Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 12, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 4
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' CHAS. F. SCOTT. Entered at lola, Kznsask. Postoffice, as Second-Class Matter. Adverttalng Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSGBIPTIO?!' RATES. Br Carrier In lela, 6as City, Lanyon- TlUe or IjiHarpp, One week 10 cents One month •14 cents One year I 'l -OO BT JSAIU One year inside county 12.00 One year outside county $4.00 Three months, in advance... 11.00 One month. In advance. .44 OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OFBAS- SET. TplephODPRi BuBlness Office 18 Editorial Rooms.: 222 GREflM StUBBS SAW TAFT GoTemor-elect of KanxaM UlscuHsed Election Ke«alts and Tariff In WaKhinfrton. •VVashinglon, Dec. 12.—W. K. Stulilis governor-elect of Kansas, called on Mr. Taft yesterday, liy ai)i)oiniment he had an interview with the president-elect at the Boardnian residence. Later he said that he had discussed the election with Mr. Taft and had told him of the political conditions in Kan sas. He also informed Mr. Taft of the sentiment in Kansas regardingtar itt revision. Mr. Sliibbs said that his Interview with Mr. Tafi had nothing to do with federal ;i :itro«aKc in Kansas. Mr. Stuhhs with Mrs. Siulilis and their two sons, called on President Roosevelt yesterday afteriKxjii. They will leave for homo today. Mr. Stubbs has abandoned his plan to go to Albany and discuss with Governor Hughes the work of the New York public utilities commission. YOU PROBABLY HAVE Many garments that, you tWng are rfiined that can be made to »Qk as good, by the use of DRY- CLiEAN -6. Dry cleaning is not expensive when you do it .vourself. A oO-cent can of DRY^-CLEAX-O will do ?10 worth of drj- cleaning. You will find DRY-CLEAX-O the very best preparation in the world for washing alt woolen goods, underwear, dresses, dress skirts and every thing made of pure woo]. The goods will wear longer tr«i be more satisfactory, keep their color and natural SlosB and flufflness uMil they are completely worn out. Made only by Putnam Fadeless Dye Co.. Quincy, 111. For sale by Chas. H. Spencer & Co., J. D. Mundls & Co., W. U. Cralib. Dr. H. A. Brown. MAY BE LOST TO K.\NS.*S <ITY. Planned to More .\rniy Purchaufnit Station to Frlxro. Washington, Dec. 12.—^The proiiosl- tion for removing the army purchasing station from Kansas City to San Francisco Is up for consideration In the war department, upon a report favorable to such action. Senator Curtis was at the department today to confer with the secretary of war on the subject, but was unable to meet him. It is the intention of the senator to follow uj> this matter closely, and to do all In his iwwer to prevent the removal. Homady Watching Closely; Grant Hornady is sticking ~by the failed National bank pust as closely as the receiver. He goes to the bank at 8 o'clock in the morning and remains until 6 in the evening. He is „ not seen pn the street at all. He board. He will have charge of the-dlf- wants to 8«e every depositor get ever>- ferent publications of the church in cent that is coming to him and just China. He goes first to Manila and as soon as possible.— Vt. Scott Trlb- then to Singaiiore. He will lie gone «ne. five years. Yott will£ndita great satis faction to do More Home Baking You will make biscuit, cake and pastry clean, fresh and tasty—better every way than the ready made foods. Dr. Price's Baking Powder is specially devised for borne use, and makes borne baking easy and a delight. It will protect you from the dread alum baking powders, which are too frequently found in the ready made articles, and insure you foqd of the Migbest healthfulness. TrlaHy Vetkadlat The pastor,. S. B. Knowlea. will preach at 1 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. tomorrow at the Trinity Methodist church. Hia morning subject is "Much aived; Macb Required," And in the evening, "Have the Rnlera Believed?" Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. ICpworth League at^:30 p. m. The Christian Cbnrcb. In the morning, the Women's Missionary society will observe their anniversary. There will he an Interesting program, and an address by .Mrs. McDanlels of Topeka. Bible school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30. Subject of sermon at 7:30 will be "The tirent Lie." R. H. BIXETT. Minister. TO BEGIN IN SPRING President of Electric tine Through lola Makes Announcement as to Commencement of Construction. Accompanied by a map showing the route and titles through which the line will pass, a story appeared in last night's Star to the effect that the work of building the electric road from Kansas City to the Southern ICansa^ gas and oil fields through lola would begin early In the spring. The SUr said: The work of constructing the Interurban electric railway from Kansas City to the Southern Kansas ^as and oil fields, with a short line to Topeka, proposed by the Kansas City and Kansas Southwestern Railway company, is to begin early in the spring. This was the announcement made this morning by W. Laming of Ton- ganoxle, president, and B. M. Lambkin of Kansas City, treasurer of the company. Mr. l.,aming is also president of the First National Bank of Tonganoxle, Kas. He returned recently from Europe where he placed the 12 million dollars of bonds necessary for the construction and equipment of the railroad, with German, French and Swiss investors. The Carenglo Trust company of New York, Is to be the trustee for th< securities. Th" Kansas City ft Kansas Southwestern Railway company was incor- l>or9tcd last March under the lawa of Kansas for 10 million dollars capital. Application Is to be made in a few davs to Increase the capital to 12 millions. TO CCRE COLD IS ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists r^und money If it fails to cure. E. W. GROVES signature is on each box. 25c. OH! IT WAS AWFUL High School Basket Ball Team Gave the V. M. C. A. Bunch a Drubbing. Ijist evening on the Y. M. C. A. court the lola high school basket ball team took the second game of the basket ball tournament which is being played by the four teams of this city. The Association team which suffered defeat last evening won the flrat game of the series from the lola Business college team but the Joy of this victory has been taken away by the sting of the merciless "drubbing" which they received at the hands of the high school team last evening. The Association team Is only credited with one basket. About the only commendable thing to be said of the Association team was Prof. Berry's Interference. The mathematicians have not yet figured out the final score but the defeated team claim that It is only 59 to 9. As Is usually the case with the losing team the dope is put out that the referee and umpire were "In" with the winning team. SO DECEPTIVE. .Vany lola INniple Fall to Realize the SerlanMnex!). K.VNSAS EDITOR TO CHINA. Proprietor of Valley Center Index fo Engage In Methodist Work. Wichita. Kas., Dec. 12.—W. H. Wood house, for the oast three years editor of the Valley Center Index, lias sold his paper to Frank Wetterhold and will leave next week for China, where he goes under the Methodist mission- Rocker, Baffet and Dining Table Sale! Monday and Tue5day,Dec. 14-15 six Paterns Rofkers, renuUr *:i.'>0 to ikM Talaen sperlal reauUr iMA'. to Yonr rhoire ten patteruH Rorkrrs, Hperlal MiM valneH, »J5 Tbr^e rorkerN arc ivlid oak. nirily flnNhrd—wonid make a tine ChriNtmaH prettent V2ifd'':ik"is!ii?.;'5!r;:i«> - " For MOKIC Cabloefs, oak and .Vahogany Parlor Cabiaetx. Sharing Stands Ladles* Drevsiug TaMeii. See our Soiith Window THE PLACE TO BCY VOCR CHRIST.MAS PRESENT IS HERE. Sleeper & Son POSTOFFICE BLOCK Jlnckachp Is so deceptive. II comes and goes—keeps you guess lug. {..earn the cause—then cure it. Klne times out of ten It comes from the kidneys. That's why Doan's Kidney Pills cure It. Cure every kidney III from backache to diabetes. Here's an lola case to prove it: .lohn W. Patterson, employed by Brigham & McNeil, grocers, and living .at 21G North First street. lola, Kas.. laays: "For two years I was annoyed 'with pains in the small of my back. These spells came on me gradually and then they would Increase from day to day then .suddenly disappear as mysteriously as it came 'on. Other symptoms that were present indicated that my kidneys were out of order. The recurrence of the attacks always proved that the caijse was still there. I used Doan's Kidney Pills four years ago, procuring them at Spencer & Co.'s drug store and they quickly banishpd the iialna in my Imck and cured all the other di.stressing symptoms. I never had but one attack after and I can say that today my back and kidneys are as strong as ever in my life." For sale by all dea'ers. Price 50 cents. Koster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. sr. TimotJiyV Epiwopal Chnrrh. There will be service and sermon Joniorrow morning at II o'clock. Subject of sermon, 'Is Prayer Answered?" Special music for the offertory. Sunday school at 9:45 a. ni. Holy mmmunion at 7:30. 