Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 4
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Tdephones. Reporters' Boom .....;S22 Business Office t8 Entered at lola, Kansas, Postofflcei as Secbndrclass Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known; 6 D Application. SimSCRIFTIOK HATES. Bj Carrier tn lols. Gas City, LaBybB. TlUe or La Uarpe. 1 One Weelc 10 centr One Montb : L... 44.cents One Year 'ifi.OO - By IWL J I One Tear, tn advance 14.00 Three Montiis, in advance $1.00 One Month. In advance .44 OFFICIAL PAPER,. CITY OF BASSET. CEMBEB OF ASSOCIATED ERE^S. The lola Dally Register is a member of the Associated Prras and KcceWcs the day report If that great news or- franlsatlon for Exclusive Afternoon Pablicatlon in lola. PIS'O'S CURE. ixQ (he fnri.T<inncrs oJ dread i:on!'uni|iiion. yctifccrcun he hro!:i'n up aiKl t-iitirflT cand i( properly tn-ni-d.. U it onlir itr r;niOTinK thi> cauw i i;! IIH-divord r tint an al-Mi- I »;ti; iiirr ran I M- flfccfod. t'isa'» toe,! to iho root of iJif t'oi:^I«' .-^nd mttorrt lft<' luniis to a iinrmal condi- Ifo.i. It is 3 sale aud clfuc- livo romrdr. All Druxsists 23 C «aU '^CeJJjHS -^.oCOLDS m TAX THE LODGES mouse isn't the only animal that is UangferousC . .j^.S if>^ , AS i CONSTRI-H; THE BUIE LAW, TOBACCO IS ONLY AXOTniiU NAMI5 FOR LIDERTY." —Dcdd Gaston Governor Cummins will be a candidate for tiie presidency. Cummins Is doiibtles.s all right, but he will have •.o be idenlined. Give a b.')y a free ticket and he will demand Ihi^ rii;ht to crc.itc a disturb- anee. • • • • ON SECOXD TfloronT. ox SKCOND TII(U(.'HT I'ersoiially, we don't rare iiiucli for fhis'Rbu! Yuleiidft season. This dc- |)arlmt'iti lias noiliinK l» i^cll. •THRKE .MAY ME A SANTA ('U\L'g. HUT MK NEVER GOT AKOII.SI) TO MVl" l)odd Gaston. The Democrats exiiect a victory the ncM time. They also expected a victory last lime and the limo before that. We have noticed however. Ilia! a jlUi uever/^ets under the UTi#l\e toe unlei-.s tlie riKbt mnn is .^oniowlu-re in sisbt. Ili;-k Filbert, who wa^ nu'.riiod yo.^i terday. gets $9 a week. Not all of tbn brave men po to war. Now that wos\ of the wowtni wvn-.i a barness. bow does tbe youair niin who Ui-ed to irive garters m.'.Uo bim- selt solid with bis sweetheart? It has always been our notion that the tiris do not enforce the rHe tliai; a man shall }.'ive them nnthim: h\\!\ candy and tlowers with s^olUi i.-i.ti strictness. •LATER ON I,.MAY Ll'.CTfRE. I .VLWAYS WANTED TO SING. Bl T NOnODY WOULD LISTEN" Dodd Gaston. Thai aeafeni«s csplorfon vovi he-\rd earlier in the week—that was Cortelyou. Somo Late Flctfon Marsaret Hill .MeCarters Cuddy's Baby. Gertrude Atberton's Ancestors. The story of the tierforuier at a local theatre who claims to have inberp ited JGO.OttO. A Lincoln dispatch says Mr. Bryan expects to remain at home durlnK the presidential camiiai;-n. After that, it is assumed, he may lecture again. Ater all, the &uri>risinK thinR about Mr. Taft's journey is that none of the vessels sank. A French authority says it is impossible for a woman to dress on less than j:!il.oOO a year. SHil. a nuinl)er of Iho'm are doinj; it right along. Mrs. .lames, the lion tamer, like many other women, found out that the It Yon Head TMa It win be to loam that the Icadfpg medl. cat writem and tcachore of alt tho acvoro] BchooU of pracUco recommend. In tho •trongcst terms, possible, each and every Innrudlont outerlnit Into tho composition of Dr. Tierce's Gulden Medical Dl:icovery for tho cure of weak stomsch, dyspepsia, catarrh of atomftch, "liver complaint," torpid liver, or biliousness, cbrouio bowel allocUons »pd all catarrhal dl.