Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
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> ws TODAY' TODAY m THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIOE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY, KAnpSA$^' TOLUXE lb. XUXBEB 4S. 8IX PAGES. lOLA, KIKSAS, DECEMBEB lo. lOOSU-TUESDAY ETEKEICi. SIX FAGES. WORK NEXT WEEK? i. F. KEIXLn'tiER, rLAIMI .NG TO BE DEITEB-WEXZEL MA>, HERE TALKED NEW POSTOFFICE BUT THE MATTEH WAS DROPPED SUDDE>LY TODAY. AnnoiiDCPd In Interrlitw IW Woald Examine Planw Today, l>ut Didnt —>o ContractorV Slwck YPU A man stood at JarkHon avenue and Walnut street this morning; Razlnp wistfully at tbo vacant proi'-crty at tbe northeast comer. Hopefully he glanced about as If he antlclnatnd the coming of some one wUh tidings of great Joy and a saw,and a hammer and a crew of workmen. Stoon, he hoped, the postofflce Eitc would be adorned «ith a super\-lslng contract cr's office and mules and men would make the dirt fly. But hours passed by and no one Appeared and the man drew away listlessly .reluctantly and son on fully. "J. F. Reimllnger, Ala." Is the bold Inscription on the register of the Pennsylvania hotel and the ]:resence of whom last night accounts for the solicitude of the man who was keeping tab on the sito lor tbe new federal building^ today. Mr. Rpimlinger arrived in town last evening end an t^unced th^.t be was the representa Hve of Keter and Wenzel, or Wleh- ha. contractors, «"ao have the contract for the erection of the po&tofflce He gave out an interview in which ,l>e stated that be would examine the plans for the new building today and proceed with his.plans for beginning the work. He told how the contractors would employ all the Tola labor possible, buy all the material possible in this clt.v. begin work excavating next week and erect at once ? tempor- »ry ofHce for the si'r ?rTu :or of con- •truction. The Elusive Mr. Rclinlinger. Mr. Reimllnger had checked out of his hotel this morning when a reporter called there and if he Is in Tola today, he has not. up to this time ro- ported at the post office. It cannot be learned whether Mr. Reimllnger examined the plans for the new bulldlnu this trip, for a certainty, but It is believed that he did not. Mayor Robinson, who sold the iilt«' for the post office to the government says that a man who said his iiamo was Relmlinper, appeared at bis sbopn yesterday during his absence and said he was connected with the Dieter- Wenzel company and wanted to see Mr.* Robinson. He has not returned since to see the mayor. Of course. Mr. Reimllnger may have gone on to Wichita to ^onsult his chief Iwfore beginning the w ^ork here, since he stated in an interview that he was Just from Birmingham. Ala., where he had completed a large contract for Dieter and Wenzel. In'.the meantime. lola hopes to see Mr. Reimllnger or somebody else come to the city soon and start worl< on the long hoped for federal building. Henry Denning is III. Henry Denning is reported very ill. He has been indisposed for several days and today was feeling somewhat worse. THE WEATHEB. ^ Forecast for Kansas > Bain or itnow late toBii^ or Wednesday. Vr. Data recorded at local office, Weather Bureau, yesterday, toda a year ago: December II. Yesterday. 2 p. m 60 4 p. m. r.R 6 p. m •. .60 8 p. m 42 10 p. m. 37 12 midnight 34 Maximum temperature -.81 Mlalfflom temperature . .32 TradpUatJofl 7 p. m. ... 0 December IS. Today. Yr 2 a. m 36 4 «. m. ..85 v« a jsL U ^ ^B^. * *v • f ^ fV„' • • • • • •44 u. s ly and .\go 33 3.3 33 33 33 34 sri 32 0.04 Ago 34 34 . 3S 38 . LOVE LETTEB8 FROM CHILDRE.\. I Pauline Chase to PnbU»h a Boeli of Epistles to -Peter Pan." Ixindon. Dec. 15.—illss Pauline Chase, the young .