Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 5
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3 Footwear Xmas Suggestions In Men's and Ladies' Footwear Something we all need when Winter strikes us We could suggest nothing better and more appropriate than a pair of Ladies', Men's or Children's nice house Slippers or Shoes for Xmas Qlfts. See Our Wirdow of fancy [Holiday Slippers in all Colors, Brown, Red, Back, Grey, Purple and Wine. Prices from BOC to $2 'Headquarters for Santa Clana. NMT line of Dressed and Undressed. Dollt. Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cufl BmM. Handkerchief Doxcs, Vases, Xau was a wellsprlnB of plonsurc to her. | Candter, Puff Uoxes, Children's Books, .... .u„ „„„ „f fiT when her ey^- Albums, Fancy Dressers. Scarfs, Muff- Shields' Shoe Company Great Reduction Of Prices on ChristmasGodds nnisli -anil Comb Sets. Military Hrusb,Sets. Hand Painted Ghliui :y)(l many other articles. ' '1', to !0 per cent off. Conio auil invpstiKate. Heautiful CaUmtlar Plate.s for 190S given away- SPENCER'S Kat anvf hlHK yon like and when you |' Powell, the real estnte man. has a like it. init take a Mi -o -na stomach;few thousand dollars to loan on farms tablet first to strengthen the stomach ai'.d prevent Indigestion. ROc a box. Nothing if it fails. Charles IJ. Spencer. lola Bflsioess College Klght or Day SBsmSpn Bookkeeping. English. Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand. Letter Wrillng. POLAR BEAK FLOUR Has Stood tbe Test Because its the 9est Acccjjt No Other Wm. Oberdotf, Agt CITY NEWS. One Dollar in Script or Money Is Kood for *a.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. 1). Mnndls & Co. This, offer closj es December 31st. TlIK \V. O. W. band .uave an open air concert on the street last nishl drawing a larjie crowd. The band is making rapid improvement and is a credit to the order which has organized It. . . milk cows, at a re.asonablo rate. Fonr choice horses, harness and wason will be sold Saturday at the feed yard, conv iiHT.cing at 2 o'clock sharp. CJias. liishop. .1. K. \V.\TROrs. (tei .uty inteniri! r« vt 'nne in>p('rlor, was injtho elty loon his way lo Pur.-Jons. Far tlu- I'l .st twd ur three days ho has been tcouriii'; arnimd anionK the coal c.iinps lookim; to sot- if anyliody is tr.vinK-to the sovernnieni inter- J'al revenue lU partHK -ut, and whil.- Ilvre loilay be IWMXO Xx'v.i annual clieek- throe.,,., ;iji;,i)ir iin. retail <;e ;!ler .s in obo ii .ar ;;;;iiiie. tlu jMior man's butter.— liiisbur.^ Headlight. W.XDK CLARK, who is charfied with violation «)f the prohibitory law, se- j Get yo;ir Holly and I i:wing '& Ciirdick's. Mistletoe at MRS. nii.L IlaMe.v. of Humboldt. cured bond last evening and was re-jduin't waste time asking bfr hu leased fnun .iail where he has been | i,nn(I (o please com cDniined since bis some time;,,-, up auo. The fvideuce ncainst Clark wasj]-,,,,,,, If.nill j a'd. fiunislied by detectives. please come homo. She oiieii- a slock iif staiile and fancy had p'( nty of compa:i>- the i.olice came—Ottawa Her Carl si mas dVu .u' store. Post Cards at nurrell 'si Free dirt at Luccock's. I Fenv.ay Chorolates I hoxe.-; at BnrreH's dm in Christmas store. Tin: nOXn of K. H. Gordon wh<i is charged with embezzlement, hr.s been foi-riited. The Imnd is sisned l)v l.jcaVmen and si:it to recover will j QTT O IlOrCil came in this morn- likely lie l .OKun so(m. The embezzle- j,,^, f,.,„„ Lincoln. Nebraska, to spend meiit charge was made by .losh Uutler.i,„ii,j;,.;; with bis parents. -Mr. and The transcriiit in ibe ease was filed I'V -^ij,; i-; (;. iii>-.i:~ii. .hidr.o Ilou.^h in district court yesterday afternoon. Is ill at his MU. I.. C. Ml'NtlKR home on South Che.stnul Till-: LAW firm of Amos & Orton at Ilniiiboldt has di;~solve<l . sliiii. lUuh memllers of the firm will cdu 'intie in Ilimtboldt. Chrisimr.s d;;!.: siore. Pipes of .-.II de.>^c:-ipiions at Brown's Smoke House. Kast Side. thei iiraciice of law at TilK CLAIM of H. V. Grim, who sus Mined a broken le;; at the Prime West ,c:n aboni five week* M-M. was settled partner-;,.,^, ,v. ninn Jbr .iu:;;; hi .s atlorne.v. J. "' , 15. Atchison. 