The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 6
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(ARK,) COURIER : ; N&WS . Overseas Gifts Wrap Boxes Securely And 'Address Plainly, Government Advises > i ' NEW ORLEANS, Sept 5--Mail- Ing instructions for Christmas parcels sent overseas have been Issued bj the War, Na\j and Post Office department, It was announced at Eighth Naval District headquarters today Thc designated period for the'Dialling of Clulstmas parcels to men and women In the nnned services overseas is from 15 Scptom- Ver to 15 October 1944. The usual request train Army personnel .overseas for packages is not required during the .Christmas mailing period. ';..... Packages must not exceed five pounds in,weight nnri be not larger than 15 inches-Ill length or. 36 inches In .length : nnd girth combined. They must be wrapped securely with paper nnd. reinforced with The; box should be heavy heavy twine. corrugated'cardboard or solid libel board or similarly strong material in order foi ;it to undergo extensive and necessarily rough handling on long trips. Fragile articles should lie surrounded on all six surfaces by sufficient cushioning iinaterlnl.. Type or print with Ink plainly (he complete, addsess. Show your retuVn address and'place a copy of balh addresses dnslde -the -parcel. Sample addresses are-as follows: If he Is oh 'a Navy ship: Lieut. John James Roc, USNR, U.S.S. IDAHO, Fleet Post 'Office, New • York'.' (Or San Eronclsco.) If :'he is a member of .Armed Guard: John James Hoe, Sic, USNH, Armed Guard, S, S. THOMAS SMITH, l Fleet-'Post Office, New York/ (Son Francisco or New Orleans:) If;hc.has-ft Navy, Number: John James Roe, Sic, USN, U. S. Naval Air Station, Navy Number 128'(one two eight),-'Fleet :Post Office, -Saiv Francisco. :HOr .New York.) ; If,he is.on.a Merchant ship: John James Roe, S. S. PRESIDENT JACKSON, Postmaster, New York. (Or.San .Francisco, or New 'Orl'e-' ans'.) > : - • If,he is a Coast Guard Man: John James; Roe, 31c, USCG, U.S.C:G.' POTOMAC, 'Fleet Post Office, New York. (Or San Francisco.) ' '. If>he:Is-a'iMarine: Coriwral.John Henry Roe, USMC, Co. "A" Seventh Marines, Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, California, (Or New York.). :Use'the .full: name and no -initials; nicknames, : 6r abbreviations. Mark, ^cach parcel "Christmas Parcel." Par-: eels containing perishables will not be accepted. Only one parcel per week maj-bc.seiit from the sender to the same addressee. Limited Mail Service Resumed In Normandy .-WASHINGTON, Sept. G (U.P.) — Postmaster General Walker nn- nownces the resumption .of limited mall ..service to civilians in- the Normandy area of liberated France. IFor the present only postcards will be accepted. These will require tSree cents postage. And the correspondence will be .limited personal or family matters. to Courier Ke*« Want t/it. SUN-RIPENED FOQDS-BY AIR! - • • • , ... From: Coast to Coast, From Farm to Table, In 24 Hours By DAVID A. STEIN NBA SUIT Writer NEW YORK.—Whether you're a New Yorker with a yen for cherl- moyas ov a California!) wllli on urge for Long Island flounder, you cnu have your lien it's desire wllhln 24 hours. Chcrliuoyas are the fruit of a sub-tropical Ircc recently introduced In soudwrn California, nnd Long Island tlounder Is nn cast favorite, bill the 3000 miles that separate them nrc Jusl a 'day's hop for the modern ntr cargo transport. Air-borne cargo transportation was.ln ilts.ftlapors when wnr begun'. Now It's a iusty youth, yelling vigorously for ii place In (lie i>ost-wnr sun. By sheer groiips meeting coincidence, two ii](le[)endeiHlj' .In New York, within n few weeks of cnelj other, found tlielr dims dovetailing perfectly Into n pattern for rapid growth of nlr .transportation. One, the First National Air Cargo Packaging FVmnti, wiis iirimiirlly