Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1908
Page 4
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CHAg. F. 8C0TT. Entered at loU, Kann*- PoetiirtBcei u Second-Class Hatter. AdT «rtiBlog Rates Made Known on . Appllcatlwi. ' BCBSCBIFTIOH SATES. tij Carrier 1 B lola, ^ City, Laayoa. TlUe or LaHarpe. One week 10 cents Oneinonth 44 cents 6ne year .i. |5.00 BT MAIL. One year Inside county $2 .00 One year outside county |4.00 Three months, in advance—...fl.OO One uontb. In advance 44 ; D£C£MB£R 16 James D. BarioA A Co. present, by permission of Henry W. Savage and Edward Forsberg Beautlfally stayed, kaadsoaiel/ cos* tamed and presented with the same attention to detail as ekancterlies Mr. Savage's Oriflnal Prodaetloa,! wkleh Is BOW playing to crowded hotfies at the Oardea Theater, Xew York. TO PETITJON STUBBS Farmers Want Exemption on Taxes of That Part of Farm Land Used for Road Purposes. ntANZ MOLNAR'S PSYCHOLOGICAL COMEDY THE SERMON-DRANA THAT HAS SENT A THRILL AROUND THE WORLD A SIPEna COMPANY OF WELL KNOWN PLAYERS. AN ENTIRE CARLOAD OF SCENERY AND EFFECTS. ^ "The D.-VII U WIckfd Bnt He Is Keen." Prices $1.50. $1.00, ?Sc. 50c and 25c. Seatt Sale now on at Mundis' Drug Store The Moran Herald says: At the first day of ths Moran Asrj- cultural fair In September, Governor- .elect Stubbs was the principal apeal<- er of the' day. After the speaUng was finished, M. H. Gallon presented to Mr. Stobbs a subject which he wished he would consider in the event of his election, of possible legislation of interest to farm owners as to taxation. The subject to which the governor's attention was called is of taxation of a full quarter or a half section of land or whatever quantity he may have lying along a public highway. The land owner is assessed and .taxed on the full number of acres the tract Is supposed to contain when as a matter offset he has that much, less amount taken out by the road. Mr. Stubbs asked Mr. Gollon that after election and If he was elected to call his attention to the matter again: and he would give It due consideration in preparing his message for the legislature. The matter was brought before DON'T BE BALD. Nearly Aayone May Secure a Splendid Growth of Hair. You can easily find out for yourself if your hair needs nourishment, if it is .thinning out, getting dry, harsh and brittle, or splitting at the end. You simply have to pull a hair from the ttip of your head and closely examine its roots. If the bulb is plump and rosy. It is all right—if it is white and ahrunken, your hair is diseased and needs nourishment. We-have a remedy for hair troubles that cannot be surpassed. It has a record of growing hair and curing baldness In 93 out of every 100 cases where used acording to directions for 'a reasonable length of time. It will even grow hair Qn bald heads. If the scalp is not glazed and shiny. That may seem like a strong statement—It is, and we mean it to be. and no one should doubt it until they have put our claims to an actual test. We are so sure that Rexall "93" Hair Tonic will cure dandruff, prevent baldness, stimulate the scalp and hair roots, stop falling hair and grow new hair, that we personally give our positive guarantee to refund every penny paid us for Rexall "93" Hair Tonic In every instance where it does not do as we claim or falls to give en' tire satisfaction to (he user. ^ Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is as pleasant to use as clear spring water. It is delightfully perfumed, and does not grease or gum the hair. We have it in two sizes. Prices 50c and fl.OO. We urge you to try Rexall "93" Hair Tonic on our recommendation, and with our guarantee back of it. you 'certainly take no risk, s! R. Burrell. The Rexall Store. West Side Square. the Farmers' Institute held here last month and acted upon. A committee was ^pointed to prepare a petition toj the governor, which has been done,' the committee furnishing the Herald with a copy for publication which is as follows: Moran. Kaa., Dec. 8. 1908. W. R. Stubbs, Governor-elect, I.Awrence, Kansas. Resjiected Sir:— At a meeting held by the Farmers' Institute at Moran on November 1617. 