Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1908
Page 6
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<;\ tri^i . Mrt. Ml« Pntt Saw Htr ChlMnm at thk -KanaM City intention Hem* Ywtcrtoy for a Short Tlma. * The Joamal says: v gnaday -was i day (tf reat toA pleanire tixt Ita. Del- la-Pnttaad her tour dilldreii, hnt Jamea sharp and hli Iwife'foond little to brichten their stay In JalL Xd. flah and WUiamBDsnell were anllen and mbroae when they were seen. .At the Detention home the thrae Pratt glila and their brother Dewey had been dreased In clean dothea eaily In the morning. A few mlnntea after they had dinner they were anr- . prlaed to tee their mother enter the lurite room In which they werrrtfy- lag. ' •-^y^^wmmiivKifllL The aorrowlnc little woman Md not h«?« anna enontfi to reeelve the ruah of ehlldren, all of whom wanted to ktea and has her at the aame time. 'Do ybd feel weH," "Do yon aleep all Bii^t,'' and a hundred other qnettlons t'were^ hurled at the amiUns woman ^by the happy little children, who are trylnff to help their mtogutded mother ^ forget the paat With the two amall- er children on h«r lap, and the two • fairser girls standing by her side with thelr/arma about her. Mrs. Pratt listen ed to the wonderful tales of the happy moments her children had spent In tiie Detention home. - Mary and Lena.' Pratt could hardly be taken away from the primers furnished to them, so eager to learn are they. Sven Dewey and iSdna showed enthnalssm In their progress of being educated. Mrs. Pratt was allowed to visit with her cbUdren for an hour, and then taken back to the county Jail where she ahares her cell with Mrs.' Shup. The two Women find much comfort in the fri«idshlp of each other, but Mrs. Pratt Is the brighter of the two and is • buoyed up by her affecUonate chUd- rtn. Both women spend the greater part of the time In Jail pacing up and down the narrow confines of the cell, be moaning their trouble and fearful of tte final outcome. Mrs. Sharp bad but little to say yesterday, except that she did.not understand how ahe became implicated iik such an awful crime. Both women expressed sorrow for the grief of Mrs. Michael MUllane and Mrs. Albert O. Dalbow. 'In another wing, off from the, wo-, nen 'a quarters James Sharp, Bd. Fish I •Hd WOIIam Stagnell are locked.; The Judfl* Laarnard Hol^ a Confersnea With;. F. ,^Oytor en Murder '"CaaaToiMy^ "We expect' to be ready for trial but there is some doubt about It as our client has been 01 praetteaUy aU of the time alnoe the unfortunate a^fair,*^ said F, J. Oyler today [In'ietei<> ,ence to « conference he held here I this morning with Judge Oscar BL lisamard, of Bartlearllle on the MrsJ Arlle Beaton csiae. Mra. Heaton la to be tried In tba January term for the murder of her diverted husband, Clint Heaton. Stnea her release on bond, Mrs. Heaton ban been living with her sister. Mrt. iLeamard at BartlesvUle. Judge Learnard Informa Mr. Oyler that Mrs. Heat> on ia still far tram welL HIS SENTENCE AFnilMED. Eddie SbaBnon' Mast Go to State School for Boys. In the district court this afternoon Judge Oscar Fonst sustained the sen- Itence of Eddie Shannon, a negro boy, aged 10, to the Boys' Industrial school In Topeka until discharged by due process of law. Toung Shannon was given the original sentence by J. B. Smith, Judge of the Juvenile court. i(f- ter a trial In which the Judge decided that the boy was shown to be;Incorrigible. Stiannon has been in Jail about two weeks, pending the apiteal in his caset Ho .was