Hprinz- rrs, 4 heifera and t 1 ' -j -vear-old p»rv(rp hull H. Justin W-if>h;iAT. Routf 1. B^x ]M. Shafter: 1 nillo H'.Mt.h. fa mile west of Shafti»_r_pn_niv"i-«"!^ j_4 K(«U SALK—One r;m-'--.•-•••>• h"'f*>r c^'f nt a Dairy on K :i*t N;Irs. Thon*> •:-4070. » • WJLI, PAY cnph for light model rar. Chevrolet or IMymouth coupe. Pliuiie — p ^ : !l i7 .^ ( l 1 l fl . r _L_P-_ ni - L WANTKD FOK CASII- 2711 Twentieth street. A li^lit rnupe. Phono 2-7^2 Automotive S«rvic* v Parts COMPLETE body and fender repatrln*. al«n front wheel Hllgnmpnt. rharles VlifBtrom's Garase. 1620 Twenty-etghlh _ alreet. Phone 2-7937. _____ 4-12-tf GUANT piston rings last Inntjer, Motor tuned up. greasing ond otline: cnr fitnr- »Be. Blue RIbbor Garage. 1916 Ntne- tcenlh. Phone 2-0674. __ 1-15-tf Wfi3 OAN PAINT Tour Car Immediately. GMAC Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FHKD C. SCHWK1T'/ER OLDSMOBII.E DEALER Phon» 6-6997 Eighteenth and N Motorcycl*s and Bicycles BOY'S 811 BICYCLE—Inqul 904 Knott 32 CHILD'S hit-Re triryrle in good condition. 1935 ITARLKY-DAVrDHON. Rood motor nnd tires. $200. P. "W. Harmon. ]>t:a- tur hotel. Nineteenth and 1> streetc. . 34 WANT to huy, a medium size hoy's bicycle. Phone 2-3118. For Sal Lumbar nee WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 l!xfi 3x4 1x6 2x12 nxG 2x2 GxC 3x12 SA I^K— <">nc pre-war baby b'jgfiy onn Duncaii-l'liyio cofi'ee titble. .^i.- l-.'M K. Apartment 4, after B p. Thcinp fi - S 1 4 !* . til m. EPA IH your own nhoea. We carry a Bond stork of leaincr nnd acces^orips for repairing Paul Harming. 1606 NMne- __trenth_st i-pet _ J^i^"!* PORT A ft i.lO Hemiltn 4-cy Under vannllne water well engine Thompson Dairy. Pot a nine Drive between Quant Ico and O s w a ]d 3 7 RADIO RKPAinS BED. nprin«» nn.l Bonntyrr.^. mattrpsa; ! ?"' c £ ?* rvic ?: u Ge " fefr 2! 0Servlct Company umall drover and cheat; three cuula. flixn "_LlJl n kp .f: P*™*-*^*. 1 -* _ 4 _"?l'll rtRCAPPING trtng your old tires to us for rccnpp!n«. We use Grade A rubber: 2<-honr Bervict RKiNXINU.S SKRVICE Twentieth and K Streets 8-B-tf PIANO KOI! KAI,R—-Klmbnll, pin no, medinni sizf, in (,-oml r ond it mn. fnllv puiirflntrpd. KuU pri-n- J!'^, Trrinu TJ'A VTA \f " PITT.LKTS $fi.84 P.T month. Baldwin Piano '— "A.MAM IUJ^T-.. f, ir»l :t Scvpntcenlh stt i> Full SATjE—Orain-f>d yn-mc ivkm durk?. Pressed nnd delivered nn p^h*»dnlp«l trips. Fr«sh fimall PPKS. " n f a dozpn. Clpm 1'uihind. Hudson Drive. Phone 2-805., as WANTKD, by Bprvimninn soon to *rn OVPT- *40fis ( chromnt tc harmonira* Wilt roos^rs f;K h. Also incuhator nnd DuMifl 2-OS38. Corner Niloa and Park Di-ivo. ?f FOR SALK—Fnt yniinK hens. Phono 2-44fi.1. 25c per STORK pmnn for use or will btiv j =-- KKFIN MTSUJ SHOP, 306 Hakcr. , nnp pi ton and wheot \Ve rpp«ir all musical instruniGUta; DOWH - r >7 FOR SALK — Apex Iroiiur. A-l condition. LlVlNt.1 room set. very nice walnut fin- i.sli ; bedroom si-t with box nprin^H « ml lnnt'rsi>rin«-; bnby buptv, hUp new; rid 10; drpssprs, dining Kft. 14 and miseellaiifMnis. AHer 6 p. m. 916 Woodrow. Oildn IP. For Sale—Miscellaneous DECORATE vour home with mirrors. We specialize In mirrors and mantel*, well* and doors. Rnkerafleld Glass Company. 