The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on February 2, 1986 · Page 89
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 89

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 2, 1986
Page 89
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Friday , The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, Feb. 2,1986 Page 17 EVENING 6:001 JNews MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour GDGDQD" ABC News (CC) 6 Newsroom 6 O Doctor Who (9) Barney Miller S Bosom Buddies Work And Mindy Q Alias Smith And Jones (D) Disney's Legends & Heroes Featured: "The Saga Of Andy Burnett: White Man's Medicine" and "Zorro: The Eagle's Flight." (E) SportsCenter (N) You Can't Do That On Television A look at war by the members of W.I.M.P., War's Insane, Make Peace. (U) Wild, Wild World Of Animals 6:05 Q Mary Tyler Moore 6:30BBM.A.S.H BQ Entertainment Tonight Interview with Gene Hackman. (TKD(@)13 Price Is Right Q $1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime (BTaxi BBB(D<i°>IBEB Wheel Of Fortune B Business Report (9)BobNewhart Q P.M. Magazine Danny DeVlto and Rhea Perlman; the finals of an aerobics competition In California. B $100,000 Pyramid B Gimme A Break! (E) SpeedWeek (N) Dangermouse (U) Radio WO 6:35 O Sanford And Son 7:00 BBBGDSl Misfits Of Science Billy's self-Induced mind-over- matter experiment turns Into a nightmare when he envisions a totally different group of misfits. CD£)9BS> Washington Week In Review (CO (D(£IO(D(§)13 Webster The mother of a recently hospitalized youth Is shocked to see her child playing rough games with Webster. (CO BBBI3DUO)|B|B Twilight Zone Q Ask The Governor (9) Movie ** "The Octagon" (1980) Chuck Norrls, Lee Van Cleef. A wealthy young woman hires a retired martial arts champion to protect her from terrorists trained by the mysterious Nlnja cult. S Trapper John, M.D. Star Games Sports competition featuring cast members from "Growing Pains," "The Insiders" and "Diff'rent Strokes." (C) Movie **" "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) Mark Ham- Ill, Harrison Ford. 'PG' (CO Q Doris Day's Best Friends (E)(U) Wrestling (HBO) Movie ** "Turk 1821" (1985) Timothy Hutton, Robert Urlch.'PG-13'(CC) (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie ** "The Flamingo Kid" (1984) Matt Dillon, Richard Crenna. 'PG-13' 7:05 B Movie ** "Destry" (1955) Audle Murphy, Marl Blanchard. After becoming the target of ridicule for refusing to carry, a gun, a new deputy finds he must prove himself. 7:30 GD(J)9fDED Wall Street Week "Small Stocks Rising?" Guest: Blnkley Shorts, senior vice president of Wellington Management Co. d)®ODD©13 Mr. Belvedere When George and Marsha turn up missing, Belvedere and the kids embark on an all-out search. (CC) Q Flipper (D) Mouseterpiece Theater (N) Donna Reed 8:00 BBOIDSl Knight Rider Michael and KITT journey cross- country In pursuit of the man who murdered a close friend. In stereo. SHBE0 Market To Market CBSjBIDQD" Diff'rent Strokes An employee at the hamburger |olnt persuades Sam and his friends to try some "fun" new things. (CC) BBBQ5)(i<»BB Dallas (CC) Q Washington Week In Review (CC) 9 Great Performances "The Cotton Club Remembered" The heyday of Harlem's Cotton Club during the Thirties and Forties Is remembered In this reunion performance of many of the nightclub's stars Including Cab Calloway, the Nicholas Brothers and Adelaide Hall. 01 Moneymakers Q3 Movie ** "Battle For The Planet Of The Apes" (1973) Roddy McDowall, Claude Aklns. The ape civilization tries to peacefully coexist with humans who are atom- bomb mutants, but a power struggle Intervenes. S Dempsey & Makepeace 700 Club (D) Movie ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again" (1979) Tim Conway, Don Knotts. A pair of western outlaws try to walk the straight and narrow. 