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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
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lOLA, K.UrSAS, SECEMBkB SI, 1907.-8ATUBOAT ETEXIXfl. ^ EIGHT FACB& Fuci TWO cran SANTA IN ILKMES BABBT CONLET DMRRO^n'J.T ES. CAPED DrJVaV » EXTEETAIMENT WERE CELEBRATING XMAS COTTOK OK COAT WHICH HOT WAS.lTEAIilRG CAUGHT FIRE. Bnidl CkUdren Prpsent oft >'ot Dis^ Siiatt's MnUtr hariag Accident Hearr Conlsy. a Bctaool • hoy wbo iUperBonated Santa Clous yesterday afteraooa ; at the JeSerBon building, had a narro«^ escape Trom very ser- ioua i( not fatal buroa by having his clothing catch flr« trom the candles on the Chrlatmaa tree. Janitor Dan Brewer of that building happened to be In the room at the time and by bis timely vork ancl praseBCi* of mind, the noizies were ezllngulshed before the boy was yurned. The accident hauvened about three o'clock In the afiernoon. the claatic;' of MUB Knowllon and Miss llostvick had asaemblcd in , M )SS Knon-lton's room for a joint iirogram. The pil- maiV pupils hadJuBt about completed their program when Santa Claus n|>- peared clad iu a big overcoat and cap covered with cotton snow.' His face also wore a beard of cotton. Santa had winked a few times at the children and Ihcy were in Rreat^ spirits. He reached over to read the name on oiip of the presents but unluckily his cotton whiskers got too ni'ar oiie of the candles and his clothes were soon ablate. In an fnafant (ho fl.imrfl shot up aff around his head. The ftm^linK countenance of Santa Claus changed at once to that of a lcrrt)r stricken school boy. Young Conley quickly bi<(;un pulling the cotton from his face atid clothing. Janitor Rrewer who was standing In tha doorway, saw his pllpbt and ran JO Mm. ai «)>p !vtme TJnm calling; to the little folks In the room, who had Jumped up from their sca(ii and were racing toward the door, to sit still. The coat was jerked from the boy's shoulders and the cotton jiulled from his head .ind face. The flames proved hard to extinguish and Mr. Urewer snlfercd some slight burns on the : hands before the flames ^ere flnatfr : put out. The Conley boy was but slightly burned. - -> PMM » WWTcr F^ko. A feature: of the Santa; Clans fire was that the school children did not discover tha); Conley was-not a real Santa Claus! even though he had to partteJJ.F remove his dJEquJse in their presence. WTicri; his coat jwas jerked off he. ran tojtheldoor and was outside when his wlj; waa taken off. the children not catching a glimpse of his face. Many of them es^pressed much sorrow to liielr teacher' because Santa Claus had mot with an accident.^ BRIGHTON ABLAZE ENGINE ROOM AT LEAVENWORTH MINE WAS DESTROYED. i ^. s). Hortan and A. L. Brumbaugh Interested In Mine.—Had Strike There This Week. (Leavenworth Post.) At half 'past ten o'clock this morn- Iii? ths boiler house of the Brighton mine was Idiscovercd to be ablaze and attbaunh ^ttorts were ma<fe to stop the fire It succeeded in burning everything combustible within r?ach and at noon the power plant and engine room were In ruins. The Arc was well under w^ay when discovered• and as'there are no ar- rnngcments for nghtlng a big flr .f when the plant ahnt down, the mine offlcia'a could do little more than watch their plant bum. It is estimated that the loss may reach IS.OftO or JlOOOn. Fortunately the mln .^rs were all out of the mine »hen the flre occurred or they would have been imprisoned when the ropes parted. The miners stniek for hIghT er wnces a few days ago and the mine was Fhut down temporarily. The offlc- lab think that the flre would not have happrnrd, howevrn had. the mine bern In operatiou, as the employses in the boiler houso would have discov- jered it. j There was a rumor this afternoon (ha! iho tiro was stxrtfi] hy the strikers but tha people at the mine discmlitcd this. They xa'd that the tiros wore hanked in the boiler house recently. The mine Is belufi operated by th:» Tlrichton ConI Mining company, of which J. 1^. Hunter, of Kansa.