The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 6, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 11
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— • ---- 1 •• ™ T — 1 I I • • • • • • • • • ^^B- •— -v^ ^^^^•^^W^F^VW^F'^^^^^^V^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^B^P^FP^FP^.^^r^^V^^'^^F^^^^^^ ANOTHER BKLT—Aviation Chief Metnlsmith Peter Robertson in- trifcts Sergeant Joe Lewis in use of lifebelt during heavyweight champion's visit to navy base in North Africa, where he is on exhibitions. Skillicorn Holds First Qualifying Tee Round TKRHLK F.KArir. Calif.. Sept. fj. Skillicorn, AVatsonville, \viih a :t7-12—Til, led the first day Mualifyiny round in tlie state championship golf lournament over the Beach links, were Gill official entries. The main qualiTying- \\'ill JK- held day wJtli the record field seeking "I places. Defending Champion Klmer elites automatically qualifies for tliii'ty-socoiHi place. Match play in the championship flight starts tomorrow. <>f the lilU entries more than 'J:"iO were on hand for the championship event; more than 3f)0 showed up to seek the handicap crowns for those of seven and ahove handicaps. Ahuut 10(1 oldsters were seeking the senior tillc. *'hief conlemhTs for Ihe championship, according to experts were: Cities of Stockton and former champions, Jack Haines of nicrulalo, .l!t:^. r . winner; Jack C.age of Sanlu Harhara, Ht:U); Ernie 1'ieper, Jr., San Jose. 11141, and Johnny Oawson, IJollywood, 1H42. Pieper also is the present state open titleholder. HOW THEY STAND I'.U II 1C (OAST I.KACil'K MS A S;i n I 1 ' I'urt hi \\ \V"n Tit t * 'i i .1 It;". T t 74 7S 7S I', i r ^ i t • 111 (Ml 1 ] ;i u . 4 »i I . 4 -1 S 17 1'-» ',3 jo 's KrsnlN A nx **!*':*. 10; II oily wnod, 7. r :iih IM-U. T, I Moiulitv'H ns A nii' \\ s, ?.-;{; Oakland. 1 1 oil \Mvuud. 'j- 1 :i ; San Frnn* is( u. S;ni liM'^n. 4-7; Per iland. Il-J. Seal lit*. .J- } , tSarratnt'MU), 00, llo\v St'rirw Ktulnl Sari KrHm'-wru. 7 ; llnllywiifid. 3. < laklanri, ft ; ] .**H AimMlf'S. 4. I'm i !a n*I. ;» ; K.*n Dimn, 4. Sf^allie. fi; .SHCTM jnento, ii. GumrH Tonight 1 _ns \ n^*'IcM a t Hnll vwiiuiL Si i a ( I U* at Sa n T >M*^n. Pur i land ;i t Sa<M a ni"nm, (.»aklnnd ill San Krarn i^n. . • o. AN IJ«;A<;I K "t ruit. 6. inly 0, played >. onight MOVIKS—IF IT DOKSN'T KAIX PAIMS. Snpt. «. «>P)—Tho thenU*rs of Tnris will open Sulurday—if it dof\sii't m in. It is jjMssihlo lliat the nponinj;^ will be rnllfMl nff on nn-ount of M*p;Uhnr bi'fuuse tho thrillers are forced to operate in daytime with opon i-fi^fs. Pnulnrprs imj^rovispd mirrors that ratrh IiRhr t hi'ouf^h the opon rout's and rfflool it on the siaup. *- r u: a o inly clubs H m - - NATION AT, LKAC.f \Vuil St. Km !'i: i.slmi .H r r -t ^ it;'3 •••' L, York Hrnuklvn .4ii4 3.' hrhnif.1 T 1 7X .4(t.", 41 ' 2 St. 7,on is. 4-M; (.'ini-innaiJ. u-4 Today N il / A quiet evening at home becomes OCCASION with delicious Bourbon c/e Luxe! A good book, a comfortable chair, and a bit of Bourbon de Luxe... there's luxury for you . . . quite within the rules of simplified living recommended for these times! To enjoy bourbon at its mellowest, ask for this whiskey, by its full name. Iraifhl - .- y ,V-Vp .' ^_* . /.'.