The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on February 3, 1986 · Page 15
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 15

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, February 3, 1986
Page 15
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Swedish peace prize winner Alva Myrdal dies Saturday at 84 Help Wanted 249 ! JIM P4LA\ER Tr.j C Vi i for experienced o<«er^"e- [ ro run team cc* o' t>e Sa' >na area Quaii^ca^ons 25vears ! aider tr-ree >ears over t K e-<-ca«3 ex ! cerience a clean driving r *ccrd •>* f orfer fyi; benefits 31±s >cc CJv rcr : mere infor~ia»>cn cal 1 ' WC-5J8-." '0 The Salina Journal Monday, February 3,198* Page IS Help Wanted 249 Help Wanted 249! Qood Things to iart STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) Alva Myrdal, who received the 1982 Nobel Peace Prize for her unceasing died, the newspaper Aftonbladet reported Sunday. „ - Her daughter, Kai Foelster, and a efforts to promote world disarma- granddaughter were reported to ment, has died at a suburban Stock- have been by her side when she died holm hospital, one day after her 84th birthday. She was the wife of Gunnar Myrdal, who shared the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science in 1974. She had been bedridden for two years, and the cause of her death Myrdal Saturday was not immediately known. Funeral arrangments were not immediately announced. "We will remember Mrs. Myrdal for light and happiness in her conviction and for the strength and breadth of her deeds," Prime Minister Olof Palme said Sunday in a statement. "She dedicated the last decades of her life primarily to fighting for peace," Palme said. During her long fight for disarmament, Myrdal received the first Albert Einstein Peace Prize and three other peace awards, and nine honorary doctorates, five of them at U.S. universities. She never lost the enthusiasm that attracted international attention from the moment in 1961 that she pleaded for a nuclear test ban treaty in her first speech as Sweden's delegate to the United Nations disarmament conference in Geneva. She became increasingly critical of the United States and Soviet Union for what she saw as their unwillingness to work seriously for disarmament. "The actions of those who lead the superpowers are governed by a deep lack of reason and common sense," she said after winning the Nobel Peace Prize along with Mexican diplomat Alfonso Garcia Robles in 1982. Born Alva Reimer in Uppsala, Myrdal was visited by Palme, her Sweden, on Jan. 31,1902, she grew up husband and other kin just before she in a middle-class home in Eskilstuna in south central Sweden. She married Gunnar Myrdal in 1924, shortly after she was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stockholm University after two years of study. Myrdal studied in the United States and Switzerland and received her Master of Arts degree from the University of Uppsala, north of Stockholm, in 1934. Myrdal was a teacher for 20 years, a longtime defender of feminist causes and an expert on population matters. Her first book. "Crisis in the Population Question," was co-authored with her husband in 1934. She was named head of the United Nations Department of Social Affairs in 1949, and later became head of social studies for UNESCO, the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. She became Sweden's first woman ambassador in 1955 when she was named an envoy to India. In 1966, she became Sweden's minister for disarmament. Although she resigned seven years later, she continued to lecture and write on peace and disarmament. SEED EXPERIENCED person in SaUna area to sci'Ci* *r e ,gh' ; Seif-riot'va"ed. pay on cco-missicr. r-rust be familiar *vi»n *r-vc^ ^.SI.'I.HC: I business. Ask tor Jerry 3'6-a6»-6eeJ j NOW HIRING Waiters ard »a>> iresses. public and criva»e. day Nxrs and evening hccrs- Apciv ir person a* GuTierrei Res T a'j<"aiT '^35 Sccfr- Crio. WANTED INDEPENDENT in- INCOME OPPORTUNITY As scarce coneany needs Tiui!'-i<ne'sembie products at home No experi adiasrer •c«or\asaresideofadiusrer' ef . c » o, ta its Call ! 5'3 5*M?2». E»f ir nays, <anws : years oius ewi ij$3._ _ e<-«-eeced. guaranteed salary plus "~ " "" Sa ! es- excellent incen'ive orcgram Benefits i 10-oi. K.C Sirloin Steak, 13.1$. Full Dinners. Union Station C«f», 71t Blsivp i--*O',eje cemoanv car health and lite re*>er-enT Please send resume *o Opeci-fLr-iN P o 5o.x 1573. Salina. EXPERIENCED BCXXSEEPES ! CLERICAL oerscn Full-time pcsi- ; Hon. Typing, re'ephore '0 kev Apply in person. Salina Area Chamber cf i Commerce. 