Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 20, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1907
Page 2
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t Sale of FurSifor Gifts Entire Tnr Stock M«i*ct DOWB. 13160 Coiiey Scarfs .. ^......! S8.50 $6.50 nrook Mink Collars, b^pUfully blende4 • • • • • 'fl »:95 HlghVOride Jap Mink Throw worth 110.00, for 97.50 ' '17.60 Isabella F6x marked . .;.)K>.00' • fT;60 Martin Boas, our price .'.flS.OO noas insrked .'«8.9& 486.00 Electric Seal Coats reduced to »»3.00 LnrRe aHsbrtnioiit of chlldrcn 'H and ' |1n»flRca Sets from Wc up to #7.50 $12.50 Isabella Fox to .r. All Our Silk fetticoats Reduced $6.60 I'etlcoats for ... $7.60 Pettlooats for .. '1 ^8.50 Petticoats for . 7 $13.50 Petticoats for 184.95 .«6.5<) «7.50 ... SIO.OO Sale Of Voile Slurts$7.S0 60 Handsome Black Voile Skirts to \)e .'sold at,this price, they are made in pretty 'pleated modlcs and trimmed ' In varloua designs with silk folds; worth 110.00 at ....87.50 50. Chiffon Panama Skirts In black, brown, bine,- pleated or trimmed. $7.50 value marked to ......SS.OO ' Special Clearance Sale on Black and tolored Dress Goods. Saleof Waisis at SS.OO A big offering of Taffeta Silk and Net Waists, the very best of the season's styles;' former prices $6.95 to $S.50; your choice each 95.00 Other Silk Waists: at 1fi2.50t S3.50 i Imported! Black Silk 36 Inches wide; $1.50 quality for. n y«id «1.10 This is an oflTcrlng of elegant black Taffeta Silk a vory Arm weave. A lustriouB Jet black' full .16 inches wide, the reguljir $l.&o:qu:illty on sale tomorrow for tl.lO.; Nothing more ap- projirlate for a Chrktnias gift. Colored Silks 36 Inch Colored TdffCta Silk. $1.25 quality on sale ...... 98<ft Haritlk^rchlisfs A Orrat Stock of InHIaJ Haidkerchlrfs Ladles' HemsUtchcd." and Initial Handkerchiefs at JOC. 13^4*. 15<& Beautiful line of:i .4idles' Embroidery Linen Handkerchicfa, specially priced •It lOf. I,';* and 25<! Men's Initial Handkerchiefs 15^ and 25* Men's luiUal 8llk Handkerchiefs at 50t an^ 75* ft Clearance Sale of Coats Two Hundred Handsome Coats go oh sale tomorrow at greatly reduced prices. $6.50 50-Inch Long Loose Coat marked to tS3.95 $8.50 50-Inch Coats lined throughout $10.00 coats reduced to $12.50 Coats reduced to ^S7.50' $16.i;0 coats reduced to :ffi1O.O0 120.00 Coats reduclMl to .....«12;50 $35.00 Coats reduced to 815.00 $1.'5.50 CaracuUackets at S7.95 $16.50 Caracul Jackets at ...SIO.OO $20.00 Caracul JackeU at . . .812.00 Children's Coats Reduced $2.00 Children's Coats Hcdured to $3.r.O Children's Coats Hodured to $4.50 Children's Coats Keduccd to $5.00 Children's Coats Kcdticcd to $7.50 Children's Coats Iledurcd to ... SI.95 .... »2.4» .... 82.75 ... 83.00 ... 84.95 Leather Bags arid Purses and" ^^'^ 75c Hags are marked 50* $1.00 Bags are marked .69* $1.50 Bags are marked 8li00 $2.00 B.igs are marked ...... 81J30 $2.75 Bags are marked 81.98 $4,00 Bags are mairked 82.50 $5.00 Bags are marked 83.50 An Attractive-^ale and Disp'ay of Silk Scarfs S|«claJIy. priced, at- 75*i 81.00. 81.50, 81.95. 82.50 and 83.00 , , ,. To See Play. | __Mrs.'^annJc ' McCarty and Mrs. [ llsher of Humbo'dt, were among the $«|lof'4own folk who saw the play last * + + ' Society Elected Officer*. The meeting of the Christian AM' WclStjj- yesterday was featured by | flliie'e}ecti6n of officers to serve during Ihe jr^ar of 1908. Mrs. H. A. Rich ttrdson .was elected president; Mrs. ^•t^'LddwIg, vice president; Mrs. ;|corge BoBse, secretary: Mrs. Beatty,' •SBlst &nt secretary; Mrs. W41Uam' Ihihn, treasurer. H«m»e * * • From Lawrence. ..