Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1907
Page 7
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eier^ta ^pt yoU to change 16^ Tht Cash Basb enables us to sell our goods much cheaper than liKmcity and we bdicve thiit our customers rcaiize the tewRt they are getiins from H. Just to show you whift we can do now we quote you the foliowing pHcesfor December 19. 20 and 21. Grannl^ted Sugar. 20 lbs....; Polar Bear and U. 8. Flour Cora;MaiI^ per sack ................ Potatoes, per busbel Cabbace.-per St OnionB,-' per peck Van ^linp Pumpkin, per can 3 -Ib fetandard Tomatoes i cani Van Camp Hominy Hawtf Cjre and Plqua Peas 4 cau KellejfB Corn CannAd Peacfaea and Pears from Fresli Country Eggs Countrr Putter ' CreameryrButter» Dr. Price's Breakfast Food, two for GsK-O-Seer and; Egg-O-See Corn, three for Five t'otmds Banner Oatis. Galltp Peeled Peaches Gallfin Apples Fanaer Jones Sorghum, gallon PaAS Table'Syrup, gallon RubWo-More 'Whshing Powder, seven packages Six fcunds Bal|c Stai^ Soar-Pickles, per gallon B'^t Pickles, per gallon Ten Ponnds Homie Made Lard Skinned Hams, per pound Dry Salt Meat Beef Steak, from Beef Roast, from 8c to lOe Beef Bolls, from «cto8c J. H. S^HUETTE, TELEPHONE 292. &03 >'ortb Second St The Last Call! But Four days to buy your Christmas Presents. During that time we will give you more for your monery than any firm in Allen Co. Don*t try 16 hide be^nd a hard- time sfaadoTF, to wake np Amas mom-' In; to find a stocking full of regrets. ileeper ®» Soil ff -r^——^ fWOtoistmis Shippers • Tie bid Corner Bookstore of- j;fer some unusual inducements. -[. Cloelng Out entire line of jliand painted china. Closing out r^balapce of picture line, all fancy -.^Irestiiis cases. Sotnebody will ^iset these bargains, we are not ', elOBlnci out Books, Bibles or • Stationery. We bought for cash j\ao we i^n and will sell these as " dieap iw any one in this partof •jKansat. Bvans Bros. U ibelr work roon located Jaat ttorth ot lliidi*. F»ttm^.«aot.. ttejtdlea apoca to aovaral ot tba coondlinea^ this week and klao the mayor. «all of whom told-tlNB to go ahead ahd nae th^ prlvll««ei nntll ordijPMl otharwtw. mi«n tha'inattar eaka vp laM night the city voted for the measure unan- imoiiBly.. The Aasoctated Board la doins a great work and the action of the council Win b« oonmendcd by th* public. While' the wo^ room haa been open but a few dayi. Ita eBect la already felt. Charttably tadlBed people have been, donating clothing which the board ta placing where it is the moat deserving. Ton know as well aa any one whkn yon need somthing to regulate your system. It your bowels are aluggisb, yonr food distresses yon. your kid- neya pain, take Holllster's Rocky Itountaln Tea. It alWaya relieves. S5 cents. Tea or Tahleta. Barren's Drug Store. DRi HOAD WILL COME Sanltorr Expert >rfll Inspect Septle Basin. the Dr. Hoad, of• Kansas University, a consulting engineer of the State Board of Health, will visit lola and KXIGHTS OF . MicCABEBS,r- Knighta of Madcabees of the ' World meets In K P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights In each month. J. W. Post wait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. Tf. «. W.r-Camp No. ilOl meeto I' !«. of P. Hall every Vtiitiu night ^ T. Steele, C. C: A. H.jD»«^ Cle*» Visitors cordially Invited. KTTCUITS OF PTTm«^> oA Lodge So. 43 meets dverr M '.Bdv night at K. of P. Hall. | ViaiU m. bro thin Invited. W. a Thompson, (la: Chrts Bitter, K. ot R. and B. M. W. A.-The M. % A. hoif meets every FrUar night In |L W. A. hall. Vliiting brothers jlnvltsd. W.F Anderson. V.C.;>w»n. Clsth BOTAL !fUGHB€M;.-^IoU «am^ No. see. Royal Neighbors, mMt| see> ond and toiirth Tass<Urs:^(ol.isMi month. Urs. F. A. ynia»f, oraols Mrs. Mary Mutton. 