Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 3
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PILE OF XAeiZIHES. V.?fhe^ekttfKUck COB. . Htb* Hit tke Son. Tl TMlflc twaMOKiBr tnis when ^ nwd .ia|o '-.I« Harpe yvsterday itlFrideW^llie depot lo he' e i>re ])iu«tiltes ,io alight at the I cxomat jtTst b«fore the station Is . A« the .'Ooach upon which was riding passed orer the road ling - the jroathfnl hoho , merely Jtese." lie teemed ^to make noc .rtWIand QjMin -hls feet'andywheni stmc^ the earth his head knick Wejiave brougi QUr stcti^. Thes OooclsiieieQte^npp^Gian be laid aside to^^mit till you merohui^ise for your Holiday selecting^ rtstmas Spirit^will i^l^ .j^^^ proaohes T^$e,4kMded if tiiepiaoinjRr^^ order isl^^ courteous attratipn Igri^Bal^^loi^istm. we invite you to dome kiid fioger—l^lly brxiotly^^ #i^cWe.. 113 East riadisoti M3 -^iaiien ;h0 ,sr9(w, wlplifg.tlie.Strt 'inm -ld ^Cios ^^lia /matte "that's tbCF .first^tiine^ttaat4nr«r.h^pened to me." rtw Votaries. Miss Lois Wiisoo and C. H. Olson -tttve received (»mtnfiiBioDs as notaries public. , :^«piML^0nii^ • GlMerfiil GIrer •aM tSP^'n _be jajieh .nfore dieerful if ^BSW6 or ,W*^8 > .DANFORTH. .•nwre>>.worttl.of good cheer in their . men got in i the ^ fl&e^imanfactarers wjaht- WiftBBS * DXNFORTH'S aide pbasible your perscmal »feom a WIDE VARIETY of ElO^Dp at a CLOSE RANGE _ _^ lOTB. Siake our store your jSihMfe." ,\3bme Jh and enjoy a look at ^eVs^asim's niorelties. flfe «aftei<«wk Company. lihitd iiamljer of the La Harpe lec^re-'codrse -wHI be given on Frl- jtoyjeivenii^ig. December 18. in t^e jftflftidfBt.chnrch. ^e entertainment yfOi be provided l>y the Cutter-Mack ^ctmipany. Mr. Cutter is a humorist ^a9dfaBger .aBS.Mr.-McElhany. "Mack" ;%-a.^»YtoOaist ^;It win be one of 4he Uest trambersot-^ entire course. \. miiis.^to.Clus. .staiMLls plaijng Santa Glaus. He has on fiuida stock of uncalled for mag- wmmmmmm terlan church will give a "sey(ftD'<ient' social next Thursday evening( in th» Rickett store building. There will be; several sales departments foorticl^ and the price will be in each'case "seven cents." Registered Ostebpathic FlQraissii. Stats Bank Oldg. Pboaa liB. Only Osteopath In La Harps. Personals. G. C. Fox was an lola visi^r yesterday. Percy Graen is reported much improved, i ^ W. S. Ford spent yesterday In Jolai Mrs. M. IC Julian has relurneii to her home in Uniontown. after a brief visit with a Harpe relatives. B. A. Alexander iwho has been visiting in Girard, has returned home. U. H. Brown and family have returned from Barttesviile and will reside here in the future. azines^. ITCHING n<IN DUEASU .\re readily cured: by ZfiMO.A cltan liquid for external use. :ZEHO dnw« the germsand their!toxins to the curlace and destroys them, leaving.a.^^n. healthy s^Fin. ZEMO^vesinstantrelief and permanently cures every -form of ,pffilqdi<3ls. They are .kin or scalp disease. tkt..oi{t of date but .contoln ..jfO^^pbig .Tseaditog and InXor- pn^Mul ara..apUy. lllnstrated by _ Ji »i">rfl8(». .Ilr. Doty decided not ^ r«|ai^ publishers and .J*M'^it*S!