Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1907
Page 5
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; THE WEATHER. -\ Forecast for Kanns: Fair tODiillit ana FHdayj cilder to" west porttoa W night Tiwn a choica Ut^t CUM, Jap^ eae' hand paiated. ,"Tha Swaa* ttai "QdiHha GirL? English Royal DoaltAn. dttn« in abd let as sbmr jOa. imrtita^Ckfendir llntes far 1966 at* •s {One Dollar In Script or Honey*is good fo^ $3.70 worth of Sanitol goods at J. D. IMundis & Co. This offer closes December 31sL nCB CANNON, a former Ida r«al etitate man, who is now located,'in the- western part of the state, is in lola today transacting business. Four . choice milk cows, thtee hones, harness and wagon will he sold Saturday at the teed yard, coW meselng at 8 o 'clock sharp. Chas. Bishop: THB Y. M. C, A. of loja. has dial- Ivngod the Norouil bn«kot ball boys for a K«nio to ho pliiyiMl In lola n*xt Friday night. Tho normal boys halve accepted the chnHrnge. and will aend Campbell and Singleton to repre«f>iit Iheni. C5. K. Turnor will have charge of the team' and will act as roferve. The boys who are gtiing live nMir Iflif and will stop there for the gaxno on their way homo-rBhiporla Qoccttc. P. K. Wiirk, DeaUti n «M ik OBM BgnrdTg PTM Itm , RALPH DRAKE, a student at the lola Business College, has discovered that he was the victim of a forger some time ago. His name was signed to two checks, one for $10 and one for • Cigars in Christmas Boxes. Phone 621 and have them delivered. **-• > BCSWESS m the electric department of the city hall is picking itp. Twenty-five new applicants for electricity are on file. Dr. yraitr, oesUst. mc^ DI8€OU]fT SALE AOmimifrmmMimBa, At this sale we will give a diaoomit of from 20 to 50 per cent on all Tbilet goods, Bracelets, Cut GlaK, SUver Plated goods and China. m EXTRA OHMiBES fOR RARD OmRAVma Bracelets, old price S6.00, now $4 .00 Silver Toilet: Set, old price $9 03, now $6.50 Bracelets, old price $5.00, now $3.75 Hand Painted Plate, old price $2.50, now. $1.25 SilVer Toilet Arts, old price $11. now. ^.50 Gold Handled Umbrella, old p*ice $7 50 Urgesl Stcdi in Southern Kansas. Our holiday business is larje as usual and we do not want to carry this stock over until next year—the reason for our bi^ dbcount sale. Don't mus it is we ait offering real bargains. £OR SA^.B—Two 3 year old coital one work' mare, one young mule^ «lx months old; «ne 5 year old work horse, one good bred driving horse and saddfes. One mbber tire mn- about Inquire John V. Roberts Mu sic Store. Wtest Side Square. WA.VTED—To exchange equity tn a good SO acres close to lola, for a Si200.00 residence propert.v. dear. See us. Hamilton Bros. -niees -^.Sitt-'i Friday, •THR III»H fflWATOlJ* , Special Prfcw.... SSeOfie -iae WANTED—^To loan some private money on Kood risk. Hamilton Bros. WANTED—Cook: middle .-iRcd lady nrcfcrred. 203 South Iftickeye. /OLA, KANS HEAT utiMaickinK* A| Ik* Ugh* TtM )l *«• on)! luWW IMMT ctay " 'iiocwfT liomioo«l» n — oA he* wicfc chwo «MBfc>n !«• CM havt mlh t PERFECTION iKijRr •TkMBARD Oil COMPtNT. Card of Thanks. Wo wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends and nolghburn who were so kind during the siclincss snd death of our dear ttelovcd mother. MB. JOHN SCHMITZ. TATD SCHMITZ, ANNIE SCHMITZ, NICK SCH^UTZ, LIZZIE WEBB, MARY MALONE. •THE IRISH SENATOR." McCabe and Mack Will Present Com. edy Tomorrow Night. A TAFT STAMPEDE The mainaRomont of the Onind an nounces with pleasure the nMurn of tthnso oUl favorltos, McCnlie mil Mack, who will prespiit "Tho