25 to 50 Per Cent Discount on all HOUDAY GOODS .lie. Pac, Santa Fe and 31. M'atch Inspectors. K. & T. .\ovelties at nurrell's Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone lO.'.O. SPECIAL music has been arraiij^ ed for services at the First M. church on. Sunday. Miss, Ethel Cul lison will sing Stmday moniing au( }dr. W. G. Anderson will render a sol< in the evening. i Six Per Cent Money, nlngham. R. M. Cun WHEN' COUNTY Treasurer Sickly last night footed up the cash on hand he found that .it reached ^ $101,40i.L ^j. • Taxpayers are settling their accounts at the treasurer's office promptly. Pr. Winey, Oculist. MR. AND MRS. J. H. Klanman will entertain on Christmias day Mr. and Mrs. .1. W, Murphy and son .Tames fif Arkansas City; Louis Klaitman. wife and son of this cit.v, and Mr. and ^Trs. H. Steyer and son. Ear] of this city. Cigars in Christmas Boxes. Phone 621 and have them delivered. FAUUFT^L Oveit'll. an bila hoy who is a ir.eniber of Kv ;ins's fleet, writes to ^ h-'s people here telling them of life j in the navy. He is a r.iember of the fr'ermont crev.'s foot ball team. P. K. TTMch. I>eiill«t Pliowe W. dfficc oTer Bnrreirs Drag SUra. i »i • 1 TiiF POI^ICE sav ih.i! there were a THE TOWNSHIP Irustees at ,„,;;' ,fn,e„ on the .streets last next meeting will let ''-;-'-',V';'.i iLh wbo^ In- were not ,l,e construction of over a mile T^,^^^,,,^ no arrests were rock road in this township. Most "f i'^'Z'^'-"'' the rock roads will be west of the j made. Neosho river. Get yo'ir Holly Ewins & IVardick's. and Mistletoe at DR SPICER- received a telegram tbis morning from L. G. Vantiar.^an- nouncinc the hirtii of a daughter. Mr= Vantier was fornrriy Miss r>elia baish :nid has many friends here. Dr. Vantier was fnmirrly in business here with Dr. Spicir. CHOJR TO GIVE MUSICALE. ___ < Evening Sermon at Presbyterian Church to Be Replaced by Muslcale. The choir of the Presbyterian cbu;cb will give a musical in the church Sund.ay ovoning to take place of tlie regular services. The services take the form of a Chrisimas enter 'alnnivnt. The program follows: OrKan Prelude. "Grand Offcrtoraire." Batiste. Hymn 1.^."), •From tlie Eastern Moun­ tain."—Trnn bath. Choir and Congregation, fcriptnie Heading and Prayer. Aiiihem. "Shep'mrils Abiding In His Fields."—.lames Lyon. Choir. Aria. "O. He Shall Feed His Flock. Come I'lifo Me,"—".Messiah. Handel. .Mrs. F. Bennett,> Smith. Anthem. 'O. Savior of the World."— Sir .lobn Go.-^s. Choir. Aria 'O. Rest in T!;e Lord "—"Elijah" Men lelssohn. Mrs. Oiis I>aGrangp. Offertorv. "Hvnin of Xuns."—Lefebere Wely. Solo. Mesus Lover of My Soul."— Tours. Mr. W. S. Burdick. Hymn 1X1 ".VIl Praise to Thse"—Schu - man. Choir and Congregation. Aria. "Fear Not Ye, O Israel,"—Dud ley Euck.- Katherino R. .Tones. Anthem. "What Are These That Are Arrayed,*'—S'r John Stainer. Choir. Anthfm. "Glory to God In the High- eft."—E. Markham Lee, Choir. Corae tonleht for ytur Cbristmas j Hymn 174. "It Came Upon a Mldnlghr WALDO COFF.MA.V eanie in this ev- etiing from Cotorailo Siirings where he has !)>~en atlrndiim school, and will vi.iic during the holid.iys vith hi.> parents. 3re.vs«'nhrr Rcjs nill tlilirer Chrlsf- nias parkaccs for yon (» any phice in the city. Yon can ec{ them auy lime at the Western I'ninn oflicp. Oct vaor Christmas Cigars at Mundis as he handles all the le.idlng brands. Xmas Shipping "From Pi-r ^on lo Palace" at tl.c, r"",^"" Grand Ike .1. r ttmicht, I'.l and 20 cents. I "f'^^en. Ri^V. R. :i. ELLETT. pastor of the! Chri.'^tinn church at lo'n. will address" ti:e mrns mtcling at ih? opera house Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Rev. EI- 1« ft is known as a strong spr^aker. and will prove interesting to all who hear ShoppiuR- Voii will bave a belter selection than wben the stocks are CAe Barclaif Shields Clothing Ca^ Clear. "—Mil's. Choir and Congregation. Lencdictioc— Postude—Boi'thold Tours. and THE STORE TII.VT SATI.SFIES. For Sale. nn.OOO feet of native lumber 4.000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. DAWSON. Four Miles Northwest o lola 40 PER CENT DISCOUNT! oHtvEnr PICTURE PEDESTAL JARDIMEER STAND FOR RENT—Three room house. . Cowan. BORN