Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 4
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^i^F. SCOTT. >^^J > Kater«d «t Iota. KUUMM. PMtoOoe, M] • Second-Class Matter. AdrertiaUis Biatea Made Known on I AppllcaUOB. , flUBSCUFTIOir BATB& Bjr Cartior ia leia, das Gl^, 'Ltmjn- jfUe or LaHsrpe. One week 10 oenta One month 44 centa One year 15.00 Bl MAIL. One year inside connty .|2.00 One year outside connty 14.00 Three' montbs. in advance $1.00 One aonth. In advance .. .44 OFnCIil PAPBB, CITY OF BASSET. , • I - I Telephones: BaslnesB Office -If Editorial Booms..; ..222 ACERSIN BLACKFACE A Home r*)n>t Play BecaUed in Whkh the WeU Known CItlsen Plajred the ComHlan. Wlhoaevci] a pioneer who has been prominent m the social and business life of his domnmnlty'imssos over the Croat Divide, the. elder Keneratlon who knew and associated with him are inclined to Krow rcmlnU-cont and recall with mingled Joy and sadness the events of a ijuartcr of a century or more ago. A ret>orter for the Itegister in his daily, rounds yesterday happened rup- on a group of men, all of whom have lon^ since passed the half century mark in point of age. The recent death of Nelson P. Aeers. doc of the central figures in all public spirited enterprises for the good of the city, calls 'to mind many IntereistinK events of the days when tola was a village of about one hundred inhabitants. - One member of the aforementioned group told of an instance In the life of Mr. Acers. then a young attorney, struggling for popularity and a livelihood. A home talent entertainment "had been arranged for and .Mr. Acers bad consented to take the part of a black face comedian. The entertainment was given in the old court house building which stood on the comer now occupied by the Shannon hardware store. In the front row of chairs waa seated "Aunt Sally Todd," an elderly colored lady, who will be remembered by the older residents as a town character. Up to this time "Aunt Sally" had never seen a white man impersonate a negro, and when Mr. Acera appeared upon the platform she wasr seized with a hysterical fit of laughter and fell to the floor. It was some time before she was revived. CHILBBEH WHO ABE SICKLY Mothers who value their own comfort and (he welfare of their children, should never be whhout a box of ; Mbtfaer Gray's Sweet Powders for children, for use throughout the season. They break up colds, cure fever- .i^ness. constipation, teething disorders, headache and stomach troubles. THESE POWDERS NEVER KAIL. Sold by ail drug stores. 2oc. Don't accept any substitute. A trial package will be sent FREE to any mother who will address Allen S. Olmsted, • Le Boy. N. Y. THEY GRAFT OFF MUSICIANS. RESULTS OFi REVIVAL. Methodist Church Waa Oenerally Ben- anted by 8p•eia^ Meetings. C. V. Dennis, who furnished tlie press with accounts of the revival which closed at the M. SS. church Sunday night, has the following to say In B summary of the results of the meetings: Rev. Hamilton who has been assist- Ing the pastor Iti carrying on this series of meetings preached directly to the converts. He outlined to them !how they could know that they were children of God. If they loved God and their ^ellowman and earnestly desired to follow the. teachings of Jesus Christ, then they need not fear nor donbt. Three of the cardinal principles of Christnanity are. Faith. Hope and Ijove. In heaven we will have no use for faith and hope, as heaven is their full fruition, but love abldeth through all eternity. At the close of the sermon Rev. Mason talked earnestly in regard to the converts Joining the church. He told them that while he preferred the M. |E. church, they might prefer some other. He urged them to Join some religious organization. Many came forward and Joined the church, and many came and knelt at the altar. Twelve persons were converted. During the meetings over one bun dred persons have been at the altar, !!eck!ng pardon for their sins. Most of these were converted. Sixty or more of these have or will Join the Methodist church One of the features of this meeting has been the cottage prayer meetings. These have done much good in keeping up the spirit of the revival] It is proposed to continue these prayer meetings in different parts of the city. The meetings have lasted Just Ave wcpks. In that time Rev. Hamilton ban preached evpry night excepting Saturday nights and one Friday night, whi'o the teachers wore herr. He baa FOR FREE IMPORTS A Meaaiirp WHI Admit Prodacta Frun Philippine IsliuilM Free In nnti \tan. 