The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER C, 1944 . Opposes Future 'WPA' Program But McClellan Favors ^ Federal Spending For s and Reservoirs .BLYTlIlSVlLhE (MK^ COURIER NUWS Why Hitler Has Manpower Trouble FORT SMITH, Ark., Sept, C (U.P.)—Senator John L. McClellan f.ays he Is In favor of postwar federal spending for projects such na dams and reservoirs and navigation, projects. But he says he Is I'pposcrl lo postwar spending on projects resembling the WPA. In. a. tabor Day address during the opening of the new Port Smith- Van Buren bridge, McCteltrm Mid: "Many of our postwar planner,') and so-called economists envision nnotlicr works progrnin on the order ot llic WPA ns being necessary mid cisenlial to provide £ibs for our people, Otlicrs want to sec the federal government provide unlimited billions for unemployment compensation." McClellan continued:' "However, botli these programs will involve continued bor- .•/nvinj; and deficit spending by the federal government. That Is not n sound policy and should be retorted to only when there is no alternative.'" The Arkansas senior-Scnator-to- bc said the idea of'postwar federal projects would be construct!.-)!) on major streams and construction of highways. "I want to sec every project, every dam, every reservoir every levee, aiid all irrigation projects tint have been authorized thus far by Congress, and those that may be hereafter authorized on the White and Arkansas rivers and on other streams in our nation, immediately constructed .when this war ends." McClellati said, 'Hie Arkansas Senator advocated that all of the taxes collected from highway users by the federal gov- rfl^sient be expended in the con- sjpriiction. of new highways through- 'out the nation. Arkansas Highway Director W. W. Mitchell also spoke. -He prni.scd the etforts of Senator McClellan in obtaining construction projects in Arkansas. .Jin 1 Gcgrge I'ciibody , wlioro Mrs. Wlilllicld will be :i tradioY In the Wm>dini>".; School. I'nul Glenn MeOiilclicn 1ms arrived from MuurrhriiO, Miss., where he luui been aUendlng Summer One reason why Adolf Hitler <s scrap.,* ,,,e hotlom o, h, 5 manpower barrel Is s een ,„ n,c vcn.Lwc IS,,'C""M f,™{ $ ; of a stockuile holding lt),utm German in-lsmim. captured in the Allied drive in Fi'uiux-. ' ! EDSON IN WASHINGTON Background on WPB Dispute BY TETKK EDSON Courier New.': .Washington Correspondent 'Ihe Inside story of the big blowup' in the War Production Board, ending in .the •. •, resignation of. Vice 3hairman Charles 'E. Wilson and ,hc sending to China of chairman Donald jNelson, revealS it as one of those feuds that happens every so 'often in a big business oullit when the-general manager gets ired and a new chairman of the >oard is elected to.reorganize manufacturing and sales policy! The only'difference i.? that while the office politics of a corporation go on behind closed doors. In a govcrn- Hospital Services V/ill Be Extended IJTTLE EOCK, Sc|>t. 0 (U.P.) — Col. Grover C. Graham, camp commander, announced j-esterday that base/, hospital .services at - Camp Robinson have been extended lo include all army installations in tills'region in addition to Camp Robinson and Adams Field. Patients from Camp Chaffee. Camp Gruber. okla.. Pine Bluff Arsenal and air stations at Walnut Ridge, Newport, and Stuttgart will Iiow be serviced. The hospital will be administered as a Class One installation of tho ArnVy; Service Forces under its new blatus, and will' be directly coil- trolled by ,thR Eighth Service 'Command Headquarters at Dallas, Tex. mc ,l[. w l, 0 ] c , n goldfish bowl, and it becomes- a matter of public interest. Then the papers ar c full of it. - • • To understand, the Nelson- Wilson case, you have to go back to September 1942, when Wilson first was brought into the-War' Production Board as, vice, chairman in charge of production. Wilson was Nelson's choice for the 'job, bui to Nelson's early pleas I'd Wilson' to come to Washington, the" reply-of the General Electric president had been that he wanted to stay with his company and would only come to Washington if the President drafted him. So Nelson, went to the President and got Wilson ordered to Washington. The fact that the President • appointed Wilson lo his job as vice chairman! of WPB was later, to".embarrass Nelson because it left him in 'a-"position of" not: being able tgiflroV Subordinate. /iltiMY-G'lVIMAN TKOl/liJ.KS Nelson's MB buttle, up to the time of Wilson's appearance in Washington, hart been witli the Army — principally Lieut. - Gen. Brehon Somcrvell of the Army Service Forces. That was compromised, partially by the appointment of Ferdinand Eborstndt as vice chairman in charge of materials and allocutions, but it was fully settled when Wilson was put in cliaigc of production and named head of Die Production Executive Committee of Generals and Admirals in charge at «-m- procurement and production of munitions. Then in the winter of l!)42-43 contlicts arose between Wilson and Ebersladt. Nelson settled them by firing Ebcrstadt early in February 1943, putting all six of Ebersladt's divisions oi WPB under Wilson and giving Wilson complete control Of all WPB operations. After a year, the, vice chairman and division heads who had been appointed by Nelson began to drop put. They were replaced by men appointed by Wilson and it wasn't, long before everybody in Wrn was reporting to Wilson. Nelson eventually found himself in the position of having to use his personal assistants when he wanted to follow ports that the Wilson men were not co-operating on Nelson policies. Nelson's I rip to Husxlii didn't help this MluHtlon. POI ITK,'K1,V<; HlIitiNI) KCKNKS It wiis logical tlnil Wilson .should rely on (he urijnnl/atlon that he was building up, and to discard the remnants of the former Nelson or- Kanlmlion. One of (lie victims of Mils was, strangely enough, J. A. Kriig. who had been Nelson's jnnti n charge of program planning. It is n curious twist that Krug should now be brought U ack ln|o.>VPB «'is I'lce clmlriuun, | 0 straighten out the conditions of wtilch'hiVhiul been ii vlcllm. •I his constant needling of the two top men by their .subordinates was bound to have Its effect. Before Wilier of tin; executives limy h»vc realized It, (here were I wo factious in WPH and plenty of polillcklini jx'hlnd the scenes, t was In break into Ihe open when Nelson sliiried to put hl s reconversion pultcles liilo NOTICE OP SALE (Arkn'rans.)' Notice is hereby given that th> im- Hc-rsiBiifd mortgagee in a inpHgiigo executed by CUas. PC row •'I'd- the United States on the 28 day of''April 10-14 and duly filed In the office of tile Recorder in and for Mississippi UMinty. Arkansas; the said ''Clius. Percw having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant lo the powers grunted under Ihe terms ot the aforementioned iiiortKa«e.' and bv the laws of Ihc Slate of Arkansas, will on the Till day of September, 1944, between the hours of n o'clock in the.forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Mlssco 9 miles west of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, Slate of Arkansas, oiler for sale to the highest, and best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wlt: I sorrel lie will spend two weeks lleie with, his parents, l)r, mid Mrs, I 1 , V. McCntchen, before entering' Ciullporl Mllllary Aciulwiiy, ault- port, Miss, Mr. mid Mr* limy Gibson of IVndlclou, ore,, huvo arrived lor an extended visit wllh MH/«za*le Htf! mrd niid Mrs C'iiarlene Mathlq' ni'd other relatives anfl. friends/ Wood used In l)uHd!tiK4h«'c'-54 Skynmstcr could cover** 72'by lloor. \iCibomtorm ^' / -.>,,^\-\ .through on any program or sec i horse mule, 1 buy horse mtilc I black what was (joing on in the orennizn- cow, 1 red cow, I middle busier 1 tioa he was supposed lu bn lieiul ' ciiltlvnlor, 1 harrow 1 plnnler ' 1 of. Tlicsc assistnnu naturnlly cliish- 'wagon. 1 turn plow, 2 double shov cd with the vice chairmen under els, 2 sets plow genr, ! slroiikcr Wit- Wilson. Wilsons mm began run- , ness Miy hiuul tlik the Gth duv of nlng to liitn that the Nelson staff September, 19H United stntcs of ng, and Nelson began ( 0 Bt t re- Supervisor.' l W. Downs. FSA -.-jsr" 1 " HP* *», 194* ^c^!1|fe "°i?T 0 t'« 1 *"°* •'' ' • ':'•• * l4il»»"* tlM l'f KeS M«l - f<>0 !) k^MlloO, " Srt^^BtSS**** »'•'" ^ „„.' • -tfSi »•*"„„, r~ Srt^^BtSS****' "ffStf"' .„,., £<»—• »"" * /,, & VAr* c ' THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE HunKo COMPANY MEMPHIS, TENN. lake pleasure in- announcing that their company is among the first in the South to receive the coveted WAR FOOD ADMINISTRATION _ "A" AWARD i >&*. * "«s- •<fe'- '' ^ IV <\ A'*' '"*•'# ^ty'f'm •^ m 8^^ ; ;^ «oi*3** ~. "«.». •&?