115Wgs' Irgr ; RADIO ACCOUNT Executive v.itn i minimum 2 years experience Pref crabby RAS trained Send resume to K.NNN Radio. Box IMC. Salina KS : 67402-1280. EOE FULL-TIME Medical Assistant. Coening tor person with nursing or o*nei- medical background. Ex- cerie^ced ir- assisting doctor wim parents in special tests, scheduling ap- and keeping medical re- WANTED COCKTAIL Waitress, part-time work starting minimum wage. Can K5-«S3? or apply in person arter5cm Sale Barn FULL-TIME DAY waitress or coo*, and Ml and part-time evening wait ress and coo*. Applications will be; taiven at Broadway Pizia Hut^ DRIVEWAY SALE SAWN must be hone" dependable and nave me-, chamcal ab.iity. Apply ,n person. «am cords. Send resume to Bo.x J-155.1*" 1 Ramada »». IMS North «th Salina Journal, PO.6o.x7JO. Musical Instruments ELHCTRIC HAMMOND Ooanwrm 25 note pedal board. Leslie ton* c*M- net and extra cable Excellent condition Priced for Immediate sate. I AW lenel 2«3-10»4. HOHNER ACCORDIAN, ISO DM*. 7 shift keys, excellent condition. «J LOWERY TEENIE Cenie rytftvm eroan Keys and music marked. C7- K75. Typina GIBSON SG and Peavey - po given birth »o healthy child- Medical expenses and living' . WANTED OLDER road-wise! expenses i$»so. month) paid tor ten i drivers for Van Division, tf states, j months. Call «!3-n3-!344. Hagar In- 1 D.O.T. qualified with 1 years in last 5 stitute TooeKa, Kansas FOR SALE Ellington uprtgnt p4- [ ano, 1150 tlrm »13-?43-3W. after 5pm, Miscellaneous 311 ... : years verifible experience 913-823-3862 (First Published in The Salina Journal January 27.1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS THE BENNINGTON STATE BANK. Bennlngton, Kansas Plaintiff vs. THOMAS IEO BARRETT and JANICE CEILE BARRETT, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA through the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, and CAPITOL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Defendants. NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE Case No. 84C-107 Notice is hereby given by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of Saline County, Kansas, In the above-coptioned case wherein the ponies above named were respectively plaintiff and defendants, directed to me. the undersigned Sheriff of Saline County, I will offer for sale and tell at public auction to the highest bidder for cosh in hand, at the front door of the Courthouse in the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas, on the 18th day of February, 1986, at 10:45 o'clock A.M. of sold day, the following described real estate situated in the County of Ottawa, State of Kansas, towit: The West One-half (W/J) of the Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of Section Eight (6), Township Twelve (12) South, Range One (1) West of the 6th P.M., except a tract of land situated in the North Half (N/2) of the Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of said Section Eight (8). described as follows: Beginning at the Northwest corner of sold section, running thence East 186 feet, thence South 336 feet, thence West 186 feet, thence North 336 feet to the place of beginning. Also excepting a tract of land situated In said Section Eight (8), Township Twelve (12) South, Range One (1) West of the 6th P.M., described as lollowi: Beginning at a point which is 186.45 feet East along center line of Highway K-18, thence Southeast on a bearing of SOO-H-IIE 50.00', from the intersection of center lines of K-18 and FAS 1060, to the place of beginning. Thence Northeast on a bearing of N89-18.52E, 239.11 feet: thence Southeast on a . bearing off SOO-03-01 E, to an existing fence on the right of way line, 381.71 feet: thence due North • along said right of way line to existing property line fence, 352.20 feet; thence Northeast along said fence line on a bearing of N89-42- 47E to a fence corner, 142.83 feet; . thence Northwest along existing . fence line on a bearing of NOO-11- 11W, 371.63 feet to the place of beginning. •to satisfy the judgment in the above- captioned case. Said real property Is levied upon as the property of the "defendants, Thomas Leo Barrett anc Janice Celle Barrett, and will be sole .without appraisement, subject to the .said defendants rights to a six month . redemption period and further subject to the defendant, Small Business Administration's right to a one year redemption period, and further subject to the approval of the Court. Darrell Wilson Sheriff of Saline County, Kansas Attest: Betty J. Just Clerk of the District Court KENNEDY BERKLEY YARNEVICH « WILLIAMSON, CHARTERED 710 United Building P.O. Box 2567 Salina, Kansas 67402-2567 (913)825-4674 Attorneys lor Plaintiff (3tsp! You ore required to file your written efenses thereto on or before the 19th ay of February. 