„5tl8fca Helen Smith. Grace Botip'l. ^•le-ience Bedell. Florence Hobart an<l Jf«»»^FUnk will come.from Lawrence «its evening to Tlsjt here for a week. Per«tinals. Miss Cora Klein will return from. ,^ot>eka this evening to spend a week j^lth her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul' JDeln. ., ..; * + Milss Flora Kapp, who is a chaperone at one of the sorority houses In )>wrenoe will be a guest of her KIP-J ier, Mrs. T. S. Stover, until after the New Tear. • * + •> Mr. and Mrs. W; S. Goodin arc to ent^rtaia ;A .part>\of relatives at din­ ner on Christmas. •:• •:• .Miss Flor.->ncc Mltch<'ll, of Pansoni, v.lll sprnrt. (he holidays with her pa oiits, Mr. and .Mrs: A. X. .Mitchell.• + • Ready for Xmac. The Methodist Sunday school pu > lis are rapidly completing all arraRg } ments for the cantata, "Santa C'nu?' Ciub," which will bo given on tlo iippronchlng Tuesday cvonliw. Mrs. Mark illlles, Miss Olive Hanklns aif.I Miss Florence Root have been dlro<jt. ing rehearsals for this novel enfdr- talnment and tomorrow afternoon thora will be a full rehearsal of the different scenes. The prop ram. (Is made up large'y of musical numbtjra nnd.the occasion of Its rend tlon pr.hi l.^.os to be unusually enjoyable. * •;• + Mrs, C. E. Pettingall and daught.'r, .Margaret and Marie, iof Stafford, ire guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Varn er. Jay Hunt is spending a vacat on xvixii Mr. and. Mrs. I^igh Hunt. Loralne Northtup 1^ among the «ol- Iceg boys who are to visit at ho no during the Christmas 1 time. Miss Mi^ry Northrup will be home from St. Lou's tonight for a Christ­ mas'visit with her plarents, Mr. i.nd Mrs. F. A..Northnip. 1 Murphy-Thomas Nuptials. ! Married at the home of the bride's parents. Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Murphy, m Ml . irf' i1 I* •ii^^AN you think of. anytlung nicer •'^i''for yoor lady friend, for your mother or your afster? We have Jwught especially, heavy for the Christmas trade atd as a result have ' amijghty choice; selection to show yon. . We have them in Gold Inlaid. %et with Coral Stones, Turquoise, the Jade and other styles. lid the Prices treliglit. J. W. Cdfif Son, EAST BIBE SQVABB isil Brimdnt avenue. Parsons, Kas.. Miss Miriam Murphy of Parsons and Mr. Frank P. Thomas, of Camp Point. Illinois. For the wedding ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. Bernard Kelly, of Ottawa, In the presence of 0 group of re'atlves, the bride wore a beautiful toilette of white batiste with Inserts and other trimmings of Irish point. A full length tulle veil fell in soft fo!ds to the hem of her costume, a crown of half blown white rose buds holding It In place. The vbower boquet was of white roses and white ni8 ?s were- used to decorate the l-arlors and other rooms of the resl dcnce. After the weddInK an e'aborate breakfast was served, the colors of green and white being beautifully Mended In the table decoration?, hopes of pale green tulle radiated from a cejiterplecc .pf brides roses Irt be caught at the corners of thc.ta- b'c with a bow of the material and a single white rose. The.favors were olaborata place cards. Mrs. J. W. Bolton, of this city, assisted the brides mother In receiving and en- tc-'taininR during the day. Mrs. Thomas has lately left lola. having lived here while her. father. Dr. Murphy, was In charge of the pastorate of the First Methodist church. She wa* a member of several study clubs and is a very gracious and charming young woman. Mr. and Mits. Thomas have gone to Camp Point, 111., where they are to reside. Oood.,^£ents make $5.00 and mpije per day celling new AutomatTs Psujt- ener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold In stores); Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co., Hoboken, N. J. nAS A eOOV RECORD. .Mrs. FanMoB Visited Xearly Every Scboei tm Coanty. County Superintendent Maude Funston has completed her visiting tour of the country schools. Dnrlng the past term Mrs. Fnnston