The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1949
Page 10
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PACK TIN BLTTHBVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER HEWS SATUKDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1B4» TMI NATION TODAY FCC Television Hearings Mean Changes Are in the Making, But May Be Delayed Many Months By J«k (For June* Marlow) WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. (if)—The. television hearings opening here mean thmt changes are In the making In his newest field of entertainment. But dont trpect anything to happen suddenly—or even anytime a tecult at the Fedral Communications Commission'* latest atudy of the subject. Just now presents a p*ck*e» much too complex for any quick handling, by either government or industry. In other words, If you are thinking in terms of forget It. 'color by Christ- In ail the legalistic discussion that will go on before the FCC during the next few weeks, the important thine to remember Is this: The television «et you now have or may be thinking of buying from your local store will always be able la tune in Just what It Is tuning in now, until it wears out. If the FCC makes the changes it is now considering, you can buy «ome gadgets for these present sets to get !n on whatever may be added to the television system. The hearings will deal principally with these three things; 1. More channels, designed to open local television cutlets In more towns. i 2. Revised engineering standards for the video broadcasters. 3. Color television. Under the first heading, 42 new channels are proposed In the "ultra high frequencies," to be added to the present 12 channels in the "very Ihigh frequencies." Most present sets are tooled for VHP only. II your town gels a VHF channel and you want to tune In on it, you will need a "converter." The experts think they can be produced at relatively low cost—say, $15 to $18. Item two deals mainly with the technical question of how far apart video broadcasting towers should be located for Improved reception. In Its probe Into the final item, FCC will look over a half dozen proposals for color televising, to find out if any of them are ripe for regular operation. Under present plans, if color should be authorized the programs would be available to present set owners who could tune them in in black-and-white. By hooking an "adapter" to the present set, they could get color. The cost of an adapter is estimated at $15, but the experts hope a cheaper edition will result from mass production. In any case, nothing will happen right away. Radio people say that even 11 things move along at a fast clip, it would hardly be possible for any VHF station to get on the air during 1950. And the radio manufacturers' association has told FCC that color 'television for the general public is probably "several years" away. Seven Hobbyists Win Trophies In Competition at District Fair 8even mantels can display loving «up» presented at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair this week for .winning entries in the Hobby Show, a part of the fair'for the first time this year. Among the loving cup winners were the seventh and eighth grades of t*i« Promised Land School, who erected miniature tog structures of Ft. Monger for the winning entry in historical division. Charlei Coleman of Blytheville •»»» the first place winner in the model building dhrislon. His entry, "Dynamic," a control line stunt model won wrer the hot-rod ' race ear, which travels 124.8 miles an hour and entred by James Vest of Blytheville, second place winner. Complete lists of Judging were announced yesterday by Charles Bittner, general superintendent