The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 5, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 14
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14 Tuesday, September 5, 1944 Cfre jfobtrgfielb Cahforman ; Occupational services Help Wanted—Male Announcements We Are Now Uocatod ;it 2S12 CHESTf:U AVKNTH Just Across the Street From Our Former Location at -SOI Che; IIT Classified Advertising columns of Thi- Bakersfield Californian close promptly at 10 o'clock each morning for all one- column ads. Two-column or larger Hdc must be placed (lie dav before. pnbl-rn- tlon. Phone 7-7631. 1-14-if For rent — Trucks, i Ickups. trailers. Parker's, Eighth and Union avenue. 1'h. M- 2-8842. __ !_-_: lj if ALL. kinds of weights and width* of canvas, Canvas gonda made tn order fit Hornung'a, 1606 Nineteenth street. I- s - 1 f REFUNDS on each classified nrlveitipe- menu which have been canceled t/ef"r« the expiration date must be cal!r-<i fnr WITH CASH RECEIPTS within month from date of cancellation Bakerfifield Califorman. i UISSOLV1NG partnership with LI. Cafe, McFarland; will not he r r*p"i for any bills contracted by anv.'ne c « yself. Frceda Scott, Box ol:. M' nd. FIRST UNITV TEMPLE—AH ices avRiUhle. Complete n.. tions. KnbwTiptions lak-n. N daily. 12J Sovithern hotel. PI The 'inly k pnl Financial ,s A MONTH REPAYS! i 100 i.OAN IN FULL i IN 12 MONTHS. .NO CO-SIGNERS vi.l'' . I. s.'i'a t y furniture Riitos 'no ' *!'TIK'e nt-'dedl to offtci* employees. k, ic'i iiid Mriskilied ind'iMna! \\otk- - (; f v ! service employees, business ALL TYPES carpenter work, new con- K'ructlon, remodeling, repairing. pap»r hanging. Phone 2-OM9. 22 pi nte I'i ompt. Come in. write— .I if f n -"t when approved pick Tip Y'M; Uf 1 full a rnomv r t f Ion n. H "f «a trs r,f a u lorn oh ties a nd '"•*• financed. 1. 1- wide Ci edit Ca i dp Issued '.roi -e hei e. TRKi; SKRVIOr: CO. Pr inniK. Shai>;ii}.'. Toping \ I.-" Ti fcs T.'i kr»M »>••!• Park, i- K, P n Ewtimat.P 0 V II .S;ft-r t Phrtne 2-aiM -'j: x i) K n s x i-: r-: rTTH-:"i•"*A i RS ' CAR XKKl) PAINTING? Sro Kf nny B;H'hiiian for K.^iiin.'ito and Appointment MOTOR riCXTKR Twont\ -s« ccrul .'•nd Cho^trr 1'i'H: i"; K.\ f-:l:,\ L contiacl an*' lepair work. • 0 SIO Sill Rinlrtinc 'nilei the Ini; foi a ('olji sicr.l U.os Eighteenth St reel Vorhaat MKI Pimm i].C,:,:>-, LOANS INCOME TAX ''\VME.\TS NECESSI PIES ETC. ON Salary "PAID FOR OP. NOT" Toil may wtjll borrow for as lonpr as 12 months. BETTY LEE TEAKOOM TUESDAY. Sl-:i'TE.\IUEH FROM 4:45 TO 1:30. Lost—Found—Strayed FOR STENOGRAPHER SERVICE SEE US Courteous ami prompt .survir-e. Will n insifii" 1 ]' phono nr ru.sli older?. S:ui .Iii:iquiii Ascncics. Efhvard AV. .\ln'ifl>, 1S1L' "Eyf" slrret, phono - Help Wanted—Male LOST—Platinum square wrist wnich " *mall diamonds: keepsake. rr«oid. "n'e Plionc 6-f,, '.», Box 221-W. The Califorruan. _"^ LOST—Enlisled man's msiBi'ia fid Pin with master Fcmcai t >:i l"-K. Call 2-2709 afle.r ii n. in. Kfjiya i >l 32 STRAYED— Five-month-oM fen.ale c'oiker Spaniel. Hlack with while throat. lonB tail. Pleace notify TOd Cusian. l.iildiilc. Phoiu 3-1770. only as Ih si reel. 31 LOST—Large cain"o t"ii keepsake, near F r-i"i K<t Reward. __Cal 1_»- '•< '•< '•'• ''. SOLID PLATINUM and tli:nn..n'l dinner rins. Saturday niKht. reward. ._ Call 5-4675. 3J LOST—Lady Hulova wrist «nlch. wmHihly at nion Avenue dan. 1 .- pavilion. Phone LOST—Small tan poodle, wi inlit iilioul 4 pounds, in vicinity Mount Vcrnun nnd Edison Highway. R.-lurn I" ^l-'ll East Californllt and receive rewin d. '•'''•'• LOST—Whin- lilaslic l h read purse. Keep money and pk-asc u-iuin Klas»eB and wallet. Glasses aie needed liadl.\'. 1'hone 2-58(17 or SOO Area.-la, T — Billfnlcl contairium sum of money. Please, return other papers to K'3 l>c- catur. W. F. .Muuell. phone --''S''.;" 1 ; LOST — Billfold. FuHler I.CI-P money, return contents lo P"P I!"bin»on. Clrd" Inn. _ ^ Personals HEMORRHOID SUFFERERS — No ho«- pitalUatlon nor loes of time. No aureery nor Injections. New eafe. painless method of eliminating bemorrhnlde now available from Dr R. Pannlngton, D. C,. suite 2. Professional building. Phone C-6100. ?:<L-tf BACRO-ILLAC LESIONS, low back pains, arthritis, constipation and prostate disorders coriecled. Dr. D. IJ. Parish. D. C., 40? Haberfelde building. Phone 9-»>3i. 3 - t-tt WE WILL not be responnible for any debts contracted hy anyone for the French Village other than ourselves from this dale. September 1. 1J-H. Paul Lorcntzen. P. 0. Box 687. and Edna HAVING SOLD our business located nt 120 Thirty-fourth to State Transport Company, we will not be responsible for any bills contracted by anyone other than ourselves, after August 31. 1944. [Signed) Padflcld. 31 HI'SBANDrf 1 WIVES! WANT PEP'. 1 Ostrex Tonie Tablets pep up weak bodies lackuur iron; alwo contain vna- min Bl. calcium. 