4» W*-* fK::m. Recorder. . FRAXEBHAL BBOiOBHOOn^ l^temal Brotherhood'No. ISO mi Isecmd and fourth ThuMday ot^ eadi month In A .an .W; CbU. VIsltinc members eordlaly UrmM. •W.B.An^ derson. president; Ooldi Blam. secre" tary. . . ' ] . Jnler Order Unltel ehanlcs*—MeeU every anlng at 8 o'elodt In vIsitlBg members'^ Wldlck, Oounoelor: a Secretary. Lmerleas V» redneadar er- •P. HaU. AU led. R. A Black; Reft 110 T inspect the septic basin and sewer sys tem with a view of making such sug- gtotlons as will benefit the city. The council last night voted to pay his expenses for a visit to this city. Dr. Crumbine of the state board wrote to the council ftuggesting the plan a few days ago. pouncllman G. C. Glynn took up the tnatter with Dr. Qrumbtne some time ago'believing that it would benefit the city to have a visit from the sanitary expert A Bcal Wonderland. South DakoU, with its rich silver minesfl bonanza farms, wide ranges and strange naural formations. Is veritable wonderland. At Mound City In the home of Mrs. B. D. Clapp, wonderful case of healing has lately occurred. Her son seemed near death with lung and throat trouble. "Ex- hautslng coughing spells occurred every five minutes," writes Mrs. Clapp when 1 began giving Dr. -tang 's New Discovery, the great medicine, that xaved his life and completely cured him." Guaranteed for coughs and colds, throat and lung troubles, by ull druggists. COc and $1.00. Trial battle free. ^ ITS A BIG GAVE. r. X. C. A. wni Play BaskK Ball With Baker Sophemom. The basket ball game tonight between the Baker university Sophomore team and the Y. H. C. A. team promises to be one of the big games of the season. The Baker boys have been playing a strong game all season and the T. M. C. A. team is in setter condition than ever, and hope to carry oft the honors. The lineup of the teams Is as follows: Baker. . lola Mitchell ..... center ; Fulton Holllday guard rGardner Smith guard "HelRel Jamison forward Roberts Cramer forward Allen Feferee, Mason. A Big Surprise, Parties who Visit the business place of BenJ. S. Bernard at 324 and 326 North Buckeye street, will be much surprised to learn that lola is getting to be quite a raw fur market. Mr. Bernard has a large quantity of rare and costly skins such as are seldom sen in this country outside of the large fur markets. Among his collection Is one black or silver l^x, a fine specimen valued at $800.00. It came from' Colorado. There are also several Marten similar to our native mink in color and sise, and valued at |35.00 each. The balance of the collection Is male np of Braver. Otter. Fox, Raccoon, Mink, .Skunks, O'Possnms, Civet CaU and Mask. Rats. These sUns come from iJairk, KaoSas. Sfissourl, Nehraaka and Cofondd. nearly': every train bringing la-a shlymant of raw fur shins.- Mr. Bernard gives hia personal; aittestlbh 'to the fldrttng and handling pf these skins and Is an expert at the business. He Is also in^the all times and will pay the bluest price. . Mr. Bernard Is a strong believer In advertising iitad uses the best jia- pert In the state. He sa!hi his advertising brtngv him hit;returns and U well satlaM with .the; cost (adv.) «EN6 MISaiONARY. m A AUa^s^tdhi for Man*s Qoodt-*iBibr>d|iriioI you iwi make no mlBUke In wlectliil ltliiS%ftKt^ £Mki«;for Men and Boys, that will itiidie useful ble Christmas QlfU. ffere are a few Holiday Su^^Uons; SEB OUR WINDOWS ' ADVENTI8TS 8. Marehlsle Will Tske Chargs In Mexico City. The first missionary ever sent by the lo'a Adventlst church to foreign lands, left lola last week for Mexico City. Old Jlexfoo. The mtsstonary sent out by the local church was S. Marhcislo, who for some six yeara or more has teade Ida his home and has wortoBd fbr J. K. Jones, the tailor. Ur. MhrdUdo Is to be a sdt supporting missionary and wUI make his way by worktuirat his trade, receiving no ald^fram the church. He speaks the Mexican langpage and will do al' of his work In that language. This is the season of decay and weakened vitality: good health Is hard to retain, ir you'd retain yours, for- tifjr your jvstam. with Holllster's Hoar Monntaltt tea. the surest way. 25 cents.. 