The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 13, 1965 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1965
Page 5
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Tuesday, April 13, 1965 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PAGE 5 CLASSIFIED RATES 1 Insertion —,__ 4c per word 2 Insertions 7c per word 3 Insertions 9c per word 4 Insertions 11c per word 5 Insertions 13c per word 6 Insertions 14c per word Minimum Rate—51.00 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 DAYS after the FIRST insertion. SERVICE CHARGE OF 25c WILL BE ADDED AFTER THE lOlDAY PERIOD. I Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made after the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL— 15c per line. MEMORIAM—10c per line. CARD OF THANKS—$1.25 Call OS 5-2115 before 10:00 a.m. for insertion same day, lxcept Saturday—call before »00 a.m. CANCELLATION — UNTIL 10:00 A.M. DEADLINE. DISPLAY RATE Class, per col. inch 90c 1 inch per mo. daily._.$18.00 Each additional inch. $11.00 (Rates I Quoted Are Local) REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FOR SALE—3 bedroom home, large living room carpeted, full basement, 2 car garage. Phone OS 5-6123 C-166 FOR SALE—8 foot wide two ! bedroom trailer. Phone OS 52768 after 4 p.m. C-168 FOR SALE—4 Dedroom modern home, i just completed. Gas heat, Youngstown kitchen cabinets, rnarlite in bath, hardwood floors. Tipton Lumber Co., OS 5-4882. C-tf HOUSES;! GARAGES, UTILITY BUILDINGS—Factory to you. No down payment. 3 bedroom house |S4,450 only S39 per sonth. | Includes heating, Numbing, wiring cabinets. Garages as low as $395 only $10 per month. Write to Upright Buildings, Inc., Route 2, Lafayette, Indiana. P-185 FOR Bail] Fr: FOR SALE iday SALE—Bait. Tomlinson House. Opening Good 806 Oak. P-166 FOR SALE—Living room furniture and Conn organ, excellent condition. Phone YU 43995. or 4-4225. P-166 Singer! Four Months Old $36.08 iConiplete Balance Assume six payments of S6.01 monthly. Beautiful walnut cabinet! included at no extra charge.' This machine monograms,; appliques, mends, darns, isews over pins, sews forward and backwards, equipped to zig-zag, warranty included. Call OS 5-2135.. ! ' C-tf FOR SALE—Driveway" LY 5-2484. stone. C-tf PETS PETS FOR SALE—All A. K. C. registered toy and miniature poodles, any color. North of Kokomo on 35 to 1250, south of—Galveston turn east 1st house. Oral Thompson. P-166 WANTED—House furnished or unfurnished for single person. Phone OS 5-4839. P-}68 USED CARS FOR SALE—1964 4 wheel drive Jeep pick-up truck with automatic transmission; 1964 Ford custom .Vi ton truck; 1959 Ford Vz ton' truck. Spidel Camper Sales!, V* mile west, Atlanta, Indiana. P-166 FOR SALE—Quality used cars. THROG MARTIN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. BAXTER MOTORS. CLEAN USED CARS. 120 S. INDEP. TIPTON C-tf FOR SALE—1957 Buick Road- master, 4 way power, OS 54433, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. C-167 For Your Car Needs See CIS* THE EMBLEM OF CUALITY 120 S. West St Phone OS5-4941 \ Tipton GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION TRUCKS FROM y» TO •» TONS SERVICE MOTOR COMPANY INC. FARM IMPLEMENTS FOR SALE—Used Roto-Tiller. OS 5-4641. P-164 SERVICES SAVE BIG! Do your own rug and upholstery cleaning with iBIue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer, S1.00. ; Carney's Drug Store. C-168 KINGS SEPT TANK and Sewer Service. Licensed and Bonded by Indiana State Board of Health. Windfall, Ind., Call LY 5-3385 P-167 DX GAS and oil, tires,- batteries accessories, minor tune-up lubrication, washing. Free pickup and delivery. Phifer's DX Service, Road 19 South ' and Hamilton County line Russell G. Phifer, Owner. C-tf WANTED—Ironings. OS 5-6286. P-172 WANTED—Furniture upholstering and repair. Lawrence Pickerel!. OS 5-4358. C-tf JOHNSON MOTORS Starcrafti and Johnson boats, Gator trailers and marine accessories. LEATHER'S BOAT HOUSE, 1823 No.' A. FE2-5162. Elwood. C-tf f-uR SALE—Spinet organ, excellent | condition, ^asonabl" OS *-62«. C-n FOR SALE — Awnings, storm windows and doors. Ornamen- ial iron. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646. j C-tf FOR SALE—Plywood paneling, 4'*x 8' sheets from $2.95 to $5.95 per sheet. While it lasts. Tipton Lumber Co., OS 5-4882. C-tf GOOD THINGS TO EAT For sale, Red and Golden Delicious apples. Smith Orchard, 1 mile North, Vi mile East of Sharpsville. C-tf FOR SALE—Conn organ like new. Reasonable. YU 4-4225. C-164 FOR SALE—100 or more place settings of Silverware owned by Atlanta Alumni Association. Sell all or part. Contact Wilberta Baitz, 3 miles south, 1 mile west of Tipton, Route 2, Atlanta. Phone Atlanta 2 on 138, 1 P-167 FOB SALE—Johnson outboard fishing! motor, used and runs good, $10.00; hog trough, $8.00; heavy steel clothesline posts, $12:50 ipair. Hunters Welding Shop, 719 Maple. ' C-i64 FOR SALE—1964 model LawH- . Boy lawn mowers' at reduced prices.! Wimer Sales and Ser- vice.Tipton, Ind. C-M-W-F-171 SPRING IS here—Clean Gutters —Caulk and odd jobs—Call evenings. OS 5-6358. C-167 FEMALE HELP WANTED HELP WANTED—Baby sitter by April 19 in Windfall, Monday thru Friday. Contact Marcia DeWitt, Apartment 4, Longview or call LY 5-2915 after 5. P-166 MALE HELP WANTED MAN WANTED — Opportunity for process and tooling engineer. Applicants in sheet metal, machine parts fabricating and assembly .will 'be considered. This job offers a broad variety of work from departmental layout to engineering shop liaison. Oakes Manufacturing Co., 516 Dearborn, Tipton, Indiana. Phone OS 5-2185 C-169 WANTED WANTED-MJarages ;and yards to clean and general hauling. OS 5-4013. . C-164 WANTED—Ironings. OS 5-2261 P-168 WANTED—Gardens to plow Walt Voss, OS 5-4866. ! C-164 WANTED TO BUY USED PIANOS Highest prices paid. Phone Anderson 644-6495, collect. P-189" SPRING scrap clean- .up time, and your, market in Tipton is Levi's (scrap yard) "iBuying complete cars—trucks ^—farm tractors, heavy iron cast stoves and furnaces, lead, copper, aluminum, zinc, brass etc. P-169 WANTED TO RENT FOR RENT FOR RENT—Hoover shampooing not only rids carpets of soil but leaves pile soft and lofty: Rent Hoover electric shampooer, $1.00. Compton & Son. 1 1-H-C-tf FOR RENT—Unfurnished apartment, 345 N. Conde. Inquire at Jim's Barber Shop, Atlanta. C-tf YOU 'MAY RENT a piano as low as $5 per month. Mrs. Ted Sharp. OS 5-6263. Riddick Piano Co. C-tf FOR RENT—Second floor furnished apartment. $80 a month Phone OS 5-4276. C-166 MISCELLANEOUS SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners C-tf PORTABLE WELDING. Tony Hancock, Kempton, phone 947-3832. P-176 WANTED—Alterations and re- weaving. Mrs. "Mary Jones, 458 Maple. OS 5-4076. C-160 FRONT END ALINGMENT — Wheel balancing. EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone OS 57125.' C-tf LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEAKINC Notice is hereby given that the County:' Planning Commission of Tipton ,County, Indiana on the 15th day of.lApril, 1365 at 7:30 P.M. in the commission office will hold a public : hearing on the proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance of Tipton County. Indiana. SECTIOX II, PAGE.26 Within the unincorporated portions of Tipton County, Indiana, no structure, improvement, or use of lands, may be altered, changed; placed, j erected or located on platted or i unplatted lands unless the structure, improvement or use and its location, conform with the Master Plan and ordinances of Tipton County; and in improvement, or use lias been jssued. It is hereby declared that tjie intent of the permit requirements of this ordinance shall not prevail with respect to a structure which is clearly incidental to! agriculture operations; a dwelling irrespective of location, is not considered incidental to -agriculture: operations. All mobile homes will be treated as a residence and will be required to get, a permit. Improvement Location Permit. Xo building or structure except buildings incidental to agriculture operation, other than residences shall be erected, reconstructed, enlarged 1 or moved until an improvement location permit shall have been applied for in writing and issued by the Building Commissioner. Certificate of Occupancy. A certificate of occupancy to be issued by building commissioner shall be required (except in the case of building incidental to agricultural operations other than'residences. SECTION" II. PAGE 5 The following uses, if their location is i first approved by the Board following a public hearing, a—Work shop or repair shop for custom' work when located on the same lot with the owner and operator employing not more than two assistants. b—Barber shop or beauty shop when located within the dwelling and