Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 2
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—F4isg«ral^ Aito^LIfery. fhone. Unity Club Meeting. » - The active members of the Unity cIiA, also those women who are as- sdclated with the club for social affaire were charmingly entertained at t $lliome of Mrs. M. Schoenbrun yes- te 'rday afternoon. The club was cel- 'ebrating the eighth anniversary of its o 'rganizatioii and the annual reception with masic was given Jfrs. O. T. l!«Efrange sang a very b^autifnlly -ar- T&gfi sold, Mrs. S. R Rnrrell played a 'riolln number and Mrs. S. A. Coff- mui, Mrs. Olenn Finney and Mrs. A. P. Harris rendered pipnu 'elections. The paper of the afternoon was presented by Mra. W. n. Andoifion who 'described the passing of many ideas of Tuletlde celebrations In nrlicJo, "The Passing of Kris Krins'.. ." ~ Snbsequefit to the proeram f'lo company spent an hoar <n'ith coiiv <>rRatlnn and Christmas needleworl;. A Itinrh- eon was scr%*ed In two cotirsrts by th»' committees who were appointed fo.- The dlninf room wns heaitH fled with boquels of flowers and ferns were used in the parlors. <• • • —Holly Bores for sendin-; 'onr Chilstmtfs gifts at_ BiirrelPs Dnig Store. • *•* Miss Orr Here. Mlas Millie Orr of Ft. Scctt han accepted a position In the offices dr toe Kansas Portland Cemet.t company. MIfes Orr has visited h ?re fn'- ,4iuently with Miss Grace Fitzgeral.l, iHlss Mande McKlnney and other friends. + + + Por Miss Fitzgerald. One of the elaborate parties of tlio winter for a bride-to-be was a shon-- er ^ven last evening by Mr. and Ceorge Knowlton for Miss Grace Fitz genld. The guest of honor will he qurried on January 5 to Mr. FranU- Van Cairen o(~Dlghton and this event was to entertain her and some Intim" ate friends before the prospective VIK- itors leave for Christmas vacation:;. " During the evening there was music •ndjMTeral games appropriate to the occuion. Puzzles were written on baK temrts fashioned of red paper and PMtnere for the elaborate luncheon which was served were found by iBit(!hJng the hearts. The girls were Ctven slips of paper on which to write -their favorite recipes for cook. iB^'.and the hostess gathered them in- tora booklet as a souvenir for Miss Flfacgerald. Each guest also wrote a message on a small card and pre.snt- d; it as a remembrance of the orras- |!^- Ion. Babsequent BESSIE BERTON C. S. TYLER riianiplon Kniiry and Trick .Skitters. GUARANFFFD ATTRACTION TheAUDlTORlUn Hornet For Vacation. The students who are attending Baker University will be home on Frl day or Saturday for their vacation. I Miss Trean T»wdermilk. Miss Mac • Dennis, Miss C'ara L,aur}'. Mr. Harvey I Heller, Mr. Herbert Brown and Mr, wnil Laury are representing lola and this community there this year. V + + Cheerful Circle. Mrs. W. S. Kauffman. of South Buckeye street, will give an infonntU party for the Cheerful Circle tomorrow afternoon. • + •> Endeavor Meeting. Tlu'ip will !)«> a business meetln;i of tho JOndeavor society of the (Presbyterian church tonight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Lcraasteirs. • + • —ChrlHtmas Post Cards. ?, for .'1 rents, .it Burrell's drug store. • + * Celebrated Anniversary, Kach year the piirrent Event rlub sets aside onr date in December for (the relt-bratlon of their organization jand yesterday there was a most de lllghtfnl meeting at tho home of Mrs R. B. Stevenson on Bast Madison ave nup. The club meets fortnightly with their president and so the afternoons have grown to be very Informal. Bach c'ub member asked one friend and they with the regular membership \ made the attendance quite large, nura , berinK fifty. ; Evervone represented some book freshmcnts a large number of of gift:; j^^^ afternoon wis merry with the were presented. Petors who was Little Miss among the Vivian recital of guesses as to the titles pic guests 1^^^^^ ^^^j j^j^^ J ^ Detwiler repre entered the room drawing a small ^^^^^^ p.^^,^^.. ^ wagon covered with white paper and ^^^j p.