Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1907
Page 8
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m Uve C«|derb«Bd^ ol KUUM wUl be ap. pointed .to the wiya and. mwni oom- mlttM to fl]l,jlitu)waMiW,jca^^ th« eleetlon.otJirrCartli to the veit- ate. Mr. Caidemtd'!wlll> redr* Mk the banklnc and onrrenejr committee bell were oaaildatee toy ihii appbtat- nent on the Ijlaya and .meana committee. The FIML Wetrliet re^eiuitaUTe haa the reaqtflte amount .otnerre to realBt any Impprtugila; of his ooaiiUt- uents to farw a tarUfehange and th|it ia the kind of men the apeakeriie.look- las for as, members, of the commltt^ which win frame tte tarltf law. U oiie is presented. DROWN CVlCOOCRII) HE BAYS A Chiei«o MinHitor: Haa a Substitute for the PiMi to BesrvBate Vice Ghlcago, IMe. 19.—^Tbe proposal of the Rev. Johriktone BOrers^ pastor of the Immauuel 1 BiftUst church, to seg-} regate vice in Chlclgo. has raised a hornet's nest :in :Bat>tlBt circles and; the Baptist asaeqlatlpn-held a meet^i ing today to'doRcnince the' suggestion;' Scathing atr" — segregation dered Then the mi ed the Rer. The Rev. were made on the . The speakers thun* fot.nearly two hoursl g formally disapprov- Myer-s atUtude. ,,ll8m Leach, although rj Methodist, Was one of the speakerf. He was vigprously ^plauded wbeh he said: "The^devil, Who Is the father of the socf^l evil. Is trying to->get you Baptists^, to help him out. Persons who practice social evils should be hanged* by tbe neck until dead, or 11 you mast; have segregation, pnt themoD boatif« ship anQ actittle it In Lake Midiigaiu?' RE-OPEMileOYVt|.i:E BANK. Senator RolMrtaon ^'Consulted Com- Misaioncfjr'.'Royce Yesterday. Topeka, Dec. 19.—Senator P. VL Robertson, president of the Bank of Cqyvire. wlilch suspended following the failure of the Bankers^ Trust Co. at Kansas aty, was in Topeka yes>| terday making arrangements with J.' Q. Royce, state bank commisaloner, for the reopening of the bank. .Ho says that thestock held by the Bank-. ers* Trust CMnjmny has been placed' with citltena of COj;vllle. It Is expected that the l>ank will bb re-opened within a short time. Its suspension was due entirely to its connection with the Bankers' Trust company. TEXAS l-CVER RRKVALENT. State Llvestoek Commiasioticr Re- porU Death of 50 CatUc. Topeka, Dea 79—John It. Ttaker, state livestock sanitary rommissloner. vesterdsy made his annaal report to (kivernor Hoc]i>.showing: that but BO head of cattle have died in Kansas in the past twelve months^ from Texas fever. This Is the best record the state has had,in its history. Mr. Ba ker says that In nearly 1- : Entire Far Stock Xkitet Baws. 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Oklahoma Banks Will Continue to Operate Under Old Charter. W .TShilipton. Doc. 19.—Since the admission bt Oklahoma to statehood. Inquiries have been submitted to the comptro^er of the currency by the national'banks, organized in the two territories which now make np the new stafe. as to their corporate rights and necessity for action by stockholders nnd directors as a result of the territories becoming a state. The cs>mptroller today rsplled that that laws have been construed as requiring no action whatever, as the banks Will continue to enjoy alt the, every case where there has been an outbreak of • rights aadi prlvllegeft granted arid be: Texas fever in Kansas the Infection has been the escape of Southern cattle from cars or from stock yards where ^hey have baen unloaded for feed and water. SECEITEB FOR LIQPQR FIR.1L Financial Stiiafency Drofe CinrinnaU Conpioiy to the WaS. Clnclnnati;..d., Dec. 19.—Upon the application «,the company Itself, receivers were today appointed for the Mlhaloviech Fletcher company, extensive makers of liquors and cordials. The company to said to be solvent btit is unable to diiibonnt Its paper or borrow money, owing ;to the stringency. subject .to all the duties; liabilities and restrictions Imposed by the flaws .under which the charters were grant' ed. This Is the position taken when j other territories w^re admitted'; Into the unMn. As rapidly as the work can be ^accomplished the bureau of engraving will cbiuige, at the expense of the government, all plates for printinR of national bank notes for the old territorial banks showing their location In the new state of Oklahoma. The comptroller says there are 304 national banks and 370 state banks In Oklahoma. The combined deposits of the 674 banks aggregate $58.000,000. and the resources aggregate 95,360,000. PEOPLE TELL THE BEA80K FOB THEIB BEUEF. > PAITU IS CO0PtiB*S An article ^rom the Nashville, Tenn.. iJllshIng for others, I decided to try Banner, published during L. T. Coop* ers vipit to that city, throw,s some light on the rismarkable success of tb^ young man's fheories and medicines In various cities Visited by him during the past year.. TM article is as follows: "In view of the enonnous sale of Cooper's preparations how going on in thls^clty and t^e intense interest v^hich Mr. Cooper has stirred up since fair arriavl, a, :reper8etitktive of the Banner spent HmrBdhy afternoon' at the young mail's headqttartera. watch ing the swarm of hnmanlty ctnne and (CO. ! . ' i«i «n "During the.aifterqoon the reporter interviewed mJDiy pf the callers and obtained stat«nienta ' froiu' all who' cared to give: them- aa to thieir ezpe>- ricinne 'with Cooper and his preparations. .: "Tbe following are selected frmn thoae atatanaata aa.belag-typical of tbe general expression of the people aeenr "Mr. B. B. Lasater, living at lUi North Fourth, avenue, when Interviewed. sa:d:, .'J have t>een troubled with my stoanach for the pat-t two :?ar8, and hare had rheumatism, for more than fiTO years. Sometime^ I can not wall^ .