Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1908
Page 5
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tor A CHBISnCAS PRE8EKT for jour boy or fflrl, tiuiM • BAHt BjMK, Bliowiav • 4epoflt to tkeir enUt,»»i o«e of oir iMOI MT I BCS huka, wttk wlikk, tkey CM 8ATE «-^ute*d of aiieBir -tke alttdi u« wklek ao8t erefy chHd (ud grawB ap people^ too) f «t aor* or leii. Wfcr, one of onr d«^ttor»—• protMsiouil wTOd, ud depotlted la two aoatlu, ISiM^ Jast hj ptUbtg mnj la tke mlati baak iro gare urn, (wkea ke tkoagfet sboat It, ke said) tte DIMES' ke kappeaed to get kold of. Stop aad eoaslder what tkis wonld amoant to la &, 10 or la jeara^ besides tke THBEEi^r cent laterest we wonld par jou. Figare It ap Jast for fna. frioada.— Noodaaka BagiaUr. .Mara, ia ;9Bhgak .. hnun UaiMji Jl0att4i to Ibla to eator.tlik-fela Bttaii aaaT In the near fa^«r-^£Mr 'lf< xDra. Utiifcajp, Orteapatta. PI OM «il VlaHIng iKnigari Mra. J. B ;.lCaad «flIlo. of Oil qity. Pa., aad Mrs. W. Hif.Li>ir«,iaiid danck- ter. Harriet, of iadlana,; are vUIttog In this city. belBB, tke gaesta of Mrs, Lottis Krager.-4Modeska'Seglster. —lasist OB kaTiag v. 8. Flaar. SIstar-ln-Law IIU. Mrs. L.~ h. Dasr haa i Jnst reoelred word from Jola, telUng'ot the aerlolia illness of her sister-ln-law. Mrs. Lii- cie-Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton former- AT' lived at Cfeoterrflle.—Gamett News. OmtBiM $2B.aod Mm, iOtmmmm Open fmm 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay ^^Ights Imported Nand Painted China NEW SHAPES MEW DESIGNS EXQUISITE COLORING. See the Window at »PCNCER'9 , lb ail»By>HgTOiftal; lUrtka poatiitefc. left Tharsdar fbri lam. .«k«M.aha-ka«-aaaoftail<.k poal* : |^)ritMM »BelI T «lep)>po|» «^P<^^ '" ~ i&r in Cott«yvllie btit changed ker ftlhd. . —Get your Christmas Cards at Mundis' while the assortment is complete. Seethe Southbend Watch frozen in ice and keeping perfect time in front of Pancoast '5i liO BAST ST. Shark Stori(ftii GOLD STORAGE do. Wholesale CRYSTAL ICE And Distfllad Watar Vaw Goii «toraga Baaii far Baslaaaii Phaae 111. rHANK RIDDLE, Mgr. Real Estate* Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest Pajrmeats recelTod at aar time without notice, and In-^ terast ceases on amount paid, leag er Short TIaa Um, Cunninxham &. Arnett ; •>. I i 11.1 December 15th'is the last date for cheap HOMESEXSKERS EXCURSION HATES In 1908. See us for particulars. W.E.BALSTON, Agt General Coatractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialty. - OfBce 113 East Jacksoa A T*- Pkoae SS4. XAfiAZINES AND PEBI0DICAL8 can be secured of J.E. HENDERSON, Who deals with the pablisfaers and tarnishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial subscription to Van Nittdan's. S mootbs 25e. . J^hone 98. 414 N. Backeye Sktimates cheerfuiljr giren MXKAI (First Pnbllshed Pec 8, 1908.) ADMHrUTBiTOB^ lOTICB. State of Kansaa, ;AIIeD Coantjr, as Ih the miatter of the estato ot J. N Deer. late at Allen oonntz. Kansas Xotlee of AppetetMt. .-Notice lakaraby gir<in, thi« oa tka ith day of Daeamber. A. D. IMS, tha gfidiifsigBed was by th* Probate Court of AUaa Comtr, Kanaaa, dotr aptfoUit^ M aad ^nallflad aa iAdmlnlatiator of • JCaaaai. All partlarJU,,-,-., WUI Jtilto^M^ M« lor hdaHai 'VI- Mil -Frank B. BeatUe. V. S.. Phone 1S9. Find Human Bones. Yesterday, while qoarrylng rock for the abutments of the bridse that is to be built across Cedar Creek west from Fourth ayenue, Elmer Woods and R. B. Crawford found a number of bones that they feel confident are human bones. One is a shoulder blade, and there are numerous other bones that look like human bones. They' also found some teeth;. They alao found part of a pocket comb. These; things were found In a little caTe be-; hind a ledge of rock. In the bluff near Cedar Creek. How these bones and the comb got there Is a mystery. They can hardlr be Indian's bones, for who ever heard of an Indian carrying a bomb? Mr. Crawford says the bones are of a reddish cast The mystery probably will neTer be cleared up.