^ rates-the cost of nhbon and laden parcel.s. each of p^^^^^ which contained a p.ft from one of the ^.^^ p^,^^ guests to the bride-lo-be. .afternoon. Tho..P who enjoyed Mr... Knowltons ^^^^^^ ^^,1^^.^^ ^, hospitality wer. Misses l^nra Curry. afternoon. Each guest made five Margaret Knowlton. Myrtio Knowlton..,^„ ^ slip of paper and her Margaret Hei.ele. Maggie McClelland. • ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ Maude McKlnney. Ruth McKinney.'^^^^^ ^^^^.^ ^.^^ furnished hv sev Millie Orr. Edna Ma.son. Gertrude Fitzgerald. Estella Bixler. Grace Filz gerald. ; Messrs. .*Ibee Heigele. Bal lou Heigele. Elmer Lawyer. Arr-hie Hottenstejn. Preiburphouse. Dwlght .McCarfy. .1. S. Parke, Bert Fitzger aid. Messrs. and Mesdames G. H. .Mill er. I..ang. .Tasper. Eber Odell and Funk. .Mrs. Knowltnn. Mrs. Peters an-l MisR Vivian Peters. <• f. A.—Headquarter!-, for Nice ('hll ^<maR Good*; at Burrell's dnic store. Alta Seta Club. Mrs. S. S. Hilscher. >"i South Washington avenue, enleitained he clasR from the PreKbyferlan Sunday school last eveninc for a buKineHS meeting. The girls have secured tlie '.nddresses of thirteen famiiIeK anii gifts of fond and clothing will be Kent to them on Christmas day. * + + Euchre Party. .Mr and .Mrs. A. \V. Howland wi|! give a card party tomorrow night for their club, the Wednesday Euchre. * * + —Christmas Cigars at Burrell's drug store. •> * + To Wichita. Mrs. George Knowlton left this morning for Wichita. She will remain there with relatives until after the holiday season. * • * Royal Club. Mrs. A. H. Phillips will gi\-e a party for the Roval Club on Thursday. + V •:• Sewing Club. Miss Mayme Anderson will entertain her Seming club tomorrow afternoon. * •> • Refief Corps. The Woman's Relief Corps will {meet on Friday afternoon in G. .4. R. hall. This is the semi-monthly business meeting. * + •!• Exchange Sale, The W. C. T. U. will have an ex^ change sale of pastr>-. deserts and oth- (••r prepared food on Saturday at the Atchison millinery parlors. K.« T.i I —Tjie Nicest line of Christmas Ooods, In town is at Burrell's Drug Wore. eral of the members previous to the luncheon which was heautifolly serv ed bv the social committee. Mrs. W T. Watson. Mrs. C. R. Sucher and .Mrs. r. M. Cole. The next regular meeting of the dull will not occur until after the holidays. •> -> • In Kansas City. .Mrs. H. V Dresbach is expected home soon from a short visit in Kan KBR City. + + + Many Attend Bazaar. The ladieh of Trinity church wh< are conducting the bazaar In Masonlt hall entprtainert a larce number o' friends at suurier last nigbt. Tin booths and tables plied with fane Bracelets, Rings, Lockets, 'StA Chains, Fobs Belt Fins, Broarbe<i Rose Hat Pins Sonvenlr S|>oon8 Opera Glasses Silver Purses And hundreds of other arj- icles. i>eautifui and appropriate for Xnias. Don't wail too long. Come and pick them out. and while yon have plenty of time, and have them laid away. McNiel Bros. THB JEWBLEB8. ^ r ^n solid gold in emerald and • i^iamoDds and pearls from $5.00 to $35.00 See them. J. W. COFFEY k SON Exclnslre Jewelers. EAST SIDE SQUARE. OsinUsIs work and clothing are contributing many things to the purchases of Christmas shoppers and the hall is a pleasant meeting place for members of the church and their friends. Din ner was served at noon and there will be a supper for the public tonight af ter which the bazaar will be closed. •> •> Cantata Rehearsal. The r. B. Sunday school and the choir had the second rehearsal ol their cantata, Counterfeit Sauta' at the church last night. The music is of an especially good grade and thr members are entering into the prac tice with energy. This cantata wil be the only feature of Christmas en tertalnment with tho exception of the treat for the children. * + + —Fine Candies in nice Christmas haxcs at Burrell's drng store. + + + Nortllca Program. Since many Ida people are plan ning to hear Nordica when she ap pears In Ottawa next month the fol lowing program from the Ottawa Her aid will he of interefit: Polonaise in A Flot, Chopin—Mis> Showers. Aria "DIch Theure