Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 2
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Retraap«ction. Iklssed boer d&C0 at Cwiliitbt, ' tbe gold Y.^ on the mooo;. In the time- of - stanted eunlig^t. Vkvn the wild flowers lose their bloom. • A saint cotdd not resist her Nor refuse such honeyed sips. So I fell like all weak mortals. Wlien beguiled by fragrant lips. I Mesed her once at Ttile time. Yes, 'twas just one year ago: I tiptoed, held her tightly. 'Neath the sprig of mistletoe. (That was last year, p'ease remember When I kia$ed har lips and brow.) Oh. I'd like to know what fellow HBH the pleasure of It now! —Puck. * • • Miss Alberia Munson. society editor of The Register, will take her annual vacation next week and it Is requested that- parties who have news 'phone the same to Mias Gault at No. 18 who will do her work. * • * Chrictmac Weddinn. iMnong the marriares which will bo. celebrated on Christmas day ie. that of kOas JBlella Iteleman and | Mr. R; Donovan, lite .ceremony will ha read at half past five o'clock by Rev^ O. G. Missamore, pastor of the United Btethem Church. • + • W. R. C. Meeting. The regular meeting of the Woman's Re'ief Corps joccurred yester- oay afternoon in O. A. R. hall. The uanal business was transacted and the. members arranged for several <^T «htti to occur early In the New Tear. <?. + • Beau Knot Club. A number of young ladles, members of- the Beau >Kaot dub werei guests of Miss Alice M'cCall yesterday af ternoon to arranre for the New Years party the club Is to give. A. large number of invitationB naVe been i issued and the affair will be unufuallj elaborate. • • • Poaitpene Lunch. ThA New England lunch wh'ch the WSoman's Relief Corps was to have tfven this week; has been postponed •until after the holiday season. • * • Miss Tholen Home. SCiss Helene Tholen returned last evening from Wichita where she has been attending Mount, Carmel aead lly dinners and other guUn functions. emy. Hiss Tholen will be at honw ontir January third when -she retnma. to finish the year at the convent. * + + Octette to Give Party. Miss Florence Hoot. i>Uss Kate Den nis. Miss Evelyn Howlaud. Miss Nina Potter. -Miss Virginia Dogott. .Miss .Mn ble :Beatty and Miss May Brit;hain. who belong to the Hi.ah School Oc­ tette will give a party on Wednesday Rvcning. January 1. at tlie home of Miss Evflyn Howland. + + + . Visited Miss Brigham. Miss Clara Coenen. of Chanutc. a guest of Miss Nettle Brigham between trains ypstfrday while vuroutf to her liouu' from tl»i? Wichita convent. : • • •:• Informal Dinner Party. Mr. and .Mrs. Mo'vin Fronk will give a Christmas dinner to entorfaiii lola rolntlvea and fricuOs informally cn the approaching; WeUncsilay. • • Give Family Party. Mr .i and Mrs. Glenn Finney will en tertain at dinner on Christmas day. Their. ,gU3s (s will he a grotip of friends. • • ••> / Unity Club Meeting. Mrs. A. N. Mitchell will have the Unity cliih on Monday afternoon. A reading. "The Doatli of Marat." wi'l l>e contributed by Mr.<!. .\. H. Campbell. * * + Flower Satcliets. To make these use a piece of light pink satin ribbon, two by twelve in ches,. doubled and overhanded . to gether. Inclose the powder In a bit of miislin and asaln cover flat with -i single thickness of sheet waddijig. At one end of the completed case tack an exquisite pink silk i )Oi)i )y. having .i praen' center. tyinK its short stem in place with n h.n'f a yard of narrow "eaf-gregn rllibon. Half a dozen of these: blos .'uini catchc-ts. in varied tints, "to tuck- into cvonins dresses, tnakes a charming Rift. * Students Home. The' \at? trains last night brought the student delesat'on from Law rence,; Baldwin .iiu] o;iior t()wi:s over the state to spend Christmas hero. During the weeks Ih.^v are at home a number of paviies and daiirrs will b.> given JO entertain them, also tlie fam .... 5, 1 ..^ For a ChtetMs Reneiiibfaice We have everything In the JewHry Line—dainty things- Inexpensive articles—and glfta to suit any purse. .If It's Rkh rnt Glass, Hand Painted China, Solid Sliver, Plated Tfaiafn In Snver, Silver NovelUes, Manl- rnre Sets Toilet Sets or a multitude of small articles we have slhem in prices within the reach of ail. We are offering special prices as an Inducement to bu.v- ers this week. grandparienVand «m also visit witli .JUaa:^ Bwttia -Hacb at Wbeel«r4 JBdshU: • «! • • Royal Club Party. A Urge, ouqiber a< ladles vaiQJtA •an indoor picnic yaatwdtr In the'K. 1^. hall. The boon ^Ara dfUsktinllr. Informal with an elaborate ^>read at noon. The cneats numbered thirty. • PcTMnalB. Waldo Cottman, of Colorado Springs. Is a guest of his parents. Dr. and Mrs. S. A. Coffman. Miss Margaret Helgle wl'l spend a two weeks vacation with her parents, .Mr. and MTa. Philip Helgle. Mrs. B. C. Mnpger of Tales Center returned home yefterday after a brief visit here. Otto Hough, <iif Lincoln, Nebr., is here for two we^ks. Mr. and'Mrs. J. W. Murphy, of Ar- 4can8as City, are, to spend Chrlttinns with Mr. and Mti. Herman Klanmanb. .Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Danba«igh. of Wichita are to be gueaU of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tholen next week. Get yonr Sanltol now. as this 1> your last chanoe tin get $2.70 worth for 11. Deal eloaea December 3l8t, J. D. Mnndla * Co. McNElL BROTHERS. TUB. WRITE TO SANTA I Littte Boys About Town Suggest Xmas Presents. •lO. A. BOWLUa, PrtMent THOM, H. BOWLU*. Cashier iLLBN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCTORS A. W. Mc L. C •entty, A. 4. Fulton. W. J. Cvant, J. O. Rodfen •ee. A. Bowlus, Thoe. M. Bowlus. WCIVtliC OUR own D^tAFTB OM AUL ttmOPEAM POIMTS Mnrv oipotrr BOXEB FOR RENTJ^ROM 12 to |S PER YEAR. • • • W. AXDSBSOK, Attmi «r -«t*Law. Notary and StiMgrapIiv in - Offlee. none 4B6. :!:•": • H. A. E^wlng. 8. A. Card. O. R. Card • EyVUrO, GARD « BAED. * • Lawyers. • Practice la all Coorts. • *K W. Madison. Phone S3>. • k -•Vmong those who are here are Cora Klein. Washburn Topeka, Helen Smith Grace Bedell. Florencp Bedel\ Flor- r-nce Hobart, and Neva Funk, Claudei Wright. Fred. Smith, and Weekly, l.,awrence; Loralne Northrlip. Blees Academy. Macon, Mo. Lila \X'e. lx)retta Academy, Kansas City. A^nry Northrup, St Louis, Gladys North rnp and Ethel Horton from Chicago. * * * Visit in Coffeyvilie. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miller will spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fletcher, of Coffeyvilie. Mr. and Mrs. Aspinall to Entertain. •Mr. and .Mrs. R. S. Aspinall have i.-suod invitations for a large dinner party on Wednesday, December 31. + * + Surorise Party. The small friends of Wiesley Colby who carries the Register to subscribers along the business route, happily .<urp-:se(! him last evening and enjoyed an hour of games and otii-'r jileasures at Ms home on Kentucky and Funston streets. The guests were i\ljg*« ^Fftta Adams. Bffle Met/salf. Hatel Watson.Eleanor Vincent, Joyce Colby. Vlcta Day, Ethel Harris. fJny Vincent, OT\-ilIe Smith, Arthur .Metcalf, Harry Everett. Howard Law- .\er. George Kettle, Herbert Kettle. Roy Means, Clyde. Harold and Kenneth Colby, Fred McBwen and Wesley Colby. 4* *^ •> Sent Out Invitations. The Elks T^dso today sent out , T larpe numl)er of invitations for the annual ball to occur In the clul» rooms on December 31. * + + Soecial Mission Service. The NNVnnan's Forelpn Mtsslonnrv society of the Christian church wil! have a special service to celebrate the close of the year's work. At four o'clock there will be a vesper service and at seven thirty the following program will be rendered: Reading—Mrs. Ellett. Anthem—Choir. . Paper—"Mission of Motherhood." Solo—Dr. Halgh. Paper—^"Achievements of the Past Year." "Plans for New Year."—Mrs. McClaman. Solo—Miss Pember. Miss Goff to Visit Here. Miss Pay Goff, of Kansas City, will spend a few days In Tola next week. She will be the «uest of her The following SanU Claus letters were received at the Register oflice today: Dear Santa C!aus: I am a nice little boy nine years old. 1 want "Gulliver's Travels" and "Jack the Giant Killer," and some peanuts and some popcorn and a hole lot of stick candy. Goodbye. RBDWB JAYL BARNES. Dear Santa: • Our neighbors say I am a good little boy. I don't say bad words or do anything naughty. I go to school every day. I am pretty fair at fig- urln*. I want a litUe bank. Don't forget, TOMMy BOWLUS. Dee-Lijrhted: to sell you Ciit Gla^, H^o^ Pttmttd Cbinf/: Silverware, Jew.liy, Watclies, Clocks, Bracelets at 25 per cent. Di&count. A Real Keductfon! No Fake! Sewall, Jcwekr. First Door North of tht Postoffice Dear Mr. Santa: I thought I would drop you a fue 'ines to let you tmow what me and my little brother want for Christmas I want a pair of roller skates, and tricycle and a knife and a ball bat I am six years old. I go to Sunday school and know the katukism by heart. SAMMY OARD. Kind SanU: I am eight years old. I want an oughtomatik pencil and a dickshnn nry. I need 'em. NEWTIB GRAHAM. Dear Mr. Santa: 1 am ten years old and am a pretty boy. I have long pretty auburn hair Please leave me an alarm c*ock. A. PERCBVIOUS KARRIS. Dear Santa: I want a star and pleeceman's suit Give me on air gun. too, begorry. JOHNNIB CREED. Dear Santa: Send me another tin policeman. WILLIE GATES. Dear Santa: T bane gude llttl? Swed< boy. I try to bane gude feller to everybody all the time. I want every thing vou can spare. CARLIE PETERSEN. P. S.