Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 2
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ildi^.rii OM ft^UMd. *^*»*Jii»w ana one »p«:iw. ^..^^^^^^.^.%m,^ ^^.A^-^vl Captain. Donald ttt L« l«to Ltrerr. PkaMJ • A. ChHalmaa Window. TilJB. HTflw York store .which pre- BeBU«.aii Kattnctlve holldar appear- anffjiii^DW* kas a very handsome dis- pltf^inidow on the north of. the en^ tni^vli^ftkcf crater bludtgrpond ia a weidfi Saa^ who is aurroonded by elabwale crMtpiaca ot nediwear, rib- boi^ Jad, the; latest dreas acceaaoriea. A Ji$Tor reflecta the tints.of the ac^ tiC^sot^that the window seema ailed wltH^BQler 1^ the al>e U maenllled In ^voilMaiBi way; HoUy ribbon tor %DiivtaC^«Ut parcela i«. strunsraboat -Mrit^tlw.epinbss! pins and orfiamenta fort the hatif oQier: -aiaar sttsBesUons ^ to4|Hir€kri« mi^shopperv Kntf. w» ml»a4«h9 piHed the atore today-jon-. eoaa^ooalr paid., .many compUoienta - to vtbeMlt^rs deoorators throofh her .praiowtad inspection ot the trimming displayed. • • + Chapel «eelal. Mrs; B. N. Jones and her assist^ anta artanfed a. merry social last even^ for iraplls of the Builder's 8t|n- dayriAiBel and their friends. Rafreah- -m«Bta,'W«r« .aenred'and attlclea tbr CbHstaaa glfta were sold from bootha. One of -the featares- of the eventns waa< a aeries of pictures thrown on a ' canaaa. A* larre nnmber of yoaag ' people^ were there and the entertain* neat was trerr informal. . • . To Spend Vacation Here. - Mlaa Elva WcCall and Miss Blanche VaacBnakirk who are attending the PItttimrK •maanal training' school. Miaa liaeOe Knglish. who is a stu- - de9t:<at the Emporia normal, and Miss FlMwaee! Thompson, who is at Unds- boik. -Will be amonic those who will be-iA home late in the week for their Chfistmaa ^aeatioa. • -• Have Holiday Party. Wie P.rK. O. ^apter Is one of the sodal organisations of the city -whitii will eatertaia daring the h<di- daya. It Is the custom tbr the diap- ter kavB one party during the year for httsbaads and gentleman friends ot-^«ke anmbers and this year the 'p^urty' win oeoir on Wednesday., December 30. The hostess win be Mrs. Pratik Riddle. • • Royal Club. M|r8. A*. H. Phillips will have an Informal: party on niday afternoon of thir.weelc; The jBrat announcement of the mbeUttg was for Thonday. .To 4eive -Banqnat The Miaaionary society of the First M. B. dinrch will serve.the banquet to the Jfedleal society tonight • • • P. e. O. Meeting. ~. Mn. W. o. Anderson charmingly 'enlertained the P. B. O. chapter yea- tfrdiy-afternoon for the fortnightly . wmRtir.' Because of the approaieb of JklPhoOday aeaaon and the work - trlneh.M.Buay of the members are do- Inr .te pivpare girta, the aftamoon —im datoted to aeedlawork. Mn. An. datioB aerved a dalidoaa Inncheoa U$^fec/.-«kise of the aftamoon and piasa lor the holiday party were dis- aaked frienda for an informal dinner lOB Friday evening. Pxaortwiva Cluto. The Progresslya- dub of 43as City tonigjit w|bi. >Mrs. J.,B L iBwtcy'. This jyipfram will, be given: i Ran • Call—Quotations from French Athora. Baper—The Ascendancy of France Itinder bonis XIV—Mrs. F. F. Pre- verti leader. ." ' Hiatory. Page 420 to 453—Mrs. Roy ! Taylor, Leader. . Home Next Weak; MIMI •J>d> a«:^pir^lih aa I waa lb clKafluSiaeeB I'm "afraid ahell have to earn her.Uv|ii|(,ln