Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 3
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••s-'rp'.-"-' 7.! •'' li^«ke an elegant Christmas p Oar stock was neytfstf complete. We also carry the fioest line of all stj'le beds, both ia Vernis Martin and White, In the city. The bed? are made withoat chills or fancy ornaments. The weight jait one-half old style iron beds. Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK GHOBAI. CLUB COKCUT WAS A FIVE SUCCESS. ' ' THE CHURCH WAS CROWDED RbSES JHE BIGGEST EVER.^ SACK SUXBER ON PBOeSAM WAS A CBEDIT TO PABTICIPAinS. G MBC U XeeUag A«jMrM« t« 5at StimrUr :r%ht-3r. A4am 2r«ir B J. P.—PenoaaU. NEWS OF LA HARPE TBIAL OF R. HEXDERSOX TS lOI.A TOJTOBROW. EXPECTS TO PROVE INNOENGE 1)EFE>DA>T SAYS HE FOUND ROBE 0> THE STREET. irright Glore Factory Starts Off YVell in Joplin—Harry Wilson Mar Loratr Here—Personals. Gipre Factory in Operation. The La Harpe Glove Factory Is again in operation after a sliutdown of about two weeks awaiting tiie ar- rl\-al of material. The-Henderxon Trial. The trial of H. Henderson. cbarRed with the theft of a laprotie from D. Rose. Is set for tomorrow In the ooiirl of .iuBtIre E. (;. Hough In Inla. Mr. Hendertion denies the theft of the robe claimlns that ho found It In the street and thai he was pri>i>arinR ii "found notice" to he Inserted In the newspapers when Ills arrest was made. talce of a feast that will be served at the Vandegrlft home. Barl Vandegrlft of Bartlesvillo and E. O. Vandegrlft. 6t Hobart, Olcla.. arrived last nigfat to be present at the festivities in honor of the occasion. To Open Barlinr Shop. Harry Wilson, of Grenada, Iowa, is in Lia Harpe loolcing for a location for a barber shop. He was formerly a resident of this city and operated" a barber shop. W.l'.T. Meet The \V. c: T. U. will hold its regular meeting this afternoon in the Methodist. church. An Interesting program is to be observed. 08TE0PATUT— DB. W .H. ALBHnmT. Reglatercd Osteopathic Phy8in«a. Bute Banic Dldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopatli In La Harps. Doing a tiond Bnsiness. Reports from the glove factory of C. H. W/right in Joplin. Mo., are gratl-' fyiog to Mr. Wright's La Harpe friends. The Wright factory Is doing a good business and seem^on the way to great financial success. ' Celebrate Golden Wedding. Mr., and"Mrs. "Alfred Vanderglft will celebrate their golden wedding annl- vereal^- today. A large number of relatives are expected today to (tar- The Lord Loveth a Gheerfal Giver and you'll be much more cheerful If you buy your CHRISTMAS PRES- KNTS of WATERS & DANPOBTH. There's a world of good cheer in their store because these men got in the maricet w-hen the manufacturers wanted money. WATERS &.DANFX)RTH'8 CASH made possible your personal selections from a WIDE VARIETY of HOLIDAY GOODS at a CLOSE RANGE OF PRICES. Make our store your store. Come in and enjoy a' look at the season's novelties. Entertained in Cbanntr. The members of the Ancient and .Modern Embroidery club were entertained .yesterday at the home of Mrs. C!r«nt Rldgeway In Chanute. Mrs. Rldgcwnv WHS fonnerly a member of the cliih and a resident of La Ifarpe. Hold Election of Offlrpn. . The .MnifDna will meet tomorrow nlnhl. The annual election of officers will be held. Personaln. ,MI K« A V I K Mnllenknpf spent yestor- rlay visiting in tola. Consfahle W. J. Ihrlg. of lola. was In I.