Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 5
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OMAgeis AS OI^D AGE takes hold of a xaan bis money-malK- fng ability grows less and less, until it finally leaves him al together. Then, unless he has a BANK ACCOUNT of his own to fall baok on, he must, during his remaining days, be dependent on the bounty of friends or relatives. Don^ let sdch a fate come to you—start a bank account of your own RIGHT NOW, Put a Jiltlemoney in the bank whwiever you can, to accamulate, and when old age comes you'll have ample provision for it. The State Savings Bank pays THREE per cent interest on Savings Accounts. State Savings Bank Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nij^hts Imported lland Painted China >EW SHAPES NEW DESI^INS EXQPISITE COLORI.\fl. See the Window at SPENCCRVd Ice Exhibltl See the Southbend Watch frozen in ice and keeping perfect time in front of Pancoast'5 no EAST ST, -Urn Itoya to JMi «*uifM7. Three of th« boya'irlio broke Into freight car near this city aererall montha ago w «i^ taken to ti« reformatory by the Neoaho county anthori< ties yesterday. The Tribune aaya Sheriff Ogg and Underaherlff Itey- nolds were in the city yeaterday afternoon on their way to Hutchinson With Frank Deatherege, Jerry Murphy and Aaron Brown. They are three of the gang of four boys, who broke into a SanU Fe freight car, laden with merchandise, and robbed it of cloth- Ing. The fourth boy, Willie Chllders. was under 16 years old and was sent to the state reform school at Topeka. The other boys were mere lads, none of them being out of their teens. -Bni. Tathrop, Osteopaths. Phone 4tf Stole for Two Months. The Chanute police discorered youthful thief who has been joperstlnf there with much success for two months past. The Sun says: A youth giving his name as Bert Jackson, but known. to be Herman Kmeger, snd suspected of being an escaped inmate of the Nebraska reformatory, is undet arrest today after a long series ot petty crimes here. For orer two months Kreuger, or Jackson, as ht prefers to be called, stole his foo£ daily from Carter's delivery wagone and slept in the mow of the liverr barn across the alley. He did not work and during the day^ung around the local billiard halls. Short Stories lori you trade vith a merchant that is easy, you may know that he Is trusting others who will not pay iheir bills and yon will have to pa.v a price that will cover losses or bad accounts. We may be little more particular than other merchants, but we do not make the honest man pay the dishonest man 's debts. Tbe People's Co-open- tive lercaotile Assoc'n " Rtores In lola and Oas. lola Happenings —Frank B. Beattle. V. S.. Phone 139. Wesley Merrltt Passed Through. Wesley Merritt of Chicago, industrial commissioner for the Santa Fe railroad company, passed through lola yesterday on his way north after having held a short conference with Division Freight Agent W. T. Treleaven and Dr. W. E. Barker at Chanute. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. WbotMda CRYSTAL ICE And Diatilled Water Row C OM ItotBS* mtUj tm Itadaotf. PhoMUC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Lows. Cunninshaiti & Amett iSji'i I ^ : i I i ^ w December IGtb 1 1 the last date f6r cheap H0MESBEKER8 EXCURSION RATES in IMS. Bee ns for partlcnlars , —Jfeull, Pimwe Water «iear ttw waier u« kills the KCnaaMaffCe litters —Order your Xmas Ewing & Burdick. tree now of Nation Going Home. State Auditor J. M. Nation passed through lola yesterday afternoon on his way from Topeka to his home In Erie. He Is having quite a lot of quiet :enJoyroent out of the advertising which he has received because of his order that state employes must keep down their bills for meals while they are traveling on the state's expense. —Dr. P. R. Wangh, Drntlst, Phone ti IniproremenU ISOJHMI, The electric light insnt at Independence will be Improved at a cost of 130,000, A large TOO'horaepnwer engine, elActrlc Koneralor, swltch-lioardii and other erjuiprntnt I N to l)n added to the plant.—Chnnuto 8nn. —Six per cent money: no commission; no delay.