Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 5
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(or • dHBISnAS PKESEHT In jr*ir jtoy w fH tfcu a BAITK BOOK, •fe«wiriV a iepMtt to tkeif ereitt. ui m vf faall nvtan teaki, «4tfe wkJek,'tke7 eaa BATE^-iaBtead af, simdr-tiie >lekels aai iuaea whkli vast erery eUli (aad frowa ap pc^le, toe) gat mm ar IMB. ^ wk^» aaa of oar deyositon—a prafmiaaal ana—MTed, aad. depaalted ia tna laaatfcs, $StM, Jaat br pattfag awaf fa U« saTfacs baak w« gave feba, (wftea ke tkoaght aboat It, ke Mid) tke biXES ke kappeaed to gH koldaf. ' Stop aad couider wkat tkb weald aaoaat te la &, 10 or IS yean, b«> Men tke THREE per ceat iatcrrst we weald pay yea. FIgare It ap Jast for faa. SiiBite Savings Bitiak Open frrtm 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights The famed Vitae-Ore Remedies TITAE>OBE TrrAE -O&E FILLS TITAE-UBE TABLETS. TITAE-ORE OKEOLI.NE T.*0. EacalyptuR OIL 3row OB Mir at SPENCER'^ Ice Exhili! See the Southbend Watch frozen in ice and keeping perfect time in front of Pancoast '5 no EAST ST. THE lOLA ICB AND COLD STORAGE CO. CRYSTAL ICE Aad DiBtilled W«ter lew Ceid JHeiaga Bealy tm Baalaeaa. Pkeae UC FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. R6al Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Aoonal Interest Parments recelTcd . at any time wltbout notice, and tn- terrat ceases on amount paid. Leaf er Skort Tlaie Leaai. Cunningham & Arnett —Dr. F. E. n 'angh, Deatlst, Pkone 12 Mr. Sercent III. MFK . Jeff Melvin came down from Harris Saturday evcning^ and went to Humboldt to see her father. Mr. Sar- JBcnt. who is eicic at that place. She returned here yesterday and visited until this morning with Mrs. John Stomp.—Garnett News, —Sir per cent money: no commission ; no delay.—Smith & Travis. December iStfa Is the last date lor cheap HOMESEXKERS BX- CURSION RATES In 1908. See us for particulars. W. E. BAMTOIf5 Aft; *• Oeaeral Ceatxaeter. FlasBtone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. ' Office m East Jaeksoa AT*. Pkeae «S4. XAeAZnCES A 5 D PEBIODICALS caa.Jw secured lot J. B; BEITBEBSOX, . who deals with the publishers and tarnishes them'' at Jhe lojwest price possible. Trial solMcrlption to Van Norden's, 3 months J5c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye BstlmateE cheerfully given anoU f 9^ mtst PabliEbed Dec. t, 1908.) ADBDnStBATOVS HOTICE. . State loL Kansas. Allen County, iss In the iaatter of the estate oC J. N Deer, late of Allen coonty. KaaMSw Ketiee ef AppaiatawL Notice is hweby ghrea. that <m the 8th day of Deeenber. A. D. IMS. the anderdgoed was hy the Pnaba^ Gaiart of AUca CooDtr, Kaaeaa. d!Ur.a9P0tBt*. ad and ^aallOad as Adai^i^^tar nrf the Bitate oC J. N. Deer. latooaC AUaa Cooatr. baaaa. Ail pcitiaa jataniatad ^ aaldaatatevUI tain hottoai aad To aad Freai Ckaaate. Mrs. Rev Saar returned to tola today after visiting her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Saar. • • • Mrs. llal Isett went to lola this afternoon, acompanied by her sister. Mrs. J. A. Hlldebrand of Independence who is visiting her. • • • Mrsw H. E. Baldwin went to Tola this afternooa to visit.—Chanute Tribune. —Frank B. Beattie; V. a. Phone 139. A Kresa Building. John Salisbury has announced hia intention of erecting a two story brick building. 30 by 90 feet on Third street, east of the baildingB soon to be erected by the Kress, syndicate aad W. M. Kreep.—BartlesvUle Snter- prlse. —Good Things to Eat. "Onr-Way," Came Home. Mrs, W. H. Lockwood returned home to lola yesterday after a short vUlt with her friend. Mrs. B. N. Mo- Dowell.-^-Gamett News. Is Newsy Here. It Js a dull day at lola and Ft. Scott when the days news does not furnish a front-page story tinged in dazsling bright yellow.—Ottawa Herald. —Always time to eat at the Our Way. Were at Gannett. Nelson Larkin and wife were up from lola to spend Sunday with hia brother. I* D. I .,arkiD and family north east of town. They went home today. —Garnett News. —Pffsfenid Sferaite aad Traatfer Ce. BesKfceM aad piaae aMvlagi larfTst store men la rity. Pkeae IM. FiKman Makes Terms. A letter was received by the baseball association this morning from John Fillman who manages the; Joplin team last season. He wamts a cou' tract for six months, at 1200 and will play either third base or short stop.