1908. the undersigned committee was appointed to petition you to embody in your inaugural message to the legislature recommending the enactment of law exempting from taxation, so much of the ground as is occupied and used for the road purposes. We do not ask this as special legislation but to do Justice and put farm property on an equality with city assessment. By Investigating the assessment you will find that the farm land is assessed to the middle of the road of which the owners have no control more than to keep same in repair for which he or they pay a special tax. but pay state, state school and county taxes on same, as on propertir they actually possess. On further Investigation of assess, ment you will find that the "City Brother" on his property pays taxea on actual property he or they may own and to this will call your attention to the city assessment. As the records will show you will find that the city property. is assessed so many feet front and so m^ny feet deep, but no street, alley or sidewalk is assessed to any such property. We are of the ojinlon that the assessment is not niade on equality but is also ilegal. We respectfully refer you to Sec. 8. U. S. Constitution p. 23. and Sec. 17. Kansas Constitution, p. 58 which forbid Class Liisgts- latlon. Therefore, we, the committee reprtf- senting the Allen County Farmers' In- stitnte, respectfully but earnestly beg of you to see to It that Justice be done. Re.spectfully yours. JOHN ABER, C. F. BLOUILLALD. J. OSCAR BROWN. Commlflee. -M.^H. Gollon. Assistant to Cora. FARMS MADE MONEY Gain of ^jm,m IB Prodnrti Daring Year of 1M6, Says , Wilson. Wa.shlngton. Dec. 14.—^After twelve .veara of service as head of the department. James .Wilson.^ secretary of agriculture, in his twelfth annual report to the president, issued today, renders a comprehensive account of his stewardship. Concerning the farm production of 1908, he says that the farmer has created wealth by the billions. Production has been above the average of recent years with few exceptions. The farm value of all farm products of 1908 reaches the most extraordinary total in the nation's history—$7.778.000 000. four times the value of the products of the mines. Including mineral oils and precious metals. The gain in value of farm products in 1908 over 1907 is $290,000,000 and would have been much larger had not the prices of cotton and hay been low. The value of products in 1899. the cen BUS year, being taken at 100. the value for 1908 stands at 165. During the last ten years the wealth production on the farms of this country has exceeded the fabulous sum of |60.000.000.UOO. THEY HAVENT ENOIMJH MONEY. Kansas City, Kaon Needs Extra Ap. proprlatlon for Postoffire Addition. Washington. Dec. 14.—W. R. Chllds. postmaster of Kasas City. Kas.. was a caller at the.treasury department Saturday In comply with Senators Long and Curtis, to discuss with-the supervising architect conditions with respect to the proposed addition to the public building in' Kansas City. An appropriation of flSO.OOO was made for thl.=! addition, and it is found to be inadequate, and it is probable that the Kansas delegation will be called upon to secure additional funds In the sundry civil bill at the present session. The supervising architect is requested to withhold completing the present plans, pending the securing of .tdditlonal funds. For Research Work. The Allen County Horticultural society has recommended in a resolution that the $200,000 In the state treasury which Topeka, Hutchinson and Wichita wish to spend in three big state fairs at those places, be expend- efil In research work. The resolution was adopted at the last meeting of thp society Friday. Rocker, Boffet and Dining Table Salel Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 14-15 1 Six Patems Borkem, mnHar $SJiO to «4.00 ralaes sperial... .nxi . Tonr ekolee tea patt^nw Rorhrnt, reirnlar f1.SS to $aiW valoes, special ..- ..»S44 ^ These roekem are solid oak, nirrly finished—wonld makf a flni« Cbrlstiws prment Fer JlBklc X'BhiBPla, ••!( iBd Maboicsar Ptrlar fabtoeta. Sbar. iBff Staads, Ladles' Drmatav Tables. 5ee our South Window THE PLACE TO BUT TOtTR CHRISTVAS PRESENT 18 HERE. N. F. ACRES AT REST BODY OF WELL KNOWN CITIZEN RCKIED IN CEMETERY. A Large Number of FrleudH Attended the Faneral—Dr. Krnmm Offkriated —r«ed I. 0. 0. F. Rltnal. SEWED FLAG IN SKIRT. Now the Boer Banner Rests ' Transvaal Museum. In the •Johannesburg, Dec. 14.