Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1907
Page 4
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Cl^UaSS F. SCOXT Bw>rto)r»' Boom BoitBeH Office ...IS HERE FROM GHANUTii JUM Attelia Bingham Drew People From Afar. (Chanute Tribune.) SeTeral Chanute theater-goers went to lola this afternoon to attend the presenUtlon of "A Modem Godira" by'Amelia Bingham and her company. More from here will go on the OU Flyer this evening- Miss Bingham has a metropolitan reputation and has rever before appeared in this part of the state. Lady Godiva it will be remembered, #aa the woman who rode through the streets of Coventry In the altogether, because her husband who had a far-fetched Idea of humor, told her that if she would do this he «^Id grant her a favor for whidt she aaked. '"*mm There were no police in those days tomake her put on a blanket, and the pedple, so the fable says—for the story ib nkerely a tradition—hid themselves and agreed not to look ui>on the fair equestrian—all but one, who peeped ao'I became blind thereby. It should not l>e presumed, however, that Miss Bingham will appear this evening 4n nothing more protecting than goose flesh. She known, doubtless, from what she has read of bi^pcnlugs in lola that the peop'e there would not be likely to go off flshing or lock themselves up! in their homes and draw their window blinds if ehe were M put on the regular Godiva stunt. She plays the vdrt of an ObgUfih woman, wbo to get the money iwoeasary to save the fortunes of her boose, poses for a painting of Lady Godiva. Because of this there is a great scandal, and she has all kinds ot trouble with her husband and her friends before things are satisfactorily explained. iLLlifl REFUSE FIRE HOSE ConrU Says It Is Not the Kind They Bargained for. The council has refused to accept \ the Are hose recently purchased from the Ehireka Fite Hose company. The h^ was ordered some time ago. It arrived a few da^'s ago but the council Is confident it is not the kind ordered and for that reason refuse to accept it. A motion was passed last night Instructing the clerk to notify .the company that the hose was rejected. It is possible that the hose which is •here was Intended for Parsons. It is known that Parsons ordered hose .al>dut the same time and it is possible that the loVa hose was seat there and the hose intended for Parsons sent here. JUST CAN'T HELP IT PiM Of Chas. Wolfe Arraigned for DmnkeBness. Chas. Wolfe who was arraigned in police court this morning on the charge of intoxication, told Police Judge J. M. Collins that he could not help getting drunk. This was the foartb time Wolfe has been arraigned in police coui;t on this charge within the past sixteen weeks. Before assessing the fine Judge Collins told him bow the money which he had contributed to the city In the paA would have purchased the meat for himself and family. He also warned Wolfe not to appear before him again on this charge as he would have to give him the maximum fine. He was given $5 and costs. XOT TET, BCT POSSIBLY SOOS. CenBcU Net Keady to,Boy Voting The city council last night adopted the report of the finance committee ad vising against the immediate purchase of a voting machine. The report of the committee was somewhat quali- fled stating that the machine had some decided advantages, but advising that the purchase ot such a machine be deferred at this time. The city is not satisflcd that now Is the time to buy such a machine. IT 18 A K.XITTY PBOBLEM. CoaarU Is IVreNtlloa With a Scirer I >ropeBltloB. A rather i>erplexlng problem was Ipresented the council last night with referent^ to the sewer privileges In the Ayling district. When the matter of extending sewer linens in this district came up there were tliose who said they did not want | sower privileges and were excused from paying for the lines. Now these people want to connect up the sewer. How to handle the matter with equity to all , is. the problem before the council. A committee has the question under consideration. Our store is just teeminj with Holiday Gifts for Men ^nd Boys. An elegant holiday array of Smoking Jackets, Lounjins Robes, Bath Robes, Suit Cases, Traveling Ba