The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 6, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 4
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4 Wednesday, September 6, 1944 17 ITEMS NOW MADE POINT-FREE BABY FOODS, SOUPS TAKEN FROM LIST WASHINGTON. Sept. K. (l'.P>—The i list of rationed processed foods im-j derwent its largest sinale rut today ! When 17 separate items, inclitdinp many canned vegetables, as well a« i baby foods, soups, baked beans anil j fruit spreads—weiv ordered mrtfi point-free effective September 17. The surprise move was nnnonnrcd from the White Holism, un tinnsnnl procedure in rationing mailers, Kv '• War Mobilizalion Director Jnmcp !•'. i Byrnes. It left ketchup, canned tomatoes and fmits, tomato, pinenppie i and prape juices ns the principni pro-: cessed foods still requiring M'lf stamps. The action did not afffct . rationed meats, butter, chef so Mid other foods taking red point?. | Declaring that still other tocdsi would be made point tree as soon as the supply situation made it possible. Byrnes listed these as the items that l will take no points after Peptemliei 17: Canned asparagus, frech lima beans, corn, peas, pumpkin. *i|ti.'ish mixed vegetables, baked heaiif. bah> foods soups, tomato paste satire pulp and puree, and all varieties of jams ; jellies and fruit butters. • Brenda -Will You Step Out With Me Tonight? I know I've been an awful grouch not taking you any place lately. But after standing all day at my n«w job, my feet darn near killed me with callouiei and burning. Now I've reformed — or rather my feet have — thankl to the Ice-Mint you advised. Never tried anything that seemed to draw the pain and fire right out BO fast — and the •way it helps (often callouno is nobody's busineul Been able to get nome extra over, time money— eo what do you lay, let's (to dancing tonight. You can step on my Ice- Hint feet all you want. Prices on Downgrade on Los Angeles Mart T.OS AXGKLES, Sppt fi. C/P) — K;irly prices were on the downgrade today with 19 issues off, 4 up and 31 unchanged in an active turnover (if 10,100 shares on the IMS Angeles Stock Exchange. ISanrlini Petroleum rose ',;< to 4',,. Hroadwiiy Department Stores i/j, to Ifi^H, while Consolidated Steel com- inun lost "i, to 11%, L,ane-Wells % to 13"i, Pacific Gas & Kleetric common '« to 32%. Republic Petroleum ',; In fi%, Sinclair Oil '4 to 13 : ;i, .Southern California Kdison common 's to 24%. Standard Oil of California : ';'n to 3 5 '.a, Transnmerina % t 09% and Hiilon Oil of California >., to Stock - 71a.ndiui Pel i oleum Blue Diamond Corp. llr^adwa/ I>i.M'i. Sioivs <um ' "piiHohda'-'d Steel corn. .. Lane-Well;, I'M i If:.; -1 A- K ........ j ........ Repulilir JVii-nlciim or .;nicia ii ' >)' Hum hum I-'.T KdiHun com Southern Tacit if . Standard Oil nf California Trit imamer if ;< i :; '.j :M '» 2S '," TOP MINTEK C'ADKT—Aviation ( nuclei', Mo., receives Bqkerslield outstanding member'of graduating right. Lieutenant-Colonel Newton H rer; Oscar Tomerlin, Exchange Clul C.erke, commandant of students, r three other graduates who rceeivi Field detachment. Ah Corps Phot e :;ji]"t Ht'iso] H, Robertson (riftlit) of E\fhangf Club plaque awarded to rli;s.s 44-.I at. Mintor Field. "Loft t« . Crumley. Minter commanding offi- » vire-prr-eidenl; Captain Herman H. ,ined up beside Cadet Hobprtson and irnphipp n warded by the M infer Newly Imported Ladies' Slippers Are Rationed SAN FRANCISCO, Srpt f, i\:.f'.\- Tho Office of I'ricp A( r;il ion todtiy announced that newly tnunii- faolun-fl or npwly import od ladies*' oveniiiR slipppi-H and men's painnl. lealhfr xbop.o will hp rlassificd as rationed i.vpey of footwear. Ace Bong Is Airsick on Transport Liner SALT LAKH CITY. Sr^t. f,. (/pi OIIP fif (hi. nniion's lop MCCS. Mn.ior RicliMi'il 1. Hong, PASSIM! through' InM'c in a cummcrcinl transport linpi ! i prt'n 11 v jiiirl wnsn't hrippy at. nil ahonl his iiHidf ni' n;ivc! i "Oh-h-h." HOMK monncil from ihp! ronrjiif's of M ltc;M v hlariNft. i Los Angeles Produce Lus ANtiKLKS. Kepi, fi </P>— Ti ail m*; in I'ruiis .'• ml vegetables was fa irly Komi today. Tom a toew, en nil flower and hoann wen? slightly weaker, fiB». cam« loupet- « nd pea -les firmer on bowl : pea a sliKlitly Hi confer wi h m>w ceihnK; corn steady to t.i in. T.nnalo,'M Loca I. Ha n DH-KO conui y a nd , Ventura county. ILIKB .1x5a and iixSa H »o f/< 2, Kan Die*: i counly 3-tier Dxf»f* H nri 1 .">xfiH 13 Sant.'i HH. rbara county 2 -la> er 1 hiK* J>x5B nml iixtis $1. /5. Caiilif lowui Let tuce rral»»*« nil 11 tin in c«l Miiowball. 'oc;i] $1.2a (ft 1.5ft: San Lmn Ohiypo , mint y $ 1. 5fl @ 2 : KiuUa ell i a ; count y i 1 . 21 fa 1. 7ft : pony era ton Han Luis ; Obispo roinn Sl.nOi?iJ].75. ; Beans 1 Kent'ickye. local. San DH-KO i .omity and rorthi-rn. SH/'IIr Ib : MiickHypH, 1 'I -"-i 11'- 'U . l.imaH, local arid San Dn>*;o ' cu>l n tv Ifl t'r Ih. ; poll?, in • Ib. l-'iMK' Lnca 1. Bruntm'ickH. 7'() 1 Oc ih , fill)' U Missions, IDOKP. fi fit) 7c Ib . j ' 'ant a IninK'K Ha n .lotniuin vallry .inntho i "fN .'did larger $1, ")0'fi" 2, local and Sau«"iN j 1 7; t ; Vii -tut . in oh in.H. lu<','il, jumbo 1 tf «-l Ss. ' In-st ?1 ,'>0- 1 Inripylr-ws S;n Jnaqnin valley, i jinn l.d tj«- SM and Hi a ndard Ua-1 2s. $ 1. 7, r > I I't-.-i« In s- I !o;uimont-Yiira ip;t Halr-s ('Ms i H rid lai MT s '(i (It': Ib. ; Va Iyer mo Iliu Ctso 1 npin.i. flu s !' '.•_• f Ib. ; Snn .Inaqnin valley ; f'njty Srcdlin^s. f'.u.s and huutM-. "•• Ib , I<.«-ni CUM-/ HpfdJuiBs. 70s and laryer, ' 1'i*/ fi- Pi. I'PHS Ha ma ' 'hi nt count y. 1 1 ft 1 -\ OP Ib. ; Mcrulor-iuo 'ouuiy. IStMSr Ib. . Idaho 30-lh. cratpp. «1nr,iKt' .',n Ib f'nrii- finldcn fiocst. In KB. local .1 :t ''• rift'/. $1 tiTi. 38 Issues Down on S. F. Stock Market SAX FHANCISCO, Sept. fi. OF>— The market fell off sharply in early trading on the San Francisco Exchange today. Thirty-eight issut'S were on the downside against 5 gains and 11 unchanged. f'nion Oil dropped 1 point to IS'.j, a new low for Jie year. Southern Pacific was down %, DiGiorgjo Fruit preferred 1'i, Golden State Vi, Crown Zellerbach preferred % and Southern Pacific » 4 . Transamerica was down a s at !