Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, December 16, 1908
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TODAY' TOBfAY THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA^IDE CIRCUUTION i OF Alf Y PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUI ^i KANSAS. VOLiaE XL SC ? ER «. SIX PAGES. lOLA, ILiKSAS, DECn^n 1< IM^-WED^IESDAT ETEXIIfCI. SIX PAGES. DENIES t PETITION BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FIXD A6AIXST E. E. STOUT ET AL. ENDS A VIGOROUS FIGriT rETITIOSERS WASTED TRASS- FERRED TO LA UARPE DISTRICT CHANGE FOR PHEASANTS. County Birds to t>e Cared for by R. R. Hamilton. Hoard Thinks School Dlstrhrt Bonn darles Should >ot Br ChaBged aad Snstehu Mrs. Fnn»ton. Believing that a school district boundary should not be dianged if it can possibly be avoided, the board ot county commissioners this morning denied the application of E. E. Stout and others to detach their farms, located in the southwest part of the Gas City school district, and add them to tile La Harpc district. The decision marlcs the end of a vigorous right on the part of tho petitlon- ors to get into the La Hurpc school district E^arly In the fall Mr. Stout applied to the county superintendent to have his land detached from the •chool district and added to tlarpe. but his request was not granted. Tho ground for Mr. Stout's application was that the La ilarpe school was nearer to bis place. Mrs. Kuniton's reason for refusing the aiipilcation was that the difference In distance between the La Harpe and Gas City i>choois was not sufficient to warrant a change and for the further reason that the district boundaries were long established and should not be changed. Not saUsfied with the decision. Mr. Stout appealed to the t>oard of commissioners. Tney granted his application. Tlien the memt>ers of the Gas City school board, who resisted the application strenuously throughout the contest went to the commissioners and asked for a rehearing, stating that they had been given no legal notice that the matter was to come np and ttiat tiiey wanted to be beard on IL The. board granted their request and on^a re-hearing refused the application. Then Mr. Stout interested several of his neight>ors and together they filed a second application. This was heard last Saturday and both sides'presented their sides with much feeling and spirit. The board took the matter under advisement until today. One of the commissioners stated this afternoon that the principal reason for denying the application was that they did not want to change the twundaries as they had long been established. BOOSTERS! LISTEN Important Matters to Come Before the Club Thursday Night—Be There. R. E. Culbertson, -who is county clerk and keeper of the county's pheasants, has decided to send a part of the birds to R. R. Hamilton of JJBL- Harpe who has agreed; to care for them until March when they are to be •released. Mr. Culbertson learned from an Illinois man, who is an expert in the pheasant business, that if I the birds are kept cooped tip long at the court house as they are now, they will die. at least not" do well. Mr. Hamilton has manifested a desire several times to look after the birds free of charge and having a fine place to I keep them. Mr. Cult)ertson has decld> ed to let him have a part of. them. SURE, HE WAS HERE J. C. BEIMLINGER WA« HUNTING D I RT CONTR X CTORS YESTERDAY. Has Ordered Lumber for Contractor's Office and Asked for Bids for Excavating. The lola Booster club will meet tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'tlock in the rear ball of the second floor of the Masonic Temple. AH members and pspeclalb' the business men are requested to be present A number of propositions In which the ctub is Interested will come before the meeting. The otBcers of the club have been working on a niuobor of new ideas for the bcncflt of the city but have gone as far as possible without some kction being taken bv a vote of the club. A second Invitation urging members to attend should not be needed, owing to' the importance of the business to be transacted. K. i: ALMl'M TO MEET. .1. r. Uolmllncor. n roprespniative of the