apme way," i "Tften let oa eoasliler hbir the col- lt|tt,.MaiMhm ya«| a<ii ala^ Jtahaid int place, aa regarda auRlage, yon •ra ahattUv b»r awa^ ftom men dnr- teif ^ ot tke' moai attractive yeaM S bcr>Il^M ^OQ aaa aiRag -hea with, a of bli^r education, none of which "Wm lit her to be a,good wife, but %ilt«.tba<»i9|^ty.JC^coS9» girl, af «• rule, doca At tturjr «a«ly. ahe la »ot K MKMaa adclRilyi ««A ^9 hfu Bona of .thoae.,Mf|.,,llttia| alra and tnem wbkk ntli 4 jittl JM4>ular with both naa juid woaeoL. She hi ao high- m« BIS. Pe«H.r ami Mh. i Maa, &a1SSp ?ff a ^S^^ 22 ori^rpe..who a* .ttejdha^^j^lS^am^^ Park univaraity In St. :ara expected home next week for a i VlaH Laalia Camnball. lfi>, camrlaa Riiiaaberg of 8t Louis ait£nia-^Mi^-to be the guest of Mr. Holmaw. Ha win remain here for tbalSiMafveMeiL Called Maating. There was a'called meeting ot the Aid society yesterday afternoon at They wTlI probably arrive next Inesday. i . • Vlait In Vataa Caalar. Mr. and Mra. F. A. Whgaer. Miaa Edna Wagner. Miaa Agaea Wagner and Mr. Harry Wiagner wUI apaad .Ghristmaa in Tatea Center. • They will be gueau ot Mr. and Mrs. N. Parish. Mrs. WKnefa parenti. Mlaa Kauffman Laavas. Misa Kauffman who haa been vlait- ing Mr. and Mra. W. & Xaalfman lor wveral months,, left today-for bar '-liome in Ohio. > Mra. < Banffman accompanied her to Kabaaa City and -will spend several daya there. • • • / In HiNnbaldt. Mrs. J. P. Duncan and her guest Mrs. H. Kuhlman of Wichita, visited relatives in Humboldt yeaterday. • • • For Miaa Warren. Miss Bertha Warren, 70fi North Aid society ye«te«»y "Sf™^",:!;^ Chestnut street was surprised by the First M. B. Auroh. The •esslon, ^ trlenii last evening at her was devoted to bualneas and the com-.? *' _ mittee which was-appointed to make out a menu for the Baker banquet reported to the society. Endeavor Meeting. . Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Lemastera entertained the Bndeavor society of the Christian church last evening for the business meeting. Those who were present entered into plans for Christmas charities and other work with interest A" gift box to contain wear- lag ^apparel, articles for the house- hpM and school supplies is to be sent to a -Mlaston school in E>ubudo. New Mexico, where several missionariea are stationed. The box will, be prepared at once and sent before the tolidays. I A new idea f6r work-has been sng- Igested by several of th» offlcera and the new outline which is- to be made jont will be adopted Jn a short time. Uaually the meetinga are made in- atructive by the Introduction ot pa- para and readings to explain somis certain topic which. is selected. The new Idea is to have the topic leiaoaa alternate with a study of books of the Bible. The regular meeting of the society will be held on Sunday evening, pre vious to the sermon. • • • To Kansas City. Miss Delia Irving will leave an Sat. urday for Kanaaa City, to viait her sister. Miss HalUe Irving. 