«n«8*lng better. In front, .pr3iji^ad..he.ha8 P*M^ a pile^ . of th«3i^HKlJDeB .and periodicals and' JWB Pl»l*?d iKUigB.oy;pr them. "Take •one.? _JiUny,are availing themselves of the^HproBHr of Mr. Doty. . .TwoBJIoAs Kow ftnnnJng. . ;»T«ot-lt>l<ick8 of .the smelters are now -C88fi'V- (Mpre..ore was expected yes, t^jr<^i hut only a small quantity, one car. «frived. . , ,.,Sk,ip,Car of Horses. .iJL'y-vJHoweU will soon diip a car- .ft«ad,pf ;flpe horses <b the city markets. Hie has bought almost enough to fill his car. Fpr sale everywhere. .Write forfuuiH pie, E. W. Ro8eHedid;ieCq.^ft. Louta.- For sale at Burrell's Drug Store ' A 5E1>' KO.\ORE PALMER BABT HEWS m w^m iMEP THIRD NDXBEB OP LECTURE COURSE TOlfieBT. TO BE €IVEN BY LOCAL I^LENT MUCH nrnsBEST IN CONGEBT-^ GOOD OCOlfD EXPECTED. Regalar Jifetteg of .the City Conefl ToBJglit-To Vove %9 Gaa (tfflee —Bepatriiig Hotel—PenoB^ - ~ vHolidays U Hoite. Charles H. Olson-will spend a ho'i- .-da^..weck witfrHiB parents in Manlcato, -Sanws. J ,Tlil|ias is I« Harpe. tS0Mie.-c»Pbert and Wayne Haver- |rt4!.-pf-Far8pit8..jar9 visiting friends fMpB^dty. The Haverflelds formerly Jiy*d:to this clty^ .JLilMfie SociaL -,T^e -eTtniBg ,:peo|de of the Presby- Mrs. Potter Palmer Jfow Is the Oraiid mother of Two. . Chicago. Dec. 15.— Mrs. Potter Pal mer Is a grandmother again, for Santa Claus has been anticipated by the stork at the Honors Palmer home 1890 Lincoln Park boulevard. A healthy eight-pound boy, with lusty lungs, big eyes and chubby fistsi made bis appearance as a member of the Palmer family last night. His arrival brought forth the^usual specula tion as to a name, none having as yet been decided on. by the family. Potter Palmer III, 4 years old. will assume the roll of "big brother." Rev. McArthur .Was Here. Re V. McArthur of Moran was visitor in the city yesterday. Were in Yates Center. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ward were in Tates Center yesterday on business. 'Tis eqatUy true thaf "A Christinas Ptcsent Bought Early Tvill save you Lots of Worry." L. B. HOITII/LK, PratldARt A. W. BKCK. Vlco-PfMldaut i. N, CAMPBKLIM C«»hUr. C. BOBIHIION, AM-i Cuhlar Choral Club Coiif«rt Tonlflhi; The third.nomfier of tlieGitjr lecture conrse. > .^on^isrt by- the Qas City Choral Cfah'-^rcgeatia, srtll he j^iven foalght .Ih.We CtirlijUaa ^nnili. The orch'estra'wfll be aliaiptM by local violinista. Th~e pnignun is as follows: First Pirt. 1.—Adonis Oyerthre :. H. O. Wlipelor Orehesfra. 2.—"Come. O Ctane". .W. M. S. Brown -'Chonn. 3.—Quartette—8Uen Mead ........ • .Xi. O.,Biner^ph Lepper, Swan, HiAter. Bpllng.'. 4.— Piano Duett—Silver Stars ; ,3ohn Miss Ii<erris. Mr. Pred .Freven. 5.—Bass Solo—Asleep in the beep.. .'Poirio Howard Welch. 6.—Challenge March ... R S. Sinclair Orchestra. 7.—Baritone Solo—When, the Lindens Bloom DadleyBuck Edwin Hunter. BECEITEB EXPENSE OUT.' Assistant State Baak CommlnloMr Is Paying Oirt Dividends. Topeka, Dec 15.—Assistant State .Bank, OommisEipner K B. Marshall is paying another 25 per cent dividend to the depositors pf the Citizens and Farmers' state iMUik of Arkansas City today. This makes 50.