*cascs o! whatever region, namo or natnro. It Is also a specific remedy for all such chronic or loiiK siandlnK cases of catarrhal afTec- tlons and thoir rcsnltants, as bronchial, throat ond lung dlsoaso (oiccpt consumption) accompanied with severe coughs. IV ts not 80 frood for acuto colds and c<iutth!), but for llniferln?. or chronic cases it Is especially, eOicacious In produclnir per- foct cures. It contains Block CbeiT} bark. Golden Seal rooU Bloodroot, Stone root. | Haodrake root and Queen's root—all ot^l which are highly praised as remedies for^ all the above mentioned affections by Such jnlnont medical writers and teachers as Prof. Bartholow, ofy^efferson Med. Coltese: Prof. Uarovisf the Univ. of Pa.; Pro*. Finler-fiMragwood. M. D., of Ben- pllege. Chicago; Prof. John ' Cincinnati; Prof. John of Cincinnati; Prof. . L D., of Hahnemann Chicago, and scores of eminent in their several practice. \ "Rofden Medlc&l DIscovenr"!* thp KuropatUin says the .laps couUHjave tj'.ken I 'ort yVrilmr by as.saiilt. IIiii yell will rimemlier that ibey didnl di it. Ilecurrin-; a';aln to the Port .Vrthiir bnsiiios.s. we have always been willlu.i: ;o bet lliat llui n.ijrbtint;, the casualties, and i/ic haViL-fliiiis In that war wen greatly exafxperaled. THE THING THAT MAKES ME MAD DEST IS THAT MOST I'EOPLE INSIST t>N CALLING IT DOl>". —Dodd (Jaston Possibly, If ibe .\ebra.-ka lutirderoi who plays ibe banjo had .sniipiessed lart until after Ibe trial the jiir.x wciiild have turned him loo ;e. rersonall.v. we'd like the newspa- jers better if they didn't force us to look at Adniiral ICvans's "groucb" iiuii< so often. Ml.-:. McKee r -aukin's lienelil neii.'d *7.."><iO. Will! will get up a beuelit for the bead of this tleparinieut. It is only fair to say. however, that the ToiicUa wotuan who weat to the Uiok store eliibt times after a copy of Three We'eks hadn't heard that tin •.lecomposit lot* had sol In on it. Coue;. vilie:is to have a sir ,ii--5it-oiit ht-.iicicr.'.lie p.ii'er. in oili.-r respects Coffi 'vvil'.e i.< !ii>t ;;!,''Lii y <iif lent from ytber Kansas towns. We have iiiaile T .|> '.ur to our ibi;!.-'. We .'^ball. tills refuse f .-M; : "Tliaiik*;. Ibe same to >.>a.' ' Wib must men it is bard r.^r a girl !o tell whether sl:e is lieiag kis.'jwl or .-r.iokins; a oi>;ar. The Slate; Treasuier of .\firlii.Kin. who .ju.^rsled the Stale fund.-!, i.^ to l>e ousted from oKce. ^Ve mentici' casually and not with the intent to draw any unpleasant foniparlsmis. I Kansas cbOeges Also Will be Assessed OM Most of Their Property. Salina, Kaa., Dec. —At the meetings of the connty clerks and com- niissioners. 