1986. at 11:00 o'clock "i.M. of said day, in said Court, in the ify of Salina. in Saline County, .ansas, at which time and place said ause will be heard. Should you fail lerein. judgement and decree will be ntered in due course upon the peti* on. All creditors are notified to exhibit leir demands against the estate ithin four (4) months from the date of he first publication of this Notice, as rovided by law. If their demands are ot thus exhibited, they shall be for. 'ver barred. CYRIL J.HABIGER Petitioner kftest: ohnWeckel Associate District Judge "ORMAN & BAREFIELD 05 West Second Street Minneapolis, Kansas 67467-0247 913)392-2133 .ttorneys for Petitioner Seal) (3tsp) (First Published in The Solino Journal January 20,1986) STATE OF KANSAS, SALINE COUNTY, ss: IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of HARRY CHOATE, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS The State of Kansas to All Person Concerned: You are hereby notified that on Ih 13th day of January. 1986, a petition was filed In this court by Anna E Choate, widow and heir at law of Harry Choate, deceased, praying for the ap polntment of on administrator of the estate ol Harry Choate, deceased. Yo ore hereby required to file your writtei defenses thereto on or before the 12tl day of February, 1986, at 10:15 o'clocl A.M. of told day, in told court, in the city of Salina In said county and state at which time and place said cause wl be heard. Should you fall therein iudgment and decree will be entered ii due course upon said petition. AI creditor! are notified to exhibit the! demands against the told estate with) six (6) months from the date of the firs E ublicotlon of this notice as provldec y law, and If their demands are no thus exhibited, they ihall be loreve barred. Anno E. Choate, Petitioner MARIETTA, KELLOGG S PRICE 146 South Seventh Street Sallna, Koniai 67401 (913)825-5403 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp (First Published In The Salina Journal January 27,1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS (Probate Division) In the Matter ol the Estate of Christella M. Pietchl, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS CaieNo. 86P-11 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You ore hereby notified that on th 22nd day of January, 1986, o petito was filed in this Court by Cyril Hablger, an heir, devisee and legate, and Executor named In the Last W and Testament of Christella M. Pieich deceased, dated August 27, 1974, ai In ^the Codicil to the Last Will ai Testament ol Christello M. Piescl deceased, dated May 13, 1976, prayli that the Will and Codicil filed with th petition be admitted to probate ai record; that he be appointed as Ex cutor without bond, and that h granted Letters Testamentary (First Published in The Solina Journal January 27, 1986) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS 'HE BENNINGTON STATE BANK, lennington, Kansas Plaintiff THOMAS LEO BARRETT and ANICE CEILE BARRETT, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA hrough the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, and CAPITOL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Defendants. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Case No. 84 C-l 07 Notice is hereby given by virtue of an Order of Sole issued by the Clerk of the District Court of Saline County. Kansas, in the above-coptioned case wherein the parties above named were respectively plaintiff and defendants, directed to me. the undersigned Sheriff of Saline County, I will offer for sale and sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the front door of the Courthouse in the City of Salina. Saline County. Kansas, on the 18th day of February. 