Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1907
Page 6
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For this week's selliiijgr we have arratiged some tempting l)argai]is for your inspeotion. Every item listed will make a suitable present and they are all of the substantial order, something that will be last^g and bring many kind thoughts for the giver. Space will hot permit enumerating all the items but you can oome assured the values arehere'and every one at a tempting price. After Sapper Sole No. 5 Table Linen Patterns and Napkins to match. The patterns are 2} and 3 yards long-~ some are hemmed and hemstitched. Cloths are values that retail as high as $4 .00, and the Napkins sold at $3.50. See them in the ndrth window. Sale begins at 7:30. Choice of the lot, Napkins or Cloths, $2.35 OM CoaM Ladies'Odd Coats at about half prfee; heavy selllns has caused the accumnla tlon of a good many odd coat«.~e«pylally_ln the better^qualltles^V grouped all the odd coats together and youll be surprised at the value In these garments. We quote Just a tew prices to give you an Idea of the redue- tlon on_them.:We^have^a^few blaclt ^coats, ^ silk braid trimmed- satin lined yoke, cuffs ^ broadcloth semi-fitted, the prettiest fitting coat you ever saw; but we have Just a few odd sizes left and you can have your choice for $tt,2B $7.50 COATS S2.8S. Children's Sample Coats in blue, red and green, mixed plaids and stripes. These £oats were made to retail at $5.00 and $7.50, but they are samples, all In perfect condition, ooats that you will admire and for this week only we will sell them at ...82.85 I Japanese Waste Paper Baskets at one-half price. The 75c quality will be 38* 91.00 ones reduced to 50* And the «.50 quality will be ....'Joe A One lot of Dolls, values up to 25c; some are soiled ffom handling. Choice of the lot 5* .Ladles Oxford Bow Neck Ties In blue, red an4 brown. Price 10* -Fancy Back Combs, a 50c value in dkrk color, gilt trimmed and set with brilliants. Special price S5* ^7x54 Velvet Rugs, worth up to $1.75 Cfioice of the lot 81.19 One lot of 25c Pillow Tops, three patterns to select from. Choice of the I<4 9* Ladles' Jersey Fleece Lined Leggins, part buttons; price 75* Full button length $1.00 Indies 7 or 10 button length Gaiters in'^black; all sizes; price 25* Christmas Bells, made of red tissue paper 5. 15. 20 and 25* Odd Pieces of Ornamental, Decorative and U^ful China, all at about half the original price. Men's Pongenette ImlUtlon Silk Handkerchiefs with embroidered initial, all letters: price 10* Children's Linen ABC Books and a few story books; choice of the lot 5* 25c and 35c Lace Collars in white, the best line of Lace Collars we have ever shown at these prices. Choice of the lot during this sale 15* Legglns for Children, black fleece lined, full button length, all sizes from 6 to 13 years. Price 50* Children's Underwear in cream or grey, all sizes in some styles; choice of the lot 19* Children^ Grey Union Suits; values up to 65c. Choice of the lot 39* ' One lot of Ladles' Grey Plaid Coats loose £tting, well trimmed, a splendid Coat for young ladies' school wear; not a one in the lot but what is worth more than double the price asked for them but they are odd numbers and if you need a good coat at a small price don't ouerlook these. Choice ; 83.85 CraTenette C«ato at Beiaeed Prices. 