The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 6, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 12
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12 Wednesdoy, September 6, 1944 (gftt jtafctrgflflb Califomian ' Help Wanted—Mat* Help Wanted—Mai* Help Wanted—Male For Rant—House* Wanted to Buy—Property Announcements Financial C:»»mfi*iJ Afji»«'« '» cr.'urr;"* "f TV* Bak*-*feld C«''fora »n clot* p"-rp''v • t Jf> o'clock each ru^nvre f<.r «•• or.*- AUTO LOANS ir.-ann rnaile in 17'4 m,n-,'rp. • rwi'H-d. No <o»iKn--» H y.,,. u^f ; i \ . *•**«». p ' pur * T T S ' i*r« r r- -it •r.'l l.'r. on ev*:.:>* )•• - *• ' •'• " '• a:jRfct« »n^ w:rtm» r,' rer- JDH on »ach c.aB«ir«<J a.dv«T:,»*- fn^ntl wM'-h ha vf b<"#Tt car rtei*-') r *f'.r# ' *•'« cf pi r **1r. n *j3 T* rn 'j* 1 * b* m ! >«1 *' r WITH ' Af-H HWEIf x IF w.i>-.'. '•'.* r.Tinlh f rnro 4 a re <•>/ ';ancft<ta ' '' r '' t *• Hrfh»rafi»M r.ii'f', •!-,'*•- __ '' M-l* MKHT T-.\:TV TKMJ'f.K -A I ' • '• "'' '• *•* B vn ;UbV <; !<-t' *•"" ^ ; • > : < 1 t '•', r»r>ay« 11 in n i; rn',r,'h« ».-« V..ITI |'.-S K, Jif,i,r, .;.;,( ,), I': var» Sii... ,.f Aulorr.ol, •<•» a r d Loat — Found—- Strayed f'hune fi <•'>:<'. V." A '.'f l;j.> - l't-r?',r,H I \',xn from ui' unity. :-ijff f.i.-nt yi:t|rltv, K"o<1 lli '•••' li'^x I.-tifj.".. Tr," ':3l'foirnari. I,IKK TO HELP Ri:.V TRAIN'?? Work f"r a '•ompany \vhoi* I'lKf-ftf job i* stlil ahx-ad! Thi» is a job for a. sinf're. re- ]j:rli!'i rn.'in v;ho wantK not onJy i K"<"l fi.-iy, hut really int»rreftin«? : work *:•* a Hr.'jkeman with S. f. I No f-vpfri'-rice Df'ftfle'J. V\> train j vi-i In short order and yo'i jrrr of thr: Jobc ar>; at Trary. Ftn<- : ji'-fi«ion plan. Railroad pn«s , jn ivil'-a'-s. Mfrliral service. i?fi'*1 pi-'.pli; to v.-ru k with. Investigate i'ir|;iv. st'idf-nt fwitehrrten and (l/'-lri'Tl d'-frjur] also. Apply at , .-• , [,' i in! <-nr!fnt 'H Offjrrf- j S I'. Oirnpf'nv, Hnkerpfif-io'. j in- jfiir ruar'-f"' H I' agent. I •4 - A'ji-ib rnan for funeral and nf a wc.rk, ext erienrn nfit neren- K|irklr.««r-Li:s »r Chapel 1237 f-."» ii' W Ih- '.anlo-n T!!A YKO— y v« rr,':n'h-f -\l\ Bu« lne« » Opportunl t le K HA f.K--'•»'.- Arv'ii. Will* JJox 1 I '' 3 ,,». 3D SOMIJ PLATIM'M »•<•! <'.-•"• "'I 'I I '.T r'HK. Saturday nlghi I,:!..-!-.. ••:«•» rfl I.Oh-r—Small 'an poftil.e wi-i--.' fil'.nt 4 i.ounili:. in v,i:n,ly .',!• ,i ' '• "•'•" and Kd.f'.n Jlntliwsy. R«-',i'T, ' t '•'•-'' ! * a *' Pi***.,: iMtjrri orttrr r-i fi-i ' "• l- >; - I">- r a L,J i V/ r' M t; . r - * i,. (<M, fi* v - 6 86',. l.OKT --!!•. y'l" Kilf'ri I • '• •'" ' ! " *'" h r^d trim ;)m1 v. h .'.. r n.- C.-wa :•!. Cull IST. — Worn:t.'i'fe J/IST ..... l.aiS' 'Hin.', . • ' ' ''" 'Tai-lfd. H»lolii-Tl* 'O rr-.-h- ' • P'l'-Hiviily,fy. !:• •/:,•'' < •• Mil-. Pui vie J 2kB8. l'r,,i«/,' ' .'I >•••" 34> p!r !: .|., 'hn-rid |,'ir>.-. K <•<•!. money »TK| ui!-:H" r"-':;>ri KIMKHCI- ami wall'-t. O!n>'K:f ar" no-l-'l liodly. I'h'irn- 2 r,k(,V. nr fill A- .11 n T1IK PAI'.TV V.I.'" ''"'I- I':"'"" »n'i lation h'ifikii fr'/rn .Vi2 Df.'fl'ir »lr<":l. flildulf. )• known. If r'Hifi- »'••' laltnn book* KM* ifiurin.'l r,., .iu-i-lioiii. will l« aekwr Personal* HEMORP.H01D BflFKKKKRB — No ho«- pltallr.anon nir loaa of time No aurnery nor Injei.lloMi N>w »af«, palnlem m»'hoi1 at ellmlnallnK bemorrhotdl Dow avallablh from Dr • R. f'«nnln«ton. lj c •ill'" 8 Prof«anlon«' bulldlnK _ Phone iji •«J_l»«_. .... _________ , _ _?.:.•:».? SACRO-IMAT LKHION8 low hack palna. arthrltli. cnrmtlpatlon and prniute dl»order« corte'-tfd iJr f> U Parl«h. f) C 4C ll«|j«rfel'1« bull4lnc Phone ' WIVKS! WANT PKP? f')Ktr* > i Tnni' T»lil"'» lien i't> wfn k hofllen l»'klriK !"in: 8l»o rnntaln vitamin PI. ralrlnrii '.'•'• Irial nr/.r now rnl'" ?'"' A' nil ^I'IK utoifi frvi-rv- Wt """ - - -_-^-_=^ --" Financial for I.NTOMK TAX "AVMKNTR SCHOOL N'lvKDK NKCKHHI PIKH KTC. BOIIHOW ON Furmlur* Siiinry "PAID KOH On NOT" Toil may •till borrow for n» IOIIK f» 12 rmintriH. I,OCAr.I.T OWNFCn Trade wr.h (oral people who unilfirntH nd local condltlotiK. W ./ IP.HP Bi-rKinan Mniirirr HI. r'lair and Chciiter Opp MontBorncry Wn i d Phonn fi-fi7;*C AppolntinoiHit Ma'lf !M-lf KMERQBNCY CASH IX)ANS Borrow $100 Canh tor Thirty Days Repay 1102.60— Total Cost ON'LY $2.60 If You Prefer. Take I'p to Twelve Months to fay Only You Have in SIKH — No Co-signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Salua at Automobiles and furniture Financed SEA BOA KD FINAN'Mil COMPANY 2300 Client a-- Telephone H !M21 g-21-tf MflNICY TO IX) AN Lone term, all tytm -*arni IIIHIIH. < ',a tier rnnt tntereitl. No cointnlHNion lo hur- 10WIM. .1. K. WAItlilCS nKAT.TY CO TU I. A It K THICATMK IIHIl.lJlNO TU1MRK. OATJF. PHONK 3» 9 4-lf fJllfX;KltY Mor* for «H|K, doing KOOI! IIIIHI- ne««. ideal Irx-atlon. CH«|I only. l,r.', fliundavo _ Lft ri«-. :;;( KOTt K A IsK- -Hftiiuly ffhop. I'lniui'-to with flxiut*». Jn'itliri- Xconoiny Hcatity Hhou. newjwation. Kiia KlKhti-cnth Bticct. ^4 1 WKI.I.-EQl'lPPKn hi-aijiy ahop for IPHH", I dninir «ro,,d l.iiMin<-»H m good loruuon I Phon*' Arvirt ft.V •»;{ | KOH "AI.K DHIVK-INN COMPLKTK1.Y | KQI'll'l'Kl). 1U STOOI..H. NKW FO|;.Ni TAIN. Pl.KNTY OK HKKltlOKIt A • TION SPAr-K LAItf.K LOT. A (iOOO OPPOKTI.'NITy I'-flH THK IIIOUT PARTY. l:i()'i'l '.'AHH. l.'iMHi TKRMS. '.'ALL :!-lll2 KOK A PPOLNTM KNT. .'14 Schools—Instruction IUOH HriKj'JI. rrtmv\i-\i'A at home for rwofrnlz-fd d't.-lnrna nK other rourHeR. Kreo <'Hl»liiK«e f.'nll !.f« Manfiill. 