The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1949
Page 7
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, OCTOBER 10, 1949 — Committee Okay Of DP Bill Sought Chance of Success In Senate Group Is Seen by Leaders By John CliaSwIck WASHINGTON, Oct. 10. dfi — Over the objections of Chairman Mccarran (D-Nev), a move will be Wade In the Senate Judiciary Committee today to wii approval of a House bill liberalizing the displaced persons law/ Some chance of success was seen by Senate leaders, although they Previously had despaired of getting committee action on It this year ... because of McCarran's opposition, kit: A resolution to take the bill away Wroiri the committee and bring it before the Senate for a vote was Introduced several weeks ago by a bipartisan group of Senators — among them Democratic Leader Lucas of Illinois and Senator Taft of Ohio, the Republican policy chief. Plans, were made to call up the resolution next week, but the Senate's dislike of overriding any of its committees made the outcome uncertain. To Recommer Bill Senator Ferguson (R-Mich) told a reporter he will ask'the committee to recommend the House bill to the Senate. He said he wants to give the members a chance to do so before the discharge resolution Is brought up. . Assistant Democratic Leader Myers of Pennsylvania said he thinks (he move has a good chance of success. * A similar view was expressed by Senator O'Connor (D-Md), acting chairman of a ji'dicfary subcommittee on the leglslatlo -, In the absence of McOarran. The bill, passed by the House June 6, would increase the number of displaced persons eligible for admission to the United States from 20a,000 In t~o years to 339,000 in three years. It also "would eliminate provisions which President Truman and others have charged discriminate against Jews and Catholics. Mr. Truman has urged that the new bill be tpassed before Congress adjourns. BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SUPPLI f. S FOOD—ANfHOPE-A young boy in'Vienna, Fireman's Hobby Earns Him Right to Be a 'Lettered 1 Man Ohio Police Officials Plan Rehabilitation Center for Drunks and Petty Thieves CANTON, O., Oct. 10. (ff)-.Jail Is the wrong place for drunks and petty thieves. Stnrk County commissioners said Saturday. They want* to organize a rehabilitation center for them and are Corking on plans for one right now. If It goes-through, the cominls- rioners say it would be' the' first of Its kind In Ohio Instead of gloomily staring at Iron bars the not-so-hard crlml- in th . serve out th elr terms In the center. There' they would cfteltrT? 1 !, 1 ' 1 ? and other ™ r ™ of treatment designed to straighten them outso they won , t • coa £*£™ ROSE FESTIVAL QlJEEN_Mf« Hose Marie Young, blue eyed Thru" was queen or this year's an- 7h XM H R ° 5e Fcs »™l «t Tyler. ™ n T v E " lCr o! Ml - »"d Mrs mtivc ot$t?\ °' Wer and is " " e ° r aov Ark - She in Photo). ive years. (AP LANCASTER, Pa., — (/P)_ John W. Price is the only fireman in America who has had a crab, a snail, and a flatworm named In his honor. "I found them, they were new to science, so they Just named them after me," he said. For 72 hours a week Price operates a switchboard at the Lancaster Fire Department. But that Is only his living. His real life Is in the world of nature. In his spare time he has become a self-taught authority on invertebrate paleontology—t h e study of fossil creatures without backbones. It .took a lot of backbone on Price s part, however, to aspire to be an expert in such * field. "It Isn't exactly overcrowded," he smiled, "but it docs require academic background. And 1 didn't nave that. I never went beyond grammar school." Often people dlscdvere their life's goal in odd ways: Price was stirred to an Interest In the earth's past by seeing a movie, "The Lost World," back in 1929. Then animals of this prehistoric period fascinated him. He wanted to learn more about them. He struck up a friendship with a professor who also served as curator of the Franklin and Marshall College Museum. Price volunteered to act as the professor's unpaid assistant at the museum. "There Is a lot of letter writing to do In science," he recalled, "and I did it. Most of those we corresponded with were men of letters. They had things like Ph. D. or D. Sc. after, their names. "So I decided I'd have to be a man of . lelers, too. I started signing my letters, John W. Price, L.P.D., assistant curator." Nobody asked him about this for years. Then at a meeting of scientists, one Inquired curiously: "Say, Price, what degree .does 'L.F.D.' stand for. I don't, believe I'm familiar with it." "Stands for Lancaster Fire Department," grinned Price. By then he had made his mark in paleon- New