'which adjourned this afternoon. It 'was decided that all lodges will hava to pay fun tax u |>on their property and co'leges will be taxed on all except a small part of their property, it was decided also that the now law Increases the values of all property and reduces the tax levies proportionately. Samuel T^ Howe of the state tax c ommlssion said Ui:> meeting was not only the largest ever held In the stale, hut that it would rc- AU t in the greatest good as the new law was just ready to take effect. .T. L. I/Jgsdon, of Howard, was el eoted president of the clerks' .tssoql.v t'on; J. P. I^urns. of Salina, vice pres- 'dent; Frank Soper, of Belolt, treasurer, aud Miss Jassie Campbell, the only ttomnn clerk in the state, sfcr-'tar.v. WJllllam B. l.«omls. of Ottawa was e!- I'Cted prisldent of the coninibisloiiers' i.^sotlation; R. A. Besss, of Ciur'ikte. .ice president, and \V. H. Baden cf Crawford county, secretary. The inect- ng In 190S will be held In Hnlch u son. You never had an opportunity like this, to buy a Piano at your own price and it may never come again. Good Pianos, such as we have cost as much at the factory as they ever did and many of them more. Danger in Askinn Advice. When ynii liavo a cough or cold do •^ot ask anyone what iv good f-ir it. IS there is danger in takln.g som- inknownpr'^-i'nration. Foi -y'.j; llom-y •.nd Tar csirea coughs, colds .ind jire .er^ts p:ifiii:ionia. The gentiine is in I yeijow pnrkngs. Refuse s'lbslltiites. "InrroH 's Drug Store. CADY MAY LAND JOB. Reformatory Managers Think He M.-;y Be Next Superinteniciit. THE REASON FOR THIS SACRIFICE ON OUR PART IS THAT WE ARE OVERS JOCKED $128 takes away our rigular §275 Piano 175 takes awaj'our regular .3'iO Piano 210 takes away our regular •525 Piano 24S takes away our regular ooO Piano }75 takes away cur regular 750 Piano Player Organs $15 to $05 And so on down the line. Come Quick. 4 Toiii'Va. IV 'C. ]!•.—A medili;; .:f the iKjard of managers of the Stall- o-nmtovy at Hutihinsnn was held i<; To;)eka yeslenlay for the purimse or buying needed luaehiiKry. .\t ili- oncliisioii of the i.U'eiir.; it •*tatiil by Preslil.'ut Siir.uions that ilf' 'Pixdntiuent '-f a u-w - MpiTiniciul.-:)'j has not even been eonsMi'red. ••(;>• j riior Il'ich i-^ looking fur a man w!i.>' wi'l nnet with bts idias of tbi- rb.xr-; seU-r of a sup-,»rinteudi.nt ins'iicl." •^aid .Mr. .Sininions. 'Wlu-n l.e II IM I ; uch a man he will recKiumend bini to the board and we will pri>!>alily appoint lilm. In case he .;o«'s not man I will say to voii that we u.ll .r.ibab!.- aiip<-.iut .l:.:ucs Cadv, tb.- a-?-)^.^^, sstllit :<f who is i;o\v j;; ;nrgi' at Hutrhinson. The Inianl v.—;i pl.-as d v.i.h his c<-.i;iiiict of tli.- Ii.siifuiion." POSITIVELY NOTHING DOING AT THE ABOVE PRICESAFTER DEC.25 We take Pleasure in Showing our Goods The Abernathy Piano ComDany H. A. Ditch, Mgr. East Side Square Open Thc'r L ^ns in Powers's Defense. Ca'.cO 1 '^"d His lnv.-ilid Wife Was Inside Dautjhtc- Saved Mo. her. !\o\«ni!MT\ Foreign Trade Itaianre Kj;.eeued S« .Mlllirfa Dollans. Still, you Jiave doiilnless luiticed that most of Ibe men trho ci.Tini to be as good as anybody aren't. Having added two or three inches tc the bei.i;ht of the callor on the beer, the breweries are now figuring o:i raising the price. :i'illJoiis of lK)tlles of Foley's Honey and Tar have been void without any y.i-i'&on ever hav^ng exi)->riencf»d an.\ oxh'-r than beneficial r?s'.dts from its use for coughs, colds and lung' trou blcp. This is because the genuine Fo\ py's Honey ai:d Tar In tho yo'low package contain.s no opiates or other harmful (Iruga. Guard your health by ivi using any tvnl lha genuine. Bur- rcU's di-u.g store. TO SEM> CLKVEI-.tM) DENVKK. A Xew JerseyJJemocrat Sayn th» SMe Would Honor Itself. New York, Dec. ':».