7'TTir'" f otei ria tiona) Coi resuonderi'-e Tra n « p o r t« t Jon— -Bui >e» ITHKK MEAI.H ANU PII,IX)WS I, own! !•'»!••» to All f'rilnts ,M.I,-AMEIilCAN HUH LINK INC J02<! fh«»tor Ellin L, Ball Phone 2 3<S.1 )."i ir SANTA FK AND UUKMNGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and V Phone 2 0472 S-6-tf WAN'TKI) A rifle. In Knrinn" or vicinity, liv .Hc]it<.mh'>r 7. It^ftrj tinctrM *-xi hunKcd. Will Mh;ir't i!X|i'rn««:H and help <Jnv«. lOXPKKIKNCKI) TIKE MAN. GOOD KAL- AltV. EXCELLENT POSTWAR OP- P'lHTI'NITY. KIKEPTONE STOREK TWKNTV-KorRTH AND CHESTER A VK.•>,!.'E._ H Sll-if WANTE ;• -AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MB<:HAMO. PERMANKN'I WORK; TOP W/.OISS APPLY BAKEK-ADAM8 PON/ r L\rL f -*A!*A!' | K_A 7n J...''HJ™ T .ij:R. *i?*-. tf WANTKD -P.US hfiyn Applv dining room. BUILUIN'j 8rCRVI(~:H man for poaltion with permanent company Must be able to furnish birth -^tlficate If Inter^ Anted ^alt 4-4080 8-17'tf WANTKD—Mnn lo woik H s general »ll- ii ro nd helper In milk plant T*:«*k wiif.rl Kttrnih. If'.'.i Roberts Lane. 34 OllKKN I'lf.KKfi Hod limber hnndlerH. .Sn w mill. CO rrulen eiml of Uakri sti«ld. Phone 2 4 '.1 17 _ 42 WANTKD -Man too old to fik-iit hut still ii hl» to w .'1 -1 8 V :i. WANTED LOCALLY BY STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA ROTARY HELPERS—ROr.PTABOL'TS AT TAFT ROTARY HELPERS—ROrSTABOUTS RECLAMATION HELPERS— WELL PULLERS TRUCK DRIVER HELPERS—AUTO SERVICE MEN 4S HOUR WORK WEEK—NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY PKE OIL COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE AT UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY OF EACH WEEK Availability Certificate Requited. i FOR RENT — Single or double desk »pa<*. ! first floor* downtown. , c ee Cox. 1530 Ei«ht»»nth or phong I-53I1. _ at i WILL SHARE our home i «xchance tor care of iwo i Phone 9-4M17. w'tb vouple in small children. 33 For I TWO ROOM apartment, cooler. G. E . hot i water. -vise of telephone and washer, all ' ! _ h :,t Mid. »*8. 41? Villa. S-5694. i Fer Rent—Mi»ceHaneou« WHEEL CHAIRS, boipltal beds with innerspriDg n:attre»sea: walkert. rubber ; sheetinc; everything for »ick room. Fold- , ing chain. Phon* 7-74S9 pr J-00€? E-3-tf sewing machine. FOR RENT—Electnc Phcne 3-1H4. LIST your rrop«rty wiih n». Fair treatment. gntck action. Twenty years' ei- perience. Tiylor ft Taylor; 1C60 CbeB- _ ter aveim*. Phone 8-6593. _ S4 CASH and quick action when you want to seli your home or ranch. JS'o deal too large or small Buyers waiting Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294 _ 22 ° Haberfelde biiil.linn 1-10 tf SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET _____ 5 15 tf Have upened bv own office Need listings badly. Buyers watting Wd.LARD R. BAKEP 1«14 Seventeenth Phone 1-0555 For Sale—Improved Property Wanted to Rent—House* I IVII.f, PAT two mor!h« rent In advance! for furnished house 'n Kaf-t Bakfref'-etd I nr Alta Vista. H'Jpband. wife, K^rl *v. r TO RENT—Two-bedroom furnished house : ' or double apaitrnent. Wir pay three i mo .thg ; n advance. Te« we have two ! 33 we' behaved ooys Call 9-9S97 3! I WANTED — Business income property. Have cash buyer. RICHARDSON & SIDDAI.L COS Hopkins Bldg. Phone 7-7031. _ _ 35 \Ve need more hBtinsn. T.isl yojr home, fai-m. rftnch or income BOTPSTt'N A LANCASTER 1SI7 H Street Phnne S-8633 3 B If DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHAINMAN—MALE HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE— MALE APPLY TO: Occupational Services C <1 IT dl HA VIC your car «lazfd in Inn mod- urn w.-iy. A Hrnooth, lontt-Ui.stlnM fininh doni< hy fin export. The coxt Is rcHfonahlc* nnd H.'itlBfactlon jftiai- anlcflfl. AI«o Ftforn clcnninE find rar vvjishlnx. Make your appoint- rnf-rit loduy. PHONE 6-B457 KlfJKSTONJO STOI'.IOS T W KNT Y-KOI 'HTM A ND CIH5STEU A VK. 9-2-lf THIFMAN'S TKANSh'KK—J,onR dl«lance and local. 812 North Chen- ti-r. Olldalf. PJIionc 2-oflM. H!i WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING S1MONIZ1NO MACK AND SON California arid P Phone 2-1220 45 WK DO TlilCHl topiiUilt, removiriif: fenre «ll I 111 I nf, lenm work, plowing, ffenernl work. fim< woik, have truck Phone. 5 /,74fi :ig Just right for the k indei KH rti-ti tinw and riithi fin ui> ihrouuh the urniiiiiui •chnol KrudeH—H fluiuly buttoiiwd-duwo-1 In- front frock which Is n riHIinul lm h, ,« Kin0hamn, striped und chi'rktMl pi*rcalf and keerKUckem. Pattern No. i«51 In in »I/.I<K :' 4. 6. Hlld 10 ytiM|-». Hifte 4. hhoit hli-fVt>, iv quire* 214 yards of as-lni-h inniriinl. The H#W fttll uud winter iMsue of "i-'ui-h km" is now ready—H2 pniteH. Ji'» M rom rlrte guide to your full und wtuti r wim1 lolin. Send for your copy Pi ice IS ceom For Ihla attiMCtlve pattern, umid :0 rents In coin*, with your name. uddreaN. uiii- tern number and »|XM to Tk« ttaktmfielri I'nhfornian Toffoy'w Pattern Service, toy JtfUAfoH Direct. A'uw Francisco 5. WK HK1LD ANYTHING MADE OF SIIEliT STEEL. F URN ACE AND COOLER SERVICE 38K6 CHESTER AVIS. 7-79S6 8-3-tf IlRHT |ililinhlliK fifivii'f. Thf l"-.«l rnsl« i-HH. Hr.pHir »rnl n-iniidi-lion. IlLIld johH -'l rirvt atli'rilioii. Cnumy iKniM- 1.1HICK WU11K of nil kinilK. UHI lulu n Klu-i Hilly. IMioni! 7-7.1^ri :!& VACUUM aWIOKI'lonS. hiilr dryiTH, Iron!.. lii-i,l P;II!H. toiiivri'. iiioiofN. J^vuryl IIIIIK fltn 1 1 1. ii I 1 «-pii ii c-d. Mont y-h:irk uijn fit o!«•.!