The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 5, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 13
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Seals Move Back Into 2nd Place With Win Over Stars y Associated Press The San Francisro Seals moved back into second position in the Pacific Coast Baseball league yesterday as they divided a doubleheader with Hollywood while Portland was losing twice to San Diego and dropping to third. Veteran Tom Scats won his 23rd game of the, season with nine-hit, walkfcss pitching as the Seals won the opener, 7 to '2. Rookie Outfielder Neil Sheridan contributed to Seats' win with a three-run homer. In the nightcap, the Stars jumped on three Seal pitchers for 16 hits and a 13 to Win. Portland committed two errors in the seventh inning of the first game San Dlogo to allow the Padres two runs and a 4 to 3 win. Pitcher Frank DHHKO he-Id tho Bouvers to seven scattered hits to win the nightcap, 7 to 2. League loading Los Angeles defeated Oakland, 3 to 1, with a two- run ninth inning rally in the opener of their doubleheader but Oakland took the nightcap, 4 to 3, when Chet Rosenlund brought John Kreevlch homo in the seventh with the winning tally. The Seattle "Rainiers blanked the poled out a 360-foot homer in the the opener, 3 to 0, behind the five- hit hurling of Jon Dernoran and the nightcap. 1 to 0, when Al I.ibke poled out a 3G-fuot homer in the trnth inning. Team-Tag Scheduled at Strelich Stadium Sport of Kings Puts Baseball in Background on Holiday By FRITZ KEW YORK. Sept. 5. UP)— The national pastime took a back seat to the tiport of kingrf yesterday in the matter of pulling fans through Labor Bay turnstiles. "While eight major league doubleheaders were attracting 144,9!!^ pay- Ing customers into the grandstands and bleachers, 10 running tracks proved magnets for 271,878 fans. And those rabid racegoers laid it on the betting line to the tune of $11,556,394—an average of $411 per customer. Seven of the 10 tracks registered new records fit the parlmutuel windows, and six saw their turnstiles click at an unprecedented rate. HOUELL, The New York Yankees, boating Philadelphia twice to leapfrog the St. Louis Browns for first place in the American League, drew bnso- hall's top figure of 412,900 fans?, but out on Long Island GO,109 crowded into Aqueduct's race track. The Aqueduct crowd, a record for the track, shoved $3,440,404 through tho mutuel windows, including ,!»^7 on a sinpflo race and $1-15,770 on the daily double. All the figures were new records, and the total bets wero within a mashie shot of the world mark of $3,5611,771 set May ^ at Belmont. Despite the smallest crowd of the day at "Washington, tho American League outdrew the National 89,701 to fi.1,231. Byron Nelson Wins Golf "Pot of Gold n NASHViLI-.E, Tenn., Sept. 5. <U.R)~Byron Nelson of Toledo, Ohio, had the biggest pot of gold in golfing 1 history today—a season's total of $36,6«7 in war bonds—as a result of his smashing win ot the $10,000 Nashville Invitational Tournament. Xelson finished the 7li-hole championship here yesterday 35 strokes under par for a total of 2tii*. In second place was Harold (Jug) of Philadelphia with 270. It is expected that the tram-tag matrh to take place at Strclirlj Stadium Wednesday night will result In another outstanding thriller for fans following elosu on tho heels nf tho riot of lust week, Steve Strelich announces. In the main event, consisting f>L" two out of three Jails tu a finish, Danny McKhain and Anlono. l.eone will war against Wild Ked Berry and Abe Coloman. In the seinl-wlndup, handsome Kenny Acklea will give bailie to Paul Bozx.ell in a two-out-of-throe- falls match, limited to 45 minutes, and these rugged tupslers, although they arc listed in small type for this event, are capable oC presenting some thrilling: moments to mat addicts. As a curtain-raiser, Joo Ferona and George Cniig are carded for a t\vo-out-ot'-throe preliminary with a 45-rnimite limit, Mr. Strelich announces. $aber*fteto CaUfornian Tuesday, September 5, 1944 Frankie Parker Takes Net Crown; Betz Drops Final Fish, Game Counci in Fresno Meeting Attended by an enthusiastic aggregation of sportsmen, the midsummer meeting 1 of S;m .)nag Din Valley Fish and Game Council was hold