Irish Senator." Thoy ciiino this n.'usou with bannen* riylnc. flushed with vie- lory. Their buvlni'ns alonR Ihi' line thlH Roiitsdu linK o\r(<<<(]<>(| nn.tOiliiK In Ihi'lr rarwr, nnil conKlilcrlni; ilu' fm -l that .Mot'Hli;' mill .Murk Imvi' lici-ii rjit- oring ID IIH' ptibllo for nmuy HmHoim tlilH n-mril Ix HimiolhliiK to bn proiiil of. Th<>y liavo nindo a ppfM"!!!! cffnvt lo Hiirrouiiil IhcniHclvi's with 11 rnp- nbln riiKf. Thi' ploro IIIIH si-iiKon hnx more of n plot llinn tlio nvornKo Mr- Cnbr mill .Mark iinHlurllixis. nlllioii^li the plot IR Kunrant««rd not to RIVP nny bof 'y a hpadacbc. but of the fhiiiiy buRlnoss and comnly slliiatlons will bp found to conic legit ini.ntoly and n.iturally. which niakrs thorn all fliP more onjoyaWe. Thi.s company will be at the Grand tomorrow night. Get voiir Holly and Ewlng & Burdick's. THE COMMITTEHS from the SalVa- tlon Armjf, which is canvassing the city with a view of ascertaining ihc number of Aeedy families have not yet made their official report, but learn that there ia quite a number of lim- ilies who are deserving of the Christmas dinner, the army is to send o^t Eat anything you like and when yon like it, but take a Ml-o-na stomach tkblet first to strengthen the stomach and prevent tndlgestlhn. BOc a Iwx. Nothing if it fails. Charles B. SpeiH:er. CITY CLERK Wendorf reports that there were very few cases of delinquency in gas bills last month. Phone 621 for Christmas Cisars dc- r 1^ llvered to all parts of the city. C. L. AND H. H. Holfman and Amos Shivly of Bayard. Kans.. were in the city today on business. * • ' Get your Holly and Mistleto^ at Ewtng £ Burdick's. MISS AVIS Ritter came In Irom Kansas City today for a few days with Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ritter. Powell.'the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. B. J. POBdEROY, superintendoijt of the Eclipse AUning company, of Har let. Idaho, Is in the city today on a combined business and pleasure visit Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone 1050. WHO KILLED THE STER>nEltGS? Apparently \o Clue In the Kansas rity, Kas., Murder Case. Free dirt at Luccock*B. The Christmas GlfU you" want buy are at Burrell's Drug Store. to C. L. WHITAKER and Wm. A. Donnell, a real estate firm, brought suit today in district court to recover $:!o on a promissory note Riven by .1. V. McClendon ahd Anna McCiendon. The note was made in April, laOC, and It Is claimed is past due. WANTED—Good girl for genoral housework; sni.ill famll.v; no washing. I'hone 799. 207 South Blip. The Boau Knot club la among thr several organizations wiiicli will prcet the now year with an elaborate party The guests will be ciitertaiued at tho home of Miss Bessie Beck. Ladles desiring to learn band instruments and Join a ladles' bandL^ object cnltnre amusement and society. FVir particulars call on Mrs. H. P. Wells, 222 Sycamore street Phone, 100. MR. AND HBa ~Ed. Stanfield. of Chanute, are In the city, the guest cf relatives. Mundls has the Candy lor Chyist- mas presents: the finest on the n^ark- et and fresh from the facjtory. GRANT Billbe. principal of the" Mc- Klaley school, is very lU at his home on £:a8t Jackson. - Special Rcidieeif Priecfl on all .'new and second hand Sewing Machines nn< til January Ist Sliver •• Sewing Machine Co.. 110 Bast Kadlson. B. C. CHAHiPlbN. superintendent of the Kamas Portland. Is tod&y |nor- inc .Into hla new .residence oh iSaaX JaehaoB street^ whteh baia lust jieen « coiaiMad. . Remember all the nice things for Christmas Gifts at HurrelVs Drug Store. THE Y. M. C. A. ch^ss and checkers tflaycrs will meet this evening. Kansas City, KaR.. Dec. 19.