—There Is a i.iover.i. n'. on fool le send Grovr Cleveland to Denver next summer as cue of llie ilelegale.-' at large from .Vew .lersi-v t<r the democratic natlon- il ciiiiventlon. Robert D.nvls. dcnio- .••:atic leader of .lersey City, Is head- the moveiiient and says that by ili;i.< honoring .Mr. Cleveland New Jersey V (lu 'd honor Itself and would be a iiii ^aiia of cementing any breaks ih'-'ie might be in the party and piae- iiig I; In a strong posllSon. AFTER A TEXAS COMPANY. nett Med. Kinff.M. MJScuddi WO. Oti dwin Of Its (ormu jpen publicity oi its formula » ^ »Jl possiUe guaranty of its merits. A stance at this published foranls will ^SwtSt •Golden Medical Dlscoverr- contains nopolsonona. harmful or babit- fnslead. ^lycerlno is entirely nnobjec- tlonable and besides is a most useful agent In the cure of w stomach as yell as bronchial, throat and Inng affoctfons. There Is tho highest medical anihority for its use in allsncfa cases. The "Discovery* is a ooacentrated glyceric extract of native, ledicinal roots and is safe and reliable. A booklet of extracts from eminent, medical authorities, endorsing Its infrre- dlcnts mailed Jnx on roqucn. AddiQM fir. S. V. Pierce. BuSaliCK. Y. C. W. Barnes Says It Can't Write Insurance in Kansas. low n. K.v.. I)<>c. L'n.— In an' jiii;.il !<> iinaU >:ov ii lb - <lir<ct I. s- I f.u'ini: Hiiiry VciiLm-y. ajj aciiiu I ;'iire !: llii- Gin.lii'l luitn! 'r. w!io wa- ilnm-;'!-; 1 .••••.i tiie s-at" j Is-m l.> '<••-, ,i:fy. ih<: a- r.-:i'.<' i:i •.'a - ("al.b I'ow-| t • loib.y in; ro.inf. d l\\\> fd'o-.K-• !.'i;\:<l.i f;i.iii 111,, stall- prison W);i. j '"ure. After thi- sfcoiid iKitt''- 1 .'•hi.w-i .Mull us ami l.Ioxd H-'tt a. t> eniitva-> • ••1 improveni. ul. aud five boltles ciir-j'Ic! Y'):il.-iy. and .-^'i-'v.- thai be hal »•! me eompli':.:iy. I have siac iiass j said to in jirison that Pow- d a rigid j-xaaiination for lite liisar-i.i.' s-- U.iic m a.; an aaljrjru :4nce.'" Foley's Kdmy Cure cure^ ; la.u . .lint he l\i-.i >«iU I'v.-I t;..> shot Ilia! I;i!lid (:o :>!i .^l; lliat foivc:-: Biirreir.s drug ston. i i-.a-' i-uv.i'd ii.i|]i;:u. i.i \, w.-.h — j ii I'liil l!ia! hi' was foi< d to tf.-iify READY FOR CONVENTION, jaLaiii:t tluni to .save his own life. I u iiii tiK- -lain! Iioth Mi 'Ii .'n^, .'iid H"lt! 11 (b'« liiK d to answer (pws- laui.s asked ihein. and t: •.< jud.e v.a : IHiwcrless to coniin-l tliom. He ton refused 1o open his lips even wh, a tiie interrogated' hlni. Passed Examination SuccesEfnlly. .Tamos DonaI;ue. Nov.- Prfniii. Conn.. rites: "'l tried s •vi-r;'l Uid'aey ri >m- lies an! •.va>- ir-i'ted by oar be.;t .•"lys-icians f.'>r lali'U.v but in niprove until 1 liuik Foley'.- Kidi.-y •jack-aciie and al! forms, of Kidney and bladder titii:ble. Fairchild Arranging for County Sup. erintendents* Meeting. Vashin.gMii. Deo. 19.—Exports of Kridgi pi.i f. C'liau , Dec. —Toom-! r.ierohaii<ii.-e from the I'nited State.-; 'S yicC:'.:r.\ r.iav d.-IibeiaN'lv .mth^iTf $:':;.t;.-.-..7.-.l greater in value than , ," ,." . , iini|M>rt.-: ii; .November. This great bal'..-e to the Mons. Ml ay liis l'^'l|ance wii. go a loi.