at J Intel Fresno in Fresno August -4 wiih the following humors of Kern county In attendance.: U. K. Gun- nfnfT, council president, Rnkerpfield; J^eruy Smith, secretary-treasurer of Fellows and Don L.UCUS at Bakersfield. ypeclal attention was given to committee collaboration with ITnited ytatcs Forest Service on construction of new trails and corrals in Sequoia National Forest, including Improvement of some of the present trails, meadows, pastures and corrals, announced Secretary Smith. "The migratory duck flight in the valley presents a problem of j, r ravo concern to all sportsmen interested in cluck hunting," Smith said, and added, "The expansion of agriculture and control of water supply by Friant Dam project confines resting and feeding areas of game- to very lllrnlted space." KOI1KST 1IILI.S, X. Y., Sept. 5. (UP)—Sergeant Krankio 1'ai'ker held the national amateur tennis championship today, winning as a man tho trophy ho sought for so lonjj as a "hoy wonder." The yuuiitf veteran with the beautiful backhand finally crashed thnumU on tlio famed center court yesterday. .1 Us methodical marksmanship brushed aside Bill Talbert of Indianapolis. 0-4, 3-6, G-:J f 6-3. It was expected to bo a tough match, but it was amazingly easy. Parker, now stationed at Muroe Kield had l ho speed of bis youth and tho poise find ability of experience. The combination was too much for the mid-western insurance agent In the Unco-length tennis shorts. He seemed like a man hitting a ball against a stone wall. It always came bouncing back. It was .Parker's accuracy which to hi the story and installed him as iho third serviceman to carry off the annual court pri/e. Oiu-e agaii} ho was the unerring retriever who scored tho victory that brought the Davis cup back to America in 11*37. ("iono was the indecision which marred bis game when he lost the big silver mug to Australia in I'.KV.t rind which cost him the national championship in bi.s finnl mntch with bull-shouldered Ted Schroodor in 1!M2. Tills was the old Parker—and yet a new Parker. For this time ho tossed a dash of daring into his game, charging the net at times in a manner that the old Parker never would have attempted. He realized that here probably was his last chance to grab the prize which had eluded him for so long. Ho had tried the old tactics for 1- years and they never had paid off. So it was now or never. The youngsters may be home next year. The new maneuvers paid off hand- Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices NOTICE TO VOTERS riCE IS HERE that the folk jIVEN to the elector* of the State of Calt- Bond Act will be tut trnia tnat tnc tonowing oona AC* wui DC suomitted to the People of the State of California for their ratification at the next general election to be held on the seventh day of November, A.D. 1944.* M. JORDAN, retary of State, NS BOND ACT OF 1941. TkU bead Utue of thirty million dollsrt ($30,000,000) to be u«ed by tli* Veteran*^. Welfare Board in SMU to acquire firm* or hornet. •MMIBMMMM 1NST THE VEtERANS B6ND ACT OF 194). ThU act providot lor a bond issue of thirty million dollars ($30,000,000) to bo v*od by tho Vtttran** Wolfaro Board in asjtitiag California war v«t- eraai to acquire farms or hornet. / - , (This proposed law. by act of the [legislature paused at leg fifty-fifth *es- •lon, la submitted to tho people In accordance with the provisions of Section 1 of Article XVI of the Constitution.) PROPOSED LAW CHAPTER US ( ^f ^r • • • wf v • ^f • P " ^B ncluitvt, to Chapter • of Division 4 of the Military and Vetsrans Coda, authorixino the : creation of a debt or debta, liability or liabilities, through tho Issuance and sals of State bonds, for the single 'object of creating a fund to provide farm and homo aid for veterans in accordance with the proviaiona of the Veteran a Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943;'creating a Veterans' Ffnancs Committee of 1943; defining the powers and duties of said com* mittee and of the Veterans* Welfare Board and other State officers in rsspect to the administration of the provisions hereof; providing ways and means, exclusive of loans, for the payment of the interest of such debt or debts, liability or liabilities, as auch interest fall* due, and also for the payment and discharge of the principal of such debt-or debts, liability or liabilities, as such principal matures; appropriating money for the expense of preparing and of advertising the sate of bonds herein authorised to be Issued; and providing for the-submission of this act te a vote of the people at the general election to be hsld in the month of ; November, 1M4. I Approved by Governor May 18. 