of the Hobby Show. The winners in the various division and their, entries follow: Historical-Seventh and Eighth Grades of Promised Land, first.; Kdward Wallace of Blytheville, Mexican doH collection, second. Specialized Collections—Mrs. R. E. Blayteck of Blytheville. first price, collection of miniature pitch »rs; Mrs. E. B, TJoyd. second, scrapbook. Woodworking — Harvey Morris, gavel collection, first; Keith J. Bilbrey, cherry night stand, second; Dr. W. A. Taylor, Third, mirror- finished'kitchen table and chair. Model Building—Charles Coleman ot Blytheville, first, James Vest of BlytheTille, second: Norman Sullivan of Blytheville, control-line stunt model, "Flying Circus", third; Ed Wallace, control-line scale "Spitfire," fourth. Leatheicraft—Waynfc BlaVe, skin purse, wallet and coin purse first; Worth D. Holder, leather vest, second. Electrical Devices—Eric Bollard of Yarbro, first, a model train; J N. Smottiermon, second, miniature village and Irain terminal; ant Oscar Hardaway, Jr., third, electric tace car; Charles Hinson, fourth electrically-driven Jeenster. Miscellaneous—Stella Cain, first etched aluminum trays; Mrs. George Fisher of Kulbert, second, etched ash trays and coaster set; Mrs E T. Cude of Leachville, third, soai sculptures. Photography—Dr. W .T. Rainwat er, first, black and white "Spring Thaw;" B. B. Goodwin, second, col or photo made in Taxico, Mexico R. F. Kirshner, Jr., third, black nd white portrait; O. C. Swartz, ourth. with black and white photograph. An antique display arranged by i fr Cagle, who maintains a shop a he Goff Hotel, contains a hall tree »f walnut with hand carved oak ungle vine. A similar one sold for $2,750 in Nashville recently. Another Mass Burial Grave Found at Dachau DACHAU, Germany, Sept. 24—(.V -A new unmarked mass grave District Fair Winners : ood Preserving With the food preservation ex- •ribita occupying rows of space In he new Woman's Building, one of he best assortments and the great- st number of canned loods were on Isplay in the history of the North- ast Arkansas District Pair. Judging.*; in the 66 events saw the refluent recurrence of two women n particular, Mrs. Lee Stiles of Blytheville, who was listed 50 times n first, second or third prize wln- Ing brackets and sometimes win- Ing two of the three top honors, and Mrs. C. I. Jones, who made 30 .ppearances on the winning list. Results showed the following winning entries: lammed with the skeletons of about 4,000 victims of the notor- ous Dachau Concentration Camp has been discovered here, It was announced yesterday. The burial pit was found by a mixed American-German commission Investigating the description ef another burial ground by a building contractor. Dr. Phillip Auerbacli, Bavarian government member of the commission, said the grave was being sealed off by police and investigation would be conducted to determine why the grave was not marked. Businessman Dies LITTLE ROCK, Sept, 23. (IP) — Edward A. Beilingrath, 41, secretary-treasurer of the Coc? Cni>i Company of Arkansas, died yesterday afternoon In a Biltlmore, Md., hospital. He had been ill several months. A native of Alabama, he came to Arkansas In 1910 and had been with the Coca Cola Company since 1929. —Courier News Photo 4-H BOYS TEST JUDGING. ABIMTV—Switching from exhibitors to judges was a change of pace that didn't slow these winners in 4-H district livestock ami dairy cattle judging contests at the Northeast Arkansas District Pair. In the top photo are the three winners in the livestock, judging event. They are <lett to right) Charles Stevenson of the Greene county 4-H delegation, first place; Jack Finley of Crittenden County, second; and Virgil Griffin of