*.' \ \ j • * f r r t H ' ' J • ' - * i f* r . fn \\ '.' - J 'f. ,-S Left all BACK THE ATTACK! BUY E\T*A WAR BONBS Kern Wholesale Liquor Co, t Exclusive Distributors, Bakersfield 93 Proof ANGELS HOLD 10-GAME LEAD HOLLYWOOD IS SNOWED UNDER BY ANGELS 10-7 Hy I'nited !'i "s<> The I,os Angeles Angels held first place in the 1'acifie O»ast League today hy JO games after defeating the Hollywood Stars, 10-7, last night, as San Francisco virtually gave away an S-7 decision to Oakland. Portland, idle last night as were the .I'arifie (.,'oast League's three oi her cluhs. moved into a second place tie with the Seals. Southpaw Kay 1'iini of the Angels was credited with his sixteenth win of the season, as Los Angeles collected 11 hits from four I lolly wood moundsmen, starling with Cy Ulan- ton, who was blamed for the loss. The Stars, however, outhit the Angels, gaining U from Prim and CIcorge Cornelias, who went to the showers in the eighth. The lead in the wild and woolly San Francisco - Oakland contest changed hall' a dozen times as the Seals made five errors to Oakland's three. Kill Werle was charged witli the loss. Weldon AVest, making his first appearance on the mound since reporting to Oakland from the St. Louis Browns, was the winner hut needed help fium Floyd Slromme in late inn ings. Haberafielb Californian Wednesdoy, September 6,1944 v^-^r. Magic Mirror Putter Said to Be Invented t •:•='«%:«:•:•> •'• • .. * • • •»fc - * FULL GRIDIRON LIST SCHEDULED 24 GAMES FOR EAST, 16 SOUTH, 12 MIDWEST Browns, Yanks Still Battle for American League Lead , s- ]>t, Tho ar.'i h..M .<-,v -.j.-...^ ;i-Mii«t them. into the ' r < - <s hn.miis h-- h;n allowed i • out nn foil r sta rts. •1" innings ; XKW YMI;K. S-pt. «. H*.P> K ha II f:t n<. u 1 lin ti>cil I o depend mi I |U' l»ig ilitrt'Scri ional g:illies for till' spin 1 in iheir \\erkly ^lidirnn menu, ran hank nn alnmst a full allotment thin Vf.-ir d"spil*> \\arHmp travel dif- ficultit's, ;i check of the schedules revealed today. The inaji'i* rioss -coiinl ry and inira- COM fen-lice limit's \\ f'l'O rat ionetl in ' IH !•>. hut the schedule makers de- ': eidcd to restore a nmnher of them ! I his year, despite the fact that h is goilli; tu take ;i Int of dlrarv m % in day coaches to fulfill the XKVV N'aiinnal I..;.i;u.\ «,.., ..,! . . harkgromm r.-e»-n!lv h\- th" excite- i hut fn;ir ! ! " 1 '-' ;)n 'l na * phut thorn * •> .. . j- nient iMiiscd in th» liuhr r.ire for tho American l»;;i;i]*' henn.iu'. tn.lav had ... r i i 4 M. J-niH-- and y;i\>« up onlv orifi run. its Hist jn t:; lim , \MiMHMu' ptMu-rs of ; ( " no ,,,,, s ;M , imph U;tM ar hiPVPd he through Tho h-minim pft'ort.s of hi* '1 s ; brother. <'at--h.>r \V;»lkf>r Cooper and U-im.y Uthwhil'T VVnlk- homr-i'-'l in th" first innincr with in .M"i ' ' '"• eireijit U-adint;- Si. I ,ouN ' ';' and Hat \Va liers "t the i 'MM hi si split n inir t liV *' fc nt *M-»-tI T I Sinn Mnj--i:il • n Mi" K;is»-s nrnl first PHI no on ;i six h if «•! H ;illil thn K«'ii> "i s : :ilso U'MS on u h^-n r.ifn-hilnr hit hi« '"• ; in fhe riini h. Tmiimv F'** \ li<» .' i I i o u r ( ] h • 1 1 six h i r s , \v ;i s t h «• int: the niyht<-;ip hy Mi'- saii;e -i . \\"aliers' six-hit ler. t er's' dmuina t i"U d" ; lie i '.M last nmhf was prnlon.trai jnii "!' "le inaster\- of them a!! s< 1 |e has started a gainst f • rliMinpinns on six o< c;isi. son. Walters. ',h'- hor ni£:)>r pirrh^r in hasr-ball. \v;js uiv-n a two run \vork- " inp mamin in th- fir^r innine nhen ^ 1|S his mates reached I.ofry May Lnnifr ( ' ;i " e,*u'!y in the cam*-, ftnlv nnp f.'ar- '"' dinn! reafhed thin! h;is^ against th*» IX)S ANGKLKS, Sept. 6. ^—Having trouble KinUiny iour pull.v, Mr. Golfer? Hob MacCona^hy, depart men t of and power employe, has in- a sure-fire putter. "\\'iih it, h*j pays, nothing short of a hic- cough can prevent you from plopping the pellet into the holo. You do it with a mirror. The cluljhead is a small woodon block with a plastic face and a lead sole, attached to a two-foot shaft. On top of the clubhead is a small mirror at a 45-deRree angle. To line up the ball with the hole, you look into the mirror and turn th* 1 clubhoad until the bull and hole are on the beam. No more bobbing "your head up and down to lake aim. SENDER AND RECEIVER—Dorothy Croon