The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on February 2, 1986 · Page 83
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 83

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 2, 1986
Page 83
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Sunday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, Feb. 2,1988 Page 11 Two men vie for the affections of a girl who will only marry a man If his name Is "Ernest." (E) NHL Hockey Washington Capitals at Hartford Whalers (HBO) Movie " "Turk 182!" (1985) Timothy Mutton, Robert Urlch.'PG-13'(CC) (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie *"* "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford. 'PG' (CO 7: OS O National Geographic Explorer 7:30 BOOCEEB Amazing Stories A daydreaming comic-book enthusiast (Mark Hamill) follows a tree troll's sagely advice. In stereo. (CO O Profiles Of Nature (N) Donna Reed (U) Lancer 8:00 QQaiDB) Peter The Great Maximilian Schell, Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave and Omar Sharif costar In this epic saga of the 17th-century Russian czar whose sweeping military and administrative reforms strengthened and modernized Russia. Tonight, social and political conflicts contribute to a growing concern over which member of the royal family will succeed to the throne. (Partiof4) (CO (DOE Nature A study of the history and plight of the rhinoceros, one of the most seriously endangered species on earth. (R) (CO S)(6)OG3GI)13 Movie *** "Oc- topussy" (1983) Roger Moore, Maud Adams. Aided by a smuggler and a trader In art forgeries, a Russian general plans an attack against Western Europe, and It's up to British agent James Bond to stop him. (CO Q9fD Masterpiece Theatre "Lord. Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy" Bloody battles between Muslims and Hindus hinder Mountbatten's negotiations with the leaders of the various factions. (Part 2 of 6) (CO 03 Start Of Something Big Profiles of Huey Lewis, Roger Moore, Victoria Principal, Henry Fonda and Catherine Bach; the origins of the zipper, hot dogs and credit cards. (R) "Q In Touch (N) Movie *** "Tulsa" (1949) Susan Hayward, Robert Preston. A tempestuous female becomes overambltlous with her oil Inter- ests and almost loses the loving man In her life. 8:30 (9) Odd Couple (U) Wanted: Dead Or Alive 8:40 (D) DTV Featured: Roger Miller's "King Of The Road" and Tchaikovsky's "1812Overture." 9:00 CDCSED Mystery! Q Live From The Met James Levlne conducts this production of Rossini's story of unrequited love, "L'ltaliana in Algeri," starring Marilyn Home, Paolo Montarsolo and Douglas Ahlstedt. (English Subtitles) (9) News 9 Country Express Featured: the Forester Sisters, the Oak Ridge Boys, Restless Heart, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Judy Rodman, Gary Morris Interview and video ("Second Hand Heart"). In stereo. fD Great Performances "Einstein on the Beach: Changing Image of Opera" Rehearsal highlights, conversations and interviews with composer Phillip Glass and theater artist Robert Wilson are featured In this performance documentary Interpreting Albert Einstein within an operatic framework. (CO 83 Five Star Mystery Q Ben Haden (D) Mark Twain's America: Abe Lincoln A major episode In the early life of Abe Lincoln is dramatized. (HBO) Movie ** "Runaway" (1984) Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes. 'PG-13' (CO (U) Cover Story 9:05 Q Sports Page (S) Brothers 9:10 (C) Cinemax Comedy Experi ment Several entertainment celebrities take part In the second installment of this bizarre spoof based on the premise that Canada is taking over the United States. 9:309 Market To Market Q Rock Alive (S) Bizarre (U) Hollywood Insider 9:35 O Jerry Falwell 9:45 CD K.C. Viewpoint 10:00 BQOOdDOO 01 (lO)BBEDBNews S)(T)63 Mind Your Language "{he man who proposed to Miss Courtney 25 years ago arrives In England and pops the question once again. (9) Tales From The Darkside B Great Performances "The Regard Of Flight" Q3 People Reaching People (C) Movie ** "The Jerk" (1979) Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters. •R' (D) Movie ** "White Wilderness" (1958) Narrated by Winston Hlbler. The frosty regions of North America are featured In films of the Canadian and Alaskan wilds. •G' (E)SportsCenter (N) Route66 (S) Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes (U) Herbalife 10:30 BOCD George Michael's Sports Machine S)®£S Yes, Minister 0 Movie '** "The Sons Of Katie Elder" (1965) John Wayne, Dean Martin. Four brothers avenge the deaths of their parents and the loss of their ranch. Q Rockford Files OOG9IB Jeffersons (9) Lou Grant death. (10) Cousteau: Riders Of The Wind Q High Q Manhattan vs. Olathe South Q3 Jimmy Swaggart Q3 Tales From The Darkside CD Movie ** "The Beastmaster" (1982) Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts. In a mythic world of the past, a young man with an unusual talent for governing animals searches for the villain responsible for the destruction of his village. Q Ed Young 10:35 Q John Ankerberg 10:45 (HBO) Movie ** "Purple Hearts" (1984) Ken Wahl, Cheryl Ladd. 