Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1907 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1907
Page 9
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Temporary. iStnietura *t LMvenworth Priton Largctt in the Wtorld. >4- : ;-v,.. . kiVv . Bi7«tt rni'woptA-aBotber key, nextmonUit Mr. JSrjran already tb& flnert 9riTat» e(fllectkm - of kejr note* in this: coantiT* . ^ —~— "We regret to note tluit wo far we have Ijad no opportnntty to arrive ^ aoy concIaaloD tn tbe' matter of rela-' tive beantr at the old and new |10 gold pleciea. I.eavaiiw(^rtb. Kaa^ Dec. 17.—Ascaf fold ocAtalting cue millkm fe«t of lumber, perhaps tbe greatest In' the Wfest. Is beins coastracted at th^federal priaon la connecUon wltK the building of the ieast front ceU bbnse. Saidx half at the Scaffold la 4l(^ feet long, and will be seventy-five; feet high. About lift)- kegs of nall^ will be used in the erection of the temporary -atnctnre. Host of the liwuber used In tte construction of the scaffold of native cottonwood, cut on the prison tarn. Six carloads of ^ pine ^ have also been used. The scaffolding la constructed, with numerous wortcing Irvpls, permitting the use of a large number of men at the same time. The scaffold will remain until the cell house is completed. There are two working surfaces on each halt, permitting the nye of the scaffold tor tha canatin^ite of the cell blodk and the outer walls of the cell house at the same time.' The roof trnsaes will be raised ou: this scaffold and held in place untfl the walls are built up to connect; with them. The cell hous^ when compIeV ed will contain 540 cells available . for prisoners, and 100 more that will be used only for storage and"^ bath Switzerland elected a new Pi Ml- dent yesterday. The President of Switxerland is beUeved- to be the only man In the world' of less importance than the bridegroom at a wedding. W« notice that while ladies are free at one of the hK^l. skating rinks, the gents have to pay as usual. When a man does amount to any thing It is • nearly always claimed that his wife made him. Now that the matter has been np again, what has become of the father of the "Incubator" baby? Women are very, clever at. making chairs out of old barrels, but a man can transact ten thousanit dol'ars* worth of business while a woman thinks of what ahe wants to say in 4 ten word teleKtam.— J. E. House, in Topeka Capital. rooms on acoount of their darkness. The shell of the structure - will prolAbly not l>e completed nntfl in the summer, and it will not be ready for occupancy in less thaq a year. The Installation (tf the cell fronts an^ the k>ckingi system will reqnire abon^ four . months after all the- masonry and jjlumblng Is completed. . ^ Eight years ago when Btajor McClaughry took charge of the vn»}i of erecting the new pris<ui, Itherei was nothing on the prison siglit. IMA the beginning of the foundation for the wall at the northwest comer. At the place where the annex now stands there was a high as the i^rison wall, and in the southwest corner of the inclosure there was a depression twenty-five feet below the present level. These Inequalitlea have been reduced to a common level, and bricks made from the surplus clay. The prisoners have manufactured anci laid 65.000.000 bricks slnco the beginning of fho now prison. The new brick Hunt under : con- Ktrnctlon on the OHIHIHO of the tirlson InoloKuro proper, nt the northenirt corner, is noartng comu'ellon and will bo rencly for use lii a few months. ; Th? buildings for the plant are being roof- otl, and the Instnliatlon of mnchlnory hns begun. JB. To Contractors. Dill Curtis, traveling passenger a< gent for the Santa Pe was, in Shaw this week. Bill had no business'here. Hick Slocnm. the efficient and acco­ modating station agent, tends to all that. Bill Just stopped off to se« girl be used to know tn Kansas City. The Garrett girls have been attracting a good deal of attention lately because of the story that they had Inherited $S.O0O apiece from a relative in the Base We don't want to spoil the good time the