3.V trial f*rze now only 20':. At all I'.rus mores everv- where. '•'''•'• ANYONE wishing to nee H'-nry E^ser. former manaser of Eastern, please call at 1823 Chester avenue. Financial EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102.60—Total Cost ONLY $2.60 If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign— No Co-signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Cheste.- Telephone 9-9421 S -2 l_-tf WANTED—Personal loan fiom private party. Suftii-inii security, cood intc?- cat. Box L-S03, The California]]. 32 8605 12-42 Th» beloved shlrtmaker type with the •m»y-to-get-into and eaay-io-la under buttoned front il a dremi American women never tire of! It flu into any wardrobe— look* nice on hiuh school uirln and Krand- motbcri, alike! Make U of good washable coltona or "oft woolen fabric*. Pattern No. S6US i In sizea 12, K, 16. K, 20; 40 and 42. Size 14. short Hl.cveB, require* 3% yatds of 39-inch material. The •mart Dew issue of this midsummer •tyl* book—Fashion—ban 31' pages of cool- looking, crisp new euortwear and summer day frock* and acceeBorien. Order your copjr now. Price 1C cents. For toll attractive pattern, send L't) cents In coins, with your imme. address, liiit- tdrn number und »i?.e to The Hakemluld Ca'ifornlan Today's Pattern Xcrvu:c, lot UittioH Ulrejf. Han /•'runciaco 3. T W. .1. (nilll ReiBinan Mamie i.'ith rml fh^Bter Opp MiintKomci v Ward A 1.1".ml mem." Mail" 9-1-1! '- per t., bor- MONEV TO LOAN Loop term, all lytt^ 'arm leans, cent interest. No t nmmission 10\\ e'-. .1. E. WARREN REALTY m Tl'LARE THEATEK lll'ILIHNli TI'LAItE. CALM'. PHONE -I !i-4-tf MALI-: Al\'in Business Oppprt unit iies He m Aivm. Writ.. Jinx llfi:!. fin K.'ilc, ilnmi,' uniul hliMi- off i GROCEHV MI,i,. ness, ideal Ii Hinndauc Lin iliim. nl Schools—Instruction SALE—llcauty slit.p. i oinplel,. wilh ini'H. Imjiiiii' "^cnhnmv Pii'auiv Shop. _. v location. J^n Eiuhtccnlh MIC.-I. "I ' EX PEUIENCEl) T1I"(E MAN. (iniHl SAL" " " " "' "~" AHY, EXCELLENT POSTWAR OP- l'i UtTI'NITV. KIREPTONE STOKES. TWENTY-KULHTH AND C'llESTEll AVENUE. S-:ill-l( HIGH SCHOOL completed at home for I — " recount! diploma: -100 other course* WANTE > -AT ONCE. AUTOMOHILE ME- Free uatalnBue Call Lee Manfull CIIANIO. PERMANENT WOKK: TOP 7-75P.-,. International Cor. esuondence WAOES. APPLY MAKER-ADAMS PON- Schn .Is 45 T1AC OAHAi.iE 27(11 CHESTICK 6-22-tt Transportation—Buses FRKB MEALS AND PILLOWS Lowest I''are.s to All Points ALL-AMEHICAN BUS LINE INC J026 Chester Ellis L. Rnll Phone 2-.14:i.1 1-7-lf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3-G-tf Occupational Services IT WANTED --l!u« bo I Intel El Te.ion. Applv dinins room, 40 HAVE your car WA VTEli ill HlP llirill- aide ID crn way. A xinmilh, lon^-lastiiiK i ''' . lxy:; -_ t'iniHh (ionp by an export. Tho cnKt | '.'nrpi.E \\. is ri'asonalilo and salisl'aetinn guar- , — l ''" 1 " 1 '.--' :'" untcfil. Also slfain clcaniiiK anil I • M ';",',.,','. A , S ' ; ' ' car washiiiK. Al:ik(> your appointment today. fi.r,.ir,7 WANTED — (iAHACJIO ATTENDANT OH Mol'KS S P. M. TO 11. APPLV AT THE EL TE.ION GAP.AIJE. MOO SEV- _ENTEENTIf. _ 31 W A NT E D — N I f: I IT G A R A O E A TT10 N O- ANT. APPLY AT UNITED IIAIIACE, l:!nl EKill'I'EENTII. 31 BUILUINi.1 KEHVK.'IO man for position with permaneni company Mu«t he ahle lo furnish hnlh 'ttit'icate If Inter- e.sted <'a \\_4-4Jk_fi. _ __S-17-tf WANTED Man to work a» tencial all- aiiiilul helper ill milk phint. Tea k vvi.od l-'aim.--. V.':i_ Unhi'lls Lain' |i_4 (illhlEN PI1.EKS ami' handli'rs. Sa vv Ill'll. fil) mill'H c:isl Of IlakerNl'll'lil. I'llnne •j t:' l v _ _ •!:' Mill! too nil! 10 I tflll hilt still \\'niK. I'linne Ij-ti I .':."i. e\'eninL: job. T \V )•: X T V - KG l ' 1 1 T 1 1 A X D CIIKSTER AVK. n-2-tr I I t.'A KKIKK ln'lpcr uanlnl in l:ivr-r- \ir\v. I'liono X'i'riic VN'ilsun, ^-Sii".'! _ or rail :)s:: I'.i'llc avi-imc. fl-f.-lf W \\TI-:I > Hnv n\-er .-ch 1. -I' HEI.PIOUS WANTED for . i i'\\- K\|M'i ICIH .• not n I ^ ".n S!.> \vi.rk in a n A \ a ll.'l hi III >' < c) till' :l le I i'<l donp at roji.soniililfi prices. J/oratlon __'-'' ''"'"»'• llay _hniidim; 1(109 Kasi Ninc'tccnlh street. James! itiirsTAltni'Ts "lie :>;l licii|ill\s|. ;l 1 11 red. Aia- •s.s.-nlial in- l.i adMim !• ted. Apply Karris. Phone ^-7. r iM. TRUMAN'S TRANSKKR—J_,onfr~dis j _ tance and local. 812 North Ches- _trr, Oildale. Phono 2-8(114.__ 39 WASHING POLISHING" STEAM CLEANING SIMONIZINC! MACK AND SON California and P Phone 2-1 "20 45 i ul a i v~]i>lp"i-^. ^ oik an.l 7-dav work wei-k PI !P 'Mill. Tide Waier I llil Ciimp.iny. Mi DISH WAS1IE1I -Must Man nr .viim.iii. Fr.'il I'I.HI t h and !(!» :i:i \'PI'.'I!1 lONCED dishwauhcr wanled. FT ed- Ca!'.'. 'l'\\ cm v'-loui III and !>'J Hi^'li- I:^ DO THE1:' topping, lemovlnk': fence building, team work, piowine, eeneral work; just work; have truck I'hone !i-fi74H. 38 southcin lloti'l. inl AN urk i ii .Mils he nu (ili.iccl tu rmht fry ci.okp ami c\- at l-'i eni h WE BUILD ANYTHING MADE OF SHEET STEEL. FURNACE AND COOLER SERVICE. 