arrested for endeavoring to fight his teacher In the Bassett school To, Confirm Sale. A moUon to confirm the receiver's [sale of the. Webster refinery property at Humboldt is being argued this afternoon in district court The property was sold to the Northrups at.the receiver's sale some time ago on a fii^t mortgage. Parties holding second mortgages are objecting to a confirmation of the sale. Judge FOust will not likely pass on the case before tomorrow. Isaned Marriage License. Probate Judge J. B. Smith issued a marriage license today .to Clarence Reiver,, of KIncald, and Miss Jessie FltJce, of Bronson. Real Estate Transfers. 8Bd wmiam Bngnell are locked., Tne N. Wert and wife to O. V. Con- SM powerful "Sam Ood" alte with ^etj; » f •.Ii*"^i^^.°''„';^^S ^h it i ;^cast bead and eye. that appear tonrth ta plea for a kind word. "Brother. It ^'i*-J^"^*^®!?^"^'IIT w„„.r«h la BwfUl. T am no a stump and don't P- Connett to the Monarch knfw what to think." Sha^reSa^ ^"^'"Af.!?*"'Ks"!; MV^r*^ •d^iireral times when asked horhe ^V^I^I'^^^'TIP^ r .;»to '2,U2^SK"apT2rr ^ E^enn ^tSTals M. Holden. • After Mra. Pratt left the Detention ^"^^ ih»v90t hone .^t^e four little ones said they u.vw.«i u.r. Mllee mat ^n, who haJnSlled on S!;"Ji;^J3'A »"w ^%';iVi ^,i''; JlS tharn. that "we thought mamma was ^^^^I^7"*i^^^l^„'^!^^t^x IDlBg to to era«y. bif. sow ahe Is bet ,"?°.i°,,V ^?^M M?^!ff h,™ ter and we don't think'ahe will." ""^ 'Vo. mamma slept well last nlabt • "^"^ sriV ^w 'CUde.Y'lllrY'^at^td' Do you want a Beautiful Silk Flag Se VoBBmr Ahiui^n !„-^^^^^ feet? Up-tOMlate; 46 stars; mad* to nTJh? n1 ^«^?-^f fine twilled silk; 'beauUful color* to ri'! tne place of her mother and . m...i.»m<i. n«i.o«f ... . MM the dilldren were appreciative of Her °Xr^i Sme kindness. "We all want to learn and ^""^ "® kindness. "We all want to learn and, send 11.60 and you will receive th» hope we can be able to help our mam -j u^,!- ^nd Sunday Journal thre« ma when we get out of hare''she said |n,o^ths and one of these flags. ^ to her visitors. Asked If they liked! Address THE KANSAS dolls, the three girls said they «lld. IjouRNAU Kansas Citr. Ma !'We haven't bad a doll since we left I our homes about three years Mary aald. ago,' Harked for Death. «o^I 'Three years.ago^I was marked for —^ — !death. A grave-yard cough was tear- Ewftiir «r«w« Better. jing my lungs to pieces. Doctors failed John Ewlnp. vrbo snffered the loss help me, and hope had fled, when of a, portion of blw ripbt hand in an husband got Dr. long's New Dis- accldent flt the Tola Portland recent- covery." says Mrs. A. C. Williams, of Bac, Ky. "The first dose helped me and improvement kept on until I had iy. and who is row in St John's hospital. Is reported much improved. Xotify Jurors. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger is in .gained 58 pounds in" weight and my health was fully restored." This medi- the* cine holds the world's healing record for coughs and colds and ' lung and throat diseases. It prevents pneumo- ' nia. Sold imder guarantee at all drug ary term. The Jury was drawn sev-gtores. 50c and |1.00. Trial bottle eral days ago. free. ieountry today serving notices upon Jurors who are to serve at the Janu- COMBINATION PUBLIC SALE Of Short Horn Cattle and Poland'China Hosr^ At the Pair Qrounds In Chanute; Kansas Friday, Dec. i8th IN SHORT HORNS A number of straight Scotch cattle will be Included, one imported cow, othera are of pcqralar families carrying a large per cent of Scotdi blood. 