this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, a son. C. J rbrlstnia .H Trres at Etflng & Bnr- FREH) Aspinall cams in this mom ing from I .Awrence to spend the Holidays with home folks. BAKER WINS 31 TO 38 Class Team Defeats Y. M. C. A. Good Game. lEe lola Furniture Store The Sophomor? basket ball team of JViker l/'niversify last evening defeated the lola team at the Y. M. C. A. by the score of 21 to 38, The lo'a boys went Into the game with the feeling that they were going to be beaten, rnd the fact that they held the 8cor»« so even was very gratifying to tham. The team work of the Baker boys was excellent. SITUATION WANTED—By an ex- nerienced waiter. Single, age 21: no boosc^ lighter or cigarette fiend. Good references. Addrcs.i F. H., care Reg- iBter,. SEXOISGEHCM OF MB& STUCK. LAm A CHenS of 1^ • Strickland, who died a few days mgio, has oontribnted the followins article on the life ot the deceased: In the death of Mrs. Strickland Allen county loses the oldest- and one of 'its most remarlcable women; Jane Ann Smith was bom in Troy, N. Y., December 20th. 1811. She spent the! year 1824 in New York and was one of the Sabbath school children who scattered flowers at the feet of LaFayette when he landed In that city on his return to America. She wail endowed with great intellectual powers, strong courage and deep religious feeling. One asked. '•When did Jane become a Christian." iuiother who knew her well replied. '*She was always a Christian." She imlted with the M. E. church at the age of sixteen and for more than nine ty years was H consistent member. Her education was completed at the acailenty founded, in Troy. N. Y.. by Miss Emma Wll'ard. the historian, it being the first school In the United States that higher branches were taught to women. Her cultivated mind TONI(GniT A Comedy Drama in 4 Acts'. Frm Prisofl to Piliee Lower Floor BttlCOBf Iowa Store In Up to the age of R T sight part'ally failed, she was a con slant render of current liter,nture. Her memory was goo.l to the last and to eonv.^rsp with her of the many historical events that were crowded Into her of almost a century of existence was like readlus: vIvid history. November l .'i. ls.13. her brother. Ishinael Smith, was Injured by the xplosion of a canncn ami arm wii.x amputated. During the folowing night one of the men In attendance vas rejjuested to recall the physician l>ut when he openeil the door to go. •'the stars wera falling." Several of the men who were there refused to .o. but the joiing lady fearing for her brother's life threw her apron over hear h?ad. rushed through the snapping. fier>- shower to the physician's residence seven Mocks away jind broueht hbn hack with her. She was married to Selden Strickland December 15. ISSfi and they moved to Morgan coiint.v. I llinois. Of the ten children born to them sh-:? followed .seven of them with aching heart to t|ieir graves. In ISfiO the family moved to Allen county. Kansa.s. and settled on the farm where she died. Mrs. Strickland required all her courage and fortitude in her new home. Several times she nearly lost her life in aiding o(h(»r3. In the winter of 18fi2 Mrs. Strickland took h?r on a sled drawn by oxen to see a family of w-ar refugees from Arkansas Ilvinir In a cabin on what •'^ now the Nadler farm. They found the man just ab'e TO be up. two boys very s'ck. the married daughter, bare•y sixteen, whose husband was in th3 lebel army, dyine of pneumonia. The tiothcr of the family had perished rii the road. Mrs. Strickland decided n stay with the stricken family whtle ^*r. Stritkland went home to thr^ir little ones. During the nisht the young la(?y died and Mr"?. Strickland with her own hands, laundered the bridal dress that had been saved from the wr.^ck of their pillaged home, dried the garments by the fire and irrayed her for burial: but her ex •rtions had brought on an attack of 1 ma'ady from which she has lon^ uffered. For relief she took a dose of laudanum but It was home-mad.- and of unusual strength and soon a jiiimbness began to creep over her. .'{he could help no more. She knew bat to stay was to die and she resolved to get home. At two o'clock h,' started to go the two miles over the desolate waste of drifting snow, no land-mark to guide her in lie darkness.