—Smith ft Travis. Gilflllan Voriflg Fast Contractor Olinilan who is laying some paving In Nevada, Mo.. Is progressing rapidly as the following from the Mail Indicates: The work of paring the east side of the public square was completed Thursday evening and the merchants on this side are very glad, as the street in front of their stores has been torn up for several weeks. The merchants on the north and west sides of the square are hoi>- ing that their side will soon be completed. The work is progressing nicely and with favorable weat|ier ihe entire square will soon be paved. —Order your Xmas Ewing & Burdick. tree now of Some from lola. The Nevada Post say»: A mixed team from Fort Scott and lola, will try to beat Nevada's Polo team at the rink tomorrow night at 9 o'clock. Nevada has won four straight games from tbe Fort Scott repulars. now the best from the two towns will play agllnst Nevada. No extra charge for admission. —Good Things to Eat. "Our-Way." —Insist OB hftThif U. 8. Floor. Attended Golden Wedilng. A number of Allen county people attended the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Baruch Dickerson at Colony Wednesday. Among them were: T. N- Funston and wife, Wm. Williams and wife. Thos. Settle and wife, Mrs. Lors Fife and son. Master Herbert: Mrs. N L. Vezle; E. D. Cain. Mrs. Koraine. Mrs. a. W. Christian. Sherman Dickerson and wife, Mrs. Gilkerson, Mrs Jessie Hlbbs and daughter. Miss Ruth. —Get .vour Christmas Cards at Miindis' while the assortment Is complete. Haines In Tronble. Dr. McGraw. the patent medicine vendor, says that the J. W. Halnet who was arrested at Chanute this week with Pomp Reagor on the charge of stealing money from a man with whom they were 'shooting craps, it the same colored gentleman whr caused his arrest here recently on the (barge of selling liquor. Haines' hear ing is to occur today. Rooms for men. T. M. C. A. building Steam heat In each room. Baths tree All In a XoBth. A white woman married a negrc at Topeka about a month ago, and the wedding bells rang Joyously^ an<; the orange blossoms were quite becoming. Yesterday she died of poison, and the police have an Idea that the husband had something to do with it. although he says that she committed suicide. It was not a case of twc hearts that beat as one; they wrangled and scrapped from the first and the woman's sad fate should be a warning to other ladies who contemplate marrying chieftains from the Congo.— E^mporia Gazette. —For fine livery and boarding jtahle for horses, see Ralph R. Drake Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. Closed Spoeaiag Season. The spooning season so far as the ::ourt house park is concerned was officially closed this week when Janitor McPhee with the assistance of another man, took up the seats in the court houie yard and carried them to the store room on the top floor of the building, While the coltf weather har really put a atop to cooing In the ;ouri yard yet a few couplet dared to linger about on the wanner days One of the commissioners thinks that the seats should be repainted before spring and It may be done lome time winter. . .The MHMm want VO I IBI eii Ml) it rent It er get It the qilehett Was at Erie. Mrs. A. H. Miller of lola, has been here all week the guest of her daughter, Mrs. R. C. Henderson, and old friends.—Erie Record. , ^^S^S^SMmm , ^nttt^iie t£bM Jn attefl^iiiee afatf.* stltnied hla well known leet«-» eA, «*Metapliyiieai ^naekery" fot one of the Bible talks. tn R M L Good store room in brick building eloee to savings bank. ' C. U WHITAKER. Keplihger Argued It L. W. Keplinker, formerly a resident of this county, and James Getty, both of Wyandotte county, made long arguments before the supreme court at Topeka yesterday in support of their application for a pe^ emptory writ of mandamiis to compel Frank Holcomb, county clerk of Wy andotte county, to open the ballots east at the last election. Getty contesting the election of T. A. Hilton to the state senate and needs the balloU to procure evidence. No de- slslon was made yesterday. It probably will be announced today. BUT mm A SUIT OR OY. ERCOAT FOR XKAS. Toil caa »iek it eat aow ui^Telt laid away tfl ChristaMs. We will exehure same if not sat- istaetory, or refnnd yonr •eiey. —Hard Shell Crab, Lobsters, Blue Points. Our Way. Football Tomorrow. The second team of Tola wUPplay the Chaiiijte Teddy Bears at the Ba- ectrtc park tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. In a game played sev- <«ral weeks ago at Chanute, the Teddy Bears won. —"fry- Sea FOod If you feel bad Fresh from Ocean.