1943. Filed .with Secretary of State May 18, 1943 j The psopls of the State of California do enact as follows: .SECTION l Article 4, comprising Section* 990 to 991.3, Inclusive. Is added to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, to read . Article 4 Veterans Bond Act of 1943 l 990 This article may be cited as the Veteran* Bond Act of 1943. 990.1. For the purpose of creating a fund to provide farm and home am for veterans In accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1943. and of all acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, the Veterans*' Finance Committee of 1943 created by this article anal I bo and It hereby la authorised and empowered to create a debt or debts, liability or liabilities, of the State of California, In the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided, but not otherwise, nor In excess thereof. 990.2. After the issuance, of the proclamation of the Governor announcing the ratification of thla article, and immediately after adoption of any resolution by the Veterana' Finance Committee of 1943 hereby created, provided for In Section 991 1, the State Treasurer shall prepare the requisite number of suitable bonda of the denomination of one thousand dollars ($1,000) In accordance with the specifications contained In auch resolution. The aggregate par value of all bonda Issued under thia article ahall not exceed the aum of thirty million dollars < $30,000,000). and tho bonda Issued! under any auch resolution shall bear Interest from the date of Issuance of said bonds to the date of maturity thereof, at a rate to bo determined by the said Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 and specified in such-resolution, but In no case •Xceeding 6 per cent per annum. Both R rinclpa) and Interest ahall be payable i lawful money of the United States, at tho office of the State Treasurer, or at the office of any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer, and shall be ao payable at tho times specified tn aald resolution or resolutions. > All bonda issued under thla article ahall bear the facsimile signaturetof the Governor and the facsimile counter- •Ignaturt of the Controller and ahall be endorsed by the State Treasurer either by original signature or by a signature atamp adopted for each particular bond lamed under this article and the bonda •hall be signed, countersigned and endorsed by the officers who shall be In oOoe on the data of Issuance thereof, and each of aald bond*' ahall .bear an California, tfTha countersigned, endorsed and sealed; WI !K? ••Sk.fftf 1 **L and .constitute a valid and binding obligation upon the •tats) of California, although the sale thereof be mads) at a date or date which the ottoers having signed, countersigned and endorsed aald bonds, or any or < t ^* ftl ^ l ^*"gMfe* u **£• held by them at the time of An*. L I. 16. 22. 29: Seot 5. 12, ID, :•; Oct. S. countersigning, or endorsing said bonda. Each bond Issued under thia article shall contain a clause or clauses stating that Interest shall cease to accrue thereon from and after the date of maturity thereof and referring to thla article and to the resolution of the Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 hereunder by virtue of which said bond Is Issued. 9i*0.3. The requisite number of suitable interest coupons, appropriately numbered, shall be attached to each bond Issued under this article Said Interest coupons ahall bear the facsimile signature of the State Treasurer who shall be In office on the date of Issuance of the bond to which aald coupons pertain. 