—^falling, pray ng. rais- ;i:g. and staggering on—she never knew where she went, "only" .she said "I praj'ad ever time T fell ti"l I could set tjp and go on." -At daybreak her husband, bearing a faint moan at the door, found that she had fallen there. The doctor said that the walk had aved her life. In 1SC.1 Mr. Strickland died, but in her- grief and loneliness she never forgot those around her. But a few minters after his death a lady whose husband had recently died moved- their children into a cabin In the woods on Deer Creek. Her little children came to llrs. Strickland with the news that their mother was sick. The creek was out of its banks and blizzard was raging. None but she eotild get to the cabin. She went and all night long she strove to save the life of the mother and the babe .hat was born that night. The storm blew the snow through the house hut she worked till morning ,with noj ihouffht jof herself. Both mother and rh'Id Etiil I've in far off Montana: their dainty Christmas gifts have gad dened the heart of the one who helped them in their hour of need. Her whole life Is but -a record of j loving labor and salf sacrifice. Her' chief regret as the weakness of age came on was her Inability to help anyone. Sometimes she longed to join those who had gone befora and yet she clung with tender grasp to the children and neighbors who were left. She had been slowly failing for many we<'ks and when pn.'»umonla seized her she was too weak to re sist the attack. For several days she suffered much, then sleep came to her and so sleeping she yielded up to God, "the white flower of her blameless life." The loving hands of her neighbors .irrayed her frail form In the robes she had long since provided and prepared her final resting place in Pleasant Valley cemetery. Sha has gone from us hut her !ove win he remembered an<5 for* many years her memory will be revered. She leaves three children. T. F. Strickland, of lola: Mrs. H. S. Onart. of LaHarpa. and Mrs. M. S. Henderson of Klncald besides fifteen grand children and five great grand children. Services were held at the Diamond chnrch by the Rev. McProud of Colony. Tuesday. Decamber. Had Mrs. Strickland lived until December 20, 1907. she wouWhave been ninety- seven. lors, Ties, Ladles'. Furs, Fancy Stock* Ings, Fanoy Hose. We have a nice selection ot Tary choice articles from Chas. DIckrat ot> ^x Manltou. Colorado, which we ar« going to sell at half price. Theae are very choice cut stones. We will be glad to show you. A. G. MUMMA. Prop. LivinqfttoD Co Ceatncton ui BiM —i All kinds ot work a epedalir 9 Seatk Syeuenb WIU TEAOH SHORTHAMO Miss J. Katherine give private lessons. System a specialty. TmltptMnm Km. SB. LmHmrmm, Kmmt Hartley will Benn Pitman The (liriKtmPs Offerings that iiur jewelry display shows are certainly of the most uniqne, tasteiui and appropriate de« signs. ("hoirr Silverware and X OT- rlties. Fine Watches, Bmshea and Rings. < Doni forget to have your nresent In time for the Xmaa tree. Better select today. Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. Distillel Water One hundred pounds ot Oryt* ' talice win make 12 gallpHoC dlamied water suitable for tamUy uaei Try It. Iriate&CtyStmitC* : ntANKRIOI>IJ3,acr. Beglstcr Want Ads, Ic a Word. 0ssfol Xnas Preseits The finest line in town. Call and inspect cat . stock. T. B. Shannon North Side Square lola. Kin. F.VRMS, In. Howell County, MIssoarL To Exchange for City Property or, •Merchandise. Write for list. Give fall descrltpion and price of what you have. J. T. GILHOrK, Pomqaa. Mo. THE lOL .V YETERIXABI HOSFITIL has been moved to 214 "West atreet.. In the new brick building ini oon« pleted and is equipped with «q <iBW- Btins table and all the lates ^faVpU- ances for the Humane and Soentlfle treatment of Domestic Animals. C||I» maile anywhere night or day. FkoJlf 139 for hospital or residence. . FRANK S. BEATTIB.'V. Propriator. CIIBISTMA8 PRESnm Nothings better than a magait— lar I friend. For your magasiaMjM J. E. wmmmwr^ ' Ebene W. 414 H. BMfcef«

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