^ Clly. la pn'.ildent. lo'a cnpltall .«t6 are nlso behind the mine. Jainc; Rrnham has been mnnaging the mine. This HIT WIH probably stop ii'TOgro .ss at th? mine for a long time. The owners have been working a year to get the w.Tter out and h."id just gotten in mod shape to hoist cnsl and were buydlng a railway to I^nsinc to lie i;f!><l as an outlet for tliefr iirodiK^l when the nilneiv struck. The flre will bo a blow to the owners. Thev rnuld not be seen today to learn wli .it ^tep they will take for rebuilding. Thev carried some insurance. TAXESREMAIN SAME COUNTY CLERKS AND COMMIS­ SIONERS ADJOURN. Ask That Rebate For Full Paymeitt of Taxes ba Abolished—Meet in Hutchinson Next Year. MRS. WARD BETTER. Niece of D. B. D. Smeltzer Rteover- inn From Severe Burnt. Mrs. Edna Smellier "Ward, niece of D. B. D. SmeltJier of this city, who was burned very severely at her home In Van Huron, Ark:, Is saM to he gome better. .Mr. Sraeltzer recolv- «1 a letter today from relatives, saying that although she was a great deal belter ii would jirobab'y b? necessary to graft new skin in sever nl places In order to warrant her recovery. ITS A MILLION-ACRE'RESERVE. The President Sinned a Proclamation Setting Aside Arkansas Forest Land. Wa.thln.eion, Dec. 21. —Presldonl Roof!fre}t has MSgned a jnroclamatSon creating a national foreaf In the wesi central part of Arkansas, cnverlnc «iore than one roillkin acres. It will be the farthest east of any government forests. The forest is located in the counties of Scott, Polk. Mont- ».omary. Yell. Logan, Perr}- Said and Garland. JrSTICE MASOX ILL. Topeka.- Ka«.. Dec. 2I .-^uatlcc Sfa- aon of the state supreme court, was taken to a hospital today, 'His condition is considered serious. WASHBURN REAPPOINTS WEEDE Kansas Chamoa Will Play M. U. and Nebraska In 1908. Topeka. Dec.; 21.—Dr.; Garfleld W. W:9ede of jthe tJalversity of Pennsyl- %ania was today reflected coach "of the Wbabbum football team for 1908 antf W. XT: Stab} na.i asTiia ehose.'j as graduate manager. This is the third season for both men. Rames will t>e aought with both'Missonri and Nebraska state universities for next y?ar. A MAN WAS hart la t^e quarries at tbf iDla Portlatid Cement niant this; afteniooa.. Word was' received from the pUnt that It was not thought that hl.<« lnfar»*« wcrg aerioDfl. BASSEHT police court was In sesa Ion this morning to dispose of two case* of dlstnrbaace of the iwaoe. The parties were each: fined $5 and costs. _ ' THE VEATHER. Faraeaat for KaBsasr-rRaiB toalght U4 SjBiiday; warmer in north portion FINISH LINE SOON Portland Pipe Line to Connect Gas Field to Be Done in January. Fred Horton, who Is laying the line fr>r the Porfl.ind Pipe Line company, which win put the Gas City factories in direct connection with the Klsmore .-.nd .Savouburg gas field, saya the line will be finished the first of the year. The men are working on the com- IT .ny's land today. It would take but n f?w days more to complete the lint- if it V ere not for the layinp of a few caps left as they went over. Thi". liowevor. will be completed by l^e first of the year. The line would have b.^'on completed before if It had not been for the bad weather. (Sa'ina .Tournal.) The County Clerks' association and County Commissioner!: ns.-tociatinn -n joint session this morning by a unani- nioua vote suggested to the alatp tax comnils<iian that it recommend to the legislature at Its next Fes.sion that the rebate allowed for the full payment cf taxes^ he abolished. This was the only suggpsf'on made to the tax nssocfatlnn through the associations after the provisions of the new tax hfid been tatkpd ov?r at the resslon yesteniay afternoon and thl3 n'omlng. It was the general opinion of th° men assenililed here that the j now a .smcnf anil laxntinn law was j St good one and that when in onern- tion the new system would havs much advantage over the nM.. Ther." wefv. of course many nuesilnns ed by the rtrleaatrs hut the most of them were answered l.y iho cnmiBla sloners to the saf.sfactinu of those in attendance. Tax 'B Will Not be Heavier. The eommisi^ion was anxious to get an e.xpression from the conimiK- Rloner"! as to whether, in view of the fnct fhe new Ia«- will tncrenxe the vnlnntlru of the properly, the cinunil)isl<in< rs would take advantage of the fart to raise a gr.