Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 14, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1908
Page 3
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iipUL 0^ I.S^ CfAjl TO BB nr Binoir, xis. PUSHING WORK ON SWITCH COK8THUCTI03I CBEW FOB UXIOX POBTLAND ADTANCING BAPIDLT. 3lew FMRd»tloB for PmbrteiiM CbnKk Almost Completed—Cbonl rtnb Bitbe«n»l Tonitrfat Burial in Bayton. The body of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. FYanfc Leslie, which died yesterday, was shipped to Bayton, Kasl today where funeral services will be held and burial made. FoBUdation Completed. The foundation for the Presbjterian church at the new site is almost complied and the work of moring the building to it will commence today. The parsonage is also to be located n^ the new church site. A Floe Sermon. The last sermon in the Presbjterlas church in its old location was preached by pastor Leeper last night. It was a forcible discourse and was given a fine hearing. Fnshlnir Woric on the Switrb. The construction work on the Union Portland Cement company's switch from the Katy tracks to the plant site uortb of Gas is being pushed and the grading is now completed several hundred yards north of the power plant of the electric r^ilwaj*. The construction of bridges will begin soon. James Overmyer. of lola. has the bridge contract. We |have brought together the greatest oolleotions ot usefal merohasdise for your Holiday seleoting ever oongrej^ated in our store. The store is now in ftdl Holiday attire. The Ohriaitinas Spirit will soon be u|)on you. We reoommeind eaSriy buying. Goods selected now can be laid aside to wait till you want them. Anxiety and possible disappointment as Christma^ approaches will be avoided if the plabihiE of your order is not delayed. Additional Ihelp has been secured in order to give you that courteous attention typical of this store. We invite you to come and linger— buy or not you will be equally welcome. 113 East riadison 113 East Madison Connrll to Xeet. The regular session of the city coun Ml will be held tomorrow night. Only matters of routine business are contained in the budget according (o Clerk Frevert. Plan Meets Faror. The co-operative cash and credit plant of merchaodlaing formulated by Floyd Elliott, a Gas City grocer, and which Is being established by him as general tnanager. Is meeting much fsvor. Fryer brothers, an lola grocery firm, are now using the plan and' Mr. Elliott is receiving many In- <iutrtes from others. Next January. Mr. EI!I6tt will send a number of agents on the road to explain the plan and receive merchants Into the association which he Is forming. Last Bebcanal Tonlgbt The final rehearsal of the Gas City Choral club orchestra, which is to give a concert tomorrow night In the Chris tlatt church, will be held tonight in the church. The program as arranged will be gone over and every member of the club is urged to be present. Personals. C. F. Bobbins, of LA Harpe. visited at the home of J. E. Hunter yeister- day. Mrs. M. Bucker. of Kansas City, U being entertained at the home of George Abbott, Mr. and .Mrs. Boy Boberts. of Colony, were giies'ts of Mrs. Bobert's parents in this city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Arnett were visitors at the home of .Mrs. L. Kinman yesterday. PILES CUBED IK 6 TO 14 DATS. PAZO OINTMBNT is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching, blind, bleed Ing or protruding piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. TO VISIT PAXAMA. Taft Will Xake Trip There Before His Inanfnratioii. Washington. Dec. H.