The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
Page 5
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TUKRDAY, JUMP 24, WIT BI/TTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAOB FIVI» I Yankee Victories t • Rookie Clouts Winning Runs; Red Sox Hand Tigers 10th Defeat < i't'Hnl I'rcss Spmis Writer) Nl;\V YOKK. June '-'4. (Ul'j | Lonesome Larry Bcna likes to net il iind his Yankee rod linn today that |H he \\ill Iff turn just keep sl:ip- ,ng the ball, they will keep him | from yearliin:.; about his caret cla>:; of Spaghetti Hill in St. | Louis. Th:> !(ji:kic tnc-y uall The Yogi. I who looks like a tliT-plu<; with legs, I Mill iMi't tin' catcher lo make Yau- 1 kre fans forju-i nbimt Hill Dickey there is a rill'.; in his hat (Hal n:-:s b:i<-k memoiit's o! .some I'lie stadium singers of by-pi I (lavs. New Coaches Appointed for BHS Membership Drive For M fsscc Davis, Blonchard Wildlife Federation Begins To Play 2 Charity Tt!ts, Make Film Tin- uniuinl niembei'shli) drive r or' Hie Mem))liis County Wildlife hvd- evalion suit underway yesterday vvilli tin- mulling of Hpproslimitely 25UU letters to -Mississippi Uoim'y spoi'lMiii'ii. HO.HS Stevens, prestd'nil of tlu' li'ilciiUion announced tod.iy. I.asl year's drive Hotted bulween 400 and 500 iiH'inljers. lie said luid this year's drive Is expiated Lo ex- e.oort Unit number by several h'.in- die'cl nienibei's. eeoinimnylni! curh letter is a business reply envelope to be used by the*sportsmen In mulling their $1 ine:nbei'.sbip fee. New members are nsked to till in their eompli:*.^ muHiiiK iKlilross so thai n;ceiu!.s nmy be mailed them, Mr. yievei;s said' ']'he federation Is at present dls- lived on tile s Heet in .s;. I,oi;:s as Joo Gara!;io- i, the kid catcher ol thr Cardinals onldn't quite undeisland it when lu> jo:ti( il tiir hiislncss-ljke Yan- I kces and ;onmt tlu'y weren't "ent- I lips" v.'!,(j iiultilsii'd hi dressing room [(hdcjes. i;e had heard f iarai'iula tell lot the rollicking Cardinals uiHi I1 heir prc-gumo inoiilliain inu.sic; and I • heir ,(ii1c;;]:i!c lype of whoopee nf- I'er hi;; victories ami it was c |j s _ I illusiomiv. Hi iind that the Yan- «i:era!i'd ;n comparative sil- |oncc. lint all of that was cliaii!>ing lo I day lor Tin- Yosri. Hack in the liue- lup after a stretch on the bench I where ihc silence was even thicker I than in the dressing; room, he paced Ithe Yankees to victory in their last Itwo panics. Sunday he hit a grand Islam home" ami yesterday with a I homer, triple-, sin"!,, and'walk, h-- |kO))t l!:£|> in Hie game inuil Tom.' Flci™ h liit a t'.irec-run rtoublj the eighth that produced an 8 |to 5 victim over Cleveland. Now the KriMi'.t:", I'.ali'in yonnjj Isler is making the bnsiness-llki 1 Yankees take <lo\v.i their hair anr' I he is winning his way into the 1 hearts of the city's bin Italian poy>- lulatinn as did ;mn' l ier little Riiy. ll'hil Rix.xnto, wlio :,]sn [omul his |lirst days as a Yankee disillusion-. Ked Sox niop Tigers The Ked Kox stnyed within two pint's ot the leading Yankees liv ailing on Uncle. 1>. :my Galelioii':^. Ircr-emly picked tin !:'oni the Bro\\r..-. land he respond'. 1 !! u ith a sit-Jiit, ]!5 lo '2 victory ove" the Tigers who suffered !hcir loth straight lass. Led by Bob Kennedy, who hit n Ithree-run inside-t^.e -park homer, |lho White So.x broke a :!-all tie with seven run.s in the ninth to beat '.he Tiie Cardinals moved 10 within |3'j panics <if tlic leading Braves the National liy defeating them, to 2. at St. Louis. Tiie Card; :)Unded Charley Harrctt, their ok' • tram mate for live runs in the firs* llhree innings. knes Slaughter bat: him out with a three run liom- Ti'iTV Mu"Ye ^ut two hits. ;un» 111.