-i Hnrpe on legal business Tuesday evening. Miss Edith Frost, of lola. was a of La Harpe friends Tuesday. The Ladles' Aid society of the Methodist church will hold a meeting tomorrow afternoon In the church. The Cntfti Was Fhie. The concert shren by ihe Gas City Choral club ordiestnk assisted by lodal singers, as the third number, of thej Gas City lecture course propam, u a flne sncoeai. The Chtfstlan eharcli WM crowded with people and the frequent and hearty manifestations of approval from the audience showed that every number on the program was appreoiated. After an opening overture by the orchestra, the Cboral club sanff a chorus, "Oome, O, Gome." A quartette. "In Silent Mead" was sung by Messrs. L«eper, Swan. Hunter and EpUng. A piano duet by Miss ptorris and Mr. Prevert followed. Howard W«1eh sang a bass solo, "Asleep in the Deep." At tMs point in the program the orchestra rendered another aeieotlon, after which the choral club .aaag a chorus, "The Miller's Wooing." A vocal duet by Misses Goes and p>maD was the next numr l>er. The quartette sang a medley of popular songa following the duet, after which the Choral club orchestra played a selectton. Vocal EO'OS by Edwin Hunter' and BOss Lieurance followed. After another i orchestral selection the Choral club sang a chorus, "Goodnlgbt." and .t^e program was completed. The concert was, so far, the most successful number in the entire lecture course program and those who participated are given much credit for their good work. PILES CUBED nr « TO 14 DATS. PAZO OINTMBNT Is guaranteed to cure any case of itching, blind, bleed ing or protruding piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. Paris Has t^r Hats In Stori For Ameriea.- NseicUssr Smart' New York Warn AlW Wsarittg This Wint^^ireetelra Qewn Has B«en National Costume of Burma For CSflturiM. Paris milliners say that Aroerlcao women Imve never seen the really large bat Well, if we- haven't had an opportunity of observing the genuine article the Imitations vouchsafed us this season have done mncb toward making the amende honorable. The modistes of gay Paree donbtiess are inerely, waitiag fOr a'shlp to be built A TKZiVn WAXiKIKO HAT. large enough' to accommodate their To Secsrr New Pastor. An effort Is being made by the mem bers of the Christian church to secure , cargo. Then picture to yourself the Rev. O. Hunsaker, of Yates Center, as . - -. . . pastor. Rev. Hunsaker has not yet announced his decision. .Vay Purchase Farm. Charles Ward, a furnace foreman at the Prime Western Smelter, is visiting in Yates Center. Mr. Wlar4 may purchase a farm near thai city. A Ifew Jsstlce. N. Adams; has filed his bond with the county oommissionera and Is now a full fledged J. P. Ills Melher IIL Because of the Illness of bis mother In La Harpe, Bert Gwinn, an employe of the Prime Western. Is laying off; To Build a Hoa*<\i A. Trabue has gone lb Longton. Kas.. where he will have charge ofi-,,,. t .u^^, the construction of^a new house for 0. •'^"^ U. Foster, formerly of this city. Stuifrt at Cherryvale. R. I.t Clapp and son. Master Stuart of lola. weria visitors in the city to­ day.—Ch?rry vale Republican. as higli ai you can llMR*t M ' danger—as law at you jpfcaw , •—there's no smelL That's because the smokdew devioe . premti iimAc or •uell—• dut meam a iteadjr flow of healfor awjrMBOB j Yea can eany k about and we for i[«Hl «• nAr^rn'm Brai* oarant holdi 4 quartiburuBf9houn. Handioady io- •hediDiapMandBtckeL Evoy heater wananted. winter evedntk Steady* b(«Mity>ttoiead.iawocbkby.' Made<^ hma. mdgd plated, latest iovrove^ central draft hmgi- ISHbv lamp wMaoted. Ifysurdealer can. "41: Thefar S OB UU The elevenoyear-bld son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Lenhart, of South Oas, is ro- jjorted quite III. 4'oancll Xeethig AbaadoBed. A meeting of the city council scheduled for last night, was abandoned, a quorum not being present Anyway, it was concert night' for the Gas City Choral club and of course the aider- men had to there. The meeting of the fathers of the municipality was adjourned to next Saturday night. Penienals. Mrs. J. Rayie, of Lawrence, Is the gueet of bier parents, Mr. and Mra. L. Moomey. J. N. Strawder, of Neosho Falls, was a Gas visitor Tuesday. Mrs. Rora Davis is in Carthage, Mo., visiting relatives