Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 6
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WHAT THEY Th« LltU« Folln Through Ot» of tho LadlM «r Orphanr Homo Writ* an ! Opon Lotttr to Santa. Tyler A Berton Hold the ^^oricTs Championship for Fancy Slut- Ing. As ChrlstmaB approacliei, the little I The lola rink feels itself especially people at the Orphans Home have be- favored In the team which the^ hare Kitt to think of the presenU they hope secured for all *ot next -week. As a Santa Clans wll bring them. The fol- matter of fact they only get these peo- lowlnff letter was written for the chil- pleithroagh the misfortune of another dren by one of the laJdies In charge rink, one at Kansas City. Tyler and j of the home: 'Berton were at Ottawa a month aso Orphans Home letter to Santa'and an effort was made to get them' but they said they were booked solid through, the entire season. When the Kansas City date fell through Mr. Ty^ dans. Tola. Kansas. Dear Old Santa:— , , _ W« are all very impatiently await- ler immediately telephoned here and inir your coming, and we know you arrangements were made to hare will not find as many children in one them come next week. Ottawa paid house in all Tola as in ours. We think these people $160.00 for a week and It would be .the very thinir to come that they were thoroughly satisfied into Tola from the south, and you will can better be Judged by the following find us at 606 8. Fourth Street, with comment made by the Ottawa Repub- oar stockings all mended and hung lie: np awaiting you. We do not care Patrons of the Crescent roller skat- what you give us. but we have thought ing rink were captivated by the per- about a few things we want very formance of Prof. Tyler and Miss Ber- much. Now Pearl comes first She is ton, whose exhibition of fancy and onr Tery oldest girl. She can go the trick skating was pronounced the fin- dishes very nicely. She thinks she est thing of the kind ever seen in Otis too large to play with a dolt, but I tawa. know she would like one. ^e says! One feature was "the handsome cos- she hopes you will bring her a fur. tumes of the team. " " " When Miss Berton appeared the lad- Dora is nine years old and she wants a doHy and a buggy, but Santa, doll buggies take up so much more room than we have to spare, however, bring them any way and we will get a little closer together to pleaee the girls. Now I win Introduce Avis, I know you will like her. She tries so hard always to do the right thing. She has long dark hair and she wants some qretty red ribbons for It, and also a doll. Now Montra Is a little girl 8 years old, and she thinks she would be taost happy with a dolly and a buggy. This Ruth, she has curly hair, Jnst as prim as can be, and she wants a doll. also. Hazel Is not old enough for school yet. and of course - she wants a doll, and It is the very thing she should have, so please bring her one. Orace is only 3 years old, and Ike Wants a doll, but 1 feel sorry for htr dolly, for she will fall into bad bands when Orace gets her. I suppose you are tired of dolls and girls, so now the boys may tell their wants. Piatt, our largest boy, wants a train, or rubber ball, and Willie wants a drum. Ovid .thinks a drum and horn would make him very happy but I think he could make noise enough with either one. Louis wants one of two things. They are very different but both are noisy, and that suits the boys. He wanu either a horn or an automobile. Dick wants a cap <un, but I hope you will have none of those and will have to supply something yourself. Here comes Dwight. wanting both a drum and a horn. My boys all want to be dcum- mers. if Uncle Sam in future years Should have use for them, would you please tell him about us. Now this Is Paul, we call him "Reddy" because he has different colored hair, and he wanto a horn. Baby Leo Wants candy hut surely, Santa, when you see him. yon will get him something nice, for he is a fine boy. We do hope It will snow so you can bring the rindeers we sing kbout They travel faster than autos or airships. But we don't care very much how you get here, so you come. P. S.