'G' (E) Top Rank Boxing (N) Movie ** "Dinner At The Rltz" (1937) Annabella, David Nlven. The daughter of a murdered French banker places blind trust In the help offered by her financier fiance In locating the killer. (U) Boxing 8:30 (T](SS> Capitol View (DSDGHDGI)13 He's The Mayor Carl's father runs Into an obstacle on his way toward earning his high school diploma. (CC) Q Wall Street Week "Small Stocks Rising?" Guest: Blnkley Shorts, senior vice president of Wellington Management Co. 01 McLaughlin Group 8:45 (S) Showtime Comedy Closeup 9:00 BBB(DB) Miami Vice Noogle's wife Ample Annie (Karla Tamburrelll) helps Crockett and Tubbs search for a frightened mother and child who are running from a notorious mobster. In stereo. (R) [SHE Movie *** "God's Country" (1985) Director Louis Malle's portrait of the rural community of Glencoe, Minn. ODGDBIDQI)" Fall Guy A desperate man turns to Colt when he changes his mind about having himself murdered. (CO BBBQS)(l<»IBfE) Falcon Crest Stavros continues to be held captive In the chateau; tests prove that Cole Is the father of Robin's child. (CC) Q McLaughlin Group (9)Q News 9 A Nation Uprooted Exiled Afghans living In Pakistan discuss their efforts to maintain their cul- • ture In a foreign land. fDStatehouse'86 CD Lou Grant (HBO) Movie" "Losln' It" (1982) Tom Cruise, Jackie Earle Haley. 'R' (S) Movie "* "Hopscotch" (1980) Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson. 'R' 9:05(B Wrestling 9:10 (C) Movie **** "Rocky" (1976) Sylvester Stallone, Talta Shire. 'PG' 9:30 Q Lone Star Natural disasters. Industrial progress and the oil boom signal the changes that transform Texas's rural society Into today's predominantly urban existence. ID Market To Market Q New Generation Hair Care (D) Danger Bay "Fish And Chips" 10:00 BBOCDBGDO® BBIDQSXioXEMDQI) 13Q)CD News (9) WKRP In Cincinnati 9 Business Report 01 TV Classics Q) Comedy Tonight Guests: Jamie Myers, Yakov Smirnoff, David Naster. Interview: George Burns. (R) Q Man From U.N.C.L.E. (D) Movie ** "Amy" (1981) Jenny Agutter, Barry Newman. In the early 1900s, a woman leaves her husband to teach at a school for deaf children.'G' (N) Route 64 (U) Movie ** "Countryman" (1982) Countryman, Hiram Keller. A couple crashland on a Caribbean Island and are resuced from par», -j.l • . :• • j :•'; , S, "Mr. Belvedere," an ABC comedy at 7:30 p.m., stars former major league baseball player Bob Decker. anold politicians by a mystical fisherman - philosopher. 10:1501 Benny Hill 10:30 BBBQDS) Tonight Host: Johnny Carson. In stereo. GSCSS) Victory At Sea "D-Day" The Invasion of Normandy Is presented, from Its Inception through the securing of the beaches. S)(S(S)13News a(') Trapper John, M.D. OOOBB WKRP In Cincinnati Q Frontline An examination of the plight of Chester, Pa., children, half of whom are living below the poverty level despite the many social-service programs available for help. (CC) QM.A.S.H 9 High Country Caravan IB Entertainment Tonight Interview with Gene Hackman. (10) Friday Night Sports Roundup ID Business Report IB Barney Miller £Q Comedy Break CD Movie ** "Mystery Of The Wax Museum" (1933) Lionel At will, Fay Wray. A mad scientist robs the morgue to make wax figures of historical characters. (E) SportsCenter 10:45 (HBO) The Hitchhiker 11:00 GDCBED SCTV Sketches: a spoof of "Midnight Express" starring Abbott (Levy) 'and Costello (Rosato). (DUMB®" ABC News Nightline OBQ9D Solid Gold Guests: David Hasselhoff, Michael McDonald, Billy Ocean, John Denver, Pat Benatar (Interview). In stereo. Q Dick Clark's Nitetime 9 Outer Limits (10) Movie *" "The Idolmaker" (1980) Ray Sharkey, Tovah Feldshuh. A manipulative manager uses various ploys to catapult two teen-agers Into pop music stardom. ID Brown Sugar Profiles of Depression-era performers Including singers Me Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald, Blllle Holllday, Ethel Waters and Marian Anderson; actresses Butterfly McQueen, Louise Beavers and Fred) Washington. (CO IB Solid Gold Countdown '85 Host Dlonne Warwick looks back at the top hits of 1985 with guests Stevle Wonder, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Billy Ocean, the Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, Tina Turner, the Pointer Sisters and more. Interviews with Hall & Oates, Sting, Phil Collins and Kenny Rogers. In stereo. Q| Millionaire Maker QBestOfGroucho (E) World Cup Skiing (N) Turkey Television (S) Movie " "Mischief" (1984) Doug McKeon, Kelly Preston. 