1986, at 10:30 o'clock A.M. of said day, the following described real estate situated in the County of Saline, State of Kansas, tawit: Lot Six (6). Block Eight (8). Shalimar Plaza Addition to the City of Salina. Saline County, Kansas, a/k/a 2012 Mission Rood. to satisfy the judgment in the obove- captioned case. Said real property is levied upon as the property of the defendants. Thomas Leo Barrett and Janice Ceile Barrett, and will be sold without appraisement, subject to a six month redemption period and funher subject to the approval of the Court. Darrell Wilson Sheriff of Saline County. Kansas Attest: Betty J. Just Clerk of the District Court KENNEDY BERKLEY YARNEVICH & WILLIAMSON, CHARTERED 710 United Building P.O. Box 2567 Salina, Kansas 67402-2567 (913)825-4674 Attorneys for Plaintiff (3tsp) KANSAS'S FUNNIEST banquet en ertainer! Comdedian-Magician, Rex Geti. Manhattan, 913-776-0846. Classified Advertisements DIAL 823-6363 Or write PO Box 740, Salina. Kans. 67402 10 Words Minimum, $1.50 Minimum Charge 7 times, per word 52' 31 times, per word $1.93 Cash with order SAVES YOU 1 time, per word IS 1 3 times, per word 35" SO' postage and handling charge on want ads if cash does not accompany order. BLIND AD SERVICE SI if replies picked up S3 if replies are mailed Rates apply to residents in Salina retail trade area only. Open rate is IS' per word or $9.00 per col. Inch per day on weekdays, $9.60 per col. inch on Sundays. 10% (Plus the 50' handling charge, for ads placed 3 days or more.) (Add 4 words for Blind Box Number) DISPLAY CLASSIFIED ADS Will be accepted until 11 A.M. 2 days before insertion, 4 P.M. Wednesday for Saturday 11 A.M. Thursday for Sunday One day earlier than above if over '/> page. At least 1 day earlier than above on holidays INDIVIDUAL CLASSIFIED LINE ADS One column wide in type this size Will be accepted until 1:00 P.M. day before insertion; 10 A.M. Friday for Saturday; 1:00 P.M. Friday for Sunday. The Salina Journal will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. SALINA JOURNAL WANT AD CLASSIFICATIONS n. Funeral Directors & Monuments In Memoriam Card ol Thanks Amusements, Events Personals Special Notices 39. Lodges Clubs 45. Lost Found Strayed 49. Schools-Instructions 55. Alterations & Sewing 59. Appliance TV Repair 65. Baby Silting 69. Beauty & Barber Shops 75. Bicycle Repair 79. Bookkeeping-Taxes 85. Carpentry & Masonry 69. Cleaning 95. Clocks-Watches-Jewelry 99. Electric Service & Motors 105. Furniture Repair 109. Glass S. Glazing 115. Healing & Refrigeration 119. Hearing Aid/Supplies 125. Laundry-Dry Cleaning 129. Lawn & Garden Care 135. Lawn Mowers & Engines 139. Luggage Purses Leather 145. Nursing Rest Homes 149. Moving-Storage 155. Office Machinery & Equipment 159. Odd Jobs 165. Painting & Papering 169. Pest Control 175. Photography 179. Piano Tuning & Repair 165. Plumbing Sewer Service 169. Rooting ' 195. Shoe Repair 199. Trash Hauling & Cleanup 505. Tree Trimming-Removal- Spraying 509. Upholsterlng-Carpetlng- Draperies 91S. Mlictlianooui Servkei 219. Word Processing 237, Special Inltrejt To Wprntn 245. Cale, Motel Help 249. Help Wanled 265. Salespeople Wanled 269. Employment Opportunities 275 Situations Wanled 279. Business Opportunities 285. Loans-Insurance 289. Want To Buy 295. Good Things To Eat 299. Musical Instruments 305. Wearing Apparel 311. Miscellaneous 335. Rummage Garage Sales, Flea Markets 339. Antiques Coins-Stamps 345. Furniture & Appliances 349. Air Conditioning Heating 355. TV Radio Stereo 359. Business Equipment, Computers 365. Building Materials. Tools 369. Construction Equipment 375. Flowers. Plants, Trees 379. Pet Stock & Supplies 395. Farm Equipment 399. Farmers Wants & Services 405. Seeds. Feeds. Fertilizers 409. Livestock & Supplies 415. Poultry & Supplies 429. Public Auctions 433. Sale Dates 475. Furnished Apartments 477. Furnished Houses-Duplexes 479. Sleeping Rooms 481. Unlurnished Apartments 483. Unfurnished Houses-Duplexes 585. Room Mates 589. Houses-Lots For Sale 593. Want To Rent 599. Investment Properly 681. Business Buildings, Sale Rent 683. Business Property For Sale 685. Oflice Space 687. Real Estate (out ol town) 689. Garages Parking Lots 691. Farms and Farmland 693. Real Estate Wanted. Exchanged 729 Sporting Goods 733. Boats. Marine Supnlles 731. Alrplinei 737. Mobile Homes 73?, Cimperi & Trailer} 761. Auto Service & Parts 763 Motorcycles Bicycles 765. Car, Truck Rentals 767. Cars & Trucks Special Notices 35 BOGEY BURGER SAVE 20' Ea. Offer Expires FEB. 14, 1986 11 am it) pm Daily 9th & Kirwin Salina 825-9478 Pre-arranged Ambulance Transfers to and from Hospitals and care facilities. Staffed wifh EMT or Paramedics at all times. Local and State wide. We can assist area Ambulance Services to remain in their community for emergency calls. Medicare BC/BS VA USED BUILDING material. !»