4 • 4. To LIvw In Indaaandanea. • Mr. and Mrs. C. A- Hutchinson will leave in a short time fbr Independence. They will make their home home. Several of the gneata came down on the evening train .tram Ot: tawa and were happily entertained with muaic. Thoaaj in attendaaoe were: Misses Flossie Fbllln, Minnie Slnnlns. Ruth Senner, Gracia Kinga- ly, Grace Orsbum. Mr. Allen Thur well. Geoffrey Kynaaton, Clifford Rev el, Ralph Beaumerville, add Bernard Maddlson, all of OtUWa. Misses Myrtle and Clara StilwelU Frauds Kllmek. Lydia Alterman and Florence Hall, of lola. «• • • For Miss Fitagerald. Miss Alice McGowan will entertain a few girl friends on Saturday evening. The honor guest will be Miss Grace Fitxgerald; *** For VisHIng Old. Miss Clara Baughaum of Montana who Is visiting relatlvea here waa honor guest at a party at the Jiome ot Mrs. C. C. Glazier. 223 South Buckeye street last evening. These frienda #ere present Misses Bvelyn Howlaad Norma Resaler, Linle Ressler, BDi Bortnett Maude Winetts, Clara BaUghman, Measrs. Janraa Wbodin, Oelgamo, William Burtnett, Harrison Barton and Glenn Core. • < • AW toeiatyi The Aid society of the Baptiat church wilt have a meeting-oa Tbai» day St half past two o'ctock at-, the church. 0"} fib ade wn eaipb^ aatf Clrisl^ A Mf^ai.lw » ««^«c^ <• (• ~ ->^,f»-"Bart;-apktt»-»i1liiri VMJBct !• PiM CM* ^ nut Bba«y TaM^JSaC 1m ttm> <^ there. To ViaK in Enf^ria. Mr. Carl 8alaer,,wllt leave on SU f LI orday tor hia home Ift. Bmporia. He' ' will spend the mid-winter vacation there. - - ! Scnfffi^'-Mwte -TotfAjTa .^Ladlaa of ^^Drtat^ Aid aoeietjr am havlag aaieapada^ aaeeaaatM &y at tb% huaar. Tk«;<bwtka win fliBt: ba dooad uBtll toalght .8adv:it •oaa today aa wnaaally lafs«<.MB- ilmr of vlaitora were. «at8italaad^ flop:' -Win be aerved thia evealag aad of- fancy work' and other arti- af «tter Big CUft 4:4 4 I ViaHad; In Chanale; { A'group of ladlea. aamberaet the Bmbroidery dub of tola aM-Lafttiik ware fa Chaaate yaaterdair Car«a:4f- taraboB patty. Tfedr htokaaa iraa Mrs; RMgaavy. who fonaerir Hved -la Ibehaiged ttfithh dub;.'«BdHtlii» Ivmr MioyaMa wttb g^.-« aat-atbw Tar«rtal|ii)i"r , lallM.MN la the JpftiK;:, -1 f^m^^ I!''-.;gEf'!S^^:wu5iTBP-^lrl for general houae- i .tli^^ Jaitel ^aMM —— _„v._« Call ,t 220 East ^^^^•fki^nM^r(M*eTedlta^ tite • Tkti-Mliflt'-tDiaamii-. ' AHaa county. baaMaa heading the list of ooaatiaa la-tfea-aahrarslty cata- Idgua. I» .ooa of tha flratr ooaaUcii in .tha BOiaMir aad «<M]lty «f atadaatatt taenda ttfTKasM iu4yarBity. TUayaar Meaty-Uiree atudedti arJs earblM from Allen county, fourteen ot when eome from lola, thre tram La Harpa I Mad. four, from HtnboMt. Out' of aik taan boya fron the eonaty, elevea are IthUng engineering,, three college, one law and one apedal. The giria all «ork; no waahing. jKraet. WANTED—Aif expariaaced girl for liotnework.: Wtt^Baat atreet > WiNTiiiD..3H> BlNT—About Janu- iM»» cloaa to; aaat^aWe pre- Aetpif Apply to R. O. Works. Bfe and makes tahrdware. bnaln^if. becoihaa KKOWS MOBB TsiK RXB RTTSBAltD. the bride'of a college profeMior, she feela she knows more than her bus- band, and that does not tend towani married happlneaB. If you want to make, a leamea. woman out of Marcia aend her to college» but If you want to make her a happy one, contented with her husband and her home, don't j The Age ef gpsclalUatlon. 