\merican actress who is to play "Peter Pan" for the third winter In succession, has the most remarkable collection of love let ters in existence. They are all from children and were written by little ones who have seen the delightful pipy and who air Ihclr views upon it and their belief or disbelief in fairies. .Miss Chase has collected them for the last two years, and one of her friends was so amused at the naive and quaint character of the letters that he suggested collecting the best of them for publication. The selected letters were brought to the attention nl ^\1llla^l Heinenian. publisher. He Intends to publish them shortly and the little iKwk will be called "Peter Pan's Post Hag." NO LOVE FOR HOME OONNIE MAY HORN WILL GO TO MOTHER ONLY AS CORPSE. Will go Wherever She Will be Treat ed Right—Application for Admit­ tance to Industrial School. Declaring that if she has to go home she wants to go as a corpse, Donule May Horn, the unfortunate fifteen .vear old white girl who came bore last week from Wagoner. Okla.. to marr>- Lewis Reeds, a colored man. who has since been found guilty of enticing her away from hoiije for immoral pur noses. Is detained at a roomini: house by the officers until disposition li mailo of. her case by the- Juvenile court. After the jury returned the verdlc; against Reed, the next question thai confronted the offlcer.s was what they should do with the girl. Lured away from her home, thrown upon the mer cy of strangers and competed to re late in minutest detail the story of her shame, one might think thn*. her thousht would be of homo. But not so. With apimrently no lovf for her mother whom she says was in different to the attentions the color ed man paid to her. th" girl has told the officers and lady, at whose home she Is staying temporarily, that If sh^ must go homo shf wants to so as a coriise. "Where I want to be and where I want to go Is some place whr-re I will lin trraied a'i right. Reed 'reHtcit me all rlslit. Why shouldn't I (CO away with him and marry him?" fhf has repeated tn thi? offlrer.-s. This morniiiK .sho wa.s falcon befoii' Judgo Smith, the jiivrnlle officer. For mal application will be made for her a'Iraittanco to th<' girl's industrial school. In filling out application .fudge Smith had to intorroi-'ato the girl about her history and l-er family. She said that she was fifteen years of age the 16ih of August last, that sh^ was boni in Rollo. Mo., and that her fath er had been dead for a number of vears. Speaking of her mother the girl said she was now but thirty years old and wa.s married when sho was but fourteen. Of her schooling Connie said she went to school irreg ularly. her mother not carine whether she attended or not. She was in the fifth grade this fall when sho dropped out. Word from the girls' industrial school stating whether they have room for her. and if so. when she can be brought, is expected in a few days POT LONGCORE OOT Engineer at City Power House Suf fer? an Electric Shock.—Is Off Duty. r. F. Longcore. ••nKineer at the city power house, is taking au enforred va cation as the rc'ult of an accident Mr. Longcore was adjusting a bnish on the large dynamo which furnish e« power for the city arc lights, when^ he accldenUUly connected with tkbotlt ^ 2250 volU of electricity. The force of the shock threw him to the floor •everatr wrenchinc hla left arm. So bones were brsken and ^ will prob- «blr return to hU work in a abort time. ~^^9m— VESSEL IN HARBOR VENEZUELAN B.iTTLESHlP TOWED HOME BY DUTCH CAPTOR. CASTRA COUNTRY WATCHFUL ACTING PRESIDENT GOMEZ CON- S1DER8 S^IZUKE AN INVASION. People Lined (juay lo .See Big Vessel Brought lolo Harlrar hy the Dulrb. Williaiijstad. Dec. I.-».—The Dutch buttli'ship .lacob Van Helnzkerk ar- rlve<l In the harbor this morning lowing the prize Venezuelan coast guard >'e>:sel. Word of; the capture had already bceti received here and a great throng of |)eople lined the quays to witness the entrance of the Iwttle^hip conducting her capture within the harbor. The crew were landed on the Venezuelan coast. Venezuela on DpfenM-. .\cting President Gomez Is.sued a decree today In which he relates the capture of the -shiii after vvhich he declares: "1 consider these acts a true tnva- >icn of Venezuelan territory and an aggression against the Venezuelan [overnmrnt. "I decree the nation in a state of defense and consequently the executive assumca and wiil exercise the extraordinary faculties conferred upon hinj by section S of .article .'