—General Botha has presented to the Transvaal museum the Boer flag which waved above the government buildings at Pretoria until the capital was occupied by Lord Roberts. It appears that when the British entered the town the flap was lowered by an official of the Republic. C. P. Hattlngh, who entrusted It to Mrs. I. Ifaarshoff. knowing that this lady would do* everything possible to prevent it from falling into the hands of the English. For more than a year Mrs. Haar- shoff carried the "Vlerkleur" on her person, sewn to the inside of her skirt A ?aer that she concealed the flag In a mattrciis. where It remained until th» conclusion of peace, when she considered that General Botha had the l>e»t claim to the standard and gavp If to him. K. r. WON BASKET BALL fiAME. Beat Raker Team Satnrday In Contest at Lairreare. The nmeral services of the late Nel eon K. Acers were conducted from the family home 24 West Park avenue at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Dr. J. D. Kriimm of Ottawa, conducted the services according to the beautiful code of the Kpiscopal church. At the cemetery the local lodge of I. O. O. P. took charge and the grave services were held according to the ritual of that order. The Interment was made In the family lot In the old lola cemetery. One of the largest crowds of friends which ever attended a funeral service In this city gathered at the Acers home yesterday afternoon to pay their last respects tp an honored citizen. The I. O. O. P. lodge attended In a body. f Nelson F. Acers. although a staunch supporter of Democratic principles and an acknowledged leader In his own party, was accorded the friendship of the whole community regardless of political faith. He was one of the few politicians who have followed the game for the past quarter of a century and left behind a record of which any man might well be proud. It would be unfair to state that Mr. Acers, always a political leader, had no enemies, but even his enemies admired him for the open and straightforward manner in which he conducted his political fights. Returning from the grave services the members of the 1. O. O. K. lodge met and adopted the following resolutions of condolence: Wliereas, Death has again Invaded our ranks and removed from our midst one of our aged members, and, WTiereas, We are thereby again forcibly remlnde<l of the uncertainty of this fleeting life and the certainty of death, and admonished that we too. must go hence to return no more; Therefore, be it Resolved. Tliat in the removal o\ our recently deceased Brother. Past Grand Nelson P. Acers. lola Lodge No. 21, 1. O. O. P. has lost one of Its members, with whom, for over a qnarter of a century, it has been our privilege and delight to associate In lodge work remembering that in the long, long ago, when as a lodge, we were a little group struggling for existence, how nobly he came to the reseue. putting his .shoulder to the wheel and helping to maintain nn existence, .ind we can not fail to recognize his then valuable services to this lodge as an earnest worker .ind as a presiding officer; and later, his very great assistance In the erection of our beautiful lodge hall. Resolved. That by his genial and friendly disposition, ulwnys ready with a word of cherr for the heavy laden and distressed, and a gcneroui' hand, ever oi>en to help the needy; thus truly has he acted the good Samaritan and faithfully exen>plified the tenets of our behoved order, and endeared himself, by hallowed memories, to his Brothers, his family, his friends and his acquaintances, and wd now lovingly write his virtues upon the pages of our meiiiory. "Sleep on Brother. Peaceful be they slumber." Resolved, That as a further mark of reapect for our departed Brother, that his Past Grand collar and the Lodge charter be draped in mourning for the period of sixty days, and that a copy of these Preambles and Reto- Intlona be given to the dally paiiers Araertean Battleships Hare Aurhored at Colombo—Official Kecep. tioB Today. Colombo. Ceylon. Dec. 14.