^alor ainotint of money In taxe.< tl-an formerly. The coninilssinners iinnulmouslv replied that If the new law raliied the valuation of the properly that the lax levy unu'd be pr'uwrtfon.ifely ri'diiced, fo as to brine the county alwut the same inrnnie and rut nuiUe the fases a'lv h»avler nii (be peniiliv although their %«luation nii«hl be increased. One m •inber of' the cinnmlsslon In In'liiiitt of the law said that the slat" i!niVr the new liw would get what It hna not had bi-rure. a correct asi'es^- tvent. The burden, he jsnli!. would no» fall n«: heavy on the poorer pjonl<> who h.ive Jicrn p.nving t.Txes ami vould lie more equHahlv divided. One new fee.tiire of the Jaw which ^as Iwiighl nut was that all Indge.i wouid have to pay o tax on property own?d bv them and that colleges would onfj- lie e.venipted from paying i taxes on a certain per cent of their I properly. Heretofore, it has been" the rustotn fur buildinga of one small room or floor, which may be used for lodg.* purpoRPB to be entirely exempt from taxation. tTnd»r the new l.iw tape's will have to be paid on everything. READY FOR BANQUET 0\E HODRED flfESTS WILL AT TEXD BAKER SFBEAD. Cradaates and pupils of Xethodlst Vall'^f Will Hear Excellpnt ' rrograni of Toasts. CITIZENS EXCITED Thlnl: Danirer of Ontbrrak Will In- rm:.«e If Troops Aro Taken Away. CoUlefield. Xev., Dec. 21.—.Vews of the jire^dent's order remorlng the fed eral troppa frbui Guldfield on December no. has caused a scnsallan among the cityj generally. President McKinnon and other ofllc- inls of the miners' union said Inst nl^lit that the iiossibllitv of disorder •ir violenca of any sort will he no creator after the removal of the troops than rifiw, and (lint ihoy shall (jvery t?ndoavor to preserve peace and order in the camp. | Constable fnmann. who now has a large force of deputies, many of whom are in the employ of the Mine Owner's .Association as guards, states that he -A -iil at once make out several hundred b'ank commissioos and that he will increase his force greatly and as fast r.s reliable men can be secured for deputies. Captain Cox said thai the governor ,will at once issue instructloas to iSherift IngnllB of this county to the iireot that he shall expect the aheriS ;>o adopt risorous measures to insure ':he safety and peace of evary resident of E^niereKIa county, and that he will lie pre;iare^ at the first aign of trouble to declare martial law. Recognition of (he Western Federation of Miners as a labor organlaxtion. or dealing with the local miners' union as such have becn-«afused hy the Goldfield Mine Owners' association. Attorney Hilton, who came . from Denver, delegated by Preaident Moyer of (he Western Federation, sent (he following telegram (o President Roose velt today: •To His EscellenCy, Theodore Roosey*K. Washington. D. C. "Kvery effort yesterday by as for conference and settteiaeot refused by mine owners. CommlaaioDera he^^rlng only enemies of organised labor aa wltnea&ea. Not sqnarc deal. Ko disorder here and will be none. Willing to concede everj-thing for honorr-We adjustment and retarn to work. Can vou and will yon help ns. RV GOLbPISU? MINERS' UNION. By O. K. Hilton. IU Attornay. This tclekram did not reach the president before blr order regarding the removal ol tbc (ipops was made. A UNIVERSITY FIRE Main Bui!c<ing at Norman Burned.- Loa* 5720,000.—Report That Fire Was Incendiary. N'orman, Okla., Dee. 21.