990.4. All bonds issued under thia article and sold shall be deemed to have been called In at their respective datea of maturity and the State Treasurer shall, on the respective dates of maturity of said bonds, or as soon thereafter as said matured bonda are surrendered to him, pay the same out of the proceeds of the Controller's warrants drawn in his favor as provided In Section 990.5 and perforate the bonds so paid with a suitable device in a manner to Indicate such payment and the date thereof He shall also, on the said respective dates of maturity, cancel all bonds bearing said dates of maturity and remaining unsold, by perforation with a suitable device In a manner to Indicate such cancellation and the dat« thereof. The provisions of thla section anal) be applicable alHo to tho Interest coupons pertaining to the bonda authorised by this article to be issued, and shall be applicable, as far a* practicable, tu any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer 990.5 There is hereby appropriated from the General Fund in the State treasury auch sum annually as will be necessary to pay the principal of and the Interest on the bonds issued and sold pursuant to the provisions of this article, as said principal and interest become dut» and payable There shall be collected annually In the same manner and at the same time as other State revenue is collected such a sum, in addition to th? ordinary revenues of the State, as shall be required to pay the principal and Interest on aald bonds as herein provided, and It is hereby made the duty of all officers charged by law with any duty In regard to the collections of said revenue, to do and perform each and every act which shall be necessary to collect such additional sum On the several dates of maturity of said principal and intercut In each fiscal year, there shall be returned into the Oeneral Fund tn the State treasury, all of the moneys in the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943, not In excess of the principal of and Interest on the aald bonds then due and payable and, In tht- event of such moneys so returned on aatd datea of maturity being leflB than the Bald principal and interest then due and payable, then the balance remaining unpaid shall be returned Into th« General Fund In the State treasury out of aald Veterans* Farm and Home Building Fund of 1943 aa soon there* after as it shall become available, together with Interest thereon, from Buch dates of maturity until no returned, at the rate of & per cent per annum, compounded aemiannually. Both principal and Interest of aald bonda shall be paid when due upon warrants duly drawn against aatd appropriation from the General Fund by the Controller of the State In favor of the State Treasurer or In favor of any duly authorised agent of the State Treasurer. upon demands audited by the State Department of Finance, and the moneys to be returned Into the General Fund In the State treasury pursuant to the provisions of this section ahall likewise be paid as herein provided upon warrants duly drawn by the Controller of the State upon demands duly audited by the State Department of Finance. 990 *. The- sum of thirty-five thousand dollars < $36.000) fs hereby appropriated out of any money In the State treasury not otherwise appropriated to K y the expenses that may be Incurred the State Treasurer in having said bonds prepared and In advertising their aale. Bald amount shall be refunded to the General Fund In the State treasury out of the Veterans' Farm and Home Building Fund of 194S on Controller's warrant duly drawn for that purpose. tlO.7., When the bonda authorised to be Issued under this article ahall be duly executed, they shall be by the State Treasurer sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash. In auch parcels K d.numbers as the aald Treasurer shall directed by the Governor of the State, under seat thereof, after a resolution requecUng such aale shall have been adopted by the Veterans' Welfare Board antf approved by the) Oovaragr^of the 10. 