The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1949
Page 9
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JATUMUY, SEPTEMBER. 8«, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William. Our Boarding Hou* with Moj. HoopU VMHXT DO f*J 5*1- NOW, • WU KNOW, WHEN TH' 6*aCEKrVVAN GAVE HIM THAT BA& OT . HE A COOMT«V, 6T 'OF OU CNlUI A.TO* / OO', WfTH* OUT Mar TELLIN 1 HIM: UtRD OF CAMBLS r T«R» i»» HIS VAttD IP 2-1 VJWO'LL STICK BORN THKTT)' VEARS TOO S3OM POOL T*BLE.PIATO? ust be our honeymoon (AME.) COURIER NEW! PAGE NINE Foods to Go Off Ration In 7950 in Soviet Zone 'BERLIN. Sept. 24—<a>y—The Soviet zone economic boss said yesterday ell rood except meat would go off ration in Soviet-occupied Germany next year. The announcement, in an interview with the Soviet-licensed Berliner Zeltung, followed charges in Thursday'* western Berlin newspapers that eastern Germans were suffering from lack of food. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! Thit'i why you'll ftava yourself many a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us H-fl LT€RS For the Finest Prescription Service Sa.y It Wit* Kkiwrrt THE FLOWER SHOP Glenco* Owl wine tLaa* Mil w o« Army Surplus WE SELL IN JOB LOTS • MlUrcud c«u Blankets We Buy Good \!»-t CMhlni ANDERSON SHOE SHOP & .CLOTHING STORE "IjllM-rllk 31« E. Mat* xxx returned from Chicago with news that he would leave in live days for the coast. He would take Gaynel with him an their honeymoon, he Mid. And, since Mrs. Teare had recovered from her bronchitis, he decided to tell the family at one*. They were all A home. Emily reclined on the couch, Pal curled in the window-seat, Denny gloomily apart, staring into the Sre. Clipper kepi one eye on Punch and Judy who were playing with an old slipper. "Greetings, everybody," Fritz said, with an engaging grin. "May we join you?" "Of course, Mr.—ta it rairport, or Fairmount? 1 never Kern to remember," Emily said. "Try calling him Frite, Motoer" Gaynel suggested, "Or rrederick.- Trite M w by Emily's pained expression that the other would never do. "Or Creddie. My mother called me that." -We had > buffer once name Frederick," Emily said. "A mj good man in his place.' "I trust I'll prove M good in mine." Fritz winked »t Pat and sat down beside her. "How'll 1 do Pat. not K a butter, but » a brother?" "Gee!" Pat sighed. -Ru« along BOW, Pa« dear," laid Emily. "I dont want fo leave," Pat said. Fritz's eyes went around the room. "Gaynel and 1 are going to be married—as all of you except Denny know by now." "Gaynel told me you two imagined you were in love." Emily's smile was patronizing. *W« have been in lore—not imagined it—from the first minute we met," Fritz said calmly. "I said it was romantic!" Pat breathed. No one but Gaynel h»H noticed that since her i linen everything had taken on a tic flavor tor Pat. "!( seemt to m«," Denny spoke slowly, "tha* Gaynel—or anybody, (or that matter—has a perfect right to fall m love—and marry—my on* he choose*.*''"» «lad you M* it that way," fritz said. "Very glad. I felt quite confident yo« would." Gaynel knew that orchid should have been »«t to Madeline Day. it no one else did. "Unfortunately," Friu went on, "there are other ctxwid- erat.oos that have to enter in """" l wanted "> Q1CAR me," Emily said, "this seems an odd time to pick. A strange way to betin. So unexpectedly. And when I've hardly recovered from m , jilnews. Mr Poor, poor nerves! 1 really can't s«e that there is any urgent necessity or big hurry to talk about anything. Must we settle everything tonight?•We must,- rrite aid grimly. Here and now. The necessity ie (hat I nave to leave (or California The hurry i* th.t w* have fust «v« d«yi. Qaynel and 1 want to marry before then. So that sfee can go with me."Five days! Take her with you . . California! Whatever are you talking about, Mr er . . . young man!" Emily'« nerves jumped to aid her, ao that ah* could wring her hands and look bewildered and turn on all the sale, resistance she possessed up her fluffy »leeve "Gaynel! YOM know you promised you'd do nothing sudden, or rash. You said you would never l«ave me. Yo« know yo» gave your mother your word on that Denny, why don't you say something? Do some'-bias. Tel! this ... er ... Frederick. Speak to your sister . . . Pat, though, 1 still think you should leave the room Get mr «lts. Do something. Mate- on*." "Mother, dear, I did proroinZ IK* lea»e yon—for good. Tbu wiU , f know It eems sudden to you, but I've tried for weeks to prepare you." "You certainly kept me In the rk," Denny said. "Seems to m* you might have given m* at Jeast a slight hint, Sis." Gaynel uid, "I wanted to. I tried to, Denny. But you've been loo taken up with your own love- life." gMILY wailed. "How *n we possibly lo get on without Gaynel? How can we manage'without her help? You don't know what you're talking about, young man. Why. as it is, already Giynel has deserted w ... to think a child of mine." Emily was lost now in self-pity. "Mis« Cupples left last week. I had to let her go and it hurt her feeling, dreadfully. And I haw get along without her. It's be*« dreadful and Gaynel keepc mentioning all sorts of other ihing« simply out of the question.* PriU interrupted Quietly. -Sup- poae we take them in order—A-BC, you know, and see if they are. To begin with A, Gaynel has told me that you could manage without her—and her help—very nicely, if you were willing. "B—in order to manage without her other sort of help, mainly financial, other arrangements will be necessary. And C—- be was ticking them off on hn fingers aa h* spoke. "Gaynel and 1 propose to outline some few suggestions, ac to how this end could be accomplished. 'I am truly sorry," he included all of them, "if we seem to be rushing into this, and rushing you. But 1 know, and I'm sure Gaynel will speak for herself, that we know what we want to do. As tor rushing you, 1 am confident if we put our marriage off till doomsday, you would still ask for more tin and raise the same objections. "So — A, one« more" - again Fritz held up one finger—"we sug- geat that you Mil, or rent, or M least move out of this big house. Into smaller quarters. More within your means and income: mora suitable and adequate, more . . ." (T« Be In England It's the Chcmi.t Shop In Franc* It'i tht. Apothecary Shop In Blyrheville It'* BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service FOR SALE Concrete emlierU II loch I* 41 Inch, plain or reenfartad Abe Concrete BaiWin, Bl^du cheaper thaa himhec for ham chkken houses, samp ham, tenant Nooses W.I sbed*. We delrrer Call •> far tree eatlaute . . Phone «S1 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Warren G. Harding wm the first U. S. president to speak over the .dlo. 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