Garrett girls are having. At the same time, we dont want to see good advertising patrons of the Star and Argus .stock tot bills which the Garretts will never be able to pay. We will say, therefore, that we have it straight that the estate amounted to only |225 after alt the debts were paid. It is reported that the Rev. Ber- lerslee preached an elo«iuent sermon on "Forgiveness'' Sunday, but we notice that the reverend gent hasut spoken to us sinM we anccesafnlly op^ posed his plan to make the boys quit playing Sunday baseball in Giles Hos- tetller'H imsturc, and that was over a year ago, Mrs. rick Slavin says she believes she'd die If she had'tit wear cotton Ktocklngs and undorclutlilng. Sho say the mere touch of ir - garment Ihm Isn't sHk makes her slrk. Wo romem- bor the time when Mrs. Fkk used to slosh sround her father's farm In her bare feet. Hut that was before Pick, who Inherited his father's money, hud come along. The Wace ta Christmas Trees 3 to 4 feet tall each 2Se Christmas Trees 4 to 6 feet tall each 50c Christmas Trees 6 to 8 feet tall eich J5c Christmas Trees 8 to 10 feet tall each #1 JU 0 Handsome Holly Wreaths each..'.l ^Sc Mistletoe in bunches at i. Id, lA, 25c Holiday Hoxod Papers, the 56c quality; our price 85c lloy's IVxiks, cioth Iwund. by Henty aud Alger SSc Girls' Itooks. cioth bound. Mistletoe aud Princess series,' each 25c Post Card Albums.. 10, 19. 25. 35, 50c Fine .\ssortniont Xnias Tree Ornaments 5, 10, !•> Tinsel 5c a yard and up. nest Grade Hulk Perfumes, ail kinds l>er ox. 5«c nest Grade Sachet Powders. |ior oz 85c Candy Boxes, ^ lb size. 2 for &e Candy Boxes, 1 lb size, 3 for lOe Candy Boxes, I lb bon bon. each ..5c Candy Boxes. 2 lb size, each 8e Cahily I}oxcs. u lb size each 10c Handmade Waste Baskets 45. 75,S5r. <1.00 and 4:1.25 nii; Asscirlnient .*.c Xnias and New Year Post Cards, - for 5c Xt>i :!.5 :in(l Now Yoar BookU-ts. each with ciiwlotics 5, 10, 15 and 20e 11«M1 l ';ijHT Xinas Bells Ic, 3 lOr, lOc, 15c. 2k-, and fOe Plnnues. I'irture Frames. ll€>xc.'«. etc.. for l>:;rnt woo«l work, sti'.niprii road.v for liv.rning 5c to ^100 I)re-!>.-d WiUs from H*c ap HoJIy ('iei >e l^ij-cr in Ift-foot hvHs i-ac-h I>v H'ltly (.Hove and Scarf lU ».xei.-, o;ich lite Holly i.anJkerchief Ihixfi. earh .15c Coiuiiletp Une of .Mechanical Toys 25c, 50c, ;5c, and $lJi5 Mr.^ric L.anieriis . .39c, J5c, )M.~5. ^75 Go-Carts for Dolls .... .25c. 59c. «t29 and $2.99 Toy Sets for Dishes • ... 10c, 15c, S5c, 30c, 50c and Me Games of all kinds », 10, 25, 50c, $1.35 Game of Flinch, I'm a Millionaire. Soo Solitaire and Din tall 50c games) .43c Toy Pianos 25c and 50c Santa .Masks lOe sad 25e Xmai; Candles. 3ti in box .'. 12e Xmas Candle Holders, jier doz ..15c Framed Pictures, endily worth 50c. our price : 29e T<<y Wa?:ons 10. 15, 21. S.*. ?lJi5, !t !|.75 Tiiy Sti>e! Whcd lu>rn>ws (a 51.25 itt-.ii) S8C f'vainiful Havi!;ii!<i Ciii s Saucers ..^... 60c and ;5c •IMI Chair.^ lie Chii.iVs Morris Chiiii-^ $1.35 Fine Toned Imptirlod Music Boxes 75c aad $lJi»i S-.ii-erb i:nil>osscd Calendars, each 50c Steel Velocipedes :S2.0Q. $U0 and $3 JOO Dnii Shoes. Sii|>i>ors a'nd Sandals lOc. 15c, 25c aOe Swing I BurdicK 11 West MadisoD Avenue , stuff in her husband's coffet" to niake him hate tobacco."—Dodd Gaston. Secretary Coburn's piece about the hog rtlutes, however, only to the fonr- legged variety. It is not intended as a boost for we nu-n. Wi' not Ire liicldentnlly. that the Radiator LiiiKUe is itcvotiiiK more attention III HirappiuK its razors and less to biisoball this winter. Another way to make a woman angry Is to buy her something practical for Christinus. Ibla, Kansas, Dea 7, '07. Tola township will lot bids on mS' cadatn road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky -street, qouth of E!lm creek.