—President­ elect Taft contemplates a visit to Pan ama before his inauguration. His vis- It Is approved by President Boosevelt and Mr. Root. While it has not been finally determined upon Mr. Taft an- noun<M last night that k was his inclination to go. Should this b« bli final declslan he will leave Charleston. S. C. probably the last week In January for a trip which will cover approximately twenty days. There are many reasons in Mr. Tail's view why his trip to the Isthmus would be of advantage to the advancement of the canal project. Roosevelt's visit proved a decided stimulus to the work: the three visits NEWS OF U HARPEiCAN'T SIGN ' W' r. D. yiLLEN XOH' AGE.XT I.V ErBEKA, KAS. FOR A BEHER ROADWAY nrPBOYEMENTS BEIKO XADE SOrTH OF LA HABPE. A Sermon by Bev. Mm. Kiatr—Foot Bali Gane a Tie—Adjonm for the Holidays—Penonals. Hold a Snsiaeju Sessloa. The W. C. T. U. will hold its regular session in the \Methodi8t church Tuesday afternoon. A large attendance Is desired. Xnlien OB a New Job. C. D. Mnllen, formerly agent for the Missouri Pacific at the La Harpe station, left Sunday for Eureka where hfe will today be checked in as agent for the company in that city. Mr. Mullen was very popular in La Harpe and the which MrValt haVmadTaTiwrita^lJf"' "'fJie* of the peopi* are with of war all were of advantage; there hj™- , *? "1f=**<*5* Jl"" ^7 are constantly arising and accumulat |SWrp e, of Wichita. Mr. Mullen's fam Colored Christy Mathewson Can't Report This Spring for he Must Serve Six Months. REFUSES TO PERMIT "FRAT8." Rev. Cuibertson Makoa Statamont as to StMJMndod Sttidants. For the benefit of baseball managers who are signing up players for next season It Is suggested that they be careful in closing a 'deal with •'Pomp'' Beagor, the colored Christy Mathewson of Kansas; for he can't report until late, unless arrangements are made with the commissioners of Bev. Henry Coe Cuibertson. former ly pastor of the Presbytierian church of this city, has made a statement in which he aaya that the faculty haa refused to .admit atudeats to Bmporia college who were suspended for per> sisting in keeping nr) a fraternity organization. A dispatcili Mys:i Emporia, Kaa., Dec. 12.—In a writr ten, statement signed by H. C. Cuibertson, president, and Felix Held, dean of the College of (Emporia. In answer to a petition signed by many Neosho county. Along with J. W. Mains who was a witness against Dr. l -;;^;„'^trve *~i;;;i^^^^ McGi-aw who was recenUy convicted ,„al men of this town, asking that n police court of vtolating the prohlb-Lhe flve boya snspen-led from school Itory law, "Pomp" Beagor has beeiiUe reinstated at the beginning of the sentenced to six months In Jail at Brie for grabbing "de pot" In a crap game and "skldoolng." The Chanute Tribune says of the affalr: Albert Beagor and J. W. Halnea pleaded tnWij this morning before new term, the corege faculty stands unmoved in U> action of suspending the boys from school for the remainder of the year. In the letter It la aet forth that the boys repeatedly refused to obey the Justice of tha Peace F. M. Oroome of-rme, of the school in regard to fra- petty larceny. They were sentenced tomltles and that the auapeasIoA waa to six months' Imprisonment in the J finally deemed neoeaaary when they county Jail, and to pay the coste of|,nrther disobeyed the faculty by Ufc the trial. An order waa Issued that they be not released until the costs hare peen paid. ing in new members. The school uses the absence of fra* '.crnltles. the letter goes on to say, as ing many minor tangles of administration and conflict of authority which the presence of the president or president-elect might possibly eliminate. For tbe best and qnickest results nse the Beglster's waa^ colamas. 