—Now don't forget the place. Orphans' Home. 13 DIDN'T LOOK GOOD So Hunting Party Gave the 13 Rabbits Bagged to Deserving Colored People. A hunting party composed of Ralph Drake, Chas. Mayer, Alt Northrup and Mr. Ranger, who spent the greater part of yesterday tramping over field and timber succeeded in bagging 28 Quail and 13 rabbits. Having a high regard for the superstitious assocla- tioDS of the number thirteen, the rab^ blu were given to some of the deserving) colored population of the city. Jurors Go Home. All the furors not hearing the evidence in the Reed case were excused this morning by Judge Foust for the term. The most of the Jurors lived out of town and they left for their homes. ies in the audience sat up and took notice. She wore the most beautiful costume ever displayed by a fancy skater at the rink. It was a dream in black and white, with short skirts. Fbr a furtlier description go to any feminine observer. . Prof. Tyler wore a long frock coat and a silk tile. He entertained the crowd at one end of the hall while Miss Berton was the cynosure of all eyes at the other end of the rink. Their individual stunts over. Miss Berton and Prof. Tyler skated to the center of the rink where they exejcuted some marvelous figures and did the prettiest team work imaginable. Difficult steps, graceful movements and lightning toe spins were features. The general verdict Is that they made a bigger hit than any team ever billed here. IT WAS FUN FOR EVERYBODY. Skaters Enjoyed It Along With Large Audience. The tacky skate given at The Auditorium last night wrs a great sue- oeBs from the standpoint of entertainment and also as a money maker. The women outnumbered the men two to one as tacky skaters and there were many costumes that were very creditable. Miss Cox and Mr. Frank Brackenrldge were given the prizes by Messrs. W. W. Jones, Dr. Sutcllffe and . Dr. Dresbach. The "Afraid to Come" Home in the Dark" parade made a de cided hit. Twenty ladles with Japan ese lanterns paraded around the rink while all of the lights were turned out and the band played "I'm Afraid to Come Rome In the Dark." The effect was very prettv and the ladies' deserve great credit for the Innovation The rink wan crowded to the utmost and everybody seemed to rijoy the affair. Tlie next entertalnmo • of thi kind will be a masquerade c ; Christ mas night Ail This at Carrvle. An eight-foot vein of co»l has been struck near Carlyle. which has ready produced gas and oil In paying quantities, and general Fred Funston says the Newton Kansan. THOfU Estimates cheerfully given on all work Phone S19. Bes. 409 S. Buckeye. Do you want a' Beautiful Silk Flag. 2x3 fest? Up-to-date; 46 stars; made of fine twilled silk; beautiful color* A nice Christmas present or a sos venir for the Jiome. Send $1.60 and you will receive the Dally and Sunday Journal three months and one of these flags. Address THE KANSAS CITY JOURNAL, Kansas Clt^r. Mo. Reglsfer Want Ads. Bring Besnlts. Befrister Want Ads. Brln; Besnlts. 1* $26.00 Coats tomorrow.. .$tSmOO $16.50 Coats tomorrow.. .SWm9B f 10.00 Goats tomorrow ... .SGm9B $8.00 Goats tomorrow $B»0O $7.00 Coats tomorrow $3,98 Do not fail to take advantage of this great money saving opportunity. Remember sale is for Saturday. Greatest Sale ef Dependable Furs The unquestioned reputation of *^he New Tork Store" should be the foremost thought in your mind when The Fur Question presents itself and yon are about to purrhase a Fur .Set, a Fur .Scarf, a Fur .Vuff or a Fur Coat Xo matter how low prloed or how high priced an article you may be interested in, you want to toel tliaa a reliable firm is selling it to yon with their assurance and reeonimehdaiion standing liack of its real value In quality and style and reasonableness In price first, last and at all times. We offer a fe^ snggestions Ijclow to guide yon as to how •t far your money will go In the purchase of stylish and gerrice- able Fnrs. Ladles Brown Coney Fur Coats with large storm collar and revers, lined throughout with Skinner satin. Special in this sale SJJ.'J.T.'? Ladles' Klcctric Seal Coats 24 Inches long, lined with Skinner satin, large storm collars iiiid revers. Special In this mile #^5 .(M) Ladles' Fine Kiectrlc Seal Coats, col lar revers and cuffs trimmed In Heaver. Skinner salln Ilnlnga. Special each miiri.m Uidles' Extra Fine Electric Seal Coats, collar rovers and and cuffs trimmed In brown Martin Fur, Skinner satin lining. Special In this sale .... .... ^.'lO.OO (JHEAT SALE OF FlU SfARFS. $1.2.'!, Fur Scarfs for Ti»^ »I.-.0 Fur Scarfs for !)8c^ $:'..'iO Fur Scarfrt for iHl.^lO %?,.:>!) Fur Scarfs* for JKI.98 %:,.W f'lir Scarfs for 82.08 $«..'.() Fur ScarfH for «.'J.»8 $7 .r ,0 Fur Scarfs for .$4.98 110.00 Fox Scarfs for 8G.05 $12..*0 Fr.x Scarfs for 88.0.? ?i:>.00 Fo.x Scarfs for 89.95 $18.00 Fox Scarfs for ......$12.50 $25.00 Fox Scarfs for $15.00 ' i.adli-.s' Finn Caracul Coats, bi-autl- fiill.v irimniftl IIIMMI tliri)iiglioul with fine satin, rej ^ular $L'r..nO. Special In sale #15.00 .N.itiiral and Ulended Mink Neck Pieces: sr'cclal ut 8:{.95, 81.95, 85.95. 8T.05, 89.85. .SlJierlan and Sab'e Sfjiilrrel Neck I'leces; npeclal at 81.95. 80,95. 88.95, 810.95. 814.9.5. A Fine Collection of Fine Fur Sets with large Pillow and Rug .Muffs In Keal .Mink. Jap Mink, Sable Squirrel. Siberian Squirrel, Blue Fox and Real Lynx, at special prices during this sale. Big Cut* Price Sale in our Millinery Department Every Hat mrst be sold. This is a bona-fide sale, and price is no object to us. Take note of prices. The hatj must be sold—prices cut in two. St.BO fur any 13 .00 hat in the house. 