Construction company, of Wichita, tho Arm which has the contract for the erection of the new federal building, was In lola yesterday. Ho stayed all day,,too. And what seems to be better, he's here yet. Wh^n he checked out of his hotel he merely wont to another one and he wasn't able to accomplish much because he couldn't see the p'ans and speclflcations for~ the ne^ building, the contractor's copy having not yet arrived from Washington., ife Mr. Reimlinger contented hlu'self with looking up contractors who would like to have the job of ezca- \-ating for the new post office building. Therefore, while Retmlinger was looking for contractors, a reporter was looVlne for Mr. Reimlinger with the result that thev did ntrt meet It w»»s so announced. The Register might have "cribbed" a story from another paper, but the Register tells it's own stories—not tfiose" of- someone else. And if It had, it would have made a ^revions mistake, since Mr. Reimlinger declares that an interview- recently published misauotes him. So the facts as they seemed to be yesterday were published and Mr. Reimlin­ ger takes no eTception to them. He'll Diq Dirt Soon. "Tour storj- last evenlne was all rlsht" Mr. RelrolinKer said this morning, "except that you were misinformed about my calling at the shop of .Afayor Rnbinsnn. I wasn't there. 1 wasn't aVe to do much yesterday because the contractor's set of nians have not arriveil here. I expect them today. Mr. W'enael will be in Iota tomorrow nitrht or possibly tonight and then we will know just how we shall proceed. "In the meantime. T have ordered lumber for the bu<lding of the contractor's ofBce on the nostofllr*" site anrt T have asked for bids for the ex- eavatlnn which will be required. This wl'I be the only work sub-let. The comnany will do the remainder. "You ran ssy this, that exn^ivatlng will begin just as soon B * possible. If we" esn ret to work Friday, we will dn It. and time won't cut any figure. If we rnn «t<«rt at 10 o'clock, well s»ar« at in. if we can't get ready nn-' til 2 o'clock, well start at 2." Mr. Reimlinger says that he was gent here to erect the new bii^dltr snd that he's going to stay until It's done. FOR THREE YEARS By what strange freak of fate has (he good roads plan of an Aflen county man been conceived in the mind of A. Smith county statesman? Yet it seems that the scheme evolved and promulgated by Alderman Guilford Cresse Glynn at § recent meeting of the Allen connty horticultural asso^ ciatlon is itractkally reproduced In the plan presented by J. T. Reed, a Smith county senator. Mr. Reed 's plan varies from that of Alderman Glynn's In that Glynn would have district engineers instead of county. One engineer, saya Gl.vnn, ought to be Kbie to care for several counties. Dr. Glynn 's plan was approved by the Horticultural association and mem bers said they hoi>ed to see the plan enacted into law. The following dispatch tells of Senator Reed's road bill: Topeka, Dec. 16.—J. T. Reed, the newly elected slate senator from Smith county, has a good roads plan which he wilt present to the next legislature. He is working on a draft of the bill. Senator Reed will also Introduce a bill proriding for the adoption of the Torrens land tile system in Kansas. Senator Reed's bill will place the construction of highways in the hanos of competent engineers. He plans to create a state engineer's office to supervise this work throngfaont the sute and then have subordinates in all counties. The state engineer of roads would have general supeirision of all road-work and especially In regard to the plans for m general state: system of roads. The actual * work on the roads fn each coonty would I>e under the direction of the county engineer. PrepustioBs Are Being Made for a Baaqnet |B Gnthrie. Guthrie. Okla.. Dec 16.—^The executive board of the Oklahoma Association of Kansas University Alumni at a meeting here today decided to ..hold the first annual reunion and .