'tbit wiU. be one\rf the best opportunities to secure something desirable to found new herds or to add to berds already estebUshed. TfiE POLAND CHINAS Are ^^the BMllow, growtby Und. 'Tbe kind which makes the moat . pooada o(t poric for the feed'consumed. <mie of the best bkwd of the breed wiH fee fimad here. There wUl be males and fooales of either cattle or kbci> of tairable agea. A. apedal invitation to aU farmers to attend this sade. Sale will be held -nidar akikltar. I. S. Kj^ran, JewaU Braa.. C U JCcFaideB, J. W. F^pkrejr, lasia * 8tm», EmAiHARY mf.m m m. Will Continue I All This Week. $-25:00. Coats StBmOO $16.50 Coats $WM $10.00 Coats $6,95 $8.00 Goats ...... .$B»pO $7.00 Coats $3,95 Do not fail to take advantage of this great money saving opportanity. Remember sale is for a 1 this week. BroBtest Sale ot Ofspendable Furs The nnqoestloned riepntation of 'The >'ew York Store" should l>e tbe foremost thongiit In your mind when The Fur Question presents Itself and yon are about to purchase a Fur Set, a Fur Scarf, a Fur Xnff or a Fur Coat. >'o matter how low priced or bow high priced an article yon may be Interested in, yon want to feel tbaa a reliable firm is selling it to yon with their assurance and recommendation standing back of Its real value In li^allty and style and reasonableness In prke firs^ last and at all times. We offer a few suggestions lielow to guide yon as to how far your money will go in the pnrcliase of stylish and serrlce- able Furs. Ladies Brown Coney Fur Coats with largo storm collar and revers, lined throughout with Skinner satin. Special in this sale $33.75 Ladles' Electric Seal Coats 24 inches long, lined with Skinner satin, large storm collars and revers. Special in this sale $2.5.00 Ladles' Fine Electric Sea; Coats, col lar revers and cuffs trimmed in Beaver, Skinner satin linings. Special, each $.35.00 Ladies' Extra Fine Electric Seal Coats, collar revers and nnd cuffs trimmed in brown Martin Fur, Skinner satin lining. Special ^'u this "ale .-.W.; 850.00 CIREAT SALE OF FUK SCARFS. J1.2r> Fur Scarfs for 75 <S $1.50 Fur Scarfs for 986 $2.50 F-ur Scarfs for ....$1.50 ?3..'.0 Fur Scarfs for $1.98 ?5.00 Fur Scarfs for $2.98 IG .50 Fur $carfs for $3.98 ILIO Fur Scarfs for $4.98 $10.00 Fox Scarfs for $6.95 $12.50 Fox Scarfs for $8.95 $15.00 Fox Scarfs for $0.95 $18.00 Fox Scarfs for $12.50 $25.00 Fox Scarfs for $15.00 Ladies' Fine Caracul Coats, beautifully trimmed lined throughout wlUi fine satin, regular $25.00. Special in. Ihis sale $15.00 Natural and lilended Mink Neck Pieces; special at $3.95. $4.95. .$5.95, $7.95, $9.85. Siberian and Sab^e Squirrel Neck Pieces; special at $4.95. $6.95, $8.95. $10.95. $14.95. A Fine Collection of Fine Fur Sets with large Pillow and Rug Muffs in Real Mink, Jap Mink, Sable Squirrel, Siberian Squirrel, Blue Fox and Real' Lynx, at ppecial prices during this sale. Big Cut Price Sale in our' Millinery Department Evfry Hat mist be sold. This is a bona-fide sale, and price is no object to us. Take note of prices. The hati muet be sold—prices cut in two. $tm50_ for any 13.00 hat in the honse. $StmOO for any S4.00 hat in the house. $2m50 for any $5.00 hat in the honse. $3m50iorany 27.00 hat in the house. M-OO for any $10.00 hat In the house. $S,00 for any $12.00 hat in the house. ' $9,00 for any $18.00 hat in the honse. Children's School Hats, choice of any in stjclr, half price Gigantic Sale Xmas Handkerchiefs The rask will begin soon— wise people wflLbegin Bhopplof at once. Handkerchiefs are espRlally convenient to lay