^- v.ay toward ofT- li'l'!-:! -.vife. Tiie d:niu-';te- ruslie:) • setting the goid that l'.;.i 5«jurrd into ilMi>iv.h tbe M-.M'. c> ai.d flames .".r..l;'ais coant'ry iroia t-:i;;o;^e during the r:.r;i.d ber mon.T to ^af, t.v. n.-.,;, iK'.-i two months awraeted by linancial x.oaien wore .-lightly 'enr'.ed an ' !y !;iiffoca!ed, lait will n'crivrr. -M."-jIC:!.e;!»J in gold '.xas imiioried last fai;:i lait-r surrendered, saving That . ,, , , . , , t Ibe exiiorib of i»«rehandi.-;o in Xo- tb<' bouse was b.?; an.r ;ie had a riL-lit'. I stringency ,hcie. The official state- n^a:- i„,pj,j_ „f n ,p govrrnnient shows that tf> barn -t. 7lis family. lie said, refused to ;oav.> tho bou.<:e and he was try- ia.g tn sinok'e :!:e;;i out. ivenbcr anionr.ted to'over 204 million di.l.'ais. and weie tlie la.^gest ever recorded for any month, e.vceeding those 111' .Voveniiior. VJUC. by 2174 millions. .\li):ig .vith tlus iurrease in exi)orts I there was a decrease of nearly & niil- j lions in imports, so that the halanco nriuo T,.T<a;lve Fruit Syrup, the I in favor of the Fnited States was ."Ift^i lew laxative, stimulates, but does not imllliona greater last month than a Topeka. Dec. lit.—E. T. Faircliild. • state superintendent of piibiio iir.sttiic-i fon. is 'luisy making arrangeriie:;'s! for the meeting of rouuty sii|i"rial-ii-^ dents and institute workers wliicli hai ! be?n ca'lcd by the State Board of Kin-' railou to meet in Topeka Docemhi r \ •2S. U is the first meeting of the kind ' ver heid in aud is Intended' to streuRlhen institnie work. .\ I strong program has baen arranged.; 'We have been soing along wlih tlioj same system <if county in^'f-tut-^, work since we first adopted fbe plan'": ^ald Mr. Fairchild yesterlay. "l i hlnk we should be able to do same thing to make the work more unirorm and effective. That Is the purpose of the meeting wo have called." nritat?. It. i<! the he?t Laxative. Gtiarante.-d or your money bacJx. Burrell'.s Drug Store. year ago. ' Try a Want Ad. in the Kogi.ster. T he \^lur OK >Vbo LliiPH Lemon Pie? Evcf>bod.v. but Ihev are expen'-he and hard tn make In the old way. You <houId try at once "Ol'lt-PIE " Preparation for dcllelons l.emfin iiles. Tt is made from >be eholecKi Ingredieal ibsolutely pure. Sure to VOM. IS It has thousands of oilier.*'. A ladv says; "1 will liever again try to make l.,emon pie in the old way while I ran cet 'OrU -lMF.' Treparation." Ka.h package enough for two large i>ie.;. !')c. FUNSTON HAS GONE President Wires to Gk>ldfield far More Information. Topeka. Dec. i:..—C. ^V. Barnes, slate superint^ndcnt of insurance, M ill a vicious controversy, with th- Standard Live.^iock Insurance company of DallasJ Texas, and has served notice on th.e company that he will cause the arrest of th? of its agents that he finds soliciting busings In Kansas. The Dallas company is a mutual organization and the iroubl^ is due'to the fact that the Texas! departtnent has excluded all mutual insurance companies organia- e<^ in other states from business in Tfjxas. This cut out several Kansas ct^mpanies and Barnes retaliated by revoking the licenses of Texas companies! doing business In Kansas, aihongi them The,Standard Livestock Insurance company. This company has inlstructed its agents that they will be violatint: no