and friends. Harvey Young, of Queen City, Mo., is \iBiting relatives lit Gas City. scene when the cnstcna officers first sight them. "Madam. Is this a new airship?" Curtain. Seriously, though, the other "day I \vanted to bail a Fifth avenue bus, but stmply couldn't make -tlie driver see de on account of a barricade .of bati that madr^be crosnliiglo^ like a particularly line patch' bf extra large mnshrooms. Every woman in that crowd seemed to have affected as her piece of headgear one of the huge new- mushroom shapes swathed in folds of silk, velvet or tulle held in place with a buckle about the slae of an old fashioned door knocker. Now. you'll be proposing me as a member Ttf the Knocken' club, but really tbe big hats of tbe ysar are the limit Their only saving grace is flatness. And the roses that trim some of these chspeanx! Whr. the manufactnrera of the present arttflciai rose, with its unheard of dimensions, have the former miscreants—to be very slangy—stqng to death. There is a stunning hat called the Marie Ix>uise, an enormous, round, floppy affair that depends upon one of these roses, with follOKe of nn unnatural pink color, as its only adornment. It Is a case of Where's the face when a woman dons one of these hats. And ber'hahr? Yes, it's all there, bolstered FOOTPBIXTS 70 F^ET DOWN. Were Made Anywhere fnm S»jm to lOMW Tears Age. Toronto, Ont, Dec. IS.—Wbrlnnen emp'«yed on the waterworks toboel nnder Toronto bay; have found hoiDaai footprints in tbe Vlw clay, seventy feet below tbe water level. The find was la Interglaclal clay deposited from 60,000 to 100.00^ yeaff ago, and la ioonsldered the moat Important geological discovery relating to that period made In America. City iBspector W. H. Cross said: ^fl looked like a trail .There were ortr. a bundrMt foot priota. 'frbn lam printa to tha', print of a eUld's fodt. three and a half iadMa hmt. Alt wore toed In. You 'ooaM not aee the Mlow between the ball aad heel In many ot.then, and they ware alt nnula with moecBatnad feet All pointed north exoapt where aona tumqd off to the slde.'^ if':' •• wS have; Uforp attmapM^t^lip ~a^^, •on ataok. alore 4^^^ oc'sooite and~ a mt«Maf1^ fflMaM to ^ite ywi ..a |id to pWMe yotf; and ypa win see the^aiil|q|.o( ChrlpM irade: and tram tlM stodi of sndt goods as are enuiiierated below i ^ll^ in Wdenaaad. J^puf- Windows' Men's Neckwear ;.<M ap <• «LN Meii'a auspaaders tSe ap t» flM Mea'a Stik Hahdk'b Sfe ip (• Il.t8 Men's Mufflera.....Me ap te-HM MeB'pOoilar'BacB $iM arto SMt M OB'S Dress Gloves Mr apta iui Men's Travenag Bags 4u» taHV Men's Fancy Hose SSc ap fe 7Se Ken's Dress Mirts Bp ta'StM lien's Nobby KitattM ap (a flit'' Men's F^cy Veata |US WunderfaoSe. 4 pair lii. Iwx.. .flJi"' A large and hiandaoma line, of . B SnokiBf Jackete and Bath Robea. at.popular prices. ' m msM: AM ArttMMOOH NOOIk Mt With "rata" and curia galore, tmt hi ecllpee. The moon has come into FOOTBALL ABAWr TOU BAEEB., •«»J««"«n Venus! Up to date astronomy: , The smartest women fa town arr t. L. Bristow. O M ar ttc Tnateea, ta Caafer Over the G BBM Ballna. Kaa... Dee. }«.—d. U Bris- waartng tbe new neck raffs, admirably described by a friend of .mine aa *% tow left yesterday for Baldwin to at- uttie bit of aoythlng or a mixture of tend a meettag of tha trnstaea of Bak- xha far neckbapda nieaa visiu er ualTersity. An effort will ba.BBada on to the throat apoclalista. Bat by aome of the treataea. to j ^ ca»a for that « tbay hare a da foot baU in tba achoel, that IWhaaa aboHahad thar« jSieaaaaflf " - JUS,. •1^ piece of. Jtar they COHftft iii^; jMM of tiieaa dteaay iMtMimr ^i^.4di thatia pecaasary t*tariiwlIttlij to up; |to>wJ«;tha:wi8t;agpaBalv^^^ the qnestfOB. Then at the'top. and^ If one desires It. at the bottom alao. is placed quilled ribboi^. cbllfon or-net-l matching the iieltr - Tbe , oeckbaa4 books in tbe I>ack