•. Will pirll up mill ilrlivi-r IliinllfV A pplianci. Si-rvlro mill Kcpiiir, 917 Wau-r COOK IKS [ ^ L'%'1'.l unit plHi-i' yniir oiih-r to In- rhnli- iioiiH'init'lo ''0(,lfPn in your Kift in Iliri.-'f lioyw at homit ;ulil ovrrHi-MH. 37 I'AINT cnN'rUACTHK Inli-rlol and i-x- l-iPii rflliihli) worn. 11. I. Hiiilon. I'hoim ;-<.1,'!0 :i7 H M'S rli-Hncil Hll'l hlo, kfil. <tpi'intor lor- IIK-I i-nipl'iyn of Sti-lHon'M fuclniy for 7 VI-III-M. Callfornlii Hal Hhop. M17 Hnli«r W''I-«M. leant Jdiknuiriclcl. : ; ,4 ALL TYl'KS '••rtivnler work now cnn- r«i I'ltrtlon. ri'inodelliiii:, lepanliiK. iiaix-r _hniisinir. I'honu 2-OH»__ __ ___ 31 UKI.IAHI.H; HAINIMNU Invida and Oiu. SI I- D. HKLLKII I.|r*nti<;(1 and Ron \'H\ Cfii.l rarlor S408 "li'o'.." Stn-ol Plum* 2-2O2 _____ __ 7 III. if niKi; HKHVICH; co I'r'ioliiK. HlmpiiiK. Toppinc ^ lui' 'l'i ct-M Taken I )u' H I'll i k, r l''i i..,' I-:M( lina I inn 1 Hll " II SI i i-i't I'lionr ^ H I xti J'-'KN'OKIiH NKKn RKl'AIRS? CAR NEEI> rAINTINt!? Sf-p Kfiinv l^artiniau for I^MiinaU' iind Appointment MOTOR CENTER Twenty Kcconil fuul 1'ln'Mer riKMTolct. HnirU, (•.•ulillai- 111! l-i">K tiKNI-!KAL i-itiHiai-t nn«' repair work. Plume .1 III! .'!,_ _ __ j,3 KOI: ST1-: \(H ; R A I M I K I! S E R V I C R SEE rs C'oiirii.'oiiM ;IIK| prompt .sei'Victv Will rnnsliler plionn of rush oi'iioi s. ISan .lo.'Hinin A^i'iicK-s, Etl wurd \\'. Moody, 1S1L' "Eyi>" sti'cct, plioni' CAKRIKK hi'lpfr Wiifitr-tl in Jtiver- j view. I'ric^nt; Vi'tni' WllKuri, - Hfi^:) or c-jill 3S.'I liclln «vfriiic. U-u-lf WANTED—-Hoy ovr Hf-hoiil nnf or mnn. I Inr Mtf-jiijy i-iniiloyiTierit. I' 6-G1?,f> IIKLPKKH WANTED for Kfophysir-»l <ifw. Ksrierienie not riMjilir-ffi. An; ) fc ;iO. Str.; wf,rk in ;i n i-HKentlal in- iliiHtry \vilh a wood < hn m r tn advanfe. Av.-illahillty 'f,rtifii-;ne iniiiiind. Applv IL't; Gf_ori,-,!_ Hay billldtnK. _ 8-fi if KOUSTAHOL'TH nnd rotary helper*, work rii'tir Hakcrrifleld. 0 nnd 7-dny work wcf-k M'hediilfR. Phone 3-94BI. Tide Wnt-r- A MHOi:tiitf-rI Oil C;orn|i;i o.v . 3fi IJIHUWAHHER —Must hi- exjierlc-n-'ed. Man or WOITKIII. KriHldie'n Caff. Twenty- foillth rind »!(. _ 3^ WAN'TIOD —ManaKer and working steward for Krenr.h f/'afe. Aluft be aoher and first clans. Hnlary no object to right fi.'irty. Also Holier fry rook* and ex- li«rtf.iifvd waitreNves. Call at French i'ai.- iu_Houthern_notel. 32 WANTED — Experienced milker. liald- win Dairy. 1 mile Houth of Taft Ulsh- wiiy fin Willie Ilond. House and utllltlfs furrilsbfd and Kood wa«eH. Phone 2-0045. 32 UlUVEIt-HALESMAN — Mnn experienced .s^lliiiK to Ki-oceiH nnd r enl nuruntu, an fsyi'nt In! po?»lw.-)r Joh. L;in«endorf Elak- '•ry, 8 (;ji|on uvi-nue. _ 3fi WANTED—TWO MEN KOK HECAPPING DEPAUTMBi.N'T EX I'EHI ENCED PKE- KKItREO BUT NOT NECEHRARY OOOD SALARV TC START FIRE- STO.N'S HTOKHJS, TW KN'I'Y-FOIIHTH A N'p fHE.STElf AVKNIIK,. 8-23-tf WAWTKD—Night mnn (or Karaite Dunn'a GHrnire. Phono 2-39SS. 141' KlEhteenth 3.1 SKIiVICIOME.V—IIONORABI^Y DIS- (,'IIAItGlOD, KN'UI-JK 25, KUKK Ty TliAVI-;!, U. H. A. FOR NATION ALLY-KNOWN TIIANSPOHTAT1ON 1SI1KI); LIHK11AL A<:f:OUNT; KAHT MKNT I''OU OOOD Mil. .1. K. SMITH, 1IOTKL I'ADIIK, 7 TO II 1'. M. NO PIIONK CALL.H. Ji& HODKKMAN. over 40. S.'f Imuaekeeper. l'»ilre_ tiotel 8-1 2-1 f TOP WA(.iEH, overtime, locnl Job. IlniiKh larimnter. .See (JenrKft Bailey. South II KIM-I.I, Jtoi^e (Juriien Tr;ir-t. WANTED-—-Milker, either hand or ma- rliine. Kouti! 3. Hox 344. *i mile north of PuinpKiii fcnler.^MllhouH luilry^ 37 HOY. 16 tfi 18 yenrh old. HII dlKhwuHher ni}{\ foilntnln helper. Mirhenel a Drjve- Inn, »li4 KlKliteenlb Blri-el 34 t/IIK.'KEN plf.kerH wanli«l. Ciofid flala.ry, iierriiiinent position. Apply (it KukerH- lielrl flu,-ken Shop. I'hoiii- 7-7924. _H4 HAHIiERS—$70 to $100 weekly. Apply Ceritritl Uarber .Shop, 1817 (.'hi'Ml'T avenni!. 34 I.AHOUKK — Klf-ndy job. inside. Apply MiHHion I.irien Suiiply, Twenty firft an.l K *li-f«-iK. __ 3B EXI'EKIIONCIOI) diKliwHHher. Apply Mlll- er'x Cafe. loa Hiiulh Union. Phone " . r ,;t09. Hoooi nvailnble. 34 WANTKD.—Experienced |iiea««r, man or \voiiinn. Hteady. Kood p:iy. Dclfinfi Clean- em. UK) Muln etrei-t. De-lnno^ Calif. _ S3 MAf'UIN'IO preMBer on \voolcrif nnd wllk. (Jooil p;iy. wti'julv; iimfe one with ex- I>IM ii-n, c. Aiicly nt tuir-e Kant Hide HOYH — 17 TO LM; FKKB TO TUAVfOL IT. S. A. "WITH NATIONALLY-KNOWN BOYS' EDUCATIONAL TOUR. MUST BE NKAT; TRANSPORTATION FUR- NISUKU; LIHRRAL, DRAWING AffOlTNT. MR. J. K. SMITH, IIOTKL I'ADKK, 7 TO 9 P. M. NO I'lUJNIi CALLS. _ 35 KXPEIllENCICli tractor driven. yenr- i-fiuiul Joh for men who qualify: lodging and hoard furniHhed Apply flfi Eaat Ninftleenlb Btieet Phone V-9671: after 7 p rn. mil 2-170& 7-3-tf ; ! TELEPHONE TAFT, 464 TELEPHONE BAKEHSFIELD, 7-7501 34 HcMAHAN FURNITURE CO. Has Openings in the DELIVERY DEPARTMENT and SA LES" DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street 8-22-tf WANTED—Trimmer to operate Kla» and upboUtery department ID large repair shop. gee Hackman at Motor Center. _ Twenty-aecond and Cheater. 8-16-tjf EXPERIENCED hardware man to work In our Bakersfleld store. «16 Eait Nineteenth atreet. Phone »-8»71. 8-U-tt WANTED—Warehousemen and caeb and i.-nrry helpers. Smart t Final Company, _8 01 Twenty-fourth. 3 4 LELLIIOT—Must be over 21 ycara old. Southern hotel. 