Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1907
Page 8
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itNliEllTAlNMElilT »^1T liSnKSES OF Bdanlaff f w IM Clife iTMifht. 'Gnlverrtty Qlee Club w titt V ' [Methodist Episcopal fitlli«>^ng. T1i» clnb will ritli»^llleak»cIiDOl this atternooti MOWrti^iraqitBes tolbe one of the riaJMMwWmU I 'nthls city. Tbe i^lstlBbaftMied ot eighteen trained ^.,r,^iji^Tkk$»-'aMSttm Utfiichool Is plan- l^'x-j^Blik % u «BtertaUment to be beld IAIKUP * Itt the near fotnre. In with the entertainment. frm b» wrreO. Tlie iiroceeds ...^^ tbi» entertainment and supper ^ Mll>ha'«Md (o paT'tiM expenses of the A' -kll^iAml atadmts and teachers who CeUece 8«a4aili '~7A* anmhar- ot the La Heacw Harpe young ' ' paopla trlM are attending college re^i !t«MMVM» yesterday.! Many ot them ' ;>lriIlrtitflM)«M the last of the week. The ^ ^."tncttte'Ia tvo >iKwka tor almost all '.^ "-'^f ^^'^ri" Oaunr. Dead. I ' P.1;C|owior ' died yesterday MM^'f AortiUness. He was -;aB;:aimaI Jatt Tuesday but r'lie became lill with an at- t«i^«(paawtonIaand diedVesterday. flhori MTTiMe were hield at the resl- daaee lodai^ at twenty thirty o'clock, i4t «r^iiAlfjh;tln .raa«tns were taken to Hhie llOiiHKuiaaa, for interment V «Otant«rtii^ Home** Kist. ^ 'Xtat Kfahti^ Hwne*' will be the B «Et. attndtoa at iA opera honse. TUa ahfiri 'will beat La Barpe on the .c(TeiiIiiri(rf Deatmber 28th. It promis- M to-b* of^t o(t^>e best of the season. , fllekUh'i»iniiM4 Today, j. admola were dismissed this IjaMBtng jon at^fttmnt of the funeral of Cfcaa. P. iCoanw,' Vrs. Connor is a taadier in the La Rarpe schools and It la oat of respect for her that the •choola were dismlased. -A Fecials.'' ' K. MnUer. ot Kansas Gityr was in thaol^ yesterday: on boalness. t'" Miaa Leih Orlgsby returned home - v..-.yaatnday-:from I^vrada,. Mo., where ! ahe lias ben attending Cbtta College far the piaat afeTaral months. She has ' k 'lNMi 'weeks iracatton. - ,-• Jahn Hyera la ^tlng his pareni , lia^tiiia dty. Ji' Ifcj L. James. ot .Topeka, was here yesterday on a business rlslt I . H,3. Ilanders. ot Chicago, was here ' I j>Mfterday oaltlng on the local m^r- ^.;i,^^«ka ]its. tf I . . • • i• . •• • I Badly iMxad Up. ikbrtham Broun.; ot 'Wlnterton, N T«wul a rmy remarkable experience. icM rat' ^liootori got \m\y mixed sp «>pg tte; one said heikrt diaeaae two, odlfli'lt iktdney tiMuble; the taitM^WofA poIfMm, and tho fifth stom ^tiBdltWi -llVar troubl«>: but none ot pNte iMipad me, so my wife advised a\<illnv^gi«etrte Bttteri,*ii;hleh are res- l«4MBi.u»4op«rAMt:health. One bot^ ^*-^m,m mor^ gobd^thtt all the five preMrlbed." Gjdarantecd for pcWKHt.- weakness ^asd Ml. stom^ and.pdnay eompIalnU, 4>y ttE fS VaifB l^paiMffB for |..praeMltion from the Tola Oil .Pradoctioa compaay to jsell the -mj CM IrpB Its w^ west of Ithe cit7 ' wu trnrnd; dawn last nli^t, the coun- /^lIlMlftfiat Ikat th0 preasnre was not 'Warraat -jno^ting the ItihM thmight 'that. If ififiaa -ab'strdager ihan it is 1;* B : IJi It -would nojt pay the , ^^ijdb .'laatall malna and a meter as i ^«(aril :«MR^tions at brown's be well taken care of and delivered when wanted. ^ S»loof FURS ihmi wiU be QreaUyWoloomedf Onfall Furs, embracing Fur Coats, Caracal Goats, Sable and Isabella Fox Scarfs and Mnffd, Nataral and Bable Bqtiirrel Scarfs and Mn£Ps, River Mink Scarfs and Muffs, Jap Mink Sets, and Opossum Scarfs and Muffs. Choice of the entire stock less 20iP&rGeni Disqouni from regular price. Pay salespeople less twenty per cent from marked price XiiiBmSaiB of Shoem 14.00 Ladies' J^ine Shoes for.. $3.25 I3.C0 Ladies' Fine Shoes for... 93.00 $3.Q0 Ladles' Fine Shoes for.. .S3.50 $2.