1715 ISIneleenth treet. KOlt SAT-K — One mbinot Majoslic radio; box npr i nits HIH! m» Itrrps; Notnls pure air unit; 1*7 IVhUn I-PKborn Inyinff henw; pa ira of la dips' prewar sk i hoots. hiKh-tnp booffl* fi l v , nu ntnmpjt; housecoat; mat; wool T'dino flkl outfit, aixo Ifi; m:»n\s boots*, hiich-toii boots, wi^c 7 1 & small nizp ovorrnat ; two miltn; two club aluminum kettles. Phono WARD'S HAVE A MODEL K USED HAMMER MILL. IDEAL FOH THE SMALL FARMER. GRIND YOt:R OWN FEED AND SAVE MONEY. COME IN AND SEE THIS. .MONTGOMERY AVARD'S FARM STORE Chester Avenue, Bakersfiolrt Phone 7-7S71 33 VACUUM CLEANERS, irons, toaeters, heatinu pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back icuavnntee. Tluntley Applinnce Service and Repairs. Phone 2-4570. 64 8-TITUE Atwator Kent cabinet, radio. 6 p. m. Sr»31 Pliepter avonne. NOW 13 THE TIME tr> fertilized before the ruins be«in: 100 per cent pure dairy fertilixer, mnchanicnlly pulverized, $6 per load delivered. Phone Kusk*« ry ,24 n^7 or ^-it:t5t. 6 4 Typewriter*, Office Supplies WILL PAY CASH for typewriter*, adding machine*, check writers and cash reKla- ters Lynch Typewriter Company, 1660 6-29- tf AV*>nue. Fruits and V*g«tabl«s For Exchange—M8»c_<Hanjjqu» Wir.t* TRADE clear 19.1S Dodgs s^dan for later Dodge sedan. Legal Notices ectric Feice Free Fire Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near geat. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:3U p. in. Saturday, S a. m. to 32 noon. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX SS3 FOR LESS AT WARD'S Battery type built-in tester. Safe, sure shock, $1!4.50. MONTGOMERY WARD'S FARM STORE 252C Chester Avenue, Bukersfield O 1 Oil SPARK PLUG TIRK PUMPS. LindtT Hardware Company, Tulart 1 . Phone 71!. meeting my f-lpnde on the Btreet since I "an hear with VACOL1TK. Clement Hem bey, 2735 Center. Phone 2-0571. 8-29-tf swald 9 Hot Watp- Hpateri Laundry Trays Fruit -Jar Platfirm Scales Show Ca*c» Stools Ice Cream Maker Beverage Conlpr AVuorien Bowls Pishes Stock Pol. 4 Steam Tables I-t rooms Jlops 110 75c doz. 69c FOR FULL LUG Brins your own containers. The eame kiiid ot pears we had last year. R." 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 8-17-tf Hunthvds of other items. Or-wald'* Restaurant Supply * Tib Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9217 LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover •weepem available only to persona having: old Hoovers to trade In. Libnr I allowance. Oua ran teed factory parts and service. Call Welll's service denni Medium Si/e, Full Luff 6»e FULL LUG Bring Your Own Containers HOUTS & BOX Cut-rate Lumber yard. 220ft Ediann Highway. Hakersfleld. 7-1-1 f For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT, COMPLETE. ALSO POP BOX AND AWNING. WILT, SELL AS COMPLETE VN1T. VERV REASONABLE. PJIONE 2-43 GET YOUR rubber stamps from Hakers- field's only rubber -tamp company. You will be sntlsfied with Its prompt service. Pads, Inks, datprw of all makes. 1808 ye" street. Phone 8-8102. 