away and yonll feel better to have part of your buying over. Then, too, we have more time now—and a better variety. Children's neat colored border hemstitched Hand- herchiefs, worth 5c; in the sale, each 3* Ladies, cross-bar stripe and fancy Handkerchiefs,, each 5t Men's initialed Handkerchiefs, fine quality, linen finish, half dozen in box $1.00 Men's Initialed Pure Linen Handkerchief, put up six in a box, per box $1.50 Children's Handkerchiefs, pnt up 3 in a fancy box, pretty patterns, generally sold at 20c per box: in this sale, box 15< Ladles' Pure Linen Embroidered Handkerchiefs, plain and crossbar centers, lace edge or hemstitched each , 15^ Ladies' Handkerchiefs, high grade embroidered in the new Amriswgl embroidery cross-bar or stripe centres; choice, each '.. 25t OOOOOO.OQOOOOOOOOO 3 O 9 ADDRIOHAL SHORT STOHIES O 0 P aoooeoooooooooooo 'Gave Faiaaai Sapper. Noah Bowman, the Gamett attorney wb^is we^ known here, gave a 'pos'~ aippar-: a few nigfata- ago. The dealer says: Noah Bowman has Uirae fine 'poasnma fattening at WIl- !Ian' Bayii ".becanae he knows that BUly-- la almighty good feeder. So^e tfma- aco. Noah gave a little supper atiflie .Bed Ugbt at wUdi 'possum iTtha pHaclpat featare of the bill - 'Bi#ipMata'wai«rJ|B«ie.CMc So, lately, he secured three more 'possums and placed them under Billy-s care a'nd keeping, and arranged with Mrs. Ray to have them properly pi'e- pared for the feast, which will probably take place tomorrow night or Wedn^day night . May Get Durbln. Tbi Joplin Herald says: Blaine Itarbln may appear in a Joplin uniform next aeaaon. Tony Vanderhill. manager of the Miners, and the man who developed ,Durbin.Jp authority for thcu statement {Diirbih la owned by theChkago NaUonal'Laagne team, Otherwise the Cobs. champUhB ot the gorW. .i 'S^ haa bate witlt-iha. toam wants to be a Miner again for another season. | Bluff Blasted Away. Ralph Drake of the lola township board, sUtes that the bluff at Minor's ford has now been blasted off, pefmltr ting a good view of the bridge. The bluff obstructed tbe view of the bridge and drivers coming from the south were: I reluctant in starting around tbe bend unless someone be on the bridge and a collision occur. There is roomj however, on the bridge for teams to ' JHUS ud drivers need not now heiltateMn crosaing. ;:iiaatli»fiinowiBt and Fred Earll of Kansas City, last year with the Cotton SUtes league, have been signed to try-out for first base. Tom Reed, who held down tbe Initial second bag last year, will also return. For Drainage Districts. About forty or fifty farmers along the.Neosho are making plans to organize drainage districts and have employed an attorney ta draw np the papers. If the required number of signers for the organization of the distilct' are secured, a petition will be presentied to^ the county commission- era for a'hearing. v;.>^- -.-.Afciwfr'HIia' MaHaclr,. ...-.-li ,-'. pany of which he is advance agent' Miss^Lillian Shaddock, prima dottna of the company, who has been visiting Mrs.: Bartlett for a week, also accom-' panied him, as the company will open- a six week's engagement In Topeka soon.—Winfleld Courier. , j : To Move Out Sidewalks. ResidenU living in the 400 and 800. blocks on north Chestnut sU(eet''areh getting up a petition asUngrthe city' council to make a fill oi^.tb^ streets along those blocks ink order:, that they move out their sidewalks. ' . Prea^ta#Haf!k. Mrs. Ber.XlBKt Of tUs. ci^ i^r Brethren' eharelL']

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