The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1952
Page 5
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MONDAY, 'APRIL 21, 1952 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKTER Officials Predict U. S. To Get European Help In Rejecting USSR Bid By JOHN' M. HIGEITOWKR jecting Russia's "golden apple" WASHINGTON >fi —Officials pre-! move to wreck the unification of PAGE FITS dieted today that Britain. France and Western Germany will slanci firm with the United Slates in re- Democrats Set To Pick U In Idaho LEWISTON. Idaho I* — Idaho Democrats pick 12 delegates to the national convention today with their selection overshadowed by a battle for control of the party In the state. Sen, Kefauver of Tennesse and _______ _ ,.. _. reply to Ihe lalest Soviet proposal j New Orleans Cotton for making peace with Germany in! „,„„ ... . , a manner which Secrclary of Slate i ,, Ope " Hl?h Low 1 " 2 4C43 4001 Western Europe. The governments of the four countries are now u-orkin^ on a Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton \ Open High Low 1:18 j May 4050 10.y> 4010 4030' July 3370 3970 3045 3960 ' Oct 3670 3676 3655 3676 i 3035 3642 362G 3641 Pretty Bobby-Soxer Is Held For Setting Church Fires ,, * 1 - v . ........ Dcr- ..... 3630 Acheson said, would prevent the in- I ','"," tegration of the German -nation ; J y into "the Jree community "of Eu rope." The reply is expected to make Soybeans clear their determination to pro-j cced on thoir present course ol May unification unlil shown what Ache-: j t ,]y 4C43 3964 3674 3640 M3 ° 3D51 3621 36 " 3640 U.S. May End Buying Controls Installment Purchasing May Be Opened Up WASHINGTON IfT)— An government controll over CHARLOTTE. N. C. MV-Char-1 incendiary who set several (Ires at lotte police are holding: a pretty, churches 'here causing an estimated revenge-driven bobby-soxer as the 575,000 in damages. estlmatKi Detective Capt. Bill McCall said thai blonde. 13-year-old Margie Davis, a junior hish school student, admitted she was responsible for, the fires last week at St. Martin's Episcopal Church and at Caldwell I Memorial Presbyterian Church. | The Rirl was placed in a juvenile detention home here There was no charge placed against, her pending t a hearing in juvenile court, end to i Margie said she had been* denied install-! "se "f the table tennis table at St. Forrest City Woman learned Arkansas' Mother of Year LITTLE ROCK W) — Arkansas' Mother of the Year for 1052 is Mrs. Alice Harris Brampl Walker of Forrest City, who has eight children and 18 grandchildren. Her selection wns announced today by Miss Dorothy Alley of Ml. Home, state chairman of the American Mothers Committee of the National Golden Rule Fountion. This makes Mrs. Walker n candidate for American Mother of the Year. -son called "tangible evidence" ofigep a change in the Soviet's basic pol-ijs'ov icles toward the rest of the world.! i ;...,» L Achcson Stales Position LIVCStOCK Acheson stated the American po- NATIONA sition on the Russian proposals f or I *—<USDA> Germany and on recent Kremlin ! 1° lo 15 lower on 220 l£s ment buying Is expected soon. In- j Martin's and had been refused performed officials say. : mission lo use the telephone "' ... , This woutrt mean that there Catdwcll Memorial High Low close !83'i 2314 283", 281 \ 2SO 281>i 214', 'in 274", | mobiles, radio and television sets 269't, 268"; 263- refrigerators, furniture and other items. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS III A J ld th0rl> WOUld be no limit fl " d - ( USDA>-Ho B s 20.000: o^ | ™ ^ g *»™ f ^0,,^^' tt-outrt moan that there f Cnldwcll Memorial ShV *airt'(ha( would no longer be any federal j f he wantpd to "get even" for (he repulsion.