— All off(iris thus far to dolrrf the murrterers of Mr. iind Mrs. I^oiiis n. SlembrrK. who wore lienien to ilciith in thrlr gro- rrry store Sntiirday night have been futilo. The di-tertivrs detailed on the rase siiv there is nbsoliitely no cine :<i ihp Identity of the perpetrators of tlin rrlnic. Tlie cnnnty aiithoritios are working 'innl on thr rasr. luit also say ihrrp Is nothing new. per.sons have Iicrii jirrrsted nn snstiirion. hnl jifter 1. rarcfnl "swenting" all except one or (wo of tlieiii wrrr rrlr.-Ki-ri. filler f>f Police O. E. Howileii K.nlil that the others would prolmlily he disch.nrged from rust oily today. •Ri'\v:iril.-< ag:rrrBatIng $1,200 h:ive already been offered fur the apprehension of thr- persotiK who kllird Ih" gro- ccr^HTi and his wife. The council of City. Kas.. nt a meetluK last nighl offerwi an adilitlonal reward of %:M for tlie arrr.'it of th?. gullly jmr- fes. AMERICANS TO SEE THE POPE. THE LAST practice game of tho Y. M. C. A. basket ball team previous to the game with Baker, will be play ed thie evenin.c The noys ara all in excellent condition and hope to maka a good showing tomorrow night. Cigars and Pipes for Christmas at Barren's Drug Store. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stanfleld are guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Campbell for a short time. The Richardson store is headquarters for useful Christmas Gifts. Pipes of all descriptions at Brown's Smoke House, East^de. Dr. BeyaaUa. m. ««. Get vuor Christmas Cigars at Mun­ dls as" he handles all the leading brands. lola Biside^ College BocftkMpine. Bagll^ Physical Cnl* liMTatr rmnrthand T^., W^M«» CSBISTKiS PRESIHTS NotUnga better tbaa aB «g »«fna tor I Mend.' 1* JHSEJHSSJS* Mistletoe nt Indications Now Ara T^at Only Favorite Son Stjates Will Oppose the Secretary. Washington, Dec. ID.—^The endorst- iiUMit given to Si ^retnry Taft by the Missouri llep\ibllran committee, following so closely the deve'opmenU in ' .^llrhlgnu nml South TVi'votn, gave In rr.<nMeil Impetus to ihe Titft sentlnieiit loilny. The |H>llllrlni{a nn» iigrreil that ir simielliluK Is not vpeei ;lly tlou<< to rln 'ck till' growing Tuft si <nllnifiit a Kollil line of slitti'H will di >»miiil tho nomination of Tiifl nnd he will l«» oppitsi 'il only by thoK,> states W 'hlrh , have fiivorlte sou rnndiitnti'R. Tlui [ KiMiH.iR liepnlillrnn ronimlHee. which lins nlri'iiily dPrliired ror Taft and vhlrh wilt uiiM 't In the holidays, will 1«' iirg.Hl to call an early convention. To dale Secretary Taft Is the only |.r<'siiU'ntlal eanilldate who has been Indorsed by the committee of hny [jTiti-. I'xceiyt .o ^ye iwftich was presenting a favorite son. Tho significance of Missouri's In- dor^mept has not been lost sight of by'the politicians. Missouri wa.s the Jlrst of the Southern States to leave the Democratic column in a national election. With the uncertainty as to where New York will found in the next election Missouri's electoral vote becomes of unusual political importance and the sentiment of that state will be latent In the national convention. ri:0.1I THE KAVSAS PRESSw l*pi::mrnt nn lola by Kiui.«a.<i 5ew9- pam-r Editors. The Gazettes lola department has ben rather stale and featureless late- 'V. Ihc supply of murders and kindred crimes being shamefully short. There bn't much satisfaction to Constant Header In the information that O. C. IjiUIiocker was badly burned while trying to s;ive the furniture from his home, which was .being • reduced to ashis. His hands are practically ruined, and his face is a sight to be F.ecn.