—"Our Way." Big ten- Arrested l^im. Alonso D. Royer, formerly chief of police here, Is now on the force In Kansas City. .The following from the Times tells of an arrest he made'yesterday: When the case against Itosedale' school teacher charged with' closing a whispering boy's-mouth with sourtplaster was tried last Saturday. fi. T. Galloway, father ot the boy, told Philip Brfaardt the teacher's attorney, that he'd slap hla face the first time He saw him in Missouri. They met yesterday at Eighth and Wyandotte itreets and Galloway made good hla oromise. He was arrested ^y A. Royer, a crossing patrolman, and taken to |)ollce headquarters and releas- 3d on bond. HOW TO CUIE SKIN DISEASES. The genns that cause skin dtseasee nust be drawn to the surface ot thesUn md destroyed. ZEMO. a clean Uquid for external use, rill do this and will permanently euro 'Very form of itching skin disease. For sale cversrwhere. Write for sam le. E. W. Rose Medicine Co., St. Louis For sale at Burrell's Drug Store Here From Moran. Miss Iva Stickler, of Messingers 9tore, was off duty yesterday spending the day In lola. • * • Miss Grace McKItrIck, cashier of the Moran 3tate Bank, and Mrs. Fergus, were in tola yesterday.—Moran Herald. —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. VIslU School. County Superintendent, Mrs. Funs ton, was in Mioran Wednesday on her way. to one of the country districts which had sent for her on matters pertaining to the school.—Moran Herald —The finest line of low pressure HeatlBg Stores In the clty^K. C. FInmhIng Co. —A Gas or Electrle Staad Lamp makes a Itae Christaias preseatr-K. C. PIdBiblBf Co. When Seaaon Ends. The quail season will end next Tues day and on the next day the Kansas farmer may sift out his lire stock from the bird shot and settle down to business again.—-Sallna Journal. —CaBBlaghaai A Araett, < per eeat money. Dr. Hilseher Returns. Dr. 9. a. Hilseher, pastor of the Presbyterian church, returned last ev enlng from Wichita, where he attend' ed a meeting of Sunday school and Bible workers of the Presbyterian church of the Middle West Dr. HO- 'Ttm mmU "A MtUok tm ^ 'Tit eqatUly trae that "A Chriatmaa Present Bongbt Rarly will save yon I «ot8 of Worry." LmfOtw, Ed. Barber at Moran. Ed. T. Barber, an old Allen county boy, and ex-county superintendent, now In the newspaper business In Idaho, was here last Sunday viaiting his mother, Mrs. Jane Barber and sisters, Florence and Mary. He had business east and was in Kansas City Saturday night and decided to come here for Sunday. He left for home Sunday night.—Moran Herald. —Dr. J. R. Pepper, Dentist Phone 16S li In Ottawa. Mts. A. L. Moorehead arrived this morning from Ida. She will act as cashier at the Moorehead atore dur li^ the holidays.—Ottawa Republic. —Siga paiatlDf. phoae 14M Fred Rowdes Ho Wont Move. R. M. Cunningham found it was Inconvenient to manage the opera house and live in lola, and as he will not move to our city as reproted, at least not at present, he has resign ed as manager, and Johu/Perrenoud has been appointed to that position. He is Uking hold with a vim and will soon have the work in hand.—Humboldt Union. —FHsferald Storage aai Transfer Co. UonehoM •Ml phM* aiorlag; targeet store roon fa city. Fhoae SSd. visiting at Gamett. Mrs. W. H. Lockwood came up from lola this morning to visit her friend. Mrs. E. N. McDowell.—Gamett News. —Order your Xmas Ewing ft Burdick. tree now of Readly for Christmas. The turkey dealers are getting ready for another harrest Christmas time there are about ait many of these birds need ais at ^anksglvlng and the farmers are fattening the fowls, getting ready for a big buainess. —Always time to eat at tbe Our Way. Swell Colored Wedding. Essie A. Hawkins, daughter of Mrs. F. Hawkins of this city, and Mr. John William Holand of Kansas City, two prominently known yoo&g colored people were united In marriage todky at the home of tbe bride's mother. The Hawkins home was very beautifully decorated, a wedding ben being snspoBded fram tbe center of the parlor doeoratioBa. The groom Ja a railway poatal ctetk and Is a highly res- I yonai; eolored gentlaaiaa. Hla la a graduate of the imt SMti Mbtfol and totar took a jpoit ril* BIG SPE£!ifiL SALE 0!7 BOYS' OTBJBCOATS. ISJW OTaK«rt».....|UO Skea 8 to 18 yean. 10 dos. Vea's Caps, 91M grade to. eloBsoat. .SOe Copyright 1908 by Hart Schaffher ic Marx AT These suits are made by Hart, Schaffner & Marx, Stein-Bloch and other standard makers. 