1 Timmimv9mma9" 'Tis aqaally. trae that "A Christmas Present Bonght Barly will save yon Lotsof Woiry." Lamar, ihaJawalar ^^^^ W^^fO 40 RA^MR £&r]y Morning Comfort 1 Open ycur gleepbg-nxmi windows— ]d f in the crisp, iresb air—but your Fooin f need not be coU while - dressing—a / touch of a matdi and tfie wdoome heti b radiating Irora die pctrrEcnoN Oil Heater ily will remain in LA Harpe until after the Christmas holidays. (ISTEOPATHT— DK. w .B. ruuumn, Begistered Osteopathic Pbysia«a. State Bank BIdg. Phone 145. Oalj Osteopath la Harp*. -•Si.*'. . . . FLEASAHT YALLET HILL. 'We are sorry to hear that-our (rid time'friend of the OoJoa Creek nelgh- bprbood, John Ayers, is in very poor health at his home near Bureka. Kaa. H. H. Oiockey Is selling hay to. a Chanute firm. He hanled.' Lorton to l>e shipped over the Katy. Lel.a Baird and Blanche Shockey spent Thursday night with Cora Sloan. Henry Benson who lives on Allen Fisher's farm, let the telephone be taken out laat week as he does ndt intend to stay there next year. Mrs. Knestersteffen and daughter, Anna, called at Grandma Osbom's Thursday afteraooo. Nettle Osborn went to Oas city Saturday for a visit with his sister, Mrs. A. I. Montgomery and rumlly. Mat Beahm and Will Heiman will batcher hogs and denver to the lola market the first of the week at.714 cents a pound. The Bev. Mrs. E>ans wrote to the church here that a|>e wonid preach here the third Snnday It there waa no ona rtse. but as Mr. Shipley had an appointment for that day she will wait until some other time. John Brown raised his new barn Satarday afternoon. Mrs. Essie Crook asd children visited 4ier sister. Mrs. Qeo. Ellis. Jf. Bac- I'arday. . Mr. Bobert Hart'a little daughter Is much better at present. DEBB CBEES. Xrs. Cloyce HaaDtoa Here. Mrs. Cloyce Hamilton, wife of Cloyce Hamilton, former publiisher of the La Harpe Journal, came to La Hai-pe from her home in Sapulpa, Okla., Saturday that .she may attend her mother. Mrs. B. M. Given, who Is III. Sermon by Rev. Mrs. King. Rev. Mrs. King, pastor of a U. B. church in Oklahoma, preached the Sunday morning sermon in the Metho dist church. Miss Bessie Crandall, a Methodist deaconness, sang a solo. Tbe service was well attended. Far a Better Highway. The roads south of La Harpe are be-, Ing worked and Improved and places that hare always been muddy after rain will be filled and dragged ao that overland traffic will not be interfered with so much in tbe future. The trouble which «III cause them'an advertisement for securing stu- to become residenu of Erie for a half denta. so that anch oiganizatlons cao* year came out of a game of die*.[not be aUowed to exUt without break which the defehdants. who are ne-. ing faith with the patrona of the col- groes. engaged In with a white liege. In view of these things, the let- stranger earty ta the week. Thejter concludea, the faculty, after care- stranger had money and there came folly considering the matter cannot to be <5 In the pot all at one time, j recede from Its position. The dice were fading this away too slowly to suit Reagor aitd Haines. NATION'S GROWTH SURPRISES. so they Jnst grabbed the coin and fled. The white man complained to the Secretary Root Shows United States police, and his companions were tak- Trade Has Doubled In 11 Years, en In charge. They weria busy all Washington, Dec. t4.-«ince the con.^e^ ^^".'Sd.Si'nTev.woSd-end »l^^^^o^^^^^^^. 'fTr''?hi 'e7orPo ^ce" SlL'Sd. "SS J- SL'^'^^ln '^J^mSuS" Se InJofv.'S.^'tYe 'H?: ^dTa^S ^^s ^'^S -ch ~Sp"SSd w?tS '^'^l])%SlTcr^^^^^ ^^SZl ^fhVnaonri? -?th -r^ ^ promising if they were «iven leniency ^orld • h Bedisb*** airti Jaekat Th^ Xt^l^y,J!^*li,ll^ Z^^Z^^^^S^i Secretary Boot startled the mem^ 7h*'.1 /i}!f/.oS%^'i:^'^J'i'i'^^^^^^^^^^^ by referring to the State department organization as & "temporary [matter." 