Halle" from Tann hauser, Wagner—Mme. Nordica. Prologue from "Paglacci. L,eoncavall( Mr. Hastines. English songs (a) Now 'Sleeps th' Crimson Petal. Quilter (h) Ser enade, R. Straus: (c) Angels Evoi Bright and Fair. Handel; (d) Thr Vears at the Spring, Mrs. Beach —Mme. Nordica. Part Two. Rhapsodie Hongroise. Liszt—Miss Showers. French and Italian songs: (a) Viel le Chanson. Bizet: (h) Nell. Fau re: (c) Miss PicireUa. Gomes: td) .Mattinata, liPonavalo. —Mme. .Nor dica. (a) Requient. Arthur Foote :lb> Sone of the Sword from "Tofana" Glougb I^lghton—Mr. Hastings, German, songs: fa) Monat Mai Hammond: fb) 'ch i..iebe Dicii Grieg: (c) Waide.sgesprach. Schn mann.—.Mme. Nordica. The company Includes besides Ma-I am Nordica. Emma Showers pianist Frederick Hastings, iiaritone, Andrr Benoist, accompanist and R. E. .lohn -on. manager. The Ladles' .Music club will atteni and there will also lie numerous par ties of four and flvo from this city. + * Oyster ^upptr. The Triple Tie lodge will have a; oyster supper and Inslallalion of i>' fleers on Thursday evening in tli ''l lodge rooms. * •:• + linte Special .Meeting. The Woman's Relief Corps IK arranging H special meetiug for the firsi •^aturday in .laniiary. At that time the ^e>vly e'ected offlcprs will lie installed •ind a number of talks by retired of- 'icers and other appropriate numrl)ers. WANT MORE MONEY window nUss norkers Will Demand Increase of 24 Per Cent in Their Wages After Saturday. Cievo'<ind, O.. Dec. l.'i.—A general Increase of practically twenty-five pei 7ent on their wages, the scale to take effect. December 19th. next will be lemanded bv the .National Window Olass Workers. A. L. Faulkner, pres dent of the union, said t(»day. thr •nembers would make the fight ol •heir lives in order to obtain a higher rate of conpensation. The new scale was announced today at the close of * five-days session of the national scale committee.of the union. A Triangle Mine Meeting. The directors of the Triangle Mines company, of Arizona, are holding a meeting this afternoon. Sever ^ out of town directors are In attendance. Far tlie best %wK qaMest reMlto mncfa atteotloB waa glTen to ttt'toetli as BOW. It is often arcnad, -wltli^aMAa troth, that women fo to dantlsttf 'top tiTbKf do not wait Cbr ipytWnf' ta happen to the teeth. Tbef 'make 0 practice of going at all times and aea- sons for the dentists to And sometlUng the matter. Once or twice a year a detatlst should be allowed to thoronehly clean the teeth BO that not a bit of tartar remains. This is Important.and cannot blB done at home. It .requires the instruments of a professional. Experts declare that If the teeth were kept absolntely dean they would never decay. But the majority of-women let a dentist do the work twice a year and do sot assist him at home. They do not use dental floss after every meal, and therefore particles of food decay and attack ihe enamel. They brush the teeth in the morning, but they will not brush tbem at night. This is a very Important mistake. After the day's three meals it Is Imperative that one should retire with the teeth absolutely clean from food. If one bathes and dresses for dinner, the teeth-may be brushed tbcn, but It Is much wiser to do It Just before.retir­ ing. Soft brashes should always be used Stiir ones are Injurions^ Pastes are better for sensitive teeth thnn powders, and n mouth wash is the most Important thing of nil. This should be used after every meal It ontLseptlzes the gums and the lining of the mouth as well as the teeth. 1 is not nn unpleasant performance, ns the washes are made of aromatic in gredlents. Tincture of m.vrrh Is always good, and nothing Is l)etter than llsterine diluted In water. WIANTED—^Position, lady stenographer: experienced. Address L, care RegiatGr. WANTED—Girl for general housework; no washing. Call at 220 Bast Street. , WANTED—Situation at once by first class chambermaid. Phone 111; 202 West street. WANTED—An experienced girl for housework. 