— Garnett Plaindealer. —Good Things to Eat. "Oar-Way." Dsllone After Contract. Contractor Fred DeDone. of Inde pendenoe. passed throurh the oity today bound for Bartlesvllle. where a number of contracts for navInK are to be awardt'd tonight.—Coff^yvllle Journal. -Dr. P. K. Waugk. DeallM. Phone K Good Dividends. An exchange says: Stockholders in the Kansas Natural Gas Co. are getting big 'dividends whi'e the people of Kansas City arc shlrerlng. The aroBS earnings of the Kansas Natural for the first six months of 1908, accord ing to a statement issued In Pittsburg August 18, were $1,928,106.88. The company had a total income, after expenses, rentals and taxes were paid, of 11,657.311.81, and out of thia it paid I86i.477.59, for sinking fund and interest. 172.872.36 for gas,/and charred of $14,787.49 In bad accounts. lear- Ing Its net Income $705,174.38. —Six per rent money: no commia- •slon; no delay.—Smith t Travis. Joe Wrlgkt Better. , Joseph Wxight who was terribly Tn- Jiired. by the explosion of a blast at Petrolla yesterday Is getting along aa well today as could be ^kpected from one who haa p>ne through hia experience. Hia arm waa amputated mid* way between the wrist and the ahonld er. Hia eye waa totally deatroyed by the pieces of rock which were bloira Into It, and thepartldea were removed from the aocket. aereral fragments of atone being taken out. 1 —For fine llTery and boarding I stable for horses, ftee Ralph R. Dralia, Phone 101. Sll North Jafferaon. Ernest Edwarda, lineman for the city in ita electrical department, la alao getting along well. He ia very sore today and his bruises pain him considerably.—Chanute Tribune. . .The Register want ral»a eaa sal* t( rnit It ar gat It tha qileiwgt KevaBM BUev Brian An Ottewa exehangxe saya: The American Horseman thia week coa- taina a notice of the sale of .Ke- wansa Riley to a Denver man for |t,000. Kewanee Riley, now a six- year old. was raised by John Conardi northwest of town, Mr. Cobard sold him to Wilson A Stilson, local horae- men. who tracked him. He showed great promise aa a pacer of more than ordinary, merit He waa later sold to some Chanute men, who have now received! $2,000 for him. KewaBee Riley's record is 2 :11>4. —Caanlngham A Arnett^ 6 per cent moaey. Be>EBgage Master Stewart An Independence paper aays: Manager Logwood, haa succeeded In re­ engaging Master Stoart the wonderful boy. skater. He will appear every Bight In Us marveloua le^p the gap during the Mardi Gras week and Skating Carnival at the AuditoHnm. So rapid his been the rise of this young performer that he opmea oii his return engagement direct from the great Kansaa City Hippodrome, where he is this week a special teature for their opening. Those who saw him hec!B before pronoBQce him a clever child and will no doubt draw the Auditorium a banner business. -rOrdier* your Xaaa tret now of Bwlag a Burdlek. i,^In The Ke^Seftoday^in be found the adverUiiemeat of- a. big, atock aale to take pteee at Chunte Stfday. Mr. I Ai B. Mull, north of town, la fiitereat- ed in thia sale aa are Jewell Bros, of Humboldt Jewell Bros., for the laat three years have been large exhibit- ora.