-! over how niuch yon! rph uffs and had hit on the Idea of would hnvf to pay down on auto-, firing the churches. cicu. i^cirtuvKi w i i;i,i,^"a3c ttiiu v-'^-i iijnu> tiiiu on recent Kremlin ' u l ° ID lower on 2^0 Ibs down' is ••"*-*• ...mi Sen. Ke-rr of Oklahoma made the offers to outage in expanded trade ! l!lter market 25 10 35 "lower on nil officials pointed out, stronest bid for suort of the with Western - o . ' "''' there ls "° movc nf strongest bid for support of the delegation, which is expected lo be uninstriicted. KeTauver's supporters were aligned with the liberal wing seeking to unseat the conservative faction, which holds the party reins. The Kerr represent a live, Slate Sen. Bob George of Lebo. Kan.. said he would be satisfied with an expression of support for the Oklahoman. The Kefauver camp, clrcu- Inted a proposed resolution which would make the delegation "honor- L bound" to back him in preference f to any other candidate now in the race. with Western nations in a .speech Saturday to the American Society •f Newspaper Editors, meeting moves as "golden apple" tactics. I Packers' top 17-00; liberal part of the GodcJess of Discord threw ., golden apple Into the midst of a party to .stir up trouble among the gue.sLs and brenk up the gathering. Referring to. Ihe Russian pro- jsals on Germany and trade and to various other Kremlin man- STEEL (Continued from Page 1) with a better way to deal with the situation created by the steel wage dispute If it does not like » - hat he has done. He said Congress could "reject the course of action I have followed" but that he did not believe U could "meet Its responsibilities a imply by followng R course of negation." ". . . . the Congress should do more than simply tell me what I should not do. It should pass affirmative legislation to provide « constructive course of action looking toward a solution of this matter which will be in the public interest." His letter to Barkley reminded tfie senators, too, that he had in^ rllcated his willingness to "co^ operate in developing any legists live proposals the Congress might wish to consider" for dealing wlh Iho steel crisis. The message was senl to BB... ley while Truman contjnued his cruise aboard the presidential yacht \Villtamsburg. Meanwhile, Nathan Feinsinger • chairman of the Wage Stabilize tion Board, and Ellis Arnall, price stabilizer, met at the White House with the National Advisory Board on mobilization policy foi a discussion of the steel situation. John R. Steelman, aid to Truman, is now acting chairman ol the advisory board. Republicans Kponsoring (he movi to cut o(f funds for governmen. operation of the steel Industry claimed growing Democratic support. icre. It was lescribed weiohts than POLITICS 17.00-25; moderate sprinkling choi-l n this address that he I ce 180-210 Ibs to shippers n.35 recent Soviet "peace" I early; hulk 240-210 ibs 1C,00-75: I He reminded his audience of a [ run went lo shippers and small '° ry j n .9 reck mythology in .which! packers; hull 280-350 Ibs 17.25-75; Ibs 15.2S-18.50: 130- choice L50-L70 Ibs 15.2,1-16.50; 140 Ibs 13.00-14.50; sows 400 Ibs down 14.75-15.25; few 15.50; hoav- j icr sows 13.50-14,25. | Cattle 4,000, calves 500; opening | s Eow, demand moderate from ship- I P'"? interests and few sales good choice steers near steady at an- a seay a cavers. ^Acheson said that "several ] 32.50-33.00; general bidding uneven- u , , apples have been tossed over the Iron Curinin this spring." Bat. he said. Ihey have not resulted in discord. On the German issue, currently Ihe diplomatic problem. Acheson said three things are outstanding: 1. The Soviet Union has never been willing to relnx "in any respect whatever" its control over Eastern Germany. 2. The Soviet government Is 'bending every effort to infiltrate Into Western Germany." 