502 East street. WANTED TO RENT—About January Ist to 15th, seven or eight room modern house, close in; east side preferred. Apply to R. G. Hail at Acid Works. WANTED—Two young ladies to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 and 11, Evans Block. WINTER SUN PARLORS. nd How, Th«y May B* Artiatically Inexpensivaly Furnished. Nearly every bouse of any size now boii its miniature sun parlor, where the family and friends can gather for a visit and inhale the spicy odor of pine and balsam, look at lirlgbt colored jiotled plants and enjoy tbe warmth of the sun's direct rays. Soiue times this little nook is only a bow window, nud ugiilu It is a large con servatory eflfect. The best and most appropriate furnishings are of wicker either in natural color or stained to suit one's tastes. Green paint or enamel Is seen quite 8s often as the natural color, while white and pale gra.v tints are liked where the bit of outdoor life la used principally by the feminine members of the household. . There ore so many charming shapes ^ chairs, tables, desks and flower stands made up in this material that one need have no A COLOR SCaXXE IN OBEEN. difficulty in moking a suitable seie-!- tiou unless the difllcuity arises from being confronted with an cinliiirros .9- uient of styles. The floor of sncb a room is u.^uaily tiled, though it may be « plain wooden one with serviceable nigs fo give It n '•ozy and Invlliog appearance. Ever.v- Ihing slioiild hnve n deconitive value iind should harmonize with tbe outdoor atmosphere of the other furnisli- ings. A wicker couch or divan will l>e found pleasant on which to while iiway a few hours reading or resting. .V desk in another corner will lie convenient for attending to the morning's mail. For holding liooks, magnzines ami papers a wicker table with shelves underneath should have a place In such 8urrounding^<, and if the room is large enough to have after noon tea served within lis inviting walls then a tea wagon of wicker, an oblong tea table with bruekets or a teapoy of tbtt same summer}- material will be essential to tbe proper service of this afternoon refreshment." One of tbe most attractive color schemes for a small sun parlor Is green and white. Another Is dull green with gray, while still another Is natural wicker with red decorations in tbe form of cushions and hangings. Hensy For tha Skin. English cosmetic Is pure comb honey strained and bottled. A very little of this Is rubbed Into the skin with a bit of cotton wool. This is done Just aft^er the face has been thoroughly washed and cleaned— washing Is not always cleansing—and the honey applied while the face is wet. .\fter rubbing the honey In let It dry on the face. It will be absorbed by the pores If too much has not been used. Another English cosnjietic for greasy skins is a combination of rose vinegar and rosewater. To majke the rlnegar half an ounce of dried rose leaves should be placed in a gill of white wine vinegar for Ave or six days and the liqnid strained off. To this snfllcient roaewater Is added to rednce it to an acreeslrie attenftb. It may be osed twide aday or <MM. only If the tkia la not Tiry oOy.; WAITED—Ail kinds of second hand household furniture.—The Tola Furniture Exchange. A. W. Beck. Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, Tola, Kaa. fOR Rmi" HUmomUmmm^ FOR RENT—Bight room, modem house with barn: .520 South Walnut. Phone 213. Ditcdfcoty. JOHN G. WOODHf, M. D. Fhyslcian and Sarfcon Over Burrell's. FhOBO m DR. McMILLEK, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: OfBce 32, Res. 232 Office over Burrell's Drng Store Phone 6S7. Res. 701. DR. R. 0. CHBISTUK Physician and SargeoB Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. F. H. MARTIN, • Surgery and Diseases of * Women.' • Office and Residence Phone 576 • Office- 7 North Jefferson. • * • FOR RI3NT—Two furnished downstairs rooms for light housekeeping. Phone 12fl'l. 228 North Third. • FOR RENT—Itouse at 203 North Walnut, inqulrd Allen County Stale Bank. FX)R RENT—7-room modern house at 308 West Madison. Inquire 304 West Madison. FOR SALE 'imimtmUmmmoum FOR SALE—New household furniture. riigH. pictures, dishes, etc. Call at once. 311 South Walnut. FOR SALEJ—Fine residence lot. one block from street car. line and one block from high school. Phone 412. FOR SALE:—BaVn. Inquire Dr. Pepper. l.'V West Madison. FOR SALE—Two Bush & Gcrts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute paite; bargains. John V. R<'!.,;. w FOR SALE^-A 1. . ....J truck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. Good bottom land. J. W. HcWilliams, Gas City, R. R. 1. *«•«••••••*••*•*•* Phone 687. Res. 701. DR. O. L. COX. Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street. Lodge Difectpry KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS»—Neosho lx)dge No. 43 meets every Bfohday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, B. C. Chris Rltler. K. of R. and S. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets in T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis, Clerk., Visitors cordially invited. . M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge ^ i meets every Friday night In M. W. A. ' ' " ,'Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C. Coffield. V. C. W. A. Cowan. €lerk. LOST mad FOUHO FOR iXOHAROe Six Clear La Harpe residences J7000 and 13000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenbart. lola. Kas. 00000000000000000 O . PUBLIC SALE. O O Four years experience in the sale O ring prepares me to give un- O O equalled and guaranteed service O O as an auctioneer. My service free O for a few sales. Reference, Allen O O Co. State £ank. O Phone 835. E. E. Tickers. O 409 East St. O 0000000000 00 00000 OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. Now is tbe time, yon know, to have all the summer dust cleaned out of your carpew. * W> are busy, but .vour order will receive prompt and careful attention Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Phone 'ilfl. ROYAL NEIGHBORS.— lola Camp No. 365. Royal Neighbor^, meets see- ond and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle. Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Street, Recorder. - .^i "FRATERNAL BROTHEBOpOp.- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month in A. O. U. W. Hall. VislUng members cordially Invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam secretary. WILL PLAY FRIDAY NIQMT. Auditorium and tela Business College Teams. . The third game of the city basket ball tournament will be played Friday evening on the Y. M. C. A. couprt between the Auditorium and lola Bus' ness college teams. This is ?he first game for the team since the tournament was arranged for. The V. M. C. A. team won Irom the Business college In the first game and the second game was WOP from the Y. .M. C. A. team by th^ b:;jii school team. The high school bj.r.d wil! probably furnish music the OP caslon. A Delicious Present. .Mrs. Frank Forrest yesterday re ceived from her brother. As F. Abema thy. of San Jose. Calif., a box con-! taining 100 pounds of choice California fniits. Mr. ' Abernatby is the general manager of the Sorosis Prnit company, qf. San Jose. The fmita, consisting of choice varieties, make qnite ^aoeeptable and appraelated IlioUday-yraMnt ^ " Late Ms FOR CHILDREN Tbe Vnffin Shop, by Louisa Cramett, illuetrated in colors and black, by Hopi Unnlap. Really Babies, by Elizabeth Brownwell Illustrated from real photographs of children. Peter Pompkin hi Wonderland, by Ida M. Htuchenson, pictures and drawings by Mary I. Hunt. RooNereit Bearx Abroad by Se.vmore Eaton. LHtle n 'omen, Louisa .M. Alcott. new special, edition, pictures from the five dollar edition. A big book over 200 illustrations; old but always new. Only |1.00. *Dame Coartesys," Book of guessing contests, by Eliyo Howell Glover. Novelties and How to Make Them, fnliy illustrated. .. The .Vew Kag Books that are wa.shable. fast colors. Just the thing for the little folks. Hundreds of old books in new dresses, prettier and cheaper than ever. Better come la and look them over now before the rush.

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