«t the Allen Canaty-IWr and, ef- tryone .around here ksowa that A., B. Hall haa always succeeded In eaiW- Itag aw»y an arm load of prerainma. Jewell Bros., will have hoga In thia aale while Mr. Mhll'acontrihutloii.wai be aeven.head^ of short.horn cattle; One of these is a Scotch cow welding 1900. Booma for man. T. M. 0. A. bnlldlag. Steam beat In sack room. Bathe free For Bent.. Good store room- In brick building I close to savinga bank. ^ C. I* WHITAKBR. Markley Was Here. Rev. A. J. Markley, who aaked the county commissioners to allow a children's home at Fort Scott to take all local children who are county charges, waa ta town Saturday. His proposition waa turned down by the board. Rev. Markley placed a child in a home at Yatea Center Friday. —Hard Shell Crab, Ix>baters, Blue Points. Our Way.. Got Sehrandf Again. Ed. Sch'randt. an old Pittsburg saloon Veeiier, who Is now located at BartlesTille. Oklahoma, In' the "restaurant" business, was arrested yesterday in a raid, charged with violating the Okkiboma prohibitory law.— Headlight —Always time to eat at the Our Way. Individuality of Tax Uw. . The ladiylduality of the. aaaegament levied agalnat D< M. Kennedy, by County Aaseasor H. Lodge la balog I aligned before Judge Flnley In tfaejiKt flee of the ooun^ attorney thia.aftery noon. This is the famous caae In which Kanaedy, thronch^hto atto^ Iseya. Jones and Reld ,.att ^eka the «aB- atltntionality of 'this new ' atato tax law. The defendant repreaanted • by the county, and dty attomeira. argiMd tbetr aide.of tha.<^ tolaj^ Jlglf y meral waeka ago, aaA tkla AftarMiDB tka plalaUtr la gnbattBtlgtlm ^ filfltii aat jGortk la kki applleatloii tor a Utm- porary reatraUitac • order.—Ckaaoto •sB,- Earoate to WIeklta. W. R. Davidson, trainmaster on the Missouri Pacific, passed through lola Satorday morning ei^route to his home in Wichita. , Ud. —Try Sea Food if you feel Fresh from Ocean.—"Our Way." Stock Orer'sabserlbed. All the preferred stock in the Al- tooha Portland Cement plant, that carries common stock with it, has been over subscribed to the amount of $25,000.—Altoona Tribune. Baker Student Here. George W. Underbill, a student of Baker University, returned to Bald win yesterday, after having been here since Friday on bnslBess. BetUatoBaldwta. J. D. BotUn. late democratic candidate for governor, waa In the city last week. Mr. BotUn etpecte to locate In the dty and'aand -hia children to Baker.—Baldwin Repablicaa. Must Be A. O. Allen. All,day Saturday the K.'Fa were trying to locate A. O. Allen who waa reported' to the lodge aa a member and aa. being, aick at Bnshnell. His. The older members have about made up their minds Is A. O. Allen laatead of p. A. Allen. A. O.-Allen Is .wen known here by older realdents and It.Ia;known that he went from here to Buabnell. Mrs. H. H. Car tor who la.a refldent here need to work fof Mr. Allen at hia book, atore .and at the house and she says the ilaat she knew of Mr. Allen M was traveling: Mm. .Carter saya that Mr. Allen,waa a very active K. P. and that she attend^ the first K. P. ball ever •rlten in lola in company with the ABeaa. lift Per Acre. We hiive some of the finest Truck Garden lands near Gulf Coast Texas '>n railroads, we can sell In 10 acre trada at $15 per acre, on monthly nayments. Water from 10 to 60 feet. WHITAKER A> DONNELL. Pilman to PItteburg. Johnny Fillman manager of the Jop- lln baseball team last season, will probably manage the PIttoburg team of the Weatem Assoclatton next wHr son, a deal now belnic on for h^a'pur- chaae. President Baker of the local club Is willing to part with Flllmu aa he Is anxious to see the versatile player secure the management of • a club. Fillman does not wish to remain In Joplin.