3. The Soviets have insisted lhat 'every major exercise of power by an all - German government, should be subject to a Soviet veto." He said that, In Russian proposals to form an all-German government through elections, there is no evidence the Russians "wish to have B Germany any less under Iheir control." ly lower; few good and choice nixert yearlings and heifers steady ..t 30.00-33.25; COWK <tra BB y. mostly bidding unevenly lower; some utii- ity and commercial cows about ;teady at 22.00-24.00; bulls and ,'ealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 23.00-2S.50: cutter bulls IB.00-22.00; bulk good and choice vealers 30.00-35.00; sorted prime to 38.00; utility and low good vealers under pressure. Sheep 850; no'choice or prime lots of wooled lambs present: deck choice and prime No. 2 skins 28.75 to butchers; early sales to butchers 50 higher lhan Friday on shorn lambs; nothing sold to big packers; slaughter ewes steady; wooled ewes 12.00-14.00; culls 90011.00. FLOOD PRISON (Continued from Page 1) "contain" the rioters. Southern Michigan Prison la reputedly the world's largest. It hns 6,481 Inmates. Of these, 4,978 are within the walls- The others are trusties or work camp prisoners. At the height of the rioting officials said that fully 1,000 prisoners were involved. The original mutineers In cell block 15 went In for publicity, demanding a newspaper man's presence and, forcing a hostage, with knife at his throat, to pose pictures at a barred window. for (Continued from Page 1) for loday in that area. That would Pile up the waves and let them slosh against the eroding dikes But the flood eak was long a-nd slow moving. Army engineers Tvouldn t pin it down definitely. "It's not K knife edge," said C.R Van Orman at the engineers. Hood headquarters. "It's more i ike t h e back of an elephant." St. Joseph, with a population of 78,500, Is on high ground and in no danger. Residents there prayed in church services yesterday for the endangered areas and asked that downstream sections be spared from destruction. Jesse Guliclc, district weather forecaster at Kansas City, said the rain situation was like sitting a keg of dynamite. This was the picture: Warm, moist air was streaming up from the Gulf of Mexico; cooler air was pushing In across the Northern Rockies. But Ihe storm centers harln't Jelled. Along the main stem of the Missouri, more than 1,000 men fought a dramatic battle to save Sherman Air Force Base near historic Ft. Leavenworth. Even In- struclors in the Army's Command General Staff School were pressed into patrol duty last night. It was a hand-lo-hand battle un dcr the lights to save three miles of threatened dike. One observer District Leqion Elects Officers JONESBORO—Harry SchaufM- burucr of Jonesboro was elected commander of the American Legion's Fifth District Hi a district meeting held here yesterday. He succeeds James Nierstheimer >f Blytheville. Other officers elected were Bennett Williams of Marked Tree, vice commander: and Falon Fraley of I-epanto, adjutant. Trlnclpnt speaker at the meeting was Andrew McCurrv of Heber Springs, state Legion commander. Air Force Launches Recruiting Campaign is week has been designated America's Retailers Air Force Recruiting week," according lo M/Set. C. R. Barton of the Army and Air force Recruiting station in City (Continued from Page 1) senator is first choice of the six delegates already selected by congressional districts although only Iwo have definitely committed themselves. One other district delpgale still is to be selected this week, giving Arkansas 11 voles In all at the national meeting. make Ihe keynote eonven- CALF SHOW (Continued from Page 1) the show were fed bj- members of the 4-H Clubs from seven centers. Fifteen calves wre fed at Burdette by Arvls Brothers. Billy Roy Brothers. Darrell Brothers, and' George Brothers. Billy Wayne Duncan, Billy Llltes, John Lutes. Cark Pankey Charles . Sammy Shearin, James Driskell. R will . Pankey. Harry sliearln. Jimmy Bevil] . Roland Mahan and Ottjs Rider ill show calves from Dyess. At Keiser Steve Cockerham. Jr., Dan Slsco. Buddy Woodard, Don Poaf and David Whitehead have calves ready for the show and sale. Mllllsan Ridge boys who will show ralve.s are Alfred and Jerry and Kenneth Webster, Morris Allred. Tom Allan Bryan. James Curtis Holt and Jimmy Neal will enter their calves In the competilon. The Osceola Club, one of the smallest in south Mississippi County, has eight, boys with calves. They are W. L. Gillespie, Jtmmie Gillespie. Billy Trannum. Bobby Tran- nvim. Jimmy Zirkle. Leo and Russell Duclos and Hal Nicholson At Wilson, Jennie Wren has two calves. . said it looked like a New Guinea PRIMARY (Continued from Page 1) already have been picked by both: p.irtirs. In the Republican prnup. three' avr inclined Inwards Tsft. two to: K'.