—The Administration building of the University of Oklahoma burnsd this afternoon. Two painters were using a gaso'.inc stove to heat paint. It ox- ploricii. causing the dome lo catch fire. The fire spread quickly over the third lioor of the Jiuilding and In Uss than an hour andni halt (he walls had fallsn to (he ground. The X'ornian flre dcpartmont was called, but at It was a mile away, it was iif little use. Hundreds of stu dents begun carrying out the furniture nuil (he four eotumns In front at the buidlug were kept from the fir?. The building was valued ut 9100.000, $07,0<Ki insurance. The contents were valntMl at 125 .000 with Slo.miO Insur- anct'. The loss is cstimaieil at |120,- rmo. .\11 -econls nmV loose furniutr.^ wer- Mneif. Dr.Mil R. Bnyd. /)rp.«!idenf. made a statement that in his opinion t'lo liuilding will be rebuilt at once. He beliovps that the state lei^'sl.iturc' will act luimrdiatejy. Ho said regu Inr sclinol will be in progress .Tanu- ary 6. 190S. Teni|)orary btnldngs win be arranged. Buildings In the city will be usnd. Th..'re is talk the fire w.vs incendiary, but this has not been verified. Guthrie, Okla., Dec. 21.—Xews ot the flre received by the state s.^nate contained the statement that the Arc was indenciary. To ascertain if this was true the senat» dispatched to Xor man a committee composed of Son- ator J. r* Ttiomxs .'senator Clarenc<? Davis and Senator Harper S. CunnlnR ham. It is believed that the fire that destroyed tha main building at Langston university, for ne^oos. several weeks ago. was Incendlar}-. CHAS. KLAUMANN POSTMASTER. Fermer lola Boy Appointed at Black Diamond, Arizona. CKAS. Klauniann, son of H. Klaumann. ot xbis city, was recently ap pointed postmaster of th; little city of Black Diamond. Arizona. He graduated from the Kansas University here laat year and went to Black Diamond, Ariz., where he accepted a position with the Black Dfaraond Copper company. Since going to that city ha has cradua'iy become one of Its Influential citizens. He will retain his po^ sitlon with the Black Diamond Cop^ per company. In eoanection witb the ItVit otHce. BMdatcr Wut Aia. Pay bccaue hi the BeHatcr W«t Cal^ Ail of the details of the Baker Vni versity banauet rhieh !E to be he'i. Monday night have boon completed. The list of those wbo expect to at- t' ud the banquet indlcalcTj ihat when Tosstmasler E. \\". Mjicr calls the )<anquet guests to order at tlic Our Way at the conclusion of the entp^ lalnment by the Glee Ciub at the M. E. church about ona hun-ircd persons will b» present. The Glee Club which consists of f iRhteen Baker students, will be pres- <nt at the ban.-]uet and render se»?ral h'-b ctions. Among the guests at the barquot wll be the senior high school clas .sns of Humboldt, Gas City. T^- Ilarpo and lola. Kev. Gordon, pastor of the Melho<list church at Humboldt, and an alumnus of Baker, will accompany the Humboldt class to lola. At the Jaat lianquet of the Baker T'nlvnr*i{y students of Alien county about fifty were present and a most enjoyable occasion was had. Preceding the liar,qu?t a short business ri ssinn nf the county organization will be he'd at which the nlllcers for the ensuing year will bv? elected. On lh<' l/anqu.->t PM>. ram are two speakers of note, T; <•-principal ad dress will be dellvcrc! by Dr. T* H. Miirlln. president of Baker University, He has appeared b?fore Tola audliMiei'.'s on several occasions and I'ls nddresse:; were sparkling and vnrlhy of reflection. Dr. Murlln has (•romised to meet his engag.^ment here. Another speaker is .Archie Ryan, a rrnduatp of Baker. Wlille in eo'lego lie brhught fame to Dak?r by winning the Interstate Pmhlbiii'in contest. He tM a member of the Kniipu Sigma fiatefnlly. a leading snclal orranlr.v tinn of the school. Mr. Ryan may «i.*ik> .nil nililrea."! at the M. B. church here tomormw. The iletailed program for the evening follows: In the Days nf Long .\go Dr. O. L. Carlinghouso The Bakers of Today Mr. Charles Braden The College Toulh. .Mr.