'WashluBtou, Dec. IG.—The sugar beet growers In the MIsslsalppI valley, and states of. the west generally, will be Interetted to know that there arc Indications of an agreement upoii a compromise Philippine tariff proposition which will affect the imtwrts of sugar from the Philippine Islands. That this agreement will be satls- factoi'y is shown by the attitude of some of the senators and representatives on the ways and means and Philippines committee who, in the session and former congress, vigorously opposed the passage of the Philippine tariff bill nmking rediictiohs of duties on sugar and tobacco from the islands. The exact terms jof the compromise have not been determined upon, but in general they contemplate limiting the imports of sugar, and posslbiy of tobacco, from the Pblllppinea: The provision will be practically the same aa those contained in the Philippines tariff law that failed two years ago. They will provide for the free entry in to the United States of all Philippines products with the exception of sugar, tobacco and rice, upon which 25 per cent of regular tariff rates will be collected for a period of three years, when all imports from the islands will come in free. It has l>een proposed that the Importations of sugar be limited to 400,000 tons a year, and It is opposed that 'a limit somewhere near this amount will be fixed. It Is also po»- sible that he importations of tobacco may be limited. ' 10 CESTS TO STOP THAT ITCH How Easy to Uet Belief—Instant Re- ifef—From 8kla Disease. GONSTIfflnON Best For Tht Bowels ^^^^ CANpvc ^rmime ^^^^ ^^PlMMBt. PmlijtiAla. PaMnt.THtaOmid^eood. H«T«r aieksn. Weaken or Gripe. 2S«. Me. jjeTer •old (• bnlk. The pnunlne uhlet •umped OOO. Qamnteod to cure or ynur motier b»ek. 8terl.'n( Remedy Co., CblcaiEO or N .V. 6q3 ANIUALSALE, TEN MIUIOM SOXES METHODISTS IN COLLEGE WIDOW Junior Class of Baker University Shocks Staid Old Superintendents of Baldwin. Clubwomen of New York Called Parasites by an lUlian Composer. New York, Dec. 15.—The clubwom­ en Of New York aro objects of severe rebnke for their treatment of musicians In an^ article ontlUed, "The,,ni« u.c published In a German magazine, de- ^ ; ,, ^, „. voted to mnslcal Interests. The auth-f heard him. tlev. Hamilton Is not an - or is Signordi PIranl. an Italian «om-; oratorical speaker, but his exposition poser and pianist who has spent bis"Bible truths IK clear, concise and ^i ^f .TJi ^.V'i" at the same time comprehensive,-' He Instead of hard cash, musicians are ^ ' ^ , ^ , ^ . •URposed to profit from the patronage experiences throughout Mnd Influence of wealthier members the world. These are a frtiltful, Jf the clubs. To add to the ImposiUon. source from which he IHustratea many lV/« ^f.'lll'r"!'*' f®'"^*?.,'?" points. Those who are convert- Tite the same artists to play at their . ^ ^ „ , u afternoons and evenings. Not only ""^ * P^ach- "worldly societies" but church organ- Ing have something more definite than Izations are said to act In the same those who listen to the stories of the toMmer. While arUsts are ready to professional evangelist and then sign oo their part for charity, they fre- ^ .... 7.. ...» „ nuently find themselves imposed upon. » 'h**. they wish to live a bet- Sven rich oniverslties are not a6ham-| ter life. ed to secnre regularly established con certs without cost Rev. Hamilton has gone from lola . to other fields^ of labor, but the good To Entertain Friends. ' j that his preachidg and his Ideals, with The members of the Yonug Men's '»*'P ^""^ members of the , Christian Association are arranging membere of the church under the dt- ^to entertain their parents at the asso- ^^"^ cUtlon building Chrlsmaa night The ^ measured by eternity, gymnasinm classes will ghrc a nnm -I ^- ^: ^^ ber of drills and a game of basket ^.