3826 CHESTER AVE. :ST Him Plinnc BKH K a I tent inn. $) ikJllUVs/o 7-7D06 8-3-tf in M i- .i"ii" WANTED — Exi-'-rii'mcil milker. ll:ilrt- «'li D.ln\. 1 mile smith of Tafl lll«h- \\:,v ni, Wilile Knad. Mouse and ulililu'S linnishirl and K'i'id wanes. Phone L'-OtM.V Dill \'EU-S M.ESMAN - Man experienced .^ill.iiu I.I Kii.'ns ;md reslailranls. an n\. S I'lnun avrnu.'. 2f) WANTED—TWO MEN EO11 HECAPPINC! DEPARTMENT EXPERIENCED PKE- FEKKED HUT NOT NECESSARY. CidiiD SALARY TC START. FIRE- STO.N'C STOP.ES, TWENTY-FOURTH A N D CHESTER A VENUE. !' 2 ?-. ( _ f WANTED—NlKht man for Barnce. Dunn's Garnite. Phone 2-a'."S. 141 i 1 Eiehteenth ? B WANTED —Man and wife for bun driver, .lanitiir and conk. Slme Scli.nd. Hi.line fiiiii.-.h.'d. H •• ::. Hox :;:i. i-ipme ^•"iil'T. 31 WANTED--Trii. k iliuei. Lacy .Milliiit Ci. . ".'..", S.M. enlli M." i I. 81 k.n.l^ lir)''SE.MAN. over Padre hotel. 40. housekeeper. 8-12-tf Occupational Services Occupational Services Lataratorks (.'II KM IC'A 1, ANALYSIS -MKTA I.S IXIirSTKlAb WATKKS SOU, .MINKKAUS I-: 1 !'!.'. rnvsii'Ah 'n:s'i'i.\t; <ii- MI:I-.\LS I.M il 'S'I'KIA I, I!A I ilUtiKAI'll Y MKTAM/KiltAI'IIY cAl.l, :;:is;i |' - I;O.M s A. M. m ;, r. M JF MI ANSWKII, l.'AI.U S M.V'7 Help Wanted—Male RELIABLE PAINTING Insl.lo and Out j PIE D. HELLEP. Llccnn.xl and Bonjad Contractor l "Ejc" Street Phons 2-!4^2 | 7-19-lf' •D LOCALLY For BY STANDARD OIL COMPANY OK CALIFORNIA JJOTARY HELPERS—KOUSTABOUTS A .KJlJ WITH A LOCnMOTIVK TO III-;I,P yot: tor a cuni|i:iiiy vvlitiso t |nli is still ahi'iitl. jfih 1'nr ;in iiflivc m;in who hk"s tu sen IhitiKH move: switching r.'iilrii;id cars, tnilns . . . .•••limiting Vni on to siiliiiKs . . . frclHhls I'fntn nil ovor llie country, loaded with war tnalcri;ils. Nu iltill routine. Ri.'itH.'nilinr, Sonllii'rii Piii'if'ic'K hiyppsl job is still ahead. I fail road pa.^ jirivl- I'-yi's. Kim- pension plan. .Metli«al services. The kind of joli you e;in tie proud of. Look illlo lllis lod,iv. (Student 1 :i akenn-ii and l''i|e]nell nei.||ei| also.) Apply Sllperilllcndell! 's Office S. I'. Compiuiv. HaUersi'ield nr your nearest S. J'. A^ent WKINI;EK MAN. MI IOXPERIENCE NEi'KSSARV. CITI/ENS LAI "NDKV. _:i.!l KIXTEENTII. Ill WANTED .MilUeri--. KlraiKhl shift. J. .1. Nonius _D:ni y. |ihone_ ::--IU7.|. 31 Mll.DI,:. \OKlJ man for tuneral anrl iimhulnnoo work, ext erlence not neces- Hai.\ li'llcktnKer-Dik'ier. Chapel. l'^21 Chester 8-11-tl B /\ pns err? i\ Yi^^T* AT f AH FOR RENT — New furnished room, private batli, outside rnuanre: one block from Kern General Hospital. Phone 2-6994. ___ ____ 31 FOR RKXT — Two Dndrooms, one nil plane iM'drimrn uiiitahto for uvn n-ui-kiim mon nr ladies, one bedrtmm doxviiBt;ii?-s next to hath: i'f»e of phone, one hlork from _ hil;<_ lin_c anil ^(orpw. _ ?^°J lp _:lil -?_•'• __ ^^ K, nii'ely furnished room for one or Kontlomon, adjoining hath, close lo " I10TA HY HELPERS— nOUSTABOUT.S IIKC'LAMATION HELPKRS—WELL PULLERS TRUCK DRIVER HELPERS—AUTO SERVICE MEN -Ivliori; WORK WEEK—NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY SEE OIL COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE AT UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY OF EACH WEEK Availability Certificate Required. DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHA1NMAN—MALE HELPERS FOU INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE APPLY TO: TELEPHONE T.VFT, 464 TELEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 34 McMAHAN FURNITURE CO. Has Openings in the DELIVERY DEPARTMENT and SALES DEPARTMENT for Honorably Discharged SERVICEMEN Apply Eighteenth and H Street 8-1! IMf WA.NTKD — Trimmer to operate glass and iiplinlatery ileuaitmcnt In large repair simp. See Uuckrnnn at MoUir Center. __T wen I y^sec o i id a n d Chester _ 8 - 1 5 - 1 f E.NI'ICHIBN'CED hardware man to work in our Raliersfield store. 616 EaM _ JS'JiflJ^Uyi^treet. __ 1'hone 9-9S71. 8-1 2-1 f 10 help maintain transportation. auto and truck mechanics and body men Kill I time work. Motor Center. Bulck. Chevrolet nur] I'artillac dealer. Sec Backman, Twenty-second and Chester. _ ____ 8-1 6- 1 1 EXPICRIENCRE' tractor drlveri. year- round ,k»o for men who qualify; lodKtne anrl board furnished. Apply 616 East Nineteenth street. Phone 9-9671; after 7 P. in. CD.II 2-7705 7-:i-tf BKL1.MA.N — Mum be over 21. Padre. Apply Hotel 7-1-tf WANTED — TRUCK AND Al'TO MECHANICS. APPLY .SOUTHERN GA- RAOIO TWENTY-FIRST AND I _STR.KETS. __________ 13-31-tf Paper Carriers Wanted for East and west Bakersfield. Californian office. 6-14-tf HEIJ 1 WANTED— Aletal workers, metal worker helpers, wnol workers, auto bodies: wood woikers. furniture. C. N. .lnl.i,nt,in ttiirtv Works. 1001 Eighteenth. _ PI i on e 4 4708. __ (i - 21_- It NEEDED A'l ONCE— Furniture reflnlsher Alsu upholsterer Topnotch wages for topnotcli workmen. C. N Johnston Shops. 