^i frjt* THE \\o^ ( tf cc kuP 31 194* ^Op ^vchi ( ievem-ent in, ViriMi ^wStfS&x oi»»^ , W»' i.Vlo"' «'&l$ "'* C* « ^"- s THE MEANING &*&"** f.4 S^ 9 i pj ft-- f'"«.Va«- , t ... .."'•I*, .1^; «tto«W i VOM" ' w" 1 -"' 0 ^L, •^^±-, J1V5»< Ot «•« ' tU/' TJie War Food Administraiion, cooperating with tho War and Navy Departments, has established the "A" Achievement Award to rocogniie food processing plants whose producKon records merit high honors. Iho standards met in winning the "A" aro comparable to those required for tho Army-Navy "E." Ihe flags verdant green symbolizes agriculture. Ihe center design consisting of a bountiful head of LI ,,?,,. a ge , a . r s '9 nif i« full production. Tho true-' TU \*/L'i 'c emb , lomaf ' c of outstanding achievement. Iho White Star denotes an exceptional record for tfio current ywr, each succeeding year an additional star to be added for production that equals or surpasses lite previous year. eilcct. Is n slory 111 Itself which will |>c told in this sl , iu .-e in the next A new Kpir-etiiitnlncd Illijlit vl- inillon rccnrdcr so llRht It cnn lie liclil comlortnbly (in Ihc la|> oi'llio oljscrvcr now Mmpllfli's .study of nlrpliinc vibration mid riullcr (lur- Stcclc News Mrs. Ficd While nml son. Fred- crick Joe, nit- visiting .Mr. mid Mrs. Muc Perry :il their huine In Illythe, CrttU. Mr. mi,] Mrs. Jiick noil huve returned lo thi'lr iKinu; In Phoenix, Arln., after i> visit wilh his parents Mr. niul Mrs. Mlltou Hull. Miss Helen McCnnii mid Howard Ilamrn hiivi; none [„ ' «enii, Mo., 'Ilicy-.wlll.- Olrui- , ., . .. Snutheiist Missouri Slute Tencliiu's College, which opened yeslcrduy. Mr, and Mrs. •I'limnns C. Wlilt- fW. luive gone to Nnslivillc, Tenn. ' ; nmkc their hump where Mr: IN TIME OF PEACE i,™^ of Phillies chcinisisaml engineers dmucd llicimclvcs, ', -'-'' •'• > - -. tory ... n flying laboratory fora Phillij)s'pVn«Hr$''''i research project. Phillips recently was/inf toconduct * a (light test program to determine the in.» l&Klc J m-rfornuncc of aviation gasolines not m eitth- \ bound test motors . .. hut in combat type engine* * mulct actual Hying conditions. ' v , * > 5 PI'LII.UPS HIGH W.ACE in die war production ' ot butadiene for synthetic rubber, 100 octane »vii- • lion gasoline, mid other petroleum chemicals, u |h« j result of Phillips long years of peacetime tejeucri 1 ' lo extend ihc frontiers of knowledge concerning ' hydro-carbon chemistry. ' : ^ ' r \ sc.ucli for product hettcnneni. Cut-owners reaped llic hcnefit in improved gus- olines and lu()ric;uus, at prices which represented cver-incrc.ising value for ihc money. IN f IMIi OP WAR, I'hillips research activities arc sharply focused on ihe requirement;; for victory, and tlic U. S. Armed 1'urtes . . . and you/not as u car-owner but as citizen anil taxpayer . . . reap me benefit in improved products, at prices which icprc- sent evcT-incrciising value for ilic .iiumey. i The Phillips airplane pictured above,. with its unique test and measuring devices, is also a l.ihora- llow 10 motorists after victory, us tha resultiof* I'liillips wanimc txploraiioii of the, luniks pV-,j sibilitics of (lie chemical production o()n(ia ttjij teller things from jiclroltiim gaits as utll^as /('Si*'' peti'tleum! '"'}' This much can be predicted with confidence- ) \Viih the coining of peace, car-o\s ncrs will beorTctcd . a vastly improved postwar Phillips <% GasolinV ', In the mc.uuinic, whenever "you sec the Phillipi ' (56 Shield, let it remind you'tint Phillijis gtfat' refineries arc ^iganlit' chemical [iliinll pouting out! weapons for viciory,. i>mi.l.ips PBTHOI.HUM CpMf'A^, FOR VICTORY...Buy U.S. War Bonds and Stamps RITZ THEATRE WEDN Arkansas ES D A Y-THU RSD A Y~F R ; l D A Y " At No Increase In Prices! ( ' - \ v - "•""""• -^ Matinee Starts •'•' ': passed spjendorj' i ; oir«ei.d bVMI TCH Ell IE IS E N\s Goodtkh end Albert Hoclcctl • Bdsod Upon Ihe Ploy by Moss Hart',1 Showing /^S^T - . •. - - -•' 'v-'-i' /Jlic thrilling/ 'i^^V'V ' 'startling 1 story ' ; of / ',.! : (a,woman's .secret) '."• /' : ^ : loves, filmed in) '• ,V:,, breath-taking -^ '•;•>';; Teclinicoldr, swee£."' ; with music ancj.-^ --., filled.with scores..o| ! r °, gorgeous girls'in' / stunning gowns/1 .,' •and hundreds of/; : extras in dazzling ;. : scenes of unsuW'' '"•:.'

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