3:1 Help Wanted—Female BKAb'TY operator wanted. Good salary and rormniHHion. Phone unoo 3-0233, or | homo. 2-V236. Ka/'e Beauty yhoppp. fiilriHl^ 33 DKPKNnAKLK white woman for feneral housework and <:n ro of invalid. Won rrl and room Kood «aB^n. 92S Monlprey SAI,KST,ADIES WANTED Experifince Unnecessary Steady Employment Apply F W. WOOLWORTH 1408 Nineteenth Street 32 Help Wanted—Female COMPANY. JS KUIIN- JJ RAWING ADVANCE- WORKER. WAITRESS WANTED— Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twenty-fourth and 99 Highway. 8-29-tf WANTED— Collector for went Bak- ersfiekl. Write Box M-101, Call_ forn_[an._Re_ferenceB. 8-29-tf WANTHU — Beauty Beauty .Salon, 16L'6 l'Jione_2-ii631. EXEPER1ENCED WOMEN'S READY-TO- WEAR ALTERATION HANDS: THOSE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN FUR RRMODELIN'O AND REPAIRING PREFERRED. STEADY WOKK. GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS. APPLY MANAGER. EASTERN. 1529 NINETEENTH STRFET. _ WANTED— VValtreBHeH. El Patio _lnn. _ Oaljfornla and Union. UKLI.MAN--Hu«t he over Jl. Padre Apply Hotel 7-1-tf LI-miili id help ninlnlnln Ininmiorln lion. :i-ito «nii iiuck inei'liHiiici- «nr1 hody men. VHP nui.- woik Mriior Outer. Itirtck, t'lifvniifi mi, fndilliir df.nlpr Hee Hufk- num. 'I woiily *i-i'ond and Clienl»i, l-16-ir V' ANTED -- TRUCK. ANi> A ('TO MH- fllANK'S APPLY SOIITHICRN QA- RAflH) TWICN'I'Y-f IRST AND I STREETS _ la-SJ-tf Paper Currierfa W.uitiHl Cor Enst anrl west Bakern- field Callfornlnn office 6-14-tf HELP WANTKO—Metal workers, niftnl worker helper*, wool worker*, Htito hoillei*. wood workers, furnilui* C,. N. loin.HI,in Hi id \ Woikv 1001 ICIuhl i-fiil ll Plume 4 4708 (",-!'I-II NEEDKU A'l ONCE— Kin nitllre iellnl»her Alno upholsterer Topnotrh wauen ff»r topnntfli worltiren C. N .Ifihnston Shun* 10011 KlKhleenth_ nttoet _?-i'-" WAN"I'10I - ftxpei lencfld Hull merhanln. Good hours and pay. , . an enNentlal loh lljioit 'oolM nnd R vntlnhillty certlflrate iiHf-oHMary See Mr Iteed Kltchen-Hoyd Mot r i^ninpany 2220 ChtiBtnr avenue. 8-26-tf WAN'I'ICI* -Mer'Vte* MH Unman Good salary and excellent tuturi< foi man with full educ'ttion who can nhNiinie reHtif^n* Hlbllilv FI r esltine Stores U33t Chester avenue ItaliciHrielii. S :'H If TRUCK ORIVKRS and delivery men. A p. ply MrMahan'H Km nil in e. Kuchtnent h unit H HI i eelrt. 8 '.Ti-t r WANTI'.'K llaivesi hand" M«-n to fiper- ate I'omtiln har\'eNlerH i'"Kt erienee nee- I'HMarv Ited and tionrj flirntHhed. Atiplv Ill r Kanl l'itKhte«inlh Mr-eel Phone fl !i(17l . nfl< , i full ?.77ll|i ? S if SPJWINd MACHINE REPAIRINf!. Ifidlt Wopt ElKhdi. Gtinnintncd Plume U !MHY. •)'.! STENOGRAPHER wanted In petroleum engineering department of Tide Water Ananciated Oil Company. Phon* 9-94C1. Availability required. 32 WOMAN to care for 7-monthn-old hahy, 8:30 to 6:30, five dnys a week, in my home. Phone_2-6^7Ji. 34 WANTED—Cadet's wife to care for 7-montha-old haby, five days a week, ui _'i>y h .?J]]*i Phone 2-8467.^ ,14 BEAUTY OPERATOR wanted, fuiroTpart- __llme i Phone 6-6994. 35 SAl.KrLADY—Must be thoroughly experienced; good ttalary; loi-al experience preferred. Tibbett'B. 1606 Etlihteenth Jitrr-et. NKAT arid refined white sir-l to aHHint with houKewui-k in refined home, good wngOH. Call 2--I770. 33 RECEPTIONIST for doctor'B office. Call WANTED —Part-time housekeeper for father and two cirls. Phont 2-1660 after _e i'._m. _ 242 Holthy Road _ 33 KXPKRIBNCED fountain girl, Michener'g Drive-Inn. Will pay top wagea to the Kill who l» rapable. 804 Eighteenth utreet 34 HOTEL ROOM clerk and cashier. Hotel Padre. Apply 9 6 If WANTED—Experienced office girl in Inventory department. Mum be perma- iifnt._ Auply_ 1426 P street. 9-6-tf LADY for Ateady employment, experience not neceMsary. Apply Dewar'a Candy Shop, 1120 "Eye." WANTED—Stenographer, permanent position; give experience, nge and phone number in reply. Write Box 994-T, The CaMfornlan._ COMPETENT GIRL for general work. One child. Call 2-7674. COOK, for permanent position, preferred. Four adults. St. Church. 1520 Truxtun avenue. EXPERIENCED cashier and waitresses wanted. French Cafe. Southern hotel. 3J WANTED—Women workers. exparience unnecessary. Phone 6-6438, evenlnge 3-3183. RKADT-TO WEAR SALESWOMAN Permanent poaltlon, above average salary for experienced ready to wear oalee- wurnun. SIKVER'S DRESS SHOP l.Mi'J Nineteenth Street WOMAN to come to home during day and take care of 1-yeu.r-old girl while mother wiiikx. Call 2-1898 aflcr_6. 34 WANTED LADY BOOKKEEPER, PERMANENT POSITION, GOOD SALARY. Experienced willi bnokkeepins: ma- (^hlrie, Home typiriK, no dictation. Apply Centrnl California Ice Co. I'. O. Box Jl!28, Bakersfleld. 36 MAt'lllNIC preaser on woolenH and ullk. tiood pay, Httjiidy: prefer one with experience. At,ply at ono«. East Side cieHiiHiH,_172S _N|li'B. _ _JJS KITCHEN HELP wanted. Morning- nnrt al'lornoon shift. Highland Pitrk Cnfe. 1907 North Chester. Phone 2.<F44li. 34 TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Pencetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 15L'0 Twentieth Street fi-29-tf WAITRESS wanted. Apply Wlng'1 Cnfe. I" n i. lOlKhliitinth itrert. 8-25-tf LADY for haggaKe and express clerk. Permanent position. Apply in person, Pa- cificGreyhound Lines. 32 WHITE housekeeper, age Phone 2-8428 or 7-7744. LAUNDRY Laundry, 30 or over. 32 HELP wanted. Sam 1 ^1 6 E'ghteenth stree t . Woo 3 2 WANTED — Tray girls, fountain girls and _ sandwich clrl. Larry's Drive Jn. _ 33 WANTED — Woman for houfiekeepinR and care of children. Must stay nights. _ Pnnne_4-_4li27_. __ _ _______ 33 SALESLADY wanted. Good hours, _ no Sundays. Owl Drug. 32 WANTED — Women workers. Experience unnecessary. Phone 6-0425. evenings 3-1 883. ___ 33 SERVICE STATION SALESWOMEN Opportunity for valuahle training and advancement up to and Including the position of STATION MANAGER. Ages 18 to 40- preferred. GOOD SALARY. Part- time work also available for housewives. women ^students, etc., in your neighborhood stations. For Interview call at STANDARD STATIONS TNC., CALIFORNIA AND CHESTER. BAKERS- FIISLD. Workers In war production nc- tivhieH should not apply. 