43 ONE new prewar pndrllp: sadillf?, hrldlc und hhinkets. Pi ico $^00. f. M. trccr. is Pirn Platform rockers, spring construction, large selection, $39.05 and up. Two-piece Jivlngroom sets, lull spring construction. $154.50 and up. Felted cotton mattress and box spring set, $32.50. Slumberest part-wool blankets, formerly $7.95, now $5.95. Buy your blanket supply now. Feather pillows, $3.50 a pair. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 Chester avenue, JUKI one block south of the IJ5 HIGHEST PRICES PAIL) for furniture. household articles, npplinnce*. Innta, etc. Prompt, cnurtenua service. Vtctnry Fur- nlturt, m Union avtnue. Phnnt 3-1006. FOU SALE— One set of eolf clubs nnd bag, 15 prewar bulls, some new, never LADY'S 17-jewol \Valthani walch. quire 1918 Sixteenth street. Jn- 32 LADY'S all-wool sport Jacket, size 14-lfi. I*hone 2-68115. FOR SALE— SIer-1 neptlc tank forms. Good cnncrele wheelbarrow, rubber tirns. and small trnller. wilboul tires. 420 Terrace FOK SALE — Hntplnte. wood condition; one porcelain sink. lX.\:iti; two calvanlxed hoods. Jiul F sucei. between 1 and 4 TIRK RECAPPING ONE-DAY SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 1019 Baker street, East Bakersfield 8-30-tC LARGE No. 1 PEACHES PER LUG 171* K STREET PHONE 6-606J 2-29-tf 12fi NORTH CHESTER Just Across the Bridge, the Fourth Building 35 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE TN THK SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEV- KRAGhlS.— Ausuat 29, 1944. To Whom It May Concern; Notice is hereby siven that fifteen days after the date posted, the umlersiRnet! proposes^ to sell alcoholic bev- erauea ut these premises, described aa follows: Doing business ua River Cafe. 103 Nortli Ch"stpr avenue. Riverview, Kern County. I'ursuant to such intention, the umlersipnod la applying to the State Board of Equalization for issuance of an alcoholic beveraxe licence (or licenses) for these premise aa follows: On Sale Beer. Any- otie desiring' to protest the Issuance of such licuiiHeCs) may file a verified protest with the State Hoard of Equalization at Sacra- monto, California, statins ground* for denial RS prnvidprt by law. The premises are now lircnsed fnr Ihe pale of alcoholic beverages. Charles &t. Thomas, ,1;K'ksnn Lee. Sept. G. NOTICE OH* INTKNTTON TO ENGAGE THK SALK OK ALCOHOLIC BEV- ViRAGKS.—Sffpiembor S. 1944. To Whom It May Concern: Notice in hereby given that flftuon days after the date posted. undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic 31-nKea at these premises, described as follows: Doing business at The Kool Spot. 130 Kentucky Street. Bakersfield- Kern County. Pursuant lo such intention, th* uiidfir#«iKneiI is applying lo the State Board of Kquallzation for issuance of an alcoholic licvernpo license (or licenses) for these premises as follows: On Sale Beer. Anyone deMirintf to protest the issuance of such licensed) may filed a verified protest with Siato FJoarr! of Kquullzatlon at Sacramento, California, stating grounds for de- ninl HS provided hy law. The premis«« are now licnnsed for the pal? of alcoholic hev*>ra*ee. Virginia Hood. Lulu Messenger. Sept.. t>. XOTfCE OF INTKNTION TO ENGAGE IN THK SALK Of ALCOHOLIC BEV- KUAUES.