Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 7
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HftU. Mcimd.tiild Codrtk its In each moatli. • J. commander; R.'B. Pbr- keeper. 1r. 0. W «--CiBip Na lei mMtfl ti K. oC P. Han artrr Flrldar nlshti'V T. SfMla, a a; A.H.Da-H. ClMt fWtorp cortlally faTltot. OF nmiAar-* a«i» 4S mMts anrr Wtafii^ Bl «kt atipE: oc P. Hall, •irittiateo Qato BlItMlvK. of B. aad B. H.:W. l^-tlra M. W. A. Lodv toMtM mnr Friday nl^t la H, W. A taKb VlilttBC tootkera Invltod. W.H Aa«waQ >^/y^p.; W.A.OBwaa, 01;^. MTAX KDOBBOSar-IoIa Caau Na.M(. Ham Naichtera. matta aaa- o^aatlMtttk T^NnAM ot tae BMMkth. Mn: R A.:Wa^er. orwda: nASOITAL BBOmSBHOOn^ Fratanal Briotherhood No. S80 MMala atcffoA and fburtii Tlwrsday of each rnoafh la A .'d .U.W. HaO. VlBttfni maabara cnc^Ualr laTltud. W.H.Am- deraoa, praattant; Qolda EUn. aecra- taiy. Jnlar Ofiw Ukitcfl iMrteaa rfca»ira< fry. Wednaaday er- enlac at 8 o'^ock in R. P. HalL All Tiaidas mctolMra loTited. B. A Wldlck, Goniicalor; Cl B. Black. Bee Saar^tarr. 110 .'tMWEfjKBS, & F. P^^ut. old raUabla Jawalar PBOa WEBCEB9 SUELTBS OPEB. ATED THIg KOBimrCL SPECIAL CHURCH SERVICES RET. JOHN WE8X.EI W|LL PREACH ON CRT AFFAIRS. Biiker Glee Clab WRl Stmg at Xetk' eai8t EpiMopal Chank ToB%kt —PciMaala. Baker Glee CItk Taaltrkt The Baker UalTarritjr Glee club which iileased such a large house at La Harpe last eveDins will sing at the Methodist Episcopal church this evening. The dab la composed of eighteen trained Tolces. The Glee club Is traveling over the state advertising Baker nniverdty. fOLA $TATEBAMK OMPtTAL $t2,B00 1044, KAM9MS. if. W. Bedt, L. K, HorvUIe, J.^ RoUsson, fi. I.. Henderson/J. JB. Campbell, > Geo. E. :(Iicholson, Pni£^ddle. *«IarT to «od In the HNrfcest" "Glory to God in the Higfaesf* will fa« the.snbject of the sermon Rev. D. M. Campbell, paster of the Methodist Episcopal church. This promises to be one of the most Interesting sermons ever delivered in this city. Rev. Camp bell has several new ideas which he will present in introducing bis subject . The North End Chnitih. Divine services in the United Presbyterian chnrch. North Main street, on Sabbath. December 22. at 9:45 and 11 a.m. and 7:30 p. m. Bible school at S:45. At 11 o'clock Instead of the reg ular morning sermon, the congregation will hold a conference in which all will take part. The subject of the conference will be "Church Finances." Gvening service at 7:30. Subject. "The Birth of Christ,'^ All are cordially Invited. REV. V. N. LEEPER. Paatdr. Prime Western Started Today. The Prime Western Smelter number one in this city was operated again this morning. It will be operated the same as usual for at least ten da.v8 and perhaps longer. The smelter has been closed down for several weeks. Of%e and Storage Ware Room at it West litreet Phone ^56 DR. J. F. JAXESOir. Tke Saceetffal Ave- tlMeer, TMeriaarlaa. Parm iaIesor|tVdiKreed stock sale* mode anywhere. V'eter 1 inarjj^. calli •nsWend day or nigl& dBce ^th DouKlass Stoi. Phone 13, .residence Jio ~ IOI,A, KANSAS. "Thfl Meanest Thing In Gas Cltr." Rev. John Wesley, pastor of the Christian church of this city, will use 'The Meanest Thing in Gas City" as the subject of his aerthon ?-inday night. In this Rev. Wesley wir Introduce some things which will u-;ike the city up. There .promises to bi> a large crowd present. Fenonali. Ralph Crowell returned yesterday from Nevada, Mo., where he has been visiting. nr*''W Frank Wright, of Bronson, Kas.. was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tsaa6 Carl of this city yesterday. He was enroute to his home from Emporia, Kas., where he has been attending school. The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan jQilmore is suffering from a severe attack of membraneous cronp. A MEASURE OF MERIT. For Chrisfmas Shoppers The Old Corner Hoolcstore of- Kar some; unusual Inducemente. Ixxdc hece: r Closing Out entire line of hand palpted china. Closing out balance of picture line, all fancy dlvaslns.cases. Somebody will pet these bargains. We are not Mosing out Books, Bibles or Statlotver^. We bought for cash M we can and will sell these as diaap ^any one in this part of Evans Bros. ' Comfort an<ickala,iMuli«B4il>c