«Ad there were tliMglin tey when I could ,bot even move In bM.*] ' Hard knots wonld form on my maa- des. which caaaed me intense- pain. "Gas formed on-my atomach after eating, which s«r« me much pain and dla^«aa. and often I was restleaa and toaaed' ail nl^t, losing much sleep and reat *• llearlng ot^M^. Cooper and fha creat woric tali' medicine was accbm- iL I have taken It about two weeks, and Rndtfnyseir in a greatly improved condition., My stomach Is in good shaiie, and does not trouble me at all. My rheuihatism has nearly disappeared, and F expect to resume work short ly, for the first time in twelve months Mr. Cooiier certainly has a wonderful medicine^- and I am grateful for what it has done for me.' "Another caller was Mrs. Smith, of 505 Hudson street. She said: T have' been a sufferer from htaddier dnd kidney troubtfi for twenty five yeaAi. In that time I have tried nmny prescriptions and various kinds of medicine, but received little or no benefit from them. I seldom had a sound night's sleep, my rest l>elng broken at intervals thronghout the night. I' had pains in my back and bUmUtg Jwnsjaioba. - "'I begird so mu^h of Mr. Cooper that I came to the oonelnslon he might be able io afford ine some relief, t hav'e now been taking the/medldne abont a week, and feel better In every way. Th'e' pain has disappeared, and I have no distress whatever!. I have come heire today to express my appreciation' to Mr. pooper for hia won- derfal mfiiUeiaa and what it haa done I will take pleasure in It to others.' . rirn^tm of assertions by various physicians that Cooper isj a fad who will sooti die ont. the young man seems to;be gaining even greater head way aa tos visit draws to a eloae." .The;«iieney for Cooper's celebrated medictdi^ has been given to na. 'We ai« makfM « line rooord- with then; —8. E. Barrell. "A'Modern Lady Godiva" is the interesting title of the play which Amelia Singham, supported by a clever company, will bring to tho Grand theater tonight. (; .jl The. play, wnicn is sa'd to bo highly dramatic and to give Miss Bingham the best opportunities slio over has had, wit written especially for her b.v Frederick P. Schrader and Lloyd M. Bingham. SEX RELATION IN SOCIALISM. 'the Family the Great Obstacle to the Propaganda of Equality. From the London Spectator: The clearer-eyed Socialists realize Uiat Socialhsm, if triumphant, wilt not leave the relations of tlie sexes as they are. For example, we find Mr. 'Wtells in his novel. "In the Days of tho Comet," making free love the dohiluRnt principle for the recu 'atlon of sexual ties in his regenerated state. Tile romantic difficulty as to which nf the two lovers of the heroine Is to be the haptiy man is- solved by their both biBlng accepted. Polygandry is "the way out" in this case, as polygamy miisht be another. It is only fair to say that in a letter published in the Clarion Mr. 'VWelis declares that the book ia a "beavtlfnl -dreamr* and that rho haa never advocated free love or the destruction of the family. Still, no one. who has studied socialistic literature and fans' taken the trouble not merely to find oiit where the sOdallsta 'say they are going or think they are going^ but where the road must InevKaUy leaff will feel that there is anything unjust in the daflaratlon that wives In common and bOsbands in comraoa will follow goods in common. Thiaj oC course. Is no discovery of the preaent age. ^en during the revolution in Fraaea, and after it in Bngfi9i(L -mea'a mtaids vere for a season full ofaodalisttc schemes nilscuity. CanninR. for example, stig- niatl /od their asplratlonH In the Anti- Jacobin In vlKorliiR verso. We even find In an earlier age the satirists of the Restoration making enthusiasts tlenounces the wickedness of "inclosing the common" or free woman. instinctively most Socialist theories have realized that the family is Inimical 16 Socialism owing to the do sine which It creates for the possession of private property, private life and an existence based on individual I^ni. Therefore the family must be destroyed. But the family cannot be destro }r3d without also the destruction of marria.ce, for once let a man and woman bind themselves for life and bring up their children in a home and you have an institution which Is bound to shatter- the socialistic Ideal. The