The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 16, 1996 · Page 30
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 30

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1996
Page 30
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2 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1996 APPLAUSE THE SALINA JOURNAL ROGER EBERT'S VIDEO ALERT by Roger Ebert FLIPPER (PG, 96 m., 1996). Elijah Wood plays a teen-ager from Chicago who is sent to spend the summer on a Florida Key with his uncle, Paul Hogan (of "Crocodile Dundee"). He'd rather be at a rock concert, until he makes friends with Flipper. The plot thickens when an evil charter operator starts persecuting dolphins, in between dumping toxic wastes into the sea. The dolphin footage is routine and the plot even more routine; "Free Willy" this ain't. Rating: Two stars. I SHOT ANDY WARHOL (no MPAA rating, 103 m., 1996). Lili Taylor brings surprising depth and sympathy to her portrayal of Valerie Solanas, the radical lesbian feminist who shot and seriously wounded Andy Warhol in 1968. The product of a wounded childhood, Solanas worked her way through college as a prostitute, and then moved to Manhattan as a man-hater whose "S.C.U.M. Manifesto" argued that men were not necessary for procreation or much of anything else. She wrote plays, and hoped Warhol would produce one, but when he brushed her off, she grew increasingly obsessed and demented. With Jared Harris as a cold, detached Warhol, Martha Plimpton as her lover, Stephen Dorff as the transsexual Candy Darling, and Lothaire Bluteau as Maurice Girodias, of Olympia Press fame. Rating: Three and a half stars ANTONIA'S LINE (no MPAA rating, 105 m., 1996) is a robust, sexy, life-affirming story about a Dutch woman who heads four generations of a matriarchal extended family. We meet a village full of colorful characters, we share good times and bad, in a blend of magic, realism, melodrama anOO er, who is recruited by Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True for sorcery, spell- casting, levitation and other skills that seem wasted, frankly, on just getting even with teenage boys. The performances are actually very good, but the movie wastes them on a goofy horror plot when the movie could have been more fun as a satire about the punk lifestyle. Rating: Two stars. MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000: THE MOVIE (PG- 13, 73 m., 1996). The 1955 sci-fi classic "This Island Earth" gets the treatment from the long-suffering Mike Nelson and his robot sidekicks, in the first movie version of the popular TV program. The subject of an experiment by a mad scientist who wants to control humanity by frying our brains with bad movies, Mike and his friends maintain their sanity by wisecracking through the plots, including this one, with Rex Reason as a hero scientist dealing with a big-domed alien played by Jeff Morrow. Countless wisecracks, a lot of them funny; the movie sets itself up, so you don't need to have seen the TV show. Rating: Three stars. FARGO (R, 98 m., 1996) is a crime story crossed with human comedy and with characters who are perfectly written and played; it's one of the year's best movies. Frances McDormand stars, as a pregnant small-town police chief who finds herself on the trail of a desperate car salesman (William H. Macy), who has dug himself into a pit of fraud and conspiracy so deep that he fairly vibrates with fear and guilt. Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare are the Laurel and Hardy kidnapping team, both absurd and ruthless, and Harve Presnell is stubborn as the father-in-law who tries to get a better price out of the kidnappers of his daughter. The movie is violent, bloody, sweet, charming and surprisingly funny, and McDormand's performance is one of the most engaging and lovable of recent years. Written by Ethan and Joel Coen ("Blood Simple," "Barton Fink"), directed by Joel, produced by Ethan. Rating: Four stars. TWISTER (PG-13, 117 m., 1996). Wall-to-wall tornados and great special effects, in a movie very thin on plot. Storm chaser Bill Paxton brings his fiancee (Jami Gertz) along as he visits his first wife (Helen Hunt) in the middle of a Midwestern field where she's looking for tornados. They find plenty — at least five, including the biggest of all, the dreaded Finger of God. There's no tune for plot, but the action is nonstop (the director, Jan De Bont, also made "Speed"). Skillful entertainment, but mindless. Too intense for children. Rating: Rating: Two and a half stars. COPYRIGHT 1996 THE EBERT CO. LTD. APIckip Skull ll BENNETT AUTOPLEX, ING, 913-823-6372 or 1-800-569-5653 651 S. Ohio, Salina Salma Appliance Showroom 740 N. Ninth, Salina • (913) 827-1420 Children of the World Authentically Clothed SmnltvHill MUSEUM Gift Store 211 West Iron Tucs.-Fri. 12-5 & Sat. 10-5. Son. 1-5 MOLLY'S DISCLAIMER; SHANNEN'S DRIVEWAY; COSTNER'S CONCEPT TIGER PAW XTIVP All-Swson Radlals The aggressively responsive, all-season, steel-belted radial with road-hugging performance and super-smooth ride. By ROGER ANDERSON Scripps Howard News Service THE TWO FACES OF MOLLY: "As long as I'm the kind of actress who just works steadily and does interesting things," Molly Ringwald tells Redbook in its current ish, "and there are still places to go without photographers hiding in the bushes, that is more desirable to me than huge fame and recognition." 