—September 5. 1944. To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that, fifteen days afttr the date posted, the underpinned propose* to sell alcoholic bevoruKes nt these premises, described as follows: Thfi Bearon, west stele Union avenue. 5 miles south of Bakersfield. Pursuant to such intention, the undersigned is applying to the State Board of Equalization for issuance of «n alcoholic beveraic* license (or licenses) for these premises aa follows: On Sale Beer and Wine. On Sal* Distilled Spirits. Anyone desiring to pm- lest the Issuance of such licensees) may fil« a vnrlfhMl protest with the State Board of Kqualization at Sacramento, California. Matins Kroumlft for denial as provided by law. The premises are not now licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages. • Sept. 6. STEVE P. ACTIS. No. 1 L1HBV PKACHES FOR SALE. NORTH CHESTER. JUST ACROSS ON EAH/r SIDE or STRKBT. sa Bud and Pete Klnssen. 3-1546 Phont 8-176J or 46 GKAY fox coal. JliU, v-?ry teasdnahle, coat in Rood (-oiMiit it.n. I'hono I'-IL'IM. 32 FREE FREIC FREJE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHll'S Load It Yourself BAKKRSFIKLD BOX COMPANY Highway 99 8 Miles South of Town !t-:,-if USED FURNITURK wanted. We call any pl»c« 1n city and Rive free estimaie*. Brown'* Furniture, formerly Roy White —E^L 1 J. l - t .l J _ r -*-.... Ph"nff 7-7021. Ji^J 2-U , „... .„ „_ FOR SALE— gasoline etove. Cnn i Kt , tl V SALK--Kour-.v:ird duinr body nnd ''j KHHI ^iiiuleenlh Hired, ur CH M FOlt SALIC—One CJ. K. eh-clric hair diyer, $1.1; five doxt-n .liO.Uli riflu shells. lOl^'ii Thirly-fim. Phone H-li;iy^. 33 be easily converted lo can. new. Sell for 137.50. And fiO-lb. box, clean inside nd r.ut, (12.50: a Undi- j TWO 100 ant heater, $10; day bed wilh roil e urines, nice for yiu d or spai u room. (IS.&O. "fifift Mon u ill U U *** 1 *-* *-* «.> THK OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- , .,, . . t . TION has set dollart-and-cenn ceiling ' 3fou " llck them, prices nn ua*d rvfrlgtratora. washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters, bed •princs, cameras *nd pbotngraphlc equipment. These mnxmlum prices apply In every •eller. oven tn an Individual neHlnn hl» neroonnl hnu«t«hold effect n. For information concerning these and nil other c« ill rift prtc^e. cn!l the Bakersfield War Prlc« and Rationing Hoard. Phon* 9-9419 B-13-(f loi Very beat quality. 60c per lug: bring your own containers. North < Ibestei avenue, through OlldaJe. tank farm. 32 o cent wool /IPP«T $20 ouch. Phone L'-Ofi7». FOR SALK— 1>nir of end tables, dark wood: Monterey end table, with lamp; tile cnffe« table, loner mirror. «olf hajj and clubH, three jersey dresses, like new. size lli; thoe.s, size 71-. Cull KKCOVKHI'JD ntuilin r-otn-h. J2.1- bardwood l>lay pen. $u; twin baby biiKiry, Slit; '-( -horH« shallow well pj PS.SKI o pump. New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Keen county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-148S 39 BKLL and White Henth n. Si. 50 i>er \\is~ Urinw coniain- Rral Una*! nnd Cook avcnut", the M 1 jacc. S2 HKI1IO IH your rhancc lo u«*t Bartlvtt «n*i oraiiK^ rhnic poaches, R**meiubtT tliia IH the la^t chance fur lu'nchofl. This Is t lie plnctt for bargains. Ice cold waltM nM'lons. Kit Fruit Stand, on <ln lu Hihwn. in Kruiivaic, CANNINO PKARS AND PKACHKS Mniintain-Krnwn T^liarhapl pt-ara, «uod Him. |1. 