interested In nlr cargo from metropolitan business centers like New York's garment district to -distant markets like (hose qirttiG west coast and In Soutli America. The other, Air Cargo Research of Wayne University, hndibeon surveying markets for,,perishable .produce from distant agricultural regions to metropolitan :mnrkcts between.New York and Chicago. Thus each, group found n paylotid'for the other. FKU1TS AND Fftllil.S Planes thut will fly vinc-rlpcucd fruits >nnd vegetables from Texas. Florida and California will return with bridal gowns ami hctghl-af- thc-season fashions for the belles of the--San .Fernando Valley. Experts are convinced that the major Workers-Needed For Navy Yards Of Pacific Coast Thousands of workers, skilled and unskilled, ore needed to repair battle damaged ships of the U. S, Navy In .We«t Coast ,Navy Yards, in the months of. fighting ahead aim after the peace is .won, .0 Navy representative In dared today. Little Rock de- Curt.0 .plane lit Han I'rnnclscu iilrporl is loaded with- 3000'.pounds of perishable frullx jind vegetables, to lie served next day "at a hmchcun In New York. go shipment of perishable fruits and vegetables point out that variety, portability and nutritional vnlne Tom Moor, recruiting represcnta- • live of- the. Pacific eoast :Navy Yards, .has offices .In Little .Rock for the purpose of hiring skllled:and unskilled workers for ••Immediate-a))-.' r.olnlmont. Mr. Moor, v)ho may Ije' readied cither ,al thc U.. S. Navy' Recruiting Station, or U. S. ; Em-' ploymonl Office In Little 'Rock, ex-: plained that pullman accommoda-: lions and .meals en .route will be : ••|.a!d by the Navy. Mousing units will be reserved in advance for each 1 worker nnd his family «t any West Coast Navy Yard. Men and vvomeu not now employed or who are In' non-essentltil, Industry arc advised .to contact their local USES offices -or any Nnvy .Recruiting .Station-for .fur-, liter information. Interested applicants planning to'come to Little Itcck for-an Intervlew.should .bring their statement >of avallab|l|ly with them, since hiringpf -personnel as civilian'- employes ,of Die Navy is done in accordance with War Manpower 'Commission --regulations. Thc lute Secretary - of the Navy, his ci- Knox, shortly 'before death .paid >a great-, tribute.. to ' part of :.alr cargo volume will be made up of style goods, seasonal goods, goods changing in model, find gift -packages,/specialty fish, 'fruit and .vegetable Hems, .nnd cut'flow- 1 rs. , To dramatize air transportation of seasonal foods.'Wnyne University In- vlled-250 food experts to 11 lush banquet. .A •United Cargoliner -brought In a full .pliuio-loatl of perishables ordered in routine fashion by A & P stores from Its icjjuinr suppliers In west-coast ifurmlng sections. iDungc-, ness -arnbmcnt cocktnlb, K ".struto- sphere". salad of greens .picked 'the dny before in California nnd VVnsli- inuton, Colorado rainbow troUt, and iU(le&<icrt'of'<rrirc fruits shipped .for the iflrslitlmciavcr a •.great distance were feature* of the niehl. Not to be outdone, the Air Cargo Packaging .Forum, exhibited ladies' ready-to-wenr, sporting goods -from a Manhattan store, bottle goods, •x-ray .tubes, nnd •baby chicks—nil destined .for .plnne .delivery .to faraway places. Business executives attending the fonmi were told that' Air Cargo. Inc., formed by 10 miijor" transport companies, was completing a survey of 35 cities, checking on post-wnr express for 5000 present and potential shippers. Advocates of nlr cargo expansion are 'iiot deluding themselves 1 -Into wishful-thinking that all thcirprob-- lems will be magically solved once peace returns. Cost, for Instance, will be nn important factor, since rail transportation -,vrJU 'BtUl be far below that of air shipping. They arc' convinced, however, .that the consumer won't mind paying