The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 30, 19-10 BLYTTIEVILLR COXmiFK lji're \viil 'K 1 dc:;!p,n and tlioin rn<lii".il Warship Designs To Be Changed Atomic Bomb Tests Point to Need for New Protective Armor OFF BIKINI ATOI.U Ju'y 3'J. 'UP>~\'ic.e Admiral W. H. p. il.v prediclfd a rcdesicu'ni; of fi-.j.t- lni> ship; to meet pa <.iblo atomic warfare icdny. \vliik- scientists compiled new evidence of the lercclty or last ThuiTday's underwater blast, convinced needed ii . .some of laiigi's'." said lilandy, who dieted ihe two Bikini atomic tests. Kxumitiiition of rrawinenls bl).v .sarlart- show the lay.oou' l.olttni ee.t'.sists ol .'-hrcdded cjral. like cracker crumbs in i It's soltmss diminished bomb's iffi'i-l, ceininaiuti-r Ro^ci Kevelle, an oceanography said. Even so Ihe blast tolled up waves of CO to 90 feet nl Ihe target center, only slightly belo.v pre-est estimates of IIJIJ foci. Kevelle said there definitely \v;u a crater on the lagoon's boilom lii-rhnps as meat as 50 feel not expected for two weeks. f-'cientific i-uattes show waves o; about -seven feet hit the Bikini island shoreline but \vetu onlv iL short distance inland. Hovell ( . s:iid there were apparently three ma)o. wave.s. thc-iv crr.*V; pnlsin?- out !.J to 1H seconds apart. 'I lu- balloriiH; of thousands r! tons of waier caused the knnv.v. sinking of four vessels, the ppjb- able loss if at least two submarines, and the beaching nf a snbmann", n destroyer nntl a transport to pre- ''I stni?tmv, t<> Child Injured by Auto .lari'y IJncltl, Chicago, cm vies -1-yenr-oltl Jahi: Lewis scc-or.(3s :xli~r U car v;bi?h Hodcl v/ns di-iving -slnu'k Ur> liny child. John <l.ivtrcL iv.vji IrGin his hint her into the puth of I7o<ltl's cur I'ocrivitij* 11 fi'.u-Uu'ocI Ji 1 and lirod injuries. *HKA rcl?^hnl i.) Wife of Oregon Man Dies In Blast Intended /or Suitor Mayor Issues Proclamation Observance of 39th Anniversary of Army ~A,ir Forces is Urged /nycst/gotion of Georgia Lynching Continue? ciiFe reportedly ciuestiuiieil H:in'l- son yeMin'duy. but nnule no -st'iie- IIH'ill:; cm., .inly KB. <ui'i- Anild-i a storm of Justice dem-ind; | fiiiin (iiMit;!a churi-h ami elvl,-. r.roup:. pn'.ice lodny conliniied ['I : elfoiis t () irnek down meinbeis ol a white mob who Insl Thursday lynched fcur Nec.roi's neiir her', 1 . Ma). WHlliim 1C. iipenee. of (he Ci-orclii liurenu of liivcsllisiitlnn. lndic:ileil that prouress was belli! made In Hit- ensc. but declined tJ eluborute on his shilemeiil. A iMinnl was iinilntalneil n( UIB home o; ,1. Lily Hnri'Ison, OCOIKO County tnnnei'. only wlliiess ol the shciotlni; ot t.vo Negro men and (hell wives nl «n Isolali'd S|K)l' near (he Waitt.n-Oeonei- eoiinly line. 'Ihe lour Negroes, riding In Harrison's cur, \vere. removed by '.vh unmasked, armed nuiig that hold Harrison nl bay with n shol-Bun. While he stood helplessly by. they pumpi'il cu tmllels '.nlo Ihe br.'.lles ''. Hi,. nTO;iHilnu Nei'.l'oes. f'nc of ihe nml) vicllms had ju:r. been lelensed from Jnll f<ir slub- btiiu a white man. filx PHI men assigned lo tin' vent sinking, a recount showed day. Twi) Sunken Sulis liaised On the bottom since the dav the blast were the battleship knlisas, the Carrier Saratoga, weapon ship ISM liO. and concrete yard oiler 100. The- sub- ^lUi'ines Apogon and Pilotli^h are T n.'sumed to be stink. The Destroyer I 'Hughes and the Transport Fnlluvi | "]"" were beached when they showed signs of sinking. Yesterday the Navy raised the submarines Tuna ami U.