«. ;x» :xs 2x10- 16. Some treated tx 11-14 BENEFITS AVAILABLE for fuilj and » some treated. Uo. Ul «*•*(time assistant In doctor's office. Wllli ing. Miscellaneous lumber, plp«, train responsible person. Write Y-915. Salina Journal PO Bo.x CERTIFIED GERATRIC aides. Appiv at Kenwood View Nursing Homes. 835-5471 EOE EXCELLENT INCOME for part time home assembly work for information call 312-741-WOO. ext. 2050. Box stove, double wall heaters, forced etf furnace, stools, lavatory*, urinats. shower, water heaters, window*, storms, doors, tlorescent llohrj. iignt fixtures, electrical boxes, fire brldi, glass blocks, buildings fop be move4- Bob Smith Salvage ' WANTED: FULL-TIME, npm-7am RN's. Contact, Beth Wllleat PlalnviHel 9i3^j2-2»5, Rural Hospital. SCHAEFFER ICE Cream dipping cabinet, displays 12 flavors, stores 14, used 2^j years, excellent condition. EXPERIENCE CRANE operator for bridge construction. Equal Op- portunlty Employer. 316-2&M1QO. NOW HIRING CNA's. full time on the day shift. Call for appointment. Shalimar Nursing Home. K7-X5S9. ATTENTION: WOMEN AND MEN MANAGEMENT TRAINEES. TRAVEL Olan Mills Portrait Studios needs 4 trainees for telephone sales office managers. You would be: 1. Working smaller to medium towns - state wide. 2. Away S'i days per week (home weekends only). $15,000 annual earning potential. $200 a week while in training. Motel, car allowance and corporate benefits. If you are: 1. Prefer over 22 (or responsible). 2. High school graduate with four years full time working experience and/or college degree. 3. Career Minded/Good Communicator. Retail, jewelry, cosmetics, telephone sales or marketing/teaching background helpful, and homemakers now free to travel. For personal interview call John C. Hall's office TOLL FREE at 1-800-543-5940 or 1-800-543-5921, Monday through Thursday between 7:00 am and 6:15 pm ONLY! Please call before Thursday, Feburary6. EOE M/F BAHAMA MAMA Looking for weefcerx) waitress h«lp. Excellent starting pay. Apply to: 145 North 5th, 827-2176 NOTICE Classified Ad Deadlines 11:00 AM 2 Days before insertion for Display Classified. llam Thursday for Sunday 4pm Friday for Tuesday. Ads over Vj page 1 day earlier than above. The deadline for WANT ADS and deleting want ads before normal expiration 1:00 PM day before Insertion. 10am Friday for Saturday 1 pm Friday for Sunday. 1 day earlier than above when holidays are Involved. The Salina Journal reserves the right to edit, reject, reclassify, or refuse any copy. l-« — —— — « i PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD! • i § and call before 10:00 am that day for any needed | • corrections (1:00 pm Friday for Sunday correction). • We can then give you the necessary credit and cor- J I rect your ad for the earliest possible edition. The | Salina Journal regret? that we cannot be respon- • sible for any errors beyond the first day if you fall " to tell us about it. '1 I The Salina Journal Classified Department makes • every effort to avoid errors, but when we handle • hundreds of ads each day, most ordered by tele- | phone, mistakes do occur. • Please check your ad the first day of pyblication • Sales SALES CAREER OPPORTUNITY Every Institution. Industrial plant, farm and agriculture industry, contractor, municipality, and transportation firm In this area could use our products. We are a division of a Fortune $00 company looking for a proven sales professional to represent our line ot fasteners, electrical terminal, maintenance chemical, welding alloys, shop supplies, small tools, truck replacement parts, and specialty Industrial products. We otter: • Protected territory • hospital/group Insurance • In-field training program • substanslal commission • quarterly bonus program • pension-stock purchase program • no Investment • no overnight travel If you have succestul sales experience and the ability to develops your own territory, we can offer unlimited growth and an opportunity to build a future In sales management. For a local Interview call, Jim Pastula at 1-800-3488513. Fastners Inc. A Nortek Company Equal Opportunity Employer M" CURTIS MATMES console TV with stereo. 