17, 24, 31 State, but the Treasurer must reject any [provided further, that specified numbers) and all bids for said bonds, or for any of of bonds of specified numerical sequence* them* which shaH be below the par value shall thereafter mature at annual inn of said bonds eo offered plus the interest tervals. and provided further, that thai which has accrued thereon between the bonds last to mature In each Issue shall date of sale and the last preceding Inter- mature not later than 45 years from the est maturity date; and with the appro v- date of issuance thereof, al of the Governor, he may from time The rate of Interest to be borne by to time, by public announcement at the the bonds shall be uniform for all tho place and time fixed for the sale, con- bonds of the same Issue and shall be tlnue auch sale, aa to the whole of the determined and fixed by the Veterans* bonds offered, or any part thereof of-I Finance Committee of 1943 according fered. to auch time and place aa he may I to the then prevailing; market conditions, select. Before offering any of aald but shall In no case exceed 5 per cent bonds for sale the aald Treasurer shall per annum, and the determination of detach therefrom all coupons which said committee as to the rate of inter- have matured or will mature before the est shall be conclusive aa to the then day fixed for such aale. . prevailing market conditions. The In- 990.8. Due notice of the time and lerest coupons to be attached to the said place of sale of all bond* shall be given bonds shall be payable at semiannual by «ald Treasurer by publication in one!Intervals from the date of Issuance of newspaper published in the City and said bonds, provided, that the Interest County of San Francisco and also by coupon first payable may. If the Vet-; publication In one newspaper published erans* Finance Committee of 1943 shall in the City of Sacramento and by publi- so determine and specify, be payable cation in one newspaper published In the one year after the date of Issuance ot City of Lios Angeleti once a week during I said bonds. fojur weeks prior to such sale. In addi- 991.2. All actual and necessary tlon to the notice last above provided penses of the Veterans' Finance Conifer, the State Treasurer may give such mittee of 1943 and of the member*; further notice as he may deem advina-1 thereof Incurred In the performance* ble, but the expense and cost of such ad- (of their duties arising out of the pro~i dUlonal notice shall not exceed the sum visions of this article shall be paid out of five hundred dollars ($500) for each of the Veterans' Farm and Home Bulld-j sale so advertised. The proceeds of the ing Fund of 1943, upon approval of th*4 sale of auch bonds and such amount as State Board of Control and on Con-j may have been paid as accrued interest troller'a warrant duly drawn for that! thereon shall be forthwith paid over by!purpose, an( j shall constitute expenses^ said Treasurer Into the Veterans' Farm of tne Veterans* Welfare Board, and Home Building Fund of 1943 and 991.3. The State Controller, the* must be used exclusively in aiding vete- state Treasurer and the Veterans' Fi- rans In the acquisition of. or payments nance Committee of 1943 shall keep* for, farms ana homes, In accordance full and particular account and recoro> with the provlalona of this article and O f all their proceedings under thla artl- Article 3 of this chapter, provided, that C le, and they shall transmit to the Gov- the proceeds from the sale of said ernor an abstract of all such proceed* bonds may be used to pay the debt ere- ings thereunder, with an annual report^ ated by the issuance and sale thereof. to be by the Governor laid before the! 990.9 The Veterans'Welfare Board Legiaiature biennially; and all book* Is authorized, with the approval of the and papers pertaining to the matter' State Department of Finance, to Invest provided for in thia article shall at all' any surplus moneys In the Veterana' times be open to the inspection of any Farm and Home Buildlngr Fund of 1943 party Interested, or the Governor, or in bonda of the United States, or of the the Attorney General, or a committee* State of California, or of the several O f either branch ol the Legislature, or counties or municipalities or other a j 0 | nt committee of both, or any citU political subdivisions of the State of zen of the State. California, and to sell such bonds, or SEC , 2> This act> lf adopted by the* any of them, at the governing market people sha) , take effect on th fifteenth rates, upon approval of the State De- S a / of November. 1944. as to all it* pertinent of Finance, or the Veterans provisions except those delating to and, V^S™ S? ar «t, mft £r w wli£* a P pr ? va ] necessary for its submission to thd of the Director of Finance, Invest people and for returning, canvassing moneys In such fund, In interest-bearing Jmrt nrnHBimin* th« vn£« nnri n* K M. t a _ * * -m t * m *•++.