*'.•.•. Calaveras Cement preferred rose 7'it to a new higli at all. Kmpnrinm preferred hiked '.fc to ul'.g, another new higli Stock— Close Aip-raft Accesso) t* . . i \ f An>: ln-( -alifoi ina JJanU 'J-1 7 * A tins D.est 1 I!",, Calalnba SuKJir . 8 •'.! Calav. c'rill. pfd. r, 3 Crown /.ellerhach phi 1II2U DitiioiKin pfd Sf, Kmporiuni-Capwelt pfd fit'.* Farnsworth i n i.j General Motors . (i'J lin-yhound ~~',ji Hollywood Development 75 Libhv-M'-Ncill -,-' K M.i^navox s'.a Mi-nasen MaunfaciuiinK f j:"» North Amerii an Oil L'il'» Paiifii Coast Ai,t-'r'yaies l'4 Pacific (las and Kleet ric .. :t- 7 fc Pacific (la:- mvl K'eclric r>',s'> ptd :u's Pacific, L;>:lit IIIK ir, ROOM i!rothei>- rotn "8 Kyan Aeronautical :i % Wan Maili-K in . 7;, Shell Tnion Oil ' -.•:{% SoUll'l View Tlllp I 1 1 Smilhern P.'lejfie jx Cotton Futures M-:\V VOJik. Sept. fi. I/P, — Dm -MIL: HIP final of trailing eotum rea< fed more tli.ui £1 a tial- from the lies' levels of ihc (lay. I.i(iui<iation Itiflueln-ed by fa- \'orat)lo -var IIP\VN. hi^'hor pijvate c-rop esljinale and a sharp oaclion in grain prices were depressint,' faet(ir.= . Earlier Kains of 6ii rents a hair had been rt;KiHlPrtMl on apsrey.sive mill tjnyins fol- lowinu ihc oi'A cpilirm iiu-rriiKe lor .«hi-cliliKS. Kinnri'S rlwcd :|0 to 70 rents a bale I'nvr. Oi-loher L 1 1.31. II.-(ember ^1 10 ''il'l.ll Manh 'JO. M) 'n 20. So. Slav 20 f,4 July :!il .1(1. AluMling Kpcil Pl.Sd niiminal. nil' 9. < M\K(.KI> WITH DKSKRTIOX Answering to a charge of child desertion. Mrs. Virginia Hoff., 20. of San Francisco, was arraigned In Justice Court of sixth township before Judge Stewart Magee, her bail fixed ai JliOOO and she was lodged in jail pending hearing set for September 15, the office of Judge Mntree said today. NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE .Announcing a new and helpful loan service for returning veterans of \\forld War II who will want to own a home, a farm, or a business Bank of America Every Bankamerican feels a personal obligation to homecoming veterans . . . and considers it a privilege to serve them. Many discharged veterans will want to own a home, a farm, or business. To serve such veterans, Bank of America has developed the Vet-loan Plan. Vet-loan Plan will be coordinated with the Servicemen's Readjustment Act and will supplement the Government"G. I." Credit Program for Veterans. Vet-loan Plan is designed to give each veteran's problem individual attention — to help him get exactly the right loans for his particular needs and his ability to pay. Vet-loan Plan will make available to veterans (he local and state-wide