operated by a member or members of the family residing in said dwelling. SECTION" VI, PAGE 17 Contingent uses and require- ments-r-Xo outdoor advertising structure or sign shall be erected, moved| or .repaired until an improvement location permit is issued by the Building Commissioner. "Written suggestions or objections to the | provisions of said Proposed Amendment may be filed' with Auditor, at or before such meeting and •will be heard by the County Planning Commission at the time and place specified. Said hearing may be continued from time to time as may be necessary. Interested persons desiring to present their views upon the Proposed 'Amendment, either in writing or- verbally, will be given the opportunity to be heard at the above mentioned time and place. County Planning Commission of.Tipton County Bv RALPH W1LBURX, Secretary , m . m XOTICE OF PUKLIC HEARING UOAKD OF ZONING APPEALS, VARIANCE Notice is hereby given that the Board of Zoning Appeals of ,Tipton County Indiana on the 15th day of April, 1965 at S.-00 P.M. (Central Daylight Savings Time) in Planning Commission office in the County Court House at Tipton, Indiana will, hold a public hearing on a variance from the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, as provided by the Zoning Ordinance. The separate variances involve the following considerations: The Appellant, Harry Conaway requests the Board of Zoning Appeals to authorize a variance so that he may locate a housetrailer containing 336 sq. ft. on his lot. Legal description is as follows: Beginning at a point north (assumed bearing) SSo25'30" east, a distance of 992 feet from the northwest corner of Section- 31, Township 22 North, Range 4 East, thence running North SSo25'30" east a distance of 3-12 feet, thence running south 0oi3'30" west a distance of 341.27 feet, thence running .north 0°05' "West a distance of 127' to the place of beginning, containing .995 acres. The Appellant, Frank and Florence Guffey requests the Board o£ Zoning Appeals to authorize a variance allowing use of this land for C-LB, local business instead of CB, residence or agriculture so it can be used for recreational purposes. The legal description: The North Half (>4> of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 15, Township 22 North, Range 5 East, Also, all that part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter ""of said Section 15, Township and Range aforesaid, that lies on the southwest side of the right of way of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad as now located on the northwest side of the Public Ditch, formerly • known as Ditch No. 41, containing 10 acres, more or less in Tipton County, Indiana. "Written suggestions or objections relative to this appeal, or variance, may be filed with the Board of Zoning Appeals at, or before, said meeting, and will be heard at the time and place specified. Said hearing may be continued from time to time as may be necessary- Interested persons desiring to present their views upon this case, either" in writing or. verbally, will be given the opportunity to lie heard at the above mentioned time and place. RALPH -\VILBURN Board of Zoning Appeals Tipton County, Indiana 157-164 BY United Press International Today is Tuesday, April 13, the 103rd day of 1965 with 262 to follow. The! moon is approaching its full phase. The; morning stars are Mars and Saturn. • .The evening stars are Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Thoinas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, was borrt on this day in 1943. On this, day in history: In jl&le, the Pennsylvania Railroad received its charter. In 1865, General Sherman took Raleigh, N.C., ending his march to the .sea. In 1941, Russia 'and Japan signed a five-year neutrality pact.! • In ! 1964, the movie "Tom Jones" won an "oscar." Sidney •PpiUe'r won one for best actor and ^Patricia Neal for best actress.'