more for air advantages. • FRESH FKOM FARMS Boosters for farm-to-clty air car- of. .fresh foods will be increased for millions -of city dwellers. Naturc- rlpened fruits nnd vegetables are sweeter, Juicier, have better texture, taste better, look bolter, and have greater vitamin content .the liiimalmuly picked foods now taken from the fields while they are still green. •Damage and food wnslc will be reduced, fo'rlrnusportation time and handling necessary for distribution will -be idrastlcnlly cut. Moreover, relative surpluses and scarcities In the nation's produce markets will be •iilnimiMd since distribution can be equalized. Business executives in mclrcmoli- lan centers welcome; air uugo,devel- opment because shipments can be .. vj ] j(m Navy workers -wheii' lie said, "On every -ocean .today there are American ships :that, have ibeen remade to firms In such places ns ftlo turned to action in.record-breaking de Janeiro, Briv/ll. or Lima, Peru, (line after suffering .serious ulam- In less 'time than it took a little nee In battle. Without ;thesc s.hips wlille ago to do business between — without .men and ships to .re- firms in New York and San Fran- 'store -Iheni—th c w'tir.iiiilght already. cls co. • Imve been .lost."" .And;.ln an iaddress Highly prontable "special order" lo persons,in .non-essential Jobs he business, for such-things as •bridal made .this; appeal: .'Svpur Navy—, gowns of a desired color and .size. 5°nr Country —•needs -you iiiow.' for next day rush delivery,and-mall c °" le Join .the patriots In our Pa- order business with customers at cl(i<; Coast .Navy .Yards who des- dlstnnt places can be developed to' licralely .need your'help to speed an increasing extent. the day of victory," To back up their faith in air cargo transportation, air-minded : i executives point to record of thc Ai: •ninnd, whose shipments.during th'e first six months of 1944 totalled 22,- LITTLE 'ROCK, -Sept,;G. (UP) — 000,000 pounds of freight, valued at Mayor Chester 'Holland of 'Fort' $19,000,000. These shipments were Smlth |1!>S nl ed a -petition with the' Proposed: Gas •Company to Hie impressive T ,i ,1 :f \ , ' ir Transport com- transfer.-Is Opposed "F. Raines Of Holland Is Killed l. Thomas E. Raines, 20, of Hol- aiVd, Mo., was killed;!!! action April 8,in:thc English Channel,'the War Department has notified .his father, ". E. Raines of Holland. A junior in -Holland High School 'hen he entered-the Army, Private laities began service early in ia-13. Besides his father he .Is survived y his stepmother, a sister, Mrs. I'holma Dennis of Gulfport, Miss.; brother, Morrison Rnlnes of De- oil; two,-step brothers,: Charles Veslcy and Gerald Edwards of Koland, and u step sister, Mrs. Ann;! .cc Wallace of Blythcvlllc. WHAT MAKES A RAILROAD GREAT? TheLoyulty of Patrons (The travelers and shippers who depend on Frisco for 'reliable rail service are our responsibility. <\Ve cnnnot ifail . . , we grow as their needs for rail transport increase. iWe strive ,to serve their loyalty by the best of service. ^5)00-0 MILES 9 VITAL STATES FRISCO ALINES ST.LannS-SAN FRANCISCO RV TOWEL ONLY-. IF YOU MUST -RAILROADS ARE WAR ROADS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as complete as during pre-war times! Put yoiir plants in OIVE * Belting . * Steam Packing *^AII Si« Kpe * Crane VaVy'es Gih Saw Files and Gummers * Belt Lace * Pipe Fittings * jnncle over gloljnl routes, ninny of them on regularly scheduled nights. Steeie Man Wounded Pfc. Eugene Sninford, son of Mr: and Mrs. \V. li. Snmfonl of Slecle, Mo., wns slightly wounded In 'the. foot July 12, while in-action some-where In Italy. Already removed from a hospital to n rest cnmp, his condition Is sal-, Isfnclory. NVir C;iKliier -Giuljs Cash 'CAMBRIDGE. Muss. .