|ban- qnet of the association in Guthrie on "Washington's birthday. February 22. The business meeting will be Iteid In tlte afternoon at the Ellcs club rdoms, preceded by an address by cither (%anceIlor FVaitk Strong or "lincle Jimmy" Green, dean of the Kansas university law school, and the banquet in the evening at the lone hotel, with JoBtlce Jesse J. Diun, pres^ent of the association, acting as iowt- master. There are over 200 Kansas alomni in Oktahcmia, and an equal nunber of former students, who are regarded as members of the association and invited to attend the banquet. TIsitiag OU Frieads. Chas. Rosenberg formerly of this city, came In today from St Jxiuis for a short visit with friends. BANKSBMOO SHORT CaaUer af Kew HaaMWUre lastltatloB ArreaM aal s Seeelrcr la la Cfcaiva. WaabatagtOB. Pec. }«.—DalMcftioa Ml $85,«M ^IIar8 baa been dlaeorared iatte Fbat Natlooal bask pT 0am^ tvortb;. N. HL, .'QwjpaaU«r ]feaa Pa-ssaire of Law ToBchfaig Coatracts for Teachers to Be Reeomaiended to Legislators. Toiieka. Kas.. Dec. 16.—The" educational comndselon has decided to recommend that the legislature enact a law permitting lx>ards of education to contract with teachers for a three- year period. The present law only enables a board to contract one year with a teacher. "Capable men and women are lea-v- Ing the senice ocntinually because of their objection to the annual uncertainty: of emp'oyment," said State Su- ]>eriatendent Fairchlld today. "Those schools are always best in which there is greatest permanency of poel- tk>n. To give boards the right to hire teachers for three years will tend to increase the dignity of the profession of teacher and greatly Improve our schccli" The commission will also strongly recommend to the legislature the pas Eoge of an act providing for an inspector of rural e <Aooi8 and aa In^ ispector of local woric fmd the genaral i course and normal -work 1 in the hi^ scboor«. A DumtMr of atatea have such officers aad they are found to be the best possible ageadea for unlfy- Ing -and atrengtbening the work of the acboolaw , Aa Dattm now are there ia no \'aa» la tbe state .other tbas -ooonty auperiateadenia. wbbae doty la to inspect niral :«ehoo!a,;>r::to , Biak^ aa^ FOR GOOO ROAOS 1 SENATOR SMITH HAS A PLAN SW ILAR TO THE GLTNN SCHEME. TO HAVE HIGHWAY ENGINEERS BILL PROnDINJB FOR THIS TO BE INTRODUCED THIS SESSION. SmHh CoBBty StatesaiaB's Plan Tairies Bat LilUe Fn>ai That of AUen Connty Man. GEOGRAPHERS HOLD BANQUET. Every State, Territory ahd Insular Possession Represented at Table. "Washington, Dec. 16.—Every state, and territory in the Union, several of the insular possessions, and many of the foreign countries were ^repre- ssntcd by leaders In every notable phase of world activity at the annual banqnet of the National Geographical socety. which was held at tbej New WilLard hotel tonight. When President Willis i..: Moore, chief of thei United States Weather Bureau called the banquet to order there were 400 members and their guests gathered about the tables. Among them ewrc Vice President and Mrs. Pairbanks. Secretary of the Navy Newberry, "Secretary of Aarlculture Wilson. Attorney General Bonaparte. Governor Frear of Hawaii and Chief Justice Puller of the supreme court of the United States. A M'KINLEY SLUR RESENJED. In IllinoW a Mob Chased a "Healer" Who Approved the Aesaasination. .Macomb. 111.. Dee. 15.—Declaring at a meeting that the late President McKInley was an Anarchist and that his assassination did not happen soon enough, a self styled "divine healer," Schatter, escaped iiersonal violence from a mob last night only through the intervention of the police. Schlatter was sent on the first train out of town, followed by the mob. Ta, PREVENT CATTLE FEVER. Quarantine Regiitatlona leeued by the Secfvtarjr of Agriculture. Washington, Dec.' 15.—Amending the mle» to prevent the spread of splenetle fever in cattle, Secretary Wllson issued an order today, effective immediately, covering changes in feeding stations for non-infected cattle in transit- Cattle from outside transported into another sUte by rail through the qnarinttned area may be unloaded witbla quarantine limits for rest, feed and water; into certain properly equipped non-infectious peas I set apart for them at FOrt "Worth. Tex.; Hodge. Tex.; Dennlsoh. Tex.; Muskogee, Olc: Laredo, Tex.: Laa Angeles and Colton, Cel.: ;Sapulpa. Ok., and other points authorized from time to time. NOW FOR A ROMP DISMISS SCHOOL DECEMBER FOR CHRISl-MAS HOLIDAYS. IB Primary Grades WIU Have Special Exe.