-. s!ri\3 of consecutive safe |blows to nine, before limn-; on', sharply. Roh Elliott .slabbing |ball to rob him of another hit anc tie for a National League record Tiie Cubs scored four runs in Ml! lieventh to knock out Morton Coopei and defeat the Ciismts, 6 to 'A, A I'liicaso. Bob Sturgeon batted i: llhree i nn.s with a triple and sin 1 ^lo to lead Ihc winners. Walkc Icooprr hit a homer for New York Tijs lliifd in two days and his I3t (of the year. There were no other i^ames ?i"h< The two new tribal chieftans of the lilylhevillc Clnckasaws ai!d Papooses are James H. I'isher, left and Walter s. D.ivis. fisher, wl»» hails from Fricndshiii. Ark., will lead the Cliieks und I>a[>s to battle 'in I he basketball court and Davis, a native of Newport, will be as- M.slam to Head Couch Ni(j Bynuin and have cbai-;'.e of ouck-s backfield next Fall. cussing several projcels llml will aid hunling and ilshlng ;n Hie county, he pointed out, with art ton ' on several of them expected to be taken In tin- neur future. Anuiui: these projuts l s the preserving of Lake as a buss lireedlny uroutul und duck Imiulnjj site iind the aid- hit; " { County 4-)i club members with quail projects. Officers o( the federation arc. Mr. Stevens, president; John J.i- cobs, of Wilson, vleo-preslden:; Mrs. Bill On, of Hlylhevllle., sec'.'c • liiry; und H. y. llrogdon, of ll'.v- Iheville. tiva.stirer. u. A. Nelson, of lilythevillc. is chidrnuin of the membership drive mid applications for membership .should bo addressed lo him. Mr. Stevens .said. WASHINGTON, June 2-1. (Ul'> — Its Cilenn Oavis and Tells (l)ocl lihuiehiud. "louehdown twins" of Army's jjreat football tennis, have Ix'L'n granted permission lo play In l\vu charity gild games and appear in u Hollywood movie, the War DC- parunenl said today. The Department approved plans of the football slurs to use their (ID-tiny Ki'uduallon leave to acl inolion |)lelure. Ofllcers said tin understood the jiatr would collect $'10,000 each for' their rOles In a football picture. Also .saiicltoncd by [ho War De- ):irtment wei'c 7^-hotlr passes to liable Davis and lllanclmrd to play In the New York Herald Tribune Children's Fresh Air Fund iinme In New York in September and In u charily lilt at, Cliicittjo In Au- BHSt. Packers Sign CJUEEN BAV, WIs., June 24. (UP) - The Green Bay Packers profe* ilonnl foptbnll team today announ*. Ml the .signing: for the\third 9.o cutlv<? year of Clyde (Nip) G nl«hl, veteran left, end and iner Tulsa Unlye^8lty 'foot^a^ I DON EDWARD$ "TIM Tfpt-wrlttr Man* KOYAI,, HM1TII, OOHONA tlld KF.MINOTON 110 N. BfX;OND ST. lEvery Trans/ictlon MOST HE OATIBrACn>ORT> Ferr/er, Harbert Match Putting Against Slugging in PGA Finals H.v Kl) SAIN'SIIUIEV I United I' S|inrls Writer) DKTROIT. June 24 (Ui'i Jim Ferrier, a [>titlitlK specialLst, and Chick Harbert, a shiiMjini' star, match their Oiffereul styles of :olf today with the 1947 P.O.A championsliip and the sn,5Cu lirst pri/.e at .stake. They will pit golfing finesse i- rjainsL j^olfin^ force, fur 30 holes on the 0/H17 yard IMiim Holloa t;olf course, and neither was definite favorite amojiy the betting gentry, f'ertier. an Australian-born American citizen, can hit a loni; ba'l accurately bnt it is his sureness with a putter that makes him deadly. Hnrbert, a hometown hoy, boasts power which will smash a golf ball more than 300 yards from the tee, 10 matter what direction, and he las the ability to push iron shots into a rirecn from f.iouiotis dis- nnce.i. His putting in four rounds the I'.G.A. tourney has been )od enough. They reached the finals with heir different games, ant] only once was either of them pressed, larbcrt had to go 20 holes in his second round match against Clayton Headier, Charlotte, N. c., before he won, 1 up. Yesterday they were at their bes 1 .. Ferrier trampled 38-year-old Ar'. Hell, Colinu, Cal . 