easy talk about the state being nothin^r but a great family is basod On the falsest of false analogies. But through this instinctive dread of the frml'y as bound to oppose Socialism. If it is allowed scope, may be the tidef { rsason why Socialism has - alwiaya re- Eultetl in the advocacy of tbme form of promlscnity, open or covqrt. it is not the only reason why beznal comi mnniouism has been .advocated;an(> Is advocated. Though the fact is not admitted or realized by most Socialists,- 'th»; d» mand for Soclaliamla in' reality; • throwback to prinsltive Ideaa and pirlra lUve 'instincts. Tho' orgaalaatlDa «t fhe Favage' tribO Is largely adfefillstle and communistic. It Is tme' that,we t)ietr originatora and opologists never SBCceeOed la avotdlBg the rock of pro- also find In tbe primlUr^ commaaltjr the beglnalnga of every strong family Institutions, but these aro tho growing instruments destined to emancipate mankind from the savagery of so- cia'lsm. Tho family was primitive man's path of escape from communism. Wi.en, however, a man wearies of the struggle toward the light of true civilization, as ho docs i>criodicalIy, the idea surges upon his mind that he must retrace his stops. Though he gilds It with the name of progress, what he realty means and desires is to get back to his old savagery in which all things wore common and uothlng unclean. A MEASURE OF MERIT. lofai Citisena Shoald Wei^ WcU This Evidence. Proof of merit lies in the evidence Convincing evidence In lola Is not the testimony of strangers. But the endorsement of lola people. That's the kind of proof given here.' The statement of an lola citizen. Mrs. Nettle Morrison, of 510 North .Icfferson avenue, lola, Kansas, says: "1 was attacked very suddenly with kidney trouble about five years ago. There was no warning and in a very short time my condition became most serious. The physician who treated me said that he never had but one worse case in all his practice. Although he relieved me to the extent that I could get around, my back stilt continued to be very weak and there was a pain across my kidneys that caused me to* suffer, a good deal, especially when I overexerted myself In any way. The ^ntracUon of a cold always Increased my suffering and' difficulty with the kidney secretions existed, they being much too frequent and accompanied by a scalding sensation. I tried various remedies but never found anything that broagfat such positive relief as Doan'a Kidney Pills which my daughter procured for mo at Charles B.. Spencer * Co.'a drug store. I noticed a change for the better from the first dose, and after using two boxes the-symptoms of inflammation entirely aisappeared, the action of the kidneya became so mnch corrected that I could rest better nights and my back was better and stronger. My experience with Doan'a Kidney Pills has been a most gratl^- InK one.t For sale by all dealers. Price 60 cents. Foster-Milbnm Co., BuOalo, New York, sde agents for the United SUtes. Re'manber the name—Doan's and take no other. FtrChristBttSiiirpeis The Old Corner Bookstpre offer sunie unusual induceimenta. Look here: Closing Out entire line of hand painted china. Closing ont balance of picture line, all fancy drcBsiu!? cases. Somebody will get .these liargalns. We are not closing out Books, Bibles or Stationery. We hoiiqht for cash so wc can and will sell these as cheap as any one in this ^rt of Kansas.^ , ' EvanS :Broi. MAIL FOR MEN 15 THS FLEET. Ordinary PMtago SaVielHrt, the Kayy ItayarbMBt Says. 'Washington. Dec. 19.—For the benn- fit of the frienda and relnUvaa of salK or? on Ifivana's battle ahlpa the navy department annoances that all matt mjittar. destteed for the 15,000 men |«fl<nt fn the big ships can be sent at domoatk: rates of postage. No matter in what' port of South America Adr mlral Evans's ships may be. the aall- ors'>l«tt«fo will be delivered to them if th^ iMar the ordinary 2-cent Amer ican-staaip for each ounce. rAll Aiaii, for the fleet ahoald be ad- dresaaiK eare of the postmaater. New Yorfc It wni be inclosed In a aaaled saelt-a^:aeat to met the sUpa at the earUasf yoaalble moment ' The Urst point at %hleh mail can be received hy tht' fla0t la Rio de Janeiro, where it .wl]i;i»il«fe'January 4. Nemalleaabe Tho orgaalaatloa <«|MeslTai^ift «r that data onUlthoraUpa haVa cmlsa#,batf way. aronnd tha eon- aB'«nf or Soith Aalier|«r*h» irrivc' at Qet in a Supply of Canned Goods Pure Cream Corn, 3 cans ......25c Per dozen ...... DOc Tomatoes, 2 cans 25c Per dozen $1.40 Hunt Bros. Gallon Peaches, can .65c Per dozen SMO Electric Peaches, per can SOe Per dozen $230" L. C. Sliced Peaches, per can .. .MH' Per dozen ,— H.SO Pick Wick Peas, 2 cans S5c Per dozen Gallon Apples, per can 4Se Per dozen HM 2% pound Apples. 2 cans SBo Per doien i... wlM FRYER BR^S. Phones 308 and 301 Oaa hundred ponndvol Cry*> tal ico will makaf It sslkma of distlllea watar Mttibfvfor family uc : Tiy tt. ItblcelMStwqiCa Air j; auJFBumK^ irartAii«l«BWw&

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