Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1907
Page 3
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We This Sfoi% CrantI Christinas CoFiuvid to Take^kceat ^HE Store never was in a better position to cater to your every Christmas want than now. Stocks are all very replete with Holiday Goods, and special help has been employed to wait upon you. Santa Claus is here to welcome you and the store has been specially decorated for the occaHon. Yoo arts Invited to visit us whether intending purchasing or noL You will be welcome. We have decided to hold this Christmas Carnival ritfht at a time whf n you most want the goods, regardSess of the fact that most stores demand their highest prices now. Wt have overhauled the entire store and have selected many bargain lots for sacrifice for the last few .days before Xmas. They are now displayed on tables and counters and plain price figures will tell the whole story. This is an unusual opportunity for those who desire to practice Christmas economy. Tk* dnr* k ermtiAtA i possible come in the mornings and thus avoid the aitemoon rushes. Below are some examples of the last week of Christmas selling of 1907. the store is crowded every day—if J v. All of our llHiulsiiiiir Sl}llt<li Milliner} tlial hns liccii <riiiiiii«'<l ii|> fur llii> ChrlslniUH (radr will l)i> plari-d on NAIC at urtii;il cost. \\v <!<> this to rli'aii np Mtock. >«'»«'r licforr liate wc en]o)<>d Milarp- u Irado as IliN fall and lo uliow you our apprrriatlon of.your K<-iM'riiHs patrouiiirp ••\ IT > Hat jroct on sale at actual rost. I'ri-ttily trimmpd Hals from *l.7.". to tliat sold from $3.00 to $«.T."i. Stri-rl Huts from T.'ir to ipl.T."». Make an elegant Xmas Gill. Our elegant line of Fur Scaifs placed on sale, at frocj 75o to StS.OO Udies*. Misses* and Chfldren^s Make an elegant Christmas present— rrdared to the closest selling price. The talnrs prove their frreat strength l>j the conYinriu:; ti-sl of comparison. This riepint line comprise the season 's best si vies and fabrics. (>nr •.V.OO t'oats now <I5 .;5 $SJ0 t'oats MOW *6.00 ijilClM) (onls now flJM <15.mi f'uats now i .ilVJM fSKOO t'oats now |l.'>.(Nl WO.W Coats now fSiM The above prices are the exact cost in Clevehind, Ohio. U'e simply irive jou these cost prices to ch-au up l»e- fore ne invoice. >Ve ask yon to come «>arl}: the irood IhinKs are poluR fast and if «ou want the cn>am of this line douH wait until they are all irone. >Vhat is there that Is more useful than a handsome Coat for Christmas. HouM Wlays and liimw CommlttM-la Strictly -ataiNHng PM." t*resMent RdoseTelte recommcsndathxi in Ilia recent messase. there will be no tinkerlns with "the tariff dnrlns the SIxUeth .Ooncreaa.' That was ab- |Bohitel7 aettted today; wheor the'coin- committee waa made known. Speaker Cannota framed that committee upon thoroughly y".stand -pa^. lines. \Even' (tie _Phlll|rpIn« "tariff bill, whfch RooseVelt and Taft are in favor; of. dpesn't^ atapd .mnc^ show qf passage thisrseBsiosL. l.Tfe copuntttee was almbat' evenly divided on'tte 'bill lak jre^r-- Ebrdner'c^' Sd^ll^n «n4 fionynge of" CbToradoi' tw) ",iievf"'m^ ben, are opposed to itTBecatue'^oit t^e beat snisar Ind'ngtry- lli tije 'ir Aatiof. and with them added the eommUtee will be a ^st fbfi biU. The PhiUp- pine committee in the' Senate has V' so been framed ap against'the tariff bill. SUE BAjriET * BITCRIE. City of Topekn Cham Contractors Wtth Frand. (Topcka Capital.) In the Shawnee connty. dlatiijQt court yesterday afternoon City Attorney Frank O. Drenntng, on behalf of ihe city of Topeka. fljed anitacalnvt Hnnle.v ft Rltcbie. the contractora who li:ilU the Sixth ward sewer.-to recovi^ ihc sum of 191.704, alleged to have Veen fraudulently secured br fhem in the nature of overchargea.on the work .The petition alleges that these'over­ charges were allowed In the eatlmattp of .Tames P.McCabe, fornuf citjr'en- 'gineer.' but that these fraqdulent allowances were made without the knowledge, authority or cooBent of the ma>-or and council. A Mcond lult; for r. similar amount, will be fllad ahortiy ngalnst the h^dolity Deposit and Onaf nnty company of Maryland, whoae principal ofllco Is at Baltimore. '<.Thla com'ixtny Is on the bond of tht eoo- linctors. The suit aaainat th« surety company will be brougl^ on the COD* tract Itself. llanJpy ft Ritchie are well known here, having bad contracts under the city. SnVATMKS WAtttED Advetrl«ementa uder tkia kcad wHI be Inserted three tTaci wHl«rt l^axf. WORK