(UP) •— A blomie \vnlkcd Into the sliorl-Imnd- ed Central Restiumuil nt, rush hou'i; find Disked for n jpb.'Slic got nn - . mediate trial as -cashier, nnd mricfc Arkansas Utilities -Commission protesting a proposal by D. E. Dunne,' Jr.. and a group of Wichita, Kansas; associates 'to acquire properties of the Fort Smith Qas.-'Company and tlie Southern Gas Producing -Com-' pnny. The properties would be pur-- Clmscd from the United-public Utili-' tics Corporation of New Jersey. - ; The petition, tfled by Mayor Hoi-- liind and'the Fort Smith-city commissioners, asks that a scheduled hearing: today be postponed and that a final 'bearing on 'the nppli-, cation \x -denied. ' The petition says the financial nrrangeniBiit proposed by the Wich-' Ha group would, in the words of thc document, "unduly encumber the' properlies-of the public utilit/ and render them unsafe aiul -unsound." Picks 'Up Wire During Storm And Is Killed MAGNOLIA, Ark., Sept. C (UP) —Twenty-eight year O ld Rozclle Pyle was electrocute^ at his home north of Magnolia yesterday when he attempted to pick up a broken electric wire during a rain and electric storm. A passerby saw him fall and called officers. A }lneman from the Arkansas Power and tight Company removed the body from the 'wires and tried to revive him but It was too late. 'Pyle was born and reared in the Spotvllle community. He baj lived In El Dorado several years mid worked for several oil companies. He Is survived by his wife and a child. Production Lines May Yield Airplanes Fitst WASHINGTON, • Sept. 6 (U P ) — Private airplanes may be rollin,. off the .production lines sooner than new cars. This Is the prediction of an official of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce. He says that some manufacturers are -hoping to resume production of personal aircraft, before the end of the year, A few are reported already busy on new u-odels. Potential purchasers of new plane;. Include severr.l million returning servicemen who have learned to fly,.as well as pre-war /Hers who have given up tlielr planes during thc war. •Product!. 1 ))) of heavy-duty trucks totaled 37,011 .in 19-13, .compared with 21,009 in 1942. ship insure repaired. Shoes are costly— have ibera renewed where exacting rare combined with superlative workman- thelr 'being properly -Every style of repair la .made here -RIGHT! H-flLTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP 111 W. MflIN ST. Financing Plan In Gas Company Deal Protested LITILE ROCK, Sept. C (UP) — Chiel Accountant J. D. Walker Jr., of the Arkansas Utilities Commission has thrown n wrench in the plan by which a group of Wichita, Kans., would acquire the Fort Smith Gas Company from the United Public Utilities Corporation of New Jersey. Walker recommended to the commission Tuesday that unless proposed financing plan be greatly changed the petition would be refused. Mayor Chester Holland of Fori Smith -and the .Fort Smith City Commission protested the srf. of the utility—and asked that a hearing scheduled for yesterday be postponed. The commission delayed the hearing until Sept. 20. Walker objected to the plan of financing on the ground that the, new Hrm contemplates issuing bands and mortgaging of property within Arkansas, which he says has no bonded Indebtedness outstanding. The chief accountant says the proposed- mortgage indebtedness of EO per cent of outstanding ca;/al apparently necessitated •-reduction of thc cash working capital to an extent that Is unsound. D. E. Dunne jr., pne of the group seeking lo purchase the utility, lias proposed merging the Southern Gas Producln Company, n wholesale us company owned by United Public Utilities Corporation, with the Fort Smith lirm. FOR MINOR BURNS CUTS VMOROLINf D \ PETROLEUM JEUY'iAi \ ft-wktrs/s WKH fo* \\jrt I Have Opened Nf W OFFICES Located In The First National Bank Building. 104 S. 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