-mu:',a .i>y pumping air into them, and ihe vessels were towed nearer the shore and moored. However, tjio Dentuda began to suljnierge auniu and it joined Ihe Kallon and Hn«hcs .X! the sraveyai'd l)each at Enyu Is- 1 land. ' i The I.CT lli-i, nenovi-a sunk at j firsl, has l>een identified iip th:: ' landing craft floatiiu; bottoai-up a mile west of the target center. £ome of tlw other dismayed .slnps Showed change.'; in draft and trim Icday; evidence that mere water \vas entering their ruptured hulls. The Japanese b;iUlcshii> Nagm^ showed tile- greatest distress of all the survivors, her draft haung increased three or four fe'-'t. Etam'y .said ships unworthy of repairing or u.siiig for Test Charley early next year would bo sunk !>..• I guuiirc cfl Bikini. Many other.-;. ._ he indicated, will be returned to Pearl Harbor for s^lidy anc! some even may be taken lo.Uiiitr-cl EI.ite.-i ports. The bntiered Carrier luite- pendcucc was one of the vessels probably due for a trip to the Hawaiian navy yard. Contalllinalion of (he water was cleared considerably today, but certain ships particularly ihe Na'_;a- to—were . c tiil 103 radioln^ically ho: lo be approached. PORTLAND, Ore.. Jlllv SO. (UP) — A modern pniKlora's box tragedy was related today \vilh the confession of James W. Bowden that he set an electrically-w'Ircd suitcase to i;et rid of a rival for his wife's af- feclion.s. and killed her instead. Bowden, who was charged with murder, admitted rij;j;iny the .suit- ease lo blow up when opened, with the intention of sending it lo the suspected of "nmniny around" with his wife. Fern. Buwden, 47, a former Aleutian defense worker, said he hod wired the ban but then couldn't Slunk of :iny way to {ret it to the "othfr mail." He "let it lay" for a few days, he said, then his wife Hied r,ui( for divorce and "there was no motive after that, and T didn't know what to do with it." Bowden lefl home Iwo weeks a^o nflcr his wife filed suit for divorce on charges of cruelly, cautioning 'his wife, and Iheir Iwo children, Shirley. 13. and Doris, 17. to "let (hat hat; alone." ! BowdL'll told police he had racked his btain for .some way of [jelling the fiber .suitcase out of the house and disposing of it. "I was afraid of it, and it just for ' tlv. 1 sal there," he said. Bowden sketched a diagram police, showing how he nindc "bonhy Irap" from six sticl-.s of dynamite, d^tonalors and a conlractor in tile basement of their home. "It would f!o off when the lid was lifted, but it was padlocked wllli a combination lock," iie explained. In the box, besides the dynamite, was a diary chronicling Mrs. Bowden's alleged wronij-doin:;;. Mrs. Bowden evidently l:ne\v the combination of the lock, however, and when her daughters were away, went into the basement to set- what Ihe bai; contained. Tile explosion blew Mrs. lio-.vden'.s body to bils. shattered the furnace, blew oul windows, dislodged radia- ors anil wrecked household el Mayer K, K. jiu-kson today is- ncd a proclamation joining IVcsi- lent T'rumi'.n in tIesltjnulliiK Ati'J- i^l 1 a> Arjnv Air Force Day »' cr.nncinuiation of the :Wlh hlrlh- .\:iy el tlie AAP throuBiioul Hi.' Jnitid -Stales. Mayor Jael:son urged tiencrnl ob:i mince of the day in Ulylhcvlll'.' vnd invited cttl'/ens to yive tliouiilit c til:- IinportaneS of tills branch >f Ihe nall.m's armed lorces iinrt l>:i;- flltini! tribute u> Ihe men d tins eily and of Ihe nnllon «'lio -n-vi-d with disiind!!']! dnrin:; World W.I!' n. T!i" AAF had Us bci-lnutnK in l'.:07 as the aeronautical division of the office of the Signal CJrpi and began o!