17.50 Rain Coats reduced to . .84.75 $10.00 Rain Coats reduced to 85.85 $12.50 Rain Coau reduced to 87.65 $15.00 Rain Coats reduced to 88.98 $20.00 Rain Coats reduced to 812.75 $25 and 27.50 Rain Coats to 815.85 $tM Sain CMta for $1 Jt. Children's Rain CoaU in all sizes; choice of the lot 81.19 BcauUful Lace Robes in white, blue, brown and black; semi-made, trimmed with'ribbon and lace. Prices from 88.50 TO 825.00 $12.50 Odd Coats in brown on sale for $7.85. These coats have satiq lined yokes braid and velvet trimmed, very neatly finished and up to date In ) every respect. Yon can have choice of'-, three patterns in these fOr.. . 87.85 > $8.50 Black Melton Cloth braid and velvet trimmed, full length. looM fit- * ting, an exceptional value at regular '• price; buy them in this sale at 85.35 Ladies' Long Black Chiffon Broadcloth Coats, Ught fitting. This style coat is a simple tailored garment, but an extra nice piece of cloth; a $20.00 value on sale for 813.75 $35.00 Chiffon Broadcloth, Looser fitting Coat in blade, broad Gibson shoulder, elaborately trimmed with Bilk braids. Buy it during this sale for 826.85 German Blanket Lounging Robes ini . red. green, pink and blue, cord girdle fashion, trimmed with satin ribbons regular price $6.00. On sale.. 84.85 Ions for Xmas GIftsf For the Ladies silk Waist Patterns from..$,'> to 89 Waist Silk, yard, from.. 50* to 82 Black Silk for Skirts. Yard, from 65* to «2 Purses and ^gs from 2.1* to 87.50 Belts, each from 25* to 83.50 Kid Gloves from 81 to 84 If you don't care to buy the Gloves we issue glove certificates and the lady can have the gloves fit at any Ume. Fur trimmed Slippers from 81 to 82 Fancy House' or ^Dancing Slippers from 81 to 83..'>0 Umbrellas from 75* to 8lO Fancy liack Combs from . . 25* 810 Fancy Bead Necklaces From 15* 82.25 Jet Necklaces from.. 75* to 83.50 Fancy Belt Buckles From 25* to 81.75 Feather Boas From 82.25 to 810.50 Fans from 10* to 8.'> Fancy Box Stationery at box ...50* Hand painted and Burned Leather Goods, all are souvenirs of lola. - Prices from ....'S 81.95 to 815 Burned Leather and Lithographs of Indians presentable as souvenirs of lola. Prices range from 25* to 82.25 Fancy Collars from 25* to 81 Ladles Fine Shoes 82 to $^ Art Post Calendars from 10* to 98* Handkerchiefs from 5* to 86 Perfumes from ....... 10* to 95* Fancy Hose from .... 25* to 82..'>0 Knit Underwear from . .. 25* to 83 Muslin Underwear garments From 25* to 87.50 Fine Net Robes from 87.50 to 825 Furs from...... 81.95 to 837.50 Fur Co^ts.from 89 to 8100 Fine Dress Skirts From 85 to 817.50 Ladies' Long Coats . Fi?>m 85 to 8:i7 .i >0 Fine; Tailored Suits from 815. to 800 Cravenotted Rain Coats From 87.50 to 827.50 Wool Knit Scarfs From " 6p* to 83..'*0 Wcai Fascinators from . . 25* to 83 Silk'Sbawls from.. 81.25 to 83.50 Silk Scarfs from .. 81.25 to 83.50 Fabric Gloves from .... 25* to 65* ^\'ht^e QuHts irrom 81 to 85 Table Linen Patterns from 82 to 810 Lunch Cloths from. 79* to 82..10 Dresser Scarfs from 25* to 83.50 Fan^^y Dol'lies from .... 39* to 86 Fine Linen Towels ... 25* to 81 Tabic Linen from . .. 25* to 82..'>0 Draep Veils from 75* to 85 36x72 inch Japanese Matting Rugs In beautiful Oriental Patterns; special at ' .....75* ' 9£l2 Ibre Rugs in red. green and tan a beautiful Rug for bed room. Price 812.50 Couch Covers in Tapestries and suit Pile Velvets. Bagdad, Roman' stripes and Oriental Patterns, all colors. Prices range from 81.50 to 810 Sure mmd b9on For the Meo Suit Cases from.. 81.50 to 89 .i >0 Handkerchiefs from . .. 