1000 Eighteenth street. 7-21-tl WANTKr/ —Experienced autc> mechanic. Good hours and pay. i t au essential 1on. Hand tools and availability certificate necessary. Sop Mr. Heed Kitchen-Boyd Mot r Company 2220 Chester avenue. _ _ 8-25-tf WANTED —Servjce salesman. Good salary and excellent future for man wilh fair education who can assume responsibility. Firestone Stores, 2331 Chester avenue. Bakel sfiuld. g-23-tf MAN TO HANDLE AND DELIVER FURNITURE. APPLY IN PERSON. DAVIS FURNITURE CO., _14(M)_CHESTER AVENUE. 8-25 tf TRUCK DRIVERS nnd delivery men. Apply McMaluui'H Furniture, Eifh'eenlh and It M reels. 8-L'G-H MEN TO OPERATE ELECTRIC SUBSTATIONS. STEADY WORK. fJOOD WAGES, EVEN WHILE YOU LEARN. ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. AVAILABILITY CER- TIF1CATE NECESSARY P. G & E. COMPANY, BAKERSFIELD. PHONE 5-5771. ASK FOR MR. OLDERSHAW. 3J Help Wanted—Female AI'TV opera lor wanted. Good salary iinil ciimniissinn. I'hmic shop .'i-OL';!:i, or lininiv ^-7- ; :!fJ. Fay's Healltv Shoppe cii|.|;ilc. _ ' __ :! .-i H'SKKEEPER—While, over :15, to slay iiiKhin. Two adults. Wife ri>i|inrp» sume nir". Very BOOI! wages per month riiiuie "-L'lliis -:i'l-:M).\ni.K wlnu. woman for senpral hoiiKcwork and i a ro ol invalid. Hoard ami i-uoin K""d wac'-H. H^S Montei-ey HI I eel •{'-, SALESLADIES WANTED Expcrionce Unnt'cessary Steady Employment Apply F. W. WOOLWORTIT 140S Nineteenth Street EXEPERIEXCED WOMEN'S READT-TO- WEAIl ALTERATION HANDS THOSE \\'HO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN FUR REMODELING AN" REPAIRING PHV:FERRED. STEADY WORK. GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS APPLY MANAGER. EASTERN, 1529 NINE. TEENTH STRFET. WANTED — Maid. Soulheru hotel. Apply 8-.30.ltf housekeeper. .11 LAI>Y fur baK^age and expi-ess clerk. Per- niiiuent posilmn. Apply in person. Pa- 'ilic Ureyhound Lines. |}1! WHITE housekeeper. aKe Phone L'-S-llIS or 7-7744. 3tl or over. LAUNDRY HELP wanted. Sam Laundry, l.tlfi E ghteenth street. Won WANTED— Tiny B; rls. fountain Birls and __«andwn-h Bir|._ L!j£r.v's_Drive_ In. __ M COMI'ETENT CIRL for Renerul house- \vnrU. uuc chilil. JT.'i per month. Call _ L'-7r.74. ______ .12 \\'ANTED — \\'oman for housekeeping ami care of children. Must stay ni^hls. l'hone_ 4- : tr>L'7. '33 COOK, for permanent position. Catholic preferred. Four ndul1.«. $100. St. Francis Church, If.JO Triixtun avenue. WANTED— Farm :!, SI me lioad. hand. Bux SBO, Phone 2-1IOSI). Route .11 WANTED -Harvest hands. Men to operate combirn harvesters. Exierlence necessary. Med and boarj furnished. Apply tiir. East Eighteenth street Phone 9-9071; al'te,- 7 p. in., call 2-7705. L'8- tf SEWING MACHINE REPAIRING, 1509 West Eighth. Guaranteed. Phone 9-9437. 49 80.1 Chester. Oildale. 1 p. m. Ask for Louis. HAUBER wiinled. Call 11-980=. after Help Wanted—Female TWO EXPERIENCED P.EADY-TO-WEAR .SALESWOMEN WITH LOCAL FOLLOWING. PERMANENT POSITION WITH GOOD SALARY TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY. GIVE PULL DETAILS IN KlltST LETTER APPLICATIONS WILL 1!E KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. WHITE BOX E-12, THE CALIFORNIAN. 8-23-tf GIRL OR WOMAN TO DO BOOKKEEPING AND GENERAL OFFICE WORK. APPLY DAVIS FURNITURE CO., 1400 CHESTER _A V K N U E. 31 WAITRESS WANTED—Must be experienced. Freddie's Cafe, Twen- t y J' o 11 rl h a n d_ 9 9 J.-Hgh way. 8-29-tf WANTED—Collector for west Bak- crsfield. Write Box M-101, Call- I'oniian. References. S-29-tf operator. Noru's lOiBhteianlli Ktreet. WANTED —- Reality lieauty Salon, IjL'fi Phone 2-:it;:ll. '''"llLf Win 1 LI) LIKE cashier In coffee shop. lluicl Padi'.'. l^tglilcenlh and 11 Mtreets. _ -__ 31 WILL HOARD and room lush school Birl in fxch.uiue for rare of chililren eve- IIIIIKS. I'hone :iji:!-». 31 sea. El Pntlo Drive- tid t'nion. 34 \V ANT — Capalde slenoKrapher. tiermanent p..."H nill at mind salary. Phone 8-Sfi31 or : .''.i:: fur appoliument. 31 '1417 omen workers. 1'lione ii-fi435 experience . eveiiinKs 31 tr'J'U\ni;p,A|'i|ER wanted In petroleum * iiL-nfe! -n\-^ departnicnl of Tide Water A-.-.H' itiie.l Oil CompHiiy. Phone V-94(il. A\:iil.ilul<iy i"iniiied. 32 SALESLADY wanted. Good hours. _ no Sundays^ O_\vl Drupr. :!2 \VANTKn — \\'omen workers. Experience unnecessary. Phone li-f,41Ti. eveninKs _ I1-1SS.1. __ __ _____ 33 SERVICE STATION SALESWOMEN Opporl unity for valuable training and advancement up to and including the position of STATION MANAGER. Ages IS to 40 prefen-Md. C.OOD SALARY. Part- time work also available for housewives. women ^Indents, etc.. in your neighborhood si al ions. Fitr interview call at STANDARD STATIONS INC.. CALIFORNIA AND CHESTER. BAKERS- FIKLD. Workers in war production activities should not apply. 35 SALESLADIES wanted for full or part- lime work; no experience necessary. Apply al information desk. S. H. Kress & Company. ;(2 WANTED—Laundry workers. No experience necessary. Citizens Laundry, 931 Sixteenth street. 