'Now as regards earning her llr- bv. Don't ypB realise that this Is the age of speclailxatlon? What doeh geii- acal kaowladge do f^r any one? Wby. oothteg. Ton hava' to know aona par tkiular thfaig aad do It thoniitglily. Un laaa you want Marcia to. become a teacher her four years in eollega won't do har a bit of good. After aba laaras tbara aha will know Latla aad Greek and a few seieocaa, hot of tha real haafaieaa workaday worid she' wUi be dbadataly Ignorant, and, mark m; worda, y»a will have to sand bar to it laaat six .months to aoma trtlnhig debod where ahrcgn ba tangiit aooM- ttilag-pfaetteal, wUeb iwiU^Mag bn iimemky-. VfK'tay dear mji If.yoti tUa elMhet la vlaw the ,]buda (tatft- Ufl -'TDataelf to< acta awMv la ^wdar 40 -aaad her away tp tha-. very 4iM« ihOOr wflMidjp) her Mm iMUft" Hadtth Mawia Ha|jf|hrtatf.'. rU aMMHfniNBdB',iaiIlMd' aMiitlui^p^a^ w^:^' - tsaltlqr #oinJeu la thla wddd aatffil^- «r Tiatoiiaty ooea.. ,.Meat of the ceMltlbaa ,#a balMi« aijiilll ata Jaal da phyUh^' aa^ titbr letaiik:' •••• Takaycare of fviif. body, and yonr -w^l gtatefkil^ ttko can' of yoo^ J aiiAW,^llapaaltloB.T- • - .. aad anttiaieay doo^ ga well aHi^'mtKiflam.r- naggtn*.- wtCa^rarli J^:m<MNr'a%|rth:-'la w-*-*^ • bdtttft"triM-'ii:|il^M^.fl^ ..^^n'll^^aitt^^ l »8a ^flaa.J^Mi.^Maawhare:' 80, that VfMSt-^^^J^i^^^^^WSt^ »frtft^amr aalsL 8ia oar ^ J&idbttB IwlinTahiarlitail w^. u«iiuHu. <<u>Mi.. ^ Hupe for four ytera thaatar tackle oa the pcaa- aaa foot ball team aad .captain In '06. ia one of the beat known atudents on the hill. .His wondaithl Itooti ball r«<oord - alone has made Um tamooa among the vtudenta; but ba haa< alao been a member ot the athletic board for two yeara, and last year he coached the freshmen toot ball squad. He ia a memiber- of the Unlveralty T. M. C. A. aad was Ita, vies. preaident last year..- He Is doing good work in-thi engineering school and will graduate thla year. CatI Bath another well knoirn student is glsd to aay he is flrom -Allen i county. Oarl hales from Io|a«nd like all atudenta feoni' - that. ooon'ty. has mixed widely li| untveraity-aftairs. Ha Is prealdent of the eaglneertag adtool and preaMeat of the AUea' ..County club. At tha em^aear'a banquet December 7, he will give a speech in behalf: of the atqdent body. He wi:i graduate this year. Archie J. Wdth ia another student from lola that haa made good... He.Is a member of Sigma XI. the honorary scientific" fraternity, and is an. expert in cbemhrtry. Ha la taking post grad nata vork this year. Fred 0. Apt of lola, haa the disUnc tioo of, bdng tha only atudent from the county taking law. He ia a middle law and ia doing well. He made himself famoua last year when he helped to close the Joints in Lawrence. He Is a member ot the Big Alph fraternity. Robert Aaplnai;. Archie Whith and Claude .of lola. and George Weith, of La Harpe, are all rooming together at 1308 Kentucky atreet. They are all taking engineering. Hattie Tenner and BeaUe Hendrick of Humboldt and Florence and Grace Bedell, of. lola. are all rooming at the •anw house, 1141 kentucky street They are all dnrolled In the arts school. . Roaooe . Podsel, Ray Taykir. Gus Weekly and RccT -Taylor, of. lola are taking engineering, while Ethel Bennett and Mildred Manley are in the college. From Humboldt Harry Lehman is in the college aad Frank PickeU Is taking engineering. Rosa Forney of La Hhrpe is 'an engineering student and .Earl. Taylbr is a special. The students from Alien county b&ye' organind themaelvea into a county club and will give a tMuquet in lola to the graduating: claaa from tbe high school during the. .Christmas faolitfays. Cari Bali ia president ROBT. JOHNSTON. All those wishing to answer letters written by children of the Orphan's Home or In any way contribute to their Christmas are requested to leave gifts at the Shields' shoe store. MRS. L. F. PALMER. -IK MJUtjirEL'' DEAB. >rell Kaawa Hew Tailr Aaihor Sac- eaaiba at His Haa*. New Haven, Conn., Dec. 16.