'All are cordially Invited. IIRV. .1. D. Krumm, D. D. .Special .Servlcen. Special revival services are being conducted by 1). II. Colvhi at the AIHJS- tolic Holiness church, Humboldt. Kas. Services every evening at 7::!0. Sunday services—.Morning at 11. Rubji'Pl, "Sufpess in Chrisllan Ufe." Afternoon at 3. Bible reading, consecration. Kvening services at 7:30. Suhjeci, "The Three Biggest I'ools In Town." KverylKxIy welcome. Reformed Cbnrrb. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. I»reachiug at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting and Bible study W«'.lii.^sdav at 7:30 p. m. W.M. H. SHULTS, Pastor. r, B. Chnrrh. Sabballi SCIKKJI til 9:4.') a. m. {•reaching at 11 a. m. Junior Y. P. C. V. at 3::!i» p. m. Preaching at 7:30 ji. m. hXerylHJdy welcome. O. G. .MISAMORE, Pastor. St. John's Church. Masses at 8:00 and 10:30 a. m. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m. Vespers and Benediction 7:30 p.m. Sermon at 7:30 p. ni. on the second article of the Ajwstle's Creed. The Crisis of the Church in the Fourth Century. Prenhjlerlan Church. First Chnrrh. The pastor. Rev. S. S. Hllscher, will |)reach in the morning at U o'clock, and in the evening at 7:30. The evening sermon will lie on the subject "The Unveiled Christ." ^^'eryl)ody Is invited to these services Come and bring your friends. Snbbuth 8chrM>l at 9:45 n. ni. .lunlor Guild at 3:30 p. ni. ('. K. .Meeting at 6:3i) p. in. Little Builders' t'hapel. Mrs. K. N. .lone.s, Snpi. Hoy's Sabbath school at 2 p. ni. Regular school at 3 p. m. Coinniunion service at 4 p. m. Evening sen-ice at 7:30 p. m. , Rassett .Chapel. William Davis, su- |)erlntendcnt. Sal)bath school at 3 p. m. First Churrh of Christ, Scientist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject. "God the Preserver of Man." Testlmnial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Services held in Christian Sciencei hall at 110 East .Jackson. The hall 1;^ used as a reading room from 2 to 4 each week day. The public Is cordially invited to attend the services and to visit the reading room. MRS. EMMA E. ADA:HS, First Reader. BapUst Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Morning service at 11 a. m. Sermon, "A Man •la Nothing Without Love." B. Y. P. U. at C:30 ji. m. E\-ening service at 7:30. Sermon, "Ii Might Have Been." W. H. GARFIELD. Pastor. TOUSEI.O.O.F.RITUAL In the Funeral Services of Nelson f. Acer* Tomorrow Afternoon. The funeral services over the re mains of the late Nelson F. Acers will be held at the family residence tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The services at the residence will be in charge of Dr. John Bennett of Kansas City. Kansas, and Dr. J. D. Krumm of Ottawa. The song service will be ilveii by Mr. and Mm. Biirdlck. Mrs. B. C. Reynolds and Mr. J. S. Detwiler. The grave ser^-Ices will be held according to the ritual of the I. O. O. F. lodge of which the dcceaaed was a member. The pall bearers are: G. W., Apple, C. H. DeClute, Otto Kreuger. H. M. Miller, W. H. Richardson, D. B. D. Smeluer, CO. Ausherman, Clark Coffield, Roy Foster. E. M. Mc- EJwen. James Taylor and W. K. Thrasher. Cory Agitated. C. 'E. Cory and other members of the state historical society are very much interested in the agitation that is now going on for an appropriation for the erection of a new building. The society headquarters are now located In the state capltol, but there Is not enough room. Relics are scattered all over the building in ail of the rooms and In thi> corridors. Of particular importance is to keep the .state headquarters at Topeka. the seat of th«' state govcrnnn'nt. While the society is not a part of the .active government of the state, it Is a part of it; Just the same as are the horticultural and .other societies fostered by the society. I.,awrencn has made a bid to have the building there, but Topeka seems to be the logical point. —Ft. Scott Tribune. kill "I kannMd Taar Talsabl* Cu «anta and fn<i BMd rtiioi tor •aw* tlu* for lndl«MMmi SIMI t.ll- louoou »ud UD BOW co«j.Irt «Ir •'•^i^i B »ri3 "'lh ««"«o .r.'rjoui. Once frtrd. »on wUI "•|5 ,'i 'rS ^;.'a'Sii!All-B,.,H. T. Jaba Ewinr Adjaxttng Some Beitlng When an AceMent Happened. > John Ewing, a latiorer employed at the plant of the lola Cement cmnpany, was adjusting a belt on a pulley at the plant this morning. Ewing's right hand became engaged in the revolving belting and was crushed and bruised so badly that amputatioa of a portion of it was necessar}-. . Ewing lives at G23 South street. He was taken to St. John's hospital where this afternoon his injury was pronounced not dangerous. WILL FIGHT TAX INCREASE. KansBH Nataral UM <!ompany .May Teat the New Law. pttawa. Kas., Dec. 12.