'R' (S) Movie ** "To Be Or Not To Be" (1983) Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft. 'PG' (CO 10:50 [4)E)OC3(H)13 News 11:00 BOS) Tales From The Dark- side (T) Movie ** "Mr. Music" (1950) Bing Crosby, Charles Coburn. The composer of some hit Broadway shows who would rather play than work becomes involved with an ambitious agent. BOG3IQ3 star Search 9 Mystery 1 01 Perspective On Greatness (B Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Featured: Robert Urlch; a tour of London with Judy Carne and singer Lulu; the Las Vegas World Poker Championship; castle realtors in Europe. Q Larry Jones (E) Top Rank Boxing (N) Turkey Television (U) A Millionaire's Secret To Wealth 11:05 |B Jimmy Swaggart 11:15 (D) Disney Channel Preview Michael Young hosts this look at upcoming March programming on the Disney Channel. 11:20 (T)(6]QD13 ABC News (CO O Taxi 03 Fight Back! With David Horowitz Consumer information on waterproof garments and how to make your home and car child- safe. 11:30QO Come Alive (9) Fame (10) Tales From The Darkside Q3 Community Concerns' Q John Osteen 11:35 (T)(S(W)13 Movie *** "What's Up, Doc?" (1972) Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal. Q Hawaii Five-0 11:40 (C) Movie ** "The Formula" (1980) Marlon Brando, George C. Scott. 'R' ll:50QBobNewhart 03 Matt Houston . 12:00BBS) Gene Scott OOtDOJ Ethiopia: The Nightmare Continues (10) News Q Shall Not Lack (N) My Three Sons (U) 60 Minutes To Success 12:05 Q World Tomorrow 12:20 Q All In The Family 12:30 (9) Star Games CD It's A Living Q Faces Of The Future (N) Donna Reed 12:35 Q Larry Jones 12:40 B Movie *** "Captain Blood" (1935) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland. A slave escapes from prison and becomes an. Infamous pirate. (S) Movie *** "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" (1984) William Shatner, DeForest Kelley. 'PG' (CO 12:45 (HBO) Joe Piscopo Special Comedy sketches and celebrity Impersonations, with guest Eddie Murphy. 12:50 Q Make Room For Daddy 03 At The Movies Scheduled re- views: "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" (Richard Dreyfuss, Bette Midler); "Power" (Richard Gere, Julie Christie); "Hannah and Her Sisters" (Woody Allen, Mia Farrow). 1:00 03 News Q 700 Club (N) Movie *" "Tulsa" (1949) Susan Hayward, Robert Preston. A tempestuous female becomes overambitlous with her oil.Inter- ests and almost loses the loving man In her life. (U) Credit Card Millionaire 1:05 O Entertainment This Week Interview with Robin Williams. Q Children's Fund 1:20 O Music City U.S.A. 03 ABC News (CO 1:30 (9). At The Movies Scheduled reviews: "Down and Out In Beverly Hills" (Richard Dreyfuss, Bette Midler); "Power" (Richard Gere, Julie Christie); "Hannah and Her Sisters" (Woody Allen, Mia Farrow). 03 CBS News Nightwatch (E)SportsCenter 1:35 flj) News B Movie ** "Blondle In The Dough" (1948) Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. Blondle decides to bake her way out of her financial problems. 1:40 (C) Movie *** "Midnight Express" (1978) Brad Davis, John Hurt.'R' 1:45 (HBO) Movie "The Clairvoyant" (1985) Perry King, Elizabeth Kemp.'R' l:50QNews 2:00 (9) Independent News Q 700 Club (U) Millionaire Maker 2:20QABCNews(CC) 2:30 (9) Puffin' On The Hits (E) LPGA Golf (S) Movie * "Two Of A Kind" (1983) John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John.'PG'(CO 2:40Q CBS News Nightwatch 3:00 (9) Movie ** "Bowery Bombshell" (1946) Bowery Boys, Sheldon Leonard. Photographs implicate the Boys In a big bank robbery. B Agriculture U.S.A. (N) Turkey Television (U) Creating Wealth With Government Loans 3:25 (HBO) Movie " "The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai: Across The 8th Dimension" (1984) Sports this week SUNDAY 6:00 (9) Greatest Sports Legends 6:30(E)SportsCenter 7:30 (E) College Basketball 8:OOCDWrestling 9:30 (E) Fishing 10:00 (E)Fishin' Hole 10:30 Q NFL Week In Review 11:00 BOS) JackHartman Q(10) College Basketball Louisiana State at Georgetown Q Larry Brown (E) SportsCenter (U) Wrestling 11:30QQQ) Larry Brown OOtOSBIB College Basketball (Joined In Progress) Louisiana State at Georgetown B Wrestling (E) Outdoor Life 12:00 BOOtDCD College Basketball Kentucky at North Carolina State 03 M.T.X.E. Basketball (E) LPGA Golf Elizabeth Arden Classic, final round. (U) Tennis U.S. Pro Indoor Championships, Men's Finals. 