49 iK»r lup. \Ve also have some rKf* rhoic** packet! oran^f* clinsf peai'he«* 1 .4!* p**r IIIK. Mnnney'n 1 Market Spot, and VMIOM. IMiunu 3-09C1. FOR SALE — Tilthack couch nnd rnalchiiiK platform rocker and hassock, also maple table and two ch ii s, good condition. 33 TUBE. UH.JI, niovsa. mtecel- laneous nrtlclea of ill kinda We will buy anything. Call 4-4B£8. Authorized Mayta* aervlce nna paitu Furniture Bob Mnrley's New ind Uaert Storo 18(.n Q 4fi OXR Inrgo heater. 2T>nO U. T. U.; mie Slmmonn bed nnd extra heavy nprint;^ nnd maltresH. Call K 8419. 1704 Pacific Full PLANTS CUT FI,OVVKHS Catiliflowor, broccoli, cabbage, U't- tuc-p, cclory, otlmr vuKi.'Uible plants. Cheap per do/on. Special prico per thousand. Funeral dc- siKiis, {'lowers for nil occasions. Wholesale price. Houso potted plants. Table grapes lOc a pound. Open Sundays. 715 J, --4748. "Invasion ot Euioije" and *'Rom« Csp- lurod by Allies' an-j other ne\veteel«; 8-mni and 16mm. scenic adventure* and sports pictures, New cartoona. Little King Donald Duck, Mickey Mnnac, etc. Edvvnril * Camera Ex^hnna*- 1C09 Nineteenth 9-lH-tf ovtrhrmlnd ma chines rebuilt. <?ooler BO r vice. \\*e also rnovff rcfriKeratorti 32S \V«shinB- oii'' 2-787N HA VK UNION'S — VHInvv. Spanish and while wii.v, J l |)or lit«. Tlrtrur own ron- T;ittiM •-.*. ANt* lt;i\'c i>"-l\Iin(,' onioii.*. N'oI'll]\vfst corner of A Ih p n Road ond • M iKhw.i v. ;;,•; Poultry and Livestock FOR SAI.E—Cond Jci^oy c<.w. 14 bales nf altnlfii hay. phone .1-4163. "I'm .your ot\r nel^hhnr—could I borrow a cup of sucar?" OBITUARY NOTICES OIA/. UKDROUM FURNISHINGS hunk hedfi; 7-piece nniple 6x9 rue, kitchen table, street. 725 K set. Klghih ! 33 FOU HAI^K — (Jvnei-Hl Klectric in.n, electric alarm cloi-k. circulatiiiK li-'iH heater, lady's clothing, N(Z*>H J> to IH, 1 :i drofHcn. 2 suits. 1 wooi drcRH coat. Will Hfll nil for $1J(. Dinette not with n-d FOR SALK—1937 ILnlernationnl truck. Off Nilns on SterliiiK, «outh to Fillmore. third house on south side street, (JIKXX8760). FOU SALE—lOSo OklHmoliile 4-dnor (yA!1773); al*»o 73 Chevrolet (49UC Kau.). .101 Jeffrey. LINCOLN BPdnn (1C789). (food me- rhanlcal condition nnd good tires. Could be converlod into light truck or suitable a.s in for towlnjr cotton trailers or othpr farm work. Very reasonably priced. Bakei-Rfield Carafe. Twentieth and H FOH SALK—A It-met nl ico box. prewnr construction. lit.",. Call 2-04411, H4 FOn SA'LE—Prewar'baby bod," with* nir.t- ! FOU SALI5-Two all-motal elrotiic brnr.d- tnw*. Wanted. reiisonnble. j.rt-war *™ in . ^rfprt nmd lion $4a iiiul $JO. '••-- wirt! tt j f(l uunnlH fttul \\-jitfi- {•!•(>< k«. iiiodiimii. 1'huno l'-li:itil or 3-L'3KT; ItHLLTIIISTAN Oriental throw run; ihn-i- _ M«k for John. _ .'