^per, cent since he took charge of the bank on November 6, 1908. •A. receiver has not yet been. IH;>pointed and.Mr. Marshall is in chkrge of the; affairs of the bank and he ex- pecta to pay .an^er dividend of 25 per cent before Christmas. That will i^ake 75 per c^nt paid depositors; When the bank closed they had deposits of 1338.000. The usual .bl|^ expense of a receiver has been kept out up to this time. . • " Mr. Marshall also sold the bank building to .the Security State ^ank^ot this city today. The price was $20,000 and: was the highest offer bid on the bnlldlng. wm m mm • • • 1 STATE PRIBTTEB IFNEAL HAS FlOi UBBD UP COST. IWPROVINQ THE CATARACT. Big Profit to PabUskers—P^t Argnment of State Priatfiig of! Text Books. of Second Part. 1.—Millers Wooing ..Eteton Panning Ciionis. 2.—Duett—The Gniding Star.Bragdon Zenia Goes. Catherine Coman. 3.—Quartette Medley ... C. A. White Leeper, Swan^ Hunter. Btpling. 4.—Solo—poppled '.Reginald D. Koven Miss .Lfearance. 5.—Coronation Watts, iip-'Armoy March Sinclair Orcheatra. Edwin Hunter. 6.— Solo—King of tie Winds Davis Edwin, Hnhter. 7.—Goodnight Beloved C. Pinsuti Ghdms. Ladlea' parlor a Now Feature foyjth Wash. .AVO. Hoatalry. Ira Kelley, prpjnletpr, of the .^tar- act hotel is adding another improve! nieht, and cpnvenlenee,.tp his popular .iiqstelry. The small trame building joining tbe hotel on the south will be remodeled and repaired, then: fitted and furnished with mqdern and luxur ions, furhishings for the ladies' parlor. A doorway is being cut In the south wall of the hotel olBce to afford convenient entrance to the parlor. DENY TkkT HRS. EDDT IS tLL. With the Lambcrton Store. • E. T. Wilson has been employed ae tinner at the Lamberton hardware store. Shipment of B<;»oks. Proprietor Bby of tie Postofflce news stand has received a large shipment of booln. Most of ti^m are late publications and are gift bopks. Council Moots Tonight The city council wiil meet tonight In regular sewipn. Tie budget eon^ tains only matters of a.rji'ii^ne.naturrf and the session will probably be brief'"' RopaJrlng :|<«t«l. The Vaogbn botol !• bvlng repalrod and InproTfld tbrooibout. To '^iitna. Josapb Coamn kft yMt0r4ay for a briaf visit In Altoona. KtBUi. The Christian Selenee Leaier BiVbrt- ed to Be In Her Usdd Healtjh. Boston, Dec. 15.—Reports ttlat Mrs. >(ary Baker CEddy. head .of the iOiris tlan Science church. Is ill were denied by.Mrs. Eddy's attendants today, who said that their leader was in her usual health. Mrs. Eddy was said to be amending to her writing and other engagements today as usual. She took her. daily drhre Saturday ta spite of stormy weather and was planning to do the name this afternoon. (Kansas City Journal.) Topeka. Dec !£.—The ilrst broad-^ Bide. in. favor.-.of the.sUte publicatipa of school, books was fired, jwaterday by State.Printer T„ A. l («*«al. fjtor several weeks, he baa bc»en>0at]tpriiW data tp determine;Wbat the state obuld duplicate • the, present, text books fori As ;a,-.iresuit of that ln.v.estigaUoo.S(8 has.produced some rather startlliig figures. , . I . Briefly. McNeal's. figures .show, tiki all bool^ sold .during the, year 19074 08 .by.oqmp»9le9.bavlng ooittracts with, the state cost the pupils MTfJ^. Ha ^stlma^tes - that the .saaip uuQil^r o{ th«.same bopks, if. printed^ boond and delivered: by the state.would havs>cb«t |2Q3453ia5., This, be