- beKlnhlng on n.orth end of macadam road, and fence north onehalf mile or to place designated l.y township board; second one;half mile, beginning one half-mile west of river on West street, on the west end of macadam road fence west one- half mil? to place designated by township board. Third, half mile on South State street, two and one-half miles south of west, commencing at ^Abram's northeast cornsr fence west rnc-half mile. See specifications on file at County Clerk's office. Board reserves right to reject any and all bids. E. L. BARNHAIIT, Twp. plk. Personally, wo don't care whether ix)u do your Christmas shopping early or^late. ^ .AJidUMR The trouble with a good many of the vaudeville performers is that they are.too pr<me to mistake a sigh of relief for an cncoro. • « fl'iWHE It is true that Col. Cody denies it all. But you would hardly expect Col. cody to admit It. Unfortunately, however, the bass drum was not injured in any way in the railroad wreck In which Sousa's band was caught We have noticed also that "the first white child" born in a town is seldom remarkable for anything else. ' "When I marry It will be' my luck to get the sort of woman who puis I Utic .-Vsaoclation. Miss llarr h.-ivlng ('iloiiati'd the cdiliim for tlmi purikise. I'Mls-s n.irr's veryo Is wirll worth while land sumo diiy ghe will do ^(>n)ethill!; tine. Buy a ropy and btiost football. I r:in luvlf way »iand for a who nsi's a ousjiidor. but 1 Kct niiKlity tired I of the one who needs a drain i>lpf.— I Dodd Gnston. WANTS BALLOONS Spcclllnilloiis .Vnuounci'd by Uie ( Uirf Signal Dllirer. "A baby boy was born recently Into the family of my brother. .Vll of the other prominent relatives having been taken care of in the naming of another and older boy, I confidently expected the new arrival would be named for me and was prepared to "dig" handsomely. Hut instead of that they have named~him for a man of wliom I had never before heard."—Dodd Gaston. When a can hold a crowd fifteen minutes he is a pretty good talker. When he can hold it three-quarters of an hour he is an orator. Wt' nui{ on liMililng baclvwaril that nM «t of the funerals we have attended •wore tho«o of men who had been very careful about their diet. There Is. however, 'ono consolation in the thought that nothing' could make Sunday any duller. We have notio?d that when a woman talks a great deal al)oiii her "servants" it is a sign she hasn't any. Notwitbstiinding - tlie announcement that the operation on Mrs. Longworth had lieen successful. It is sen- erally t)elievad that Mrs. Longworth Will recover. The Cash Bass cnablo US to sell our goods much cheeper than fbrmeriy and we believe that our customers realize the benefit they are getting from it. Just to show you what we can do now we quote you the following prices for December 19. 20 and 21. Granulated Sugar, 20 lb8....J $1.00 Polar Bear and U. S. Flour i $1.30 Corn Meal, per sack ,. 15c Potatoes, per bushel 75c Cabbage, per tb. IHe OnionB, per peck 20c Van Camp Pumpkin, per cap 10c 3-lb Standard Tomatoes ..; 10c 3 cans Van Camp Hominy.., 25c Hawk Bye and Piqna Peas ; 10c 4 cans Kel ley's Corn ; 25c Canned Peaches and Pears from 12Wc to 20c Freah Country Eggs 23c Country Butter > 28c Creamery Butter ', Wc Dr. Price's Breakfast Pood, two for -T 15c Egg-O-See and Egg-O-See Corn, .three for 25c Five Poundp Banner Oats..'. 25c Gallon Peeled Peaches 60c Gallon Apiiles : ;. S5e Farmer Jones Sorghum, gallon 45c Fancy Table Syrup, gallon 40c Rnb-No-More Washing Powder, seven packages 25c Six Pounds Bulk SUrch S5c Sour Pickles, per gallon SOe Sweet Pickles, per gallon... SOc Ten Pounds Home Made Lard 9lj0O Skinned Haaas, per pound..-. UHe Dry Salt Meat 11c Beef Steak, from. lOe t« 12H Beef Roast, from ...SetolOe Beef BOUB. from 6e to 8e J. H. SCHUETTE, TELEFBOVX 892. The buckwheat cake is another of th.^ tilings that fall short oi its press notices. . i. Aiidklfiff K-insas City lost the Republican con vc.