WANTED—H. B. Shook, 15 Bmnner street, wante any kind of work to do. I must get work or go ^ onto .city, eharitr-: 1- ; i. - ^^JTJS - cr Gift items at Attractive low prices in pretty Collars, Handkerchiefs, New Hand Bags, Combs, Belts, Fans, Parasols, Fancy Doilies, Napkins and Tabic Linen, and a complete line of Oentlemea's Neckwear. OUR. DAILY BUSINESS GAINS Recorded by this store, prominently illustrate the efficacy o^ reliabilily. To satisfy is the basic principal of this business. It is designed to meet the requirements of no pariicular clas5. but is completely equipped to meet Ihe requirements ofj all. We invite you to share in our undisputed and unequalled facilities for underselling. 113 Emmi MmdSmon Avetwem 2 tfoorm iflfemi Thomp- monHatetm GOSSIP OF SOCIETY Held Business Meeting. The Y society he^d a business meeting laist eyenlnp at the home of Mrs. W. R : Crangle to accept tlie resijtna tlon of the president. Miss licssln Howard. Miss Howard has held th<' ^presidency for several months ni\il >«-4^ha8 a large number of warm frientl.s V in the organization who regret that other duties will make jt Inipossiblti to fill the place loncer. A speclnl election will bo he'd: next week to choose her successor. S.oend Winter Here. Mrs.'.!. M. Wlard and Miss BniUv Ward of Hutchinson, have come to Bpend the winter SOUKOTI with Mrs. Ward's daughter, Mrs. W. R. Crangle. * i« + Presbyterian Mission' Meeting. "nhe Woman's ForelRn Missionary Eoelety held a meeting yesterday afternoon in the church parlors. Thn program was foatured by several papers, one of the most interesting 1«»Ing a discussion of "Syria," by Mrs. C. F. Hlldner. A lar^e attendance of members made the meeting decidedly successful. . 1. - . * * * r Eastham Concert Good. A large audience hear<i a vrry pleas .nnf-concert last evening in llio TTnltert Brethern church under the auspices of the Y. P. C. U. society. The numbers were pleasing 'y presented and .the entertainers were greeted by en-, thulasticapplause. Proceeds given to! tiie society will be used for repair work In the church. • * * Afternoon Meeting. The U. B. Aid socletiy was among ' the: church societies which held brief meetings yesterday afternoon. * + • Aid Society Meeting. Mjrs. Anna Apple was at home to members. of the Baptist Aid society yesterday afternoon during thij usual wortc hour. • .' • • * * 'to Cefebrate Chrlctmac Thp Y society will make the meet- inn next Thursday a special event to celebrate the'Cbrlstmas'season. • + • ' • A "Teddy iBear" Cushion. One of the noval Ideas for the use of the "Teddy' Bear" Is a cushion which many people are making for rhrislnias presents. Th - Teddy Bear tu.sliion may be bought or made at home. He i.s dressed in white taffeta as jne would dress a doll. The Uowd around his neck and on lii.s head ave of light blu»' ribbon The pincushion is pf a darl4<'(l shade of si k. It is fast- <'ti< (I around the walnt with riblion tii'd in a larni" liow at llu- back. Ont- of Ihc daintiest rn.sliioy.s I.s a circu- 'ar on:' covert'd wKli white tari'Ma an-l ttllh .«^^tirf pincushion Inci- on the •>dge. Ti <• center ;s decorated with a Imskct anibreidered with ribbons in their natural color. + + + A Luncheon Dainty. Tho latust wrinkle of the dainty liiiosekerprr is to serve "flower sand- wkhrs" to iier Kui'sts at an afttr- notn t'a. Of course, these delicacies arc cxclii.sivi'ly feniiuine, and no woman is so as to try to satisfy (lie masculine nppetlfe with such mor- ficlu. if niilady's toa or luncheon fable I appens to be decorated with chrysan Ihemunis slic .serves chrysanth'-mnm sandwiches or if sweet pi-as. vio! 'ts, roses, carnations prevail in the Uecor- ptions. she will have her sandwichcH to match, 'I 'lic iraRranci' is .'xlraflcil from the ildwers and Imparted to tlie vund- wiches by cutting the butt(>r to be used in thin blocks, wrapping It In I 'beeso cloth, smothering It with flow ers and letting it stand for several hours in a tightly closed Jar, Tho liread is cut In paper like slices, spri-ad with tho perfumed butter and sprinkled with petals of flowers. The '.iandwlches are rolled and tied with ribbon to match the flowers. After they have been put back In the jar with the flowers they are served In a veritable lied of b'ooms, niid if they nn- not Ihc most substantial things in th.'' lood line they are at least novel .ind dainty, and at present nre nnlte the thing at debutante luncheons and teas. 10 . 