! r A thought for the day: American iwar correspondent Ernie Pyle said "If you go long enough without a bath, even the fleas let you alone." WEDNESDAY LUNCHEON Mrs. Ward Mosbaugh w a s hostess for a 12:30 p.m. luncheon on Wednesday, April 7 which was served at the dining table with decorations in keeping with Easter. Guests for the luncheon and bridge were Mesdames Raymond Knapp, Floyd Cunningham, V. V. Learning, Glen Drumm, Don Cusick, John Applegate and Voss Hiatt. Winning prizes were •Mesdames Cusick, Applegate and Learning.' EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE April 18, Easter Sunday, the Methodist Youth Fellowship of Sharpsville church will attend Easter sunrise service at 6 a. m. at Western high school and will return for morning break : fast in the church kitchen at 8:15 a. m. The MYF will leave the church at 5:30 a. m. Tri Kappa rummage sale, ,ApriI 15, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. April 16 and 17, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Tipton Discount Center. C-1G1-162-164-165 700TH ANNIVERSARY — This B-center comes out July. 17 • In San Francisco commemorating . birth of Italian poet Dante ' Alighierl 700 • years ago. New York artist Doug- las Goraline designed It SPY GIRt— She Is Nguyen Thi Ngu, a Vietnamese' bar girl arrested in Ba Xuyen as a spy for the Viet Cong: She . Is charged with obtaining military information from U.S: soldiers and planning to blow up U.S. Army mess hall, POWER PACK —A fearsome sight Is the business end of this multi-rocket launcher, one of those beefing up South Viet Nam defenses. A U. S. Air Force technician checks It. THIS DID IT —Jack Nicklaus holds up his course record-tying 64 at Augusta, Ga., which put him so far ahead after the ' third round in the Masters that nobody had a chance to catch him. He went on to a new tournament record of 271. FORMER RESIDENTS PARENTS OF BOY. Hif vey A. Martin III. was the name given the son of Mr. arid 'Mrs. Harvey' A Martin Jr., of Murfreesboro, Tenn. The baby weighed five pounds, eight and one-half ounces and was| born at Se.wart Air Force hospital. Thre are three other children in the family.' : Maternal grandparents are Mr. 315 and Mrs. Mitchell Kelley, North West street. RETURN HOME Mjr. and Ms. Harvey Michel, route 3, have returned to their home after a winter at Lake Wales, Fla. HAPPY HOUR CLUB Union Chapel Happy HTou-r club will meet on Thursday at 1:30 p. m., at the home of Mrs. Carl Sloan with Mrs. Clarence Butler as co-hostess. The program will charge of Mesdames Don McCorkle, Cleo Ressler, William Zeigler Sr. and Lola Webb. THURSDAY MEETING Members of Tipton County Home Demonstration club will meet at the 4-H and Community building on Thursday at 1:30 p. m., with Mrs. Ross McNeal as 'hostess. Miss Ruth Wimer will present the lesson on "Protecting What we Have." PUBLIC AUCTION I, as Administrator of the Estate of Frank Park, will sell at Public Auction, one mile west of the intersection of State Roads 28 and 31 and then one mile north. Or 1 block south of the Methodist Church, in Goldsmith , Indiana on Saturday, April 17, 1965 at 1 P.M. 2 piece black living room suite; 17" Motrola television; re- diner chair; teal blue swivel chair; Siegler oil heater with blower; combination table model radio-phonograph; two 12 x 12 reversible Olson rugs; hassocks; end tables; matching table lamps; kneehole desk; books; blond desk and chair; innerspring mattress and springs; Maple bedroom suite; 2 large wardrobes; Duo Nubian coal stove; bedroom suite; 3 electric wall clocks; Big Ben alarm; bedding-& linens; 2 small chests; small bell; 6x9 rug; 9x12 rug; throw rugft kerosene lamp for bracket; drophead sewing machine; curtain stretchers; child's cardtable; porch chair; dining room table and 6 chairs; Formica topped fable and 4 chairs; Cold Spot upright Freezer nearly new; gas range; Frigidaire; dishes; pots and pans; nearly new Kenmore wringer type washer with timer; Cosco stool; four, five and ten foot stepladders; Montgomery Ward rotary, power mower; 275 gallon oil tank; 2 wheel hand truck; gas hot plate; rope; pulleys; hayfork; iron wash boiler; garden plow;' extension ladders; hook ladders; hand tools; vise; blow torch; chains; several feet of new native lumber; feed bag:for horse; medium large iron kettle; a lot of used lumber; saw and other items. ' . 1953 Chevrolet pick up truck; removable cover for pick., up truck; 1941 Allls-Chalmers WC tractor; and 1946 Chevrolet truck chasis. TERMS: -Cash Not responsible for accidents. Charles. Park -- Administrator AUCTIONEER—Charles O. Mullins Phone OSborne 5-4805, Tipton, Indiana Joe Watson—ATTORNEY Tipton, Indiana TIPTON STORE ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY RED U C E D EASTER COATS 1788 f% A88

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