!,'{ panol oak screen; electric Handwich Brill; • ,«',., T vTi^i>x-\'i«77.N'7i /'. i " i . Kvei-hot elitctrlc mok<M-; haml-palntetl J ^;, /^ U ^ r . . ' ,' ." V iyv lmlt ' r china; table linen; K lant cut K >R» vuBe: ""i 1 ,.; - ,?' C ?.?J l {?^ t " 1 ''. '. ''", VHm ' P ; small hand-carved piaiire anil goiionil ",°' ?^' l {?\<?"*' Dt<1:in " : -' " Ille8 W( ' Hl rumnmee, Including rlotliing. 1815 Miller ' — -"-— I -" M '"-- 1 -- • • un street. Phone .1-2749. BKAN (MJTTKIt atturhment for l r uctom. .lmii]' i (iifitn delivery. l'irmivvaie ('tnnimiiy, Tnlarn. FOR 1935 FORD de luxe coupe. Good tirea, 34 GOING INTO ARMY, must sell 1941 Dodge •ediin. in sood runninK condition: good duty, old model Fa^eol truck. BUttoble *'*r monntlnj; well rig or other heavy equipment. $350. AVes Waldon. nion. 3 . 1938 MODKT. D. 8. Sii International dump truck, without tires, rims and motor ac- ep, only $tiDO. Wen Watdon, 223 Union. s 3 RKO D. L. 3505, 3-axle heavy-duty truck. brakea on all wheels, long wheelba«e. 11260. Wea Waldon. 222 South Union. ____ 33 CHEVKOLBTr, 1942 (CQ8S 0*) ftubu rba n carryall In good condition, Will trar.U for 1941 or 1942 pickup and cash. Wen Waldon, K22 South Union. 33 PRKWAH bed divan for Mile. '2 r, 10 K 34 ONK studio t'Oiifh. one platform rocker, j (Ji LADIES' wriMt watch. $G; wool coot, MI/.I- 36, t.-hfap; girls' wool beitff coal, si/o 14; vvool wkir' lniH outgrown; boys' shoes, 2:.-- pair, in good mndltiori. fit any boy 102fi K. Ft rent. I-IK DAVJS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHKSTEll A VKXUK 4H M A N< il-K. laundry lype. opei fUf.i \viih el«n ti-K? filmc. h'-atH With uat*. $7&. Mrs. Piuil Lindlpy. Jdcul C;ihln.s. 1'hnn" •ISM. .McK;irlfind. _ __ __ ,'M I- 'OK SA f,]-; — Kive-yn r«l wooti tin nip bod v, Imlst uml pnwor inkooff. in Kuutt con- ditinn. 3jO;i Jewett Lime. Phone 7-7SL'« FOR fiALK or will trade Inte model CriRerutor for Uifht car. Will pay dit- I'erencc. 2^2."}_Qu 1 ncy. __;t.'i A1ONTEUEY livina room set, 4 Alexander Smith ruff and pad. 4 casement wlndowft. 3 fre- x some hardware; 2 double hung windows 4 fp^t x :• feet 1 Inch, complete seta: I metal lavatory, no fittinir. Phone ^-40r t O. 33 Studio Bed. very special J49.95 SS4.95 H print' and Mattresn. hair filled SG3.95 $39. U5 .Spring-ruled Pint form Hooker $69.05 Spring-filled Hed Divan *fi9.S6 Porch and Lawn Lounging Chair }f>.K5 Bpecial grouping Mexican Heed furniture for Sun and Rum pun Room*. "A Small Btor* Bulfflng With Value*" ATZ-SAUTH KURNITURB EIGHTEENTH AND L THONE 2-6377 SMALL PULL TOYS TRAINS, RATTLES, GUNS LAHCJR ASSORTMENT OF TOYS BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE CO. 20J5_C|n5STBR_AyENUE LARGE BLOWER UNIT and T KOU SALK— Klcrtric Hewing niaclnne. $-15. .Sue ut HiH'tHul liouse not'th oi (,*u»a I.oina Drive nn ('otoiiwiicri or phone 7-7 -;" — Kunff;i 1 ; Uiur. •!!', who (Iiot1 3 tit lif-r luuiu:, IIO'.I r.ftnan! slrt't't. will l-rt hi.-lii SiT'icinht'i- 7 at 9:3') a MI. at Our I.jcly ui (.ln.Klulupu Cluiix-li. tin; lU'v- ei »'H<1 Ji-sfph Lo.^ailo uffirintint:, Inter- iMfiit will lio in 1 tit kiTH I.'ii-lil M^iiKu:,!! i'i- 7 n r •- !