12:30 B PBA Bowling $150,000 Quaker State Open. 1:00 BOuDCI<»03fD CBS Sports Sunday Alonso Strongbow vs. Paul Gonzales for the NABF Flyweight title, scheduled for 12 rounds, and the European Figure Skating Championships. 1:30 03 Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing 1:50 B 24 Hours Of Daytona Derek Bell, BobTullius, A.J. FoytandAI Holbert are expected to drive In this I MSA auto race. 2:00 OS) SportsWorld Scheduled: Meldrick Taylpr (9-0, 6 KOs) vs. Robin Blake (27-3, 18 KOs) in a lightweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds and World Cup Skiing, the Arlberg Kandahar Downhill Race. B World Cup Skiing (E) MISL Soccer Minnesota Strikers at Los Angeles Lazers 2:30 (D Outdoors With Tony Dean 3:00 [5X300301)13 Wide World Of Sports Scheduled: AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. BOOQS)UO)BfE) PGA Golf Pebble Beach National Pro-Am final round. 3:30 O Bob Uecker's Wacky World Of Sports 4:00 (E)Fishin' Hole 5:00 B Championship Fishing (TJ Hank Parker Outdoor Magazine (E) Mark Sosin's .Salt Water Journal 5:30 (E) SportsCenter 6:00 (E) Horse Racing StrubStakes. 6:05 |B Wrestling 7:00 (E) NHL Hockey Washington Capitals at Hartford Whalers. 9:05 B Sports Page 10:00 (E) SportsCenter MONDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (9)(U) College Basketball Maryland at Notre Dame (E) College Basketball Providence at St. John's 7:05 B NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets 8:30 (E) College Basketball Cincinnati at Memphis State (U) Wrestling TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (E) Action Sports Of The 80's 7:00 (E) NHL Hockey All-Star Game. 8:00 (9) College Basketball Evansvllle at DePaul 10:00 (E) College Basketball North Carolina at Georgia Tech WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (9)(U) College Basketball Notre Dame at Dayton (E) NBA Today 7:00 (E)Fishin'Hole 8:00 (E) World Cup Skiing 8:30 (U) College Basketball (Joined In Progress) Seton Hall vs. Syracuse 9:00 (E) Roller Derby THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30 (E) NHL Hockey Edmonton Oil- ers at New Jersey Devils 7:00 (9) College Basketball Michigan Stateat Illinois (U) College Basketball Florida at Auburn 9:30 (E) SportsCenter 10:00 (E) College Basketball Washington at UCLA FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 (E) SportsCenter 6:30(E)SpeedWeek 7:00 (E)(U) Wrestling 8:00 (E) Top Rank Boxing (U) Boxing 9:05 B Wrestling SATURDAY 6:30 (E) SportsCenter 7:00 (E) Skate America 7: OS B Wrestling 8:00 (E) World Class Women 8:30 (E) Horse Racing Weekly 9:00 (E) Roller Derby 10:00 (E) Inside The PGA Tour 10:30 (E) Tennis Magazine Reports (U) Beat The Pros 11:00 (E)SpeedWeek 11:30 (E) PGA Seniors Golf Tour Highlights 12:00BBED Jimmy Houston Outdoors B College Basketball Regional coverage of Michigan at Illinois or South Carolina at Alabama- Birmingham. |T| College Basketball Michigan at Illinois 03 College Basketball Tulsa at Drake (E) PGA Seniors Golf Treasure Coast Classic second round 12:30 BO Wichita Wings Coaches Show B Norm Stewart BQSNB Championship Fishing B Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing Q3 Champions Of Endurance 1:00 BOOfD College Basketball Colorado at Kansas State (T)(6]GD13 Championship Fishing BBOODIBB College Basketball Memphis State at Nevada- Las Vegas (10) College Basketball Oklahoma at Iowa State 1:30 (T|(6]QD13 National Match Bass Fishing 2:00 BCD College Basketball Louisville at North Carolina State GD©03GD13 PBA Bowling $150,000 Lite Beer Classic. (E) Tennis U.S. Indoor Championships semifinal match 3:00 BOB) College Basketball Kansas at Oklahoma State BOOGHIEHD College Basketball Notre Dame at Syracuse — BOO) College Basketball Nebraska at Missouri 3:30 SHBBI!)" Wide World Of Sports Scheduled: U.S. Figure Skating Championships, ladles' competition and ice dancing program. 3:35 OJ Fishin' With Orlando Wilson 4:00 OO PGA Golf Shearson- Lehman Brothers Andy Williams Open third round. Oil Wrestling 4:05 B Roland Martin 4:35 B Motorweek Illustrated 5:00 (E) World Cup Skiing 5:05 B Wrestling 6:00 (E) College Basketball UNC- Charlotte at Western Kentucky 7:30 (9) College Basketball DePaul at Marquette 8:00 (E) College Basketball Kentucky at Mississippi 9:05 B NBA Legends - Slam Dunk Championships Featured: NBA Legends Game; Slam-Dunk Championship; Long Distance Shootout. 10:00 (E) SportsCenter

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