* *. •InllULFI m*l£LIII '!• IK LI If7 WLCHi ttllU UB LLV certificates of deposit of State banks sa j d excepted provisions this act ahalt having a paid-up capital of five hundredL a it A «frA/<t im™A<itatoiv thousand dollars ($500,000) or more ; 3^03 This act shall be money so aV^Ve^Vit^^^^ f^^vt^r"'^ shall not exceed a sum equal to 60 per ^r^ . that nothing; hfreln November - 1944 - and a " b *»ots at said. %. v ...*....<.» «..« nlBit Or D6 Construed , ennara **ifl"A«* »k A «» n */l<i . "ITnM to Inhibit the depositing In banks in 12 * v !Sp?.« accordance with the provisions of an 11 "* veteran act entitled "An act to authorize and, h S^itonfflS^ of m o h f% S c«^^ Sro5Sd AortI 12! 1923Tand of Inland all a » sistin » California war veterans to actif amendatory thereof or sJoofemen" acquire farms or homes." In the squar« fal thereto oYrn^ below the aquare contnin- fnnrfV«ihi^ «"<* words, there shall be printed rim*!, .iihi^t tn tii* rnntroi or tne vete on * sald ballot the worda "Against the DDroDrlaU)a ror Veterans Bond Act of 1943," and in » Af the same square immediately below said y'VTr 1 ^ 0 and words. "Against the Veterans Bond Act iqA shall b«o f 19«3," *n brevier type shall be printed laio 8iinu uw ,irm,i« „«* «. A ..u«. n /«- « K^M^I I«DIIA nf us° nfprpsl arrruln* moneys of the Home Buildln/ Fund of mSTlntoand There S5 Coeof ms « po«ed of the Governor, State Controller, State Treasurer. Director of Finance said 1 fund coated aVete- ' ' This act provides for a bond issue of thirty million dollars ($30.000,000) to be used l>y the Veterans' Welfare Board: in assisting California war veterans to* or homes." Opposite the a "For the Veterans Bond Act of ^^^w^m^n^^^W^ ™<* "A**"-' lhe Veterans Bond Board, all of whom «nall i*rve^hereon Act of |943 .. there flhal , be left ^^ of whom ahall be empowered to act for « which the voters may place a- crowi said committee. The Attorney General I" U" manner required by law to Indl- of the State shall be the legal adviser cate whether they vote for• or »» ln "t of the Veterans' Finance Committee of ^^ act, and those voting for said1 act 1943 thall do so by placing a cross opposite Upon request or the Veterans' Wei- the words "For the y«f™"J*""} Act fare Board;supported by a statement of of 1943" and those voting against the the plans and projects of the Veterans' Md »« fthall do so by placing a cross Welfare Board with respect thereto, the opposite the words 'Against the Vet Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943 N-rana Bond Act of 1943. _„ , shall determine whether or* not a bond that where the voting of j"aid general Issue under this article is neceesary or election is done by means of vot me desirable to carry such plan* and oroj- machines used pursuant to 1law In such ect» Into execution. manner as to carry out the Intent o£ 991.1. Whenever the said Veterans' this section, such use of such voting Finance Committee of 1943 shall have machines and the expression of the determined that a bond issue under this voters' choice by means thereof, shall article Is necessary or desirable to carry be deemed to comply with the Provisions such plans and projects Into execution, of this section The Governor of this it Khali adopt a resolution to this effect. State shall Include the submission of The said resolution shall authorize and this act to the people, as aforesaid. In direct the State Treasurer to prepare the his proclamation calling tor said gen- reuulsfttt number of suitable bonds and eral election. shall specify . Sex:. 