=;. A. V. Lodge From a Miutster'a View Point... Rev. I. N. Bcnham The ".;-/• Club Mr. B^rji Green Chasing the Festive News Tt«m... Mr. Perl Uarton Co!'e::e Scrarvs.-Mrs. \V. G. Ani?'»rsf>n The StrRunons Life...Mr. A. L. tlyan As it Appears to Mc.Dr. I.. H. Muribi BAILEY TO RESIGN? Vindication by His State, the Texan's Object. Washington. Dee. 21. —Senator .Tos full Bailey, of Texas, the moat brlU- isnt orator in the Senate, is expected to resign. It is known that he has di!sci;s;=iert the matters with his friends and Ihry are conslderng it with a view to aiding him in reaching a decision. I; is not Bailey's intention to re tire from public life, hut If he does resign he will immedlaJely announce himso'f a candidate for re-election and cn before the people of'bis state seeking a vindication. Bailey was e1nirg<<id with having associated himself with the Standard Oil Interests In tie .Soulhwffst and at the very t'me when he was denouncing the operations of that and similar trusts his piibllc speeches. The charges nealnst him were not made public unit' the ipglslBtnrc which was to re- piect him had been chosen and he bad b'mself been named B ?5 the public ".i choice for the aenntorshtp fn th« primary's election. It has since been charged that Bailey could not now carry his own state and that he ho'ds ills nositlon becausa of the trust tho ocople formerly had placed In him. but which was destroyed bv revela- t 'onR of h's corporation afflllations. AMUSEMENTS! "Paintino the Town." Charles H. Yale's big musical spectacle. -Painting the Town," which proved a genuins surjirise to onr theatre grK >rs upon its first appearance here last season, is annonnced for early presentation at the Grand, next -Vondav December ,10. "Painting the Tov-n" provsd to ho one of the best musical offerings of the season, belnr. most dean in tone and a bright, clever perform ancD throughout. Matinee Today. A nurnt»er of nedpfc attsnded the T ^atlnee at the Grand this afternoon. The pl.iv is "From Prison to Pa'aoa." a four act melodrama. Judging fmni •he comment on the matlne« a big bouse will nttcn.1 the ahow tonight. PRIME WESTERN OPERATED, WOULD KIIL HERSELF THREAT OF DORA TICE WHO RAN AWAY LAST NIOHT. Juvenile Judge Recommended That She Be Sent to Industrial School. Mrs. Tice. mother of Dora Tlce, who ran away from Mrs. H. O. Morgan's residence at 210 North Chestnut stre?t last evening to escape bein? sent to the Inditstrial school at Be loi(. Kas. fear.-! that her daughter will commit suicide. Soon after the unfortunate girl's baby was taken to the Obphan.s' Home, f^i? threatened her lif?. saying that sVe would rather be ilead than have hir baby taken from her. The police have l:ppn asked to assist In ascert.-ilning ihe whereabouts of (he girl. Sh; has been staying at the home of Mrs. 5Tor;;an until she could be sent to the Indirstra' school. She left a rfiom where" Mns. Morgan and Walter Barnes were sftMng. say- Inf, that she was going out a mo ment. Nothing was Ihoutht of her ^l.itpment at the .After waiting «ome time fo- her rtfuni. a search was Inrtltiited, but up to late this afternoon hrr ahercaboats had not been learned. f nni the reports made to .^sslst- Cbljf of Police. John J. Creed it Is Iu'lieved that the girl d'd not leave niofie. Officer Creed nays that he received a teipphone me.ssags this nftruofin to the effect that Will Crocker, brotbepin law of Dora Tice, wa.*< not in I'lwu and that Mrs. Tice's wagon and horse were also missing. Wbeii the The P.eglster went to press the oIBcer had not yet been able to confirm the rri.nrt. .Some tlfri • ago D.ira Tfce hn/T E» tele Rowley, of C.anietf. Kansas, ar roctrd eharglnc that he was the father of hrr child. Rowley was later relensi'il by Justice C. S. Putter, b?