>oi-..iiinis w llli n s!i"l of three officers and not ,i sii'Slu i WHAT KAPKNEO TO MY pi line. II IMS: isrowii by leaps and bounds (luriiiK the years and in the coh- .licl jusl ended conn Ibiitcd |;i'<-'->l- V. to victorlrs analnst enemies o! Lhe Allies in Knropc and .A.sia i-iivyliii; the batlle Inlo lli-< lu'llfl of ihe homelands of enemy for^c* Adtptin^ tile- pllrnseology 0'. l-reskii'iit Truman's proclamation. Mayor Jackson mi;c'd observiinc." <il AAF D.iy lly "•doiny; liolltir to II:' men and wamen ctf tiii^ AA1-' and pay tribute lo all those WHO Uinaigh research and development in science and industry, have sup- lion cd tlie urowth of our country's aii' power. "I slrcni-ly nrsje all'i o: (Ills country to familial ixe themselves with our AAF and lo m-aK in the appreciation Ihe Importance and the influence of air power in our national life in pioneering new means of conlribulions to our contort, our health and our well-bong. " Alabama Voters to Name Bankhcad's Successor MONTC1CMKNY, Aln., July K Ul''i--A!aljaina voters Indny elio i: • . successor to Ihe l.alu -Si'n. Jojin I. llankhead. u., Ala. Fcllov.inn n tepid campaign v,li^'.i var. ncl ONIH'eled (o at duet aii.iv hail VUC.OUU voters lo the polls, iv,.1 tont:iesKinen and a sl.Ue M-iui 1 a ;cck (hi: nankhciid term which -Ml: nd In IH'IH. Hep. John f-'|>.'.ikma:i. o: llvir.-,- Ulle. lldtiiie democriitk- w.i'p; U-;i innk W. IJoykln. .1! M-iijlli-, :m I illtc . L -'(ai. .Fallli s A, IHiiiD-'ioi, ot kriniiii'ham, hea-.| up (he nvi-- man I'i' Mill worker Ted Allen, or l"-.i:>'; PRICKLY HEAT Mother discovered that won- ilct'Cul, EOQlhintf, c 1 online.- Hcnllng , KIDDIE KOM- FOltT ppwitur. Jusl rlj;Ht for baby's temlur, Irrltnletl sltln — sqll, velvety, uictllonteit Speclul J):iljy 1'owucrl C!«t quick rvHi-f fnr iirlclOy tu'nt, tllupor rush, and otrv.-r discomfort-:. Get Kltlclle Komfort powilor tocLiy —u slower -M joy All storey, only use. mm* ton Kootrk t prlim-i, and Tlioniiis It.' Maxwell. iVu'iiliiuincry fannci-pullUuiim, ulio i:cl: Hi.- office. IM .MI'.MOItlAM .' y of our sweet, darling. • !(» lodiiy. .lu'.y 30. 10M, nds canuol ennres-i how i and your clnili- Is for, but In our liriifls you present, ll'.'sl on. sweet e. we will t;ll meet, you one by a 1 ; UK- Lord choa^L-s u:( Ij join n M.idly missed by 'illban (liiriUh, (ather AIIU- fJrill'.ih. mollier l-:vclyji l-'lcoman. slslcr Hiltha Mat- .St.wil'l, sis- ler 15anni"l (iitfllt:i. brotlier. CAIUI OK TIIAN'KS We l!ic family i>f the lale Oliniloa *l'ayl<ir Wicker wl:h to espres:i our appreciation to our trlemU for theJ^ kindness and s>mpathy 3lv*n'^4i' during the Illness and death o(>our faihir. Also we" wish to'tt»nk our filendr; for their b?autlAd ridf^l olfcilims. We v.lsh to thanic Brother Jcrnlgaii for his conioilng word? Slid IIoll Undertakers, ahdi also Dr. Johnson. ' Mrii. Plena Yarbfo. A.'J/Wlck- ' cr. Mrs. Vcster Brooks, P. L. Wicker. 'Mrs. W. D. Wldiier."O. •' W. Wicker. Bob Wicker..", ,;;; Aitrep' Four Times Anni»lly L jl The slur-lime which ' ti'.tyx','. s!]ow does not correspond exactly'^ sillh Hie sun-time of.the sundial. The two nurse precisely only four' times n year. ... ,'. Scirntlsl W. derlcke. through.. chcnUciil fniinlng. product 2455 bushels of polatccs per 'j,cro._.'" We Kill Your Pests Promised Land Church Gets New Light Fixtures The Methodist Church e.t Promised Land has been re'.vired for electricity, new liiuit fixtures and a 48-inch exhaust fV.u installed. The Rev. Ray L. McLeslcr is panor. LADY NEARLY CHOKED WHILE LYING IN BED- DUE TO STOMACH GAS One lady said a few days ago tliat she used to be afraid to go to j fcetl at night. She was swollen with stomach gas, which always sjol worse when she went to bed, and the gas would rise up in her throat after she lay down and would nearly choke her. She couldn't lie fnt. Hnd to prop herself up on pillows. Recently this lady got INN KR-AID and now says gas is gone, stomach feels fine, bowels are regular and she can go to bed and sleep soundly. INNER-AID contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys- Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get TNNER- AIIX Sold by all drug stores here in Blythcvllle. Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Itt.'irsh, Owner \\V furnish lalior, r<iuiiimont. Cost Is for free estimate. matrilul ami nominal—(Jnll DIucs clolbes ilnz7.rin£ svaiti. 1 LV/I//O >':)[j r/::.%7i. Hncls bluing Epo( = , ctro:ilt^. h::rsti iii'-rocllntil--- safe: With DDT ICIiminnle Flics, Mosquitoes, (toadies, Wilier hnns, INIolli!- and other insrcls. DEAL'S raint & W:ill|):iiter H(ore 107 S. 1st 81. riiiuie 4«9 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service NKEIS Used !ce Refrigerators - 50-75-100 Oootl Used Sillier Sewing Machine—sews like new NK\V CKDAlt CHKSTS—New 1'erfect Sleeper Inncrspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 Kast Main All oar Employees i War Veterans. Phone 2302 Wo HHV nml Sell coon lisun OAKS r.ill CliamtiHn — I.RX (Jliiimlilhi Railroad & Ash Sts. Phono 21!>:i Cotton Pickers Our buses will piicmle a dally uln lo No. [), rrnn)isi!d Lun<l, Arlno- rcl, Clear I.ukc :inil HufTniiin, iliir- ins i'ntton rirUinK Kuu^oii. for schedule AmiDuncrmetit. FRAZIER BUS LINES Posst Office Hox f>02 Dated Daytons Assure New fire Value 1 . AIL DAYTON TIRES DATED FROM JULY-46 ARE MADE OF A NEW BLEND OF IMPROVED SYNTHETICS WITH 5 TIMES MORE NATURAL RUBBER look for ffic dole . . . know you are buying the latest . . . therefore, the best Tire chemists know Lhc uHiinalc in lire construction will be achieved by the perfect HLENDING of SYNTHETICS with NATURAL RUBBER. Now, r»s more raw materials arc available, Dayton chemists can approach this goal. Consequently, Thorobreds with this now BLEND of rubber and *Raytex Fortified Cord (Dayton's specially processed RAYON) are safer, tougher, longer-wearing tires. I/ook for the Date! All Dayton Thorobreds Dated from Jnfy-/,6 are made with this new formula. The date of manufacture is molded on the sidcwall of all Dayton Tires. Be positive you get all the latest tire improvements .: . Buy Dayton Thorobrcds. THOROBREDS 9u!cf» YOU SAVE $1.00 OR MORE ON EACH BLANKET . AND 50c DOWN HOLDS YOUR CHOICE TIL OCT. 1 WITHOUT ANY FURTHER PAYMENT! Another Jim Brown Money Saver. . . Imagine getting 80% wool blankets for only #5.85! For 50c down you can afford to set aside several of these fine blankets ... as many as you need. 66 x 82 inch size. Full 4 pound weight. Tightly woven for extra wear and service; We'll hold them until October 1st without any further payments. Thrifty housewives will order a supply of these blankets on this money-saving Mid-Summer Lay-A way Sale! FOR HOME FOR GAMP FOR COTTAGE FOR SPORTS •As o! Arrit 15, 1Q4G. all Dnylon Ttrea in fiios fi i*-i 6.50-16 nmi up, nro mndc with Ilaytcx t'prLlficd <JQ*^. afc TC S u ' Dr prices. ^f/.f. '.~*.^':. J,— •„,. ^^'.-Z*??' "•' i Oaiitiiii \w.- '>'•«/.',-, v, vt^B vf?r.-f.-s-. 1 -|-'™^' 'Tandy extra throw ilankcd. for children's rooms. Lightweight yet extra warm. Will stand tugged wear. Use on extra cot*, sleeping porch or tt beach blanket. M*de for coU w ter outings or i u cur robe. MAKE A Mf€ T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2122

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