—Donald Grant Mitchell, "Ik Marvel." diisd at hia home in Edgewood last night . Mr. Mitchell waa born ia, Norwich, Conn.; April, 1822. and gradnatad it Yale In 1841 with the degree LU D. He studied law In New York and In 18B8 and 1854 waa conaul to Veolcf. Since .tftah be haa lived on hia farm of Edgewood;, As an author, among hia latest productions waa "AnMrican Lands and I/eUers." On tha laiatlM. Engineer MiO. Hehaniaji weat to lola yesterday with awlteh aagiae No. 2303 whl«h haa beea ta<"taa' round- hboie bete for rapain. It haa rMn^ tared the service at - Iola.MAaant« Sua. * Over Barrdfi. Hall at Add WAliTX$—Two yonng ladiaa to to- lldC C. F. Floranea, Booma 10 and tL, Bvaaa Block. WANTBIV^All Uada of second hand ihoosAold furalture.—The lola Fuml- tara l^cbanga^ A. W. Beck, Prop. Phoois SB. . , WANTED—lola property to ex- ^aaga fo^ Kaaiaa aad JII MOUT I land. Golden Wast Land Ca Oafcd over Iowa gtbre, lola. Kaa. FOB BENT—Eight room, modem bouse wilh bam; 520 South Walnut. Phone 249. FOR RENT—'Two furnished down- i^airs- roona for light faousakeeplng. Phone 1294. 228 North Third. FOR RENT—House at 203 North Walnut Inquire Allen County SUte Bank. . . — - JOHHi & WOOOOr, IL nyaleiBB aad 8Brg<ak • • • Phaae 1«L * • • • • ... DB. XelmXEir*. Special attention given to the treatment of all tHirOBle IMseas- ea and Diseaaea^ot OUldran. Telephonea: Oflfca 3>,-Bea^ 233 Office over Burrell's Drug Store • • • Phone 687. . Haa. 70L DB. B. 0. GHBkSTIAH physlciaa aad SttgMa . Rooms 7 and 8. Bvana Bldg. • • • • • • • • • • « F. H. MABinr, • Surgery and Diseaaea ot Women. • Ofltce and Residence Phone. 576 * Office 7 North Jetteraon. • • • • * FOR SAljEf-Fiae residence lot one block from atraet car line •n4 one blodt from high school; Phone 412. FOR SALE—Barn. Inquire Pepper, 16 West Madison. Dr. FOB SALE—Two Bush 4 Oerts pianoa ^li^Uy used, left with me for sale by Chanute parUes. These are bargains. John V. Boberta Music Store. FOB SALE—A 22-aci)e fruit and tm'elc farm, 2 miles nortti ot Oaa City. Gobd .bo ^om land. J. W. MemiUams. Oaa aty,.|L JL;.!,. , ' _ •J SB LOST—Gold ,nedc beada'yeaterday on Sopth Sycamore or on or within square. L«ave at tlifs offlrc. Reward. Six Clear La Harpe rwiaence<>.|7U00 ind-13000. Caah..for merchandise or /arm. W. ajjaahart. lola. Bag. 9 00000 000 0 0 0000 00 PUlBlilC SAM. O 9 Four years e.xperience' In the sale O a ring preparea I me to give nn- O 9 equalled and guaranteed .service O b aa an auctloneier. My' service free O ts constu^tly rliiglag' then days. Now Is -the. time, yon know,, to have aU th<;. wm&er dust cleaned out of your oarpiBta:.. ll^e' are busy, but your order w;lll reedve.pronfptjand careful aUenUon. Phone na today. lout mS FUTOIIY ii .tfnf •iWt- ymr^ Phone 687. Baa. 70L • DB. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Bar, Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A O. U. W. Bldg. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoaat old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street Lodge DUtctm OIGHTS OF PITHUflL^COtbo Lodge No. 43 meets ey^ry IfMiday night at K. of P. Hall. Vldtlag brothers invited. W. 8. Tboo^Moa, E. C. Ohria Rltter, K. ot B. •bd 8^ KBrifliiTS OF MM^imun^ Knlghta of Maccabeaa of tlia World meets in K. P. Hail aecoad af 4 fourth Saturday nlghUot each iqonth. j W. Fostwait commander; R.' B. Por[ter, record keeper. W. 0. W,-€amp No. 101 meeta to T. Steefe, C. C, A. H. Davis, Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. iL W. A^The ,M. W. A. ^ga meeta every Friday nlg|it W. A. Hall. ViaiUng brothera ^tovited. F. C Coffleld, V. C, W. A. Cowan, Clerk. _ BOTAL IfEI€|HBOBSr^Iola Camp No. 365, Royal Neiglibors. meeta aee^ mid and fourth Tuesdaya of each month. Mra. P. A. Wkgner. oracla. Mra. Mary Hutton, 413 Weat Street Recorder. FBATEBVAL BBOTBEBTOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No^.S^S meeU second and fourth Thursday of each » .„ month in A. O. U. W. HaU; Vlsltlag O for a tew salei. Reference, Allen O jenibers cordially |ni««I. W, H. Ari- P. Ca SUte Bank. E. B. wien. O. iT"' " ^ »^'- aPboae«35. .. 1304 N.-JdXeraoa O p o 0.0 o o o o o o o o o o 00. A eneralda, raligc In front See tiietrL . Mr. Trad^jr is Hem*. BaprssentatlTe J. T> Tredway was over from LaHarpe today attending to buslfaesa at. the court house. Mr. Tradway returned a few {daya ago froBi Gblesco.whara f (tt. six wsaks ho snpariateaded the bolldiag of a bonsa fdr his aoa Guy aad helped him get setUed in Ms new home. Mr. Onj^ Tiwdwayla with a teaeberar employ- 'meat haireaa aad throagh him nuay aehools la' Kaaaas and Oklahoaw have hhra stmttMlwlth taachaia. The new hMe lato wUeh ha feaa Jrist moved is ia th« aabarb, HOaMwood. - - - • •garlat Favar Caaa Impfowaa. , - Maggie^ the.alx year eld daughter mm: aad Hrft Jeaae Howard. wbo\ -^JB with aearlet fever, la reported IPantroved today. . ' l^rMdr SiElnff la aarrM. . Neiri.Tork. .Dee.- IC^lte report Httat Fritai: Sdbeff; th» obrale op^ Wv^.' . Mm! Tog, jr., the author, baaa^etly mafrliBd on Bvadiiy .obaQtated by aa otOcau aaabuaeoj It Uiil^aight Thay^had; been eiar' fdrUbBW tlaaia aai*-1^'weddiag ,ao aurrpriMi. Mnt'Ibg appearad^ aight.-aa aaaal la-a prodactl<m la lt;abe IS aUrrlag. -rhfr. weddhig piBeO dt the hoaie iif^^Mr. Fbx'a ' Rector Fox, at Mondt iOaobv' • r FOR CHILDREN The Hafda Shop, by Louisa Gariiett lllnstrated in. colors and black, by Hope' buniap. 'BeaUr BaMes, by Elisabieth Brownwell illos- tratad from real photographs of children. Peter Pampkla la Waadaelaai, by Ida M. HtuchaaadBK pie- tnrfs and drawings by'lfory I, Hunt BsMwrelt Bears iWasd by Seymore Baton. Little Waami, ^•.-.r- Louisa M. Alcott adw sjgMdal edition, (rfetufaa from OSi jS^' doUar. edithiak A .Mghiodt:. over 200 lIInatrattoBK. oU •but always new. Only |t.00. ^ 'BatHi of gpBMing epateirts,.br; Bllye Howell- tllover. Kavdflea .nilL-Hiw ta. ^JtliS' ; TKaJBiv fuiijf Higittfitei J.. Tha^Kew -Ear' i«*rtS thist ara- waahaUe. faxt.odora; jdst U M thing for this little folks; HuBdreda of old hooka ltt«k* dresaea. prettier and etiliUi^^ than ever. Better come id-aadj look them oveV now beforij^a Tuab^ ' '.

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