^0 Ladies' Fine Shoes for . .82.15 $2.25 Ladies' Fine Shoes for ^.Sl.85 11.75 Ladles' Fine Shoes for.. .S1.50 11.50 Ladies Fine Shoes for.. .81.35 OolM DolM Dollml We only carry the best brands and they are cheap—'twill pay you to lopk at them. Dressed Dolls for .10^. 7.'>6 H-Tnlh Dressed Dolls for i 99^ "Kestner" Dolls $1.35, $1.50 UP TO «2.50 Ladies' SwoBiors for Xmam Just rKeived a fine asrorbnent in vhke, srej, bine and mixtures •t «i .98. »2.»8, «3.08.1M.98 GLOAKSALEI 17.98 Ladies' BOlinch Coats Xmas price $4.98 111.98 Ladies' 50-lnch Coats Xmas price SG.98 116.50 Ladles' 50-inch CoaU Xmas price 89.95 $22.50 Ladles' 50-inch Coats Xmas price 813.95 $30.00 Ladies' 50-lnch Coats Xmas price 817(95 $2.98 Children's Astrican Coats For 81.98 $3.50 Bearskin Coats for 82.48 $3.08 Children's Coats for ... .82.98 $5.00 Children's Coats for $3.98 $7.98 Children's Coats for ...$5-.98 $10.00 Children's Coats for . . .$7.98 Mmas Nibokw^Br All |iew and pretty styles and a most acceptable fi^.- Chi^on Stocks with fancy "Jabot" ends each..;... .260 Swell Silk Stocks with pleated bands, and tie ends. All colora. Each BOo •t Haniisome Silk and Chiffon Stocks, inth siik and chiffon "Jabot" effects^ One in a bok, each SOo New Embroidered Binen Collars. New "Bows" in all the latest shades. Individual "Jabots,'» 60c, 7oo, $1.00. : Fonoy GhUfon Ruffm A woman's delight-rin. black, white, brown, pink and bli^e effetts. The prices range from |1.98 to $8.00 each. Ladies' Sweaterettes, newest patterns and colors, each BOo Swoit Sitk Soarfm For afternoon and evening wear. 45 inch silk Scarf in pink, blue, laven- dar, black and white. Xmas price, 39o 54 inch silk Scarf in oriental or flowered effect; pore silk, each B1t2B 54 inch fancy silk and brocade Scarfs, f 1.75 up to SBmOO Children's Pocketbooks, with long or short chains, each 2BO KMQIovem Long or short, we have them. ' Wc show the best $1.00 and $1.50 two button clasp. 12 button length BSJOO, 10 button length B3mBOa New Cape Gloves, 1(5 button, price per pair B ^,O0 Biggest Assortment of LBdiem' Hand'efiiefm In lola. Ladies' Imported Lace Handkerchiefs, very high grade and most beautiful designs, each S3, BO to BGmOO Ladies' fine Imported Linen Embroidered Cross-bar Handkerchiels. The price each BOo and 7Bo Beautiful lace edged Handkerchiefs, Meohlin or Armenian Lace, also swell embroidered ones, each BOo and Bi»SB Our three for $1.00 pure linen cross-bar embroidered colored or white Handkerchiefs for ladies are the best ever shown. Our 25c ladies' Handkerchiefs are a swell and beautiful lot—about 25 different styles to select from. Ask for them. Ask to see our loc, 10c and 5c ladies' Handkerchiefs. 'Twill make you happy co: We are showing the biggest and ..njps| implete line of * aenUemen''s Handkorohiefs in lola. Special kind are the Bmbroid^ ered Initials. Your husband, brother, father or sweetheart would appre^lj^^ ft box of our initialed HandkercbiieJFs. CombmF Gombmf Have you Pceu 'em? If hot just take a glance at the big 12 foot shbw case as you come in—you; can see combs of all ki^4f and descriptions. 