says, would, b«v^ made aLsaviitg-to the pupils of the state of m4.;l8«.6?. .. In detennililBg.the-physical coat, of the bdokp^ JioNeal .flcnred^ in ft«r^ (tern Of'ezjMnseln ttaeir.nianufaptvrB, Skdded IB.per cent of cost price j lot royalties br.cppyrigits, flipired in.:tlio, cost of enlarging the state printing plant and equipping it with the necessary >nachinery. allowed{|12,000 a.year for. depreciation of: moeblnery,' or per cent,, and counted.110,000 per year for additional heat and power. : Concerning other allowances, Blr. McNeal says: "I find that in order to cPver the items,of interest on investment, 4^ preclatlon and cost of extra labor ajiit )(ueL it is neceaaary to add to the cost' of labor ahd niiaterial used in mi facturing the books .alwnt 17 per cent. I.have added to this 15 per cent]ito cover cost of royalties or copyrteit, and. 16 per cent to hoover cost of ais-. tribution; this would make a total ad^' dition to the. cost of labor and inaterkl of 47 per cent. 5 "The books in which this InvesUga- tion:has-been made ara, the ones inost commonly used in the.'gnded schoola.^ "Tlie total post of all the books sold dtirlng the school year 1907-08 ^ |r447,342. I estimate that tie total cost of the same nomber of books TO mftlOA^ NDIAN LANDS. A Bill by Seeretery QM^lir drges YgM Million Appfvpriatlen Now. '^^ihiagton. r:Dep.. ..15?n:fiecr^tary: Garileld sent to Congress today a rfo- {.o«UB(|ndatipn fprrji: large awropriatloo ,^ot,i,rri^tioh woric on. Indian naert vatioiis. He iirged that an'Initial 'u^fM i»opr«atton -of ^%immUm dollars f-bd authorised 'for' immediate use. The secretagr. iui his .ataienuBnt says: . ' . '^The work of aUdtfiifg iheliuids^ tiJM several Indian reservations ^ is in aellve' progress •ud - Its condnsien H .tie >near fntnre. may .be ^xpeete^. Adequate, systems or .irrigation kiould |.BroTi4ed .for,.tie allottmehtiB and'for tie sm^liis lands to be opened to'aet^ tteihdnt- :.Tie Sac,add pioz'Indians of (Mar |J)Qnu.Jn.a petlUonubqiltted to .ti« House today ask jUiaT^^. to tieir credit in tie United States trmniry be Mvlded amoBg tbem. The :aioiMy 'l8.'tie;iMl8Beeypr «ba|-.tav:knowa as tie "Sac and- Rix LV Ji'^rrarf-K?— •• ^» _ ^..!_jLj. ' A||fi|niipE|S;cnnE mpraiflB. smfaee of Ihe aUa'iiid dettaofa ^lMtti; , IniaSwbTCvyirtriJre,- .^Wiftefornam*' 0l*,fE. W<Roa»;Medi '«M .Co.r8t. IMO^.- TO idiok iNto^l'KiSbN CHARoieftW JOU AS SANTA City Will NIflht ^y Its Employes Thursday OB .Workers Can Have Christmaa Money. The municipality of..lola will b^j good to iU enploxes. Tie elty conn- cjl will iold a nieeting Tiursday ev ening; ind tils morning Xiaybr RblrtB'' •on Mid that. In all probability, the §/i\^rk» of.«Ul plty.einplpyea FooM. be paid. ,10 that the money vwould be| available for use nt Oirlatmiu. ..BfrnoftiijiriiluiMllil. The Taylor bttlldiBg en leuth •traet la being reiMdelfd Md wise liiproved. Wbea.the ooBpleted the gaa oMee will t •d fro Bit* pi«ieBt IdokUte Tayii^r bf lldlnt. QmulHy apfml to tiie ^JH^^MmA in iltliiorl)reiiidiNt»d)or printed, bound and delivered-'by the state woiild be :|253J52.36 a diffenmce: incoet or:|234.t89.65. "It is fair to'say that in esflmathig the cost <tf production.of .these books I have estimated the cost of each Iwok In 50,000 lots. The coet per book in no:ease would be increased more than. 1 cent per book. "In making this inveBtigatfcxi I have not attempted to.pass Judgment on the character of the books further than from a physical standpoint,. Inet-J dentally, I have made some wrsJBinaf UoD of the books, but I' do know that my Judgment on that matter would be particularly valuable. My opIokjB. however,lis that the books are fairly good. I unbealtoUngly say that there la not a book furnished by any pnbUsb- rngbpniw today to the state ot Kim>WM that eeald niA ^be Mid at mgid^Mc Uian .t^e Driorrixoi, by tlatutf and stfll rnrnltt a An* ttirgla of proHt. .,"1 ilgrtid lAlo jMii iMMMteBtlta il|tiite>paldiMli«n< ,1 hMt ooato wt oC It Tiil|y ^tivTBOid lilt It la the tUgg for tboitote to do. iTbe blito ouiiit outMiood booKiiM thaMlat iMM,^nvos-1 Govemer Hoete May Ot tigation of-Cruelty Reports. Topeka. Dec. 15.-4t is poMlble that Governor Hocb-wUI Idemaiid .tbat Oov- emor.iHaskell.ef Oklahdnia..JUipoint-,a committee .to «ct with a ^sbnUar com- infttee from KsOsas to Investlgite the ehiinies of-eruelty to Oklahoma Ifrls- onera in the iCansas .prison. -The charges are made by Miss Kate Bem- iacd,. a special aceat of Oklahoma. ._The Aarfea have Just been made public oflc^ally. -Governor Ifoch Is In the'Sitet bat he win retonr this week. :The ..Oklahama pardon;4>oanl .wUl begin Its. sessIoosLln.Landingihls week 1 land It to requested to make an Investl-' lotion of the prison conditions. If it refuses Governor :Boeh may demand tlM'apgoiatiBent of a committee from Oklahoma. We fell wear* The. constant droppug water away tie bardeat atone. The constant :gB«w of Towser mastl- eates.the toughest-bone. The ..^consUnt wooing lover carrle* away the bTnsblng niald. And the CoDstut-AdviBrtlser is the man -who geta^tie trade. FlieM Q«ated..i^ daiid * . PredMe-Ceiifiny. iThe.toltowIng local awriket report la fumiaied by Gard ft Tal^rt Produce i^pajjir and will be kept rpnnlng In TbeBafflateir every day. The prices qootadf at« the vrleas «hleb;tbey will ,fay <ilor:t«oiltry, esRs and butter de- evrreat veeelpta per ease...3«c Hbas. fat To le .'My .'ilpr •prlBf OkMimi terlBf'DaeW le IpriBK Tarkeya, l-lb Old HOB Taykaya Old Ton Tarkaya Old Duflka Baltar. IIM .Ihaa .1 par oaM Mitii 3 1 .. -Per. ftvie. • 'iCO -acre likrin Juiar Blue Mound »to trade fbr store, building and stock of goods in lois. Elevator and -feed mlU, 5 room bouse-and :bam. witi 10 acres good land.' 4 acres.of fruit, for good reai- dence -properties in Iota. Two. 4 -room bonaes with 2 acres of land, with fruit Joining lola. for land in Allen county or western Kaaas. rar ;ttte. , One black .K>ye|r -6ld l)orae, well broke.'see uf at ^oBM-lf 'you want him. A bargain In ao 80 acre farm It sold soon. One of the heat ^ aeetlona of land IB .Alloa coaaty,'144 per aore. ' Wla hart%ofibalbMt torma llitad; prKwd froiyiJtoWO. . ^ , WaatarelUaMa land for trade iir ila. Sao na far aay klad of daa). <Wo bava nmaajr. to tbaa on farms or goad oljjT^prQgartjr. wiiit • good, frwh mlloh cow. botbar na %Uk aay otiar kind.

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