6 years old In excellent condition. Also !'. », 10' rallrtwd tie*. Call evenings. tn~1601. CUT FIREWOOD delivered. Mlnd- oalk, hedge, and otherv For Inform*- rion call E5 SJjj FIREWOOD -HEDGE. $7S/cortl picked up. tU delivered In Salina. m- 83*6. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS desk calculator, and square box-style end table S25 9794. 1 THREE tiered glajs-chrome shelves. Excellent condition. Beet offer 823-1036 after 6pm. SEASONED HARDWOOD, split. stacked, and delivered. C3 *»15 or to- SS37. DRY FIREWOOD. Ajh/Hjckberry, Split/delivered. 150 a pickup load. «B- 7390 after 4pm. ROLL ENDS ot newsprint, tt.S) each. The Salina Journal, t CRUSHED DRIVEWAY rock, haul and spread. Firewood. 123-tm. NEW MOBILE home axles tires, 3l6^454-3»4i after ipm. WOOD GRAIN Kitchen caMnttt. See at 1311 Easl Iron, after Sony FIREWOOD FOR sale. 823-V594 or 837-1IW. Delivered. DRY FIREWOOO-Calltn-laW. Lost-Found-Strayed 45 LOST: St. Christopher medal and chain. Inscription, 'To Jay, Love Susan'. 825-8503. Reward. Schoolc-lnttructlons 49 CAREER EDUCATION • choose from 9 career programs. You deserve the best. Call Brown Mackle College. (913) 825-5422. PIANO LESSONS. All levels, 15 per lesson. 825-7569. H«lp Wanted 249 ADMINISTRATOR OPPORTUNITY- A licensed Adult Care Home Administrator Is needed In Lincoln, Kansas for a 73 bed ICF. Competitive salary and flexible ben eflt plan offered. Apply now to loin a quality facility with an excellent reputation. Send resume and references to Mid-America Health Centers, 400 Board of Trade Center, 120 South Market. Wichita, Kansas 67202. FOOD PRODUCTION Manager. Established restaurant In Salina looking for experienced person to work Into position of responsibility. Morn Ing and evenings necessary. Paid va- Insurance and chance for advancement accompanies cation, further rigorous routine. Send resume to Sam Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 6193, Salina, Kansas. Equal Opportunity Employer. ST. JOESEPH Hosptlal, Concordla, KS Is taking application for a certified respltory therapist or a register res- pltory therapist to provide clinical services. This is a full-time position with competatlve salary and excellent fringe benefits. Contact Personnel Of flee, St. Joeseph's Hospital, 1100 Highland, Concordla, KS 66901. EOE M/F/H. EXPERIENCED GENERAL Mot ors Technician. Knowledgeable on engine manual transmission and final drive assemblies. Aggressive small town multi-line GM dealer. Phone 913 472-3101 ask tor Jeff Holm or Jeff Hoffman. Funeral Directors • Monuments 11 WE ARE proud of our reputation for the finest In workmanship In every memorial. Granite • Marble • Bronze. MEMORIAL ART CO., Inc. 1608-10 South 9th 823-2981 Personals 29 DARLING, MEET me at the Union Station Cafe for a K.C. Sirloin Steak, they're only H.25 this week. PREGNANCY UNPLANNED? Birthright cares. 1414 South Santa Fe, 823-3113. Free tests. Confidentiality. Personals 29 DRINK AND Eat your way to a better feeling about your health, friends and security the Herbal Way. Ask me howl Debbie, 825-1011. Special Notices 35 COMPLETE WEIGHT loss program. No fad diet. 100% guaranteed or your money back. For more Information, 913-483-6273 or 913-483-6877 or 913666-4262, ask tor Alan. Ron or Don. LOSE WEIGHT the Herbal Way Proven 100% Safe and Effective. Krlsty. 823-3889. EASY ASSEMBLY work I 1600 per 100. Guaranteed payment. No experience/no sales. Details send self- addressed stamped envelope: Elan Vital- 636, 3416 Enterprise Road, Ft Pierce, Florida 33462. SALINA NURSING CENTER Is now hiring CERTIFIED MEDICATION AIDES for 3pm-llpm and llpm-7am shifts. Apply In person only, 1007 Johnstown, between 8:30am-4pm Monday thru Friday. EXPERIENCED CONTINUITY WRITER for radio station. Include samples of work with resume. Write Box Y-914, Salina Journal, P.O. Box 740, Salina, KS 67402-0740. EOE SECRETARY: Postlon requires knowledge of double entry, book keeping, and capability to type 61 words per minute. For appolntmen call 827-7244. A.H. Leckband & Co. CPA, Chartered, Salina, Kansas. SURROGATE MOTHER NEEDED. Bring |oy to a childless couple. Ar tltlclal Insemination. Must be healthy, over 21, given birth to healthy child- (ren). Medical expenses (WSO/month) paid for ten months. 