-.tiofi by talking too much. The free and easv conversationalists occasionally hock something, but they never get it over the side of the boat. If the Kansas Day club is ever forced out of business the hostesses who provide nothing for their guests to i. wil! have had another warning, U is announced, that the Kansas Congrcssitien are all comfortably settled. .Most of us conld settle comfortably on $7.5,000 a year. IVAXT CHILI)RK>'S CLOTIII.XG. Board of Charities Have Appeals for Aid. The board of As.soclatcd Charities is making an effort to satisfy a demand for clot bin;; for children of the poor. Shoes and stockings are especially desired. Those who can make such donation are requested to leave them at the work room which is located just north of Judse Potter's office. Miss Kinne will havg charge of the .room during the hours it is open to the public, two to four p. ni. Dr. Edith Haigh has donated some chairs and shelving for the work room. WasliluKKm .ruc, lit - .^l>o <l /nailiiM .s fur Ihf rotihirur.ion ol' ;i dlrigil)H> bal- If.nii for the use the army were Issued today by Geler.iii Allen. Ilie eliU-r .•ilKnul ottlcer. Thi' S|IP« lileallons are franu-d with tbo vlmv cf Kettlns I lie beat battiKin wliicli thi- latest developments in aorial niwiitnlion can liroduce. It Is to lie of silk lallatrd witu hydrosei!. caiuible of carrying two nion woli ;hln;; lTr> inmnris each, v.-jth I'Mi i>oiHi 'U iif ballast. It must be capable of maklni; a spoerf of twenty miles an hour In still air. tIion.i;n u lower speeil may be proiwsed at reduced cost, down to sixteen miles, or a hi ,s:her speed up to tpwnty-foiir miles, at an enhanced cost. It must make an endurance flight of two hours, at an average speed of 70 per cent of the trial requirements, /and must maintain its onnilibriuni without chaiiEie of position by fho aeronaut. liids must bo stibmitted by .lannary ir>. l!ftis. and must be accoiniwnied by certified checlts to ilie amount n( I') per cent of the stated price. They must include scale drawings, which will be kept secret. Trial tests will be made at Fort .Myer, Vii. TO CrRF> A COLD IX ONE D.VT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25c. LOOQE PIREOTORY. Babbit hunting is another thing I do by proxy. If a hen cackled less she would bo abls to lay two eggs every day and have often wondered why she does not do it. i have-often noticed that there is always more talk about the bride's clothes than there is about the man •»h3 is going to marry. There Is a good deal of talk about the eagle. \\Tiat I want to know is what did the eagle ever do. A Woman's Back Baa many aches and pains caused weaknesses and falling, or other displi ment, of the pelvic organs. Other symiK toms of female woskness are frequent headache, dizziness, imaginary specks ior dark spots floating before the eyes, gnawing sensation in stomach, dragging or bearing down in lower alidomiaal or petvie. rcKion, disagreaable drains from pelvlo organs, faint spells with geiieral weakness, considerable ntmibcr of the aboT« I have never been able to understand why a man is always call?d down for tracking his muddy feet over the carpet while a dog U often excused. After a fight has run along for a couple of weeks 1 lose interest in it and long to go out and stir up a new one. I have no Interest In the controversy over the sailing of the fleet. Vn- U-ss? somebody dies and lehves ine money the fleet won't cost me anything. All I ask the offlcera of my lodge is that when I die^ they won't wear their swords to the fnneraL It Is my obsenrnOoo that the man who walta until there la a crowd col- 'ucted around the girl never gets any where. A Little Book In V A second and limited edition of Blix- abeth N. Barr's Washburn Ballads has been issued. They are to be sold for (he benefit of the Washburn Atlfc If any ( an present tbu« Is no Mwdf. - quicker nlieCflraaKreper- than.DK.Pieicrt Favorita l«f over forty K.MGIIT.S OF MACCABEES.— Kni.chts of .Maccalwes of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights iu each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. No. 101 mesti In K. of P. Hall every Friday ni^L . t: Steele. C. C; A.H.D»»*^ Cl«i* Visitors cordially Invited. STARTED FIRST KANSAS PAPER. W 11. Vdams, Founder of Old Kamias Herald, Is Dead. OIGHTS OF PTTHUd^^ Lodge No.. 43 meets every 4i' adst. nighc at K. of P. HalL Visltl« bnv- thers Invited.. W.S.Tbompson. IJ.C.; Chris-Ritter. K. of R. and & M. W. A^The M. W. A. Lodgs meeU every Friday ni ^t In BL W. A. hall. VisIUng brothers Invited. W.H. Anderson. V.C.;. W. A. Cowan. CleiC BOTIL 1IEIGIEB0B&—lol» Caaai N'o. 3^. Royal Neighbors, meets fso^ ond and fourth Tuesdays of eaesi month. Mrs. F. A. WagMr. oraela: Mrs. Mary Hntton. 