31 TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street 5-29-tf WANTED—White maids. See housekeeper. Hotel Padre. 8-16-lt WAITRESS wanted. Apply Wins'* Cafe. ir.Oti Eighteenth street. 8-28-tf BEAUTY OPERATOR—La Cresta Beauty Salon, under new mnnaEement. Good salary and commission. Phone Georgia for appointment, --C861. 31 Situations Wanted—Male WE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour: also blinds, windows: floor by floor. Larko Cleaners. Phone 7-7462 before 8. after e. 67 ALL KINDS ot rubbish hauling- street. Phone 2-9848. 2200 M 31 WANTED—Plowlne gardens, grading and leveling; check work, V-inB out water ditches. Fertilizer for sule, by sack or byJhe^tiBdL Phone 3-1857. 33 FOR A GOOD paint j' h, inside or out. large or Hmnll.__PJione 2-8S21. 3^ CARPENTER work wanted by day and hour. No job too Bmall or too biK. l J li(ine_3-27H8 ; .'12 BOY wants work mowing lawns, in "West liakerafield. DoeH not have equipmenl. Call 4-4101. ____^ 1'OR lawn 'in I ink", j-hone 2-3392. Will UMC own tools. 'lit Situations Wanted—F-maU COLORED—Light housework, day or hour. Have references. Phone 8-S3IJ4. 32 LADY with girl, wants work in motherless home. Would KO to Tal'l. Imperial hold. 7:!.'l Baker street. Afk for Pat. Js'o iihone. 33 TOR RKXT — Ni'Tly ftirni halh. priv.ite enttanre, tf hpil room with i'UKe; t-lose in. FI'IINISIIKD tront bedroom, private home. Id teacher or business woman: nir roolrd. walkinff clistani-e. phone and laundry _ T'rivHeBea J _ I_'hmie_2_-.1S;9. _ _ __ :',:! ItOO.M. ntxt to tmth. air conditioned, floor furnace, telephone. Karaite: one and half blocks fro.n bus. No drinkers. ti!3 A r- vin. Phone 8-S901). :::! For Rent—Houses FOR "-HI-INT—Will share our home with counle in exthanfie for care of two small children. Phone 0-S417. :il For Rent—Miscellaneous 33 WHEEL CHA1KS. hospital beds with Innerspring mattresses: walkers, ruhber pheettnp: everything for sick room. Folding chairs. Phone 7-1«8» or 2-OOC7. 8-3-tt Wanted to Rent—Rooms EI.DEItLY Indy wantr to renl room with kitchen privilege or Iishl housekeepinK rooin. ! 3 len?e_cajl_ 9-9820. 31 ROOM AND HOARD for mother nncl n'i- >ear-old daughter where there is child near same aKe. Phone "-45:i:i. Wanted to Rent—Houses WILL PAY two months rent in advance for furnished house m East I-taker^field or Alia Vista. Husband, wife, eirl 6. hoy 7. Phone 2-42-11. HL' POST OFFICE clerk and wife must have house or apartment, furnished or tin- furnished. Call L". M. St. John, 2-327:t. HI TO RENT—Two-bedroom furnished house or double apattment. WIT pay three mo ,tha in advance. Yea. we have two well behaved boys Call 9-9997. 32 Xo charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-DC53. 3-25-tf CHAPLAIN desires rental of 2-bedroom furnished house within 20 miles of Minter Field befoie September 10 Call 7-70111. e \t e m-i i on _2 2,] .16 COI'PLE wants 3 or -t-room house, furnished or unfurnished. Phone 5-5454. 31 LIEUTENANT and wife desired furnished house or apartmenl: expectant child; no pels or parties. 2 4.'ill8. 32 W ANTED -K: civilian family of three adults, a 2-bedroom furnished house. No pets. Best of caie. References. Phone TWO-BEDROOM furnished or unfurnished house urgently needed by couple with two childier. Present location over 1 W years, i.andlady returnine to city wants her home. Will give heat of care. Reference. Phono fi-.'i4riO. _ .'1 1 WANTED — Furnished or partly furnished nice house or apartment; permanent, dependable couple; husband discharged from service: no pets or children. Call _ .'i-(l!)02 after 5 p. m. ___ 31 PERMANENT oil company employe desires to rent unfurnished house or apartment; no children or pels. Phone 7-75119 or _2 1 S15(i. ______ ___ 31 WANTED TO RENT — Two-bedroom house. furnished or partly furnished, by Santa Fe round house foreman. Wife and 7-year-old boy. Call Mr. Cook after 7 p. m. al round house. 32 WANTED — Furnished house or 2-room apartment, near school nnd transportation, by nurse anrl two ihildien. Will be permanent. Phone ti-t)441, Mrs. _ Shaw. _ 35 TWO-HEDROOM furnished house urgently needed by couple wilh two nirls. References and good taie of place. Phone _ 7^3 21. _______ ____ 32 ELECTK1CAL engineer representing larwe manufacturer wishes 2 or ;i-bedroom home, furnished or unfurnished. Substantial advance payment. Good care. best, references Any reasonable rent considered Phone>l. Extension l;!l. 3:1 WANTED—Two-bedroom furnished house by permanent business man with family^ Gond_refe_re_nces. Phone__5-5(l!ll. 33 TWO-BEDROOM. unfurnished house by Shell employe wilh one 7-vear-old child. Permaneiu resident. Local reference. Phone 2-02J3. 3 -' PERMANENT. responsible major oil company employe urgently need 2 or 3-bedroom unfurnished house. I'hone WANTED-—Two adults desire furnished Jiouse or apartment. PholK' !I-07J^4. 