— Bartlesville Enterprise. —Dn. Latkrop, Osteepatka. Fkose 448 An Old Soldier b «ad. M. H. Moffett. aa old soldier Ifvlng at Colony, died oK^t before lasL He was known to many lolans. espedally among the veterans. -^iBsist ea havfaqr V. & Flear. Meri RitUr Back. Verl Rltter has returned from Etaid. Oklahoma, where be WM called on busiaeH eonaeetad ^th' a lav std^ there involving 120,000. He wHI return in a tew.days to Cherokee, Olfei tohoBS. where he will woric wHh hfaf| father. Get the BIko, (he b^st Ctabb's. A hbate djar. ijHbhaHjbM jlaatk'.idf.M^:^'^ Tralaan ali ilaTitiiiih.' to locate him. —Get yonr Chrlatmas Cards at Mundis' while the asiortaent Is complete. \ ' Ckaaate Uaa el It The Teddy Bcara went ta Iiria yea- terdayl aftornooa and! played the Toiing iTripMa a game!of foot ball, which reanlted In a drawn hatUe, neither 'side sooriag. the field .waa heavy, the mud being ai^ile deep and there was ^little chance for fast play. Neither teem carried the ballfltty yards In the game. The Teddies need the onslde punt twice for good gains, but their, advance was stopped ^hy .lola before they aucceeded In crossing the goal line. The game was a return match. Whetr the lola eleven played here It was defeated 29 to 0.—Channte Tribune. Boow^for neo. T. K. 0. BtMBi heat la aaih nan. Batha^fraK^ . beeide'Taatanow., The .hCMtrd of «mnty oommiaBk «era| will tomorrow pass on the applioatkm of E. B. Stout and others to have their land detached from the Ctas Cltr oohool district aad added to the Harpe district. The applicsUon discussed at the Saturday session of the board. Tke BegMer waat aelaau caa- saB tt reat It ar gat tt the «aleke«L Teaad Pram Ckaaate. Col. J. B. Duerson left this after­ nooa for'Missouri to cry stock aalea. He will be gone several days. • • * Nl E. 'Wbods was in lola today oa busi^ ness. Re returned from there this afternoon. • • • Charles Harfcness left this afternoon for Earlton aad Wln- Oeld on bnslBess. * Mr. and Mrs. Vf. M. Readicker returned to lola today after visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rickle.—Chanute Tribune. —Caaaiaghaai k Aniett, d per cent loney. Is DrlUlag Bere. Otis Anderson returned to lola this afternoon. He is working with a drill Ing rig there which is putting down gas wells for the lola Brick compaay. and came home for Sunday—Chanute Tribune. For Beat. Good store room In brick building cloM to Mvlngs bank. C, L. WnrTAKEB. —Hard Shell Crab. Lobsters, Blue Points, bur Way. Sunday Won't Preach In WiehHe. Wicfalta.. Kas.. Dec 15.—"BUly" Sunday cancelled his engagement today for a 4-week revival In Wichita in February. AH durches had united to assist In the revival and work on a large tabernacle had been begun. No reason for the cancelling of the engagement was given. —Sign painting, ohoue 1428 Fred Rowden. Msyfaerry a Judge. Prof. L. W. ayberry is a Judge in the annual contest in declamation and debate between the three societies of the Cherokee county highi school The contest occurs Fridsy night. The contest in the debate Is, "Resolved, That all public UUlltles should be Owned and Controlled by the Government." Prof. Ramsay of Cherryvale, formerly superintendent of the Gas City schools, is also a Judge. —The only Cafe that seizes the Genuine Seal ShIpt Oyster. Our Way. Continued. The case of D. H. Veach vs. John Livingston, an action over a contract, and the case of Roberto * Ballard vs. S. F. Knox for damages have been continued In district court tU Per Aeiv. We ba%-e some of the finest Truck Garden lands near Onlf Coast. Texas on railroads, we can sell in 10 acre tracts at |I5 per acre, on monthly payments. Water from 10 to 6P feet. WHITAKER A DONNEI.,L.. M. E. BrDtherboed to Meat. There will be a called meetbig of the Brotheifaood of the H. B. chorch Thursday night at which some ma^ ters of importance are to ke dlseoss- ed. One of them is the <iuestloa of a free entertainment coarse this winter. Another is that of uUng Into the organization some of those converted in the recent revival. ' Sccara a Lieesse. Judge J. B. Smith.this mbrning issued a marriage ton of Ontarto. Calif.. Bandel expect to Rve ai Blue Mooad. flaarftotto to Cone. - It is practically mrtxUn that a quar-^ tette will be secured from Baker, university to sing at the Baker students banquet which is to be held here Dei; cember 29th. Studrato, ex-studento and friends of Baker who are eziMCt- Jng to attend the banquet. are jfe^ ouested to notify the secretary, Perl ^rton, at their earliest convenience. - Oldest Baaeball. Mit Wllhite, of Emporia, who iE known to many lolans, claims to have the oldest baseball in the country. A dispatch says: Emporia, Kas., Dec. 15.