> of the Venezuelan coustituti<m." Didn't Know About Yes!»ei. According to members of his suite when Castro learned the news of the capture cf a Venezuelan vessel by the Dutch cruiser" Gelderland be merely remarked that there was no such vessel in the Venezuelan service. TO PLEAD GOILTY Said That ( harlie Allen Is lo Plead (•ulitt to Le«M'r Offennr. Cliarlle Allen, who has lioen in jail for several months awaiting trial for a.ssaiift iiiKiii L.. ft. Itiy with intent to kill. will, it Is said, plead gullt.N to U'li.iilo-.ifi assnuit and throw hlni.olf u|:o:i the niercN i>l iht; cejiut. I; wili l)p reniombered th:it whit 1.. It. Ray w;is Htti'niiiting III stop n diini" the Ailon hfiine early last j^priiig ho wai- dangerously shot and thai .Ml'ii was charged with the ofjoti.-e. Allon iv.i.'^ found guilty, imf a mo'ion for a now rial was granted. (;tM»n ADYIf'E KRO.M \ .llDlit. fno Voung .Men Cixuprd Hifli Ihh in Police Court. A oia^s <ir :;:! Iioard .1. .M. Cdllin':. jKjiice judge, deliver an address replete with good advice, in police court this morning. Several of thoiie. pret- ent had participated in some «jver- enthu.siasiic fun last night which di.-.- turbed the peace of a roomor in the Y. .M. C. A. building and re.-ulred in the arrest of two. The r»fnr.iini!ig twcniy followed out v{ synipathy. to the police f»;ijrt .ludge CclJins road the city law covering the offense of pt-ace disturbance and p<iinted out to the Ir^yo how easy it is to pet into troulile and how much I>etter it is to ke^^p out. "You can lie good if yuu will, you will if v'lu have to. and now you have to." the judge said. "Thero have been many complaints altout loud noises in the building at night and you must stop it now." After .1 few more adnnmitlon.s and warnings relative to keeping the l>eace and being men. the Judge dis- charg'd the defendants. TO DISCUSS LABOR QUESTIONS. Secretary Straus. Probably Wiir Call Meeting of Publicists and Leader*. Wiashington. Dec. 15.—Secretary Straus has referred to a special com. mlttee In the Department of Commerce and Labbr the advlsabllit.v of calling together labor leaders, publl cists and directors of big industries for the purpose of considering sev eral questions of importance through out the country. Some of thn subjects ho believes ought to be considered arc: The ex tension of the steamboat inspection service, the prevention of misleading Information being disseminated In European countries concerning the demands for labor In the I'nitcd States, more effective work la locating Immigrants, the problem of the unemployed and the Roosevelt foun datlon for the promotion of Industrial peace. DOCTORS TO FEAST ALLEN COUNTY MEDICAL 80CIE TY TO HOLD ANNUAL MEETINGr Will Elect Officers for the Year and Will Make Merry Over the Banquet Table. Tomorrow evening in the farmers room at the court house the .\Hen County .Medical Society will hold its annual oloctioii of officers. .Vfter the election and business meeting of the society a banquet will he served b.v the ladies of the First .M. E. church of this city. Dr. P. S. .Mitchell will act as toastmaster. Members of the Society and invited guest will,be expected to respond with toasts assigned to them by the toastmaster. Dr. Mitchell, always appreciating of practical joke at the of the other fellow, ha.i arranged the following imique jirogram: Dr. Frank H. .Martin. "Reflection Retrospection." Frederick William Brewster. "Brewster's Millions.•• Dr. Guilford Cro .-Jso cljnn. "Shall the People Rule." Senator Frank Travis. -The Re former: his Mark X." Dr. .John Woodin. ".Vow Friends." .•\. P 'TCival Harris. "Poriii ;a." Dr. \V. H .McDowell, •Roininiscon- cos." William (t. .\nderson. "Psychology of tho Pros.-i." .lohn F Gosiioni. "Hlglior Critl-," or ••-An Expo:-innre With .-Vp- prrdiritis." Perl Rodgors Barton, "Pickles and Poppor." THEY ARE THE BEST Team Now at Rink Put on a Show.