PERHEpnoiP" loU Cltiiens Sbonld Weigh Well This ETldenee. Proof of merit :ies In the evidence Convincing evidence in lola Is not the testimony of strangers, But the endorsement of lola people. That's the kind of proof given here. The statement of an lola citizen. Mrs. Nettie Morrison^ of 510 North Jeirerson avenue, lola, Kansas, says: "I was attacked very suddenly with kidney trouble about five years ago. I There was no warning and In a very short time ray condition became most serious. The physician who treated me said that he never had but one worse case In all his practice. Although he relieved me to the extent that I conld get around, my back still continued to be very weak and there was^a pain across my kidneys that caused me to suffer a good deal, especially when 1 overexerted myself In any way. The contraction of a cold always increased my sulferlng and jdifficuUy with the kidney secretions existed, they being much too frequent and accompanied by a scalding sensation. I tried various remedies but never found anything that brought ^Buch positive relief as Ooan's Kidney Pills which my daughter procured for me at Charles U. Spencer & Co.'s drug store. I noticed a change for the better from the first dose, and after using two boxes the s.mptonia of inflammation entirely disappeared, tlie action of' the kidneys became so much corrected that I could rest better nights and my back was better and stronger. My experience with Doan's Kidney Pills has been a most gratifying one." For sale by all dealers. Price 60 cents. Foster-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo. New York, sole agents for the United Sutes. Remember the name—Doan's and take no other. WHEHCABJJEGIE WORKED A WIRE General OliVer Certifies That Be Was a War Departaiont Telegnpher. Washington, Dec. 21.—The fact that Andrew Carnegie served in the military telegraph aervlce of the war department in the civU war was duly certified In official: form by General Oliver, ilctlng secretary of war, today in accordance vtih the special act of congress authorising the issue of anch certl^eatea. ~ The records of the department show that shortly after the outbreak of the Civil war, Th«miaa , Scott, superintendeot of the Penoayl- vania Railroad company, who war then asslytfint secretary of war, summoned his. assistant, Mr. Carnegie, to i Washington for the purpose of estab-| Ilsbing a military telegraph syaten. . 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Glee Club Piea.xed. The Baker University Glee cinb which sang in this city last night, pleased a large audience. The club Is composed of eighteen singers. Each number rendered received a hearty en core. Already there is talk of having the club come again next year. Connor Funeral Today. The remains of Chas. P. Connor who died after a short illness last Thursday were taken to Blue Mound Kas., yesterday for interment. Short funeral services were held from the residence yesterday at twelve thirty •o'clock with Rev. J. H. Bright, pastor of the Presbyterian church, offlciatlug. PerMonalii. Chas, Trciiwoy is expected in the first of the week for a short visit with pareniM. He Is the Hon of State Representative J. T. Trcdway of this city. M. Clark returned yesterday from Perry, Okla., where he has been on a business visit. , . Ralph Bennett, of Groveland, N. Y., la here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. G. Fox. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Green are expected in this evening for a visit with old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Miller of Moran, Kas., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Moore of this city. Miss Houston left yesterday for Benton, Kas., where he will visit former acquaintances during the holidays. Joe Ferris, of Garfield. Kas., came in yesterday for a visit with his parents. Dr. H. T. Myers left yesterday for Butler county. Kas., for a short visit with friends. Cut Hrr Hand. The iwo-jear-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Collins of thi? city sustained evry serious lujuries yesterday while playing about the home of tier Iiarents. She had a large knife in her hand when she tripped on a rug lying on the floor and fell forward. The force of the fall threw the Itnlfe in -iuch a position as to cut several gashes In the little child's left hand. A l>h.vsician was called and the wounds dressed. Having purchased in the interests of Miluer & Worst and put in an "up to date" undertaking establishment, ponnectlng with it u picture, frame and moulding hustnes.s, we are pre- larcil to answer all calls on us in either line of businems. The La Harpe «tore will be In charge of Mr. W. C. lones, formerly of Fort Scott. Phone IS5 and you will alwa.vs get prompt attention.