js. Mufflers, Ties, Fancy Suspenders, Silk and Linen Hondkerchieb, Slippers, Collar Bags, in fact everything that men and boys wear, at prices so small that you will be agreeably surprised. There is a growing tendency toward giving practical, useful articles as gifts. Such being the case, our thoughts naturally revert to this store because of th2 well known fact that this is one of the largest and best stores ir. Alien County. Buy bim an Overcoat For Chrittmas. We are having a sale on all of o"r Overcoats. It is unu-ual at tliia time of the yrar— \ waim weither is the cause. You can save from f 3.00 to $7 50 on a Coat by buying now. Men's $35.00 Overcoat-', 007 C A cut to O/l I JU Men's House Coats And Loim^g Robes 130 00 Overcoat-', now $25.00 Overcoats, now Copyright 1907 by Hart Schaffher Mux 120 00 Overcoats, now The ahote Hart, Schaffaer & .Marx #1500 Overcoats Oierroat has been tSiM all falL >ow, 9^^-^^ U\ercoais, $20.00 now. $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 A great variety to seleci from. Kvery imaginable color is here, lola people have never had such a variety of style patterns to select from. Come tomorrow and make your selections—we will set the Coat or Roh»e 'a.<ide until Christmas Kve. Prices are— S3.50 to SI2.50 .V time honored i^lft that ner- er comes anisit. Men's Fine Alligator sappers $2.00 Jlen's Fine Handturned . Slippers $1.75 Men's Fine Handturned ^ Slippers $1.50 Men's Fine Opera or Everett Slippers $1.25 Men's Fine Opera or Everett ' Slippers $1.00 Men's Fine Opera or Everett Slippers ..' 756 Men's iDiitatlon Alligator Slippers 506 Boy's Slippers Tan Vici $1.00 X Compiete Line of Hosiery for Men, 25<* to 73^ a Pair. • Boy Him a Collar Bag for Christmas, $1.00 to $;{.00 Holiday Cfothes For the Boys Get the Httle fel- 1 o w s ready for Christmaa. This is a boys' Ptpre, and a good sized one. LITTLE FELLOWS SllTS OVEKfO.VTS R£EF£I{.S HL'SSLVK BLOrSE BrSTEH BROW.N in the newest designs and shades. Hofiday Neckwear For Him. You will find here one of the finest lines ot Men's Xeck^-ear ev3r shcvn In lola. We don't tlilnk It possible to have a Ijet- trr assortment than can l>e found here. All (he new browns, hundreds ot different i>alterns •It 506 A larse line at $1.00 Hundreds of different jotterns 256 They come in Ascois. Foiir-in- Hands, Bow and Strhig Ties. Handkerchiefs For Him. A ho: of Handlcerchirfs make a %-ery dcsirablp present for a n .«n. We have them In plain or with initials. Prices each 156 TO 506 Men*s Suits As Useful Gifts, At greatly reduced prices. Give him a Stein-Blocb or a Hart, Schaffner & Marx Suit, and he can't help being pleased. We are going to sell all of our $22.50 $20.00 $18.00 »'^?t""''!.. $15,00 $12.50 Copyright 1907 hy Hart'Schafeer Mirx The abore Hart, sirkaffner & Marx Salt has b<^n fl8i.M all falL >ov, 915.00 Fancy Vests for Him Here is where-we shioe. Present him with one of the well known 'Yeska' Vests. It will tone his whole attire. Prices— 91.50 TO $7.50 Suspenders rorHW - Very fine line of Men's Fnncy Suspenders with gold plated bdckles. Separate boxes. Prices 756 TO $1.50 Mufflers For Him It yon were thinking of a Muffler "For HhUgJftjn't think cf pnrchastng w-ithout first look Ing over our line. We are proud ot it. Fine imported French Mufflers in a variety of patterns and designs. They range in price from.. 756 TO $3.00 Jfanbattaa and WHSOB Bros.' Shirt* wfll make a Tery asefnl gUL Pricea $1.00 "Pf S3.50 A Complete line of iMea and Boys' Pajamas and yigkt Shirts. A Large Line of CLOVES For Men and Boys. You can't amiss by buying l^ini a pair of Gloves fcr Cliristmns. We liave them in ail styles smd shades. Prices— SOO t« S7.50 Suitcases and Traveling Bags Here Is a splendid present, one you ean't go aiu.iss on, and we iiave ihem—never had such a vaiitty before. Prices— 8iiitCMes .....$3.00 to $15.00' Traveling Bags $2.50 to $20.00 > News of the County r HAHMOXr. 1 •f : : Wnter seems to be starting just about right at last. Jasper CorneU has been working on the pipe line this : week.