—^The ITnit ed States battleship fleet was greeted here yesterday by a large gathering of Europeans and natives at Colombo. The fleet, which was sighted at 7 o'clock, approached slowly in single file. The flagship Connecticut, with Rear Admiral Sperry aboard, entered the harixir at 9 o'clock and the others followed at short Intervals. Coaling will begin immediately. The officers and men will be entertained extensively. The official reception will take place today, and after that every hour of leisure will be fully occupied in enjoying the excursions and festivities which have been arranged. The pro­ gramme includes a dally trip to Kandy near the center of the island on the banks of an artificial lake sixty-two miles northeast of Colombo. The residence of the British governor agent Is there, as well as the former king's imlace and the Buddhist temple of Dalada Malagawa. TTie beautiful botanical gardens of Peradentu are one of the attractions of Kandy. A series of sports are on the progremrae and many valuable prizes have been offered for the winners. Dances have been arranged for almost every night at the principal hotels. and for the MethodlBts O'Neil, the cap UlB was odnapIcaouB. The lineups were: Bakar—'Prince. Bchoffleld, At li» and Beaton forwards; Listen, cen ter: O'Neil and Bounta, guard. The llaenp of Kanna—Forwards, HeCnne and. Johnson: oepter. Long; Barger and Heiacr, guards: .Woodward, cap- talB,, Martlnd^l and Mohler. W. / O. Hiunll ^Hi, referee. Attendance one Uionaand. >«ul WMUr win lani tWa •«mlav I.awrence, Kas.. Dec. 14.-^he Jayhawkers basket ball u team defeated Baker for the second time this season here Saturday night by a score of 14 to 16. The score at the end of the first half was 18 to 9 In favor.of Kansas. At the beginning of the game Baker seemed to be the equal of the Jayhawkers, when one five would score the other would break even. For Kansas Captain- Woodward, Helseri"'"—-, •• ^ and Johnson showed the best form H*"" publloaUon and be spread upon - '»»•« •~«ti..f«« ftf ,hn I >vlsA. aiiH that a the minutes of the Lodge, and that a copy be presented to the family of onr deceased Brother, lola, Kons., Dec. 14th. 1908. D. n. D. SMELTZBR. OTTO KRUBOBR. C. H. DeCLirm • Committee. Johnson Candidate Again. A promlneiit mine worker of this eity-wbo Is Sk friend of Bute Labor Camaslsumer'Johnson, luwreeetved C'iatterfroaLliIm In wlit^|lr,;^7c^. Vitfbtr iHi^ 8 <n atatas ttat he will he^a^duifMrMe FLEET IS AT CEYLON SCORE WAS 0 TO 0. Chnnate and loia .Second Team Play in the Mnd. The foot ball game between the second teams of Chaniite and lola which was played on the Electric park grounds yesterday afternoon, resulted in a no-score game. The grounds were ver.v poor condition. Apparently the teams were evenly matched, but this is only guess work as the mud was si» deep iliat it is doubtful if any member of either team could have plowed through the "gumbo" for a distance of fifty y:irds with a clear field. A NEW MANAGER. .STATE POWDER LAW 0. K. in Companies Must Sell Explosive Smaller Packages. Topeka. Dec. 14.—^The law requiring coal operators to sell black powder In packages of twelve and one-half pounds each to miners is held constitutional and not a violation of interstate commerce by the Kansas supreme court. In order to test the law I. H. Williams, superintendent of the Central Coal and Coke company's mines in Crawford county, sold powder to miners in tweuty-five-pound liackages. He was arrested and fined $50 for the violation of the law passed in 1907. The case was at once appealed to the supreme court on the ground that the restriction on the size of the package was in violation of the bill of rights of the state constitution. It was also contended that powder was made in the eastern 'states and shipped to Kansas in twenty-five pound packages and that any attempt to regulate the size of theae packages would be a violation of the inter- stale commerce law. The supreme court holds 'that it was a regulation for the protection of the miners that the twelve and one-half pound package was required by the state law and Uiat the state had ample authority to make these regulations. No CHRISTMAS TREES SOON. Adirondacks Being Denuded, With No Attempt to Replant. IJtlca, N. v., Dec. 14.— .