—Representatives of the Kansaa Natural Gas company began today here proceedings which are understood to mean a fight throughout the territory covered by the pipe lines against the tax levies this year and probably agalnitt the constitutionality of the new tax law. The pipe line proiiertles have an increase of taxes in this county this year of some |3,000. The valuation Is increased over last year nearly $i;fHI,Oi )0. Tender in gold was made uf a pru |M )rilon of the tax today and when this was refused by the county ii 'j -asurer payment of the full first half of the, taxes was made and notice of intent to sue the county for recovery was filed. The action is he- in .i; taken in all the other coiiniii-s in which the company has pro^rty. W.4NT MONEY TO PAY DEBTS, Ilelegatlon of Indians Will Go to Wash Inirtou to Plead, l.,awton, Okla., Dec. 12.— Xs a result .•>f the council of the Comanche and .\pache Indians held just north of l.awlon, four delegate have lieen selected by the tribes to proceed to Wasliliiglou to their efforts in securing legislation to their tribesmen. The principal object in view is to have $:j(Mt given each Indian out of the luml. of $4,ooo .(H )u now held by the sovcriinient to their credit in order that they may pay their debts and improve their lands. The delegates chosen to visit the capital were Chief Quanah Parker of the Comanches, Chief I»ne Wolf of the Kiawas and Apeatone and .Merrick. ROYAL ARCH ELECT. All Old Officers Were Re-Elected on Thursday Night. The annual election of officers of the Royal Arch Masons, Chapter No. 8 was held in the temple Thursday evening and resulted In every officer being re-elected. The- appointive offices will be filled at the next regular meeting. The officers re-lected are: T. E. Oliver, high priest: Gus Kran-. nich, king; B. H. Troutraan, scribe; W. ].,. BartleiS, treasurer: Travis .Morse, secretary. s Waiting For Yon A LARGE Part of the annual holiday worry could be eliminated if thet right giffs and the right people could get together. That is what we have set out to do this year—bring gift buyers and the goods they want together. The list given herewith will, no doubt, suggest many suitable gifts. Make a list of all such items so that when you come to the store to see the goods you will not have to waste time looking at things that you may not be especially interested in. We have the cream of the world's best gifts—scores of things for every age and condition. You will find it a genuine satisfaction to-buy all of your holiday gifts here. We hope that you can find time to come soon and often. Our magnificent assortment and low prices will make, this an easy and economical holiday time for ait. Pocket Boiiks and Purses Toilet Sets .Military Brushes TruTeUnc: Sets Hand and Stand .VIrrors Dfforated Atomizers Holiday Stationery Fountain Pens Ehony (Joods Anliqne Ivory lioods Burnt Leather (ioods .Husic Rolls Fancy Calendars Vases Steins Photo Holders Imported and Domestic Perfumes French Staghom XoTellles Fancy Thermometers Ink Wells, etc. \. Celluloid (joods Fine China T , Cut Glass \ \ Silrer Candlesticks ^ \ .Slmrlng Sets \ .Soap Boxes Puff Boxes .Uanlcure Sets <; Pictures ^; Burnt Wood Novelties Christmas Cards Chri.stmas Cigars, etc. BUrreirsDrugStore ISt Rexoll Store WestSid«5qaar« Our Liberal Offer Started Things Going Many Peo|ile Take Advanta<(e and Use Purchase Checks If You Do Not Exactly Understand our Offer Call at our Store and we will Ex|>laio. About Great White Way. tola' Is not to be out-done by any of her rival sister towns in the way of light, therefore they have inausur- ated a movement for a great "white way" around the public aqnare. The movement is a good one and abonld luve the aupport of every loyal citizen. But the work abonld not be atop- pad with the ligiithsR aronnd the pnb- Ite'aqnare. but'abonld be eztenfed ia Biikt lola where the power should be [doubled and tamed on with Ml font. ' 'Elamora L«ad«r, The best Pianos from the best makers at the lowest prices, 'are responsible for the immense business the Roberts Store epjoys. Beins: the largest dealers in the community we take the advantage ot the opportunity to secure the agencies of the best pianos from time to time. Manufacturers must and do give us the choicest selections from their stocks. They tell us that we are unreasonable in our demands. But we have never yet found a piano that was too good for our customers. You will do well to look over our stock of Christmas pianos. Any piano in our store can be bought on our easy payment plan. We furnish a stool, scarf and an instructor with every piano. Roberta Piano Hoa^ OPEN EVENINGS

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