Hearing Device Ha* No Receiver Button in Ear Chicago, 111,—Deafened people are hailing a new device that gives them clear hearing without making them wear a receiver button In the eai They now enjoy songs, sermons friendly companionship and business success with no eelf-consclout reeling that people are looking at' ?, n .y bl "<°n hanging on their ear With the new Invisible Phantomold you may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even the appearance of deafness. The makers of Be tone, Dept. 40, 1450 W. 19th St., Chicago 8, 111., are so proud ol their achievement they will gladly send you their free brochure (Jn Plain wrapper! and explain how you can test this amazing Invisible device i n the privacy of your own home without risking a penny. Write Bel- tone today. ATTENTION LADIES We hive for sale now! Darwin Tulips in 1 different colon Narcissus—Yellow and While Daffodils—King Alfred and Golden Harvest Galanlhus Snow Drops Scilla—Campannlala Crocus Cliionodoxa Luclllae Madonna I.ilj Hyacinths In different color« SSTnl™ • Ch0lC " t ° r "»!»««« <"«,:( to as from "are co»PAUL BYRUJ1 Hardware & Seed HI East Main Street ' R | t .. h .„ . , Bl>tncville, Arfca SOYB !A1 SACI « TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL TIMES Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 S^ *, ' tology— through original discoveries and the publication ol scientific papers— and didn't mind letting out the secret. Today, however, he can put "D. Sc. • after his name, too. iftanklin and Marshall College has granted him an honorary degree— doctor oJ science. "It was the proudest moment of my life," he said. "I won't say I dldnf dream of It. But I didn't dare hope it would come so soon." Price U now -curator of the museum and still works for nothing. He has built a staff of talented experts like himself who give free nature study lessons to some 25,000 school children. A dentist f ?M,,, example ' **ache» botany. A utilities company executive Instructs n astronomy. A professional chemist lectures on mineralogy. • ';FrankIy, there is no museum like it in the country," sad! the college president. "It Is a real community project. Every man on the staff ' his services'. None is contributes paid." Along with his academic honors Price recently received a gold watch from his fireman pals. It was Inscribed to "John w. Price, L.F.D., IX Sc." Price still has one goal—to get tway from the fire denartment Merchants Ask Strikers To Cut Use of Credit PITTSBURGH, Oct. 10. (AP) — Retail merchants In this Industrial capital appealed Saturday to striking s'eel and coal workers to limit their flurry of credit purchses Virtually all types of retail shops reported a sharp drop In business as the. 010 United Steelworkers entered the second week of their nationwide walkout. The area's soft coal miners have been out since Sept. 19. Bonnie Baker Divorced CHICAGO, Oct. 10. (^-Song- stress "Wee" Bonnie Baker, who t ™* y"« «B° popularizes the »ong, Oh, Johnny," was granted a divorce in superior court Friday from Frank Taylor, Chicago theatrical booking agent. Miss Baker, «, waived alimony and was given custody of a daughter, Sharon 9 months, by Judge Joseph A. Sabath. They were married March 16, 18«. switchboard. "I'd rather ride to the fires." said. Price doesn't want anybody he State Democratic Committeeman Attacks McGrath DENVER, Oct. 10. W)—An Arkan- t»» Democratic National Committeeman think* Attorney General J. Howard McGratli's "attemptd ex- pUnattons for the current wave of Investigations which the Department of Justice Is directing against medical societies Is an Insult to the Intelligence of the American people." Dr, R. B. Robins of Camden, Ark., a member of the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association, said so In a statement released here Friday, adding: "As an United States Senator, Mr. McGrath was one of the lead ad- vocatei of compulsory health Insur- p.nce and one of the most intemper- tle critics of the American medical profession. "Now, as attorney general, Mr. McQrath and some of the other Washington proponents of political medicine have threatened the medical profession because of Its open opposition to compulsory health Insurance. . "Now he Is using the facilities of the Department of Justice for political purposes." • Dr. Robins U here to attend the convention of Colorado Medical Societies. Missionary Whips Indian Girls; Loses Job and Home ATLANTA. Oct. 10: W) — For whipping three Sem'nole Indian girls, a Baptist missionary Saturday was a man without a reservation, or Job. The Baptist Home Mission Board placed Stanley Walker Smith, 38- year-old Creek Indian missionary to the Semlnoles at Danla, Fla., under permanent