%cnho\vcr--including nutf — and: five are uninstruclcd under Pine's i Jradprfhip. Twenty-six unopposed -.indid.iles among the 60 district delr;,i!e!= lo he elected tomorrow i rrftifPrt lo say how Ihey stand. j This year's one-sidrrl campaign • a whnop-up lor Eisenhower—came ! lo a clo5e with a charge by Edwin I F. Rufscll. slate chairman of Citi-i Z'T.'r- for Eisenhower. Ihal the so- i railed Gr.indy 01 gani^ation "be- llovrs it ran deliver 200.000 wrile- In votes 'for Tnftl simply by ptish- ln=: a button." ' i - •- '-^" viuJllt/rt beach landing operalion—except there were no mosquitoes. Read Courier News Classified Ans Paint and Building Contractors to Meet A meeting for paint and bulldinj: contractors of Mississippi and Pem- i?cot Counties will be held at 7 o'clock tonight, at the Women's Exhibit Building at Walker Park here under sponsorship of Pittsburgh Paint and Glass Co. I. R ; Coleman Pittsburgh Paint and Taft speech at the Arkansas - tion, but is not expected (o take an active part. Murray announced his ranrtidacy at a $10 a plate dinner which Fordyce and Dallas County supporters arranqeri. Some 20(1 persons bought lickels. Sponsors said net proceeds would go to start a Murry campaign Hall here. Backed by National Retai na Dry Cioods Association, the recruiting campaign Is aimed al. fill- Ing the need for 20,000 applicants for aviation cadet training and «000 WAF enlistments NOTICE IN THE PROBATB COURT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT ARKA.VSA Estate of A. J. Abernathy, deceased. Last known address; 701 south Lake si, Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of death: March 2B, 1952. The undersigned has been ap- polntld Administrator ol the above named decedent. An instrument, dated April 22. 10=0. has been filed for probate a.s the last, will and l-oslament of above named decedent, and a hearing is set for April 28. 1952. nl. the courthouse, Blytheville. Arkansas. A con- fund. Murray PrnmlsFg Arkansas Man To Point Four WASHINGTON f/Pi — President. Truman today nominated Stanley Andrews. Arkansas editor, to head the Point Four program as technical ro-operiUInn nrimimslrator. Andrews was named to sneered Dr. Henry O. Brunei of Oklahoma who v.'as killed in an airplane accident in Ihe Middle East just before Chiistmns, 1051. The Sfi-yeai'-old Andrews, a" former assistant to Benn»lt, has been associate editor of (he Arkansas nemocrnt at Little Rock since 1!)18. He was born near Hlgti Point Mo. 6,000 WE Workers Strike Is Only Remaining Phone Issue NEW YORK i/?>)—A strike by | trie and thousands o! other CWA 6.000 Western Electric Company I members and Bell affiliates In Ne-» employes wns (he only unsettled , Jersey. Ohio and Michl?an. majrr telephone ware depute to- \ Snlr«nwn. dixtrinut/irs and ware- day, but it carried a threat u, | housemen are the CWA members phone service in 23 ci'its in 21 i - K hn<r- dispute with Western Elee- s ' a ^ Ri ! trie still must be settled. Federal The Westrrn Klr^tric Uf'ip en.' m>~clm'kn sessions u'ere recessed tered Its 15th day. with five other • early today until tilts afternoon. telephone walkouts settled by com- ! : promise agreement-;. Tlic -ix Mottrn ^£>n!ni>B strike*, all by the CIO Communirn- , '"egrO JCnlOfS tions Workers o! America (CWAi, "f-. D r/»•,*.