-xises,—^Teachers to Attend Stale Meeting. Today l.i Velncs'lsy. «oniorrcw Is Thursday, ind '.he next .lay '.s I'rlday and then—y<i:i know. This Is the way R school boy was jooantinx the time, and calling the attention of a mate, to the annual Christbts holiday vacation, as the pair skipped merrily home ward at the noon hk>nr tpday. The schools of this city will be dismissed Friday afternoon. December 18. for tbe holiday season and there will be no more reartin.' and wrilJn' and 'rithmetic to puzzl? the biudents until January 4. iwhen the secouil term of the year Will begin. There will be no especial observance . of the approach of Christmas and the New Year in the high school, but In the primary grades Friday afternoon will be devoted to exercises appropriite to the coming of Christmas. While a majority of the student^ win spend Christmas Jn their homes, not a few will embrace the opportunity afforded for a visit with relatives. Most of the teachers will go to T> peka December 29 to attend the stati meetlns of the Kansas Teachers' Av soclatlon. The association will be in session during three days, December 29-31. A program of interest to all teachers has been prepared and there will be addresses and papers by promi- inent educators from all over the state. ' ' L,. W. Mayberry. superintendent of the lola public schools, will attend the state meeting, and will have a place nn the program. He will discuss the subject. "The Practical Value ot the Study of History." MUSTSHOW'SKEET" Xaimgrr of Triplet Foot Ball Team Will Investigate Chanule's -Cold FeeL" Cannon at Citanute. L W. CAnnon. a real esUte man. has concluded to locate In Cbanute, renting offices over" the Slack Shoe store. Mr. Cannon comes to Chanute from lola where he has been engaged In the realty business for a long time and is well known as a hustler. He expects to close up bis business in lola and lit up his new offices here not later than December 20. He win move his family to Chanute.—Chanute Sun. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Ralit or enow tonight and Tfiuraday; cooler tonight Data recorded at lodil office. U. 8. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and « year ago: Yesterday Yr. afo 41 t* 37 34 33 31 44 31 • T!)-^ Chaniilo Sun of Monday nm- tali'od a story to the effepl that tli* foot hall tenni nf that city has din- banded. This IK nad news to the loea' enthuHlaHtH. The Chanute team was recngnUcd 'HM cno nf the liest in the state and the local team made an UKrcepieiii with thHf club for two games, the flrift game being pla.ved. on Chanute grounds ThankKgiving da.v. The Bcctmd game was scheduled for Christmas day on the local grounds. Manager EUlis of tbe local team went to Chanute this morning to determine whether or not the report was sent out to mislead the lola players or whether or not the Chanule team is suffering with a severe attack of ••cold feet." < In the event that the Chanue team fails to keep its side Of tbe agreement the .'oca! team will make an effort to arrange for a Christmas game with the Haskell Indians. The team at present is in the test possible condition for a hard game and the terms, "cold feef'iand "rabbit" are unknown quantities to the members ot the Triplet team. A RIOT IN CARACAS VENEZUELAN CAUITAL L\ HANDS OF MOD LAST NIGHT. BURNED CASTRO'S PICTURES RULE IN HIS HOME COrNTRY IS AT AN END. Martial Uw Eaforred Last Night to Protect tbe Property from the * Moh. If Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday, Dec. 15th.—The Venezuelan capital yesterday witnessed an outbreak of disorder following the war-like activities of the Dutch warships along the coast, that made It necessary by night fall to declare the martial law in order to put an end to the rioting and pillaging. The looting was confinied to properties of the Venezuelans, notably Sonara RIvas and Thiclan. The foreigners were unmolested. liarly today the city was qiitet and business Is taking.its normal courie. The people rounded up all tbe sta- tites and pictures of President Caatro- from clubs and, other aemi-publlc buildings and burned them with ro- jolclng on the Plasa Bolivar. Castro's rule In Venezuela probably Is ended. I YOUNG KENTL'CKIAN TO BE TRIED Mrs. Hargias ttiu Spend Family Fortune to Secure Son's Acqnittal— Xnch Interest la Caxe.