—^Joplln Globe. —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Onr Way. "Dal" May Go East Mr. and Mrs. Dalrymple expect to leave during the present week for a trip east and also to visit in Iowa with relativea. "Dal" haa b^n appointed manager of the new Weatem Aasodation team at Muskogee. Okla., and haa resigned his position at a local skating rink in order that he may enJoy a good rest and have time to keep a close look out for new players for Muskogee.—Joplin Globe. j— Dr. J. B. Pepper, Dentist, Phone 168 To Live Here. The following is Uken from the Galena Briefs In the Joplin Globe: S Bliczard leaves this morning for Tola, and will be Joined by hia family during the coming week to reside in that city. •-Sign painting, phone 1488. Fred Howden Burton In the South, While In a Southern city the other day a Port Scott man came across J. R. Burton, one of the brilliant united SUtes senator from Kansaa. Burton seemed in hard luck. He Is In the real estote business, but he goes he nds a er Kanaaa town. He had a atrong loi- '^'...^ ohsritsbie society lowin« of the very best men hero wnU«I ^S^fl L^I^S^ yeara ago, and many of them refused to desert him when he was arres|ted. tried, convicted and imprisoned.' A '7 ;jng"TOns"lderatron to them number dedare that he waa the vie- ^ tim of Rooaevelt'a vlclousness and thev all wish him well.—Ft. Scott Tribune. Get the Elko, the best 5c cigar at Crabb's. A home cigar. Tlie^eatest sale of GaoS. Gfbtliesthii lola has^ ^ev^JcnoWn. Yonr choice of My fstf.fio; Snft or ''Overcoat for This indndes all onr Hart, SchafFner & Marx and Stein-Bloch, >.Ico Systen^ and Society .Brand males. We will guarantee every Salt or Overcoa'. of the above makes. Copyright 1908 by Han Schsffiicr & Marx w4Hh $B,for $3.50 SIkmbato tayn. Ohrtkimam Olitm tormmmmmd toym In rnvmrglhUtw thai la Wkea yoB trade wttk a credit ncrckaBt yaa have to 'psj from it to IS per eeat mere for yoor goods than yoa wonld have to pay at a cask store. Say year bill raas 815 every t»o weeks aad yoa pay 10 per cent more, it amoaata to 81JM» eack pay or ISC a year. . By Investing $15 la a credit certificate yoa can tcade with as,and pay yonr blU ereiy two^wedte aad g^ atrktiy caak prices. Tonr 815 yoa kare invested I B tke certificate earpu yoa ID per eeat; tkIs added to tke $88 .yoa save on:a yeai^s proris. leas briags yonr savlags ap to 837.50 on a Fifteea Dollar Investment If yen harent the money to iareat fai the certificate we wDI loaa It to yoa aad give yon yonr own tine to pay It ommiUm Mmmoptmiima Bepreseated by Floyd EUlott, flas City, aad Fryer Bros., lola. ABOUT SANTA LETTERS Postmaster General Not DeeMed aa to Thrhr OeslfaiBUoB. Washington, Dec. 12.^Postmaater IS m tnc i Oeneral Meyer has not decided wheth- wherever M'l' he will issue an order similar to :;,S1„ TeTudlce the on; he Iswed on December 18, igalYt -h.- Burton Sj^^^ ^^^U^yT^l^ 'Xl^^i^^n^l iMtZ tol: to any regularly_or. The postmaster general has received many eonununicatlons both for and against the reissuance of the order and is now issued a tieense. Judge J. B. Smith issued a marriage license Saturday evening to RIna A. lUfchthouse and Miss Ethel Curtis both for East lola. Townsfiip Board Met The lola township board met Saturday afternoon In the county com* tlDOM"B0B WHITES" The Qaall Season Closes at Twelve O'clock ToBlKkt-HnBters Hare BeeB Sfaay. After 12 o'clock tonight, "Bob White" can come out of the underbrush and give vent to his whistle I with