33 WANTED—One or two-bedroom unfurnished house by couple. Oildale pre[ e r ret) Phone 7-7-1S 3. ;(3 WANTED—rnfurnished 4 or 5-room house. Elderly couple, permanent residents. No pets, no children. Please call_2-St>7fi. 86 WANTED lo rent, furnished houfe. Musi move by Friday. Have ti'j-monlh-old baby. Permaneni; references. Reasonable rent. Phone 2-5405. 32 Wanted to Rent—Apartments WANT a single cirl to share my apartment. Call at 2330 Chester Lane between 5:30 and 7:30 p. m. 31 Wanted to Rent—Farm Land WANTED t'; lease. 40 to 80 acres of improved land with equipment suitable for potatoes. Phone Wasco 4058. 32 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-460S 6-14-tf BROWN'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf DIAMONDS, watches -ind old Jewelry of any description: highest market prices 'aid In cash. Earl McEvoy. precision watchmaker. 118 Haberfelde building. Phone 5-6397. 11-30-tf WANTED—\Vashing machine, good working condition; will pay cash. I'hone 2-'.) .101. 31 WANTED to buy, old sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. 150« West Eighth street Phono 9-9437^ 35 WANT TO Bl.'Y or rent 300 to r.OO-gallon butane tank. 613 Washington avenue. Oihlali. l_honn_^777jl. 35 WANTED—Good, used, 3-botlom, 14-inch mold-board plow. I'hone 2-7251. 3003 A11 a Vila. 3 3 WANTED lo buy, lawn mower and 7 or 9-rnot Frigidaile. Phone 3-1952. 32 Wanted to Buy—Property Dl'PLE.V — Furnished or unfurnished, near good school. Must have at least 2-hedrooms on one side. AVrite Box (i-n:!l. The Californian. 34 NEED listings tor cash buyers on large and small homes, acre homes, farms and inc.mie property. Elwood'a, 1923 "Eye. 11 65 UtCK ROGERS. TWENTY-FIFTH CKNTl'RY, A. 1). Dangerous Dummy By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS IP MUER MAO SOMEHOW I HOPING TO PUT LURED MIS BRAINLESS I IT IN MtS ROBOT'S MONSTER AWAY, WUE^?J CRANIUM - <3O WUER WOULD MAVE TAKEN jfl COULD CONTROL RADIO-BRAIN - ^^ TME PLASTIC MAN/ BUT VWY WOUUO ) BECAUSE. AS MUER TAKE W»S "\ 1 AS THE ROBOT »<3 „ ^ MONSTER AWAY, \ I WtTWOUT A BRAIN ,H ( INSERT TME SUPPOSING TWATj [\T \S A MENACE TOJI*; WUMAN LIFE / S~1 ^»N TME LAB j WORSE TMAN A MAO GO1?iLLA RUNNING AMOU IN THEOTV/ Wanted to >uy—Property for a qu'n-k rnnh «alo of your real property. \Vo are now in our new location at 2S12 _(.'heste^ ayonuc. ,11 LTST your property with UP. Fair treatment, quick notion. Twonly years' experience. Taylor & Taylor, IftGO Chps- \c r nvpniie. Phone 6-ti593. _54 CASH and quick action when you want to sell your home or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde building 1-10-tf SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. 'HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EVE" STREET. 5-15-tf Have opened by own office. Need listing* badly. Buyers waiting. WlhLARD K. BAKEH 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-0555 ti-14-tf WANT1-]D—^'ashniK machine in Kood con- dilion. ll ll one_;-404.|. .",:l WAN'T TO Pl'Y weHteru Haddlo in good condition. Phone 4-44.".2. For Sale—Improved Property For Sale—Improved Property BAST TWr.NTY-KIUST .STURKT— I';irl ly furnished .'i-rnuin house, i ru I ml INK KriK- ithi no and t;i ble-Um stove. Total prit-u $:ilMtn, ii ho u I $ I JOG to handle. 1 ill media 1 n posM'.ssion, In Qrcji no —Three acres, 1 _ rn bins, store. living 1 quarters, BHH pumps. Thia is furnished and a gmrfc concern, showing good Income. Present owner all alone and i-a n't handle. Will sell all for total price of $10.503 Lorn i in Verde—J.ovely 6-room home, only 5 years n 1 ci. Living roo m. 15x20, ba t n with still shower ver nice kitchen. lots of cupboards. Rear yard fenced and has bai hecue pit. Double gnratio. Total price S.L'.iO, subs tan Hal down. Wine land Square— P'ive-room home, modern throughout, well landscaped lot. This place SH practically con pletel.v furnished, including refrigeratoi and washing machine. Total price J 5750, good down payment. Pioneer JJrive—-Five-room modern home on five acres. This wo'ilcl ma kr an Ideal count r? home for the coup IP who iikea horseback riding and has stock. Not tr far out. Lorn ill V *rde —Five ronni furnished home, only nboin 4 years old and tn excellent <. ondition Modern thi nu fib out. Nice yn rd. Immediate possession. Total price $6500. about halt cas-' to handle. On lot 100x300— Lovely 5-room home, almost new. Dual flnor furnace, cooling ducts, etc. Owner wishes to trade for 3-bedroom home close in in city. 1318 "Rye* Street g-2-tf MODKUN. --l>edi oom home on larce lot <ui Poiomar a venue. I lonie is inodt-rii and IH about ."