writes and receives let- lei's as rapidly as she goes after ball catching for Kocki'oi'il .Peaches ol' A II- A merit -an Girls Professional Softball I*eagup. ('urn'.spi Hiding with Nil men and women in armed forces, she has been ciied by coast guard. Delano Tigers Will Meet Cubs in Second of Series Sweden Bars Doors to War Criminals STOCKllOlvAr, Sept. 6. Sweden will bar its fruiitiors to war criminals and ret urn to their own countries for justice, any who "slip through." Ciiistav Moeller. minister of social affairs, declared in a speech last night. "Onr policy so far has been to keep our frontiers open for refugees" said iVloeller "hut it should not. he concluded that Sweden will be open, or is prepared to grant asylum, to those who by their actions have defied the conscience of the civilized world or betrayed their own country." With the throat of sudden and a terribly final doom always hanging over their heads, the Delano Tigers tonight at 8:L'(), or thereabouts, will meet the Hakersfield Cubs in the second and what can conceivably be the final game of this county's own base-bull "world series." Tonight, at Sam Lynn Park, the Delano Tigers will find out—possibly as early as 10;.'JO, certainly nut later than Ii —if they are still in a contesting position for the 194-1 baseball championship of Kern county—or if they are just an "also ran." They'll find out. with terrible certainty, if they still have another of their nine lives to live—or if they had alrnady squandered eight of them before they started the contest. Just a week ago tonight the Tigers and the Cubs met in the first of this t\vo-oui-of-three "world series." At the end of a. torrid nine innings the Tigers, despite a furious four-run rally in the ninth inning, were on the front end of an 8-to-6 score, with one game of the series behind them and faced with the necessity of win- l*rrvioii» I'uzxle PUBLIC OFFICIAL HORIZONTAL , 1 Pictured U S.'". x '^assistant sec- v retary of Navy 2 ;for air. 11 Fish eggs 12 Verbal 13 Before 14 Novel 16 Be indebted 18 Age 21 Like 22 Us 23 Cost, iosur-) a nee and freight (ab ) 26 Stinging insects 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 iO 15 17 18 1 9 28 Musical study 20 30 Follow/ 31 Fear 32 Foolish -, persons 36 Wall unit 40 Get up 41 Small particles 42 Telegraph (ab) 43 Sodium (symbol) 45 Zirconium (symbol) 46 Nevertheless 47 Lieutenants (ab) 48 General Eisenhower's nickname 60 Exist 52 Black 55 Pedal digit 58 He is in charge- of 23 24 VERTICAL Measure of j area International language Five and five Cuts grass Chaldean city, South Amer-' ica <ab > Glisten Golf device Erbium (symbol) Compass point Simplicity s Unwanted plant Female sheep Sped Donkey Stage signal Feminine PRASED name 2.S Provided food 27 Tugs 29 Provide medical care 42 Obese 33 Native metal 34 Lubricant 35 Transmitted 36 Recreation area 37 Blow on the ' head c 38 Australian bird 39 Landing ship tank (ab.) 44 On the ocean 45 Metal 47 Bulgarian coin 49 Greek letter. 50 Any 51 Egyptian sun god/ 53 Bismuth\ ' (symbol)* 54 Either 56 Concerning \ 57 And (Latin) ning tonight's £;mie or losing the series ami the chnmpiunship which ridos with the winner. Only it' tliL- Tigers win will the series go into the third same. And to prevent *iny conniving, those who are in char*;*-; have already publicly umiounred that tho rontHsting teams can share in the proceeds of only Ihe first twn games. In other words, if the Tigers win tonight, both teams will he playing in that, third game simply for ihe love of i he sport— of which all mrmhers in both squads have plenty. The Timers, dub tonight, will probably field about the same nine that showed Mich valient spirit last AVednesday t veiling, with either Oregory, Uerdivanis or K easier—or maybe all Uiret—Betting tho pitching call. CnpP will probably do the receiving. The rest of the lineup which was ahlne to slap out 10 safe hits off the redoubtable Demaree in * the first game, will probably be unchanged. The. Cubs, gunning for their second win and a quick and successful end to the series, will shoot left- handed Jim Brown at Delano as the starting pitcher, with Demaree moving over to play first base. Jack Brown is definitely slated to catch, with Uceago on second, Jones at short and MeOaniels at third. 