- fnre whom he was tried. Later Dora's r^oiher said the girl was Incarrlclble and she was arraigned before JtMge J B. Smith, who reroninipnded that hhe Iio sent to ^ho Industrial school a' Beloit. TROOPS TO LEAVE .VEED L\ fiOLDFIELD ITETER ETL DENT, S.iTS ROOSEVELT. SPARKS WAS NOT ENERGETIC HASJTAKE.y yo ACTIOX TO lEET POSSIBLE EXERGESCT. ' GoTPrnmrat I'nder Xo Obllsntion to* Help State Which Falls in Its Dnty Tawar«i^« its Own CItlieas. CHANGE THE ORDER flcTOlt of Xaval Target Practice Can.<^.s Itcarrangcnieat of ishlpa. Washinrlnn, Doc. 21. —Careful study of the results of the battle condition targpl practice of the AtlanUc fleet ia>:t full, has c;iusFa the navy department to make a material rearrangement of the order of merit of the ships in (he matter of proficiency in gunfire. The first calculation gave (he perceut .Tses of the various thips based entirely ujion the number of hits and without particular regard to the rapid ily of fire or to the caliber of the guns These elements are of first importance and It is patent that la battle a quick firing gun. throwing a shell of large caliber and weight, would be more effective than II slower cr light caliber gun. - 'I sl^WfIV ^avaI experts have rearranged the naerit list oi the fiect on the basis not only of the number of hits, but also, to a certain estent. the rapidity of hit ting, and the proportionate weight of the lirojpctile.'!. in making public this uew order, the deii.irtnient explains the comparatively low scores raad«i liy some of the vessels are accounted for by the fact thr.l they came on the range at a much greater distance from the lartcet than that assigned to them. .As promulgated today the merit list Is as follows: Georgia, Connecticut. Virginia. Pennsylvania. .Maine. Kentucky, Wi-.5t VirjUnla. Maryland, Alabama. Kcarsarsc, I.,onl.siana, llliniirs. Ohio. Hliode Island. New Jersey nnd Mlssjurl. l-^ach of the bhlps Is assign ed a ci^rtain range at which lo fire, this r.insp depending upon the power of its guna. hut in same pase.o the vessels come on the range at a mucb greater distance than (hat assigned to them, nnd this undoubtedly account.^ for the comparatively low scorss mad'- •jy some of these vessels. For example, the Missouri began firing at a distance of nearly a mile greater than Its assigned ranze, the fllinnis at 1,200 yards and the Louisiana at 900 yards greater. JfR.<}. >ORTHRrP SrK.S LAX¥0\ CO rialms FnmF« From Plant Has In- Jnrrd Her Land. Mrs. Mary E. .Vorthnip began suit In district court today to recover damages of |1,900 which fhe alleges shv has sustained by reason of the fact that tbe fumes and poisonous gases from the Lanjxu Zinc company works has injured her land described as ,E % SB % ae-2-1-18 less one acre. Mrs. Xorthrup alleges (hat the fumes from (he plant have greatly hurt the value of (he land and names the damages aa being (1.900. Washington, Dec. 21.—In two telegrams, made public today, the presi- ient intimates that Governor Sparks A Nevada, in asking that troops be ient to Gpldfleld. ti-led without Justl- .ication to have (he United Statej irmy relieve Nevada of the duty of jialntalniug public order, and an- lounced that he troops will be wltb- Irawn .Monday. December 30. The first, under date of December 17, (|Irected to Governor Sparks of "evnda, and signed by the president, reads; , ,. < 1 sent the troops at your request Ijecaiise trom (be tenor ef your (ele- i;ranL and from (he rcpresentsdona tuade r.ic liy the (wo senators from .S'evadu and the member of the house .if cmigress from Nevada, it appeared hat an insurrection was Immluent k>':ii-;£t which the state authorities Woul^ be iMiwerlesa. .