6. The votes cast for or against I. The aggregate number, aggregate this act shall be counted, returned and par value, and the date of issuance of canvassed and declared In the same the bonds to be issued. manner and subject to the same rules 2- The date or dates of maturity of as votes cant for Stale officers i and if the bonds to be issued and the number I It appear that said act shall have re- and numerical sequence of the bonds ceived a majority ol all the votes cast maturing at each dale of maturity. for and against It at said election a» 3. The annual rate of Interest wjilch aforesaid, then the same shall have the bonda to be issued shall bear. effect as hereinbefore provided, and 4. The number, numerical sequence, shall be frrepealable until the principal amount or amounts and th« dates ^of I and interest of the liabilities herein maturity of the Interest coupons to be created shall be paid and discharged. attached to the said bonds. and the Governor shall make p roc lama- t The technical form and language tion thereof; but if a majority of the of the bonds to be Issued and of the votes cast as aforesaid are against this interest coupons to he attached thereto, set then the same shall be and become In determining the date or dates of void. maturity <rf the said bonds and the) Sac. 7. It shall be the duty of the amount of %onds maturing at each date Secretary of State In accordance with of maturity, the Veterans* Finance law to have this act published in at Committee of 194J shall be guided by least one newspaper in each county, or the amounts and dates of maturity of 1 city and county, tf one be published the revenues estimated to accrue to the therein, throughout this State, for three Veterans* Welfare Board from the months next preceding the general elec-, transactions to be financed by each I*-1 tlon to be held In the month of Novem- •ue, and shall fla and determine saidlber. 1944. the costs of publication shall dates and amounts In such manner that be paid out of the General Fund, on together with the dates and amounts oflControUer*s warrants duly drawn for; Interest payments on the aald bond Is-1 that purpose and snail be refunded to •ue. they ahall coincide, aa nearly as I the General Fund out of the Veterans] practicable, with the date* and amounts I Farm and Home Building Fund. Saltff of such animated revenues; provided, I refund shall be .made upon Controller's that the bonda first to mature tn eachlwarrants duly drawn against satd fund 1 Issue, (ball mature not later than five I for said purpose upon demands audited! -' thereof; (by the SUte Department oFrtnance, lini; tlin Ho laid IHK-K nlmm UK- i'ii"iii;li tn p-'t Tiilln'i-t shut- Itark ;tiid fiirth )>et\veoii the sido and tlion ho would ch.-jrye the mpn -uall. The rnmbinatiun litilo H toad in oss and aiulacit rattled tli<> was that ho slapped •"> halls into tho not, \vhen> tin- day het'oro h« iiad hoon deadly in disposing of top- Hooded Piiin-hn Sogura, tho Ki:u.'iilor- lan star. I'arUor, in controlling tho play, dumprd only -'L' balls into tlio coi-ds. TaJbort reroivod sorno consolation in delendin^r tho mixmt doiibloy rhain- pionMhip with Marprarot Oshorno r>f San Francisco. They pounded Dot Bunily of Santa. .Monica and IJoutnn- ant Don McNeil! of Norfolk, Va., 6-2, G-3, to carry off lhe hardware. HOW THEY STAND I'AUHC (OA I.KAGl'K \Vrm .. SS t S;i 11 S Sr-fiHlt* Hollywood <>;iklund S;n ramrnln San 7 ft r- 1 \ 4 I s X • * l I tl . i :! 71 ti'j Results Snn :\- S;in L'-i:i; Sun o. 4-7; I'onlnnd, o-l; Sacramcnlo. 0-0 » How ISerita Kiulotl n'-isrf.. S ; TTn C; I.r>p AiiKp]r?H, 4. ;t?i Pnrllnncl. ^ SJcattlii, <;, imen Tonicht nt 11nU\wuod. in at San Dir^o, IHIU! flt SarrHinontn. Uakhtud at San Fntiu-iaco* AMERICAN Ivi;AC;i'E Teum— Won Now York ......................... _ ..... 74 St. T,oui« .............................. „ 73 Dotroit ............ ........................ 70 J lost on .................................... 71 0 ashing tun ......................... fi 3 Yrstirday'N KesulU Now Turk, 10-14; PhilmlHphtH stnn, J 1-J; Wnshln«ton. 7-9 lr-ni, i'>.'.\; chli-iiRo, L'-il. Si. I-uuis, 4-5; Cluvelnnd. C-l. Ouinofl Toil ay trnit n * ChiraKO (niBht). o-o NATIONAL Tcnm— St. Luuis jiu PiitshurKli 7ti rinrtmmli fiS Chicago T>S New York f,9 n * _ f j nslnn f,4 Hrooklyn C,:i a 1,0 51 0-li gaum St. Tni-k, 7-S; [Mu kl> 11, 4>»»; Hnslon, 1-4 S". ti-li; rilisburnh. i innuiBs, tlnrUm?ss>. J.oiiiH, ,T; CiiiciniiaLl. postponrri, ram). (in m on Todit.r ouiH fit CJiiciiiiiiifi (dotiblrhcudcr). -•!.( Second (Second (Only vcn 4uick«r, "FMthtr Touch" shoving fOf»25< DOUBIC fDCC StNGlC t&GT HOLLOW GROUND RAZOR BLADES • FIT ALL nOULAR RAZORS HRFICTLY • f&WA '.* •_*.• * m I ->:* .*.' \ Browns Trail by Half Game With 22 More to Play 15y JACK HAM) »*QL !Ut'.:'l I'n-ss SI-MI I.