under a huge liow of ribbon. Very attnctive. too. are the dollars of black cUffon edgedfat the top with a line of ostrich festtaw iiand- •ng. , : One could keep on writing eadlesdy about the neckwear, but I rqally tell yon about a collar of ermine by a clever girl who has more IwaUa than money. This young lady'bad. ap ermine mntt that had survived ber Infantile days in a good state .of preseiv vatlon. This pelt she determined {o make into one of tlie new aedibands. W^ith this end in: view, aba cot a papet pattern of a collar, whOae shape, waa similar to that of ths old storm affair that stood np high and close In the back and sloped down in front This modern collar, though, crossed In front in tiny laps like the velvet ribbon one wean at one's neck. . The pattern was laid on the skin side of,the ormino and cut with a sharp nxpiv allowing for a slight turning In. Edging the collar all around was an Inch wide quilling of black saUn ribbon, and at tiri top, extending a little bS' yond the black, peeped a kilting of gold tissue and above this a gulllin^ of creamy lace. The effect was charas- ing and I'^rcnch to a degree, and all for tbe price of the trimming and a little white satin nsedi for the lining. Doesn't thto Idea suggest possibllitlfs of other neckbands to you) . ' I reckon It wouldn't be up to date for a fashioa scribe .not to.mentkm something ."in tbe directoire style." But who said the directoire gown was newr> It's about three cfttatnries old.- and these figures ara conservative. It recently came to Ugbt that Parialenaaa t>orrowed tbe sheath gown idea from Burma, where it. has been the natlotud cOstiitme for centuries. One bears, too, that]In the orient, ss ia,America. th« sheath aklrt. opening *t tha sMa, Is losing favoc and the dooad Jnpa 4a coming -into popularity. Ia- .fact*;tha directoire gown Is being l>ranght dowa to the simplicity ef tbe tailored froek. At a matinee laat Saturday a yooog society matron was weariag; with h^T mative creps de chine gown a^dliae- toira coat of Uack aattai lined with violet ottoman silk. Ths coat inw cut npi at tlie stdea, aad one eaagtt faadnatlog ^mpaea of tbe. cdorad Bih log. the same shade of naova waa repaatM ih the feathara of the laria btaefcsUfchat Thia rwatfttoa of eola^ IB e«at Ualag aaidhat Is «M O C the new Ideas of the siaaea. • . ' AliTTABNim. Nawterk. m Thia- is Reaaon: SherMan Yeatfsar Resists ApplieatieH to Hava OHard- Ian Appalntad far Him. !^ following ooi the re«aeat hia motb- armade shortly before.h^r death, al- thdogh not noBly convincM that It la for %U best interest. Sheridan Tea- gei^, a well known yoni^ lola man whb'BUfliBn from epllepay, i* restating Mn probata^ court totMqr an appll- cat)6n tor the appohitaaeat of a gBBfdlaa.for hla. '^ttui parents isCyoaagTeagear were reaiieBtB of lola for many'yeara. The otifb lola eltixeaa remember hiaiSprteg- Tarkeya. g-lb father aa a amehaat hare:'..-HlanoUk' Old Baa .TBrkays litUe - - The lirtlowInS' local market report fa: j'fnrnlshed by Gard ft JTaggart Prbdoica: company.and tsiil bo kept rimailng-br' The RegiBtar' every day. The. prfcea' quoted are the prieea which they wiri pay for pbaltry, agga aad butter de^ liveredhere:- Xilii^ wrrcnt feeeipts per case...2«c^ lOtd Hana. fat \ 7e- Old cox 8c Spring Chickens Spring Docks Be THE DIAMOND RmO COtrTESf; Miss Bovwra in tl»e iMd'With Miaa The oouBt of thai Totaa today ahow* ed a decided chiwfatMMi Aha tet count Mtaa Oavfa, waa leadlBf thea ia alightly Mlad'.MjiW son who la aaooad. It la'lupaaBlMi. howarar, to toil nodi'abeot'tkp ttfti- tst aa thara ara ip.tha MlgKhffriif^ of 4.000 Totea aoattatadaroaad't^wp. There are alao aona aawpatrtaa wd the raoe promlaes to lataraatJRf from BOW oB. . ' Clandla Bowara Ona ThompaoB . DraaU> Davia ... LIssle StoUer .. Oaw Withers ... Anoa ^fa .... CurUa iittla Bptora .. Toaaff ... Cm »,:* , . . '. . • er died I B Asgnat.' leavtag-a^ property for her'aon. -.Ftiaada,'fear­ ing that the yonag man adght laae the property thronglt mtamanagement or through nniaerairaloaa peraooa with whom he might deal, are aaklag that the conrt appoint aoneone to look afi ter the propatty. The yeaag man is wail aware of the fact that be to aab- Jeet to epileptte fita and doaa net offer any apeeial obJeetioB to the appoint, ment of a gouiilaa 'except that bis mother told him he did not need one and should realst the appointment of one. Of late young Yeagear has abown symptoms of melancholia. Hla love for hta mother waa-very deep. She waa hla ooafMeot, hla advisor and por. soaai friead. He felt her death very kaaaly, hia'tltenda. batag. uaabla to ebnaole htm In hla grtafv Not only to thoeb who knewhlm and knew hta mother, doea be talk'of her bat even to straagera he bringa up the subject Thta was brought out in. the trial today. "Is It a fact." aakad Attorney S. A. Card, who ia ; repreaentlng Mr. Teagear. of Hon. J. T. Tredway^ who haa been a frieod of theTeaaaar fam. ilr for yeara. "thabiShwridan's love for bto motber was'.verr mkrkedr* The mentton of '^other^ brooght tesra to yte eyes of the youiig man aad'hta fnuae ahook. "It was very leader and affectionate." answered the wltneea. Wltneaa- ea went OB tbe sUnd and teatided that they did not brieve Mr. Teagear should be without, a gaardian. ' They thought It was for hto-^beat interests. Bhridenee. howeven waa latrodaeed to show that the yoang nan waa careful in . any pnrchaaes he made, always considering the coat of an article before oeeentlng it The-evidence Introduced this aftor- nooa ahow that a- gaardtan ahoold' be -appointed for Mr. Teakear. At: press hoan testlnoay was stlA be- tog taken. OM Ton Turkeya To fold Docks , Be Batter. lesa than S per ceat salt.. .8So P^ieea Qialed bir ^ * Fredac* Campny. We Sell IK An ladaalslal : The BarMagta» RapnUtaaH thta waeh iaauan •::ftfty^ght paaa ladoa- trlal adittaft tellloK o( tba opcMdal- tlea and growth of the towo^ The edition contains the pletaraw and ^write- aps" of all of tbe promiaeat, eittaeaa there, several of whom are 'wrti kacnrn here. Ulaat Oralt Skin. vr. H. Baker, an employe at tbe Ash Grove cement ^aat« sustained a palnr fal Injaigr yeatorday menldgr vhlcfe wlB require ihe. nnaaaat opantlmi grafting aUn before the-i|ipn wiff , heal. Eiakar waa wdrking atouBd^^i^ big eoBveyor bett; and In-^ some - waiye; beteme entangled, the skto^ being tor*^ eft: the eatize-.lMck of his hai^ large patchea graand «ff bto; foreMv,' and. seteral deep eato teHIetad ahbat the-., wriat The injury ia one which the. aaigeoaa will be able to jiateh up. all , right byvresortias to skin graftliigil ani: eperatien anasaal la Chaante. "Where tlw skin: wfll .«ome ^from> baa not yet. been detormhied^ hnt it win pn^babMr' be taken; in - BlBOte pertloBs. ftom some other part of Baker'a body^-r Chaante Sun. ; , Realr-Catota Transfers. K U-Wjud HBd:8arah & Ward to J. -H. Itonderson.- tot No. U bloat 4. to BaBaelF^ aibtdlvlMaB in-^northwest eB»fovth'CCrMrth«Miiniie-fointh. 3884-18.; GoapliBraMen , J. H. Hsaidei»Bac4WdiJean D. Hen^ derson tsHP^B'Shamaes^Iot IS. blqdk 4. iB aorthweat onedanrth of north- waat Asadaarth. 36-X4-1&. Cbaaldarar Itott 11168, • • 4 • «-•-•> e • Is a Bacaaaity. not a lonry.' It ta not an aspaaaa bat aa to: yealaaat It to aflawthiag yoa ^•ast hava hat'^aoaMhlas yoa Mtast haearafol of. aalt.ta vary., 'laipoilaai that; thp right eoa^ paoiaa dni: aalaetwi. I repreaaai ittiai -lasiwu[^'V«^pait«a of tfe# CtoaaVto^^aeaL... . .The YenhKlMan'iS gymnsslnm class tlds,eraiatar in the T. M. C. A. '^•y^ri^ti' Miii'-^ "ME 5!nan yoia cap buy a i ^MU^ thdiaaMT •bneyr I batrag] fiMpp:B^i ^:|M )a-propel 'i.ym toftr%df:«Bf'.a«i«r..tlu^, b|pnw.i|iitoi»rt

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