- Mr. Gsorge Mialcom of Luther, Okla- bomafi visited his uncle and aunt, Grandpa and drandpa Cloud and other relatives this reek. TkCUdrod Hamlllot \islled with Vir- jle Cloud Thursday night.' The friends of Uiavitt Booe will be eiad to hear that he has.gotten ovci the small pox. Mr. Sharp marketed dressed hogs in Chanute this week at 7 cents per pound. J i • S. H. Runyon st^pppd on a rusty nail and ran It Into his foot Saturday. It caused him conslderab'e trou ble for a few days, Mr. and Mrs. Eten Cornell, Grand- n-a Cloud. Mr. George Malcom and Flossie and Jasper Cornell were the guesU of Mr. and Mrs. Cary Cloud Sunday. i. STOM FOIXT. . }. Well it looked a little like winter this morning to see the ground all covered with snow ,but it was not so very cold; Little Chester Harlan is Buffering with a very sore throat, bordering on tonslHtis. They having Uken their carpet all up and packing np to move west the doctor advised them to take him down to his grand parents, Bfr. and Mrs. S. D. Brandenburg, until he gets well. Boots Brown is having a sale today. Tbey are going to move to California. M. F. Brandenburg and family visit­ ed at the parental home of S. D. Brandenburg Sunday. Jim Matocks and family spent Sunday at Will McFarlands. They brought Mrs. Mattox home, she having been keeping house for her son, Jim, while his wife was on a visit in Oklahoma. Professor Merton of lola is cutting hedge for S. D. Brandenburg. George Ilroughton lost lour hogs out of his wagon yesterday whiie he was hauling a load to Uronson. He has not found them yet. GE.\ETA. I Mrs. Kotroff la staying with Miss Ida Carman this week. Maggie Burton Fwallowed a pin and it lodged in her throat. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Irwin and baby visited at Chanute a few days this week. O. L. Knowlton spent Tuesday night in N'eosbo Falls. Ed Perkins cut wood for Mr. Howland last Wednesday. James Leavitt, jr. Ben Alcorn. Clara ilabie and Frank Campbell are on the sick list at this writing. Sarah Childs went to lola Wednesday, returning Thursday. George Tippln went to lola last Tuesday. Mrs. Eva Wilson had the misfortune to lose a horse this week. Frank and Horace Mabie drove to lo'.a Tueslay. IVESIET CHAFEL. .Mrs. .lames Turner was called to Misso\iri Friday by the death of her mother. We sympathize with her in the loss of so dear a friend. -Mr. John Rogers and daughters, Edna and E'la, visited at lola Sunday. .\Ir. James Turner Is on the sick list with bronchitis. Mr. Sam Pyie's were about all sick the first of the week. Orlie Chlfwod shelled corn for Geo. .Meming and Clement Dewees on Friday. Mr. Chit wood's and Dawson Young went to lola Monday. The roads were so bad Sunday that Rev. ^Vharton never reached the Cha- l>el until a number of the congregation had started home. George Burley came over Monday to help U W. Higglns put up some cattle sheds. There will be a Christmas tree at the Chapel Christmas Eve. Everyone cordially invited to attend. Mr. Jim Rogers, of Prairie Rose neighborhood was in our neighbors- hood Frlda.v. He bought the rent corn on the Hurris farm. Mr. Joe Reade's are out again after being kept in over four weeks with scariet fever. They fumigated on Saturday. We noticed an error in our items last week in regard to senrlces at the Cbapel. Sunday school at 2 o'clock, preaching at 3 o'clock and Epworth League at 7 :30 o'clock. Quite a number of the school children of LaGrande have been kept out of school oh account of bad colds this week. Special ReMcfd Prices on all new and aeconj^ hand Sewing Miithines until January lat. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 East Madison. . SILVER LE • -> I Mrs. Wenzel, r(?i>orter. Merry Christmas to all. Grandma Strickland hjid a host of friends in this community tliat w.^re sorry to hear of her <;p4th. Mr. Gurley's will spend Christmas with their-daughter, .^ijrs. Thornton of Webb City. Mr. and -Mrs. .AfcW'il&anis. ot lo'a, were out on the farm l«it week heliX' icg their son. Willie, butcher. • Miss C^->-stal Eastwood dismissed school y.'sterday to atfend the funeral of her grondmotner; Mrs. Strickland. Charles Seeber?er helped Joe Eastwood butcher today. « Comie Hall returne(k home lasT week after spending a few days will Mr. and Mrs. George Flaher. Six Per Cent Money.^ R, M. Cu nlngham.

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