'R' 11:05 O Night Tracks: Power Play 11:15 (C) Movie * "Frank And I" (1982) Jennifer Inch. (HBO) Not Necessarily The News Comedy sketches combine with classic film and news footage In an offbeat, satiric take-off. 11:30 BOS) Wrestling Q Dating Game GDGDQ313 Solid Gold Guests: David Hasselhoff, Michael McDonald, Billy Ocean, John Denver, Pat Benatar (Interview). In stereo. © Friday Night Videos Host: Billy Crystal. Videos by Mr. Mister ("Kyrle"), Starshlp ("Sara"), Stevle Nicks ("Talk to Me"), Billy Crystal ("You Look Marvelous"). In stereo. O Pioneers In Black Business A profile of the black men and women from the 18th century to the present who paved the way for advances in the business world. (9) Movie ** "Red Line 7000" (1965) James Caan, Laura Devon. The lives and loves of three racing enthusiasts reflect the tensions Involved with the sport. IB Dick Clark's Nitetime Q Bill Cosby 11:35 B Movie ** "The Amltyville Horror" (1979) James Brolln, Margot Kldder. A couple searches for the reason behind a series of bizarre and frightening events occurring in their newly purchased Long Island home. 11:40 (D) DTV Featured: Roger Miller's "King Of The Road" and Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture." 11:45 (HBO) Movie *** "Modern Romance" (1981) Albert Brooks, KathrynHarrold.'R' 12:00 B Friday Night Videos Host: Billy Crystal. Videos by Mr. Mister ("Kyrle"), Starship ("Sara"), Stevie Nicks ("Talk to Me"), Billy Crystal ("You Look Marvelous"). In stereo. BQS1B The Saint B ABC News Nightline E) Movie " "I, The Jury" (1953) Biff Elliot, Preston Foster. Based on the novel by Mickey Spillane. Mike Hammer sets out to avenge the murder of his best friend. QDobieGillls (E) Skate America (N) My Three Sons 12:05 IB Night Tracks 12:30 BBS Gene Scott (7)(!)(@)13 Fame B Let's Make A Deal IB News CD Three Stooges Q Father Knows Best (N) Donna Reed (U) Night Flight "Interview With The Residents" 12:45 CD Twilight Zone (O Movie ** "Hardbodles" (1984) Grant Kramer, Teal Roberts; 'R' (CO (S) Movie ** "Island Of 1000 Delights" (1979)'R' 1:00 BO News IB Star Search First round of semifinals. B700 Club (E) SportsLook (N) Movie" "Dinner At The Rltz" (1937) Annabella, David Nlven. The daughter of a murdered French banker places blind trust In the help ottered by her financier fiance In locating the killer. (U) Night Flight "Space Patrol" 1:05 Q Night Tracks 1:25 (HBO) Movie " "The Big Score" (1983) Fred Williamson, John Saxon. 'R' l:30BNews B Movie *" "Snowbeast" (1977) Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux. A ski resort Is terrorized by a half- human, half-beast killer. (E) SportsCenter (U) Night Flight 1:40 (10) News 1:45 CD News 2:00 (9) Comedy Break § Millionaire Maker Movie ** "Island In The Sun" (1957) James Mason, Joan Fontaine. The seething political and racial atmosphere of a Caribbean Island becomes emotionally charged when a black leader falls In love with a white woman. CD Lucy Show B Movie **** "Wlnterset" (1936) John Carradlne, Burgess Meredith. Twenty years after his father's execution for a crime he didn't commit, a young man attempts to set the record straight by finding the real criminal. (E) Skiing (U) Movie ** "Countryman" (1982) Countryman, Hiram Keller. A couple crashland on a Caribbean Island and are resuced from paranoid politicians by a mystical fisherman - philosopher. 2.05(QNighfTracks (S) Waylon Jennings: A Cowboy In London In this London concert, Waylon Jennings sings "Lucille," "Just to Satisfy You," "The Dukes of Hazzard" theme song and tunes from'the album "Never Toe the Mark." 2:15 (C) Movie ** "The Ambassador" (1984) Robert Mitchum, Ellen Burstyn.'R' 2:30 (9) Independent News QRhoda (E) PGA Seniors Golf 2:55 (HBO) Video Jukebox 3:00 (9) Movie ** "The Brides Of Fu Manchu" (1967) Christopher Lee, Marie Verslnl. To learn an Important explosive energy secret, Fu Manchu abducts the daughters of 12 Important families. CD Movie * "The Bullfighters" (1945) Laurel And Hardy. Through his uncanny likeness to a well- known bullfighter, an Inept man finds himself In the ring. (N) Turkey Television 3:05 |B Night Tracks (S) Movie*** "Hopscotch" (1980) Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson.'R' 3:25 (HBO) Movie *** "The Goodbye Girl" (1977) Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason. 'PG' 3:30 O News B Movie "/'They Meet Again" (1941) Jean Hersholt, Dorothy Lovett. A dedicated rural doctor keeps his appointed rounds with the sick who depend upon him. Joan Tiemann 328 N. Ohio Salina 827-4426 Km® Farm Bureau Insurance Form Bureau Mutual • Kansas Farm Lite KFB Insurance Co.

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