4li?«OII for any 14 .00 hat in the house. S!2mBO for any $5.00 hat in the house. 93»B0 for any $7.00 hat in the house. SBmOO ioT any $10.00 hat in the house. M'OO for any $12.00 hat i? the house. 99,00 for any $18.00 hat in the house. Children's School Hats, choice of any in st )ck, half price Gigantic Sale Xmas Handkerchiefs The rush will begin soon—wise people will begin shopping at once. Handkerchiefs are especially conreulent to lay away and you'll feel better to have part of your buying over. Then, too, we hare more time now—and a better variety. Children's neat colored border hemstitched Hand- herchiefs, worth 5c; in the sale, each 36 Ladies, cross-bar stripe and fancy Handkerchiefs, each m Men's initialed Handkerchiefs, fine quality. linen finish, half dozen in box $1.00 Men's Initialed Pure linen Handkerchief, put up six in a box, per box 81.50 Children's Handkerchiefs, put up ."5 in a fancy box. pretty patterns, generally sold at 20c per box; In this sale, box 15e I Ladies' Pure Linen Embroidered Handkerchiefs, plain and crossbar centers, lace edge or hemstitched each 15<^ I..adles' Handkerchiefs, hlfih Krade embroidered in the new Amrlswgl embroidery cross-bar or stripe centres; choice, each JJ.5<^. Ten More Shopping Deye Untii Xmam Dress Making Dep't, Soaand Floor CRUEL TO CONVICTS XI8S BABNABD MAKES CHABGES AGAIKST PBISOK OFFICIALS. OUakonu's ComnbstoBO- of ChariUos WwM Have Cmitnct With KMSM rl*r CM* HX €o>Tkta CueeUe^. Guthrie, Okia.. Dee. 12.—AllegaUona that modes of poniafament b^longlog to.tha dark M tba"eril^''. the .rwataTfeola^- 4»,'ViuMwn." and. otbar.ifliaQiata «Mtfiio<a.;«C ntani^ state penitenUary at Lansing, and lecoromendations of Immediate, action upon the convening of the legislature in memoriaiizing congress to ncnnit Oklahoma prisoners to oe sent to the federal penitentiary at Leavenwortli and' that the contract with the Kansas institution for the care of Oklahoma prisoners be cancelled, are made in the first annual report of Miss Kate !^arnard. co'mmisMoner of charities and corrections, submitted to Governor C. N'. Haskell today. The-report, states that she believes that Warden Haskell is ignorant of many of these cruelties alleged to be practiced by bis guards, but criticises his system of' judging the efficacy of a guard by the small number .of pun- ishinents reported, claiming that this ayatwi-SDoovragea goarda to inflict ni|U»i, ppQiSjhmenta that they ixnrer AVarden W.. H. Haskell of the Kansas state prison last night denied in detail over the long distance telephone eevry allegation made in Miss liarn- ard's report. While he did not brand it as a malicious misrepresentation of facts, he made it plain that Miss Darnard's report was-greatly exaggerated, so much so that it was an injustice which made it imperative that be should answor every charge. Ho intimated, too, that when he had the opportunity of seeing me full report, he would perhaps make a written statement in answer to Miss Ilamard. The warden said that he Invited a thorough and complete Inspection of the Kansas penitentiary at the hands of any fair minded body of citizens of Oklahoma or Kansas. UiifiilUr Wnl Aik Briar Bciattf, CIRE IT IX 0>E DAY. rongh.<i and Colds Disappear LUie Magic When llyomei Is I'sed. If the thousands of people who suffer from hacking cougbs and agonizing colds would arouse themselves suffioently to follow this advice, they would cease to complain within 2i hours. Here is the advise, if you take it and you are afterwards sorry that you did; it won;t cost you a penny: Oo to Chas. B. Spencer & Co. the druggist, and purchase from him a Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) out- ft. It will only cost you $1.00. Take it home, use it according to directions, and if it does aot cnre Tour conth or cold, take itbaok. and Chas. B. Bffhef tit Co.. -Will r^ni fht por- chase price. \Vhen you use Hyomei you don't swallow nauseating drugs. You simply breathe iii the soothing, pleasant and antiseptic Hyomei air through the" little pocket inhaler that comes with each outfit. ' As this medicated air passes over the inflamed parts, relief comes almost at once, and cure follows. Hyomei Is also guaranteed by Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. to cure catarrh, croup, grip and asthma. Tbe constant dropping water wears ' away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser mastl< cates toughest bone. The constant wooing lover carrlw awar tha braShing maid. And tha Obnatant Adrertiser U tha. maa Irho C9ta the trade.

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