credit facilities of this banking institution that has grown with and helped build California for over 40 years. Vet-loan Plan will be in full operation as soon as the regulations governing the "G.I." Credit Program are issued by the government. Whether you are in the service, just out, or have a relative in the armed forces, ask at the neighborhood Bank of America about Vet-loan Plan. ET-LOAN Bank of Amerira NATIONAL il^Vo* ASSOCIATION MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Copyrlfht 184«. Bank of NKW TOHK. Sfpt «. <£>>— . A ir Hedurtion , A la ska .luneau Allegheny Corporation Allied ('hiniiual and Dye . jMlieU Stores Allis (.'hftlmcrp Alfsr. American fan American Car and Foundry American and Forcipn Tower .. American J-ocomotivo A meriran Power and f-iKbt ... America n (tad. and Pte»-l y .... American Rollins Mill American Smelter and K'-t'. American Steel Foundi n-s . American Tel. »nd Tel A tnericaii Tobacco f >. A nip r i ca n W a t o r \\'o r U H American /inc. Lead and tjilvn Anaconda A rmour rtiul i 'otnp;i n.\ Atchison. '(op«'ka & Santa !•>. Atlantic Refinery "... Aviation Corpora t ion Halriwin Locomotive Haltinu-.-o ft Ohio HdniHd.iH Oil Hethlehem Steel " ".'.'.'. .. '..'.'. ". ..'.'.'. .'.' VKieinp Airplane Hunlen '.'oinjmny nris;*;n Ma nil fn ci ii r in: 1 Jludd Manufactut in« Hiiflrl Wh'-el Calumet A: H<-cla Canadin Pacific Case Co m nny . <VIan« s 8i? ('(.I'pni'a t ion . ChfHnpeartc & Ohio Chrysler < crpora t i<jn Coi^ii to-! ( almoli\-e- r're.i Columbia ( ias &• Kler-1 ri< Com in cr ••<»' Invest ITHMH Trn^l 1 Nit n me re in Sol\ entH < 'nninio,i ,-c;t Mh & Soul h^rn 33 '» B '.z 2'i Kfi'.j 19 X'i '.k SK"U 38-\ -t '.it IS 16:1 T'J' S 4 \ IM lnt«rnalionnl T«l. an-1 T« .lnhnB-MttnviHe Kfnnpeott Copper .-il nnii»i Container ('orpoi at ion ... C.,nt inen'a Oil Del Corn Prodvic- H . ... Crow i. '/C->i!erbach .. .. . . Douglas Ain-nift PuPc-nt r>r:,emoui Kaf-tma » Kodak Klecirie Auto It^'ht Klci trie Po\vei a nd Li^lH F'rie Ra ilroad Oenej'a 1 Kir d ric i ipiiora' Foods , ... C-PMoral M.-lors f Jnodrh-h . Coodyeaf Tin- and Cnhbt ^5re: ' Northern pfd. * !t eyhi und Honslon 01 , FT ml son Motors JllinotH '"'pnt rnl . * M spj r:i t ; .jn Copper 1 nlrrlal'o Ii o Intr-rnat iopal Ha ( v>^!rr . I iitnnin t tona 1 Hydro-1 !i.-r Intrrnn t io:*rJ Nickel "a n Ininniat ioiuiI Taper pfd 1 S T« 164 >i 4 1 U 4 \ Kroger Grocery Ijoew's, 1 nc. .. ... Mack Trucks Marine MtdJand Mnryliall Field Mirl-''ont inent PeUv Minnenpolis-M(tlfii" Montgomery Ward Murray Corporal ion Nawh-Kelvmatrr Nat tonal Him ml Nat ion a 1 Cash R^-Ki'-iei National Prfiry I'rodiids NatluiiHl Di^Kllei'.v Xai ioiia! Power aiu' I .:^ Nat ional Simply Newport Imln New York Ce Not hi Ani'Tit N"i't h A inert' an »'i Norihei n l.'acii ic < inio t)il ]'iu-k!inJ Moior Paramount 1'ictui CM Park I'tah Cuna. MmiiiK PiMitK-ylvaiMH Hu ilioail Phillips PetioltMiin Public Service of New Jt-i Pullmiin . I'uiv