*»•• I. Dl_., started .simultaneously but involved! * " • * GSciir r IQy separate contract.,. | Th( , mnor ,,,„„ ^ H , rrlson Me . An agreement \vas reached yes- ^ro Mich School will present a play lerrtay In Ran Pranri=co enrtmc the 'entitled "Girls Are Like That" a', CWA walkcul acainM the Northern H P m. tomOLro-A- In the Harrison California-Nevada :>.f[iliaie of ihe Kytn. Bell Telephone S.vitrm The a >rpe- : Th " rsst UP|11 lnclllt!<1 Marilyn mcnt provides r ''vent hour)--i nr "' k<nt ' Sarrltl Cnokl Mattie Post- wage boast for 6.500 Mnki^ 'vork- on ' n " rnth >' Mnl1 "' M°«"i« Lang- crs " flon, Almoda Hunter. Car! Smith, ,11 •(•••"•Tit Blackburn and Clarence Karller waee setllcmrnl.s brouslU i Thomr.s peace between 10.000 CWA equip- j. M. Robinson will direct th« ment Installers and Western Eire- piny, a^istort hy A. E. Wiley. rYOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Achcson Plans Europe Trip for Peace Pact BONN'. Germany Wi—U.S. Scr- relary of Slate Dean Acheson has informed Chancellor Konrad Adenauer he will come In Europe between May 10-20 to sign the peace contract wllh West Germany, government sources paid today. lest of the probate of the will can he effected only by lilinir a petition within Ihe time provided by law. All persons tin vine claims arainst (he estate must exhibit, them, duly I authenticated, to the undersigned I within .six months from the date] of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. | This notice first published April : 1, 1952. Frank C. Douglas. Administrator 215 West Walnut St.. Bl.vthevllle, Arkansas Murry promised that if elected governor he would Rive "the best and cleanest state government that it Is within my power to give." The attorney general — who'll reach his Mth birthday on May fl — criticized McMalh. He recalled the recent Highway Audit Commission declaration that dishonesty waste nnd extravagance had existed in the Highway Department "The governor." Murry asserted, "said he was going to make a startling disclosure of what was behind the Commission's cold, crisp Indictment of his administration but to date he has not done so." Murry said that 25 million dollars in new roads could be built in a year without nn increase in taxes or "additional bonds." Murry was chief assistant attorney general before being elected attorney general In 1048. He is married and the father o< a daughter. Besides Murry, others who've announced for the Democratic nomination arc Rep. Boyd Tackett of Nashville. Chancellor Francis Cherry of .lonesboro. Jack Holt of Harrison and Little Rock and Dutch O'Neal of North Little Rock. Deadline for qualifying is April FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Phone 4422 Elizabeth Is 26 Torfoy "LONDON i/l'i — Elizabeth celebrated her 20th birthday today a* quiet as a Queen can. Pile Ointment Free SLOOJubc Nolcrl Clinic Makes Most Un tisiiitl Offer In Any Afflicted Person—Nn Coupon.— No Charge In order to introduce to anyone who Is afflicted with Piles (Hemorrhoids) or any similar rectal condition, the Thornton Minor Clinic will send free on request, without payment or obligation, a full-size sl.flo tube of Thornton Minor Pile Ointment—free and postage paid Please send your full name and address, age, and tell us how long you have been troubled—and whether or not yon have been or are now using an ointment or suppository of nny kind. This otTrr is limited and may he withdrawn at any time, so we suggest you write at oner. Address Thornton Minor Clinic. 911-C I.inwoort nis-d., Kansas all the Infnrmntlnn asked for above. No risk, nn bill or charge of any kind. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Open G:30 p.m. — Show Starts at Dusk 2 Shows Every Nightl LAST TIMES TON1TE Two Cartoons } & Comedy Charter No. 11.189 Reserve District No 8 Report of condition of The First National Bank in Blytheville in (he Stale of Arkansas, at the close nl business on March .11 1952 PqM.shed in response lo rail ma.Ie by comptroller of the currency,'under section ,i211, u. S. revised statutes. A S S K T S here, said E. H. r representative Cash, balances wiih other banks, including reserve balance 'leper, color en- ! and cash items in process of collection '$2 1 „.