913-233-1344 Hagar Instltute.Topeka, KS. CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. (913) 823-6363 I I I ,J Business, Personal and Professional SPECIAL-SERVICES In Easy-To-Find Alphabetical Order. S»l«»p»opl« W>nt«d 285 PROGRAM ADVISOR- To help promote sales seminars nationwide. Must be well groomed, personable, able to travel and relocate. 130-40,000 first year potential with bonuses and management opportunities. For Interview call Bruce Tanner, 825-2111, ext. 117 on Monday, February 3rd, 10am-5pm and Tuesday, February 4th, lOam-lpm. Business Opportunities 278 550+ CERAMIC molds, large var- Ity, popular brands. Mixer-pouring table, electric wiring supplies, decals, paint, greenware, 2 adding machines, air brush with compressor, table, chairs, paint shelf, mold belts, paper shredder, and more. All tor tt.SSO 913 243-3407, Aurora. Alterations it Sewing 55 ALTERATIONS: PANTS, coats, apels, zippers, dresses, skirts, lined coats. Monday- Friday. 9am-6pm, B27- 386. SEWING, MENDING and alterations, shortening skirts and pants. 825-4737. ALTERATIONS, MENDING -Any Ind, Zippers, pants, skirts. Neat work. 823-8054. IRONING AND Minor alterations done In my home. 825-1911. Baby Sitting & Child Car* 65 KRISTY'S KIDDIE KARE has lull time openings. Licensed, references, lots QtTLC. 823-3889. REGISTERED SITTER would like to babysit. Reliable and reasonable. 823-9329. LICENSED DAYCARE Provider s openings. Sunset area. 5:30am- 11pm. Noweltare. 827-4966. REGISTERED YOUNG Grandmother with references wants to care for newborn babies, 133 North College, 827-7990. Carpentry ft Masonry 85 DIEHL CONSTRUCTION, Ronnie and Jerry. Basement walls and foundation repaired or replaced; Landscaping to stop water from running In leaking basements; Deadmans Installed In leaning walls; Underground lawn watering systems Installed. Concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks; Roofing siding, fences built, framing, drywall, texturing, cabinets, paneling, plumbing, electrical, etc. Pictures and references of previous jobs. Over 20 years experience. Free estimates and financing available. Licensed, bonded and Insured. Senior Citizen discounts. 913-827-3804. JERRY JOHNSON Construction: Basement walls and foundations repaired or replaced. Let us waterproof your basement. Will repair cracks to stop water leaks. Landscaping for proper water drainage. Concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios Installed. Pictures of previous jobs with excellent references. Quality work with financing available. Over 22 years experience. Licensed, bonded and Insured. 913-823-7791. RITEWAY DRYWALL and Con structlon Company has the best rates for your remodeling needs. 14 years experience In drywall, concrete, room additions, all phases of construction. 827-9720, ask for Larry. G & G CONSTRUCTION. Concrete, carpentry, rooting work. Remodeling and new construction. Insured, II censed, and bonded. 825-0115,823-8862. KEVIN TURNER, Construction. Remodeling, repair, trimming, custom built cabinets. Quality work with references. 827-5122. CONCRETE, CARPENTRY and excavation work for residential or commercial. Free estimates. Call Matthew at 823-8603. CONCRETE WORK, basement walls repaired. Licensed, bonded, Insured. John W. Holcom, 913-827-5112 after 5pm. JACK KERBY, drywall, remodeling, concrete, roofing, 28 years ex perlence. Licensed, bonded, Insured 823-S476. CONCRETE WORK, any type, residential and commercial, licensed and bonded, 23 years experience, 823 8183. HEITSMAN'S DRYWALL, carpets and vinyl floor Installation. 823-7084 or 823-6079. ARTISTIC CONCRETE, Inc. Patio, driveways, sidewalks, tlatwork. 25 years experience. 827-1630. Carpentry A Masonry 85 REPAIR ON cracked or bulging basement walls and foundation. Cement block laying and concrete work. Licensed and bonded. Free estimates. Gilbert Ruhkamp, 823-2069. CONCRETE WORK, any type. Basement walls repaired. Licensed, bonded. Free estimates. Jess Wilbur, 823-8886. BASEMENT WALL 825-0067after6:30pm. Repair. Call Cleaning 89 WINTER SAVINGS on carpet leaning and housecleanlng. McGlnley Carpet Cleaning. 827-9963. I CLEAN houses and businesses, have excellent references. Phone 825 7677. CARPET CLEANING CARPET-PRO 825-2627 PAT'S ABOVE average cleaning. Great references. 