—Knipj ria Gazette. ;>;:iy Siowiirt. the widow of the gen- who was murdered a week ago ha.'! soiiirthing of a record of ber own. WTien her name is mentioned at y.Ttes Center Ihe peoi)le throw up Iheli- hands and scream. Pe.rhapa it «!ay Le fo;;nd that Cravlston was a public berefactor, and worthy of a hero nudai.—Emporia Gazette. The lola munlerer who kilbil bis partner in business so that he might get the partner's wife, has |>l.:ulcd insanity. He must be crazy.— S;i Una Journal. An Io;a m:in> who playe<l with dynamite wll recover.—Salliui M(>s !<enlH>r Boys will drlher rhrlsl. mas uarliMKes fur you tn nny plure in the rlly. You ran ml Ihrm any time at the Wrslern I'nlou ofllce. ' Headquarters for Santa Claim Htm line of Dressed and Undressed 1M1% Toilet cases. Wi»rk Boxes. CulT Bona. Handkerchief 6oxes, Vases, Xiaaa Candlef, Puff Boxes, Children's Book*. Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs, ttnff- lers. Ties, Ladles' furs. Fancy Stockings, Fancy Ho^e. We have a nice selection of rery choice articles from Cbas. DIckena of Manltou. Colorado, which we are going to sell at half price. These are very choice cut stones. We will be glad to show you. A. G. MUMA\A, Prop. Livinq^toD Co Caatract^n aad BaOdeea. All kinds of work a ap«c!alty • gaath gycaama. Phaaa IHi WRJ. TEA9R SRORTRMRO Miss J, Katherioe Hartley will giveprivatclessoiw. Benn Pitman System n specIaUy. Ttlmmtmmm Urn. LMMmwmm, Kmmam Plus X Conduced Ceremony of Pub- lie Consistory Yoday. Rome. Dec. 10.—Pope Pius X today prrsonally conducted (ho ceremony of (ho public consistory which was at tended by thousands of Invited per sons including many Americans. W1TXE.SSES I> State Files Its List Today. WHEATOX CASE, of Witnesses A list of the witnesses who are to (estify for (he stale In the Wbeaton case were made up this afternoon by the county attorney and will be filed Willi .luilge Potter that subpoenas may be is.sned for them. The 'Wbea­ ton case is to come up Monday on the preliminary hearing. But few if any new witnesses are in the list. TO REPLEVIN FARM PROPERTY. The Last Call! But Four days to buy your Christmas Presents, pur- ing that time we will give you more for your money than any firm in Allen Co. Don't try to hide tiehind a liard- time shadow, to wake op Xmas morning to find a sfoclting full of rcOTcl.s. Sleeper ®> Son PAY DAY GHBISIIAS Mm Francis M. Yeager Brought! An Ac lion Against C. C. Yeager Today Francis M. Yeager brought an ac Hon today against C. C. Yeager to re- p}erini farm stock anff property to the amount of 1519.25. It is charged that the defendant has detained the property for several days. The plaintiff therefore asks for the return of the property and for $35 damagea ag the result of the detention of the property. Boys and I'hildrcn's Ovcrroats gill »w Patterns, splendid values rhildren's Suits in all the Xew Designs, age 3 to 1(5 years, at .1 few timely hints for Xma <i Presents. Bath Itolfcs. Smoking Jarfcet.«, Fancy,Vests f'mbrellas, Tk'.s .MuiTlrrs Fancy Sasiiendefs, Collar Bass, (;i«ves Hats Caps Rolf Hin«e. Shoes and .Sl^lrts; all high grade goods but pop- niar prices. Tbe Staindttd E<kriidiwr,StdafcCs. Men's Overcoats in all the new and correct Styles $27M BARCLAY- SHIELDS CLOTHING COriPANY "THE flOrSE OFiQCALIXf." In all the new models and fashionable colorings $10.00 to »^.oo

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