> years old. Nice HIXO liv- intr room tile in kitchen. hardwood I'liiors. I" 1 rice ?4T.uO. HO me term. 1 *. T\\'o-hcdi nom home in wood condition. Twenl y-socond a nd i * yt roe Us N ke corner Int. Prirp $:'.r»Ut», terniH. Lovely --bedroom home on UroKon street nea r .Mouni Vermm. Close (u bus line and stores. TI nine is ;t bout 6 yours old a nd IH modern in every way. Flour furnace, vonet inn blinds. lovely v;i rd. I lea i' ya rd 1 diced with a 11 ract i ve fence. I- 1 rice $.".500. terms. La rue 3-bed room home with three ba ths. J Jome i.s on Niles in Alia Vista Tract, la rKR lot. 3-ca r eara^p. Home is t'uj-- niHhi'd with lovely prewa r furniture, beaut il'tit hardwood floors. Iti ree living mom, lovely kilrhen. la i'K" bedi-ooms. Owner- moving south. Price $ 1 :J.OOO, ono-ha If e.ish, ba la ncp $t;.'» per month. Phone 2-0112 J 220 Haberfelde Buildinc F Pt met— close to I Joule Park and all schools, an extra nice old home, three bedrooms, la rue livhiK room with f i replace, lot 04x115; JtiuOO. O Street —Very close to rourt house, a dandy duplex, well furnished, renting for $45 each side; $7fpOU, or terms. Five Courts—All furnished, each has liv- inp room <i nd bedroom, k itehen and shower; (ominun ity wat*h house \vit h wa sh ing inn chine; propert y renting for $llL h .."iO per month, should be. more. This prnpertly nearly new. 1'rice Ji'OOO, on tei -ms. Skyline park—An extra. nea rly new home of two bedrooms, large liviim room with fireplace, fine yard, in lact an outstanding home. $8000. New Two-bedroom Home—Immediate pos- sessiO'.; $">000. terms. Three-bedroom Home—-On lot 66x300 feet, on Sterling Road, for $43f)0, terms. Investment on North Baker—One f»-room home, very nice, and three rooms, furnished, over-garage, all for $2000 down. Grace Street—Just west of Jiaker, nice 2-bedroom home for $4500, terms. J. T. <Sy) AVicker. IfitiO Chester Phone 2-021!'.*, Kvenings 2-389 j or 2-64fi?l FOR SALE BY OWNER—Completely furnished or unfurnished u-room home and rorner -Ol ad join ins; excellent cooler with air ducts to all rooms; steel casement windows, Venetian blinds throughout, f i replace; lurniture includes such items as 8-pioce mtihoguny dining room sot. three beds with real innerspring nia tti OHSOJ and box springs. 6-foot ref rigcra tor, stove, Orientn 1 rugs in liv- ins room, latest model Klectrolux with all attac>iments and many other good pieces. California Park Tract, on bus line. Immediate possession, reanonably priced. Phone 5-5422 for appointment. 33 FOR SALK—Reasonable, large B-room house, with bath, service porch; has stationary tubs, also automatic gas water heater. X^ot 52x127, large garage. Furnslhed or unfurnished. Will sell equity. See owner, 131 JJ street. Ca 11 any time. 34 FOR SALE OR TRADE—Five-room house on two lots. Not finished on inside. MM 11 tak° car as part payment, $12">0 rash. Located at 908 Curtis Drive. See owner o-i Garden Drive, fourth house from end of street on south side. 32 EAST BAKKRSFIKLD —Five-room etucco home and den. built >n 1940. Completely furnished with prewar furniture. $6600. EAST—Six-room country homo, thrro large bedrooms, dining room, kitchen and large service ponh; double garuce.. A good burn and ae\eral other buildings. Situate on 10 acres of good land with a well and pump. Ten fruit trees and 3 1 "iD-foot rows of Thompson seedless Ki apes. $10. .'iOO. ORE EN ACRES—Lovely country home, completely furnished, beautifully landscaped, \vith a lartfe assortment uf fruit trees and berries; also chicken equipment. $fi900. HOTEL—Centrally located in Tart. C!ro.«.q Income $1000 per month, paying from 15 to 20 per rent on investment. HIGHLAND PARK—One of the finent .1-bedroom stucco homes, built in 1941. Complete cooling system with ducts in each room. Two double floor furnaces, thermostatically controlled. Two bat ha with lots of tile. Steel Venetian blinds throughout. Floors carpeted with broadloom from wall to wall. Beautiful living room and riinins room. Kitchen with lots of tilo and corner divided sink and many cupboards. Large service porch, double pa rage. EL CAMIVO PARK—Beautiful G-room stuceo home, built 1940. with latest modern conveniences. Stee ; Venetian blinds. Nic«» size bedrooms, living room and dininy room. Built-in cooling system including cooler. $5500, $2250 down. SOl'TII — A lovely u-room stucco home built in 1941. Venetian blinds, tilo In kitchen a nd hath and built-in cooling system. La rg • lot. Possession in 10 days. $5500. Phone 2-75 TJ 4 1G71 Chester ___^_^__ 8-.'U-tf FOTR-ROOM home with targe screen porch, close in in southeast district. On large lot, has nice shade and fruit 11 cew, garden space, chicken equipment, double garage. Well cared for lawn. Full price $3500. $1000 down, balance $;{,"> a month. Dl 'PL EX and dandy 4-room home in highly desirable location. All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for $90 a month. Owner gets r-'iit free in 4-room house. On la rge corn PI* lot. shade t rces, large garage. On bus line, and near markets. Full pncf. $7uOO, 52950 down, balance $50 :i month. l\n ACRES nnd fine 6-room house In Rosedale district. Has half-acre of alfalfa, chicken runs for 600 