has visited every rural school and all Of the dty schools she' is expected to visit except Moran. Elsmore and Savonburg. Mrs. Ktfnston expects to visit every school during the winter and spring term also. WANTS NAME FOR CEMETERY. City Council' Has ..Aako«l Public For Suggoiitldna. The city council hu asked the pnb- lie wt;o are interested .to suggest nameai foe the new cemetery bffore the next council meeting. parties wishing to suggest namea may either telephone or sltid the name to the offlce of the city clerk. The council tUnks the public should have the. privilege of naming the new ceme-' tery. ' J "Mcjler Barber Cbjlege, Kansas City. Mo., wants men to learn the trade. W|^ie for particulars now, tew weeks completes by free ellni<! and expert in- Bt 'rnctions, poisIUons waiUng. Don't: delay. A SON was bom yesterday to Mr. ahd^Vsr. Tom Stewart, of 709 North Second street SOME NOVEL TOYS The Loral Displays Contain TerltaWe Wonders. Some lola'^'iloy world Is now on In full Mast and a close Insiicction of it will show that toys never heard of before can be found. A few days ago some of them were described but the more that one examines the local displays 1\M more. Interesting and unique the toys are roi;nd to be. The stores are havir.!; a great run on them and most of the me-rhants are satlsfled with the out look tor Christmas business. 4 "niablo." "Flying Wizard, or Mem- t'hlsto". "I am a Millionarc," and "Soo Sniltnire' are among the new games which have been Introduced this year. The<- are" screamingly funny for bt)*.h 'ho ynuuK and the old. They sell for nrt;- cents. A baby grand piano may bo purchased for |l.r>0. "This will greatly aid the orchesira which may be em- nlnyed for a performance of "AUa- din" or "Cinderella" In one of the ujv- to-date little theatres which may be bought, theatre, actors, scenery and plays for the sum of six to twelve dollars. Dogs that bark, cats that mew. and monkeys that walk and perform countless tridcs of skill, sell for %T). A wringer that really wrings will delight the make-believe housewife and a. costs 3Q cents. A walldng doll that little girls be a "darling." l»>sts , $3.Gjt. Then. there is a rotarj- prlnting press, that the boy of eleven to flfteen years of age will find a source . of.. great interest as well as prollt and the' doting father who Is looking fot something "bully" for bis son may purchase one of these at a of a dollar to $7.50. An imported toy that creates not a little interest among the boys, is an old fashioned pumping Are wagon. It ,l8 § TfttJe beaiity in every way and costs $1.26; Engines whlch.are run by the natural gas are t>elng displayed. These engines have every feature and are run on the same plan of the modern gas or sttem ratine. . For 5 o^ck tea there are handsomely decorated tea sets in china, imItaUon gold and silver which affords a gdod way for, some of the beaoUfni d^lls that are,on dispiay to entertain spme of the Teddy Bears. The sets cost from 25 cents to $15. Dolls are always in demand and always will be Just so long as there is a little girl in the world. From a penny chiaa doU. they range in prices to the French beauty, which sells [(or. $15; Soldier outfiU cost from twenty- flve cents up to $1J>0. A coffe^ s^t with a drip coffee pot is something new. It. costs from 50 cents to %IJU) and one of the $3 Gibson dolls would doubtless Bnd it very usefnL Velocipedes sell for $2 to $5. Soldier suits may be had for 25 cents to $1. A moving picture machine costs from $3.50 to $15. The Irish malls are as much In demand tb^ ye«r. as ever and are in the shape .of automobiles raaging in price from |4 to $19. . R^ly"-Polly, in the form of clowns are quite appropriate for the: little ones and sell at $1. Then • there are hundreds of otherj pretty toys equally pretty and mod-| erate in price. For a Ch jstinas Reinemfcrance We. have everything In the Jewelry Line—dainty things- inexpensive articles—and gifts to suit any purse. .If it's Rich Cat Glass, Hand Painted China, Solid Slher, Plated TJIIDRS ID Siher, Silver Novelties, Manl- core Sets, Toilet Sets or a multitude of small articles we have them In prices within the reach of all. We are offering special prices as an Inducement to buyers this week. McNEIL BROTHERS. ThKJCwaatm. 