18c Combs, all new, pretty patterns. 25c Combs, real swell styles. 60c and 75c Combs are the prettiest yet. 98c to $1.50 Combs are haiidsome, and so on up to $7. They are dreams. at AptualHaV Pp/i Ofiiy 3 Mora Daym to Shop In •> •. • • Uiau ChrMma: Store Will be Open. Evenihgs UniU Chrioimam TO EEliASE ED UKK. Father Says He Has SetOcd Up Son's Dinailtjr. Ed Linn, who -nras brought IMk fT«m Vernon county. Mo., last Saturday night to answer to the charge ot disposing ot mortgaged property, v ^ll not. according to ^bls father. Iiav^ to face the charge. .Unn has made arrangements to settle the .matter out- latde of the,courts. He formerly lired at Gas City and gKre a oMrtagage to local bank on so^e.of his property. Afterwards, it is dtarged. he disposed of the property. His father came ^In {yesterday from Vonon county and straightened up the matter. Xry Beirut 14. la «fea Segister. OliE OF BEST EVER XiM Anella BIsfflHia la •'lady CMiT«" Was Siperb. • It was. the Jadgment of many who atenfled'the Gmnd theater last nl^t. the work of Miss Amelia Binghtm in the "Lady of Godiva" was the finest of its kind ever seen on that stage. The play, being laid in the fashionable centers of London, has a rich luxuriant atmosphere, calling tor beautlfnl and elaborate stage and scenic effects, ail of which contribute to laid eCee- tiTcness to the 'atpryr preaantcd by] Mlsa BintfuuB.. HU«- actreaa ia' not witlKpnt a repotatiiii'ia melrivolitan c(reto» and her-woHc last ni|»t en- titles her to the fame she has won. Miss Bingham cerUinly gave an exhibition o fsuperb art in the handling of the role, that of presenting the sacrifices of a woman to save the honor and life of her husband. In addition to a very attractive appearance on the stage Miss BlnKhftm particularly ex- ceils in those delicate touches as well as in the highly dramatic and emotional parts which hold the rapt attention of the audience. The story iUelf is an intensely interesting one, showing an English woman, who to get the money necessary to save the fortunes of the house, poses for a painting of. £4dy Godiva. Because of which there '^'.ia a great scandal and she has all kfnda of trou ble -with her husbanil and bef friends before things are explained saUsfac- torily. lola theater goesr will not have an opportunity to see an Amelia Bingham every day. DO AWAY WITH gPECIAL CAB. lela Electric Wni Set Kna K^kfs. Car Pay Superintendent Lee Massengale of the lola Electric Railway company announced today that there will be no special from lola to Concreto on pay nighU in the future. The Io)a Electric Railway company has been running a special car on pay nighta to Concreto to accommodate the people who want to do trading in lola at nl^t. ' Is the placa ta bay year Sauu Xat**,. Fruits, Vegetables and Caaaeit < Kats. Brazils Almonda Filberts E. Walnuts Pecans Chestnuts Hickory Nuts Cocoanuts Fralti Oranges Lemons Apples White Grapes Catawba Grapes' bates Figs Pineappes Vegetables Lettuce Celery . Beets Potatoes Turnips Carrots Fresh Sealshlpt Oysters. flMaeSM.ML Sa»t t.

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