\nnual cut ling of Christmas trees in the Adlr ondacks (s now In full swing, and car loads of the trees are being shipped to points far and near. Thirty thousand trees have come out of the Adirondack forest north of this city within the last two days, and the cutting goes merrily on. The trees are from five to ten feet long and the average price paid, collect freight charges. Is ten cents each. BMcb year the companies have to send farther Into the woods for their .supplies, ns the territory adjacent to the railroads has been completely stripped. There Is no organized attempt at replanting of thom, and within a few vears the available supply In the Adirondacks will have become exhausted. O. If. Dorsee A.sslgned to the Home Telephohe Company. Mr. O. H. Dorsee of Harrisonville. .Mo., has been assigned to the management of the local office of the Home Telephohe comiiany. .Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Grimes who have had charge of this office will remain wUh the company. .Mr. Grimes has been assigned to the Ottawa station and Mrs. Grimes will take charge of the ('offe.vville station. DIVORCE FOR JOHN L. SCLLIVAN. The Deere* Wa .H flranted on the fironnd of Desertion. .Chicago, Dec. 41.—The decree of divorce for which John U Sullivan, the ex-champion prize fighter, recently applied in lliis city, was granted today on the grounds of de.sertion. HOLD MASS MEETING Farmers Are Agitatuig the Repeal of the Barnes High .School law. L. B. Pierson. of HnnTbolrtt, one of. the many fanners who seem lo favor the repeal of the Barnes high school law. has issued a call for a raads meeting of those who favor llie repeal to be held in the farmers room of the Allen county court house on Friday morning. December 18th. at 11 o'clock. New."* of the decision of the supreme court, holding the law inoperative \r% .Allen county has reached the qppon- ents of the measure but they want the law repealed—taken from the "sfat- oots" so that it-cannot be submitted in the future. A great deal of opposition to the Barnes law has developed in the Hum boldt country and the rural residents are conducting a campaign In favor of its .repeal.- Kverybody Is invited to attend the mass meeting next Friday morning. KING'S HEALTH RESTORED. Edward VII'S Stay at Brighton Apparently Beneficial. Brighton. Eng., Dec. 14.^KIng'Ed­ ward, who has been sojourning here for a few days, will return- to London tomorrow to resume his social engagements. Tlie king was not In the best of health, when he came to Brighton, but he seems now to have entirely jre- covered. NOW irS "ClIAFFPErR 'S LEfl." New niiiease Caased hy iar of Xa- rhlne and Pressare on Levers. Marinette. Wis.. Dec. 14.-—Oeorse T^fondi a chauffeur, is confined to St. To'eph's hosnilal in Menominee, in a ••rltlcfll' condition as a result of a new bin disease which he contracted .while dt work running an antomoblle. As a result of the constant Jar of the machine! and th*.use pf tha.rfght foiot nmm tha-'^lerers a niOafBL altoient ha^ developed aad •fesLkaa 'Iis^rtM^ oae oC his rlCiht Icvtfogpf^i^ 1 _' • M HoUdayGoods WaitiBg For Yoo A LARGE Part of the annual holiday worry could be ^ eliminated If the right gifts and the right people could get together. That is what we have set out to do this year—bring gift'buyers and the goods they want tbgether. ' The list given herewith will, no doubt, suggest many suitable gifts. Make a list of all such items so that when you come to the store to see the goods you will not have to waste time looking at things that you may not be especially interested in. We have the cream of the world's best gifts—scores of things for every age and condition. You will find it a genuine satisfaction to buy all of your holiday gifts here. ^We hope that you can find time to come soon and often. Our magnificent assortment and low prices will make this an easy and economical holiday time for all. Pocket Rooks and Purses Toilet Sets Mllitnry BrnNhes Traveling Set-s Hand and Stand Mirrori Decorated Atomisers Holiday Stationery Fountain Peak ElMiny (JoudM Aathine horjr (louds Burnt Leather Uood* Muslr KOIIM Fanry Cnlendars Vases StelDN Photo Holders Imported and Domestic Perfumes Krenrh Staghom NoTeltles Fancy Therinoraeters Ink Wells, etc. i v I I Celluloid (I 'oudN f 1 Fine Chinu H ti i Cut ttlass I Tj'X Silver CandlPHtlrks SbuTliiy MetN \ Soap Boxes i | Puff Boxes \ I I Maalcnro Sets I \ ' ' " Plrtnres fi I \ f I". 1 Burnt Wood Novelties (!hrlstnaN C«rds ' ' Christmas Cigars,''etc. < \ I

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