• in. at tin- Htnisr-n Mi.rfl- i y. Sutvjvtutf MI-M. U\H-A an: her liun- tnicl Dm/. 1'alift st'u-lil; HMHS. / Hakei uliclil; Private l-'irst ilvjuioj-o IMJIT;. VntleU StutpH -\cni,»; (\M|»oial Janit-s Jii.iv: I'nKod Stall's ^\rniy; ilmii;!) I era, MJS.M 1 Ma/. H-iUiTrtfidd ; *,'i a I >iua anil Junior Piaz. K \(,S|» \|,|:, JOSKI'IIINK I.KK wide Hurv,<•»•.« (in- JOHIMthine l-oe int'jiiit il.'i Muht'-r ol' .Sir. nnd Mrs. Kt-n- n»-t!i Ka«.*rittle, i'. I 7 LJakt-i HI i t-t.'t. •il Si-'ptembtM 1 5 at :i ]nral hcni'i re hold September t> at 1 i>. in. Cn n m f 'fin o torv. Flt'siilea ht>r im ivnt.s, .nfant 1.** survived by gramlimi ynLs. Mr. n nd Mrs. A. f..r i STAni.KK. WILLIAM Stadl^r. t . . Funrra! «, who 4 at tho IPHVHD o£ D. \\ 'hniuu^, will I** n. m. . nt. Chap* L Mrs, Shut* s nl rimy C^nt'?r. tffficiar- ^: \\ .]\ bo Mivs. llu Lli Luster. \\-.\i b*- in I'nion Cemetery* Wll.HKLM, t I. AUK 1>AVJI> Fcrvu " ' i'or C kt'e David Wilholm, 43. n r Lost Hills. to T * 2 p. rn. I v? J. J, Motion. Lo-nic will be in lh^ Sunnysidf* Heach. Kmployp,^ o£ aiiy will b-? pallbeur- ^, riurvivinnc Mr, Willu^ni arr hir* :.JMW. Mrs. Claire Wtlhelm. Oilfield; i lighter, PatriL-in Wilhclm, Oilfield; ML hi •-;=?, Ha Ivh \\'ilholni. L-mff Bc^tch; i hari^s Willu'hn. (^iklcind; father. Reno \v i ibolin, L-.uiir l^nrh; two misters. Mrs. <-ne Mt^MastiT and Mrn. Huth Clu'lev. h of Toi raiu-p. Robert I*. Jon^s Mortuary nf "Wa.s^u had charge ot i .• i C<>Mri,KTK thillinMr I-JK. dn>lh -*SOO feet. no flruwworka with I'-lOO Intel nutuunil dor; 1 *»'Vi iitr'li x 14-inch O \V. inunp with IntfM nntmniil motur; ^7^10 ft? t 't nf 4 ' j -inch d i ill pipe : 1 4-tnt-h Kt-lly wii h liUHhim;s; ! H».-r 4-inch tonsn: 1 .Pohenv f-'lon*- «wive I: I I*. T. li;it rrowti. Tulul i»t ire $11.000. :M UNION CEMETERY rnish electric motor. 20-horBenowcr eleci rlc . motor, ^i-hm-Kepower pump, wilh rnoinr. ! I-'OH 3A1.K -New coat. I'hone 2-131S. :j.'i FOR SALK—Four-way drusr blta. vnnnus fdRen. sharp. 1^3ti Thirty-third Phono 2-6178. KI-IIX mxture, B two di'ctHH^M, fine uoitdilioii, eiwH wnd 42 ; hiuid-i>iet.ed uuilt top. Phone COXT AUK COLIA8. palma, ferns. beBontus. culelllup, Kardenias, Bhruha, ferttllxers, Heeds. J,n \viiH renovuied. Fowler's Nuraery, 1316 Third street. Phona 8-0888. 35 WASHING MACHINE* repaired, quick Mi-vlo*. Mnnltfomerv Ward Apex and nil ma^en repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co.. 9:3 Baker, pfaona 2-9278. 8-28-tf TWO ful;-siRo beds with mnerftpring rnat- treHBes uiri Burnife's; ntudh> couch; mun'M bathrobe: lady's sluclts. nlze 16; child's vtolin. ____ 2131 Verde. _ Phone 2-8D34. 34 THR12K DDKS and one buck for sale, a!»o manufactured fan-t>pe cooler. 2-720 0 . ow OHice PRICES round TAVI<OK-TOT play pen. bnby' a jumper ir, size 1 girl's wool coat. Fhon*» Monumental Cemetery rance Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Sfrvke at Moderate Cost Phon« 7-7S81 Chester Avcnu« at Thirteenth J. C. FHckiwr Praik Differ AMBl^LANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT

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