'T consider the time will ahortly come when It will be desirable to make, material changes in the organ- IzaUon of the SUte department," the secretary told the committee on appropriations.. He predicted the time would soon come when the enlarging business would Justify and require a Lsolitico-geogfaphieal division of tha their stories always turned out to be| cock-and-bull yams. Beagor is better known as "Pomp." He is known all over this part of the! state as a baseball pitcher, and the I time was when tbe Humboldt nine ; backed by bis strong right arm. had] thrown terror into ail hearts. MBS. W. T. BFRMS Vattoaal Com«tMndMl' «l w n r l-w"«co-sw>gniIw»c« aivision 01 w 9iS^JA^^4^^^Ll:: .>^^l *ortK" tbe department ThU would A Satartey EreaJar Patty. Miss Ida Taylor was hoatess to party of young friends at the home of her uncle, G. W. Rutledge. Satnr day evening. Drwlcc) and will make Ac mocniag dip as glsrieusas in die summer. Now it's bfcudarttimep-aiake die room cosy and chcerM—jronr /kcaldastnoreemoyaUeandBiaitllKdaywidKwIasIu^ TkeAirio- ' maik Smokeless Device prevenlial] smoke and smdi aaJ makes it impoaiUe to turn "die wide too high or /toohnr. Oeanad la a nndrie—hoins 9 houis tridi f ooeliBina. FnidMdan Nickdand Japan. The a AHamirm fai\tl* HalMaya. Tbe Ladles Aid Sodatr of the Fras- bytertan ebarcb.wlU.liold no meetings antil after ibft bolMaym. Tke Tlauv the Place aai the Prlee ought to cut some flgare with you wbea you go to purebase your CHRISTMAS GOODB. Yoat oaab will go further at WATERS *. DAN TORTH'S store thmi any place tat Al Ian county.- Stora^llnad vith counters loaded with gifU for dilld. youth and adult Tb* newest norelties and the most practical preaanla. Tou are in vited to see Cor yourself. Feet BaU «aaw a TiOb A Saturday aftenoon game of foot bail at the park beCireea. the Booaten and the Chanute Teddy Baaif resulted in a tie. neither aide scoring. Had Speelil ienrieek The special servlee.. the Presbyterian charA xe8tardar <fi^ vcU attended, "tbi choir repderad q^ecUlIy prepared masical.aeleetiotts.and the pastor preached an elbfuent and force fnl sermon on the qneillon, "What Do 1 ower" Walter aiae voatsMi^atea a Tlait to ]}||l|lu^.T|««% daring the mean variouB divMona each to deal with. European. I.«tln-American, Far Eastern and British colonial questions. Secretary Root demonstrated that the work of the department was growing by saying that there waa an in- erease of about 30.000 pfeces of mail a year: that the trade of the United States has Increased from 1.6S2. mill ion dollars' In 1894 to 3.315 mirion dollars in 1907. and that the outgoing foreiirn travel from the TTniled States had increased from 225,411 In. 1897 to 589.882 in 1907. flalTered ttoh XiHrroasnesii and a General Breakdown—Caased by a Cetd. RESTOBED TO HEALTH BT TINOl. "I caught a severe cold which it seemed Impossible to get rid of. I became much run down, lost my appetite and flesh and felt nervous and irritable. Vlnol was recommended, and certainly worked wonders for me; it Increased my appetite and cured my cough and nervousness. I consider Vlnol a wonderful remedy." Mrs. W. T. Burns, Memphis, Tenn. Many people are in Just her condition—all run down, hardly able to drag about, don't know what ails them. This la probably caused by a cold or congh which is hard to cure, -...u.. ••....i.^ th. M^. overwork or too close confinement to The Catcher WIH Manager the Nat- huslaeaa, and such people need Vinol. „ i:?«y?