—Sleeper Co., Undertakers. Mirkey-PlTlott Xaptials. Mrs. Ella Mickey and George Pivlott of this city were nnlted In marriage vesterday by Probate Judge Smith at iola, Kas. The couple will make their home in this city. They are well Mefhodrst Episcopal Chnrcb. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at U a. m. The evening service will consist of special music and Christmas themes briefly treated by a number of the young iieople. On Wednesday evening of next week being Christmas night will be held a special service to which all are invited. IRA M. BENHAM, Pastor. Presbyterlaa Charrb. One of the three greatest events in the world's history is celbrated by Christmas day. We do well to observe it. In the prbper spirit, and especially to keep in mind the great fact which it commemorates, the coming Into the world of the Son of God in the form of a man. The Sabbath services will be in harmony with the Chrisfmas season. Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Junior meeting at 3 p. m. Young people's meeting at 6:.10 p. f You arc invited to attend. JOHN H. BRIGHT. Pastor. Is the place to bay your Xmaa NutM. BrazilB Almonds Filberts E. Walnuts Pecans Chestnuts Hickory Nuls CocoanutH KrnltH Oranges Lemons Apples >nU FrnlU, Vegetohle* aad^CauMd ^Vhite Grapes Catawba Grapes Dates KigB Pineappes , Vegetables I .«ttnce Celery Beets Potatoes Turnips Carrots Fresh Sealshlpt Oysters. f ; 1 I'hone 308-801. last sue SqnaM THREE DAYS SALE of FURNITURE A 20 Pet Cent Discount on the Following Goodi- AU Combination Book Cases. AU Ladles' Writing Desks All Mojiic Cab | AU Morris Bockers Ail MIsUon Rockers All Pedbtal All Disk and Record Cab AU China Closet and Bafleto > We are also discounting our entire line of Oak and Mahogany Rockers and Stand Tables 15 per ct > t • . . Sleeper Son Methodbt ProtcsUat Chareh. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Junior C. E. at 2:S0 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6: SO. Leader, Henry Adams. Preaching at 7:30. Subject, "A Big Sinner." Solo, "Open My Eyes That I May See." will be sung at this service. I'rayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:15. There is no better time to have a prayer meeting than on the birthday of our Christ. The prayer meeting last week was well attended. Rev. B, A. Brooks, president of the Kansas conference will conduct the services Sunday, December 29. Come rnd hear hlmi E. C. CORN, Pastor. TO CURS A COLD IK ONE DAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. DruggisU refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25c. CHRISTMAS GREENS IN DEMVIIb Sv 'reet Lights are Wraathad on PiDK «r.qal Thoreughfaraa. Denver, Dec. 21.— An unosqal ture of . the holiday decoratidBS in l>enver is a large number ot STM^ green wreaths hung aroiiad all flectric lights on Stxtaeath at- the principal business C ^ known for its brilliant-iU ^ Denver's "white way." Thla decoration was furnished by the cfty>«dialii- istration. The wreaths wUl ruaaln ia place until after New Tecr^ "From Prison to Priae^ .al tka Grand theater toalght, !• uK S* i Palts «t the ¥«Jst fiadt itont, or side, are nearly surepro«4-^|*»^ Some other steis are headache; pressing down pjdns, in-egular tunchpfls, ii^^P^^ ness, cold limbs, nervousneiss, etc. These pains may be allayed, the system bracttf and the womanly functions regulated l>y the use of ' "Cardui '3aye4' mp ^ Mr?. Annie Hamiltoa of StetsonviHe. Wis., wntes: • . from the grBveaflerthree<$) doctors had help ^^^^^^sa aKjdpgM and 1 recOTiraend tt to aU sirffcrfng women." For sale at aH druggists, l» Ife bottfes.

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