^ FORTr .Tft'O CARS OF DRY GOODS. A! Record Breaklar Train from the East for I Kaasas CKy Ffan. toes Moines, la., Dec 16.—-Forty-two cars, decorated with banners and filled with dry goods on the way from the cast to the Sraith-McOord-Town-' send Dry Goods company in Kansas Cnty. reached the Great Western yards in Des Moines last night. This is the largest single shipment of general merdiandise that.has ever passed through here. On account of heayy grades in Iowa, it was found necessary to divide tbe train Into two sections of twenty-one cars each. GOOD FOR WHEAT. Southwest Kansas Thoreugbly Soaked liy Rain aad Snow. Syracuse, kas.. Dec- 16-—Hamilton and adjoining counties have been thoroughly soaked by successive rain and snow and never were condltloiM more favorable for farming. This coming year promises to show an increased acreage in all crops, especial- y broom corn and' wheat. Winter wheat is in excellent condition. Broopi corn is being bought at from $70 to tS.'i per ton. and buyers predict it wli; reach the $100 mark In the next sixty da >T?. which will swell the acreage of thut staple in southwest Kansas. KTIBBS HAD TO FIND O^T. Irvine, Ky., Dec, Itf.-:The trial of Beach Harglns, twenty-three years of age, who is charged with the murder last Kebriiary af Jackson, K.v., of Jiis father. Judge James Harris, was called here today. The wife of Judge Hargis'is suing the money her hus- !band left her to defend the |>atrlcide. Her brother Is asalsting the prosecu- tton. Mrs. Louella Hargls has made pul>- llc announcement that she has |89,000 which she is prepared to spend in or- .der to secure the acquittal of her son. To obtain this money Mrs. Hargis had to mortgage her residence in Jackson Site went to. Irvine' toda^- to be there when the trial Is called jtomorrow. Irvine is rapidly filling with people Interested in the case. Mrs. Hargis will try to prove that bis father was choking him when tbe fatal shots were fired. . SERVED VNDER. FIV^ MAYORS,, J. M. Beannan, a Ft. Scott Councilman, In Town Toiday. DMn't Know Just How Much Pie He Had to rut. I Topeka, Kas., Dec. Ifi.—i'harles nibbs, confidential man for Governor elcrt Stubbs, was here today and secured from the governor's retord a list of the patronage at the disposal of the governor. ".Mr. Stubbs had no Idea what patronage would l)e ui his dls|x>sa'." said Oibbs, "and he Rent me up to find out. I understand, however, that he doesn't intend to rush his appointmenix. It wouldn't surprise me If he simply laid that work aside unlit he viHits the various state inntitiitions at the close ot tho legislative session." T«» GROW SPINELESS CACTI'S. The GoremmeDt .May Lease- a Small Island to a faHfomla CoRtpany. Washington, Dec 16.—^The house committee on interstate and forelKn commerce agreed today to a favorable report on the senate bill to authorize the secretary of commerce and labor to lease San Cleroente isHind. jnst off Lcs Angeles. Gillf.. to the San Cle- tnente Wool company for twenty-five years. The company will a;ttempt the planting of ,spinelesB cactus. It will spend $25,000 for this purpose and other improvements. 2 p. m 58 4 p. m W 6 p. m. 53 8 p. m. 51 10 p. ra. 53 raldnlcht 48 »-f-imnm temperature ....S8 Mlaimnm teaperatnre ,...32 PreeipltatlOB.'7 p. ai. ..... 0 Tod*r Tr. ato 3 a: IB. 2 ^*jn. ..................51 . » IN SPITE OF "DEVIL" Doctors Will Hold Their Annual Banquet—They May Attent! Both Events.', are on the annua! banqnet program fbr thie evealag are '^ng to The OevO." -(However, the pbj^idaas have arranged the meeting a? that It wULbe poaslble to attend both tnactloss. Tbe bulaeaa meeting wiD be.called at a Uter hone Vbak ia cuatonarr. The aaawl dleetkm or,.pao(|rs win folloir tb« ^BttMM aejettBC laaklmB the hmrlBir ike baaqnet about l9'MorU CONTINUE DEVELOPMENT WORK, Directors of Tfiangle Mines Company Are Feeling .Optimistic . Members of the Allen County Medical society say that their ner*-e« are on a hlidi' tension today because of tbe fact that a number of parties whtrithe devetopment ; of the company 'a "fhe meeting.