823-3574. SERVICEMASTER Quality Assured Mastermalds- 825-6761 Furniture Repair 105 FURNITURE REFINISHING, re pairs. Free estimates, pickup/delivery. 823-8935 after 4pm. Lawn Mowers A Engines 135 SMALL ENGINE REPAIR. Fast, quality service. Call 825-9092. Dennis' Marine Service, 1200 North 9th. Moving-Storage 149 MINI WAREHOUSES and outdoor trailer storage. All concrete construe tlon. SAFE. Call 823-6003. MINI AND Commercial Storage, 25 sizes, three locations, 24 hour access, 823-7838, it no answer 823-6882. MINI STORAGE, many sizes, 24 hour access. 2141 Centennial. 825-2134. Odd Jobs 159 NEED JOBS Done? Large or small. Reasonable rates. Call 823-1347. Painting * Papering 165 WALLPAPERING, PAINTING, Sheetrock work, basements finished, carpentry. 19 years. Salina area. 827 4966. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. Painting and paper hanging. Refer ences. Free estimates. 827-6634. IFYOUOWNATRACTOft 23HPORNORE Have your own full or part-time, high profit cash flow business Immedl ately.Call 1-800-577-2881. INTERNATIONAL METAL Build- Ing Manufacturing Selecting builder/ dealer In some open areas. High potential profit In our growth Industry (303) 759-3200 Ext. 2403. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: 11,000 a month Includes bonus car, unlimited potential. 825-2936,827-7874. Loans-Insurance 285 NO PAYMENTS? We buy defaulted and delinquent second mortgages. 913' 462-6556, ext. 35,6-lOpm. 22 HI Standard revolver, 147 magnum Ruger, 20 gauge BA, 10 gauge pump. 7MM BA military rlfte. 22 caliber pump, others. CLEVE'S MARINE, Salina, 623-6ve». 23x36" ALUMINUM PLATES THURSDAY or FRIDAY MORNINGS ONLY To Inspect plates, see Mr. Pop* between 8:30-11 am at The S*liM Journal. Thin aluminum plates used by TtN Salina Journal In offset printing process. Cut easily with shears. Thousands of uses Including siding and roofing underlay for tarm buildings. 50 cents each or HO a hundred. OAK FIREWOOD 823-3009, (25-7T92 Road Gravel Rock & Sand Pickup or delivery Is available. We also do blading and excavating. Call Johnson Sand 827-9702. Rummage-Oarage Sales, Flea Market* 331 MOVING SALE: 94 Country Club Road. Everything goes. Some furniture bicycle, clothing, and lots ot miscellaneous. 3-7pm only. Furniture ft Appliances 340 8 PIECE DINING Room set, 11,000. Hlde-a bed, S125.4-plec* bedroom Ml, S200. Swivel rocker, footstool. 130. End table, (20. Hoover deluxe shampoo- polisher. 110. Grab-bar tor bathtub, (15. Whllpool foot massager, $40. H7- 8344 after 6pm weekdays, all day Sunday. WASHER, DRYER, refrigerator, 25" color TV, guaranteed to work, room. FURNITURE FOR rent. S25-S249. Today's patterns Plumbing-Sewer Service 185 FULLER'S SEPTIC Tank Service septic tanks and lateral lines Installed and repaired, commercial and residential pumping. 823-5295,823-3564. Tree Trimming- Removal-Spraying 205 HEART TREE Service and Stump Removal. Dry firewood. 823-2198. Upholstering- Carpetlng-Praperles 209 FURNITURE UPHOLSTERED. Samples, tree estimates, experienced. Jerry's Upholstery. 825-8559. Word Processing 219 PROFESSIONAL RESUME Consultation and Preparation, word processing. Data Print, 825-6726. PROFESSIONAL RESUMES. Word processing, mailings. Reasonable rates. The Printed Word, 825-0887. 4659—Travel first class in this easy-sew lined coat with dashing attached scarf and raglan sleeves. Choose wool. Misses Sizes 8 to 20. $3.25 for each pattern. Add 75c each pattern for postage, handling. Send to: Anne Adams Pattern Dept. 3S4, Reader. Mall The Salina Journal, 62-08 Northern Blvd., Woodslde, NY 11377. Print Name, Address, Zip, Size, Pattern Number. Fresh fashions in SPRING - SUMMER PATTERN CATALOG. Free pattern offer. Send $2 + 75C postage. Books $2.95 + 75c p&h. 123-StHch'n'Pitch Qullto 119-Ftower Crochet ANNE ADAMS .PATTERNS 730—Crochet the latest little top. So nice with skirts or pants. Use 3-ply synthetic sport yarn. Directions given for Sizes 10-16. Send $3.25 plus 75c postage, handling, for each pattern. Send to: Laura Wheeler Crafts Dept. 364 Reader Mall, The Salina Journal, 62-14 Northern Blvd., Woodslde, NY 11377. Print Your Name, Address. Zip. Pattern Number. '86 Needlecraft Catalog 150 designs. $2 + 750. Books $2.95 + 75C p&h. !34-144itekM»:NM Quito 127-Af.hins 'n' DotlM 121-PIUow Show-off! 111-tUlrpln Crochet LAURA WHEELER CRAFTS

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