20 - i® -^^©i^ Discount! m gJLWhat the Cr^lBL^iiitt^oft ^ MUSIC »nlM ^6RD CABINITS! ^his b^atitiful Record Cabinet, 'quarter sawcfl and polislled oak wiih heavy French legs miide for either disc or cylinder records. The ditcj- and cylinders cati be kept in pfrf«ct condition. There is au in- •dex by which one can locate any record, at a glance. Kegtllar|pric»»' $11 .50. Gfeat kecon- itruction sale price, only, We have this beanti-; ful Record Cabinet;? in both quartered" t>ak |J and Mahogany and For either cylinder or ditc records. They will ac­ comodate either 8 inch or 12 inch records. There is an index ar- raiigeraent by which yen can locate any record at a glance. Regular line of these cabinets for either kind of records, fy.60. Great Reconstrnction Sale price, only. $7.eo. niture Proceedings. .A fellow meets a "maldan fair," He offers her a rose. Al once, a something In the air Proclaims ho will propose! She knows, I guess— Oh, yes! . « » .\nd thus upon acquaintance short, \e modern knight proceeds to court! The marriage state, despite Its alma Proves but a sugared pill. She cannot stand his "ways," she claims That she has "chosen ill" And then, of course. Divorce! And BO to make the marriag.-' naught Ye modem maid proceeds to court —Young's Rfagazine for January For violet Club. Xfrs. F. A. Whgner gave a party ye«- terd.iy afternoon from two until five o'clock for the ladles of the Violat club. The rooms were prettily decor ated in red paper bel's and grawlng plants and after an hour with needle-: work there was a luncheon served by" Mrs. Wagner and:Mrs. Clyde HUde- brandt. The guests were Mesdames T. O. T>ing. A. H. Hecox. H. p' .Mc- Gulre, C, Wy Thompson; W. H. Mor rson, S. E. Vaughn. W. F. Wbod ruff, C. R Hutchinson. J. M.. Thomas W. Woods and C. Hilde'brandt. -:• * * Eclipse Club Dance. TJio semf-^onthly danca of the j Fcllpse clnb which occurred last ev I cning was attended by the followin guests: Misses Bertha Swigart. Bar bara Fry. Bertha Dogett. Carrie E>og- ' ett. Ruby Hel'cr. Jeanette Tyler. L«la I Holmes. Gertrude Holmes. Roae I Wnlth. Birdie Hoch. Messrs. Har>ey • HVjward. Chas. Wharton. Iy)ngacro, ' I.uther Parman. Earnest Coffield. John , Ix)voca, Roscoe Clark. Eugena Hamilton Jay Hunt. I*aul Cooper, Elvii Olillatt. Henr>- Fleak. Mr. and Sirs Jay Balliett, Mr. and Mrs. Shiel<fa Yii. and Mrs. i. D. Mundls. • • + To See 'Amelia Bingham. Mr and Mrs. John Amos and Mr. and Mrs. EX H. I,«itKbach, of Hust- Ixildt were here last erening to aee Amelia Bingham In "A Modem Lady Codlva." Home for Holi^yt. ^UsR Ethel Horton and Miss Giadra NorJhruii. of Chicago, arrived today for a week's visit with their pareata WAS'TED-^To excbiang^ *qiilty lii a gpod 80 acres close to tola,' for m 11200.00 residence property, dear. See us.. Hamilton'SkxM. ^ -..-^ ' *VANTED^-GoOd girl foe gMeral housework; small family; no washing. •Phone 79». 207 Sonth. Elm^- CIOAR SALESSfAN WANTED—Experience unnecessary. $100 per~inohth and expenses. Peerless Cigar Co., Toledo, Ohio. WANTED—Second hand WU^chester pop gun. Inquire 105 SontlE B«C^ stret. FOR SALB OR TittBE—For young slock or team, house and lot Inquire 327 North Elm. FOR'SALE—Steel range, and allle- board, good as new. Dining «»«. rockers and other household-good*,at half price. Inquire 213 SMt.8tjc<«t. FOR SALE—Two 3 yaar Old'eolts. one work mare, one yonng mulejlalix months old; one 5 year- old wipfk horse, one good bred drtTlng hone and saddles. One rubber tire nip- about. Inquire John V. Roberta Mu sic Store, West Side 'Square. FOR SALE—Some mules, coming 3- yoar old. Come plck.put a 8- J* Remsberg. one mile aouth of Oaa. * r FOR SALp-Or will trade for goid clear farm or IIOOQ' property In iMl, balance In cash or notes; the Snyur Livery Barn, La Harpe. J. V. H0W9II. FOR SALE t>R TRADE OR Furnishings In the Baltimore "Qotiie, with lease. Inquire 299 South ^dc- eye. ' FOR SALE—No. 1 gOodheiHhg Stove: gas ot coal; a perfect store. 209 South Bnckeye. _. FOR SA1J5—$1800 rtoclt of groctr- ies and store llxtnrea. io*'BowlUi Kentucky street .'4 FOR SALIS^A driving mare wAi buggy. Ho.rse citr brolte._9afyoiv ifdy m FOR RBNT -t -Houae ud barn.Tao«hi Kentucky, nicne 9»8 »—2. FOR RENT—Biglit foom Ibgse jNi (iar line. Wheeler Qti^ts. iCodd^a. Newly papered tad "Tarnhhed::' to- nuJre of W, A. I&ls Portland Cement ppmjyanjr., I FOR RENT—five rooa bOltM tad bam, three blodu from square. J|^.M.' Wbltaker ft DonnelL . its EcdfiNiiy To luive jt^ Citpeti asd1tiKi'£fiii(>d by

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