1'arker, Walker and Wright will be patrolling the outfield. Tonight's game appears to be fully the equal of last week's torrid opener, with maybe a few curlicues thrown in for good measure. The Tigers are apt to offer the hard-hitting Cubs nothing but curves to bite at. since they have two excellent curve ball artists in Gregory and Derdivanis. Lefty Jim Brown. extremely wicked when he's right, may lose his usual good control or those right- handed swingers of the Tigers may find his offside slants to their liking. Liceago, a natural third baseman, may falter at second and Jones, one of the best outfielders in the league, may, in spite of his speed, fail at short. There are a lot of "ifs" in tonight's ball game. The only positive thing is —IF the Delano Tigers lose, the world series is over and the Cubs have the championship. It should be mighty interesting to watch. Nearly two do/en first r!ass inier- soi.:tidiia! Barnes are schoduled for eastern lorriiory, \\ ith alumt 1 ."» in l ho s«m i h. I - in t lio miilu est. ^ in (lio llneky moii n ta in art- a ami only 1 of tlio wost r-oast. Noire Dame, as usual, is iho oul- standhitf midwest team with the "wandei lust " all hmmh .Miehii;an Slate, which didn't even play formal font ball last \ oar. is bark in with several outstanding i TOSS-I-OUIII i*> font est s. In the cast, Army, \a\\', Pit is-' buri;!) and Penns\ 1 vania. are ^oh.t; to ha\o most of the int erseet lona I business, while in t ho soiit h. Uuko. Kiee. Tnlane atid Tul.--a are slated t.i do son if wandering. AHhouKh soheiiule;? as yet a ro not all corn pie te(i, t ho tup inierset tional games hy weeks will include; Sojittt'mber -o — Kansas vs. Texas Christian at Kansas City. Mo. September 30 --Navy vs. North Carolina at Annapolis; Army vs. North Carolina at Wost Pnint: Pittsburgh vs. Notre Dame at Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania vs. Duke at Philadelphia Kansas vs. Denver at Denver; Minnesota \s. Nebraska at Minneap olis; Ohio State vs. Missouri at Columbus. October 7 — Oklahoma VH. Texas A. M. nt Oklahoma Ciiy; Miami of Ohio vs. Hochoslorat Rochester; Louisiana Slate vs. Kieo. at Houston. Texas; Tulane vs. Notre Dame at South Bend, Ind. October 1-1— Navy vs. Duke at Baltimore; Dartmouth vs. Notre Da mo «t Boston: Pennsylvania vs. William and Mary at Philadelphia: Mk'hiean State vs. Kansas State at Kast Lanslnp: Indiana vs. Nohraska at Rloomlngt.on, Ind.: Minnesota vs. Missouri at Minneapolis; Tulane vs. Hioe nt New Orleans. October 21 — Navy vs. Ceorwia Tech at Atlanta; Pittsburgh vs. Illinois at Pittsburgh; Tulsa vs. Mississippi -'»t Memphis; Oklahoma A. and M. vs. Denver at Denver. October 28— Army vs. Duke »t New* York: Oklahoma A. ami M. vs. Texas Christian at Oklahoma City; Clemson vs. Tennessee, at Knoxville. /LVnn.; Tulane vs. Southern Methodist at New Orleans. November 4— Navy vs. Notre Dame at .Baltimore; Pennsylvania vs. Michigan at Philadelphia: Missouri vs. Ohio State at Columbus. November 1 1 — Army vs. Notre Dame at New York; PiUsbur«h vs. Ohio Stale at Columbus; Maryland vs. .Michigan State, at Kast "Lansing. November 3 S— - Navy vs. Purdue at Baltimore; Yale vs. North Carolina at Now Haven; Pillshurtfh