Craighead County, third. At the halter of the Angus being judged Is Filip Weidman, a Swedish student now In the United States under the Youth Exchange Program. He is staying at Promised Land during liis visit- here, as the guesl ol the A. C. Duclos family. In the bottom photo are tlie three top winners in the dairy rattle judging contest. Prom left to right, they are Sam Alexander of the White county 4-H Club, first-place winner; Jim Miller of Izard County, second; and Stanley Smith of Greene County, third. Negro Deaths Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday for Gilbert Robinson, 55, who died at his home on South Hth Street Thursday. Rev. H. Boykin will conduct the services, to be held at St. Paul Baptist Church in Blytheville. Burial will be in Mt. Zion Cemetery. He is survived by his wife. Ora Robinson: six sons, a daughter and three sisters. Caston Funcvn! Home is in charge. Dyess Noses Out Trumqnn 7 to 6 For Second Win The High School Englcs ccked out a narrow 7-6 victory over Trumann last night in a game played at Trumann. The Eagles scored first in the second period on a sustained drive that started at mldflcld. They stayed on the ground all the way with Pincher plunging over from the eight yard line. Humphries picked up the game-winning extra point. Trumnnn scored its lone tally in the fourth quarter but failed to pick up the extra point. The game wa.s marred by penalties. Officers Believe Woman, ' ="'="" <° *!»• u ,t i \i, ,- u i State Police Investigator H. B. nela tor Wounding Her \ Peterson quoted Gordon as saying Mote, May Be Biqamist hls wife shot lllm wit "°"t warning ' 3 [ ami then "stood over me smiling CLINTON, Ark.. Sept. 24. TO- ! arii T askcti ner to snoot me ° G - Tlie possibility that a young woman who shot her 50-year-old husband is n bigamist Iws been indicted. Sheriff Doyce Cnsinger said he had been advised th'*t Mrs. Lor.ilnc Louis Gordon, 27. left J. T. Louis In California without obtaining n divorce from him and married W. H. Gordon. Gordon, 50. was shot down in a B'lt shop he and Mrs. Gordon-operated near Clinton Thiirsrtny. Suffering four bullet wounds, he was hospitalized nt Little Rock. Mrs. Gordon was charged with Uveen the eyes and get It over with foster." Mrs. Gordon snid she shot Gordon in self defense. Gordon said he und his wife had argued over how she had obtained possession of an automobile. Sugar Ration Abolished SOFIA. Bulgaria, Sept. 24—«V Sugar rationing was abolished yesterday in Bulgaria. Green Beans—Mrs. Stiles, I; Mrs. '. B. Jarrett of Blytheville, 2; Mrs. erry Scrape of Blytheville, 3. Field Peas—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. larretl, 2, Mrs. Stiles, 3. Tomatoes—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. R. ,. Johnson, 2; Mrs. Aubrey Bruce of Blytheville. 3. Beets—Mrs. stiles, 1 and 2; Mrs. Essie Davis of Blytheville, 3: Greens—Mrs. W. O. Anderson of Blytheville. 1; Mrs. R. L. Artkisson of Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Jnrrett, 3; Kraut—Mrs. SUles, 1; Mrs, Jarrett, 2; Mrs. Ailkisson. 3. Soup Mixtures—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Davis, 2; Mrs. Stiles, 3; ,_ Lima Beans—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs E. T. Cucle of Leachville, 2; Mrs. W, D. Henson of Blytheville, 3. Corn—J, R. uombalaski of Blytheville 1; Mrs. Stiles. 2; Mrs. Jones 3, Okra—Mro. Stiles, 1; Mrs. E. B Lloyd of Blytheville, 2; Mrs. B. A of Blytheville, 3. English peas—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs Stiles, 2 and 3. Carrots—Mrs. Jones. 