8 ive 15 .00 on your Suit and Overcoat. See these Suits and Overcoats in our noith window. Your money will he refunded if you are not sptisfied with your purchase. No Extra Charge for Alterations uate course In short handand typewriting. She Is modest and well liked by all. The guests were the relatives and a few peoi>le outside of the city. The out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Booker of lola; Mr. and. Mrs. W. Cox, of Oklahoma City: Mrs. G. R Andersonj of Pittsburg, and Miss Susan Klnnel of Weir pity. The bride and groom leave this evening on their tour of Kansas City, Topeka and Omaha. They will be at home to their friends after December 15th. at 1235 Barnel street, Kansas City, Kas. —Ft. Scott Tribune, • QiiaUtw —Christmas Post Cards at Mundis Irug store. For Old Folks Home. j Miss M. C. Dickens, a representative of the Wm. Small Memorial home of Leavenworth, is In the city In the Interest of tbe Institution. The home te nn institution for ladies past 60 yeafs of age. Two former lola ladies are in this home. The' Power Behind the Dough! I I 25 Ounces for 23 Gents A real power that ra&es and sustains the dough with absohite CertainQr. No feibxres. A cake made with KC cannot iaHl. Weinsist upon reminding sroor money if a trial doea not convince yoo. .Purity "•lackmalV taya Morony. There will be nothing but program Known at Ft. Seett. Nelson P. Acors, the most promln ontly known Allen county lawyer, who, bore the extensive acquaintance here among the members of the Bourbon county bar, is dead at his lola home, me on announcement cards and book Dropsy and heart disease caused tbe lets Issued In the interest of the Prot- attorney 's death. He had lived in esUnt churches In Kansas City, Kas,, lola tor forty-throe years. He had hereafter. That was the agreement been In poor health for the past two the Ministerial Alllanco there camo years and his death was not unexpect- to last night., Bver since there hss etf, though the man 's condition for been churches In Kansas City and wo- only the closing weeks was regarded men to Improve them by money pro­ as gerious. Mr. Acers spent his final cured by giving socials of one kind sickness with his books. He was bom or another, the little books ot an- in 1839 and traced his ancestry back nouncement have been paid for by To the Juniors, to Colonial American days. Mr. Acers the advertising contained In them. TTs- Secretary Starkey will give an Ulus- was collector ot Internal revenue for ually, women of the church went to trated talk on Solomon's Temple to the district comprising Kansas and In- business men and laid before them a the Junior members of the T. M C A. dlan territory under Cleveland's first neatly fplded blank prospectus. This at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon. admlnlstraUon. He was one of tbe notable Democrats of this vicinity and was a candidate for the congressional nomination a few years ago.—Port Scott Tribune. is blackmail: that's what the alllanco voted it last night. In Introduolag the resolution Rer. Morony salA ho belioTed the practice of •oUoiUtioD from the businon men ia Kasua City, Kas., had grown Into an aotlvo nuisance. "In effect It la blaokmall,"' he said. "In my opinion thia is as outrage on the buainess man, like highway robbery would be."—Atchhwn Globe. $13 Per Acre. We have some of the finest Trudi Garden lands near Gulf Coast. Texas on railroads, we can sell in 10 acre racts at |15 per acre, on monthly payments. Water from 10 to 60 feet. WHITAKER & DONNEU* Clifford to Caney. Attorney B. E. Clifford went to Caney this morning on legal business. mites Mrs. £. Fotniiier of Lake^ Charles, La., '*I used to anffar from headache, backach^ did0 aeh4 pressing-down pains, and coidd harilb^ inDL At last I took QaxaiAt and now I feel gdod all the time; Get Their ftfoney. An lola paper states that the men, GlHenwater and Hoi^ell, who were arrested here for the Webb shooting affair and later released, have started for this point for {the purpose of collecting tbe effects t^^i from thf ^i by the Port Scott police when they were arrested. The | inen obtained these effecta the day they came through here from Nejrada when they had been discharged. Giilenwater had seventy centa and Howell an oM watch.—Pt. Scott Trihnne. Patrldoes In Coffey. County Clerk Scott has received the patridges sent by the game warden, for liberation in this county. All the' birds seem to be In a healthy (ion knd have plenty 6f life and cy. Mr. Scott has. not decided where he will liberate Uiem. bnt will keep UBm' at hditae dttttl after OKheaibor Ik whoa tho,.«pon aaaan eMa^a fbr -tehr solaa Whotfara aot fhadUar with " lotea lit tte blrtj^t •lijjtotlltai Oudni is a siedidiie that has been fonna to act upon the eaUM of most women's pains, stinnigihen^ ing the weakened womanly organs; that sdffer be^ cause their woric is too hard for them. It iB not a pain "kiUer," but a true iesDsli edmppsed of purely yegJBtal& ii ^gbdi^ili^ rhaxmless and Tecommeoded fcMT^^ek w^ [or young. TiyGardui TVomiil% Bdiei' : Af^AIXi

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