—r—r~— Z — bail Will be Played during the evening, ^J^'^l^Xfff^A 'iu ^Ji^'L^'''*' Is it worth 10 cents to slop that awfui, awful agdnizing Itch? • If you are afflicted with skin disease, the kind that seems to baffle medical treatment, and leaves you wild with Itch, we hope you will not fail to investigate a prescription which ia now recommended by many of the best skin spetlallsts, even In preference to their own prescriptions. It la the simple soothing oil of wintergreen comiMnind known as D. D. D. Pre- sorlption. A 10 cent trial bottle must convince you that the (tch Is Instantly al'.ayed by this prescription. Get a liberal trial bottle of the healing, soothing, external remedy. D. D. D. Prescription—and see! We feel quite sura that before long you will be curisd, and at any rate we know -KSOW POSlTIYELY -that your Itch will be allayed Inslantlj, the minute that soothing liquid is .applied to the skin. Chas. B. pencer fcCo. Write direct to D. D. D. Co.. 112 Michigan St. Chicago enclosing 10 cents for the trial battle. —^Try Sea Food If you feel bad. Fresh from Oceap.—"Our Way." -I'VE TONED DOWN"—MRS LEASE The Former Kansas Populist Now Lec. tu'res to New York School Kids. Will I^aury. son of John Laury, Is In the cast of the "College Widow" whch the students of Baker University are to put on soon. He has the part of "Silas Murphy." A dispatch says of the play: Baldwin, Dec. 15.—The Knights and Ladies of King Arthur's court will present the well-known play. Thfr^ol- tege Wldo\t, Thursday night ia Centenary hall. Baker University. King Arthur's Court is the junior class organization. It is exceptionally vigorous this year, and so is attempting something so far beyond the ordinary limits of tho town of Baldwin that the hearts of many staid citizens qnakc. Miss (Sertrude Mossier, of Lawrence, has been drilling the cast for some time. The characters aro as follows: The College Widow"—Miss Z. Groen., "Billy Bolton"—Mr. Clarence Ream. "Hiram Bolton"—.Mr. H. C. Cooper. "Stub Talmage"—Mr; Herbert Bal- Ic.v. ".Mattic .McGownn"—Mr. Ray Smith. "Klam Hicks"—Mr. Boy Cox. "Bub Hicks"-Mr. Clyde Coffmnn. "nessle Tanner"—Miss V. Loy.. "JImpsey Hopper"—Mr. Walter Rose berry. VPreslrtent Wilherspoon"—Mr. O. W. Brown. "Flora Wiggins"—Miss M. Braggs. "Silent Murphy'—Mr. Will T^ury. "The Town Marshal"—Mr. C. An derson. Honored ^^^^^ nWkAKES WEAK VfOrVBHSTK^ ^ mnAKEs SICK yfom(i yftt^'i ^•••i ,.'AaiBOiiiiw >*>r-Pre':i.:. New York. Dec. 16.—Mrs. Mary Ellen I^ase of Kansas, who for many years spoke of populism, spiritualism and other "Isms" and who has been characterized as "the political carrier pigeon of the Sunftower State," is appearing In al brand new role. Once high priestess of Popnllsm. Mrs. Lease ia now-appeariiig under the direction of the leeliire burean of the department of educatton aa a lecturer in the public schools of this city. She lectured at Pnblle School No. 64, at Tenth street aqd Avenue B. on "America and the AmeMcaaa.': r • Her talk waa,of a patrfoUc natnre. and la -tar spaeieb there was ,>litt1e to I IdentUjr- nnr aa tbar same' wiaman who tomed tli« politics of Kaasaa npaide dp «rn,' who made and tuunada 8«n«t- mt'UBfi BiapreseiitiAlv ^a, .who eanaed aapinsa ooiin of bar stata/to ra- ^i^rais 111 dtelaloB-oD the mortcige tax , '"O, Ti B toDOd down. In my old w," |h« •aid'BflBf tlw leetura, "bat T fii«I •»;«troBsly on ralonn laaoMi ml did 9 «iM«.a(o. TbIti'lioinnrMr; eon- iiprtlTf •i».;«iiitftid ?th «t li to «(^ Tito. 8ENATK MAY 8EE ^HE BALLOTS. Ui>«l>tion In the Getty CRNr Says Tbey Mar He Prodnced. Topckii, Dec. Ki.—The supreme court yesterday filed its written opin- lou In tho case of Senator Janioit K. (telly against the county clerk and thi> probate Judge of Wyandotto county for a preemptory writ conipelling them to submit the l>allotK cast at the Novemlior election to a recount. Last Sttliirday the court denied the writ. The opinion filed yesterday gives the court's reasons for its denial. In its syll.ibus the court holds: The provision of the Australian ballot law to the effect that In cases of contested elections packages of ballots which have been sealed up and deposited with the county clerk shall be opened only In open sessiorf of the contest tribunal, is not unconsll- tuUonal, because not within the scope of the title to the act The provision referred to forbids tho opening of such ballots in a proceeding