1; and Mrs Stiles 2. Squash—Mrs. Jerry Scrape of Blytheville, 1; MK. Stiles, 1 and 3. Peas anil Carrots—Mrs. Jones, 1. Others not listed—Mrs. Jones 1 and 2. Fruit Dirts ton Apples—J. R. Bombolaskl, 1; Mrs Jones, 2; Mrs. Stiles 3. Pears—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Jones 2; Mrs. Lloyd 3. Peaches — Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Jones, 2; Mr. Bombolaski, 3. Plums—Mrs. Stiles, 1, Mrs. W. D. Henson of Blytheville, 2. Cherries — Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Henson. 2; Mrs. Davis, 3. Applesauce—Mrs. Jones, . 1; Mrs. Johnson, 2; Mrs. Iverson Morris of Blytheville, 3. Berries—Mrs. Stiles, 1 and 2; Mrs. Artki-sson, 3. Grapes—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2. Other fruit not listed—Mrs. Bugg, 1. Prsserrrs Honey—Mrs. Morris, 1. Berry preserves—Mrs. Davis 1 and 3, and Mrs. Stiles. 2. Plum—Mrs. Davis 1 and 2. Peach — Mrs, Aubrey Bruce of Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. W. O. Anderson of Blytheville, 3. Pear—Mrs. E. B. Lloyd. 1. Mrs. Scrape. 2; and Mrs. Jones, 3. Tomato—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mr. Bombolaski, 2. Figs—Mrs. Anderson, 1; and Mrs. J.irrfttt, 2. Watermelon—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Bu»g, 2; Mrs. Joneses. Apple—Mrs. Stiles, 1. Apple Butter—Mrs. Bngg, I; and Mrs. Jones, 2; Marmalade—Mrs. Uoyd, 1; Mrs. Jones, 2; Mrs. Bugg, 3. Group of three, assorted — Mrs. Davis, 1; Mrs. Jones 1. Jelly T.hree glasses, assorted — Mrs. Russian-Made A-Bombs Would Fulfill Forecast FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Sept. 24. P)—If the Russians have made an atomic bomb, they have fulfilled 1*45 predictions o( leading American scientists, pays a University of Arkansas scientist. He Is Dr. Raymond R. Edwards, nuclear scientist on the university faculty and research staff. He formerly was at the Oak Ridge atomic slant. Dr. Edwards said there Is nc secret concerning atomic energy and reaction, the only secret being the method of constructing an atomic x>mb. "It was dearly evident that these problems would be worked out in lime by other nations," he said. 'If the Hussions have discovered the means of making the atomic bomb, they have carried out the predictions of leading American -scientists who forecast in 1945 that the Russians would be m.iking the atomic bomb within five years. That was why the scientists were so anxious that means of international controls be worked out in order to iivold an International atomic bomb race. I hope it isn't too Inte to work out some sort, ol effective international control." Woman to be Chatg»>l With Shooting Husband CLINTON, Ark., Sept. 24. <ff^_ Van Buren County Sheriff Dove* Cassinger said yesterday he plan* to file charges against Mrs. W. R. Gordon, held In connection with the shooting, of her husband near Bee Branch Thursday. "I'll probably charge her with u- sault to kill," the sheriff said. Gordon was shot in the chest, ana and leg at the couple's home on Highway 65 about nine miles south of here. He WHS reported slightly improved at Arkansas Baptist Hospital in Little Rock yesterday. The couple was married last Aug. 1 at Vuma, Ariz. BLYTrltv ILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATPF. LAST !>AY • Open 12:45 —DOUBLK FKATUHE— Unusual Giffs Disiinclive Curtains Sec Them al the Linen & Curtain Shop '•* -So. First Phone 815 $250 IN PRIZES Will Be Offered This Year in the Clothing From Cotton Bags Contest Held in Connection with the Notional Cotton Pickng Contest Prizc winning garments will be modeled at the Cotton Pick- Ing Contest on October 7 . . and all garments entered •uut bt tB»dc fro™ oottao Write for details and entry blank to Clothing From Cotton Bags Contest, P. O. Box 618, Blythevulc. But •owl hy Mytbrrffic Jmfar Johnson, 1. Pickles Dill—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mr. Bombo- laskl, 2; and Mrs. Davis, 3. Sweet—Mrs. Jones, 1. Sour Mrs. John-son, 1: Mrs. Bruce, '2; Mrs. Jones 3. Bread and Butter—Mrs. Bi.iug, I. Hot Pepper—Mrs. Jones, 2; and Mrs. Davis. 