—Here all Week. Good A TRACER FOR NEW CARS. No New Rolling Stock for lola Electric R. R. Yet. /rive II .Miss Bessio Berton and Mr. C. S. Tylor. the professional skaters :show- tne at The .Auditorium pleased a packed house last nieht. Without a doubt thl.-i is tlio 1)0 team that has ever boon hero. FIvery movojnent is graceful Hiui refined and their oostiimes aro elegant. Tho dres.vs worn by Miss Berton are a dream. Their :<kat- Ine Is siiporli and their dlfforent turiia all called for app'au .so. These jicoiilo will bo at the rink every night this week and tho management offers to return the admission price to an.vone who witnesses the entire performnace and 1.1 not Katisfiod. TO GVE WAR VETERANS RIFLES The President Favora Equipping the Camoa of the Soldiers of '98. new street earn for service on t!-» lines of the lola Electric railway »c.e due to arrive In thia city yea- terday. but they didn't. Today, I^o Maaaeugale. general mknager of the railway, sent cnft telegraphic tracers. He hopes to bsye ihem located some time this afternoon. Bnt ebeer upt Majrba thoyll get here tomorrow. / le^lte Washington. D''C. Ki. —President Roosevelt Is understood to have promised Commander-in-Chief Newton of the Spanish War Veterans who call ed on him today, that he would favor a law to equip tbe BUO camps of the Spanish War Veterans with Krac-Jor genaen rifles. These flrearms are now going out of use In the regular array This would give the government a large reaerre army In caae of war. STATE MAY TALK FIRST STATEMENT MAY BE INTRODUCED L\ HAINS CASE TODAY EIGHT JURORS NOW IN BOX OTHERS MAY BE SELECTED SO THAT TRIAL CAN BEGIN. Judge HUN Derided Nut to Lock Up the Jnrors ^Vho WUI Hear the ,, Testlmou}. Flushing. L. 1. I>ei-. 10.—With eight Jun>r.< In the Jury i>ox, two of whom were chosen this morning, and the coansel for Iwth sides hopeful that the other four may l)c selected during the afternoon session of court, the state's case against Thornton J. Ilalns, who Is charged as an accessory to the brother of Capt. Peter C. Halns, .Ir., In the killing of William K. Annis. is likely to be presented in the court late today. 'I'he decision last night of .lustice Crane not to lock up the jury has renroved the fear among taies- mon that if selected to act in the cas^ they might be locked up over Christmas. MAY NOT PROSECUTE HER. Mrs. Pratt Will Probably Not Be Tried for Murder. Kansas City. ,Mo.. Dec. 15—1. B. Kimbrell. prosecuting attorney, said yesterday that he woud try to have the trial of James Sharp, leader of the Ivand of fanatics, set for next week. Sharp and .Mrs. Pratt are to be prosecuted, but It is doubtful whether Mrs. Pratt aud other members of the band will have to go to trial on a murder charge. Sharp says tie ts anxious to go to trial. Christmas juries are usually more lenient towards prisoners, and Sharp may b<-ive this idea in mind. eO-D^VILS GIVE HP Chanule .f.'ridinm Wurrlun* Will Plaj the Triplet-*—Team Is Disbanded. Not Aoiiirdlng lo the Cli:inuio Sun. the Gii-IJevlls will not play the Trlpets lu ^ro on Chrihtnias. The Sun says their team has lioen disbanded The rria.soiis a.ssigned• uro that several of tliclr host playor.-i have loft (•.'haniite and thai the locals were figuring on playing some other touni Christmas. The Triplets. h <iw »vfr. have iKfen countliis (in playing the Go-Devils ac- I 'urding to the agreement enterrd into when the Thank:ia:iviuK day game was arninced and the news of the dls- bundiiig of the Go-l>cvils comes as a surprise. The Sun says: The Go-novils have di.bandod for this sra.'-on. it bus l;een decided by the, nianagen'om and players that It would lie impossible for them to go up against any strong team in the condition they aro now in. Several of the regular squad have left the city, there liy we:ikening the team considerable. The fellows feit as thnngh they might p,raf:tice riaht uii to Christmas day and then be left without a game, as the Triplets were figuring on securing a date with another toain for Christmas day. The i>oys have played a siiccos.iful soas<in. Iiolni; defeated but ouce. and that by the Triplets on Thanksgiving day. HEARD A BABY CRY But Fircinen Could not Rewue it From a Burning Houje. Got Foer 'Pessams. Pryer Broa. are today displaying fonr fall grown o'poMom* In front of tbelr grooery as a resalt of a night 's bat by tlw delta tn tke *^re. Salina, Dec. l.i.