'cu'ALiEXGE TO EYAJiS. Coaster Hocoir. Wanted to Fight the Entire Fleet. New York, Dec. 20.—Rear Admiral Evans's batleship fleet has already been challenged to;battle and has declined the engagement. The challenge went to. the flpet from the coaster Huron, which met the fleet .steaming down the coast on the first night atfcr it left Hampton Roads. The fleet was In columti of fours and was steaming along at a good clip. The battleships did hot get out of the way of the coaster., an,d the skipper of the latter was obliged "to'alter his course a bit to prevent being mn down. This an­ gered'the passaugers on the Huron aqd they at onee sent a wireless message to Admiral Ehrans challenging his entire fleet to mortal combat Admiral Evans did not reply to the message. CHILD FAISFULLT SCALDED. Tramaa Xerwla MMed Serlons In- Jsriee Yesttcday. Truman, the elgbteen-months-old son p( Mr. and Bfr"-. J-.C Merwin of 209 East street, yesterday sofTOred very pa^otul burns fropi scalding water. Hla l^ft arm and side were burned very severely. Since yesterday'he has taken cold and loday is .thought to be in a ver}' serions condlton. «S8 IXDICTJiE5T8. . ^ , Kansas City, Dec. 20.—The county ftoxy <?i»ndp|i ,JBojHer. Brown and.the;|«raAdJary here today retaraed nine hundred and tbirty'«ight indictments^ princlually for violation of the Suh-j day cloatng law. affecting theatrical: managers and employes, pool hall and imall storekeepers. • • • DB. KeULLIK, • • BpMdal attention fiven to the • • treatment of all Chronic Dlsea*- * • oa and Diseaaei of Children. * • Telephonesr Offlce 3$. Saa. 232. • • dlBc* in Mra. Tomar'a Bide ? • Weat lladlaon. * * Phone 5S4. ••••••eeaas Ma, Kana. * DR. EDITH S. HlIflH. Offlcy and Realdence over Bar. roll's Drur'Store. Offlce Hours—10 to 12 a. BL. I * to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 erenlnsa. * Ebinda^ by Appointment * Phone 687. BM. 701. •>* .DB. 0.1. COX, fey*. Bar,- NOM and Throat * BpaetaelM Properly Fitted. * Offlca A. O. U. W. Bids. * • • • . Offlce Phona 1083. Night Phone 406. DB. B. 0. CHBISTUH. nyptoha aai Sarfeea. Roonia 7 and S. Bfana Bids. F. H. MARTIN, • Surgery and I)iseases of * Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 * OlBce 7 Noi-th Jefferson.. DB. Yr.,B. HBiunnr. PhyafciBn ik Sugcfi. Offlce N..E. Comer of Sqiiara. Over K. CPlnmblns Co.'a Store. Rea. Tel 38. Offlca TeL 602. R.«. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. * DR. J. R. PEPPER. • Deatlstl • 1r p«rnim«itiy .located over E. a MeCIaln'a Clotbing Store. ;* and la prepared to |k> all Idnda f of up-to-date dental work. * Evening work by appointment * P. li. Latbrop, * Mrs. BeRsIe O:' Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICUHS. • Special attenUon slron to Dis- * easea of Women and Children. * Over East Side Hardware. * Offlce Thone,. Main 468. • • • • 1. Christmas I Take Uie ^to make your Holiday. YlsitB. Rates are low and service unequalled. Please see as for time of • trains, connections, reser-- vations and so forth. AGENT. Tfie«OarWai|»^ Restaurant Everything in Season. SHORT ORDERS OF AI,I . KiNDy? STEYEft'S OIHICEinr Good. Things to Eat . \ - ^MMini'.CMCneiMSi . ^ nasatd^e ud Cement fHdamlki ui . . Onrblns • SMdnlty. T Oika lU Eart Jadira Am.

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