3. Boll Pepper—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Davis 2 and 3. Peach—Mrs. Stiles. 1; Mrs. Davis, 2; Mrs. Johnson, 3. Pear—Mrs. Stiles. 1. Spiced Pear—Mrs. Lloyd, I. Beet, Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Jarrett, 2. Relish Corn—Mrs. Jones 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2;' Mrs. Bruce, 3. Chili Sauce—Mrs. Stiles ,1; Mrs. Davis, 2. . Chow Chow—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Davis, 2; Mrs. Stiles, 3. Sliced B«ets—Mrs. Davis, 1; Mrs. Scrape, 2; Mrs. Jarrett, 3. Pepper — Mrs. Jarrett, 1; Mrs. Sliics, 2; Mrs. Jones, 3. Red Tomatq—Mrs. Stiles, 1. ! Carrott—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. Anderson, 3. Group of Three—Mrs. Davis, 1. Juices Grape — Mrs. Johnson, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. Jones, 3. Plum—Mrs. Stiles, 1. Stiles, 2. Blackberry—Mrs. Davis. 1; Mrs. Apple—Mrs. Stiles, 1- Mrs. Bruce 2 Peach—Mrs. stiles, 2; Mrs. Jones, 3; Tomato—Mrs. Stiles, 1, Mrs. Jarret, 2; Mrs. Jones, 3. Any other juice—Mrs. Stiles, 2. Meal Pork loin—Mrs. Stiles, I and 2; Mrs. Jarrett, 3. Sausage—Mrs. Jarrett, 1. Pork ribs^-Mrs. Stiles, I. Bacon—Mrs. Stiles, 1, 2, and 3. Lard—Mrs. Stiles, 1 and 3; Mrs. Morris, 2. Miniature Pantry Shelf — Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. C. M. Abbott of Blytheville, 2; Nfrs. Morris, 3; Pantry. Shelf—Mrs. stiles, 1; Mrs. Jarrett, 2; Mis. Abbott, 3. PLUS Johnny Mack Brown in "Oklahoma Frontier" ALSO— SKKIAL— CARTOON Owl Show • 11:00 p.m. roUTH IN TODAY'S T! Filled by MGM Sunday X- Monday TWO HITS • Open 12M5 SKY DRIVE-IN THEATER MONDAY IS "BUCK NIGHT" FOR ALL JEEP OWNERS All Jeep Owners Admitted for Just $1 Sunday and Monday Night Feature Wall Disni'v's Great Production "SO DEAR TO MY HEART" A Technicolor Cartoon Picture Combined with Live Acting • BURL IYES • BOBBY ORISCOLL • BEULAH BOND! 2 Milei North of Blytheville — Regular Admission 50c Box Office Opens at 6:30 — Show Starts at 7:00 SKY LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER THEATRE OSCEOL YOUR FRIENDLY THEATR Box Office Open; at 6:45 p.m Week \ights Show Starts al 7:l>« Matinee Saturday & Sunday at 'i p.m. with continuous showing Saturday "LAW COMES TO TEXAS" Rill tllliott Veda Ann Bor/f Serial & Comedy Z Miles North el fRytherille Box OUi« Opens at G:M Shaw Starts 7:00 Saturday "CROSSED TRAILS" with Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Halton, and I,ynn« Carver Added Attractions Saturday Midnight Show "BUNGALOW 13" Tom Cnnway Margaret Hamilton Also Comedy RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. S.itnrdiiy "MARSHALL OF MESA CITY" .A with George O'Brien /*•• Carloon A Serial Sunday & Monday rf TMBKOU* foietb! Saturday Midnight Show "HIDDEN CRIME" An All-Stir Anvonc who attends the last regular «fc»w WTO b« admitted FREE «• Ike MUnMe 3tww. CMMrea FR£E Sunday & Monday Walt nisn«j'« "SO DEAR TO MY HEART" wHTi Im, * CARTOON FICTtIRE IN TECHNICOLOR Esna&wutiKS REDSKELim nCWOOMM Scr«K n«r k> *•«•» KiKntti • , - • b, fcr Siatn «ST6i* New* A C»mt4j Saturday Nile Ow) Show "TARZAN TRIUMPHS" with Johnny \Vcissmul[er and liremla Joyce Also Cartoon Sunday, Monday & Tuesday mmmmmmAs Big iff mmmmmm ADVENTURE «,d ACTION it the fabulous lone Star Stile! HOLDEN • BENDIXl u*imcN*;o MON*- 1 CAREY FREEMAN ! "Streets of Laredo . V^i'Sff.r: -> \VAT»CC News & Ca,tto««L RENT A CAR Drfvt AnjwtKT* Tov Pfc&M Simpson Oil Co. PhoiM 937

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