o-l liadiu Cni-pm-iti Kiitjio-Kt iih-Oi-plieuin llt j !ninj;loti-U;iud . . Itepuhltc Slf-el Schenlcy Distillery lU' Tob;t<-co t Scars. Ruelnick Sliell I'nion Oil . Siinmons Company . Socony • Vacuum Soulh"m Pacific Soul hern IM ilway . . Sparks Withiii^Kin Spt-n y ('nnmrnt ion . St;inda ril P.randiS Siandard Oil of Indiana Stamliiril Oil of CMlifoiuia Si Hilda id t 'il of New Jei> Siewa rl - \Va rner . . Slop- & Webber Studi'bakor Corpoialiou . T'-\;i s I 'dT'purat ion Tide Water .\;;.soer• ted oil Tiinken-Deiroit Axlo Timk'-n Holler lien rum . 17'i 97 .11 '» a: ••'n B.T» 41 % 7' 3 Ili'-j '.M 'i 33 '.a ti -"(» M'i Dealings on N. Y. Stock Market Quiet HOW JONES AVERAGES Preliminary closing Dow-Jones averages: Industrials, 144.41, off MB; rails 39.12, off 1.38; utilities 1M.40. off O.fi4; 65 stocks 51.36 off 1.117. Kales were 1,470,260 shares compared with 872,850 yesterday. Curb turnover was 354,915 shares against 281,840 yesterday. Amt' i :> '-i in'; S'.-J •-'"'A l s •-.„ .'.l 'L ]:.*>. OS 17 -'i -t :> ' a M ill j Tii ica Twenl Set Ii I Vnl Ul > Fox I 'n inn < "11 rhiile . I'uion Oil nf Crt IM 01 in, i I'liion Pacific Tinted Air Lines Tinted Aircraft Ttnie.t CoriioratMin . . Tnit'-d (las Imp. Tniled Slates tlnlilier Tnili d S! !i !es Slrcl .. Wahvorlh W-iiner nrolherM P eliire Westein Tnion TeleBja ph \\ .•slinclmii'o- Kleclni: ii-i Whiii' Motor \\o,ilworlll VounKslou n Sh'-ei .mil Tu NKW YORK, Sept. 6. (UP) — Stocks extended yesterday's losses in cjtjlot dealings today. , West Virginia Pulp & Paper, Borg Warner, International Shoe, Inlet national Salt, Van Kaalte. and White Dental. Curtis Publish- 1 ing lost :i points; Brings Manufac- tui'ing, J'/i. and Louisville & Nashville, ]',». had losses of a point. Cbshman's 7 per cent preferred soared H points to a new high at 125 on a 10-share lot transaction. United States Steel was at 57% unchanged; BethleHem 60%, off M; Chrysler 91%, off %; General Motors 62, off >^; Loew's 63^, off : | 4 : Standard Oil New Jersey 63%, off U: VVeatinghouse Electric 105, up ",i: and General Electric 38%, unchanged. Handy with look? This job may be up your alley n good job. And B hit in ninny ways because Poultry and Eggs LO? ANGEi.ES, Stpt. C ULI?)~- Wholp- s<aJr nrict'S. consuiner grade: La rg«\ ^ rade A ISW -lite, grade H ilO^i ."He medium. grade A 3S $' 40c: Hinall, Rrade A 1 S fy J yc. Retail '>ri( es to con.snnicr . La rge. KI ade AA 60 ^'d3'' sradc A M ( 'j file. Krade P> 40tii' 13c; medium. praile A A MUu fi:jp. trade A 4S(jt40c: Hmall. prndp A JTW^Or. Candled graded OKKH to rciailera leased La rge. tfra 3e AA 54 '-j r d j afi Vj c, Krade f. I fit' S2 ',2 c. Kradn B uTi ffj' ,1fic : medium, ^i ado A 4~2 (Qi -*'!c ; small. Bra fie A I 1 2 <f/- l'(i. Uui ler; Urade A A 4"c. ^rade A ^Z \*c. grade 1.! -(liVsc. Rrade C 41 a ic. Poulrry: Brollcra, Leghorn, under 1 *i Ihs.. 30@32c broilers. Jjoghorn. 1 -li to 1 U HIM. HQrtr 32c; broilers. Leghorn. 