10 and 9. equii'l- llB the highest victory margin iv_T recorded in the -semi-finals at the I'.G.A. tourney. Hatbert over- povverotl the 1941 I'.G.A. (.*iaui]iiori. Vic 'CVhi f zzi. "frotii ^Knoxville, Tenn , 0 and 5- Hutli Win (loin;; Away lloth won going away. Beh look only one hole from Ferrier, and llmt was the 9th. When he captured that he reduced the San Franciscan's margin from 5 up to 4 up. The rest of the day he was chasing a phantom. [•'errier was rj up after 18 hole;, and after 23 he was 10 up. They halved the net four, and then the:e were only nine holes to play, while the lanky Ferrier was 10 up and in. llarbcrt lost the first hole to Ghezzi, but he won the second and was four tip nt the end of nine, "ivo up nt the end of IK. mid L:v>j ip at- the end of 27. Then despiu Ghoss/l's struggle, Harbert halved tin- next three atid won the lour-h with a birdie three to bogie .'' to 'make it C and f>. I'Y'n in's strength yestcrdny was Im puller. ;ts it has been ail through the tournament. He look only 2'j pulls for the first 18 hol"s and had a mrdal score of 07, live under par. Then on the nexl niuc he look 15 pulls and his medal was 32, foui' under par. Thus he -yas nine under par for the 27 .holes he played. Harbort achieved nearly the same low medal, but he got it .by luyitu; approaches so c-lose to the pin couldn't miss iho four :»nd five foot puU.s. His lotnl fur 1H holes was tif), three under p:>r, and for the next i:) lie was two more strokes off regulation figures, finishing live belter for the day. Canny-Roberts Lose Tag Bout to Mack-Wolfe Paddy Mack celebrated his initial appearance on the Legion lhiB nu'd here livsl nighl by nu a second-rotuul upl'islnil staucd by Hill Canny, lo ijlvo I and his ])aitner Joe NVolfe the d< eision over and Red Holi- erl.s in the tap iiKilch feature. U. S, Netmen Foce Added Opposition In English Meet WIM.I1LK133N, En«., June (UP)— U. H. Singles Chiunnion Ji\ck Kramer o! LOS Anuelfs and Australia's John Uromwlcli. the top seeded favorites, laced sharply Increased (i])|xisition todny in the second round of the All-Kngluhii tennis championships. All (bree remabiinK America!' survivors Tom 'Ilrown of fj»i "Gorgeous Willie" stuped the one, p,. 11MI . lsc( , , !nb Ml | kolll)( . rjr of . Hol man .rasade after Wolfe and Maok 1 hud won the first lull i^nd were well on their way to making it on their way to making two straight, pinning Hoberl.s after 23 minutes of activity. Canny ca-st aside his rule-breaking tactics and settled down to wrestling after his partner became the victim of a '.veil applied ana- ' fe\v Softballers To , Resume Play At Pork Tonight The Saliba Wholesalers will meet Charlie's Electric in the first ^aim of City Softball League play " Walker park tonight in a make tip pame. The tilt was orisnna'h scheduled to lie played June 1!) but was postponed on account of rain. The 'Electricians ~.i'ere? i 'sch'C[luled to meet the Sam Johns' nine in tonight's first contest but due to the Junior Legion baseball team's down-slate trip this week, the came will he played at a later date. In tom'iiht's .second game second place Owen's Dru^^ists will meet the league-leading I.oy Fich nine to open second-half play league. The Eicher.s defeated the Uruggist s 8 to 5 in (lie two teams' firs', mcrtiiiK. A win by the Dru;;- pi.sts would throw the league lead tack into a four-way tie. vth the deadly bar-arm and eg hold. i Things looked [;ood for 'n ninutcs as the same hold a 'liminated the newcomer Mack, >nt Canny lei the -putlny Irishman slip Ihrou'jh his grip and seek re.