vs. Indiana at Blooming-ton; Tom pie vs. Tennessee at Knoxville, Tenn. November L'H — Yale vs. Virginia, nt New Haven; Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech at Atlanta. December Ii— Miami vs. Tulsa at Miami. December S — Maimi vs. Texas A. and M. at Miami. ANNIR OAKLKY—Although only IS, Skipper ^'inski is dcCcndin^ queen in two events in grand American trapshoot at Vandalia Field, Dayton, Ohio. A year ago \Vellshnrtf, \V. Va., miss hecnme first, to win both preliminary and grand American handicaps fur women. hrcakhiR 00 out oC lou each day firing from 17-yard line. T,. A. RAIL Cl. T T ORDfiRKD SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 6. (UP)— The California Railroad Commission today ordered nn approximate $840,000 reduction on an annual basis In I-o.s Angeles rail and bus line rates, expected to go into effect on October 1. '•MU.OOO ,IAI» CASUALTIES CMl'NiJKINCJ. Sept. «. (^-Tbe nese asserted today that the .fa pa had su f fered i 1 .144,000 casualties among' combat troops plus "(iOO.Ono to their garrison, supply and transport units In the rear' 1 during* tho eight years of war through June, ;u. Chinese casualties \\en> said to total li.SOll.l^O. Wednesday, Thursday Noah • - • - Cartoon Sport News PRE-WAR MILEAGE Mickey Rooney in "Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble" Rosemary Lane, Johnny Downs in TROCADERO TEAM-TUG MAT MATCH—A rio- tlous tug-of-war will be featured nt Ktrelich stadium Wednesday ni«ht as Danny McShaln and Anlouo J.euiio meet AVild Ked Jit-rry (above) and Abe Coleinan fn taK battle. Kenney Ackles, will meet Paul Bo/.zell In the twin i-wind up, t \vo-oiit-ot-three. .'-'. WALTER BRENNAN in "HOME IN INDIANA BUSTER CRABBE i CONTENDER Twenty-fourth and Chester 1027 Baker KERN COUNTY MUSICAL ASSOCIATION 1944-1945 Season Ticket Sale on Six Stellar Concerts EZIO PINZA MARIAN ANDERSON BRA1LOWSKY BALLET RUSSE SAN CARLO OPERA ISAAC STERN Open Daily at 12 Noon Wednesday and Thursday Tom Neal, Jean Bates in The Racket Man BUSTER CRABBE AL ST. JOHN in THE DEVIL RIDERS Latest March of Time CARTOON NEWS "lie inftinU »n eating hit corn 00 the rob in prl?»te!" Mail Order* Now to Trary'a Music Store, 1623 Nineteenth Street Tickets at $12.50, $10.50, $830, $6.50 Students: $8.25, $7.25, $6.25 ami $5.25 (liit'luding Tux) Two Spam Ims PECADO MADRE DOS FOR hast lost six this ppustin and seven. f n t h** onl v oi h« r MIH.JI schedule'!, i he I )et rnir. Tiger?' the American Leagup pennant race by beating the Chicago White Sox 6-0 to draw within two gaiiu»s» of the \>w York Yankees and a jraino and H half of the second place St. Ixmis Browns. Southpaw Ifal Newhonser tied hi^ teammate Dizzy Trout for the lead in hurling 1 victories this season when lie acquirer] his twenty-third with a ^ix-hltter against the Sox. His mat PS asted the offerings of Joe Haynps i fru- n hitfl. including 5 extra base i sinashos, in giving 1 him sn»od offen- ! 5=ive. support. He allowed hut two i < 'hiragnans to advance as far as ; third base. FOR VICTORY BUY BONDS! * t 20th,/wH si . - -, f NOW—Doors Op*n at 6:45 Bm^^^^^^^^^^^ ^•^^p^^p^^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p»p*p^p*p^ •year-old YOUR With WARWICK Ted DONALDSON AND Tom Conway in "The Falcon in Mexico PLUS— The MARCH OF TIME "BRITISH IMPERIALISM" NOW SHOWING MOVED OVER for ALL BAKERSFIELO TO v ••-*. v^-vy. .V-. "~ •--.'. -** 1 - -. •t, m WITH Barry FITZGERALD PLUS THE MARCH OF TIME "AMERICANS ALL" NOW DOORS OPEN 1:3O IRENE DUNNE ALAN MARSHALL FRANK MORGAN The White Cliffs of Dover 1 ' CO-HIT KAY KYSE SWING FEVER Continuous Dally From 12 Noon NOW V^t \ Marjorie Reynolds "Up in Mabel's Room" Claire Trevor "Woman of tho Town"

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