-, \V ' "i r* tho th A n i e i linl;i \ Teams NVw YII St. Cliimrs boh. rk 1 Y.mUs" "\s hattlu vrv & is .IMP McCarthy's champs, i wcirld series ra.^h in the off- i surged Irnm IM-j gaiiio.s hack mi j Autf\isl i:i to PUSH the stattKorint: St. j 1-ouis Uruu us by a Imlf game with j -I to play. AN the four contenders hit the M n-trli drive toward The Dot" "her I doudlme \vi\h tho Yankees, making a hid for a, fourth straight llatf, showing the May, tho rat e looked jjke this: AV. T4 r;{ ro Boston 71 New York has won -'"» of its last -S sinre losing tliree out ot' four to the Hruwnloa and being written out ot tho race. A tnugh series in Boston loomed ahead lu'Coro. tho Yanks and Lii'd Sox hit tho road to wind up the season in (ho \veat. Detroit had an S-Kam« set with Cleveland anil (wo moro with Chicago, and St. I.ouis nine tilts with Chk'AKo before they entertain the easterners. r\vo rookies, Walt Dubiel and Mel helped boost, th« Yanks up on top ypsVeniuy by shutiins out Philadelphia, 10-0 and 1-1-0, respectively, on ,-i pair of five-hitters wliUo tho revived Now Yorkers climbed on Hobo Xowsom, Joe Jiorry and L.uko Hamlin 1'ur a. total of uJ hits. St, Jvouis was knocked off the porch it held s*inor» May ;il when ClevfMand grabbed a first prame G-4 vietory for Mi'l Hanler on Roy Cullenbine's throe-run homer. Nels Pottor stopped 1ho tribe in the finale, 5-1, but the Brownies, who bad won only five of their last IS, dropped down a slot. Detroit walloped Chicago, 12-2, behind Stubby Ovormiro, but bowed to Kd Lopat in tho nightcap, 6-3; Bos- rl inn also rplit. 1 1 -7 but sii 1 li»pfnf-r's pMchini;. ori'I lilr. PitT«li!irL*h yii< I;r-ii mi Citu- inn, it i, in '.)•_' Washington to Mickey in the sec- tint; with up a half game scrap for in th* 1 Niit'mmil by split- '-HUu, ^imunET 4-3 in the! after druppiny the first, j as St. Louis blanked the Reds, j n,r TMdy tt'ilks' aa^-nth vie- i Tin* I'iratrs h»'lil s'-'-nnd by six ! games and trailed tho Curds by 16'^. | Uiyn advanced ti> within a! nf sixth-plaro liosion by down-! i^ tin.; P.niYi-H twice. -M and 6-4,! ami ihe Now Yurie (iiantii blanked the Phillies. 7-0. STUNG TOMORROW NIGHT Wednesday, September 6, 1944 220IV Street 8:30 o'clock TEAM-TAG MATCH MAIN EVENT Two Out of Three Falla to a FInlfth DANNY McSNAIN ANTONE LEONE Versiia WILD RED BERRY COLEMAN SKMI-W1M>M* Two Out <if Three I'Mls 4.VMinute Time Limit KENNY ACKLES Versus PAUL BOZZELL PRELIMINARY Two Out of Three Falla 45-Mlnute Time Limit JOE FERONA Versus GEORGE CRAIG NEW PRICES i Qaneral Admission $1 Ringside $1.50. Children and Servicemen Full Price Seats on Sale flt El TeJon nnrt II. O. UVslhny C'licar Stand, 000 Haker i'or Reservations Phone 6-6681 .' • 1 r • •' * i b • r r _ • ' r . ' b i j _ _ _ ,v BAKERSFIELD! Here Conies the Great American Orchestra MUSIC THAT MAKES YOUR HEART THROB YOUR FEET DANCE THE IDOL SENTS • - . p r . p i - • F b • r *- • * It * - - r * - ".1 ' i '. Ret gage me nt Wednesday, September BAKERSFIE Unio Ballroo SAVE COUPLE VEST Bargain Tick TRACY - ' V "."•*' . I. ^ »V r • o n FACTORY-CONTROL METHOD GRADE CAMELBACK Twenty-fourth and Chester 1O27 Baker LAST TIMES TONIGHT "Her Primitive Man" "CRY HAVOC" Starting Tomorrow "ALLERGIC TO LOVE" "SONQ OF TEXAS" Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday HOMO •nd HIRBIRT MARSHALL STONE MlCKfV ROONEY FAY HOI DEN Rosemary Lane, Johnny Downs in "TROCADERO" MARCH OF TIME FOR VICTORY BUT BONDS! LAST DAY Fred MacMURVVAY Barbara STANWYCK "Doubt* tnd«mntty" Jack Haley In "Tak« It Big" TOMORROW—6:45 ^BMM^HMWB -year-old TUNE * * YOU* With flwth WARWICK Tad DONALDSON AND Tom Conway in "Th* Falcon In Mexico OW SHOWI MOVE OVER AIL ERSFIELD BAK Birry FITZQERALO THE MARCH TIME AMERICANS ALL" NOW DOOMS OPEN RENE NNE ALAN MARSHALL FRANK MORGAN Cliffs over KAY SW Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Buster CR ABBE-Arline NOVELTY NEWS Start I Tomorrow Nea Tom Bate TH RAC ET IMA TH EV RS AST Continuous Daily From 12 Noon Last Day MARIA MONTEZ "White Savage" John Wayne "THREE FACES WEST" Tomorrow Marjorie Reynolds "UP IN MABLE'S ROOM" Claire Trevor "WOMAN OF THE TOWN" JAMES RUSHING VOCAUST AT THE BAUN ROCK STINE ROAD TONIGHT Dancing at 9 Popular Prices Now Open IVIRY SATURDAY GOOD MUSIC i STOft TWO Film* Spanish PBCADO UN IOCS POM

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