35 SALESLADIES wanted for full or part- time work; no experience necessary. Apply at information desk. S. H. Kress _ & Company. ____ _ 32 WANTED— While maids. Bee houatkeeper. Hotel Padre 8-15-tf Help Wanted—Salesmen SALESMAN wanted by a national food company, to contact local accounts. Five- day week, good salary and a good postwar future. Phone 2-6355 after 6 p. m.. of 2-2797 after 6 p. in 34 Situation* Wanted—Male WE CLEAN kitchens, SBc hour: a Inn blinds, window*: floor by floor. Lnrko Cleaneri. Phone 7-7462 befori 8. after 6. 57 WANTED—Plowing gardens, grading and leveling; cbeck work. V-Ing out water ditcheu. Fertilizer for sale, by Back or by the .oad. Phone 3-1867 33 3TOR A GOOD paint ji,b. Inside or out. large or email. Phong 2-8821. 32 CARPENTER work wanted by day and hour. No 1ob too small or too big. Phone ,1-2738. 32 FOR lawn .mtting. phone 2-3392 own toolfl. Will use 33 BOY, 18, wants any type of work on Saturdays and Sundays. 227 Belle Terrace, or write BOT R-48, The Californian. 33 Situations Wanted—Female COLORWD—Light housework, day or hour. Have references. Phone 8-8364. 32 LADY with gtrl, wants work in motherless home. Would KO to Taft. Imperial hotel. 733 Baker street. Ask for Pat. _ No phone. S3 YOUNG WOMAN would lik.) position until November 1. Experienced as receptionist, typist. PBX operator and general office work. Write Box 951-B, Thp Californjiin. 33 KEEP house. Elderly woman. Small wages. 712 Nineteenth street. For Rent—Rooms FOR RENT-'-Two bedrooms, one airplane bedroom suitable for two working men or ladies, one bedroom downstairs next to bath; t'se of phone, one block from bus lino mil stores. Phone 3-1219. 33 FOR RENT— Nicely furnished room with hath, private entrance, garage; close In. _ Phone 2-4^08. 33 WORKING WOMAN or cadet's wife, pri- _vate_i-oom^ in hon.e. 2717 K. ROOM to rent to gentlemnn, by week or month. Close In. Phone 2-0998. 34 FRONT bedroom for rent In modern home. Twin bedfl. 200 Eighteenth street, i'ur employed ladles only._ VERY CLOSE IN—Well furnished room, ndjolnlng bath. Two blocks from courthouse, on bus line, 1234 Chester avenue. For Rent—Houses WILL EXCHANGE 1-hedroom furnished house In Long Beach for house or apartment In fiakei'Hfield. No children. Phone (-6680. 34 No rharge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your ; homes, apartments or courts. Only j those meeting your requiremenis j will call. Phone early, San .loaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no an.«wer,_call_2-0663. 3-25-tf CHAPLAIN desires rental of 2-bedroom furnished bouse within 20 miles of Mlnter Field before September 16 Call 7-7691. extension 220 36 LIEUTENANT and wife desired furnished house or apartment; expectant child; no _ pets or parlien 2-4308. 32 WANTED—B: civilian family of three adults, a 2-bedroom furnished house. No petH. Best of care. References. Phone 4-4'ja: 33 WANTED TO RENT—Two-bedroom house, furnished or partly furnished, hy Santa F'e round noufie foremnn. Wlfp. and 7-year-old boy. Oill Mr. Cook after 7 p. in. at round ii'iust. 32 WANTKD—-Furnished house or 2 room apartment, near Frhool and transpm- ration, by nui-c anil iwo children. Will lie permanent. Piiune *i-fi441, Airs _^haw. 35 TWO-BEDROOM furnished house urgently needed hy r-ounle with iwo girls. References ami nom| care of plnre. Phooe 7-7321. 32 ELECTRK'AL engineer representing large manufacturer wishes 2 or 3-bedroom home, furnished or unfurnished. Sub- ntantial advitnce payment. flood care, riest refer em PN Anv reasonable rent considered Phone &-:i^51, Extension 131 33 WANTED—Two-berlrooni furrnwhed hoiiHe hy pel m;u,.ei!t L'iflinpHS man with lani- il.v^Oood i-efertin-fs. Phone O-Olial. 33 TWO-BEDROOM, unfurnished house by Shell employe with one 7-vear-oId rhilri. J'Rrrnanen. resident. I.oi-.i! referenrp Phone 2-02g:< .12 PERMANENT. responsible major oil company employe urgent ly need 2 or 3-hedroom unfurnished bouse. Phone 2-7S24 _ 35 WANTED—Two adults desire furnished hoUBii or apartment. Phone 9-9764. 33 WANTED—One or two-bedroom unfurnished house by couple. Oildale pre- fcrretl. Phone 7-7483 33 WANTED—Unfurnished 4 or 5-rnom house. Elderly couple, permanent residents. No pets, no children. Pleas.. _rall 2-8676. 36 WANTED to rent, furnished house. Must move by Friday. Have 6',4-month-old baby. Permnnent; references. Reasonable rent. Phone 2-5406. 32 PRIVATE nnd wife and 18-months-old son need furnished house, apnrtment or light housekeeping rooms. Will take best rare of property. No parties. Call Privnte _or Airs. l'ivinB»to_n_,__4-4Hl! 33 WANTED—Small furnished house hy civil- inn couple. Permanent; no children or pe t s. Phone S-6486 any tirn e 3 4 RAILROAD man and wife want small furnished house or apartment. Permanent or would manage apartmen' house or <-ourt: i eferences. Phone 3-0994. 