3Pea or Tablets. Bui^ell's DrngBtore. Get, yuor Chdstmas Cigars at Muh- dis'mi be handles all the leading hnada. -' .. The greate^t Overcoat values of tbe season. Everybody needs an overcoat, and when you can bay one at a.saving from $2.50 to $5.00 its economy on your part to take advantage of this off-r. All of thgn correctly made, all good patterns, all perfect fitting. Overcoat that sold for $10.00, now ..$7.50 Overtoat that sold for $12.00, now j$9.7S Overcoat that sold for $15.00, now] 1| 12.50 Overcoat that sold for $20.00, now $14.75 Overcoat that sold for $22.50, now $16.50 Overcoat that sold for $25.00, now $20.00 There are 1200 Overcoats to choose irpm.. These are not jobs picked up for special 9ale^ bat Ovtrcoats from oar tegular stock, all clean rellaUe goods.' Bay them now. A large and handsome lUieiof nSniokins: Jaibkefii/Bitll:l«»]bi^ Afl^ Paiamas to selefet from at Popular/Prteisv-^^ HalUmy HmulquartBrm 5St--JiS*;.- Junior The Place to *=• Christmas Trees each Christmas Trees each 3 to -4 feet tall 25c tall Me 4 to 6 feet Christmas Trees 6 to 8 feet tall each » "5e Christmas Trfees 8 to 10 : feet tall each $IJM Handsome Holly Wreaths each ...S5e Mistletoe In bunehes at 5, 10, 13, S5e Holiday Boxed Papery, the 50c quality; our j)rIoe Sfie Boy's Books, cloth bound, by Henty and Alger 83e Girls' Books, cloth bound. Mistletoe and Princess series, each SdC Post Card Albums.. 10, 19, So, So, 60e Fine Assortment Xmas Tree Ornaments 5, 10, Ifie Tinsel Sc a yard and up. Best Grade Bulk Perfumes, all kinds. per OS Me Best Grade- Sachet Powders, per OK Me Candy Boxes, % lb Size, 2 for Se Candy Boxed, 1 lb sixe, 3 for ....lOe Candy Boxes. 1 n>. boa bon, eacli . .Se Cai^dy BoxeR.'2 lb slsi^each 8e CaiJdy Boxes, & lb sixe each .:10e Handmade'Waste Baskets ^' .:.... 4^ Jfi, 80,t,85c fUO and to Big Assortment 5c Xmas and New Tear Post CardSt 2 for Se Xpias and New Year Booklets, each with envelopes S, 10, IS and Me Red Paper Xmas Bells Ic, S for lOe, 10c, ISe, SSe, and 40c Plaques, Picture Frames. Boxes, etc., lor burnt wood work, ataraped ready^ for bumluK Se to 9SLN Dressed Dolls from lOe up Holly CrepA Paper In 10-foot bolts each !»• Holly Glove and Scarf Boxes, each lOe Holly Handkerchief Boxes, each .ISe Complete Line of Meehanlcal Toys .......... Kc, SOe, 7SC, SBd I1.2S Magic Lanterns . .SOc, 98e, •l.TS, 9S.76 Go-Carts for Dolls ase, Me, flJf, HA and lUI Toy Sets fbr Dlsliea '-^''-i^'^ • Games of aU kinda^A 1^ Me,,t^ Game of Fllhipb, Fm ^a unilbiwdire, Solitaire aud Dim (»ll.-i50e gan^:r;i Toy Pianos ...;i .H..».KJl !e ;,a «^|fttc^_ Santa Masks ....i.;,.... Mer"* Xmas Candles, aolto box':IIP*'^ Xmas Candle HoMera, per Jdoe >..ISe Framed Pictures,',VBasIlr ; worth BOe,r^ our prlpe? . ..V..;tii,VAvs •> : Ttoy wagon. »,iSt ,SSimiJ ^i^§^l Toy Steel Wheel:; garijowi ^rfttji^ • Item) ...ij- .......irf.,*-.v.-8Sa ?airticerii'^ 1 W?/; Doll Chairs ...<...«... Child's Morris Chairs •>.. SM* / Fine Toned Im ?ported Music Bgig Superb Emboa«ed CaleiidHii,' eiidi 'MM^Steel Velodpe«es -|Mt,Site njFiKM : Doll Shoes, snppers tM -mtBUMr^ BeanUful Havllanid Cu|» aj ^arai mm km I2i 11 Weat NadiaoD Avenqe Offii* mad S^Mge Wai* Room at ftfWestSixcet Phone 39^ •'i*»;>.jirfk «»ee«« •« w.

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