—What, is probably the oldest baseball in thef world Is In the posseuion of Mit Wilhite of this place, well known in Kaa•as aporting circles. The ball, which Is covered with gilt, bears the Inferfi^ tlon. "Won from the TrI-MountaIn club, September 0, 1868, Boston. Scare. Portland 47, TrlMl6nntoin 42." The ball was given to'Mr. Wllhite for hii citrlo Mllectlon by Josh Waterhooae. who In the early daya was one of the leading fans In Baston. Mr. Wllhite did not know the ball was the oldest in the world until he MW a recent dispatch from Boston in which President Dovey of the Boston National team claimed to own the oldest ball, one that was used In a game between the Athletics and Excelsiors of Brooklyn October 11, 186S. TO CUBE COLD, IB ONE OAT. Take Laxative Bijomo Quinine Ta»- lete. Druggists refund money ItU talU to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box 25c. A remarkibie We SladlnV i^^^^ m. m the jot. m'^^mmMiS^.lktJi^. / you buy or not B WflB&rc »ildi« ver t 1 li .. T;-;^ Ladies' 17 60 aijidSSi ^bodbVts, now I^€«' |l0.0p aidlill^tSSirti, nbw.... Laaies: $!LB^. M %i6^p Coats, now.... Ladies $18.60 and ito.OO Cbats, now Ladies* 828.60 and 926.00 Oo'a1», how.... .i-i • Bt .ii'l « -I Bob Kreils Store. The Kress store it Pittsburg seems to be regarded as easy money by shop lifters. A few days ago a womaa made way with some goods but was apprehended and compelled to return the property. The following story now appears in the Headlight; An aged "drifter" who gave the name of John Clark and said be was from Iowa was up before Police Judge Holden this morning on the stealing a pair of gloves from the Kress store last night. "I was drunk at the time," the old man explained, "for if I had been so ber the thing would never have occurred. This is the first article I ever stole In my life outside of watermelons and apples, but 1 never had any Inclination to steal from a store. I am past sixty years of age." He was fined $10. the least that could be imposed for petty larceny afid not having the money be was committed. 7~i •s-^i-:-'.'--. TBCfKSI OF OTHEB BOTS, TOO. Bat Bariea Bebotsoa Best Waat Saate to JOss Sba.. 'register office S. Wash." w|th this address scribbled in big bold letters across its face, aa env^pe, carefully sealed, arrived at the Register office , this afternoon. That it was a letter to charge of ^^^^ alrooet evident before the following contents were read: "Dear Santa Clans. My name is Marion I am 6 years old. my brother and me waste a wagon together and I want a stocUpg cap and a train of cars and if yon want to you can give me some nute and popcorn and candy. That will do aa some other little boy may want some too good by Marion Robertson. 812 S. Walnut VAHILA IS A CLE AH CITT. Member of Xaalelpal Beard 8ays It's Cleaaer Thaa Kaasas City. WIchite, Kas., Dec. 15.—A. W. Hastings, president of the municipal board of Manila, P. I., is visiting his son, Walter HasUngs, In this city. The municipal board of Manila is the governing oomndssion. operating very much as the oommissloa of'the District of Columbia operates in the con­ st. Louis to Huana.. Cuba:. the^ go via New York, and from there by the Ward line. Havana is. the center of the- cigar manufacturing industry of the world, and it is certainly a feather fn the BUGS TO IMPEBIL PBESmBBT. lodkaa EzpiffiTur 8ayi, Saakea.aad WIM Beasfo Are a'Xber Meaaee. Washington, .Dec' 15I.--J. O. B. . . Thompson of Rfdmiond, Ind., who has cap of this firm to have received an^,^ ^^^^ Africa, was Intro order tor their Mercantile olgars^^^ president today by Bep- from this market resentiuve Beds of Minnesota. Mr. They have for some time been ^p- Tbompsmi told the prasldeot that his ping orders to many torelgn potato, greatest dai«er in Africa would not and making large shipmente to Ha , come ttom wUd animals or repUies wali. but these potato are not noted t>nt from pfoisonoas taaects. He said for the mannfacture of cigars. The.that the UtM oC s6me of these 'had shipment to Caba Is really significant | been known to produce blood-Wi>oa- of the MareaatUe quality. a the wcaC doBtmet at ffanbioMt. ap yaatirdar to

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