suspension. As a result, the native Oklahoman must give up his 35-acre parsonage on the Semlnole reservation. The board's spokesman, J. B. Lawrence, said, "we couldn't retain him after a situation of that character. What he did wasn't so terribly wrong, but you can't have things like that happening in religious work." Lawrence added that It might have been all right for Smith to whip Indian girls IP Oklahoma, 'but It Just won't go in this part of the country." Smith admitted whipping the girls because they had gone out —.m iv, n,™. with his 19-year-old son. He said Mlsa Baker alleged cruelty and *h« B'rls had been drunk and "oth- larged Taylor struck her lut July erwlse misbehaved. The whipping PAGE SEVEN ' realistic that the "enemy" wllUpealc a foreign language, Army' officials laid. . But they wouldn't name the language. That, they said, was a secret. »«•*-»*!* ijiucjkj KIIU ••••" »»*«•» >"".* uvcij UL uun. aim ui<n- charged Taylor struck her lut July erwlse misbehaved. The whipping B and again on Aug. is W hen they w « » disciplinary measure. My son separated. was similarly punished." Cowt Wear Spectacles In the northern part of Russia and Siberia, where snows are heavy »nd lasting,-some cows are IT'S JUST DUCKY, DEAR-Barnyard fashion expert Mary Lou Prentice of Chicago adjusts the bonnet she designed (or her delighted duck friend. Duckle will display the millinery-cut from a printed poultry feed bag—in a forthcoming fowl fashion parade, buch fashion shows are being held throughout the country the next (ew weeks to select the "best-dressed fowl in the nation." Mink Coat and Chinese Girl are Gl's Undoing TOKYO, Oct. 10. (/PI — A pretty Chinese girl and a mink coat wer the undoing of Pvt. Niton D. Fish. The Baltimore sold'cr went AWOL last August. Things were going all right for him until his pretty Birl friend, a Miss Wong, talke< him into buying a raffle ticket on - mink coat. t Fish knew he couldn't win so h threw away the ticket. Then he found out he hart won. He also found out he could get the coa without the ticket 11 he could provi his Identity. He gave himself up to mllltarj police. MUs Wong, escordted b' Capt. John Meagher, got the coat Fish got the guardhouse. Now Meagher will act as counse for Fish at » prelim: .ary hearing That will decide whether Pish wit face a general or a special court- martial. Approximately 50,000 organizations now use stamp meters for supplying thetr correspondence with .the necessary postage. WANTE 5 JUNIOR SALESMEN 5 Junior Salesmen between age of 20 and 28 years old with High School education for training with senior salesmen to sell 3 exclusive fines. Drawing account with liberal commission. Give references and qualifications in first fetter asking for interview. No phone ap- pl ications for appointment wi 11 be accepted. ' Don Edwards Box 804 Manufacturer Agent for Philip Hano Co. Holypke, Mass. Realistic War Games Scheduled in Hawaii HONOLULU, Oct. 10. (AP)-They sed to fight these' military war games with broom sticks, but not now. The games scheduled for Hawaii later this month will be so Get Facts About Fistula-FREE New Book—Explains. Causes and Latest Treatment Illustrated, authentic 40-page book on Flstuln, Piles (Hemorrhoids), related ailments as shown In diagram and colon disorders is yours PRKB. Send postcard to Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1072. 911 S Llnwood. Kansas City, Mo. We Follow Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols PHONE 4601 Drug | 1601 I PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* . Kirby Drug Stores Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home which you will enjoy throughout the years. Call for appointments. Phone 6011 FILMS OfVfiOPEO PRINTED ENLARGED FAUGHT'S STUDIO 112 South 1st. (Night Phone 6321) THL dliVVLS <O\II>\NY - Morhiuni- limn* - Phone 3075 -^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_^__ . ^^^^•^•^•••^•a BAGS BAGS BAGS. BAGS We offer new bags, never used, at about the price of used bags heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches, no bad seams and no rotten bags. Also No. 1 used bag. « low as 20c each. The bags are stored at Gay & Billing, warehouse across the street from the Frisco dr-poT bee the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season. Phone 3418-3152 PAUL D FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance LEGION ARENA SAT. OCT. 15th. with Jack Pennington and the GarreH's Snuff Variety GANG Those Who Like to Square Dance Are Cordially Invited! Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c Include* Borh Show & Dance TRY NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS

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