„„-, v,,—*.,., „„;._., Sta , K Oovprnmcm ob i, ?atlons direct'a'nd'guaranteed ' LAST TIMES TONITE "WESTWARD THE WOMEN" Robert Taylor Dcnise Dared evelopment* ' 7 \i^ 19 53 60460357: "Monthly Pains" stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 casei in dotlars' t«iti! • Chances are you're putting up — unnecessarily— with the functionally caiued psm?. cramps and weak, "no good" feelings of menstruation! For, In actual tests toy doctors, Lyrtta Pin^lnarn^ Compound brought com- p'rtc nr inking relief from cuch riis- trr;-.> tn 3 out of 4 of the cases! S> wi lyclU r,. FlnkhAm'ji Vi-crtpiv? C •• .^poimrt—or ncic i^proi-fd Tahln* *•;:* artr:^ iron SOP If-T°k*n thrm J2 " '•"p t " rtn1 p—It clo^n't etvo relief from br;Trr be/ore and during your pennrtl Or-if 5-011 rafter from functional "hot nri ihj 1 " r>r rhance of life." find o'/t hou> i.-n ny f , ,na /1 nxn a m 3 is for that, too,' BjUCiluSS ^""^^VnMrQL'^Li' Of the REVIVAL First Grace Church "The I,idle Church \Vilh Ihe Rig Welcome" Corner of Margncrife & Harrison Be sure fo hear BILL ROOT of Omaha, Nc- hraska. Paslor, Teacher and Youth Leader. Songs you love lo sing, led by Hubert Paules- grovE and lioh I'elro- vich, Pastor of First Grace Church v>ilh Mrs. Dorothy Downing at the Piano. Kill Knot 4 BIG NIGHTS Tuesday Friday April 22 thru April 25 BEGINNING AT 7:30 P.M. Obligations of states and political subdivisions Corporate slocks (Including SI3,600.00 slock of Federal Reserve bank > Ixians and discounts (Including $867.57"overdrarisl '.'.'.'.'."" 215468070: Ban* jirrmi.scs o*ncd $60.125.50. furniture and fixtures i Other as?eu> MSB Hi TUESDAY 'HERE THE NELSONS (laic Nelson Uarricl Milliard // T ° TALASSET3 Demand deposit.; of individuals, partnerships, and corpora- lions ; - 3 , Time deposit.; of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 6'i Depnsiijs of/ United States Government ^including postal savmtM (JUOTOS urpoMts ol fatMcs and political subdivisions 141 icn -^ Deposits of hanks ._ ' "" ' Other deposit.' 'ocrtifird and cashier's'checks'VtV > TOTAL DEPOSITS S7.03I6II73 Other liahiiitit* •:».-THURS. Will Tolk' TUES-WED DOLLAR NIGHTS! Bring a Carload for a Dollar! CECIL KEtUWAY-JESSE WHITE- A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE Also Cartoon & Comedy Adults: 50c — Children Under 12: Free Free Pony Rides, Slides & Swings ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4C.2I Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. ns.irn.22! 33.121 52 ' SO.00 1 .$7.051,701.13 TOTAL LIABILITIES c: A r i T A i. A c c o r N T s Capital Stork: Ommtm stock, to'.al par S200.OOfl.DO 5 200 (V) no Undivided profits '.','.'.'. 7945742 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 53lliii7« TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS M K M O R A X I) A As--cts pledced or assigned to spcure liabilities and for other pill , Ixians as shown above are sftnr deductions of reserves of!!!!! State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi. S s: I .lark c. 0«-cn. rashiT nf Ihe above-namfrt bank, do solemnly --wear ihat ihe above statement l> true to the best, o! my knowledge and belief. .tack C. Owen, Cashier. i Correct Attesl: F,. M. ReRcnnld i Chester Caldwcll I Cha.v Rose i Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this Ifi rtjy of April. IB-rt. ' ' Seal1 Jesse Taylor. Notary Public. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. vV ------ T»s«j-TJUS»'i .•--^.^"vf^Sil 47.--..000 on 30.000.00 .MON.-TUKS. "FLAMING FEATHERS" Forrest Tucker, Slcrling Haydcn ,K; Arlcrn \Vhelan \\ED.-THlMiS. "THE PACE THAT THRILLS' liill Williams Carla Bclinila CALLEiA Derek PARR Also Cai'tonn S Shorts Don'f Forget! Tuesday & Wednesday Nights Are BUDDY NITES! 2 For Price of 1, TUES-WED BUDDY NITES! Also Relccfcd Shorts

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