36 WANTED TO RENT—2-BEDROOM FURNISHED or UNFURNISHED HOUSE FOR CIVILIAN; PERMANENT; $25 BONUS FOR ANYONE WHO SECURES A HOUSE FOR THIS PARTY. CALL JOHN P. GOODALL, 7-7524. "WANTED at once. 1 or 2-bedroom furnished or unfurnished house or apartment. Excellent references. Care of place guaranteed. Present residence sold. Phone Mrs. Babcork at Sierra Book Store, 2-6646, or evenings 2-5663. PERMANENT oil company employe desires to rent unfurnished house or apartment; no children or nets. Phone 7-7569 or 2-8166. 34 IN DIRE NEED Ol' 2-HEDROOM HOUSE P.Y COUPLE WITH TWO SDHOOI.- Af!E niRT.S. PERMANENT. REFERENCES, PREFER OILDALE. PHONE 2-56M. 35 to Rent— -•.partment* WANTED — Furnished apartment for nurse with 20-monlhs-old haby. near the Fox theater. Phone 4-4481. 37 Wanted to Rent—Farm Land WANTED t'; lease. 40 to 80 acres of Improved laud with equipment suitable for potatoes. Phonii Waw-o 4058. 32 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 601 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-460S 6-14-tf BROWK'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, etoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call UB for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf WANTED to bur. old sewing: machines und vacuum cleaners. 16OS Weal Eighth atre-l Phono 9-9437. 36 WANT TO BUY or rent 300 to 600-Kallon tiutane tank. 613 Washington avenue. _ OlWaJ . Fhonc 2-7779. _ 36 WANTED—Good, used, 3-bottom. 14-inch mold-board plow. Phono 2-7251. 3003 _ Altn VUii 33 WANTED to buy, lawn mower and 7 or 9-foot I'-rlBidalie. Phone 3-1952. .12 DIAMONDS watches and old jewelry of any description; highest market prices paid In cash. Earl McEvoy. precision watchmaker. 318 Haberfelde buildlnff. Phone 5-5997. 11-30-tf WANTED—Washing machine, Kood work- ins condition; will pay cash. Phone _2-9301. 33 WANTED to buy, medium t>\7.e trunk, In _goort_ciwuljtlon. Phone 8r89ii9.___ 33 WANT an electric wnshinff machine, in Kood condition. Phone 3-0776. -.25-35 or 30-30 rifle. Phone WANTED 2-0902. WANTED—Washing machine in good condition. Phone 2-40*4. 33 Wanted to Buy—Property DUPLEX — Furnished or unfurnished, near Rood school. Must have at least 2-ti(MlroomH on fine side. Write Box (; - 8SJ .__Jhe_Ca llfoi-nlali. ^34 NEED listings tor cash buyers on large nnd small homes, acre homes, farms and income property. Elwoud'a, 1923 "Eye." 65 IH'CK KOfilCKS, TUKNTY FIFTH I'KNTUKV, A. l>. Slid Fact By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS OH-OH .'TWAS APR AID I'D COME ACROSS THIS/ THE BRAIN / THE MONSTER \suoose / ANOHUER- 16-OEAO' HUER WOULD RISK ANYTHING TO AVOID THE DANGER OP COULD TRY TMCN MAN/C HUER IS ALIVE AND TOOK HIS PLASTIC MONSTER TO A REMOTE SPOT, HE'D HAVE TAKEN RADIO-BRAIN WITH HIM / FOUND THE INSERT THE HIS ROBOT HAVING HIS BRAINLESS ROBOT RUN WILD ON THE CITY STREETS / CONTROLTHE MONSTER For Sale—Improved Property Ch rken ianch with equipment frr "ricfl»-l%en8, with vpry niL-e G-rootn furnished home; i efngi-'-ator, table-top stove, etc.; o\vn water well; three blocks to bus line; some fruit. This is a well-kept ranch. Some terms. A beautiful 6-room. 3-bedroom home; all larse rooms, dining room, breakfast room, tile kitchen, tile vanity in bath, stall shower; basement; patio barbecue pit, 2-<-ar gaiRKe; fruit trees, nice lawn. lot 100x150. Call for complete information. Five-loom furnished home on lar^'e lot; 2-rjir garaKe. basement under Karape. variety of fiuit trees and berries, $4500. 3]0 Ar-rfs f-otton. alfalfa and potato land. H!! in niHivanon; two pumviinK plants, f nni rpte p,pe lines, extra good boil. Good u-i ms. PRIMAVERA PARK—18«60. two be4 rooms, large livinic room, dtnlna room, model kitchen and bath; atu-wo wit* tile roof: large lot with I-car garaat and well-landacaped; FHA 15100. flowr payment S3250. .NORTHWEST—One of the fine oldci homea in excellent condition; bartlwocx; floors, ro<;k wool insulation and perfect in every detail. Shown by appolr.teneni only. Price 19730, terma to auit. TWO BEDROOMS—12350. Close tn school. store* and walking durance from bu«i nes.s section. Terms, half casb and 12! per month. OI1DAT.E—J-TiJO. Two-bedroom home or large lot. with 2-car garage. Lawn shade and fruit Close to bus anc school. Terma, 11660 down, 123 pel month. LA CREST*—$9450. Beautiful 2-bedrOfinr home, 2 car garage High lot with e.i- reilent view. Home haa eitra good flont plan with large rooma and model IfJtchen and bath Terma arranged. * FURNISHED HOME—Close to .Teffemor Park. Five rooms with good furniture. Large lot with garaee. Price IM5n. Terms arranged. • EAST SIDE—Close in. N're 5-room hom« and small rental on rear, both partly furnished, (iood home with fruit trff>« and rental income. Prii e 16150, half i ash. Perm 411 Nineteenth Street Dial S-02TB l-6-tf EAST BAKERSFIKl.D—Five-room stucco home and den. built *n 1940 Completely furnished with piewar furniture. J6600. EAST—Si-x-rnuni country home, throe targe biMlrnmnH. n.ninK room, kitchen and large s^rvitp porch; double Kftratje. A good barn and Severn 1 01 her buildinss. Situ- ;j i e on 10 at re* f > C good land with a well and pump. Ten f rui t trees B nd 1 IfiO-fnoi row« of Thompson »eedltsa Krapt-.s. SKI.GOO. GRKKN' A (Jit K.P—Lovely country home, completely furnished, be-auti fully landscaped, with a large assortment of fruit t ret a and berries; also chicken equip- mnnt. $6900. HCJTKIy—Centrally loraled in Taff. Gross income $1000 per moni h. paying frora 15 lo 20 per rent on investment. HIGHLAND PARK.