- ;c outside the ropes. The firHl Cnnny was an casv victim for Mack after that with* the twist sending him to the canvas tor the last time. Mack and Wolfe annexed the firsl fnll after a long and bitter struggle that gave the fans more than a half-hour of rough and tumble grappling. Wolfe pinned Canny in ?5 minutes with a rolling body scis;spr s and Mack eliminated Roberts 10 minutes later with I he anatomical twist. In the first preliminary malch Wolfe defeated KoberLs in 20 minutes with a rolling body scissor. 1 and Cannv defeated Mack in the .'-.ccond match wit-h a bar-arm nnd bar-leg hold in 15 minutes. lywood and liudge Hatty of Angeles - also were scheduled fo action as a mixture of men's nm women's singles mulches cloijucd Wimbledon's in lurf courts on the second day' s piny. Kramer, breezing victor over W. J. .Moss or Britain, fj-0. 0-1, 0-0, _ his first match yesterday. \v?s ... i bracketed against C'/.eslaw Spv.seha- la of Poland, jvho was selecteO us number two man on his nation'.* Davis Cup leom but did not compote because of reported visa difficulty in leaving Britain, 'lirotnwlch met Lennnrt tall Swedish Davis Cup star. In the opening round. Uromwlcli rlddk'i Jost Spitzer of Switzerland, 0-1 fi-2. C-4. with Ills ambidextrous al lack. ' Le Bonncur Horse Show Begins MEMPHIS. Tenn.. June 24. (UP) —Thr eighth annual I.,e Bonlieur '-'!;arity Show will get underway here tonight with moro than 300 entered in the *J1 coir.- Eight performances arc scheduled during the six-day show. Winners the w "' receive more than $50.000 urine money. Floyd Wins Cotton States Tennis Crown SYLACAUGA, Ala., June •>• — A Georgian, J)on Floyd < Atlanta, held the Cotton .Stall Tennis Championship today. Ii whipped GILS Pe'jplcs or West 1'ali Bench in the finals C-l, a-C. Jim Vtitlle and Ivy Wilson, but of St. Pclcrsaurg, won the doubl( title, by downing I*slie Longsl Annlston, Ala., and Ihircourt Wa ters, New Orleans. G-l, »-(},• ,8-4. In the semi-finals of the men singles yesterday ntul lust t Floyd defeated VuUle, 6-4. 0-7.' Peoples beat Hilly Slllllh of O lando. Fla., C-2, G-4. Lliileci. Yesio I :if UK- : day's Stiir — Larry IS Yankees. \v]io drove in homer, triple, single and walk ii runs and scored two more with an 8 to 5 victory over Cleveland. ,?P OUR 7/i^W MAINTENANCE JFOR TftUCK COOLING SYSTEMS New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVliKY NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sundar Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m ' RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. IT'S A PLEASURE WHEN fVERYTH/NG RUNS SMOOTHLY A tTiinky, troublesome <w can ruin 11 port'fcl. vaoii- lion. iMyko suro your our is in A-l condiliiiii hcl'orc you slai'l ol'f for vai'iitionliuul. Drive in today and let our cs|KTt. slnlT check your car front bumper lo I HI tn per. 'runt- up Hie motor, adjust tiny brakes, clmn^e oil—do everything so important lo your car's "health" and your happiness :md safely. CMC TRUCKS P^ONE 519 OLDSMOBILE LEE MOTOR SALES INCORPORATED F Dirty, dogged tooling systems are costly. Don't t;ike risks! We're truck cooling system experts. 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