for the taking of dc|K>siUons before the probate judge preliminary to the trial of a contested election to the office of senator. The concluding part of the opinion, which carries the meat, follows: Although the senate may establish its own rules of evidence, it does not seem probable that It should desire to determine the right to participate in Its membership upon other than what wisdom and experience show to be the best evidence. No description of the form of contents of ballots, and of the packages containing them, could (lossibly supply all the evidence which the ballots and packages themselves would furnish. There is no provision In the act for taking and authenticating copies and copies could never equal the originals. There Is nn obstacle or difficulty in the way of the production of the ballots themselves before the senate by the official custodian (if them. It won't be long until you can say to your acquaintances, "Today is tho shortest day in tho year." December 22 holds that distinction, and December 22 is not far away. As a matter of fact, tho days aro about as short right now as December 22 will be, for they are growing shorter at a* very slow rate, as that data Is approached. December 21, 22 and 23 will be of practically the same length. The evenings, by a peculiar circumstance which only the astronomers on which one can' eat supper at 6 o'- clqck without lamp light." Register fVant Ads. Bring Results. HELP FOR THE BLiND. Reading Matter Will be Printed on . , Both Sides of the Paper. New York, Dec. 15.—Eighty thousand blind persons In this country will be Interested in a new process of I'OJIFOKTI.M; MORDS. .Vuny an lola Hou!*efaold Will Find Them So, GIFTS FOR PRATT CHILDREN. Many Send Christmas Presents To Them at th^. Detention Home. Kansa.s City, Dec. 15.—The four Pratt children. Who are staying at the detention bnllding. have begun receiving Christmas presents already. Yesterday someone sent them a box from a department store. ' No name was inclosed. It contained f3 in money and several dolls and toys. Many other presents were received durln? the day. TrVhen they are not busy with the toys the oldest three children study the first reader. None of them knew bow to read" when they were taken In charge by the probation officer. To have the pains and aches of a' bad back removed: to be entirely free from annoying, dangerous urinary dis- ordor.s is' enough to niukc any kidney Hufferor i;rateful. To iell how this great rhsngo cnn lie hrouglit about will prove coraforflm; words to hundreds of Inlu roaders., Mrs. Eliza Gillihan. of 814 North WashiiiKtnn Bl., tola, Kas., says: 1 had kidney trouble for some time before 1 was aware of It. It steadily >;rnw worse unitll I went to Colorado S.irlngs to get relief. A short time after I returned the trouble came back. 1 had such speiis with Imy back that I could not arise from* a chair without help and it was impossible for [me to Ko up stairs. My feet and anktes swelled badly'and the secretions from the kidneys were very much disordered. 1 heard so mach in favor of Doan's Kidney Pills that I used them, wlih the result .that for a long time I was comparatively free from my old troubles. At last through doing some ovar'y hard work the difficulties re- lurtjed. but not for long for I at once procured Doan's Kidney Pills at Chas. n. Spencer & Co.'a drag store and they brought me the same prompt and positive I'elief that I have obUined In the first tnstance. During the time that has since elapsed my back has net troubled me, thece has been no indications of swelling In my feet, or ankles, and the secretions <rom the kidneys have given no sign of disorder." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-MIIburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United SUtes. Remember the name—Doan'&-^and- take no other. SHORTEST DAY SOON. Will be 3 Months Before Sun Will, He Takes His Tulsa Playora to Plttsi Rise at Seven. | burg. T. C. Haydeu, manager of the lola tnatn In the O, K. league last season, has purchased tho Pittsburg team in the newly organized Western Associa- tlon. Tho Joplln Globe says: T. C. Hnydon, of Webb City, manager of the Springfield club part of last season, formerly president of the Webb City team and ono of the best known baseball managers In tho middle west, win manage the Pittsburg, Kans.. team In the Western Associa- I tlon next season. Hayden. accompan- and other wise ones understand, will-led by "Frank Hurlburt, president of reach their shortest point somewhat) the Springfield club, was In Joplln last earlier, on December 10, and after the night endeavoring to arrange a num- fifteenth they will begin to lengthen, her of deals with the local managc- the sun setting a trifle later each[ment. WTilIe here Hayden announc dav. It will continue until the 22nd. it will be nearly three months before the sun will again rise at 7 o'clock. The evening darkness will soon be dispelled and February 2, known as Candlemas or ground hog day. Is usually reckoned^ as "the first day ed that he had purchased a part of the Pittsburg franchise. Bob Cherry retained the remainder of the franchise. Hayden has practically disposed of his share In the Springfield franchise, to Hurlburt, his partner. He also owns the Tulsa team of the disrupted O. K. league. This team he will remove outright to Pittsburg. In addition to his Tulsa players Hayden says that he has secured a number of fast men. Discovers Many "FInda." He possesses a wonderful. faculty for discovering "finds" and h.ia developed many of the stars of the Western Association. Last season he moved his lola team from the O. K. league to Springfield. The bush 'eaguers created a sensatldn in the league liy printing which will be used for the j the'*" remarkable playing and at the first time this month when the Sun.i ^'°^t °'*^e season two of them wefo . ... , ... , drafted by class A league teams, day school lessons for the blind, cov- xhe deal which Hayden has under ering the first quarter of 1909, appear way is the purchase' or a, trade for in this city. Heretofore it has been -lohnhy Fllman, manager of the Mta- posslble to utilize onlv one side of ers last season. This deal is practically completed. Among the men the paper In embossing prints for the blind, thus necessitating the use of a double amount of material with consequent Increase in cost. By the n^w method, however, both sides alll be utilized, the letters on one side being placed In the space between the letters on the other. Rev, Harkness at Albuquerque. Rev. A. M. Harkness, formerly pas lor of the Trinity church of Bast lola Is now located In Albuquerque, New .Mexico. Rev. Harkness alternates every other Sunday In filling the pulpit of the Albuquerque and .Mountain Air churches. Four days of each week he teaches In the Albuquerque college. imder contract to Hayden are the tWo Pokomeys, brothers ot tho big "Butch" Pokomey of the Webb City team. One of them played with Poi^land In the coast league one season. Both are heavy hftters. A MONUMENT FOR BILL NYE. Over the Grave of the Humorist m Friend Will' Plafce a Granite Bleek. Grccnsborough. N. Y., Dec. IB.—Dr. J. M. Deiuler of HondersonvlUe, N. C. a lifelong friend of the humorist. Bill Nye. has placed an order for ft IVS^ block of rough granite to be placra as a monument over Nye's griave. at "Buck Shoals." An Epitaph engraved on bronzo is being prepared as the only Inscription, "^be block when cut and prepared will weigh foiir tons. 1^ A QUIET DAY FOR MR. TAFT. Tha PrMJctontpKIact Found Time to Sit for 'a Painter Yesterday. New. York, Dec. 15.—WlllUm H.. .Taft found this the quieteat day be baa bad since leaving Hot Sprtnga. He reoelvod aeTcral callers, at • tba home of. hhi bratbar, Henry W, Tafj^ and went to a theater. Mr, T«rt '|o\ind:tliM to sit for'iereral pbo-' iUUi«»(«>> a portrait p ^lnr Rocker, Boffet and Dining Table Sale! Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 14-15 six Fatems Rockers, regnUr $3JiO to W-OO values special... .fS.65 Yoor choke ten patterns Rockers, regnlar to «SJOO valnes, special 83 .30 These rockers are solid oak, nicel; linisbed—would make a fin'e Christmas present V"olfd"2k"SSft;'5Sii«''I'rf^*- For Mask: Cabinets, oak and Mahogany Parlor'Cablnets, Shar. lug Stands, Ladles' Dressing Tables. 5ee bur South Window THE PLACE TO BIT YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT IS HEBE. , POSTOFFICB BtOCK

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