^of tlue boan^ of directors of the Triangle! Ifinea company, of lola. held last night, was largely attended.and the matten of routine business -were diacuaaed and decided upon. ' V, It was determined to proceed irltb property aad from Ithe reporta at hand .the dlrectora feel that the OB^ look la.promislnc.' I ' SENATE TO Jlfo TOO. Wm Aijaani btewrter 11 !•!' CiprM* vldlDt^fcr GEiRE^AL CHAFFEE^ SON WEIJS. A Ceergia Glil tbe BrMe at a Fort KUey Wedding. Fort Riley.- Dec. 16.—The (wedding of Lieutenant Adna R. Chaffee, Jr.. Seventh cavalry, and Miss E^thel Warren Ruff of Atlanta, Ga.. was held last night at 7 o' the post chapel. The bride is tbe laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archer Dodson of Atlanta and the groom the only son of Lieutenant General Adna R. Cbfiffee. retired, and nephew of BCrs. W^. B. Clark and Captain Bertrand itockwell of-Kansas City. Rev. A- M.iTreschow. rector of the Episcopal churcb of Junction City, officiated at the marriage ceremony. The chatiel was decorated In the cavalry yellow. HARGIS CASE IS UP FOR MrRDER OF FATHER. QUIZZED MRpNNIS STATE IKTBOBBCBS CPiliEF WIT- NEKS IN HAOS TBIAI^ JURY COMPLETE LAST NI6HT DEFENCE TO FBOTE 1IAIN8 TBIED TO PBOnCT BBOTHEB. Long Cross-ExaariaatieB of IfUmna Is Expeete^Tfce Story of Oe . m m Crime. Flushing, L. 1., Dec. 16.—^Tliorntoii J. Hains calmly watched in court- tor . day tbe construction of the stiUe'a '.V-^;! case to prove tlie chitrge that he waa the principal assistant with his broth V -"'^M er. Captain Peter C. Hains. Jr., In-tfta'^ vj3 killing of, William P. ,Annhs at^ thja rVf Baysldc Yacht club last'summer.' Thj»'->; i-j^; jury box was filled last night and act- Journment taken until today. The dl-;- - '/^ rect testimony of the sute'a witn ^tteli;-' ..-A' is expected to take only a Ihtle tlhre.. ::• hut the croBS-examinatfcin is likely to,' , occupy three or four days. Aa baa;- r "'-'^ been outlined, the Halni counsel irtll • a endeavor to show the defendaoi 'd ^^^^ drawing his revolver waa an aet.fif; defense and not of offense. Thercea-.'; tral figure in today's case waa tbe - ^| pearance ot the state's chief wttnesa^- Mrs, William B. Annis, who •*« her husband's life taken. The recital of: her story on the witness stand ia lik** .-^v^ ly to be the strongest card In tba j '-Ij^ state's case. . ,v:!o.'.X| •niere will be a reproduction of the 'V.^ crime in miniature in tho court room; '" « There will be a tank of water and a niiodel of the float'and catboats la miniature, representative of the scene^ of the shooting. Tbey wlH be placed^ • -.Mi on a table in front of the witnesaea. ' Iron manikins representing tlie prtn- V .-- cipals of the affair will be ;moved> , about in this marine theater to llln*-' -'cf trate aotitns and positions taken 'U v^i: the tragedy by Haina and the wineaa^ ' •. -.m Justke Crane, On motion of the diar -: -trict attorney, would a<)t tOUfw ibv^ -^.Q^ htwther of the dHeodant td 'rft^'b ^Mjh*.'.!?^,?? ier son. during' the • trialA Sp *elat3t>.'S^ J. .M. Bearman, who ought to have his picture in tbe hall of fame for the reason that he has served as councilman from the Fifth Ft. Scott under five mayors, is in the clty^ today on business. Mr. Bearman Is a Democrat but has many friends In [the Republican party which fact accounts for his having been on the council for ten or a dozen years. "One election I was turned down," said Mr. Bearman with a laugh, "but the people saw the error of their w^ys and returned me to the council iat the next election." Mr. Bearman is engaged in the manufacture of mattresses at Ft. Scott and came here on business connected with his factory. While here he hunted up Contractor R. S. Gilflllan who Is putting In several big paving Jobs at Port Scott, On This Line. Engineer John Henaman and Flre- ,man Butcher went to lola with EMglne 2302 yesterday morning. • * • Foster Is laying off of the Tola switch encine and John Henaman is working In his place.