—Plainly ho.qring the crying of the 5-months old btby that perished In the Are at Davaria, bur unable to And and rescue It, mon searched as much as possfblf In the home, of FVank Hemmelwrlght whilr It was burning. The baby's piteous cries of pal- were plainly audible but it w:ts not In Its buggy nor In its bed nor under it. Outside on the yellow grass, its moth or lay, burned and dead, nnable tr tell the frantic searchers where the ehljd might be. . Its charred bones were found Uu' erenlBff, after the ruins hai cooled !among the'ashes and debri* In thz -^tottom of the ee^. ' • • THEY'D FKOSECITE I - AT ONCE. Enforcement Officials Not Worryhig OTcr Alleged Maskogee Revolt. Guthrie. Okla., Dec. 15.—The alleged anti-prohlbitlon revolt in .Muskogee does not seem to be causing much worry to the state enforcement officials. Enforcement Attorney Fred S. Cald- wc I said today that .Ma.vor .Martin in a telephone conversation, had denied the statements attributed to him. that he was in favor of ItcensinK saltions in .Muskogee. Ho stated that he could lake no action in any event upon merely an expression of intention, but thai if any move were made toward licensing saloons, prosecutions would be commenced at once under section l .'i of the Rillups law, which makes It a felony for any official to receive money, either for himself or for ti\^ municipality, to allow the sale of liquor. TO GREET STOBBS AN ELABORATE INAUGURAL FOR KANSAS GOVERNOR. Governor Hoch Will Deliver Address- Reception at the State Topelia. Dec. 15.—An elaborate Inaugural for Governor-elect W. R. Stubbs and the other state officers January In Is now assured and a committee of eight members has been appointed from among the business men to complete final arrangements. A meeting of this committee has been called for Thursday evening to meet in the ofBcc of the state printer to complete the details of the program. "Vice" President Robert Pierce has selected three men to represent the city on the inauguration committee. They are T. A. McNeil, chairman. Geo. W. Crane and .1. W. F. Hughes, representing the stale will be C. E. Denton, Joseph I>on?shorc and J. X. Polley. The county central committee will be represented by Recce Vansant and A. W. Warren. The present (dans Include a gathering at the auditorium at noon followed b.v a reception at the state house in the evening. Provision will be made for the legislators and incoming state officers on the staKe. Governor Hoch will deliver the usual spoecli of the outgoing executive, and this will bo followed by the Inaugural address of .Mr. Stubbs. In the afternoon the legislators and new .state officials are to bo taken for an auto ride o -,er the city. Tho committee In chargo will make 111' inaiiBurallon one of the bi?gest events in tho history of the city. The state nfficia 's will bo the guests of Topeka. PBESIOEKT B008KVKLT WiBri !E3' TO C0SGBE88 «ir CKABGBS. ' ^ TO SUE JOSEPH PUtlTZBl|, ATTORNEY GENEBAIi CONSDlBB|i.' ING FOBX FOB SUITS. v Message Says Charges* of Gnft Afe Untme and Proceedings Were PnlJ!--; lie in. America and Firnace.: HAVE A VACATION House Will Adjourn Monday, Januar) 4.— Farmers' Hearing Soon. Washington. Dec. 15.—While consid ering bills dealing with affairs in thi district of Columbia the house toda: passed a measure providing for R' cent gas in Washington. The bil' now goes to the senate as well as anothe> bill' abollshlni; "bucket shops" in tb' district. A bill providing for free lec tures in the public schools was voied (.down. .An attempt by Representative ^cv ry of Texas to obtain a change In the reference of a bill prohibiting the ma Ing of future centracts on a^rlcultur products brought forth tl.e promis< from Chairman Scott of th» Agricu' tural committee that his cnmmittcf would soon grant hearincs to farmer, unions and others on this subject The house voted to a-tjnuru Saturday December 19 to Monday January 1 and adjourned for the day at S p m. Washington. Dec. l.'i.