—^Plese give me a printin* press what aint busted. Dear Santa: I don't want as much as I did last year. I only want a blue automobile, a flying macheen. a land steamer, an airship and a Katy Railway car full or nuts and candy. • ' \ OUTLPORD C. GLYNN. Put $50 or l^ioo into a Df^mond! And it is like depositing the money in the bank. While the Plamond m»y not pay interest <» the money it gives ' the vrearcr a prestige that pays dividends every dav in the year. We aren't afraid to have our collectiqn of diamonds compared with anything in the country. We know that we bought them right and we can and WILL sell them right. We guarantee every gem we handle. It will always turn out to be exactly what we Miid it wa»—and we state emphat* Ically that yon ran no risk in giving us your diamond bos'.- ness. XW.Coflej & So| Jcff JJHffietif East Slia^ [Friend Santa: T^eave me a life and dnim and sojer I suit. CAPPIE McCLAIN. My Dear Santa: I want a bare skin coat, a pare of [brass top boots and an iron horse. PAULIB MITCHELL. MRS. SMITH DEAD lola Lady SBCcaaibs t« Heart FaBare teflterday Eveabig; The death of Mrs. W. T. Smith oc- jcurred yesterday evening at six I o'clock at her home, 220 South Walnut. Her death wtis due to heart failure and for seven or eight years she has been an invalid but for the past tew mouths her life has been dls- paired of. Smith was sixty-two years of age. She was born in Nichols cojinty, Kentucky. She resided in that state ontll seven years ago when Mr. Smith ^moved to lola and went into the gro- ^cery business in Bassett She was a member of the Christian cbnrch and has ail her life been a worker in that Qcganiaztlon. She is si^rvtved by her husband, W. T. Smith, who is at present the lola city stockkeeper. and three sons, Clarence dmltb of lola. an employee of tbei Paal Kl^ln Lumber company, J^es of Cincinnati O., and EHizabeth. wife of George Talbert. 220 South Walnut' street. lola. No; funeral arrangements have as yet been made. 1 Mrs. Smitli's Faaeral Teaenew. The funeral of Mrs. W. T. Smith who died last evening from :beart failure, will be held from the rea(44 dence at three o'clock tcunorrow withl Rev. Ellett (MBdaUng. 1 Register l|aat Ads. Bring BeaaMs. DB. MelllLLSN, Bpeolal attention gives to the treatment ot all Chronlo Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office S2. Res. 231. Offloe In Mrs. Tnmer^ Bldg.. West Madlaon. Phona 687. Res. 701. .DB. 0. L. COX, Bye. Bar, Nose and Throat, •peetaelaa Properly Fitted. Offlee A. O. U. W. 31dg. • Phone 664. fola, • DB. EDlTfl 8. HilfiH. • Offloe and Reaideace o»«i Bui^ " • rail's Drag Stor*. • Office Hoar»—1» t» m.. I * • to 4 p. B., 7 to I airaBligii, - * • Sundaya by •ppolatmaat * Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. DB. B. 0. CHBISTIUr. FkyaleJaa and Sargeen. Rooms T and 8. Bvaaa Bldg. R^ TeL 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. i. S. PBPPBB. Dentist Is permanently iQcatfBd over B. 0. MeClain's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of np-io-date dental work. . Evening work by appointment F. H. .MARTIN, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Oflice and Residence Phone 576 * Office 7 North Jefferson. • • J >B. W. B. BETuraVi^ ^ • Physleki. * Sugeen. • Office N. B. Comer of Sqnara. • Over K. C. Plumbing Oo.'s Store. • Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 60S. P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Bessie Q. Latbrop: • OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICIUnL • SpecUl attenttea gtven to- OW> " •MM of Women and Chilitljai, • Over East Side Hardwanic^' * Office •Phone, Main 468.' . • Take the to make your Hellday Tislts. Riites are low and service unequalled. Please see us for time of trains, connections, reservations and so forth. WeE Ralslon The«Oar Wag| Restaurants Mmrehaais' Lmmh29o Everything in Season.. . SHORT OKDKRS OF AU. KlHIK OBOCEBT Heaidna Goo^ThlBisto fit nagstoaa Csasent ~»rhU tIS

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