'Thanks, Molly. "I don't know the exact reward of being a great big movie star, other than the fact that you can get a lot of good tables at restaurants." Thanks again, Molly. Really, we believe you. THE TWO FACES OF MOLLY — THE SAGA CONTINUES: On the other hand, the New York Daily News reported recently that all is not peaches and cream between the aforementioned star of "Townies" and Shannen Doherty, the ex-star of "Beverly Hills 90210" who has not been aforementioned much for some time. The rag says Molly and Shannen, who are neighbors in some L.A. 'hood, can't reach a meeting of the minds about the fact that Molly's pals sometimes park their vehicles in a manner that is highly inconvenient to Shannen. "Molly's guests literally block Shannen's driveway whenever there is a party," an unnamed source relates, "and Shannen cannot take it anymore." Nor should she, in our opinion. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Some ink-stained wretch ran into Walter Cronkite recently and got the avuncular ex-anchor to admit that he recently finished writing "A Reporter's Life," a memoir that's going to be published by the good people at Alfred A. Knopf. Walter added that the manuscript he gave the Knopfmeisters comprised no fewer than three volumes. "When they edited it," he went on, "the publishers condensed it to just one volume. It was a bit disappointing." Walter, send us the outtakes and we'll print them in the column maybe. A BRILLIANT IDEA: Still smarting from the high- ticket movie debacle known as "Waterworld," Kevin Costner now is planning to make a sure- fire type of film product for his next go-round. It will be called "The Postman," according to Entertainment Weekly, in whose pages a partner of Kevin's says the film is about "a drifter who masquerades as a 21st-century mail carrier." If anyone out there knows where we can get advance tickets, please contact us care of this newspaper. And those who fret that Kevin's flick will get confused in the popular mind with the award-winning "El Postino" of last year should be advised that director-elect Steve Tisch says the studio "will mount an aggressive campaign that will clearly differentiate the films." Actually, they should sue the other producers for stealing the title ahead of tune. TED AUGUSTINE'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE West of Salina /" 1 in Highway 140 ./ .-> Thurs. 9-8, Sat.'9!3b-5 < f 823-6792 1-800-563-1831 COMPETITIVE RATES FIXED OR ADJUSTABLE Loans up to 100% with minimal cost. Call Dave today for information. (913)825-1411 Kaw Valley Mortgage Hough Piano & Organ }/(>/<? Ki'/lViY 'far/ NO STRINGS ATTACHED See our new Roland Digital Piano . Layaway for Christmas BUFFALQMEAT Buffalo jerky for HALLOWEEN TREATS W MEATS Salina, KS (East ol checkered water tower on Scanlan at the Airport) (913)623-7474 800-435-6328 Ask Me For A Free Hearing T( HEARING AIDS 827-8911 _ 1-800-448-0215 Man Grigsbv 234 S. Santa Fe 21 Years Experience Salma _ **************************************** Nearly Me® Mastectomy Products * Call Ginger today for more details. 1331 Armory Road, Salina, 825-4400 or 1-800-572-6177 *************************************** * * JEAN CURRY 2737 Belmont Blvd. 823-5129 We'll always be there for you. Shelter Insurance Cos., Home Office: 1817 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO GB218 CONNECTION Division of USA, Inc. Shoes ^ Clothing 1 Equipment 1915 S.Ohio 825-6247 I Easy Access § I Location On 3 South Ohio- Salina Sports Connection OHIO Shop & Compare Price & Quality Just South of the Stop Light on Cloud & Ohio. •^•i ^MM ^^^m ^^^m ^m^m ^^^m H^H m^mm m^mm m*m^ ^^^m ^^*m ^^HB •••• ^^^m ^••B •••> •^•v \ Elks Country Club j I Special Year End Golf Promotion i For A Limited Time Only! For A Limited Time You Can Become A member Of Elks I Country Club Golf For Only 6 Payments Of $50 Per Month! (Total Golf Fee Is $300 Plus Additional Costs May Apply) $5.00 Per Round Until April 1,1997 Take Advantage Of Our Pay-As-You-Play Golf Fees Now Until April 1,1997! I I I I j CALL TODAY! I Kevin Owens, Club Manager | ' (913) 827-7474 | Robert Overgard, PGA Golf Pro I (913) 827-8585 L. _______ L ~ 4i ^ ' Ute hairc seme outfits to help you celebrate this festive * 1996Fox Theatre Ornaments-available Fostering Health and Wellness: Your donation to the Salina Area United Way helps people safeguard their health and recover from injury or abuse. You make sure that persons with special needs such as cancer, arthritis or disability receive important support. You help provide counseling for mental health and chemical dependency. You keep our community healthy and improve access to health care for those in need by giving to the United Way. Together, we're building a better community. Together. We 7 re Building A Better Community Soltiia Area United Way iHHHHHHHHHHHHMHHHHHHHHH^ AREA BUSINESS FINDER Your guide to great services starts here! Classics Auto Body, inc. ROD HARDING, Owner 2259 A Centennial Road Salina, KS. 67401 Phone (913) 823-8629 BASEMENT WALLS & REPAIR CONCRETE DRIVES • CONCRETE PATIOS TANK REMOVAL • BUILDING DEMOLITION DIEHL CONSTRUCTION Licensed & Bonded Jerry or Ronnie Dlehl (913)823-7800 Salina, Kg. • Antique • Household • Farm Equipment ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE DAY OF SALE TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER PRINTED MATTER TERMS: CASH AUCTIONEERS: NORM MILLER & MARK BAXA SALES M0R: GLENN KEARNS, CASHIER: ARLO GRUENTHAL, CLERK: MACLIN KEARNS MILLER yl UCTIONS _____ r\ 'PPPATQAIS MfflTBeSi Real Estate Salesman —X m FfKAJSALis ANTRIM-PIPER WENGER, REALTORS 201 SOUTH 6TH, SALINA, KS. 67401 800-834-6065/913-823-9470 COLDUUGLL BANKGR O Call 823-1383 to reserve your spot on the Area Business finder.

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