law if they go ahead With their business in Kansas. Mr. Barnes holds otherwise and will prosecute agents of the Dal'as com- napy if he finds them at work in the state. Under the law agents who. with practlcaly the same number of solicit business in Kansas for a com-' men as- yesterday, pajiy not authorized by.the insurance. • rteuartnient to do business in Kansas! "From Prloon to Palace at the ma) be finsd ISOO. . Grand IhealtT toalghf^ 10 aod 20 reuts.' Goldfie'd. Nev.. D-^c. —General Funslon left Goldfleld this morning for San Francisco. President Rooso velt has asked for more information regard-ng conditions here forthwith and telegrams are being s->nt to him from all of the civil orgafiizatlons. the mine pwners' association, the lo- ca' miners' union, and the commis- ^on sent to investigate the situation. This morning. Attorney O. X. H 1- toh. special counsel for thp Vi'esterT Federation of Miners, conferred with tho executivd committee of the local miners' union over a proiwsiUon to' bo presantcd to the mine owners later today or early tomorrow. .Tost what ih'-s nrotJosltion is can not be ascer- taiqed. bur that It will be anything j that the mine owners care to accept i is doubtful ar. It will not contain a promise to renounce the WTestem F -1 eratlon and act independently. Th" n.ires ond mills are working today personal knowlcdgo is lljc -rtinnlr.;; factor in tho cu!mir.ating contests of ih-s ccmpelitjvc age snd when cf a.-np!= cliaroclef it p!,ice3 ito forttmaie pwccssor in' the front rar.lrs cf The Well Informed of the World. A va!,t fubu oi perioral k;:ov<'.«lgc i*. r-Mlly cixnlisl lo the acliicvcmcnl of the hic'ioct in any .liltl o! I'.L.-naa cii-tl. A Knowledge of Forms, iCriotvIetJfTo of Functions and Knowledge of Producla of tlic ut.-:iosl \ahic an.l in f.ucsli.viS of life and health wh'.a a irt'c and wItoi..on;c t..r.cdy bde ircd il should be remcml'crcd lliat Synip of Figs anf! "Elbiif of Sc;i:i.., nwnufacturi J by ihc CjlifoiT.ia Fit? Synip Co., is an ciKical piod-.:;t wKkK K.\i iv.ct with iKc approval of ihc most eminent p'tysiciatjs and gives universal !.iL'j£clion, bccauic il n a lemedy of ^ ^ ^ , Kno'.vn Quality, Known Excellonco and Known Component^^f|/|>?/ Parls'aP'.I 1:^3 won ihe v<;I-jallc pstroiiage of millions of llie Well Informed of the ^/( h L world, know ol their o»n personal luiov.lcdgc and from actual use thai il i j the first / ;J and best of family laxative?, fcr which no extravagant or unreasonable claims ere made. This vaWyc remedy has been Ion? and favcrabfy kivov,-n under lliC name cf —SjTup cf Fip: — end h:;s attained to worldwide acceptance as th.o nio:t exccDenl family laxative. As its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are w-cll knou-n to physicians and the Vv'cli Infouricd cf the v.oiid to be the best wc have adopted the more — ..... . i-v. <-»:»;t^ iui ujr uic- 5iioii«;i nam*; of — S>-TUp of Fiys—and to get its beneficial cilcclj, oKvaya note, when purchaang the full name cf the G)n:p.iny — California Fig Syrup Co. — printed oa the fr.,r.t cf e%'ety package, whether j-cu cdi for — Syrup of Figs ct by the full name—Syrup of Figs ind Elixir of Serma. f SAN FRANCISCO. CAL., IDUISVILLE.KY. uONo.i^fEfi'<3iANo. NEW YORK.N.YI LI-

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