_T2^i-, n»>.i Vlnol is not a patent medicine, but New York, Dec. 15 -7 *"ley containa the medicinal curative ele- foa. owner of the St I ^J ^uowM menu found in fresh cods' livers, league baseball dub, aniwuneed tojiy with all the oil eliminated and tonic that he has completed a deal by whjrt Iron added. RoB*"" Bresnshan. the catcher of the We ask every run down, nervous. New York KaUpnal league club, will debiUtated. aged or weak person In go to St LAnib aa manacer of the N«t- thia place, and every person safferlng lonal league dub of ttat city, fitmi stubborn colds, hanglng-on St Lonla wUI trade Karger and coughs or bronchitis, to try Vlnol on either Promme ior Jflsh -Cjacto- our offer to return money If it fails to aati in return for Cauawr Sdilel Md gfre saastieUon. S. R. Burrell. Drug- win then ex(Aange Mlel. Ontaelder •RCSNAHAN OOBt TO «T. liOU»!|. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clark and children went to Tola Saturday to visit a few days with friends and relatives. Mr. Wm. Clark Is out to the farm for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard visited a Mr. 'Martin near Colcmy Monday. Mr. Jess WHkinsott" attended church In Oas City Sunday morning. 3tfr. Chas. Ruby came home from ll^rsons Simday where hi has been .Bemsbc^g and Jackson are pressing hhy for the Frase farm. A. B. Mull butchered a beef Thursday. J. N. Wiikinsoa delivered hogs to Ballard and Roberta at Gas Thursday. Eastward Leaves Tola 7:15 p. m., af- rivea St Louis g:26 a. ib. Through sleeping cars. Thfv train connects with the east bound trains at St Louie.', For further partlculara call and see na. C.P.IiaIe.il8t. KM PltfsbargMraats Itl The Pittsburg'Headllsht says: At the meeting of the Ancient jOrder ot United nUttee Workmen last -nightl a com- was appointed to cpSfer with all lodges In this portion of [the state and enlist (hem in getting the next srand lodge meeting for Pittsburg. It Is also desired to bring otb^r maters before the grand lodge meeting, which the ccmnnlttee will look after. THE LOCAL MARKETS Pneea Qaated hy fiaiit A TaRari Fradaee Ceapaay. The following local market report Is tnrnlahed by Card * Tasgart Produce company and will be kept running In The Reglater every day. The prices quoted ar«\tbe prices which they will pay Cor poultry, eggs and butter de- Urerad kera: •gga, aasreat leeelpts per case.. .28c Old Hens, fat 7<; Old Cos- 3c Iprittg Chickens' 6Mc Bprlas Ducks 6c Iprlag Turkeys, 8-B» 8e Old Ben Turkeys 8e CM. To« Turkeys 7c Old OadB tit .Hattsr. leap Uuui^B per cent salt, ...SjEc We sell Gnit Wtttsm tnA Ol. Far Trade. 160 acre farm near Blue Hound to t trade for store, building and stock. of goodS; in lola. Elevator and feed mill. 5 room bouse and barn with 10 acres good land, 4 acrea of fruit for good residence properties in lola. Two 4-room houses with 2 acres ot land, with fruit loining lola, for land in Allen county or western Kaaaa. Far Sale. One black 6-year-old horse, well broke, see os at once If you want him. A bargain In an 80 acre farm if sold soon. One of the best >4 sectiona ot land in,Allen county, 140 per acre. We have 60 of the beat farms listed: priced from 125 to |Sd. Western Kansas land for trade oc sale. See us for any kind of deal. Wie have money to loan on farms or good dty pro ^rty. - We want s good; fresh milch cow. Don't bother us with any other kind. •J gist Tola. 8kli»h«taCata. It would be a aurprise to many people to lean that tbe F. R. Rice Mercantile dgar company, has Jnat made a shipment oC their Mefdmtlle dgars whidi ve niade fax'St Ldnfs, to Havana, Cuba, these gKwds going via. New York, and from there by the Ward line. Havana is the center of tbe dgar mfnnfiiietdrfttr liidustry of the wqrid. and it la eertalnly a feather In tbe caq» of this arm to bave received an order for-lfeelr Mercantile dgara from thta-amikoC XMr fpr sooM tttae been ahlp? piai ordais to mtuo'tovrign Murray and Pitcher Rayaond .of^Btf Louis to. New Yorit In letarn for B»a-| lavga r^VPfat^ara

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