h^ns. rabbit lunches, machine shop, lar^e shade and fruit t roes. Many other fine features. Immediate possession. Full price $0000, .subsi antial down. FIVE-ROOM home, completely furnished. on full acre of finest soil in Kern county, near Fairfax School. Has light, water, cas, a lovely bathroom. Full price $4000. substantial down. FIVE-ROOM home, i.ear S. f. shops. In good condition. Has chicken equipment, garden space, shade trees and nice lawn. Full price $2600. aubatantial down, balance easy.. HdMtt AND INCOMIU property cloM to Soul i.ern Pacific shops Has nic» rentals, u 11 furnished, Income approximately $375 rer month. Full prlc* $18,0^" Some terms 1665 Chester Phone 9-9888 8-14-tf TWO HOnSlLS nn extrn larcn lot, near bus and ma rkets, only $.1750, $ 1000 down, and $;!. r j monthly, or will trade for small house. 1U ACRES IN HEART OF CAS A LOMA — Lovely California bunga low. completely furnished, artistically' set on park-like grounds, la rse living room with fireplace, gorgeous dining room, lovely kitchen with plenty built-jns. also breakfast nook two spacious bedrooms, nice den. steel Venetian blinds throughout, ht rge plastered basement. young berries, raspberries, grapes, apricots and peaches, chicken equipment for 6000 chickens, and alfalfa field. With the place go 200 laying hens, also some turkeys, ducks and rabbits. A real buy. Price only $10.500, some terms. Will trade for 2-bed room home. LOVELY NI3W 6-ROJM HOME—Living room, din ins: room, two bedrooms, dpn, kitchen wilh plenty of tile, also nicQ bat h including tile vanity and stall shower, floor furnace, cooling system, double garage, ^ feneed-in back yard, lawn and shade, $6^50. $2500 down. $47.50 monthly. Will trade for small house. ON THERE PROPERTIES phone 6-5924, evenings .1-1170. LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols 2515 K Srteet __ 9-2-tf IN ST'NSET PARK—A very good 3-hed- roorn home with p sun porch, hardwood floors, all room.s large, Venetian blinds, tile in kitchen. Close to bus. Price $7500. with $3500 down. F-/NE INCOME PROPERTY—Here is K swell 12-unit court situated on a large lot with room to expand. County tax only. The Income from this court shows beiier thnn 17 per cent on the Investment. The present owner has been the m>]p owner. All units well furnished with the best of furniture. It requires about $9000 to handle. Balance terms. IN HIGHLAND MANOR—Practically new 2-bodroom home, nicely furnished, large kitchen. 7-foot Frlgldalre. vanity tile In bath, do.ible garage. This is a nice stucco home. Requires large down payment. CHESTER N. BEARD 1807 II Street Phone 5-5909 or 2-4522 « 8-29-tf Completely and beautifully furnished. In Siockdale. on corner lot 90x245, sprinkling system, barbecue, pit, piped for gna or wo- d, exceptionally well landscaped. On Monterey, two bedrooms, with room over garage, rear Horace Mann School, nice yard, all fenced. $3850, $1966 down. East Kentucky—Neat 2-bedroom house, lots of chicken equipment, only $2950, $1500 down. W1LLARD K. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 2-0555 ^^_____^_ 9-4-tf HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT YOU WANT, WE'LL FIND IT. SAN JOAQUIN AOEJNCIE5. EDWARD MOODY. 1812 "EYE." PHONE 2-0653. 9-1-tf FOR SALE—Two-bedroom home close to Santa Fe roundhouse on Nineteenth street, $4500. Good terms. Possession within 30 days. If interested write E. A. Jackson, Route 4, Box 405, BakersCield. 33 TWO-BEDROOM house for sale. Will consider late model car for my equity. Balance $30 per month. Phone 2-0439. 34 NEW 2-bedroom home. Highland Manor, now vacant, good location, very reasonably priced by owner. Phone 8-8853. 32 PRIME MINISTER 1 Anftwer (o Pr«vlotu Paul* HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1,6 Pictured 1 More needy prime minister 2 Symbol for of New erbium Zealand 12 Mental factors 13 Made into law 15 Hawaiian bird 16 Provided 17 Myself 18 International language 19 One (Scot.) 20 Verbal 22 Low fellows 23 Inclination 25 Crimson 28 Goddess of infatuation 29 Genuine 31 Disavow 33 Georgia (ab.) 34 Either 35 Submit to 37 Peril 40 British account money 41 Matched 3 Kite part, 4 Sprite 5 Of the thing 6 Provide with food 7 Registered nurse (ab.) 8 Swiss river 9 Kind of boat 10 And (Fr.) 11 Real estate 12 N Native of Morocco 14 Remove 17 Mother - -s. 21 Late American humorist 24 John (Gaelic) 26 Dramas 27 Idolize 30 Era 32 Silkworm 35 Prayer 36 Baseball stick 38 Compass point 39 Retainer 40 Presage 42 Neat 44 Goddess of discord 46 Caama 47 Toward 48 Boys 51 Folding bed 53 Hawaiian wreath 56 Symbol for tellurium 57 North latitude (ab.) 58 Railroad (ab.) 59 Ells English (ab.) pieces 43 Arachnid 45 Nocturnal flying mammals 48 Sidelong look 49 Electrical term 50 Red Cross (ab.) 52 Thus 53 Music note 84 Jumbled type 55 Ideas 58 Ransom 60 Cuddle 61 Stair part

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