2 U to ^ Ihs. 29®3lr; fryers. Leghorn, 3 to 4 Ihs. ^(finv ; roasters, nil weltfhrs. 29® Me; I'owl, beshorn, 4 Ihs. and ovnr "3 W LT>c; fowl. Leghorn, 3 to 4 Ins. 2t)<f? L'lc. fowl, colored, all wniffhta. 2S ',i 'y Ii7 V^c; durka. all weights, 1H 1i l 1 8c. Government Bonds NKW YORK. Sept. fi. (XT>—The rlr^.ns pvict-p of rjonds on "he N«HV York Stock Kxchany;e: TreaMiiry 2^8, 47-45. 102.13. l.'.s, 54-r>2, 100.14. 2%a, «0-5F». 111.23. 2 ! .4s. 59-56, 100.19 2'i«. <T9-fi4. December ion li 2'US'. 70-65. 100.14. 2 '-js. 7 2-fi7. 1 08 %. Hnmp Ownfr* I.nan 1 '.2S. 4V )S. 121 'i. Los Angeles Livestock I .US AN'CKI.KS. S'-pt. <1 (IIP)—faille nalahli- i:U)'i. slow, alunit steady; medium to Kund Him. i fed sleers 11 :t Tfi'u-14. Ml. <-iiinm»jn in rnt-di'im ¥ 1 (I'(/ I L'. f, It medium KJ-ass heifors $11. Bduil f"d heifern held abuve JM. loinmon lo mi-ilium cows tx'ti' Id.;",(!. c-anneiK ami (iillers S5 7. r )^S: me- ilium lo good Ivills S!P»i 10 f,0 Calves sa'alile 111:), fairlv active, alioul stcuii\, medium In choice laiiKe cjilves $1 I.:, II rn i3. :;. cull and conunni $7W11. HOBS siii.ible 700. active, steady; bnlk nicdium lo . boif e 17i-24ll Ibs. J1S.76. heavier wei^ht.^ mostly SIS few medium Blades JJilit Jl',50; wood sows H.2ifB' 14.Ml. few feeder plRS SI 4'(('1 4. f.O. Sheep salable none, some action on hold owr lambs a. prices SO cents lowei : late Tuesday : iH today common to good wouled lambs $ 1 :' <U' 1 2. 7T,. Los Angeles Hay l.OS ANCKLKS. Sept. «. </P)—Alfalfa PI ices: I". S. No. 1 $30 lit 3d. ftO. 1.'. S. No. J J creen or No. 2 leafy ?27tf?'29 flnd I'. S. Nn. 2 J-5. Gram liny prices were urichanyed. Carlot arrtvaln: 14 wheat. " barley, 9 corn. 3 outs. 2 milo. 11 flour, 6 bran. 2 cereal, 71 hay. Los Angeles Cash Grain T.O.S ANfiELBS. Sept. 6. (^i 5 )—Prices iiuou-d are cwt.. field run. in carlota only. California barley, erradinir 46 Ibs.. hulk }! 2Hi (<i '2.27!,2. Yellow milo. Nn. 2. bulk J L' 47 \'2 <tt'2. rj2 '.i . (,'alifornia wheat bulk. No I hard or snft while J2. BO (ii 2.65. No. 1' r.als ::s Ibs . hulk $2.fiOI?*2,6ii. This is umisufil it's got just a bit more excitement ami rt'nl hp-uinn's "stuff" to it Mian most jobs. Tlie work: Helper in Southern Pacific's big railroad shops or roundhouses . . . working with skilled craftsmen on locomotives, rolling stock, other railroad equipment. You don't need lo be experienced — just willing. If you wish, you can learn railroading on the ground floor . , . learn a fine craft from men who know their business. You'll he part of a fine outfit ... a company whose biggest job still lies ahead : carrying the war load for the huge. Pacific offensive. Regular railroad wages. Fine pension plan. Railroad ]mss privileges. Medical services. Investigate today. See or Write B. W. MITCHELL S. F. Station. Bakersfleld. or your nearest S. P. Agent Centers on "" inie * r 2- •*•

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