4U W*-* WSim, Recorder. V. glycene extraetr or naflve Bsdid* nai roots fonnd In our forests and oon- Utns not a drop of alcohol or hannfnl, or bablt-fonning^lrugs. Ita ingredients are all printed on the hottle-wrapper and attested noder oath ss correct Every ingredient entering into "Fv vorite Prescription " has the written endorsement of the most eminent medical writers of ail the several schools of practice—more valuable than any amount of non-professional tetUmonlals—tfadugh the latter are not lacking, having bsea eon- trRnited vohmtarily by sratefnl patlania In; anmbeis t« eic«d tltraadr— alTOt to any other medlelne extaal for the ennrof woman's ills. ' Yon canmttaffoBftoaweptsny aedletae ofankaowaeoapoaitiaB as a sabstitntfr for this well'proven resoedy or sxawir coMFosmo*. even thoogb the dealer aay makeaUttlSBotwprp&thenbys. FOMT kitenrt UTRfslidaff hsalUi Is jMramiaat to^ snr SBUA interest «!f M* itiA It is sa liianlt to-yna lBtriligaiie» (br bMI;to try to- palw of ittem jtm a subskltalaL Ton KaDw i^at yoB wsai and; ft is htotosi' Mss'to samly tbiaarttelBoalM far. Dr. Pteree^ Ptoibanr Fellelk MS «b« original-"LRtle LiVer POls* flntpot op by oM Dr. Pierce over forty yean affo, •neh imitated tmt sever •qasled. Little sngar-coatsd grwnlss ssiy |o tak* as Springfield, Mo., Dec. 19.—At the age of 84 years Sv. H. Adams, the publisher of the first weekly newspaper and late* of the first daily ever published in the state of died here at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of his daushter, Mrs. W. P. Patterson. 817 \Vest Division street. His death was due to the in- flrmitic.=! of old age. .Mr. .\dan)s roo%ed to Lo.-ivcnworth Kansas, in September. IS.'il. taking with him a plant for a newspa|)er I which ho purchased in St^ I.«uis. I When he arrived at Leavenworth it j was impossible to secure a building in which, to place his machinery, so he opened the cases and set them up under an elm tree on the banks of the river at the foot of what was then Front street. it was under the shade of this old elm tree that 'the first issue of tiie Kansas Herald, first printed paper in ICansas. was published, the date l)eins September 14. 1S54. A few days later I lumber for a new building arrived, {and as soon as it was partially tom- pleted the printing piant was moved into It. Mr.' Adams continued to publish the paper until I$60, when he sold the plant and moved to .Atchison, where he bought the l'nlo:i. a weekly printed lat that place. This he changed to a dally upon tjie day Fort. Sumter was fired upon and ran it as a daily for a .rear, when he again sold out and started the Daily Inquirer at Leaven wo,rth. ' The otilce of the Inquirer was later sacked by a mob. . He was afterward interested in several other papers, a'nd retired from the newspaper business only recently. FBATEBHAL BSOTHSBHOOD^ mtemal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and' fourth Thursday of each month In A.O .n .W. HalL Visiting members cordialy Invltedj, W.H.AB* derson. president; Golds Elam. tary. Junior Order United Amerlen K»- chanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. HalL All visiting members Invited. R. A. Widick. Conncelor; C. B. Black. Raa. Secretary.. Busmess ommmy B. P. PaiMMwst. old relMl* Jevelesv 110 ?ast street. STAMMSR. Complete court at tlifc for stammerers In Amerla at flo^ half price tiihi fall and winter. WMte for information at tmce. McKls BAool for Stammerers. 2706 East Uth Street Kansas City. Mc REGISTER WANT ADS. pay because m Allen county nearly everybody r«ads the Register. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paper In jUloi cocinty. POLAR f LOUR Has.Stood the Test BeoUnettstheBcit Accet>t No OHier Win.Oberdoff» Agt- Besister Want Ads. T»j iilea CoiBfy Nearly ETcryMy tke Sesister.

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