10* to 50* Leather Traveling Bags From 81.25 to 86.50 Japanese Waste Paper Baskets From ;{8« to 75* Handkerchiefs from .. lO* to 50* Silk Mufflers .... 81.25 to 81.75 Slippers 65* to 82.00 $10.00 Hand Embroidered Japanese Screens, size 80 by 66 inches, four wings; on sale for 86.75 $5.00 Hand Embroidered Japanese Screens, size 60x66 iiicbes; on sale for r..... 84.65 $4.50 Hand Embroidered, four wing Screens, size 52x54 Inches; on sale for 82.85 $1.25 Sllkollne Covered Oak Frame, Three Wing Screens, size 48x60 Inches: on sale for 95* 27x54 inch Rugs, imitation OrienUls made with heavy fringe. In rich subdued coirs. Price , 84 Dainty White Bobblnet Lace Curtains In sill length, trimmed with lace or chevron braids and edges. Prices 81.25 to 81.95 Shlraz Rugs, something new. made in two qualities.... 815 and 820 LADIES* PANCK HAN]»KEB(»IEF& Pain Cambric ^-inch hemstitched, plain or embroidered corners ..5* Plain Cambric % inch hemstitched, also embroidered designs ....10* Fancy Check and Plaid Drawn Work corners 10* Fancy Check and Embroidered 12H* Plain Linen sher or medium weight, M inch hem. also unbleached linen embroidered edge or hemmed; a large collection to select from. Price 15* 14 Inch Hem Swisp Embroidered border or beading border. Price 20* Swiss % inch hem, checked border or embroidered - border, lace trimmed edges, fifteen patterns to select from. Price 25*, Fancy Checked Patterns and Embroidered edges. Price ..... 35* Tapestry Portieres in green, red and tans, stripes duplex patterns and all over designs, fringe, cord or braid trimmed, the most elegant line of curtains in the country Pair 82.50 to 820 9x12 Japanese Rugs, all over patterns; special price 85 9x12 IBgrain Rugs in all coirs From 86 to 812.50 9x12 Fibre Rugs In red. blue and tans. Price 812.50 ImgmHUmnmr Xmmmm For Childrefl Dolls from 10* to 85 Teddy Bears from.... 81 to 86.50 Puss in Boots 81.50 Bear Skin ^oats From 82.50 to 89.50 Caps from 25* to 95* Christmas Cards from .. 3* to 15* Children's Fur Shoes Fro m 81.25 to 83 Children's House Slippers at 85* and 81- Children's Fur Sets From 82.50 to 86.75 Children's Underwear From 25* to 81.50 Teddy Bear Umbrellas and Cane 81.50 Children's Rubber BooU at 81.50 to 81.75 FANCY DOILIES. If you wish to pease a lady nothing wouI,d come so near as fancy work. Round Battenburg Doilies From 25* to 82.50 Square Battenburg Doilies From 15* to 83.50 Drawn Work DoUies from 25* to 83 'ia Round Monnt Bfelllek Doilies Prom 25* to 86:? Square Mount Melllck Doilies From 65* to 83 Fancy Pillow Tops finished From 25* to 85 Laundry Bags from . . 65* to 81.75 Slipper Bags from 75* to 95* Brush Bags from 3.5* to 65* Duster Bags from 25* to 6 Cros< SUtch Covers 81.75 to 83. Teneriffe Dollies 25* to C 65*to Real Cluny Round Dollies i Toilet guipure Doily _ _ Irish Point Doilies 65* to: Eyelet Doilies 25* aad Fancy Embroidery Scisaora 50*. 65* and 75* NEWS OF GAS CITY Pipe Line Men East of Cltf— Frepar. lag Treichef for Gas Pipe. Trades for a Fara. A. Engle of. this city yesterday closed a deal whereby he disposes of his Gas City property for a one hundred and sixty acre farm near Bron- Bonv Kansas. Mr. Engle includes the hpttse and Iqts at the comer of Mc Rea and Second streets and the livery -barn and two other city lots in the dei0..Mr. Engle will move to the farm. Boa^t a Bakery. .The Star Bakery on the south side I wfU diange hands tomorrow. J. W. I McIaturiK, the present proprietor, has ' s^d the iwkery to A. S. MarUn, of C& Cit^^wfao will at once take possession! ' Mr. Martin has %aA many years'experience in this, business and doubt he will have hid ahare of the t «ade.ln Gamett' He'ia the man Mr. /Butler sold to before he came to this sftr. Mr. Martin, JiaaeBsas^dHri Grouch to bake for him, the same man that was baker for Mr. Butler here. Mr. Mclntur|f's stay in Gamett has not been very long but nevertheless he has made many friends who regret he is to leave. From here Mr. Mcln- turff will go to Beatrice, Nebir.. where he will take charge of a steam bakery. His friends here wish him well in his new loc^^tlon.—Gamett News. Mr.BBdHr8.Bad*Ipli's DaaghterDead A. B. Falls yesterday received word from Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph of Burlington, Kas., that their daughter had died in her hoa^e in Kansas City. She was well known in tUs city, having lived here for a numt>er of months. Win Eatcrfala B«ys. The girls of r the Sewing classes in the Gas City hfigh school will entertain the members of the manual training classes. The girls are planning Tor an elabj^rate evening. | An WMUIK East tt This Gity. The men wbp are working on the plpe'Une which will rap to thelCansas Portland Cement Co. are working jcJaKot this ctty.. Xber are digglBS the trenches now . The gang which is digging the trenches will be followed by a gang which will lay the pipe. Stores WIU Clese, The Gas City stores will close here Christmas day. The bank will not open at all during the day. The stores will close at noon. The closing of stores of holidays is a custom which has been observed for many years. Perssaals. i John Ulm will leave soon for Lawrence, Kas., where he will, visit. Frank Shoemaker left yesterday for Thtyer. Mo., where he will visit rel- aUves. • _ £trs. v.. D. Allstot is quite 111. J. Humes, of-Kansas City, #as in the city yesterday oin a business visit O. L. Larkins, of Wichita, was here yesterday on business. BORBOWED U0B8E WAS KILLED. C. L. Kaafauui Woald Bccerer |150 From A. B. MaU. Amelia Blagfeaat at the «nuid tonight. ' , - ^ — : • The elegant stock of pretty Diess Goods. SUlci aad "Trimmings in all that Is new for Xmas you wUl find at Rltdiardspn's. •' C. L. Kaufman has brought suit in district court against A. B. Mull to recover $150. He sets up In his petition that the defendant borrowed from htm "one bay mare, Daisy" which mare the defendant turned into a lot or pasture where there w^s. "a male cow animal." The result was, according to the petitic*. that the mare w^ gored in the left thigh and later died from the effecU of the wounds. He therefore asks for $150 which he considers fair value for the mare. He charges that the animal was not ^11 cared for after it suffered the injuries. The Richardson Dry Goods store has paced on sale their elegant line of Millinery. Ladies. Misses and Children's Coats for their C%ristmas Carnival at aietuai cost prices. An.utra force of elerlu are basy." The store Is filled with everything uJMfal forXm^l Gifts. JUartIa Blafthaa aft the Onai t*. huj year Xmas ^fats, Fraits, Tcfetables aad CaiMi «M«S. fiats. Wtiite Grapes BraillB Almonds , Filberts E. Walnuts Pecans Chestnuts Hickory Nuts Coooannts PraHs Oranges Lemons Apples CaUwba Grapes Dates Figs Pineappes Tegvtablcs Lettuce Celery Beete Potatoes Turnips Carrots Fresh Sealsblpt Oysters. PhsjMM64tI. East Side Sfian

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