>'o .»r«i far Traaps. The trnopa have not been In Go'.dfleld cn days and no insurrection has oc- urr(-d, and seemingly no clrcuin- .iitanc'es exist to Jusilty your calling >u me for action by the troops under Ihe provision ot the constltutloo. "1'hc truoiia were sent to Uoldileid lo be. ready to meet a grave emergency which seemed likely at once to arise lud.not tu jirovlde a substitute for tbe .fxorrlse by the state ot ita police I'uD'i^ioiis. I do not feel at liberty io leave them indefinitely under such [?trcumstances that they will in eBect be performing on the part of the Unlt- •J States those ordinary duties ot / uaintalnlng public order In the state if Nevada which rest niion the govern ment of the state. "As the legls'.atare of Nevada has not been convened I iim bound to assume that the powers already Tested ;n the peace o.Tlcers of the slate are tde^Juate and If they choose to tbey can :malntain order themselves. Under .heae circumstances, unless there be forthwith further cause shown to Jua-^ Ify keeping the troops at Goldfleld. \j. shall direct that they shall return ;o their former stations. •THEODORE ROOSEVELT." .Spurk.4 >eglects (o Art. The -following telegram was sent to CJovernor Sparks (oday by the president: "1 ha-ce received no answer from oil to niy teleairam of December 17, 'n which I said that Unless there was rnrthwith further cause shown to iusiify keeping the troops at Goldfield r sfiou^d direct their return to their Termer stations. 1 am informed by the three representatives of the department of commerce and labor who are in Goldfleld by pjy order that yon have stated to •liem ia writing that you will not con- •.-cne tb>; legislature to consider call for tnvjiis nor take the necessary .tops tn form a safe mllltar}- force. "Their report further satisfies me hat there is no disturbance threaten^ Tthirh the government of Nevada ought. not be able to control if it itarts to work with a serious purpoce lu do so. but that no effort is being made by the government of Nevwbi to uke the stops necessary In the matter. President Wont Re -Werke*." "1. stand ready (u see that (be na- ionol governmen( does Its full constl- uiioniil duty in this matter of pre- -;er\'in£ order, but this readlneaa on he part of tbe national govemmeat TIUC^ nut escusc the state government for fai'ure to [«erform Its fall duty ^fn 'he first place. 'Federal aid should not be sought Tor bv the state as a method of rcllev ing itself from this duty, and the r.ate should not be permitted-to sub stitiite the Called States for the goT- eramcni of the state in the ordinary ' duties of maintaining order within the stale. For (be reasons given in thin an'd my former telegram. I have accordingly directed the troops to return to their former station on Mon- dav. December 30. next. •THEODORE RtWSEVELT." TRIPLE TIE ELECTION. One Hundred Men Given Employment at Number One Today. The rumac»s of the Priifie Western Smp]t.>r No. one at Gas City were op(rated the same aa nsnaV this mom- invv By llT! resnmlag operation about «ne hundred men were given employment. It will be mn every day as fonner'y .for at' \nnt (en ani] prolpbly longer. The •meller WM closed down several days ago. WOVLD RECOVER OSf XOTE. F. J. Horton Rr *agbt Salt Agftlast £. L. XOIer, et aL . ' F. J. Horton brought suit in district court today against Edwin L. Miller et al .to foreclose • (nortga'ge to satisfy a promissory note for t71S.34. The original note "was for 1750. It is al- legcd that the defendants gave a mortgage on land described as NE ^ 2023-18 to secure the note. It is also alleged that he note Is past due, hence the suit Local Ledrje Had,- Meeting In Hall ' Last Evenia:;. T/iple Tie Concil No. 22 held the regular meeting last evening and el- ectei the following oflleers: Prfesldcnt—C. H. DcClnts'. Vice' President—iJ. P. Smith. Past President—^L. W. Dnncan. Chaplain—H. L. Bagian. .Treasurer—Mrs. Huth Steeper. Se*retary—Mrs. Heigle. ,Cotidnctor—T. H. Clark. Guard—G. S. Prlei, 8efitin3l ~o. B. Clergy. , Delegate—H. M. Miller. irrrcRiXL is no RSTTER. Evident of VutM Ufa* Wnftcn It U Scrleu Cowiitien. Indianapolis. Ind.; See. 21.— Th* e^BdiUott of John MitehelU preddant of'the nalted Mine Voikere of ABWI- c». ranialtta abont the same as yesterday. The phydelan recardi bli COB- 4ltlaii aa serious. *

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