—One of the finest 3-hedromn stucco homes, built in 1941. Complete cgoling ayatern with ducts in each room Two double floor furnaces, thermowtatically controlled Two baihi with Ints of tile. Steel Venetian blindi throughout. Floors carpeted with broad- l<»/m from wall to wall. Beautiful liv- in« room and dim'ncr room Kitchen with lois of tile and corner divided sink and many cupboardii l^aree uervlce porch, double Ra rage. EL CAMIN'O PARK—Beautiful B-room Rtucco home, built 1940. with latest modern conveniences. Stee 1 Venetian blinds. Nice size bedrooms, living room and diniiiK room. Built-in roolinc system inuhidinjr cooler. $6500, J2250 down. SOUTH — A lovely E-room atuccn home built in 1941. Venetian blinds, tile in kitchen and bath a nd built-in cool ins system. Ijargi> lot. Possession in 10 days. 15500. Phone 2-7554 1671 Chester 8-.It tf VALUES FOUR-ROO)\f home with large screen porch, close in in southeast district. On large lot, has nice shade and fruit trees, garden apace, chicken equipment, double garage. Well cared for lawn. Full price $3600. $1000 down, balance $35 a month. DUPLEX and dandy 4-room home in highly desmible location. All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for S90 a month. Owner gets rent free in 4-room house. On large corner lot, shade trees, large garage. On bup line, and nenr markets. Full price. $7500, $2950 down, balance $50 a month. 1 '.a ACRISS and fine 6-room house In Rosedale rilmrict. Has half-acre of alfalfa, chicken runs for 600 hens, rabbit hutches, machine xhop. large shade and fruit trees. Many other fine features. Immediate possession. Full price 16000, substantial down. FIVE-ROOM hom«. completely furnished, on full acre of finest soil fn Kern county, near Fairfax School. Ha» light, water, gas. a lovely bathroom. Full price $4000. •uhstantial down. IN^STJNSET PARK—A very good 3 bed- TOom home with p sun porch, hardwood floors, all rooms iRrge. Venetian blinds, tile in kitchen. Close to bus. Price $7500. with $3600 down. FINE INCOME PROPERTY—Here U a swell 12-unlt court situated on a large lot with room to expand. County tax only. The Income from this court shows better than 17 per cent on the Investment. The present owner has been the sole owner. All units well furnished with the best of furniture. It require! about $9000 to handle. Balance terms. IN HIGHLAND MANOR—Practically new 2-bedriiom home, nicely furnished, large kitchen. 7-foot Frlgidalre. vanity tile In bath, double garage. Thin le a nice •tuccn home. Itequii-ei large down payment. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 H Street Phone 6-5909 or 2-4622 8-29-tf On Monterey, two bedrooms, with room over garage, near Horace Mann School, nice yard, all fenced, $3850. $1966 down. East Kentucky — Nrftt 2-hedroom house, lots of chicken equipment, only $2950, $1500 down. Wtl.LAEP E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 2-0555 -L^-lf DUPLEX—Four rooms each side, unfurnished. Now bringing $70 monthly. Very modern, near Southern Pacific shops. FHA payments about $36.50 a month. SOUTH OP TOWN—Four-room plastered house with sleeping porch, large garage. Unrestricted district, $2650 full price. EAST SIDE—Six-room house on H4 acrei. Double varnge, chicken equipment, lots of fruit trees. Lomlta Verde—Practically new 2-bedroom hoiifle, completely and well furniahed. Including refrigerator, table-top stove and washing machine, etc Venetian blinds, double garage, nice lot. Green Acre*—Three very attractive offer- iiiKH, one with 1'/« acres, oni with one acre, one with half acre. All with houses, all with chicken equipment, all with excellent water conditions, First named can be purchaued with flock of about 600 chickens, halt-acre can be bought completely furnished. Casa Loma—On one acre, very modern 2-hedroom house, barn, garage, chicken equipment. fruH, etc. East Rakersfleld—Six-->,orn house near bus line, school and atoren. Also East Bakersfleld—Two-bedroom house on corner lot. Only 7 yearn old. Double garage. Lomita Verde — Three-bedroom house, about 5 years old and In good condition. Doublo garage, well-rared-for Int. E. C. Uffert, 901 Mies. Phone 2-7162. 9-1-tf FOR SALE—70 acres land, all in cultivation, with pipe line, seven modern houses, near school and store. On Roue- dale Highway. For the sum of $33,760. _ r'h < me_2_-;]O.M.__ 36 PRACTICALLY NEW—Two house*, both furnished. A large 6-room house, .lloorn carpeted, vented cooler, jtlle vanity In hath, separate stall shower, spacious dining room, beautiful kitchen, lot of cupboards, corner tile drain. Double garage. The other house la good and nicely furnished, tins It's own garag*. Only $9960, 14000 down, balance easy. Syl McNInch, with R. A. Moore A Bon, 1515 Eighteenth street. Phone 2-1268, _ evenings 6-6166. 33 »6850 OR TERMS—Three-bedroom house for salf. Southeast of town. Modern, on a 300x117',4-foot plot. Fruit and shade trees, chicken runa and cellar. Really a small ranch: eame ownership for IS yean. Call 7-7641, Frank R. BMck. broker, S216 North Chester. 36 HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WE HAVBVT WHAT YOU WANT, WE'LL ^PIND IT. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD MOODY, U12 "E1TE." PHONE Z-0«63. »-l-t( EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET—Partlv furnished 5-room house, Including Frig- Ida ire and table-top stove. Total price $3200, about $1600 to handle, ]r»me- diate possession. On lot 100x300—Lovely B-roon> home, almost new. Dual floor furnact. cooling ducts. «tc. Owner wlahei to trade foi 3-bedroom home close fn In city. Lomlta Verde—-Five-room furniibfMl home, only about 4 yeara old and In «xctllen1 condition. Modern throughout. Nic« yard. Immediate possession. Total price 1(1500. about halt caau to handle, Pioneer Drive—Five-room modern home oB five acrei. This would make an Idea! country home for the couple who Hkel horseback riding and baa atock. Noi to. far out. Wingland Square—Five-room home, modi 51-11 throughout, well landscaped lot. Tali place is practically completely furntihed. including refrigerator and washing mai chine. Total price $6750, good dowl payment. Lomita Verde—Lovely 6-room home, onh 6 yeara old. Living room, 16x20. batl with at*H shower. ver>- nice kitchen, loti of clipboard!. Rear yard fenced and hsi barbecue pit. Double garsge. Tola In Oceauo—Three acres, 12 cablna, atora living quartera. gas pumpa. This ii fumiahed and a going concern, ahowln) good Income. Prtstoi owner all alom and can't handle. Will *el< all fa total price of 110.600. price ISJfcO. cubatantial down. 1S1J ''Eye' Street $-?-! MODERN. 2-bedroom home on large !o on Potomac avenue. Home is moderl and in about 6 years old. Nice aize liv ing room tile in kitchen, hardwooi floors. Price $4500. some terms. k Two-bedroom home in good condition Twenty-second and C streets Nice cor ner lot. Price $3500, terms. Lovely 2-hedroom home on Oregon stree near Mount Vernon. Close to hue lin and Htores. Home is shout 6 years olr and is modern in every way. Fltio furnace. Venetian blinds, lovely yard Rear yard fenced with attractive fence Price $5600. terms. Large 3-hedroom home with three bathg Home is on Nlles in Alia Vista Tract larKe lot. 3-car garage. Home is futf riished with lovely prewar furniturfl beautiful hardwood floors, large llvlnl room, lovely kitchen, larg'j bedrooma Owner moving south. Price $13.0011 one half cash, balance $66 per month Phone 2-9224 220 Hs-herfelde Butldin Askfi F Street—Close to Beale Park and sj schools, an extra nice old home, thra bedrooms, large living room with fire place: lot 94x116; $6600. O Street—Very close to courthouse. I dandy duplex, well furnished, rentinl for $45 each aide; $7600, or terma. Five Courta—All furnished, each has liv ing room and bedroom, kitchen am shower; community wash house witl washing machine: property renting foi $113.60 per month, should be more.'Thh propertly nearly new. Price $9000, 01 terms. Skyline Park—An extra, nearly new harm of two bedrooms, large living room witt fireplace, fine yard, in fact an, out standing home. $8000. New Two-bedroom Home—Immediate* poa- sessio. : $5000. terms. Three-hedroom Home—On lot (56x300 feet, on Sterling Hoad, for $4350. terma. Investment on North Baker—One 6-room home, very nice, anu three rooma, furnished, over garage, all for $2000 down. Grace Street—Juat west of Baker, Bice 2-bedroom home for $4600. terma. .1. T. fSy) Wicker. 1660 Chester Phone 2-0239. Evenings 2-3895 or 2-B4K.1 32 Two-bedroom home on acre, chicken equipment, outside wash house. Juat vacated, so you can move right In. $3250. Just off Pierce Road—Large living room with floor furnace, dining room, dan. two bedrooms, lovely bathroom with tile vanity. Almost an acre. One of the nicer 3-bedroom homea on anra of ground. Double garage, fruit treea, chicken, equipment. Two-bedroom, almoat new home, floor furnace, hardwood floora throughout, double garage. Older 2-bedroom home, large living room. Kcraen porch across entire front; now barn, chick'en equipment, acre of ground. $3600. Will trade. Vacant, ao immediate poaaeaaion. Home and three furnished rentala, eloM 1.0 bun and achoola. Thla will pay good interest on inveatment. Three-bedroom. bath-and-half home on large lot on much-traveled boulevard, close In. Corner ideal for ahop, warehouse, nil supply equipment, well drilling equipment. Well-built 3-bedroom home, haa refrigera, tor, range, other furniture, double *a> rage, all for $4750. Cute little house, one bedroom, with small rentnl in rear; can be used for one family or live In one and let the othei pay for all; $2700. 1953 "Eye" Street $15.000—Three houses on an acre ef ex) cellent soil on South Oak street. Thli Is one of the best Investments offered for some time. Front house ts a lovel] 2-bedroom sunken living room, kitchel with Jots of tile, dinette, basei»«ntj floor furnace, thermostat. Thla» I rented for $66 per month, unfurnished Then there la a dandy 3-room garag apartment furnished and rented for (2 per month, and last, a nearly new am modern 4-room frame residence, hard wood floors, floor furnace, lovely dlnett and kitchen, bedroom and bath, alsi furnished and rented for $46 per month $4000 down, $76 per month, • per cen' Interest. $11.000—Five completely furnished rentall on nearly an acre of excellent loll, roonj for several more which could be bull later on tear portion, now In alfalfa am fruit trees. Income $122.60 per month tenants pay all utilities; $4000, $75 pel month, 4 per cent Interest. Will consider trade of both of then fa suitable cattlo ranch. , o ii e 126 Chester Avenue Phone «-«7 Beautiful 2-bedroom home, excellent eo ditlon, bath and shower, nice slue II ing room, kitchen with plenty built-in lots of closet and storage apace; garai and laundry room; (10-foot fronfag $4260, substantial dowrt. •o no FOR SALE—Reaaoneble. large l-rool house, with bath, service porch: hi stationary tubs, also automatic g water heater. Lot 62x127. large garaV Furnsihed or unfurnished. Will •< equity. Bee owner. 131 L street. Ca any time. j

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