—Chanute Tribune. ON MURDER CHARGE Mrs. Pratt to Be Held for Crime by Kansas City Offkers—Informa- • UoB Filed. Kansas City. Dec. 16.—informations charging murder in the first degree were filed yesterday by I. B. Klmbrell prosecuting attorney, against Mrs Delia Pratt and Wl'llam Cnghnell member^ ot the Iiand of fanatics head ed by James Sharp. Mrs. Pratt and .Gnghjiell bad .a prelimiiiary hearing Saturday before Justice Theodore Remley and yesterday tbe justice ordered ,the!r release. However. Ixith are in the connty jail awaiting triaf upon the informations filea by the prosecutor. Sharp, his wife and the two others accused of first degree murder, w;!!! not be tried before January. It would be almost impossible to. have- the cases ready for trial before tliat time, ao attorne.vs and prosecutor agree, While the adult membera of tbe band are in Jail, tbe four Pratt diUd- ren are having the time of their Uvea I at the Detention home. Under tbe guidance of J. K. Ellwood..aupettatea dent, they are inddbing knowiadca' at a rapld ~rate. In etgbt^aya the largaif |onea have learned to reaid aad'writa; ' Beqnesto from peraoaa wlw wtata to adopt tbe children ^continue to ooma Its itae probatkm ofaoerc. George tC Holt reedved a. letter-yeeterday froim G, H. Wialaer, «r Liberal, Mo., asking fbr,all the etaildren. He promiaes tbir th ^l Aan not be separated aad bratide the beat of care. This ' |i;oidx one at twenty, koronu-. aaid Prosecutor White outlined 4hov caae'o^r^^ for the state-in an hour's address, .j'^''^ George Skinner was the first.-wit-! ness called. He identified the plan-off ••v^^iy. tho scene of the shooting- Edwin;Hi; .•V'?^ Andrews, a broker, testified to the S'j^ shooting of Annis. He said he Jumped on the float as Captain Hains begin: firing but the defendant pointed tba f.'^| pistol at him and ordered hln» back,! The cross-examination has begun when the noon recess was takeh. It . ' was announced that Juror Jardin'a "' father had died at Port Jarvis, N.T.. Sunday night. The juror said It waa not necessary for him to attend the funeral and tbe trial will proceed. .Story of CriBie. William E. Annis, an editor of an outing perlcdlcal. was shot and kilied while stepping-from his boat to tbe^: ' • rioat of the Bayslde Yacht club on Viigust 15. by Captain Peter Haina, Jr. The army captain bad named his vie- tim as corespondent In a suit for dl- |vorce brought against his wife, Claudia Hialns. and counsel allege that brooding over his wrongs brought .on (.emporary insanity. Whip Captain Hains waa in IStft Philippines a year ago. Ms brotbtt^ Thornton, wrote him that his wife waa receiving too much attention front Attr .. nis. The abeent captain returned t^..v->:>S Fort Hamilton, and his wife denied.* '-'v -If the charges. Later. Mn. Uaina aa.. '.^ i'w-^ serfs that General Hains and Iterhini^'rr band and Thornton Jenidna Halna- '^|1 forced a false oonfesston from ben-' ;: The couple separated and Captalii ' j.^ Hains brought a divorce suit Heiur^ -^^fSi ing that Annia was still vhilting Ma " wife. Captain Hains is said to ^jave JKK come enraged and his counsel declaca j-?,! that from that time became tempbrarr =ly insane. • ' .-; j in company with his brother. Thorn- -.-v?^ -On. he went to the Bayside Yacht club- X'/M :ast August and inquired for Annia. .7^ \jhen Annis ] stepped from tbe boa* / ^^^^ Cbptain Hains shot iUm five, tloiear.: V^:^ i while Thornton waved the club inefflK: = >^-^ bins away with a drawn revolver .'vV' • c.'l^ Says He Protected Breiher. Vi>-;£:l Tbe Questioning of taleamen vifag^:^; Halns's oonnsef indicated Vi»i the-de-^r fence will be baaed principally oit thev^ proposition that Thornton, fearing that his brother's life was in Jeopardyr from the 6rowd at the clubhouse..diear:;:.,;^ Us revotver and held the crowd back. Hia aet'was ooe bf defense .and not eC^ otiense, according to his counsel, : m m ^ Booatera Attention. There will be an Important moetin* of the club tomorrow evening at 1:30- back room, second floor of Haaonle halL There la 8«ne Important bnal-- ness to look after and every member., of the club shouM, attend. MET IN A

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