—Preildenr Roosevelt today, sent to the eenate a^: statement concerning the purchase of. i; the Panama Canal property by''the'"? United Slates, denouncing la strpnij*^^ language the charges (hat there waal' anything wrong io^e acqulsitlcn ot canal property, y These storie8,''he continued, "www first brought to my attention as pnJK ii"}- Ushed in a paper in Indianapolb. eaU-'i^ ed "The News," edited by Mr. Delawiiilii Smith. The stories were scurrUbtiaV;-,^ and libelous In character and false in ?very cosentlal particular. SmRh' shelters 'himself liehind the excnse ;hat he merely accepted the stateru nents which appeared In the paper published In New York. "The World."': Dwned by Mr, Joseph PulftMr." after saying thousands of persons believe the statements they see in print. sn though they appear in a newspaper published by Pulitzer" and statins that' Pulitzer is the "real offender" and "^t 3houId not be left to private citisena': to sue Pulitzer for libel." the message' says. "It Is therefore the high nation^ : il duty to bring to Justice thtt TUU-?; tier of the American people, this mu who wantonly and wickedly add •wtth* one shadow of justlflcajtion, seeks o blacken the character of repatable citizens and to convict the government cf his own country in the eyes of he civilized world of the wrongdoing' of the basest and foulest kind. The attorney general has under eoiT'- iideration a form in which the proceedings against Pulitzer shall b» brought," the president. says. "The Cnlted States government did not' have anything to do with the disitri-' 'mtion of a dollar of money paid but; ^ ?xcept in follo ^-iins out the imtmC'^: Ions of the FYench court 'Nererthe-; es .i." he continues, "Mr. Cromirell, ot lis own accord, has submitted to in«:^ -cgeiher with a copy Of his statem^"; lubllshed on the eleventh insC 'and>^ «rhlch I transmit herewith, a full ttatt .r stockholders cf the new .Panama: -company of France on January WO^-^f 90ti, (numbering over six tboasand>'-.<} md a list of all stockboidera" " ^ " were present at a special meetinjg'ot;-| lie ccmiiany held on Febmary •:88 .:f-| 902, Immediately after the .cable mrjf 'er cf the company was made tO: ti^i •nited States to accept the apprtdiie^f nent of forty mlUfon doKars made b#' he Isthman Canal ccinmdasibn.'' ' .v:|:^ "So far as this government iBoon -|c, .-erned," concludes the president, "Wf^ ^rj- step of the sJightest impcutaiiaB^v las been made public by its eacecpttni^ md every step taken to FVaabe has,'' here t)een made public b:r the ofriclals." THE BODY RunorH That Chief •t Pvllre Blggy I» Lhinif Are Set at Rei.t—Body Fonnd te Bay. San FVanclBCO, Dec. li.—^The l»ody ot Chief of Police Biggy, drowned from the police launch "Patrol." has been, found floaUng la the bay. It Is novti^^bfoaght to this city. .\> E?iGL\£*S 90TH TICTHL ' cntralia Man Dies .From Ipfvri^v: Becelred a Year Agew-, '"^ , CentraUa, Mo.. Dec. 13.— 'n>amas-.|J •r\-ing. a pioneer citizen of "'BOOI rounty. aged 82 years, died, at hjBi^..^.^ lome here thia morning from Injnri -eceived over a year ago In a rantwid','^ wreck, at Thompson. Mo. i ^ The engine in this wreck waa^tpa- lash No. 847 which has a recoird'an «^ man killer and which is,the terror of^, all superstitions railroad men.- ; v '^/iS The death of Mr. Irving swells th«ij|i list of 847's to the twenty marie. Irving has been prominent in pabli(t')^<: life hero for many yxars. The ftinatialj:;^^ *ill be held here Tuesday nsmbiC^Jr^t^ Rev. Cauper will preaoh the sewwo-i^X Jtetlce. - ^ All those wlsbins to answer'J«tten| written by children of the . . •^ome or In tny w»r.:.ttmi^ulh^l heir Christmaa are reque«lea.t«» jlfts at the Shlelda* ahbe ili*^^; . HeldAniiiAl^ The localcmlei-,^* ttvlh^ld

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