some degree of safety as the open season closes at that hour. The .season runs from November IGth to December IGth and some of the more zealous hunters of the bird have tried to persuade themselves that.the sea- Hoa did not close until tomorrow at night at twelve o'clock. County Clerk Culbertson who is authority on hunt- era' licenses, says the season closes at twelve tonight. Quail were quite plentiful this year and the county was overrun with nimrods. DRIVE 376 TURKEYS TO TOWN. Elected OfHcera. _____ Zle™' flSh'Sd mKn^AT'^.S «d '^nsTder;d ~^-| Ozark Champion. Market 376 Fowls, will serve the Modem Brotherliood business. There were a uumberl w.iahtns in All ua6 Pounds. of America, the enaulng year: Pres- Went J. M. Chancellor: vice presl- of bills allowed. dent M *8. W. I* Bayslnger; secretory. C. M. Bieynolds: chaplain, Mra. J. M. Chhnoellor: conductor, Mrs. William Bayslnger: watdiman. Mra. C. M. Reynolds; sentry, D. Palmer; examining OhVBldan. R. O. Christian; trustees. William Brdnness. P. M. Broailna and Bmaa Pterea. The ofllcers will be installed In JCBiury. wears The constant dropping water away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser mastf catea the toughest bone. The constant wooing lover carries away the blushing maid. | , And the Constant Advertiser to the man who geU tke trade. Aboak Two H«Bib<^.Boy8. The WlchlU Eagle .and Beacon contains th^ anhonncement that Fred C. and John S. Young, of that dty, are organizing the.. Toan^. Bros. Whple- ]cnle Hat company, .and that thf Jietr house will be op«iied for buslneaa ;ith6rtly after .the first of-next Janur ary. The company .will be fncoTporat^ with a capital stock of $60,000.. F^ C. Toung Is to be iiresldent jmd'J."8. Toung. vice president The Toniifr brolhers are sons ot, James B. ToupK, formerly treasurer of .Uils .cotuityil'The family were residents of Hui^ioltt fdr many years, and the boys are.grad 'uatea of the Humboldt high, seho^> -and began- th^ir business career as clerks in E. P. Dunb'augfa's grocery store in this city. Thomas McGan- aoQ was a clerk in the store at that time. For the ' past five yeara the Toung brothers have been memi^rs of I wholesale dry gods company ta WSchita. and we predict that thiy. will bo successful in their new veathre.-r Humbpldt Union. \ I. Quarry Rock. Rock for use on east Uncoln street Is being quarried by It S.'Gilflllaa in the new cemetery. Mr. GiUUlan ahonld complete work on Sycamore thia week. cents will Emub/dn. costing 6fty . — last a baby a nAmth—a few dm» In tts bottie each.tfme it kff^ That's a small outlay for so laifle a return of health suid comfort. Babies that are giveh quicidy iresr^ ^to^ ib'l ^ik action. It seems to contafai JBSt the dementi, oi nourishment a baby needs most > Ordinary food frequently labks thii^ nourishoient; Scott s Emulsion jdiwoys supplies it aOCrrTA KWlOb 40* FS M I Start. HnvT« Waightns In All 33M Pounda. Springfield, Mo.. Dec. 14.—A. B Wheat and his brother, of Richvllle. known aa the champion turkey drlvV era.of the (Harks, yesteftay drove i herd of tarkeya. containing 376 fowla into Mountain Grove ' for sale and shipment The turkeys brought $359.61 and weighed In all 3,696 Iba.' ^ The hirda were ahlppe* to MemphIa;^Es«aat^^ J. n. Tfitm ('The birds were shippe* to Memphis; KHMMIOB cp ^rsuuy givea uu «« w.« j Birmingham and jNew Orleans. ''. 919. Bea. Mt 8. B«ckeye. isequen priS%«lltieOv «KbS0iht ^Cmi Wesm nots^pg to miik^toy bp*sta we fuive a tremeodout itittk li We irff, KolnK to reduce the tftJii^ lections, httt if^oii

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